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"Thank you so very much for your time and brilliance in deciphering my chart. It was a pleasure putting all that history in your capable hands, and I value the gentle care you took with it. I will tell those I know all about your special talent!"
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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/29/2011 and the Weekend: Royal Wedding

It’ll take until 1:33PM NY time for the Moon to finally get into gear in the impulsive, headstrong, pioneering sign of Aries. Too bad there’s not much of a work day (on the East Coast, anyway) to set the world on fire. On the other hand, the Moon void should allow you the slack you need to blow off work to watch the Royal Wedding, unless you happen to sleep through your alarm (the void carries that distinct possibility). But you can probably get away with that, too.

The wedding, which is scheduled to begin at 11AM in London, should be a full-fledged regalia occasion, with royal Leo rising at that time. And with six planets in the 9th house, which refers to broadcast media and a world view, among other things, it’s definitely an event for the whole planet to share. Is it the best date and time to get married? Well, it would not have been my first choice. Not only is the Moon void, but it is in the end of a cycle (the New Moon is on Tuesday), and thus not a preferred time to launch a new venture. Oh, but what a day for a celebration and belief in a dream come true.

Moon hooks up with erratic Uranus at 7PM EST, which suggests the potential for a jolt or some other excitement. On Saturday, Moon continues its charge through Aries, with a mixed bag of emotional intensity, happily hooking up with loving Venus one minute…and being rejected by controlling Saturn on the next. That’s the morning. Late in the day — 8:16PM EST, we’ll see Venus opposed by Saturn, suggesting a potential wet blanket or “let’s get serious” feel to your Date Night. But wait — what about that jubilant, “believe in the impossible” (and act on it) connection between horny Mars and expansive Jupiter, happening right after midnight?  Hmmm. I wonder how many marriage proposals will happen over the weekend, inspired by the Wedding of the Year? 

Do your yard sale shopping on Saturday. Sunday is not the time for impulsive shopping. If your Date Night is a bust, hopefully you’ll find some other physical thing to do. Sunday the Moon goes void at 11:20AM EST — still in Aries, and still under that expansive Mars-Jupiter vibe. I will definitely be getting out of the house — into the woods — or perhaps a golf course near you.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 4/28/2011: Obama Birth Certificate Drama

From the sublime to the ridiculous. That’s how this day may swing, with Moon wandering aimlessly through Pisces…all day, with no other exact planetary aspects. If your day involves driving on the road, or operating any form of heavy machinery, put your grounding cord down and pay extra special careful attention. Otherwise, go with the flow — and be prepared to adjust your agenda to any twists that come your way. Keep in mind that crises that spring up during Moon voids are often “much ado about nothing.” Don’t panic!

Wasn’t yesterday a trip? Might it be apt to label the Obama birth certificate drama a case of “emotional overkill,” as suggested by the challenge between obsessive Pluto and loving Venus? Donald Trump, whose chart I’ve discussed in prior forecasts, is apparently living his horoscope to infinity and beyond. Trump is a mercurial Gemini, driven by Moon in outrageous, opinionated Sagittarius. This gentleman needs to tell the world what he thinks, likely in the hopes in will attract the love he is terribly anxious about receiving. He has Leo rising, which conveys an image of regal confidence; some might find it pompous. His Mars, which refers to how he needs to get things done, sits simmering in his 12th house, near the rising sign (likely anger issues), also in the sign of Leo, a placement that astrologer Grant Lewi notes “gets away with murder.”  Right now nebulous Neptune is opposing Trump’s Ascendant (Leo rising), suggesting the potential for confusion, sacrifice and/or utter fantasy in areas of self-image and public image. And Neptune will be hanging over that point in Trump’s horoscope until 2012. Don’t go away folks; the show is just starting…

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 4/27/2011:When Pluto Attacks

Moon entered dreamy Pisces just before 1AM EDT and hooked up with Neptune, ruler of oceans and rose-colored glasses shortly thereafter. Anyone have any especially fantastic dreams? In other news, read yesterday’s forecast for notes on today’s exact connections between Pluto, Sun and Venus, with these additions: first,  Venus-Pluto often coincides with emotional overkill, and sometimes with witchy-bitchy women….or a backlash against women. Perhaps we’ll see a blurb about efforts to defund womens’ health programs, which, as everyone knows, are solely responsible for the 14 trillion dollar debt carried by the taxpayers of the United States. (See? That was an example of emotional overkill).

Second, we’re likely to see news from underground, more secrets in government institutions revealed and stories about energy resources hitting the headlines. And, as if on cue, check out this story that just appeared, “Disturbing Revelations in Probe of Possible Gas Price Manipulation” Also noting headlines reporting radiation levels elevated at an Ohio nuclear plant, a volcano spewing ash in Ecuador and a couple of minor (under 6.0) earthquakes.

