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"Thank you so very much for your time and brilliance in deciphering my chart. It was a pleasure putting all that history in your capable hands, and I value the gentle care you took with it. I will tell those I know all about your special talent!"
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Astro-logical Forecast for Saturday & Sunday 12/31/2011-1/1/2012: Happy New Year!

Saturday began with Moon zipping into feisty Aries at 4:48AM ET, where it soon collided with rebel Uranus at 6:28AM ET. That’s quite a shift from the dreamy, fluid energy of the Moon  in Pisces void we had all day Friday — and I’ve been hearing some wonderful tales of adventure from those who could go with the flow of whatever surprise twists came their way.

Moon voids are excellent for rest and relaxation — and they can be a lot of fun, if you let go of any controlling desire you may have to move in a straight line. My adventures included a surprise free lunch at the office, followed by a magical trip to Nordstrom Rack to return a purse (voids are excellent for making returns). Why magical? Because it turned out that the purse I was returning was exactly what the cashier wanted for Christmas — and there were none to be had at any Nordstrom Rack anywhere!! Isn’t that wild? I couldn’t resist spending two glorious hours in the shoe department (Pisces rules the feet), knowing darn well that whatever impulse purchase I made would also have to be returned, especially the camouflage cowboy boots, which, cool as they may be, are completely impractical and unnecessary (avoid sudden impulse purchases during Moon voids).

Back to Saturday. You may have sensed — and are still sensing — the much more proactive, get-it-done-yesterday charge of the Aries Moon. Very useful for all sorts of initiatives and chores, as well as racing through traffic lights and falling down stairs because it is faster than walking. If you are going out to ring in the New Year, be advised that Mercury in opinionated Sagittarius will be challenged by fiery Mars in stickler Virgo at 1:06AM ET on Sunday, suggesting the potential for sharp words and reckless driving. Not only that, but rebel Uranus is running wild again in the heavens, suggesting a need for risk and other status quo disruptions. Please be mindful if you are on the roads; it would not surprise me at all to see headlines tomorrow reflecting this excitable planetary pattern.

The first challenge to your New Moon agenda is also scheduled to hit early Sunday morning, as the Aries Moon squares the Capricorn Sun. Other than that wild Uranus suggesting news of rebellion, aerospace, technology — and perhaps even astrology, the day offers the potential for a fine time socializing all day long.

Wishing you all a joyous New Year — I will post a forecast for 2012 sometime over the holiday weekend. Stay tuned…and thanks for reading!

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday & Friday 12/29-30/2011: Go With the Flow

Moon entered Pisces yesterday at 6:45PM ET, after a brief void and a hook-up with nebulous Neptune at 4:32PM ET. If yesterday felt a bit dreamy or otherwise unreal, that could explain it. Certainly the NY Times was under the influence of the potential “too good to be true” vibe when eight million subscribers received an email offering a 50% discount on their NY Times subscription at 1:06PM ET. That email turned out to be a mistake — but the 1:06PM NY chart is worth a look, for serious astro buffs reading this forecast.

Moon in Pisces suggests going with the flow. It softens the edge of ruthless, intense, transformational Pluto’s hook-up with the Sun at 7 degrees of Capricorn. If you have a planet or a sensitive point (e.g., Midheaven or Ascendant) at 7 Capricorn, you’ll be personally feeling the intensity. A drive for prominence or change of perspective in whatever area of your horoscope is impacted is suggested. Consult your local astrologer for details.

Tomorrow is a bust: Moon will be void of course all day in Pisces, so get it off your desk today if you can. Moon doesn’t enter the feisty sign of Aries until 4:48AM ET on Saturday, suggesting a New Year’s Eve that is especially RAMbunctious.

Meanwhile, “news from underground” and “power plays” making headlines, as suggested by the Sun-Pluto conjunction, include a volcano eruption , saber rattling over oil in Iran leading to oil prices staying higher  Kim-Jong-un takes over in N. Korea and of course, the new “no holds barred” strategy now happening among those political candidate-types running around Iowa

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/26/2011: The Morning After

Moon void of course fro 8:36AM – 12;14PM ET suggests a lazy morning for East Coasters,  which includes sleeping in — unless you’re a houseguest of others whose normal waking hour is the crack of dawn. Revel in the post-Christmas bliss.

