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March 2011
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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 3/10/2011: Cosmic Wake-Up Call

In your own personal world, the potential is for more of the same from yesterday — review that forecast and plan accordingly. Take heart, take action and begin giving form to your ideas.

In Wisconsin, we see Governor Scott Walker and his colleagues in the State Senate relentlessly moving ahead with the Party of Styrofoam agenda  Is this the beginning of the wake-up call suggested by the approaching challenges to ruthless Pluto (government institutions) by shock-to-the-system Uranus  (revolution), which astrologers have been writing about as early as 2005? (Note that the first of seven exact challenges will be exact in 2012, continuing through 2015). Having read the brief on Governor Walker’s horoscope posted here a couple of weeks ago, last night’s clever maneuver to vote on a proposal to restrict collective bargaining rights for union workers in the public sector should come as no surprise.

In other news, I’ll be talking more about astrology tonight at 9PM PST on the internet radio show “Get Real” with Shaman Durek — tune in here: We’ll be taking calls, too — don’t miss  your chance to ask a question or two about your own unique horoscope – I’ll have my computer with me in the studio!