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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 2/1/2011

East Coasters, do your best to get it off your desk in the morning, before the Moon in ambitious Capricorn goes void at  2:32PM until 6:21PM NY time.  Quite frankly, you can probably find an innovative and inspired way to make things happen, especially if your work involves the arts, healing, spirit…and maybe a bit of finance (we may see some surprising news in the headlines regarding monetary matters today and tomorrow). During the void, you know the drill: no shopping sprees, chill if you can. Rest, brainstorm, take care of routine matters and be flexible with your scheduled appointments, as the flake factor is higher during void periods.

West Coasters, do the math: your Moon void happens between 10:32AM – 3:21PM LA time, suggesting a reeeeealllly long lunch hour. If your favorite client calls you in a panic, breathe through it, “keep calm and carry on”. Often these “crises” that occur during voids turn out to be much ado about nothing.

After the void, Moon enters Aquarius, a sign that needs to be socially significant. While you’re waiting around for the New Moon (in Aquarius) to happen on Wednesday evening, you could let the humanitarian spirit of the day inspire you make a list of a few ways you could be of service to others — no matter how small  — and have a plan to put them in action. You could even get a few friends involved, too.

Meanwhile, I hope this article by master astrologer Rob Hand puts the kibbosh on any lingering notion of there being a “revised” zodiac with 13 signs — I’m still getting questions about it — truly amazing.


Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/31/2011

Moon in practical, administrative, “make it happen” Capricorn encourages us to get it off our desks. Ship it today if you  can; tomorrow there’s a Moon void that can toss a twist into your efforts, or render them of no consequence. We are in the dark side of the Moon phase; New Moon arrives at 9:31PM on Tuesday. You may feel a bit of restlessness or listlessness — especially tomorrow — sensing a new cycle is just around the corner, but hasn’t quite materialized. Spend today wrapping up whatever you can of an unusually intense month.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/28/2011 and the Weekend

Unless your unique horoscope is being directly affected by one of the planetary heavies, you could be carried away by the optimistic, opinionated, rowdy energy suggested by today’s Moon in Sagittarius, in effect from Friday AM until 9:04AM NY time. Fun, fun, fun! You can get physical, get outdoors, build a snowman, take a gamble or a gambol…or any activity or experience that broadens your horizons.

Sunday AM you may note a more serious tone, as Moon enters “make-it-happen” Capricorn, just after being jolted by rebellious Uranus and expansive Jupiter, now in Aries. Are the natives restless or what? (Watch Sunday’s headlines). The mood may become even more intense as the day progresses, revealing secrets and/or demanding answers to probing questions in an effort to gain control.  Try applying the intensity and enterprising spirit to an empowering creative project instead of the person who just happens to be sitting next to you.

An additional note on Saturn’s retrograde through 11-18 degrees of Libra (see the forecast written for 1/26): if you were born Oct – Dec 1981 or May- Aug 1982, you will be feeling this transit more intensely than most, in what is known as a Saturn return. This is a critical time in your life development; everyone goes through it around age 28/29. Pay attention to the sense of urgency you’re likely to be feeling. In what ways are you intent on establishing yourself in the material world? Are you thinking of changing careers? Getting married? Going back to school? What is the reach for ambition?

If you were born between Dec 1951- April 1952 or between Aug – Nov of 1952, you are also having a Saturn return. At this point in life, you may find yourself wanting to turn away from the material world. Having realized ambition during the past 28 years, nourishing the soul may now become more important. This can be a very good thing, even if other things have to be let go.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/27/2011: Headlines in Tunisia and Egypt

If you’ve been following the headlines in Tunisia, you may have noticed reports of revolution, sparked by one individual, a street vendor, who reportedly set himself on fire on Dec 17 2010, after being treated harshly by government officials The street vendor died on Jan 4th, the day of the New Moon and solar eclipse at 13 degrees of Capricorn and the conjunction between expansive Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus in compassionate, sometimes-martyred, “we are the world” Pisces (27 degrees). On Jan14, during a week noted for connections to that Jupiter-Uranus hook-up by Mars, planet of action, in “make-it-happen” Capricorn, the president of Tunisia fled the country. (Note that Jan 4th was the day the “13th sign” story hit the internet and Jan 14th was the day it seemed the 13th sign was all anyone could talk about — see my posts on those days).

I decided to look up the chart for Tunisia, anticipating that I would find major planets  in that chart triggered by the current positions of the planets, especially that potentially revolutionary hook-up between Jupiter and Uranus. Ready? You’re really going to love this…

Using 3/20/56 at 12:01AM as the time of the birth of modern Tunisia, we immediately see the Sun at…29 Pisces, triggered by Jupiter-Uranus at 27 Pisces on Jan 4; Mars at 13 Capricorn, the exact degree of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse…and we note the Moon at 2 Cancer, affected by the Lunar Node (groups, associations, among other things), exactly opposing that Moon at 2 Capricorn. Also noting Pluto, Uranus and Neptune 26  Leo, 28 Cancer and 29 Libra, being contacted by Uranus and Neptune then at 27 Pisces and 27 Aquarius, respectively. Had an astrologer looked at the Tunisian chart ahead of time, he or she would likely have anticipated the potential for something intense, innovative, expansive and potentially revolutionary to hit the headlines in Jan 2011.