Depth and smooth, coordinated focus can carry you along until 3:52PM EDT, when Moon goes void — again — for almost 48 hours. If you look at your calendar for March 31 and April 1st, we had a similar pattern in effect: Moon floating along in the sign of Pisces, dreamily embracing whatever is intangible. Plan a short escape between this afternoon and 1:33PM EDT Friday — even if if just for a few hours.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 4/26/2011:When Neptune Runs Wild

Moon goes void-of-course at 7:28AM EDT  in the socially significant, “who loves ya, buddy” sign of Aquarius, where it will wander through the entire day, buoyed by a philosophical, communicative connection to expansive Jupiter. Be open to innovative twists in whatever you have on your plate. Despite the detached, cerebral approach Moon in Aquarius prefers, emotional encounters can run deep. A chance to purge, to clarify, to transform in relationships is suggested by ruthless Pluto challenging loving Venus and grooving with the Sun in security-building, sensually indulgent Taurus. The aspect is exact Wednesday, but has been in effect for the past couple of days.

Yet another layer to the next few days: nebulous Neptune, running wild, suggesting a desire to not look at all the icky hard news stuff (honestly, I just can’t bring myself to read the latest Wikileaks release on the Gitmo detainees), even though it’s all over the news. Or yet another front page story about water, as anticipated in previous forecasts Preference instead is for the spiritual, the aesthetic, the intangible — or an escape, like the fairytale wedding of a real-life prince in a faraway land. Hey, it could happen.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 4/25/2011:Moanin’ and Such

Practical connections between Moon in networking, socially significant Aquarius and Saturn (structure, discipline) and Mercury (mind, travel, communication) set the tone for the day. You could take stock of all your “brilliant” decisions and output over the past few weeks — how are they holding up?

This week, Moon will be void of course as follows:

TUESDAY 4/26: Void as of 7:26AM EDT…all day

WEDNESDAY: 4/27: 12:57AM Moon enters Pisces…then goes void at 3:52 PM EDT

THURSDAY 4/28: Moon void in Pisces all day

FRIDAY 4/29: Moon enters Aries at 1:33PM EDT

See if you notice any twists in scheduled plans during the void periods or a feeling that energy is stalled. Use the time to brainstorm, go with the flow and adjust your expectations graciously. Avoid impulse purchases or launching any agenda that you would like to be of consequence.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/22/2011 and the Weekend

Plenty to celebrate this Friday, including Earth Day, the last day of Mercury retrograde and the birthdays of jazz composer genius Charles Mingus and — according to my astrological calendar — actress Marilyn Chambers. Where to start? How about with a recording of Moanin’ — that should cover both birthdays, yes? And it should also get you up and ready to make things happen, suggested by the proactive energy of today’s Moon in Capricorn.

As productive as Capricorn energy is, I suggest you keep your knees bent (Capricorn rules the knees), so that you can keep your balance in whatever excitement may also come your way. Mercury is slowing down, about to move forward again tomorrow at 6:03AM EDT raising the potential for tech or travel snafus. And Venus is fast approaching its hook-up with electric Uranus at 10:29PM EDT, suggesting the potential for electric or unconventional hook-ups,  or at least an intriguing happy hour featuring “far out” or electrifying conversations. Uranus is the patron planet of astrologers, too btw…and my phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from clients over the past few days. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Saturday Moon continues in practical Capricorn, suggesting another good day for getting things done — maybe your last chance to clean out your closets before the next Mercury retrograde. Be careful on the roads as we adjust to Mercury’s move forward, especially during the Moon void, which begins at 8:13PM EDT. Another nice long break….until 1:59PM EDT Sunday, when Moon enters the sign of humanitarian Aquarius. Family gatherings should be friendly and drama-free. Enjoy your Easter brunch or dinner in peace.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 4/20/2011

While you were sleeping, Moon entered the high-flying sign of Sagittarius at 2:50AM EDT, offering a break in the intensity of the last two days. Note your dreams upon waking; nebulous Neptune and erratic Uranus may have taken you on quite a trip during those precious REM moments.

Sun leaves pioneering Aries for the security-conscious, stabilizing sign of Taurus the Bull at 6:18AM EDT, where it immediately stops to smell the flowers in the meadow and think of giving form to artistic and/or spiritual endeavors. Why? A communicative connection between Sun and Neptune in Pisces, that’s why. And the artistry and spirit manifested over the next few days may be quite innovative, surprising and unconventional, suggested by loving Venus fast approaching a hook-up to quirky, weird, “out of the blue” Uranus on Friday. If you meet a new romantic prospect under this influence, the attraction is bound to be electric.

