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"Thank you SO much for the reading on Wednesday. It's really helped me get back on the road to moving along. You prep so well and are so damn thorough. And moreover, you've got great sensitivity to the material and the patience to listen."
-- Michael D.
Editor, NY

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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday & Friday 3/31-4/1/2011: What is a void-of-course moon?

Whatever you’re doing today, consider slowing down. First, the Moon is in Pisces — a sign that likes to go with the flow. Second, Moon goes void-of-course at 9:43AM EDT…and doesn’t enter Aries until 7:16AM EDT on Saturday, April 2nd. Break time! Third, Mercury turned retrograde yesterday afternoon and you’ll need time to adjust to the seemingly backwards mental flow — unless you have Mercury retrograde in your birth chart; in your case, these retrograde periods may not be as disorienting. Fourth, we are in the dark side of the Moon — the end of a lunar cycle (New Moon on 4/4/11 in Aries — and it’s looking pretty darn potent). It’s time to wrap things up and get ready for the next round of excitement.  So if you can, take a break over the next couple of days — planning an escape (in honor of the escapist Pisces Moon) is an excellent strategy for today and tomorrow.

Not that it’s likely to be quiet in the arena of world events. Mars, planet of action, is now at 29 degrees of Pisces — the end of the  zodiac — and about to hit 0 Aries (the Aries Point) just after 12AM on Saturday (EDT), followed by the Moon in Aries at 7:12AM EDT. If you’ve been following this forecast, you’ll recall that many astrologers (myself included), wrote that a big shake-up was suggested when disruptive Uranus made a similar transition to 0 Aries on March 11.  This weekend can anticipate more significant news from Japan and on the other shake-ups in progress — in the Middle East and in the continuing mishegosh of power plays and battles over draconian measures vs. freedom currently happening at all levels of government in the US — and in other areas of the globe that have yet to chime in.

Weird accidents also a possibility as Mars hooks up with erratic Uranus at 4:52PM EDT on Sunday — and so are technological breakthroughs, including startling news from the cosmos. Do be especially conscientious if you are on the road, and count to ten before you lose patience or your temper!

So, to recap: Thursday and Friday are days to chill if you can. Saturday is a noticeably different story: fiery, pioneering, combative — but also excitement about change and the potential for creating a whole new paradigm. We are supposed to be letting go of old patterns and embracing a new way of being at this stage of our collective soul; that’s what planets in Aries (Mars, Sun, Uranus, Mercury), Libra (Saturn) and Capricorn (Pluto) need to do. Hanging on for dear life to outmoded structures and resources will are strongly likely to make necessary transitions much harder than need be. OK, enough about world events and power plays. In your own personal world, there’s plenty to enjoy over the next few days — and including a weekend of potential fun, high-energy and innovation. Will write more about the opportunities presented by the New Moon in Aries in a day or so…stay tuned.

Until then, some helpful words posted several months ago on Moon voids — what they are, how to deal with them…but first, a word from our sponsor:

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Here’s a visual for you: think of a pinball game. Last night at 6:38PM EDT 3/30/11, the Moon entered the sign of Pisces (imagine the moon as the pinball being launched into that sign). As the moon travels through a sign, it makes aspects to other planets (imagine the pinball making contact w/all the bumpers and stuff in the game; think of the dynamic way the pinball/moon moves after it makes contact). The LAST aspect the Moon makes before entering the next sign (this will happen at 9:43 AM EDT today when the Moon makes a contact with Pluto) is the time when the moon goes VOID.

Think of what happens to the pinball after it makes contact w/the last bumper before falling back down the board to be re-launched — it kinda loses steam, right? This is the kind of energy we have during the void, especially long ones (several hours or more). Sensitive types will notice a “floaty” feeling; it can be  challenging to travel in a straight line during a void, and we are more likely to encounter curve balls and other twists. Clients call with crises that later turn out to be nothing. Lines of communication get crossed. Your waiter says “Good Morning!” and it’s four in the afternoon. You pour water over whole bean coffee — oops! You pick up the phone and it’s someone you’ve been trying to avoid. Details fall through the cracks; it’s important to double check everything — you get the idea. 

Moon voids are good for a nap, sleeping in late, leaving work early, a creative brainstorm, writing music, meditating, doing yoga or doing things that are considered routine. I’ve tested this rule many times by breaking it, so now I avoid buying things (even on sale, because I find I just don’t use them), and I try to schedule important meetings and calls when the moon is NOT void.