Meanwhile, the Sun in the chart for modern Egypt (6/18/1953 11:30 GMT in Cairo)  is at 27 Gemini, exactly squared by that Jupiter-Uranus at 27 Pisces on Jan 4th. Note this report of widespread protests in Egypt this week: Fascinating, hmm?

So as for Tuesday’s headlines reporting that the 2008 financial crisis in the US was avoidable — I note that astrologers were anticipating the potential for this sort of crisis — and writing about it collectively as early as 2004 (some astrologers had noted the potential even earlier).

For today: it’s a snow day in New York, putting a interesting spin on today’s Moon in Scorpio need to acquire deep knowledge for the purpose of control. Is that why I just spent an hour researching the astrology of Tunisia and Egypt? No major aspects happening during business hours today, but Venus, planet of social expression, money, love and beauty, is running a bit wild in the opinionated sign of Sagittarius. Discussion today on any of the aforementioned topics is likely to be high-flying and/or feisty, perhaps as in, “hey, how about that Dow at 12,000?”  Moon goes void at 10:01PM NY time until 1:55AM NY Friday; note that time span and chill…

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/26/2011: Saturn Retrograde in Libra

More sobering serious thoughts and/or discourse are likely to be up for review today, continuing from yesterday. Perhaps a battle for control, too (thanks, Moon in Scorpio!) — who will win? It makes sense that we might see headlines reflecting such themes after last night’s SOTU; the whole morning is ripe for potential challenges, especially to the agenda set on the New Moon of the 4th. On the plus side, you may find your mind more disciplined and focused than usual, even if what you need to focus on isn’t as entertaining as you might prefer.

Meanwhile, Saturn, planet of ambition and control/structure turns retrograde at 18 degrees of Libra at 1:11AM NY time until June 12th. The Sabian Symbol for 18 Libra is “two men under arrest” — suggesting, writes Blain Bovee, the Sabian Symbol Specialist I’ve often cited in this forecast, “a manifestation of irreconcilable differences”….hmmm…such as three Supreme Court Justices recusing themselves from SOTU? Bovee has these additional thoughts on Saturn at 18 Libra (Google Blain — buy his book — a must-have for any astrology aficionado): “When Saturn is in 18 Libra, there is a tendency to dig in rather than to negotiate. negotiation may seem impossible, plus the ‘other side’ is just as intractable in their beliefs.” Coincidence or conspiracy?

And while I’m raving about the great work of other astrologers:

If you’re a serious student of astrology, you might consider these recently-released DVDs from Noel Tyl, whose Masters Course for astrologers has really turned my head around — just as advertised! If you don’t have 1000 hours of time to devote to a two-year course of study with Mr. Tyl, you can still learn much in the four and a half hours it will take to watch the first three DVDs in the Masterwork Series And more will be produced in February…

Back to our regularly scheduled program:

Wherever 11-18 degrees of Libra falls in your horoscope will be an area that’s up for focus and review over the next five months. The challenge is to bring this area of your life into balance (Libra) with a mature, constructive perspective (Saturn) that will realize your ambition. Relationships in this area of your life may also be up for review, renewal or release.

More anon….

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/25/2011

More of Moon in socially conscious Libra…in a day of relatively few planetary aspects, which are pleasant and dreamy and all that. Get what you need from others today  if you can — using charm and social graces, of course — as tomorrow is looking more intense, moody and challenging.

Moon goes void at 5:04PM NY time (heads up to Angelenos: your afternoon may be a bust, better spent brainstorming or resting), until 9:15PM NY time, proving once again that an astrologer is not on call in the Obama White House. Who starts a State of the Union address (9PM NY time) during a Moon void if the goal is to say something that will be of consequence??? This would never have happened under Nancy Reagan’s watch, let me tell you ; )  So…as with last year (which was also delivered during a Moon void), we can anticipate words that likely go nowhere…save for whatever surprise twist (paging Joe Wilson) that may manifest between 9PM and 9:15PM. If any words of depth and meaning are said, they are likely to be uttered after 9:15PM, when Moon enter Scorpio, a sign that needs to been seen as deep and in control: “My fellow Americans…{sobering, serious thoughts}…hope, courage, vision, yes we can and God bless America” (applause, thanks to a constructive influence Venus, planet of social expression).

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/24/2011

Pleased to hear a number of reports of confusion during Friday’s void-of course Moon between 2-6PM NY time, which happened under the influence of nebulous Neptune.  Waiters cheerfully saying “good morning!”, folks getting lost in the snow, etc… anticipated ; )

Monday we have no Moon void to throw a twist in our day. Moon is in Libra, a people-pleasing, socially aware sign that enjoys a cerebral debate. To be or not to be? That is the question…  Go ahead and act on your decisions today, the earlier the better. As the day progresses, you are more likely to encounter a verbal challenge or a wet blanket response to your fabulous ideas.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/21/2011 and the Weekend

East Coasters, ship it before 2PM today if there’s something you need to get off your desk. Of course you may not be at your desk today, if that snowstorm really does happen. West Coast folks may notice a bit of a dreamy vibe between 11AM and 3PM —  (other time zones, please do the math) — thanks to a Moon void augmented by nebulous Neptune. Good time for chilling, resting, doodling, taking care of routine matters; not a good time for impulse shopping. Trust me, you don’t really need it.  Moon enters Virgo at 6:10PM NY time and challenges us to focus on making things right. Got some housekeeping or organizing chores to do over the weekend? A project that requires a critical, discerning approach? Need to make something “perfect”?

