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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 7/29/2011 & the Weekend: New Moon in Leo

Moon is void of course all day Friday in Cancer, a water sign.  Already I’m dreaming of cutting out early and heading to the seashore. I’m dreaming thanks to a charge from nebulous Neptune to Mercury (mind, travel, communication). And that’s about all I’ve got on my plate today. Nothing else of consequence!

A playful or prideful Leo Moon kicks in at 2:16AM ET Saturday, carrying us through the weekend. The New Moon at 8 Leo is exact at 2:40PM ET. Sun and Moon in Leo is about the heart, creativity, passion and doing what you love. Play with it! With Mercury retrograde from August 2-26 your New Moon agenda is to research, discover and declare your passion. Wherever 8 Leo falls in your horoscope is where you can consider integrating the spirit of play into your desire for reward. Sounds like fun in your own personal world. How might it play out in the headlines? Playful or prideful!

The Sabian Symbol for 8 Leo is “a Bolshevik propagandist”. Fascinating. Astrologer Blain Bovee writes, “to be a Bolshevik means to draw on power by virtue of belonging to the majority, bolshe, meaning ‘greater,’ through ideas shaped by a small elite. A “propagandist” is one who publicizes highly selective information and ideas.” Hmmm. With Mercury retrograde during most of the lunar cycle, information that sounds too good to be true often is. Keep that is mind before getting too carried away. When this Sabian Symbol is prominent, Bovee suggests, “look for hotheads, pushovers, Madison Avenue smarts, hidden social agendas; political self-righteousness in disguise.”

Other than that, in your own personal world, the rest of the weekend looks like a party. You may be inclined to overindulge, especially if it’s expansive or expensive. You might also enjoy it. A lot.

Follow-ups from forecasts posted earlier:
From Wednesday:  “The highlight of the day is whatever lightning bolt of brilliance strikes you (or the headlines) before 4PM ET, when the Sun in Leo makes a smooth connection to rebel Uranus, and comes up with a fresh approach — or break for freedom — in issues of the heart and creative self-expression.”   Note that the Sun (life force) – Uranus (genetic mutation) aspect that prompted that prediction was in effect for a day or so before and after. I was pretty thrilled to see this headline in the Times yesterday morning — lightning in a bottle? “It’s Alive! It’s Alive! Maybe Here on Earth” Coincidence or conspiracy?

Uranus also refers to aviation, and it is currently being challenged by ruthless Pluto (which also refers to revenue in the form of taxation), suggesting a shocking disruption of the status quo. This item isn’t making the big headlines one would think it should. Did you know the FAA was put in limbo last weekend and 4000 employees (the ones who maintain our runways & build control towers) were furloughed? Did you know that a 7.5% excise tax on airline tickets (200 million dollars a week in revenue) is no longer being collected? Did you know that most all of the airlines (except for Spirit Airlines) raised their fares 7.5% in response? Our elected representatives seem too preoccupied with making media appearances to have noticed…and consumers aren’t reading the papers…

Have a great weekend!

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/28/2011: Chock Full ‘o Nuts

Review Monday’s forecast for an overview of the week and next, especially with regard to the alleged debt ceiling negotiations.
Moon left chatty Gemini (which needs to KNOW) and moved into Cancer (which needs to be emotionally secure) Wednesday at 9:11PM, destined to be energized (a potential positive manifestation) or bitch-slapped (a potential “negative” manifestation) by the heavies in the Big T-Square Party all day today: disruptive/illuminating Uranus at 5:15AM ET; ruthless/transformational Pluto at 7:08AM ET and controlling/disciplined/wet blanket Saturn at 7:03PM ET, after which it goes void of course until 2:16AM ET on Saturday. This suggests a major chill tonight and tomorrow — and a reminder not to get thrown by whatever strange twist may come your way.

Adding to this potential roller coaster are the “wobbles” of adjustment required by two planets changing signs. Venus (love, money, beauty) leaves clingy Cancer for regal Leo; Mercury (mind, communication) leaves regal Leo for perfectionist Virgo. Look for a few weeks of increased drama, playfulness and/or extravagance in social expression and at least a week of trying to get all the numbers to add up correctly in our thought process and communication. I say “trying” because we’re also feeling the influence of nebulous Neptune challenging Mercury (“this is your brain on drugs”), which is slowing down in preparation for the retrograde period of Aug 2- 26.  Feeling a bit fried? Need an escape? A bit of vision/inspiration? How about a vodka tonic — and/or a weekend that starts a day early.