There’s a higher “flake factor” during voids, too – people don’t show up for planned events. Other “twists” include upsets in sports matches (it’s a good time to bet on the underdog) and elections (the classic example is the presidential election on Nov 7,  2000 — Bush v. Gore — which happened during a Moon void AND when Mercury was stationary direct — talk about a set-up for errors and confusion). So during a void, sleep in…rest…try to take it easy until the Moon moves into the next sign.  Of course there will be times when you’ve got some big thing scheduled during a Moon void — that’s just life. The key then is to be AWARE and flexible about whatever might come up that’s not what you’re trying to achieve; sometimes the twists can actually be beneficial (such as ones that come about during brainstorms).

Astro-logical Forecast for 3/29/2011: Historian William Cronon

A reader asked how yesterday’s challenging Pluto square at 7 degrees of Capricorn to the Sun at 7 degrees of Aries  (suggesting power plays, corruption revealed/exposed, explosive actions, news from underground) might be affecting Scorpios. The answer: while this aspect is definitely challenging all those born in the early days of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn (for better or for worse), the aspect is not challenging any planet in Scorpio, though those born around October 29 are likely getting a supportive power boost from Pluto to their Sun at 7 Scorpio.

Still, it’s possible for a Scorpio (or someone who isn’t an Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn) to be profoundly affected by this particular transit, but we need to look at a complete horoscope (there’s so much more to astrology than the Sun!). Here’s an example: William Cronon, a man who made headlines over the weekend, described in a NY Times editorial on 3/25/2011 as follows:

“William Cronon is the Frederick Jackson Turner and Vilas research professor of history, geography and environmental studies at the University of Wisconsin, and was recently elected president of the American Historical Association. Earlier this month, he was asked to write an Op-Ed article for The Times on the historical context of Gov. Scott Walker’s effort to strip public-employee unions of bargaining rights. While researching the subject, he posted on his blog several critical observations about the powerful network of conservatives working to undermine union rights and disenfranchise Democratic voters in many states.

In particular, he pointed to the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative group backed by business interests that circulates draft legislation in every state capital, much of it similar to the Wisconsin law, and all of it unmatched by the left. Two days later, the state Republican Party filed a freedom-of-information request with the university, demanding all of his e-mails containing the words “Republican,” “Scott Walker,” “union,” “rally,” and other such incendiary terms. (The Op-Ed article appeared five days after that.” 

Wow! Suddenly Mr. Cronon — and his blog — are being talked about all over the web — and his blog is a MUST-READ, with two million hits and counting last time I checked his home page:

What’s the astrological correlation? Something HAS to be going on in the horoscope! Cronon, born September 11, 1954 (time unknown) in New Haven, CT is a Virgo — that sign isn’t directly affected by that Sun-Pluto square — BUT — he has Mars, planet of action, at 7 degrees of Capricorn — where Pluto is right now! The potential effects of Pluto connecting with Mars are: extreme force, persuasion, control, brutality, excessive effort. Does that description fit current events in Mr. Cronon’s life?  (Yes!) He can expect this influence to continue through 2012, btw — the horoscope is clear. (Dear Scorpio reader, I hope this helps further your understanding of how astrology works — and if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!)

Planetary activity today is fairly light — but there’s plenty to process from yesterday’s heavy patterns: explosions at a weapons factory in Yemen, the battle for oil — oops — freedom in Libya, ongoing efforts to control the damage in Japan and the Governor of Maine pulling a unilateral power play over the weekend by removing murals depicting Maine laborers from the lobby of Maine’s…Labor Department

In your own personal world, far from the madding crowds and world events, there’s a friendly Moon in Aquarius, free of jarring aspects from other planets, to keep you humming along through the work day — with one caveat: Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow afternoon. You may notice glitches and delays related to gizmos, travel and communication. Back up your computers now.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 3/28/2011: Pluto Square Sun; Jupiter Opposing Saturn

Oh frabjous Monday! Writing this just as the Moon went void of course in Capricorn at 11:17PM EDT Sunday, suggesting a time to take a break, chill, brainstorm and do that which is routine. The general astrological rule for Moon voids is that if you need to move in a straight line, be advised that you may encounter twists that take you off course — or render your actions of no consequence. That’s why you’re advised not to buy things on impulse or schedule super important meetings where you need everyone at the table to be focused.

Looking ahead at the month of April I’m seeing lonnnnng void periods — sometimes lasting for a day and a half. This, combined with Mercury turning retrograde, should make for an interesting month — and also give you an opportunity to see if and how the Moon voids affect your own personal agenda. Later in the week I will post the dates and times for the voids for the month of April — would love to hear what happens in your own personal world.