Be advised that the Moon goes void Thursday at 12:57PM EDT. If you need to ship something of consequence, do it before then.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 4/21/2011: Patterns Repeating

Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to REview past experiences, so that we can REmember important details. As the saying goes, those who can not remember the past are doomed to repeat it. Thus I was struck by an article in yesterday’s NY Times about “tsunami stones.” These are stone tablets, some apparently 600 years old, which can be found along the coast of Japan. Chiseled on these stones are helpful warnings, such as, “Do not build your homes below this point!” Imagine survivors of a tsunami that happened 600 years ago putting up a billboard so that future generations might avoid disaster.  The writer of the article mentions one village in particular whose citizens heeded stones’ sage advice; their homes were not destroyed by the most recent tsunami.  Here’s the article

Point is, tsunamis have been happening for a looooong time, and they will continue to happen. This is a fact of life. Planetary patterns have been happening for a looooong time, too. They run in cycles that repeat over and over. Astrologers can see them coming. Some cycles are longer than others; these would be cycles involving the outer planets: Pluto (yes, PLUTO), Uranus and Neptune. So if we can look back at past cycles and note what happened during those times, and we can see the next cycle coming, we should be able to prepare ourselves — and avoid mistakes we might have made in the past, right? For example, for the past few years and continuing over the next several years we will be experiencing a cycle between “resistance is futile” Pluto and disruptive Uranus that was active in the 30s and the 60s. What happened during those decades? Does anyone remember? What did we learn?

So much for big picture theories. Now on to today: Venus, representing the way we need to express ourselves socially, zips into impulsive Aries just after midnight EDT. Venus in Aries is a bit of a flirt; if you’re looking for a spring fling, this transit just might bring it, especially as Venus gets closer to electric Uranus on Friday. Impulsive, fresh, pioneering, courageous. Just be advised that Venus-Uranus attractions can vaporize as quickly as they materialized. And yet they can be oh-so exciting. 

Moon goes void at 12:57PM EDT in the sign of Sagittarius. Do something creative and/or relaxing that will broaden your horizons, even if it’s just a walk in the woods. Or mingle with an international, offbeat crowd.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 4/19/2011

I took my own advice on how to best apply the intense, depth-seeking energy of yesterday’s Moon in Scorpio, in light of controlling Saturn’s challenge to aggressive Mars in impulsive Aries, suggesting the potential for militant action, frustration or determination to breakthrough with an especially strong point of view (see yesterday’s forecast for details). I did some creative brainstorming and in-depth research for a client looking for a name for a company, and I did some more in-depth research on how horoscopes can suggest body weaknesses that may lead to health crises in times of stress (the stressful times can also be seen in the chart).All very productive.

For Tuesday, more of the intense need for depth and purification suggested by Moon in Scorpio. Be advised that the hook-up between Mercury retrograde in impulsive Aries and aggressive Mars will be exact at 10:59AM EDT. Though it may be a challenge, do try to keep those verbal slings and arrows to yourself. Endeavor to diffuse those that may be thrown at you — or duck. On the other hand, if you need to make a carefully thought-out presentation today, the impassioned energy may serve you very well.

In other news, Mercury goes direct on April 23rd. The retrograde period (we’ll be in the shadow of it all for a few weeks beyond the 23rd), is a great time to REview your life with an astrologer.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 4/18/2011

Happy Monday, happy Full Moon hangover and happy Passover, for those that are celebrating. Let’s see what made the news as anticipated over the weekend. Wacky weather? Yep, killer tornadoes from Oklahoma to North Carolina…and some pretty intense storms up her in New York. Thanks to astrologer Richard Nolle, whose work and writing over the years have taught me the impact of Super Moons on weather patterns. War on women? Certainly women in Yemen were upset over remarks made by their president…so much so that they took to the streets in protest  Then there was this uplifting story about toxins injected into oil wells by oil companies, which now raise the concern that these toxins will contaminate water resources This story comes courtesy of Neptune (refers to water, oil, poisons) recently entering the sign of Pisces, the sign it rules, where it will hopefully raise our awareness of these environmental concerns so we can take constructive action. Stories about water shortages and pollution are not new, but planetary patterns suggest that are likely to be seen more frequently — and make greater impact — over the next 14 years. And oh — here’s another Neptunian oil-toxin story that just came over the wire “Mystery Illnesses Plague Louisiana Spill Crews”

Today’s aspects are not especially tolerant of frivolity. Moon entered moody bastard Scorpio (not to be confused with moody bastard Pisces) at 2:19AM EDT, where it could well spend great chunks of time churning with emotion buried deep beneath the surface, while maintaining a convincing mask of detached calm. We may see continued frustration as a result of someone’s militant stance. For those who dare, we may also see some battering ram (Mars in Aries) breakthroughs in civil discourse, justice and fairness (Saturn in Libra), such as news of a bill passed in California requiring the teaching of gay rights and history in schools

Temper your words and actions today with depth, substance and integrity.