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"I was blown away. It was so different from anything I imagined...more direct than psychiatry or psychology...and cheaper! I left the session with a feeling of control and confidence. Worth a dozen therapy sessions.
Thank you!"

--Peggy G.
New York

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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday – Friday 12/27-31 2010

Happy Monday after Christmas! Really it’s not a bad week to be on vacation: Mercury retrograde and other patterns creating weather and travel havoc – and a Moon void on the East Coast today from 7:20AM to 12:38 PM NY time, suggesting you sleep in, chill out and take care of routine details, if you must take care of any details at all. Returning unwanted gifts to retail stores is favored during voids — but you are advised to wait until after the void before taking advantage of massive clearance sales; purchases made during voids often turn out to be disappointing.

As for the “news from underground” anticipated over the weekend, a few earthquakes were noted, including an aftershock in Christchurch, NZ  (a follow-up to the 7+magnitude quake on Sept 4th)…and then there was this intriguing page-turner dominating the front page of the NY Times:  “Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hours” — piecing together minute-by-minute events leading up to the April 20th blowout of BP’s infamous oil well. Overall theme:  poor communication, confusion, an inability to process information in a timely fashion and mechanical failures; in other words, the conditions astrologers have observed often occur with greater frequency during Mercury retrogrades. And Mercury had just turned retrograde on April 18th…two days before that blowout.

Please be advised that Mercury will be turning direct this week at 2:21AM NY time on Thursday…and we will likely feel the shift a day or so before. Be patient with yourself and others should you be caught in a travel/communication/mechanical breakdown snafu. Be mindful of those with a “my way or the highway” attitude as we move closer to Wednesday’s square to aggressive Mars from rigid Saturn. A bit of saber-rattling, perhaps?

OK, so in brief — Monday:  Moon void until 12:38PM NY time. Moon enters Libra with a bit of edginess thereafter, bringing you the last challenge to the New Moon agenda you set a few weeks ago. What relationship issues — perhaps triggering old tapes — will land on your plate? Tuesday: more of the same. Wednesday: that potentially irritating and/or frustrating, but definitely driven Mars-Saturn square, accompanied by a Moon void from 10:05AM – 3:49PM NY time. The void should soften the teeth of the challenge posed by the square…before moving into moody bastard Scorpio until 8:21PM NY time on Friday. Thursday the planetary patterns are not as edgy, though the vibe will likely still be intense. Friday the vibe is still intense, but with a much more pleasant spin…and looking downright jolly when  Moon enters optimistic Sagittarius that evening — just in time to ring in the New Year. I hope you’re planning something festive — enjoy!

Astro-logical Forecast for Saturday and Sunday 12/25-26 2010

And a very merry Christmas, Jewish Christmas, Kwanzaa, leftover Solstice or whatever else you may be celebrating this weekend. Did I say Jewish Christmas? Yes — and you can listen to this funny song a friend wrote right here: — it’s my last post about it until December 2011.  And now, back to our regularly scheduled program….

As anticipated in my last forecast, last-minute Christmas shoppers are sparing no expense: “Christmas Eve Shoppers Poised to Set Spending Record”, reports AP  Hooray! This generous spirit, along with Moon in Cancer’s love of country and caring was apparently also reflected in Wednesday’s passage of the 9/11 First Responders Health Care Bill — a health care initiative which did not garner enough votes in Congress on two earlier attempts.

On Christmas Eve, Santa may attempt some surprising magic overnight, and midnight gatherings in churches everywhere may be especially soulful — particularly the music. But Christmas morning dawns with Moon in discerning, perfecting Virgo. Did Santa get it right? Don’t be offended if your gift does not appear to meet the standards demanded by the recipient ; )  There’s a mental, analytical vibe to the day, suggesting a temptation to indulge in conversations about how order can best be made from chaos. If you come from a family whose members have divergent views, you are hereby put on notice that such conversations may raise the hackles of the usual suspects.  If you’re not at a holiday gathering, you can spend the weekend applying analytical skills to a creative project designed to further your empowerment.

