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"Thank you so very much for your time and brilliance in deciphering my chart. It was a pleasure putting all that history in your capable hands, and I value the gentle care you took with it. I will tell those I know all about your special talent!"
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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday-Sunday 10/13-16/2011: Fascinating Rhythms

It could be argued that the prime directive of Moon in Taurus is to keep things as they are, for the sake of preserving security, especially material security: food, shelter, clothing. It also needs to “keep the peace” and it can be quite stubborn in its efforts. It does not like change! It also needs to keep things real, an effort that is supported by yesterday’s Sun-Saturn hook-up (read forecasts from earlier in the week), and yet is currently challenged by an obsessive connection between crusading Mars and fantasy-driven Neptune that can feel like you’ve just fallen down a rabbit hole. Isn’t it amazing to see the words “rabbit hole” on the front page of the New York Times, especially in conjunction with one of the ultimate words in material security? Coincidence or conspiracy?

Friday’s early AM hours have an edge, as that stubborn Taurus Moon is challenged by action-oriented Mars in Leo (a placement known for success at getting away with murder). I’m hoping that as the day progresses, we’ll be more in tune with a jubilant, if a tad expensive/over-indulgent connection between Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy and Venus, the planet associated with love, money, art and beauty.

Saturday AM kicks off with a Moon void from 6:52AM to 10:15AM; folks on the West Coast likely won’t even notice it, though dreams may be more vivid than usual, courtesy of a connection between Moon and nebulous Neptune. Moon moves into the pixie-chatterbox sign of Gemini at 10:15AM ET, where it will delight in spreading the word all over town. What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s happening! Could be intense and dirt may be revealed, suggested by a connection between Mercury (mind, communication), now in the deeply substantive, spare-no-feelings sign of Scorpio — and everyone’s favorite planet, ruthless Pluto. Try to keep it light.

Meanwhile, in the headlines…Thursday’s heaviness of controlling Saturn in Libra (fairness, justice, the law) conjunct the Sun (life-force) was reflected in so many ways. Convicted inside-trader Raj Rajaratnam was sentenced to 11 years in prison — the second heaviest sentence yet for the three people who have been prosecuted for financial misdeeds since the 2008 financial crisis (Bernie Madoff got a longer sentence, and the third guy got…hmmm….maybe there wasn’t a third, as Martha Stewart served her time before 2008, I think).

In Connecticut, the second defendant in a deeply disturbing home invasion/triple murder case was found guilty of all charges. In Washington, the foiled plot by Iran (allegedly) to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US is being taken very, very seriously, with potentially heavy consequences to follow  And in New York, Mayor Bloomberg has informed Occupy Wall Street that they must move out so Zuccotti Park can be cleaned — and that they will no longer be permitted to bring camping gear into the Park. OWS responded by accusing Bloomberg of trying to shut down the protests. It subsequently began efforts to clean up the park on their own and have vowed to stand firm against actions by law enforcement to kick them out. Heavy!

The horoscope for Friday, October 14th at 7AM in New York, NY is fascinating. Controlling Saturn and Sun are rising — within eight minutes of clamping down on the Ascendant (the persona of the moment, if you will) — talk about an iron fist in a velvet glove! Idealism rules. There’s an obsessive push for prominence. And of course that Moon in Taurus suggests neither side is going to back down. And what’s particularly fascinating is this: the Ascendant (one of the most important points in a horoscope, after the Sun and the Moon), is 19 degrees of Libra — “a gang of robbers in hiding”.  Does that ring a bell? This is the degree of the Sun in Tuesday’s full Moon!! Re-read the forecast for the Full Moon, and before your head really explodes, consider THIS: the Midheaven (public image) of the horoscope of New York is…19 Aries (“a magic carpet” — how fitting and inspiring for a city known for its skyscrapers).

If you’re an astrology student you can ponder the significance of this fascinating synchronicity and symbolism on how New York is serving as a local lightning rod for the global event of this month’s Full Moon. To other readers, I’m pointing this out to illustrate that when we see planetary patterns repeating themselves, it suggests that something of significance is happening! 

In Zuccotti Park, I will be interested to see what happens around 8:30AM and what develops between 11:30AM and 1:30PM.

To be continued…

And thanks to all of you who have shared these forecasts with the rest of the free world. Much appreciated!





Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday & Wednesday 10/11-12/2011: Full Moon in Aries

We are still moving full speed ahead with Moon in the pioneering, inspirational, faith in miracles sign of Aries, the battering Ram. Said Moon waxes full in one minute as I type this, at 10:05PM ET. Full Moons illuminate and clarify the issues set forth during the New Moon two weeks before. And this New Moon cycle suggested a quickening — possibly breathtaking pace, infused by oxygen finally reaching dormant embers waiting for a spark. With that being said, I’ve re-posted the forecast for the New Moon, all about relationship, belonging, campfires and “Kumbaya”. Well? Has that been in the news or what?  How have themes of belonging manifested in your own personal world? And what illumination does the Full Moon suggest?