Compared to last week’s bustling planetary activity, this week is quieter. What is notable is ruthless, transformational Pluto hooking up with the Sun at 2:41AM ET on Wednesday. In the sign of Capricorn, this hook-up suggests power plays related to government, corporate and patriarchal structures. Corruption exposed and other forms of news from underground, including seismic and/or explosive shifts in the natural world are also possibilities. Those born on the 28-30th days of December, March, June and September are more likely to feel this pattern in their own personal world. How have you been asked to step up to the plate in recent weeks?

At 12:14PM Moon enters Aquarius, where it is free to merrily travel along without bumps and jolts until 4:32PM on Wednesday. Hang out with your friends — or make new ones out of the strangers you meet.

Astro-logical Forecast for December 24 & 25, 2011: New Moon in Capricorn

Moon entered earthy, ambitious, pragmatic Capricorn at 8:47AM ET, offering the potential for a solid foundation during the whirlwind celebration of the holidays.  The lunar energy is well-supported by other planets all through the weekend, save for a challenge from rebel Uranus at exactly 10 AM ET, the time of our family’s scheduled departure for our Christmas-celebrating destination. Will I post the forecast and pack in time — or will a delay upset my family’s carefully-scheduled plans? Planetary patterns can manifest as simply as that — in a small arena — or a big arena. By bigger I mean that Arnold Schwarznegger’s tryst with with his housekeeper and Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s arrest for sexual assault both happened on Uranus-Moon connections in their own personal horoscopes. Those were big events!

The New Moon at 2 degrees of Capricorn is exact at 1:06PM ET and is chock full of powerful potential. Look to the events after the New Moons of January, August and April 2011 for a sense of the intensity of the events likely to grip our collective attention span. Those three New Moons were notable for there abundance of especially potent connections.

In this New Moon chart, we see ruthless, muck-raking, empowering Pluto in close connection to the Sun and Moon, challenged by disruptive Uranus. That’s a strong suggestion for plenty of shake-ups in the power structure next month, with much dirt about to come out. In your own personal world, it suggests the potential to reach beyond boundaries; there’s no sense arguing for your limitations right now. Be bold and imagine a new paradigm!

Jupiter is stationary direct as I type, about to turn direct tomorrow at 5:09PM ET. It’s at zero degrees of Taurus currently and it has spent the last six months likely blessing those born in the first seven days of Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo with the potential for expansion and a feeling of protection. You’ll get a third round of that gift over the next few months, as the cosmic sugardaddy retraces its steps through the sensual, security-loving (and preserving) sign of the Bull.  Even if you’re not born on the aforementioned days, you can still apply the wave of opportunity Jupiter symbolizes by its trine to the Capricorn Sun and Moon in this New Moon horoscope. Got that? I am always looking for positive potential here…even in all the shake-ups that are suggested by current planetary patterns!

Also of note in the New Moon chart: Mercury (mind, travel, communication) running wild in high-flying Sagittarius (law, philosophy, broadcasting, international affairs, publishing, entertainment). Look for big expressions of opinion in the world arena and consider what bold statements you can make for the New Year. Also of note: Mars (action, aggressive, male sexual principle, war) running wild in the Virgo (the critic, the perfectionist, the analyst, the need to be correct). Watch for bold action driven by the needs suggested by Virgo — some of which may be brutal and confrontational (the downside of Mars). On the plus side, if ever you needed a motivation to clean up your act (and get organized), you’ve got it!

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a human soul receptive to growth and understanding”. How will that growth and understanding be achieved. Through action! Make the phone call. Write your pitch. Launch your idea. All planets are direct until January 22nd, when Mars goes retrograde (which is generally not a optimum time for a launching anything other than a strategy session).