Empowerment is a key word all weekend, suggested by the Sun’s annual meet-up with ruthless, transformational Pluto, which builds all the way up to Heaven or all the way down to Hell. Look for the usual news from underground, possible power struggles and explosions…or something really cool related to energy resources, like this fascinating piece: Israeli Scientists Discover Solar-Powered Hornet  As for that unsettling bit about the US putting us on yet another terror watch over the holidays, I can only say that with the power of the Sun-Pluto connection combined with a potentially militaristic challenge from aggressive Mars from controlling Saturn on Wednesday, I am glad to hear law enforcement is being particularly vigilant. Keep calm and carry on — all will likely be well in your neck of the woods — though weather and traffic patterns may not be so cooperative.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday-Friday 12/22-24/2010

A few days of relative quiet, after several days of whirlwind planetary activity. Then again, crazy things have been known to happen during lulls when the dust is settling. A little bit of an edge might return around the 26th…but for now…don’t worry, be happy.

I’m hitting the road today, so I’ll be brief. Moon in Cancer coasts through Wednesday on its own for most of the day, leaving us free to ponder or eagerly anticipate the comforts of home, family and emotional security. Thursday dawns with Moon in royal Leo, with a generous spirit that will likely delight retailers selling to “I’ll buy it!” last minute shoppers. Both Wednesday and Thursday are good for getting out and mingling with a social crowd. The festive spirit continues through Friday. Travels to destinations elsewhere should be fairly smooth for a Mercury retrograde –but it’s always wise to allow extra time for connections — and be flexible if detours suddenly appear. Sometimes it’s an adventure in disguise!

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 12/21/2010

“What I do foresee in the coming year, though, is a battle for who controls the internet — and those in power are going to find ways to clamp down and not make it so easy for all of us to share with each other so freely.?”  Thus wrote Michael Moore in a post I read an hour ago  shortly after reading a piece on HuffPo opining that the FCC would “cave” on the issue of net neutrality. That article vanished into the ether, but here’s a piece by Sen. Al Franken on the same issue.

Fascinating to note the above pieces appearing the day of the total lunar eclipse at 29 Gemini/29 Sagittarius, as anticipated (quote from yesterday’s forecast): “Globally the focus is likely to shift to letting go of old patterns in Gemini/Sagittarius issues: communication, mindsets, “big picture” thinking (law, religion. education), foreign relations, information (and information control)“. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Today an imaginative, soulful and potentially idealistic connection between Mercury (mind) and nebulous Neptune is exact just after midnight, NY time. Note your dreams upon waking. Any wild rides? After the eclipse at 3:13AM NY time, Moon moves into Cancer, a sign that needs to establish emotional security and has been known to cling tenaciously to home, mother and apple pie. There may well be some impassioned power struggles around these issues around lunch time in NY, whereas Angelenos could get a dose of that reality over their morning joe. That drama may well continue into the evening, possibly blowing out a few circuit boards, including mental ones. Another possibility is a big, boisterous, loony exchange of information with no power struggles at all, in which case have a ball!

The other big news today is the Sun’s move into the earthy, ambitious, “make it happen” sign of Capricorn. This is the Winter Solstice  — the time when light begins to push back against darkness — and prevail. Unless you live in South Africa or anywhere else south of the equator, where they are celebrating the first day of summer. What’s it like having a serious sign like Capricorn associated with bikini weather, I wonder???? In any case, with Capricorn, we move from ideas (Sagittarius) to practical application. What will we build?