Saturday the big news is Jupiter’s ingress (“ingress” is a fancy astrology term that means “entry”) into the sign of Aries, where it hasn’t been in 12 years. Jupiter represents the potential for expansion and reward — you’ve heard me quip that it’s “the cosmic sugar daddy”.  With Jupiter in Aries, Rams around the world can rejoice! Opportunities for expansion and reward are favored for you especially over the next five months — what happened for you 12 years ago, hmmm? For the rest of us, we are likely to witness or experience for expansion in areas ruled by Aries. On the plus side: courage, pioneering spirit, initiation and a lot of “firsts”. Therein lies the potential for reward.

Sunday, a Moon void between 3:08 – 6:59PM NY time suggests avoiding the malls. Keep your grounding cords down around that time as well: there may be more than one surprise in store thanks to an electric connection between erratic Uranus and the Moon.  After the void, Moon enters people-pleasing Libra — not a bad night for spending time with a partner or inviting friends over for Sunday dinner, especially if social graces and stimulating conversation suit your fancy.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/19/2011

A reader from Japan recently shared an intriguing observation re: the media frenzy over the alleged “13th Sign”. Apparently this same story made headlines in Japan…(ready for this)…at the time of the last meeting of expansive Jupiter and Uranus (which rules astrology) in 1997. You may recall this story broke in the U.S. on Jan 4th, when Jupiter and Uranus were similarly aligned (and you may recall I anticipated “startling news from the cosmos” to make headlines).  Coincidence or conspiracy?  The end result in Japan was an increased interest in  — and serious study of — astrology. Looking forward to a similar manifestation in America. Fascinating!

Today brings the fourth of five Full Moons in a row happening at the last degree of a sign. What will the light illuminate? What will draw to a close? The Sabian Symbols for the Sun at 29 Capricorn and Moon at 29 Cancer are provocative:  “A secret business conference” and “A daughter of the American Revolution”. Turning to Blain Bovee’s book, The Sabian Symbols in Astrological Analysis we can anticipate: “inherited issues decided behind closed doors” What will our fearless corporate and government leaders — and/or rebels — do next?

In your own personal sphere, what illumination have you gained as you work toward your goals set at the New Year? Maybe it’s time to take a meeting — or make that great leap forward.

Moon goes void on the Full Moon at 4:26PM NY until 5:16PM, when Moon enters playful, regal, adore me Leo. That suggests more than one dramatic scene in the Full Moon’s aftermath this evening.  It seems like only yesterday that I was writing about people born with Moon in Leo — but it was a month ago. My, how time flies.  Seize the day!

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/18/2011

More of the same from yesterday afternoon. If you have research to do, or any project requiring focused concentration and honing/chiseling words, then have at it. We may also see intense communication — in your own world and in the headlines — that aims to get right down to the bones of an issue, stripping away all that is deemed excessive. Serious!

Contrast that suggested pattern with the innovation and expansion of easy contacts between Sun and Jupiter and Uranus…and perhaps we’ll see the best of both worlds: cutting out what is no longer needed, in favor of moving forward with a radical approach that aims to create MORE…hopefully more of something good.

In other news, perhaps you have seen the numerous reports over the past few weeks of massive die-offs of birds and fish around the world: Unsettling news indeed — and could there be a planetary pattern reflecting these mysterious mass exits?  Frankly, they are not out of line with the “endings” suggested by the quantum leap of consciousness of last week’s Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (airwaves, technology, out-of-the blue, disruptive) hook-up at the tail end of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac.

Last year, many astrologers anticipated an increase in suicides and other sudden departures  — and in fact, such departures did make headlines (google “suicides 2010”).Why? Two big planets completing journeys through the zodiac suggest a correlating pattern in our lives on Earth. That is the essence of astrology, as Noel Tyl succinctly explains: “Planetary patterns reflect patterns in life development”. Astrologers understand what these patterns suggest, just as you understand the pattern of squiggles you’re now reading.

Back to the possible manifestations of Jupiter and Uranus completing their journey through the zodiac: here on Earth, some may be leaving because their stay here is complete; others may not appreciate that a new cycle is just around the corner (and they are bailing out of fear and/or despair). But the new cycle is just around the corner!  Jupiter enters Aries, the sign associated with rebirth/new beginnings, this week; Uranus gets there in March. Endings and beginnings: a major theme we’ll see in the headlines continued through 2011.  Stay tuned…and oh — one other thing: all this talk in the headlines of the need for a return to civility in our social discourse? Regular readers of this forecast will recall this call to action anticipated when Saturn entered Libra, the sign symbolizing social graces and diplomacy, several months ago.