Oh heck, I’ll post several days’ worth now:

Thursday, March 31 == Moon void at 9:43 AM EDT  — ALL DAY

Friday, April 1, == Moon void ALL DAY Moon enters Aries at 7:16 AM EDT on Saturday 4/2

Tuesday, April 5th — Moon void 7:02PM EDT Wednesday, April 6th — Moon void ALL DAY

Thursday, April 7th — Moon enters Gemini 7:22AM EDT

Friday, April 8th — Moon void at 10:24 PM EDT

Saturday April 9th — Moon void until 5:02PM EDT (enters Cancer)

Today… Monday…two potent aspects. First, ruthless Pluto squaring Sun, as reported yesterday. What did we see in the headlines? False alarm at one of the Japanese nuclear power plants — thankfully — levels mistakenly reported at 10 million times above normal (!!!) and a fascinating piece on the nature of radiation in the New York Times called “Radiation’s Enduring Afterglow.” Radiation/x-rays, as you may recall, are associated with Pluto, as is news from underground and corruption in government, corporations and infrastructure exposed. (regrettably, I can no longer paste links to the articles from the Times unless they are on the front page; you must be a subscriber in order to read anything else). Ooh — but look, right here on the front page, as of minutes ago: “Russian Site Smokes Out Corruption”

If you have a planet or an angle (rising sign or midheaven) between six and eight degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, you are likely being personally affected by that Pluto-Sun square. What’s changing in your life? What must you release in order to become empowered by a new perspective? Consult your local astrologer for details.

Another notable aspect today is the third in a series: Jupiter, planet of expansion, opposed by Saturn, planet of contraction and control. Already we see a conflict, yes? This series marks the “low point” in a 20 year Jupiter-Saturn business cycle; the last two oppositions happened last April and August 16th, at which time I opined that by the time we reached the third opposition (today), we should have an idea of how far we would have to fall in order to rise again. Well? Do we now have clarity about the economic issues that must be addressed so that we can return to a cycle of prosperity — or at the least, to a greater sense of equilibrium? What do you think?

You are personally affected by the Jupiter-Saturn expansion vs. contraction dynamic if you have a major planet or angle (ascendant or midheaven) between 12 and 16 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn. Where in your life are you receiving opportunities for expansion, coupled with restraints or frustration? Be patient. The key to your advancement will come by being willing to put in for the long haul. This month of Mercury retrograde, assuming you’re not taking a vacation, should give you an excellent opportunity to review your long-term strategy and make adjustments.

Moon is in socially significant Aquarius as of 7AM EDT today, suggesting humanitarian concerns may crop up in the headlines, and our personal interactions may lend themselves to the cerebral, the quirky and the tolerant. You could honor the spirit of the day by cueing up a Lady Gaga ditty on your iPod — it’s her birthday — she’s 25 years old. Amazing.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 3/17/2011: Time to Get Real

…and may the luck of the Irish be with all of us on this St. Patrick’s Day. Only one exact aspect today: Moon in dramatic Leo makes a potentially befuddling challenge to nebulous Neptune at 3:59 PM EDT, before going void for an hour. Then Moon enters Virgo, where it be working overtime in certain circles to make things right, to organize, tend to details and make things right.

Here’s an interesting color to this day: Mars, planet of action, is running wild in the sign of Pisces, a placement Noel Tyl has described as being like a hot poker doused in water. There’s plenty of steam, but not much is moving in a direct line, as the energy of Mars prefers. Might this explain why some may be feeling a bit diffused and/or all over the place?

And in case you haven’t heard, I’ll be back on the air this Thursday at 9PM PDT — guesting on “Get Real” with Shaman Durek — we’ll be talking astrology, taking calls and all kinds of fun stuff — hope you can tune in — I’m thrilled by the response to last week’s show!

Astro-logical Forecast for Saturday & Sunday 3/26-7/2011: Pluto and Plutocracies

Inspiration to make things happen continues through Sunday, courtesy of Moon in pro-active Capricorn combined with the afterglow of the potentially delightful, romantic, aesthetic, transcendental hook-up between Neptune and Venus I wrote about earlier in the week — that connection was exact at 9:40PM EDT.

While you were sleeping on Sunday  at 2:53 AM EDT, Venus left the friendly, cerebral sign of “I love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius to wallow in the deeply emotional, compassionate sign of Pisces, suggesting an intuitive approach to social expression over the next few weeks; patience may be required as we adjust to the shift. Meanwhile, Moon goes void at 11:17PM EDT — chill while you can until 7AM EDT on Monday… …when ruthless Pluto squares the Aries Sun at 8:11 AM  EDT.