One final note about the eclipse — well, actually two notes. First, an old wives’ tale suggests eating potatoes to stay grounded. Second, the Sabian symbols (one for the Sun; one for the Moon) are: “The Pope” and “Bathing Beauties”. Distilling  Blain Bovee’s fab analysis of this pair in “The Sabian Symbols and Astrological Analysis” down to its most positive manifestation suggests that this eclipse, however intense and emotional, offers an opportunity to receive — or bestow — a blessing. In the best possible world, we would create a space where all can be seen, heard and appreciated for his or her own natural beauty. Well? Can we do this? Imagine what a “battle” over net neutrality would look like if we all came from this exalted perspective? Can we “see God in each other” and honor that divine spark each of us has within?  Or will we sink to the lowest common denominator of these symbols — into rigid dogma and pompous display?  Your mission is to find ways to express appreciation for the beauty around you. Blessings! And much gratitude to Blain for his amazing book of insights.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/20/2010: The Aries Point

Fresh off an idealistic mindset suggested by last night’s connection between mental Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius, what flashes of genius that may disrupt the status-quo will you have — or see in the headlines today? Or will your mind be merely racing, unable to focus as a result of information overload from today’s Moon in “need to know” Gemini? Communication and travel may be a bit jarring today; embrace whatever unconventional detours you encounter (it’s more productive than losing your temper).

We are building energy for a Full Moon/total lunar eclipse, exact on the East Coast at 3:13AM Tuesday, which just happens to be the Winter Solstice. We haven’t had a total lunar eclipse on shortest day of the year in over 400 years, so clearly it’s the end of the world. NOT. Let’s see what really might be going on.

Eclipses interrupt the regular flow of light and whatever other energy flows from the Sun or the Moon, like a river meeting a dam. This creates a bottleneck of energy — and in the case of a lunar eclipse, emotion — that must eventually find a release, usually over the course of a few months’ time. In the case of this eclipse, the time frame is five and half months. Eclipses often highlight an area of life where something needs to be brought to a close. Wherever the eclipse falls in your horoscope is where you can expect a bottleneck, followed by a release, likely of an emotional nature. The bottleneck is an opportunity to gather your resources and/or forces before the release. Since the normal flow is disrupted, the opportunity is ripe for changing the flow. That can be a very good thing! So look for 29 Gemini/29 Sagittarius in your chart and take note of the house which contains it. Or consult your local astrologer for insight.

This eclipse is the first of a series occurring over the next few years in the signs of Gemini/Sagittarius; a shift from two years of bottlenecks and releases in the signs of Cancer/Capricorn (the last in this series of Cancer/Capricorn eclipses happens Jan 4th). We are shifting from letting go of old patterns and beliefs on emotional and homeland security, hallowed institutions and corporations, how we administer progress — all these and other Cancer/Capricorn concerns. Globally the focus is likely to shift to letting go of old patterns in Gemini/Sagittarius issues: communication, mindsets, “big picture” thinking (law, religion. education), foreign relations, information (and information control). Again, how this release will likely manifest specifically in YOUR life requires a look at your unique horoscope.

Does the fact that the total eclipse is happening on the solstice make it more significant?  Sure. Any planet positioned on an equinox or solstice carries more weight — and especially carries with it a drive for prominence. Equinoxes and solstices happen at  zero degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn (collectively known as the Aries Point). That’s what much of the fuss was about regarding the Big T-Square Party among Pluto, Uranus and Saturn that dominated 2010; these planets were all at the Aries Point, indicating the necessity for CHANGE (read my forecast for 7/27/2010 for notes on the Big T-Square Party). To quote Alex Forrest (played by Glenn Close) in the movie FATAL ATTRACTION: “I’m not going to be IGNORED, Dan.” That’s the potential of a planet on the Aries Point in action. And yes, such planets can find more positive and constructive ways to get attention than boiling bunny rabbits ; )

I’ll write more about the eclipse in tomorrow’s forecast — and if we’re lucky, I’ll post it before 3:13AM. Meanwhile, be kind and patient — know that emotions ARE especially likely to be intense and in our faces right now…and if you or anyone you know is born on or near a solstice or an equinox, be ESPECIALLY kind to them, as they will likely be feeling this more intensely than others.  This eclipse will be visible in all of the US — night owls, rejoice!