More on the Full Moon, but first, tomorrow’s forecast, for those who just can’t wait. Moon continues its hectic pace in Aries all day. Note your dreams upon waking, as nebulous Neptune making contact with Mercury (mind, communication), suggests inspiration to carry you through the day. This softer touch may come in handy as you advance or must respond to whatever issue of gravitas lands in your lap between now and Thursday night, suggested by serious Saturn’s annual meet-up with the Sun (life force).  Moon goes void at  8:08PM ET for and hour and a half. Break time! Then it moves into tactile Taurus, suggesting a chance to eat, drink and get a massage — whatever sensual things make you feel secure and prepare you for the organizing and consolidating to be done on Thursday.

Back to the Full Moon.  I look first to the Sabian Symbols, as interpreted by Blain Bovee. If you’re a serious fan of astrology, just get his book right now on Amazon — you will have a field day reading about every degree of every planet and point in your horoscope. Dane Rudhyar and Marc Edmund Jones have books on the Sabian Symbols, but Bovee’s is so much more accessible in these modern times

For the Moon at 19 Aries opposing the Sun at 19 Libra we find the symbols of “a magic carpet” opposing “a gang of robbers in hiding”. Oooh, this is just so juicy. “A magic carpet” is empowered by something outside conventional norms, transcending the Earth. Rising above it. What an interesting perspective you can get by introducing a little levity into your life.

“A gang of robbers in hiding”…suggesting a group consciousness with a unique code of honor, working undercover — cloaked, perhaps — as a necessary protection. There are no clearly visible leaders in Occupy Wall Street, the story that has dominated headlines as its ethos spreads to cities across the United States and even London (on Saturday). Isn’t that interesting? Here’s how those gathered on Wall Street are getting things done

Well, fine, you say — how do I apply these symbols to the practical reality of my life? Bovee suggests “a mind to the challenge of maintaining integrity within a compromising social milieu; the right use of cover; creative alternatives to the paths of convention. Think of magic as the wisdom to know when to stand above the fray; to transcend situations that could lead to bereavement; to ascertain the right moment to touch down. Watch for helpers in hiding ready to emerge when help is needed; escapism; waiting on the sidelines until one’s influence can be effective.” In your quest for belonging (the New Moon agenda, re-posted below), how have the issues suggested by the Full Moon come into play? Consider this, as you consider buying Blain Bovee’s bodacious book : )

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 10/10/2011: Moon in Aries

As I write this forecast for Monday, the Moon is still void of course in Pisces, suggesting a collective focus on working with intangibles and getting in touch with our collective soul.  Moon enters Aries at 8:57AM ET, suggesting a slow start for those who must drag themselves out of bed and get to the office on what is for most Americans, a holiday (Columbus Day). But once you’re at the office (or even if you’re not), it’s quite likely you’ll notice the pace picking up, given that Moon in Aries has a pressing need to be “Number One” and get things done, and preferably yesterday.

Passions are likely to run high. Inspiration is in the air. The protesters on Wall Street — and in cities all over the country — are likely to attract even more attention over the next two days, especially as the Moon is waxing full (that happens late Tuesday night at 10:06PM). Meanwhile, Pluto and Uranus, the planetary heavies symbolically behind efforts to disrupt the status quo, both make contact with the Moon on Monday. Watch for jolts and strokes of genius around lunchtime ET, followed by an intense power play or catharsis around supper. In the markets, a strong probability of continued volatility.

Overall, there are no Moon voids to distract your plans for world domination during business hours this week. In terms of power days, Wednesday & Thursday stand out, as we process Full Moon “fallout” and the Sun (life force; the energy that drives us) makes its annual hook-up with disciplined, structured, serious Saturn (upside) which can also be the biggest wet blanket in town (downside).

As for replacing my kitchen faucet during today’s Moon void (as noted in Friday’s forecast), you’ll be pleased to know that — yes, as anticipated, a twist did arise. Turned out a couple of parts were missing — some thingy needed to connect two other thingies together. So the operation took longer than it should have, as the handyman had to go down to the basement and fish around (naturally he fished; the Moon was in Pisces), for the parts required. And with a little patience, it all worked out just fine.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 10/7/2011 & the Weekend: Go With the (Creative) Flow

Really. there’s no reason why you can’t tap into a potent source of creativity on Friday, fueled by smooth flowing connections among  loving Venus in even more loving Libra, Moon in friendly Aquarius and nebulous Neptune in Aquarius. Sounds like an airy-pink cotton candy confection to me. A romantic escape? Music, sweet music? Gathering around a campfire in perfect harmony (review this month’s New Moon forecast).  You can wait until after hours, right?