But wait — there’s more! We’re in the dark side of the Moon, a time to be wrapping up your New Moon agenda and preparing for the new cycle, which begins on Saturday at 2:40PM ET. Readers of this forecast will recall that this is often a time of anticipation and listlessness. We know something is around the corner, but we don’t know what. So add that energy to what’s already flying around the headlines coming out of Washington. Remember that you have total control over your reaction to people and events around you. Stay grounded and attentive to what brings you security in your own personal world. An evening at home  or wherever feels like home — far from the madding crowd — may remind you of what’s really important.

If you are far, far, FAR from said madding crowd, look up in the sky at the Delta Aquarids Meteors

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 7/27/2011: Anders Behring Breivik

Read the second paragraph of yesterday’s forecast for an overview of the flow of the next several days.
Today Moon continues the buzz in chatterbox Gemini, contributing to your information overload. The highlight of the day is whatever lightning bolt of brilliance strikes you (or the headlines) before 4PM ET, when the Sun in Leo makes a smooth connection to rebel Uranus, and comes up with a fresh approach — or break for freedom — in issues of the heart and creative self-expression.

Anders Behring Breivik, the man responsible for last week’s massacre in Norway, is an Aquarius with Moon in Virgo, capable of shocking emotional detachment and intellectual rationalization, driven by a need for perfection. He was born on February 13, 1979 — birth time unknown — in London.  The chart immediately suggests a tightness of affection between the parents (carried forward into his adult life); a father who was taken out of the picture during Breivik’s childhood, and a mother who alternatively may have controlled him — or confused him — to the point of himself being vulnerable to drugs, alcohol or other fantasy-inducing stimulant. Certainly the horoscope suggests the capacity for obsessive, meticulous long-term planning, with a need for a cause to promote, based on a grandiose philosophy that runs wild.  This horoscope is likely to be known for harshness, fantasy and emotional power struggles and/or overkill. It is driven by the need to prove a point that likely disrupts the status quo, with a “devil may care attitude”.  We could talk for an hour about the midpoint pictures alone…

A key planet in Breivik’s horoscope  — Saturn (and possibly the Moon, too) — was triggered by the potent eclipse of June 1st, joining Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks, James (Whitey) Bulger and others recent newsmakers. Fascinating.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/26/2011: The US in July & August

Today’s multi-tasking Gemini Moon is stabilized by a supportive connection to disciplined Saturn, suggesting an opportunity to bring tangible form to rational ideas. Are you listening, debt ceiling “negotiators”? Yes, it’s tough, and the horoscope of the United States is certainly going through some challenging transits right now. Here are just a few:  Saturn, planet of necessary control is squeezing the life force of the Sun in Cancer, suggesting difficulty and a fear — a fear, mind you — of loss. We’re weeks away from the third and final hit of the US Saturn return, suggesting an urgency about changing our strategy to reflect a necessary shift in values  and ambition (this happens every 28-30 years). What ambitions did the US launch 28-30 years ago? Yes, the space shuttle program was one thing. How about trickle-down economics? Could this also be up for review?  What needs to be let go, must be let go. The horoscope of the US is also experiencing a potent, forceful connection between ruthless Pluto and aggressive Mars (this is separate from the Mars-Pluto connection mentioned in the past few days). It all adds up to an extraordinary opportunity. What is likely to happen?

First, recognize that you have a say in this whole process. Yes, YOU. The energies represented by Mars and Pluto do not care if they are experienced as “good” or “bad” — they just need to be expressed. The “how” is up to us — you have a say in this — we all do. Why not write or call your elected officials and give them a piece of your mind. I’d like to believe that somehow they’ll seize the innovative potential of Wednesday’s lovely connection between innovative Uranus and the Sun and come up with a proposal that serves a humanitarian purpose by then. Thursday looks action-packed, but bumpy; nothing of consequence is likely to be produced on Friday, especially during the dark side of the Moon. The New Moon on the 1st offers big promises for expansive action (stay tuned for details), but on Tuesday, August 2nd, Moon is void of course all day AND Mercury is stationary retrograde (the US election of 2000 took place under those conditions). The general astrological rule for events initiated on a Moon void is that they will likely be of no consequence (like your vote in the aforementioned US election). The Mercury retrograde adds confusion.  I find it significant that such a day of “no consequence” was determined to be the day when Things Must Be Done Or Else It Gets Really Really Bad. It makes me wonder if there isn’t a more consequential agenda we should be focusing on. This guy certainly seems to think so:  What do you think?