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 12/17/2010 and the Weekend

(Note: if you’re unfamiliar with astrological jargon, you may want to skip my report on patterns in  Bradley Manning’s horoscope — I just couldn’t resist checking it out. If you know a bit about astrology, then enjoy — weekend forecast begins in third paragraph below)

While Julian Assange is apparently now free on bail, today marks the 23rd birthday of Bradley Manning, the US Army private accused of releasing classified documents to Wikileaks sometime between November 2009 and May 2010. Manning has been held in solitary confinement since May. Looking at his horoscope — 12/17/87 in Crescent, OK — birth time unknown — I was immediately struck by its intensity. Sun in opinionated Sagittarius, tightly conjunct Mercury and Saturn. OK, that suggests a serious focus, perhaps prone to depression…and a gravitation toward discipline and duty. But wait…add erratic, restless, intensely independent Uranus to this stellium and that gets pretty interesting….especially since the entire stellium is squared by the North Node and opposed by Chiron, the wounded healer. This is potentially powerful stuff. Manning has Moon in Scorpio, suggesting a reigning need to be seen as a person of substance and depth, and also one who is likely concerned with acquiring knowledge as a means of gaining control. This Moon could be conjunct (depending upon birth time) another suggestion of intensity and turbulent emotion: Mars (action) and ruthless Pluto, together in Scorpio. Wow. No surprise that he would gravitate to a career…as an analyst in military intelligence. Meanwhile, sensitive Neptune, planet of transcendence, fantasy, the intangible, the spiritual and the delusional is running wild in the horoscope. Discipline and control conflicted over a desire to move beyond boundaries? Here’s an article about Manning

In late 2009 and all through 2010, status quo-disrupting Uranus has been making challenging aspects to Manning’s stellium in Sagittarius, Chiron at 26 Gemini (suggesting a overload of power — the kind that blows circuitry), and the North Node at 27 Pisces (“meetings with unusual people” is how Noel Tyl interprets connections between Uranus and North Node). In early 2011 transiting Pluto will conjoin Neptune in Manning’s horoscope — “enormous intensification of sensory sensitivity; possible loss of frame of reality; subterfuge; possible introduction of drugs or alcohol dysfunctionally.” Hmmm. A recent article in Salon reported that Manning has been given anti-depressants while in solitary confinement —  To be continued…

OK, the forecast: Friday is a day of relative quiet — a welcome break from the Mars-Pluto power and ego struggles many experienced earlier in the week. Saturday is busy — and some of what’s going on then may be felt on Friday. I’m anticipating a day mixed with a desire for beauty and transcendence (note your dreams) and a potential flash of genius or sudden disruption of the status quo, enacted for a stated humanitarian cause. Creative types may thrive on potentially divine inspiration.

Moon goes void for six hours starting at 4:36PM NY time — get your major holiday shopping done before then — purchases made during Moon voids are more likely to be disappointments.  Moon enters chatty Gemini at 10:37PM NY time and pretty much coasts through Sunday. Given that Mercury is currently retrograde, much of the chatter we hear then is likely to be idle. See if you can keep from indulging in it.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 12/16/2010

Moon is void of course as of 6:41AM – 1:49PM NY time, suggesting a slower than usual start to the morning. Oversleeping or some other twist to your routine is more likely under this transit, especially when Mercury is retrograde.  Angelenos will feel it, too — but only until 11AM. East Coasters, avoid shopping sprees during your lunch hour — you probably don’t need it if you’re impulsively buying it during a Moon void. And lavish purchases are suggested by the expansive connection between Sun and benevolent Jupiter at 4:47PM NY time, making retailers cheer. Buy it after the void!!!

Moon mercifully shifts into calm, steady Taurus at 1:49PM NY, inclining us to preserve stability and indulge in creature comforts: food, wine, music, art, beauty and hey — maybe even a massage. What a relief from the especially intense, brutal self-absorption and ego/power dramas that my spies say have been occurring since Monday (Aries Moon squaring Mars-Pluto-Mercury!), but be advised that there are more surprises in store: erratic, eccentric, status-quo disrupting Uranus is squaring off against the Sun on Saturday. We’ll likely feel it – and definitely see it — in the headlines over the next few days. As the 1939 poster from the UK says, “Keep Calm and Carry On”

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 12/15/2010

Moon is still in me-me-me Aries this AM…with the only exact aspect being a potential downer of a confrontation between our desire to do whatever we want and some Other smacking us in the face with a wet blanket. Feh! The Moon is waxing, along with an intensity of enthusiasm and emotion. Be alert!