There’s more to say about Saturn and Neptune in this lunar chart — but you’ll have to check back later today or tomorrow. It is fast approaching 10AM and I must depart! On this New Moon, light a candle and set your intentions for “making it happen”. Barring contrary planetary patterns in your own personal horoscope, chances are good you’ll have a wave of support for growth and understanding on a soul — with soul being a key operative word — level.

Merry merry Christmas!

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 12/23/2011: Dark Side of the Moon

Only one exact aspect today and that’s a challenge between Moon in opinionated Sagittarius and Mars (action) in perfectionist Virgo, exact at 12:30PM ET. If everyone’s a critic today, you’re sure to hear about it. Passions are likely running high — and that can be a good thing! If it’s not good, a little patience goes a long way, especially since we are feeling the restlessness of the gamboling Moon. We know there’s something around the corner, but we can’t quite see it yet.

Anyone noting any fallout from yesterday’s challenge between erratic Uranus and the Sun?  I noted a series of quakes in New Zealand and plenty of explosions in Baghdad Also noting big news impacting the aviation industry and continued revelations about the damaged reactor in Japan As we move closer to Thursday, we can anticipate more news from underground, as the Sun (life force) makes its annual hookup with “resistance is futile” Pluto. For those celebrating birthdays in the middle of the week, this should be quite an empowering — or transforming — time.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 12/22/2011: More on the Solstice, Cardinal Signs, Saturn in Libra and Social Justice

UranusAn energetic day, suggested by plenty of connections among the planets. Did you note your dreams this morning? You might have been channeling an especially beautiful escape — or a profound insight, suggested by two connections to the Moon from nebulous Neptune and innovative Uranus. After a brief Moon void from 4:49AM – 7:03 AM ET, Moon entered high-flying Sagittarius, lightening a bit of yesterday’s intensity.

A  buoyant connection between Sun and jolly Jupiter (9:33AM ET), adds to the festivity and suggests there may be time to splurge on a gift for that special someone. Still looking for inspiration? How about a gift certificate for an astrology consultation? What could be more thoughtful — or practical?  In any event, as the afternoon progresses, it could all come together in a flash, as erratic Uranus challenges the Sun and Mercury (mind, communication) in the “big picture” sign of Sagittarius hooks up with the Moon. This connection hold much potential for expressing opinions!

A few more thoughts about the nature of CARDINAL signs (please see yesterday’s Solstice Forecast for initial thoughts on that topic). The Latin root of cardinal is “cardin”, meaning “hinge”. Think about this: in ancient Roman times, a door could not  open or close without a hinge. A hinge is literally a “turning point”. Add this image to yesterday’s thoughts on cardinal signs…and especially the beginning (first degree) of each cardinal sign. On this Solstice, with the Sun at zero degrees of the cardinal sign Capricorn and rebel Uranus at zero degrees of the pioneer/warrior sign of Aries, we have the potential for a big turning point — not just in world events, but in your own personal world. So think about the shifts and quantum leaps you might like to make and put them out there for the next New Moon, exact on Saturday at 1:06PM ET.

Speaking of the potential for things changing “just like that” (again, see yesterday’s forecast), check out this photo that hit the headlines yesterday — it’s a fine  illustration of the potential of rebel Uranus challenging the Sun  It’s also reflects the potential for social justice, fairness and equality suggested by controlling Saturn in Libra (relationships, law, justice). A couple of years ago, when Saturn entered Libra (a CARDINAL sign, mind you), I anticipated that the US military’s policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” would be abolished because it is neither just nor fair. Equality, justice and fairness are big things in the horoscope of the US; our country was founded on those principles, suggested in part by Saturn (our ambition & structure) in Libra in the US horoscope. So when transiting Saturn completed its hook-up with the US Saturn this fall, that’s when I figured DADT would finally go away. Which it did. And someone, this “rebellious”  social shift has not brought the world to an end…but a world has ended. Just like that. All part of the new normal.

