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March 2011
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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 3/23/2011: Venus in Aquarius

Over the next few days Venus (love, art, money, women, social expression) and nebulous Neptune will be moving closer together, finally hooking up late Saturday night (make that a date night) in the sign of weird, friendly, “i love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius). We can anticipate a sense of cerebral idealism, a desire for merging and mingling in unconventional, friendly ways that are somehow oddly refined and quite possibly spiritual, too.

Put your grounding cords down around 4:08PM EDT, when Moon in moody Scorpio goes void, challenged by nebulous Neptune. The mood quickly shifts at 4:45PM EDT, with Moon entering high-flying, opinionated Sagittarius and making a smooth connection with innovative Uranus. What brilliant idea will you think of next?

I’m heading back East today — but vow to return soon to the City of Angels. New Yorkers, if you’ve been thinking about scheduling an in-person consultation to discuss your horoscope, this is a good time to review your life, especially with Mercury turning retrograde next week….