We will likely see corresponding headlines in the papers:  news from the underground, corporate corruption exposed and of course PLUTOcracies, as in this headline that appeared hours ago: “Plutocracy: GE Doesn’t Pay Taxes; Taxpayers Pay GE”  Hopefully we will see absolutely nothing of note about the nuclear reactors in Japan — or anywhere else — though for the record, Pluto does rule radiation. It can’t hurt to send some positive, healing thought forms to the Far East…

Don’t forget: Mercury retrograde at 4:48PM EDT — please back up your electronic gizmos now, including your cell phones and iPads…

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 3/26/2011

Review yesterday’s forecast: Go with the flow. Don’t turn molehills into mountains. Indulge in some downtime and brainstorming if you can. For more inspiration, you could watch the final Oprah show, which aired yesterday. I’m sure it’s somewhere on the web. Gotta love Oprah Winfrey, born with the Sun in humanitarian, “who’s your buddy” Aquarius, driven by the Moon in Sagittarius, sign of the philosopher clown, who needs to share its opinions with the entire free world.

Moon enters Aries at 8:36PM EDT. See if you notice a shift in energy. Aries is fast and direct.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 3/25/2011: A Beautiful Escape

The morning and afternoon: Moon continues in buoyant Sagittarius, eager to communicate more than one thought, with than a little gusto. Watch for ego conflicts and/or emotional spats around 1108AM EDT as Moon clashes with willful Mars. The evening: lovely contacts between Moon, Venus and Neptune favor soulful, artistic connections or a perfectly poured cocktail. After a brief void between 9:25-57PM EDT (blink and you’ll miss it), Moon enters ambitious, status-conscious Capricorn…a twist from erratic Uranus suggests you may be surprised by what you score later tonight. File it under “beautiful escape”. More on the rest of the weekend later…

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 3/25/2011

I had a lovely forecast written up and was just about to post it, when a phone call from a dear friend took me away from the computer for over an hour. When I returned, the battery was dead, and the forecast was history. Tim Pawlenty’s horoscope will have to wait, as will an answer to a dear reader’s query about the latest cloud of volcanic ash traveling east from Iceland.

Moon is in Pisces today, going void at 2:15PM EDT today…moving into Aries at 8:36 PM EDT  on THURSDAY. That’s a long time to go with the flow, but flow you must or you could make yourself crazy turning molehills into mountains.

You could also consider the writings of Don Miguel Ruiz, whose book THE FOUR AGREEMENTS advises strict adherence to the following:

  • Be impeccable with your word.
  • Don’t take anything personally.
  • Don’t make assumptions.
  • Always do your best.  With gratitude to Fabio Ostroviesky, a former colleague and caring soul who left this earth sooner than anyone could have imagined. He turned me on to Ruiz’s wise little book, and now I’m passing it on to you.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 3/24/2011: Uranus in Aries

Courage. Initiative. Self-reliance. All of it inspiring. As I’ve written before, these are some of the positive keywords for the shift suggested by disruptive Uranus entering Aries on March 11th (coinciding with the 9.0 quake in Japan). A sense of how that can play out can be found in this piece about how people in a remote fishing village survived in the days following the quake and tsunami: Severed From the World, Villagers Survive on Tight Bonds and To-Do Lists No one waited for the cavalry. They relied upon each other.  How well do you know your neighbors?

Today Moon continues its sojourn through opinionated Sagittarius, buoyed by a connection from expansive Jupiter, and tempered by a connection from controlling Saturn. Optimistic and efficient? Sold! In other news, saddened to read of Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s passing yesterday morning. Miss Taylor was born February 27, 1932 in London, UK, probably around 2 AM: Sun in Pisces, Moon in Scorpio, Sagittarius rising. There are certain astrological techniques for divining a fulfilling vocation for an individual, and in Miss Taylor’s case it is abundantly clear that she could shine in a career involving the performing arts AND service to a humanitarian cause or causes, if she used her free will and chose those paths. Fortunately for the world, she did…and may she rest in peace.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 3/23/2011: Venus in Aquarius

Over the next few days Venus (love, art, money, women, social expression) and nebulous Neptune will be moving closer together, finally hooking up late Saturday night (make that a date night) in the sign of weird, friendly, “i love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius). We can anticipate a sense of cerebral idealism, a desire for merging and mingling in unconventional, friendly ways that are somehow oddly refined and quite possibly spiritual, too.

Put your grounding cords down around 4:08PM EDT, when Moon in moody Scorpio goes void, challenged by nebulous Neptune. The mood quickly shifts at 4:45PM EDT, with Moon entering high-flying, opinionated Sagittarius and making a smooth connection with innovative Uranus. What brilliant idea will you think of next?

I’m heading back East today — but vow to return soon to the City of Angels. New Yorkers, if you’ve been thinking about scheduling an in-person consultation to discuss your horoscope, this is a good time to review your life, especially with Mercury turning retrograde next week….