Moon goes void at 6:08PM ET and enters dreamy Pisces at 9:13PM ET, suggesting more potential to go with the flow — and that’s through the whole weekend. Unless you’re up early to shop on Saturday — and only for East Coasters, I don’t recommend a major shopping spree. Moon goes void again on Saturday at 12:51PM ET — not to enter the next sign, Aries, until 8:57AM ET on Monday. Chill, chill, chill! Wander where the spirit takes ye — and be on the lookout for twists, upsets in sports matches, flakes and other detours to efforts made to move in a straight line. On Sunday, during the void, a handyman is scheduled to replace my kitchen faucet. With Moon void of course in a water sign (Pisces), this could be intriguing.

One other note: Venus leaves people-pleasing Libra for the moody bastard sign of Scorpio at 1:50AM ET on Sunday. Issues of depth and control may crop up in your relationships. “If I be waspish, best beware my sting.”

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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 10/6/2011: Sobering Thoughts

Did yesterday’s news of Steve Jobs’ passing have enough gravitas for you? Gravitas, you may remember, being suggested as a possible reflection of the sobering, disciplined, reality check between serious Saturn (Father Time) and mental Mercury, exact this evening at 6:02PM ET. Mr. Jobs, fifty-six years is way too short a life — but oh, what a life! May it inspire us to continue working to realize our dreams…which I’ll write about for Friday’s forecast.

Keep the vision alive!

For today, Moon continues its sojourn in Aquarius, sign of friendship, brotherly love, technology (computers), genius, mad scientists and space aliens. Make a strong, solid connection with something that falls in one of those categories.

For Friday — heads up to the West Coast: Moon goes void at 3:08PM PT — so get it off your desk before then or leave early for a long weekend…





Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 10/5/2011: More on Amanda Knox

Moon is void of course from 1:58AM ET until 11:18AM ET, suggesting the potential for a slow start or a twist to the morning in affected time zones. During a void, moving purposefully in a straight line can be challenging. It’s easier to wander off course or totally flake/space out. It’s a great time to rest, chill, brainstorm, practice being flexible and recognize that crises that arise during this time period are often “much ado about nothing”.

At 11:18AM ET, Moon moves into humanitarian Aquarius, seeking to be of social significance, with a penchant for the unconventional. However “far out” the discussion may go today, the general mindset is building to a more serious, possibly quite conservative mood, exact Thursday at 6:01PM ET. That’s when disciplined Saturn applies itself to mental Mercury. If gravitas is what you need, these next two days can accommodate. Got a serious proposal to draft?

Back to Amanda Knox, whose horoscope I started to write about this morning. I heard on the radio this evening that she was really looking forward to being back in the green grass around her home — or something to  that effect. Amanda has the Sun in Cancer, sign of the home AND Moon in opinionated, gamboling, gallivanting, nature-loving Sagittarius. That Sag Moon needs space — and even more so than usual, suggested by its Moon’s strong connection with unconventional, freedom-loving, rebel Uranus. Intense, erratic, opinionated? You bet!  All that electric emotional current likely manifested in more than one crisis of self-worth, mindset and possible tensions with siblings, too (if she has them). If only she’d had an astrologer at her trial, who could have calmly explained to the court that of course Ms. Knox was in the hall doing cartwheels in the police station on the night she was taken in for questioning. This woman has a tremendous amount of nervous physical energy to burn and it needs to express itself in ways that others might find weird or over the top. Other aspects in her natal horoscope also suggest she marches to the beat of a different drummer. Still more aspects — Pluto challenging the career point (midheaven), for one — suggest the potential for fame — or infamy.

On Monday we discussed how when transformational Pluto and rebel Uranus are active in a horoscope, there is a strong possibility of the status quo being disrupted — often suddenly. I suspected we would find that here, and sure enough, we find in Amanda’s birth chart the North Node at 6 Aries, challenging Venus at 4 Cancer & Mercury at 8 Cancer, opposing Neptune at 6 Capricorn.  This particular configuration of planets is called a T-square. The planets involved suggest challenges involving sensitivity, idealism, confusion over identity and thought processes, just for starters…

When a pattern as powerful and inherently unstable as a T-square is subjected to pressure from planetary heavies, we anticipate the strong possibility things will happen (because the people who are living those horoscopes will MAKE things happen!). Right now ruthless Pluto is at 5 Capricorn and “sudden break” Uranus is at 3 Aries — totally plugged into the Amanda’s T-Square. Got it? If you can’t picture it in your head, try drawing it on paper.   Or calculate the chart in an instant at — it’s free! Birth info for Amanda’s horoscope is in yesterday’s forecast.

Remember how I have been saying that people with planets or points in the first 10 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are likely reeeeaaallly feeling the impetus to change — like it or not? Would you like to know if you’ve got such a pattern in your horoscope, how long it is likely to last, what you might expect and how you can best use it for maximum growth and consciousness? Consult your local astrologer for details….