In your own personal world, be mindful of Mercury’s upcoming retrograde from Aug 2-23. Get your documents drafted and signed; back up your computer; make your travel plans. Peace out.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 7/25/2011

Monday morning begins as last Friday ended: with Moon void-of-course, suggesting that whatever crisis crops up during that time may well be “sound and fury, signifying nothing”. Keep that in mind should some drama — or news thereof — cross your desk. Alternatively, you may find your work week getting off to a slower start than usual — with no consequences at all for missing meetings or being stuck in rush hour traffic. The void is between 9:12AM and 12:34PM ET. (Recall that last Friday EOD, talks to raise the debt ceiling ground to halt with separate press conferences held by an annoyed Barack Obama and a recalcitrant John Boehner. And much saber-rattling was had by all).

After the void, Moon enters chatty Gemini, which frankly, should lighten the news wires. It may get a bit fuzzy in the hours before and after 1:05PM, courtesy of a challenge to Moon from nebulous Neptune, but it may also get you on track for a day ripe with creative potential. Aspects in the later part of the day suggest balance and innovation.

Gone are last week’s obsessive-compulsive aspects from ruthless Pluto to Venus and Mars, which suggested, on the downside, a trigger for emotional overkill and/or brute force bubbling up — or exploding — from the underground. Mars (energy applied) – Pluto (transformation) combinations, when expressed negatively (and remember PEOPLE decide how to apply the energy of the planetary patterns) can result in a number of “if it bleeds, it leads” headlines, as we saw in Friday and Saturday’s shooting rampages in Norway  and Texas  Add the sad passing of Amy Winehouse to the category of “emotional overkill”. Humming in the background of these disturbing events is that Big T-Square Party among the heavies: Saturn (control), Uranus (shock to the system) and Pluto (resistance is futile).
What good can come of this intensity? Game-changing events involving resources and energy, including sexual energy. How about scientific advances on a male birth control pill Or a study that concludes that it would be good for the public health if insurance companies were required to cover contraceptives (I am sure they’ll have no trouble passing that one if birth control pills for men ever hit the market)

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 7/22/2011 and the Weekend: Nasty, Naughty Bits

Friday begins with a continued charge set by the pioneering Aries Moon on Wednesday and Thursday, but likely with less bumps and jolts — ending with a sigh as the Moon goes void at 5:34PM ET. Angelenos, I hope you can skip out of town early today. If there are bumps and jolts, a control freak who running — out of control (!) — might be the source. Check to see that it isn’t you.
Moon enters stubborn, sensual, stability craving Taurus at 12:58AM ET on Saturday and is immediately challenged by the Sun in playful Leo. Bring it on! Overindulgence is a possibility today, but you’re likely to have a lot of fun indulging in your guilty pleasures all through Sunday. With a Moon void on Monday from 9:12AM to 12:34PM ET, you should have plenty of extra time to recover before the work week begins. You’ll then have four days to get things signed, sealed and delivered. Moon is void all day on Friday. Mercury is grinding to a halt (metaphorically speaking) and turns retrograde on August 2nd. Back up your computers NOW. I have learned the hard way how machines have an odd way of spazzing out under this planetary pattern.

In other news, I confess I do sometimes refrain from posting parts of this forecast. Yesterday I wrote an entire paragraph on likely continued manifestations of an obsessive connection between ruthless Pluto and aggressive Mars AND Venus (social expression, love, art, beauty). I anticipated headlines involving sex, brutality, sharp cuts involving resources or emotions and/or something nasty bubbling up to the surface from underground. I deleted it in the interest of focusing on other patterns which felt more immediately optimistic : )  For the record, however, I would like to note the following headlines:  a high-end prostitution ring likely catering to Wall Street clients is busted ttp://–a sewage spill stinks up the Hudson River in Manhattan X-ray (Pluto refers to radiation) body scanners are allegedly modified and the coal industry scores a victory against regulation and fracking near a Pennsylvania reservoir stuns local residents

Ooh — one more thing. Was anyone watching the markets yesterday? (Of course not, you’re not on assignment at CNBC). But if you were watching the markets, you would have seen them rally on a breaking news headline around lunchtime: “Powers That Be Close To Deal on the Debt Ceiling.” Hooray! A miracle! Minutes later, the headline was denounced as false by wet blankets in all camps. Boooooo! The markets retreated. Why I am telling you this? Read yesterday’s forecast… : )

Have a great weekend!!

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/21/2011

Moon in pioneering, “fall down stairs because it’s faster than walking” Aries may keep you — or those around you — charging through the day, with a potential dip in the action — or a mood swing — around lunchtime, no matter where you are, though especially if you are on the East Coast. When controlling Saturn opposes the Moon at 11:53AM, it can throw a wet blanket on any situation — or make you more determined than ever to realize your agenda. Aries never never never never gives up, which is a fine position to take, so long as you’re not sitting at opposite ends of a bargaining table debating whether or not to raise the debt ceiling.