Reports from the field suggest that the charged connections among Mars (action), Pluto (ruthless power), Mercury (mind, words) and Moon (feelings) yesterday manifested as anticipated. I heard plenty of stories of tempers flaring, brutally honest truths uttered, irritability and an overwhelming focus on the needs of oneself to exclusion of consideration for all others. We saw in the headlines news of shootings (out West), fatal storms (Canada), a possible serial killer in New York and all kinds of power battles over control of the media (calls for censorship, etc.), as a result of continued fallout over Wikileaks and Julian Assange (or perhaps we should say, “over the embarrassment of fearless leaders being caught looking like — (fill in the blank)” I expect more of the same today.

So. Did anything GOOD happen? Of course! The energy symbolized by planetary patterns can be expressed either for good or not so good. WE decide. WE choose. If energy is being suppressed, however, chances are stronger that the energy will get backed up and then explode in not so pleasant ways. A serial killer, for example, must have a LOT of suppressed energy…or so I’m thinking. Yes? That guy/gal…and a lot of other people…right?

Mars and Pluto, when combined, can have an intensely sexual charge. No surprise then, to note that yesterday it was announced that a patient has been cured of AIDS, a sexually-transmitted disease And that’s pretty darn positive! So if you got down with your significant other…or just worked it all out at the gym…or if you kept focused on a creative project you hope will change the world, then you’re turning what many see as a worrisome combination into something productive. Use your awareness to CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR. That’s what you CAN control!

Reminder: people born with planets in the early degrees/days of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are ESPECIALLY sensitive right now. Give them space and a break…lest they break something around them. Hmmm. I’ve got two planets and my rising sign in that zone of the zodiac. Maybe that’s why I’ve been using SO MANY CAPS in this forecast! : )

Astro-logical for Tuesday 12/14/2010

Moon raced into Aries at 2:14AM NY time, possibly inspiring you to bolt out of bed. Who needs caffeine with energy like at your disposal?  Hopefully you channeled the intense focus and potency of yesterday’s triple hook-up among Mars, Pluto and Mercury into something creative designed to make a positive — not destructive — impact. If it wasn’t positive, you may hear about it today as the Aries Moon, which needs to be Number One, may challenge that laser-beam focus. Does someone feel like they are not being heard or given his or his due?

We are building toward an expansive connection between Jupiter and the Sun on Thursday. Benevolent or bombastic? Could go either way — and likely to excess. Retailers may cheer.  Point is — much enthusiasm is waxing — catch a wave!

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/13/2010

Happy Monday! This could be a super-charged day of action — please review the weekend forecast for thoughts on today’s meet-up of action-oriented Mars, empowering Pluto and mental Mercury, all in ambitious, make-it-happen Capricorn.  How will you release the potential of this energetic planetary pattern? At the very least, get thee to a gym!

Let’s take a quick glance at the headlines: hmm…suicide bombings in Sweden & Iraq,  and brutal winter storms in the US over the weekend — those fall under the intensity anticipated in Friday’s forecast. More power-grabbing scenarios revealed in “A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives”:; Wikileaks continues to expose rotting wood in hallowed government institutions; and yesterday, Fox sportscasters became utterly confused during a Redskins game (thanks to fellow astrologer Kathy Rose for sharing exactly the kind of snafu we anticipate during Mercury retrograde).

Today also marks the First Quarter Moon, exact this AM at 8:59AM NY time. This likely brings a challenge to your intentions set at the New Moon last Sunday. What’s going on with your efforts to broaden your horizons? What mysteries have you encountered — and possibly solved? How is what you’re working on now fitting into a “big picture” dream? Forge ahead until 7:38PM NY time; then you can rest during a Moon void-of-course for the rest of the evening.