Your mission today is to tap into the positive qualities of an Aries Moon: belief in miracles, a pioneering spirit, courage, kindness and innocence that inspires and disarms. Speaking of disarming, you could also think about planning a retreat sometime next month, when Mercury goes retrograde for three weeks and the heat is really on.

Oh — and definitely check out this website — it could be your lucky day!

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 7/20/2011

What was I saying about Moon in Pisces preferring the nearest escape hatch over conflict, and yesterday’s potential for a verbal assault in the early afternoon? How about this compromise: a paper plate of shaving cream, employed as a presumably benign weapon of choice in at least one “assault” that made headlines yesterday afternoon during Rupert Murdoch’s visit to Parliament Murdoch’s wife, Wendi Deng Murdoch attracted much attention for leaping to her husband’s defense during this bizarre kerfuffle. A quick look at her birth date: December 8, 1968, revealed patterns as expected, including the suggestion of a challenging relationship with the father & a mother who may have interfered with her need for independence. Also suggested: fierce determination and a likely need to marry for status, echoed by a strong possibility of being known for associations with powerful, wealthy people.

Today, Moon is void of course from 7:15AM – 12:25PM ET, suggesting a slow start or unexpected twist. The dreamy flow quickly changes gear when Moon zips into me-me-me Aries and charges forward for the rest of the day. A potential surprise, jolt or revelation is scheduled to show up around 9:30PM ET, followed by potential news from underground around 11:45PM.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/19/2011

Another day for creative spirits? Moon in soulful Pisces suggests a need to work with intangibles, as in a vision pulled out of the ether, to later be given form. A lovely link to Venus (love, art, money) definitely starts the day off on the right foot; note, however, a potentially challenging clash to the Moon (feelings) from aggressive Mars in verbally-inclined Gemini. Even though Moon in Pisces prefers the nearest escape hatch over conflict, it might not move fast enough to escape a verbal assault, colored with excessive emotion, around 2:45PM ET.

When the Moon enters feisty Aries tomorrow at 12:25PM ET, the pace will likely pick up noticeably.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 7/18/2011: Casey Anthony

The best thing I can say about today is that it offers exceptional creative potential. Moon moves into dreamy Pisces at  1:13AM ET and hooks up with nebulous — and yet often visionary — Neptune shortly thereafter. Note where your dreams take you. There could be a fine line between visionary and fantasy/delusion today, suggested by an obsessive connection between Mercury (mind, communication) and Neptune. What did they know and when did they know it — and how long will they deny it until the truth finally comes out? Or…how long will they cling to belief in a fairy tale, until reality smacks them out of their rose-colored confection?

Meanwhile another obsessive connection — between ruthless Pluto and aggressive Mars — suggests the potential for power plays, overt force (and force of will) and perhaps an explosion or two. That’s great for the planet and your own personal world if you’re wearing a white hat; perhaps not so great (for the rest of us) if you’re up to no good. Planetary patterns suggest potential resources; humans decide what to do with them.

Sun (life force) and Venus (social expression) are both in emotional/material security-needing Cancer. Mars (energy applied) is in multi-tasking, cerebral Gemini. Saturn (necessary controls) is in striving-to-be fair and balanced Libra. All four planets are “running wild” today, competing for and demanding attention. Ruthless Pluto and disruptive Uranus are squaring off, determined to tear down a facade or institution somewhere (look no further than today’s headlines — and remember that this aspect is in effect for the next few years).  And yet…today’s Moon in soulful Pisces suggests a need for sensitivity and empathy, augmented by deep insight and enthusiasm. And Pisces is very adaptable — and in fact most humans are adaptable, which is why Los Angeles didn’t fall apart during  the dreaded “Carmaggeddon” over the weekend. Which makes a strong case for not freaking out too much over the changes happening now and in the near future. Which brings me back to the exceptional creative potential suggested by today’s planetary patterns. The only natural break (in the form of a Moon void) comes this Wednesday AM on the East Coast and Friday PM on the West Coast. Arise, go forth and be creative — and of consequence.

Meanwhile, how about that “surprise upset” in yesterday’s Women’s World Cup between the US and Japan  And the Moon was void of course all day, which generally favors the underdog. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Last but not least, a reader asked for commentary on Casey Anthony’s horoscope. Birth data: March 19, 1986 in Warren, OH time (unconfirmed source) 3:10PM.  Sun in Pisces, Moon in Cancer. I did not closely follow this case, so can’t comment on the time line of events or other details. But even without an exact birth time, one thing that strikes me about this horoscope is the strong potential for prominence/fame. Specifically, this horoscope is likely to be known for idealism (vision or fantasy/delusion), charisma (seductive glamor, personal magnetism or a web of deception), creativity and/or sensitivity or a high self-regard.