Inequality — especially income inequality — is, of course, a theme of the Occupy Wall Street movement. And with Saturn in Libra until late 2012, you can bet that OWS and any other movement that points out inequality, is not going away. Not convinced? Yesterday I read the news that Rocky Anderson has launched a third political party called — THE JUSTICE PARTY, along with  his presidential campaign anderson&all=0&site=8744  Coincidence or conspiracy?? A former Democrat and former mayor of Salt Lake City, Rocky Anderson is someone you might find of interest. He’s a Virgo, with Saturn also in…Libra. Check him out:

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 12/22/2011: Winter Solstice

More of the same from yesterday (read Tuesday’s forecast): Moon in Scorpio suggests the potential for depth of focus and emotion, combined with a need for knowledge for the sake of power and control.  No exact planetary aspects after 9:57AM ET until 12:30 AM Thursday — but we’re already feeling it.

The Sun begins its annual trek through Capricorn just after midnight tonight and we celebrate the Winter Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, days will be getting longer and nights will be getting shorter. Hooray! Here’s what you need to know about the first day of any season from an astrological point of view. The first day of each season (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) corresponds with the first day (or first DEGREE) of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, respectively. Got that? Good. These four signs are called CARDINAL signs of the zodiac, with “cardinal” here suggesting (from the Latin root of the word), “that on which something turns or depends.”  Cardinal signs take ACTION. They INITIATE. Nothing happens without ACTION. And action leads to  NECESSARY CHANGE. As in a change of seasons — suggested by solstices and equinoxes. Clear?

The first day of a  season is prominent in our culture, right? We make a big deal over it — yes? So can you see that in astrology, we observe that PLANETS that are at the first degree of a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn), tend to pack a more powerful, prominent punch. They suggest ACTION which leads to CHANGE — prominently!

With the Sun in Capricorn, we are working with proactive, make-it-happen energy focused on societal, executive, corporate, patriarchal and governmental structures. On this particular Winter Solstice, we find the status quo disrupting planet URANUS in a tense challenge to that Capricorn Sun. And Uranus is at ZERO DEGREES of ARIES — the sign of the individual, the pioneer, the risk-taking, the leader, the inspiration, the spark, the warrior and the baby (to name a few keywords associated with Aries).  Do you think this is a planetary pattern that suggests things likely to HAPPEN? Yes! Just ask anyone you know born around the first day of Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn. Ask them what the past two years have been like for them. They won’t bore you!

Just a few days ago, Kim Jong Il was alive and well — and then — poof! Gone. Just like that. Things change! One day you’re fishing off the coast of the Japan, and the next day you’re homeless because your entire town has been washed away by a tsunami.  One day John Boehner is the Speaker of the House and the next day he’s leaving his wife for fitness guru Richard Simmons. OK, I don’t really see that one happening…but you get the idea of the erratic, unexpected, status quo-disrupting potential that is so…prominent in planetary patterns right now.

You may be feeling a build up of energy — but not sure where it’s going. That makes sense, given that we are in the dark side of the Moon. The New Moon — super super potent — happens Saturday morning at 1:06PM. Right now it’s a bit like the end of the last lunar cycle (recall November 22-24) when we had a ton of resources clamoring for a channel…but a lack of clarity on where exactly to direct it.

Wrap up your week and your New Moon agenda — and start brainstorming your intentions for January. We have a window of opportunity next month — no planets will be retrograde — so you want to make the most of it.  Also be alert. As my father once said, “the world needs more lerts”. More anon…

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 12/20/2011

Those wonderfully exuberant feelings of good cheer I mentioned yesterday? A number of them are exact today — hooray. Moon enters Scorpio, seeking emotional depths at 5:33AM ET, after a brief rest and self-indulgent embrace from loving Venus at 4:49AM ET. A jolly good bounce from Jupiter, the cosmic sugardaddy follows at 6:14AM ET. Tune into this energy of bliss and you may find — to your surprise — that it’s a most excellent way to meet that Scorpio Moon’s need for power and control.  People may wonder what’s your secret.

Meanwhile, when Venus, planet of beauty, love and social affection leaves social-climbing Capricorn for the eccentric sign of Aquarius at 1:26PM ET, even the stuffiest stuffed shirt may be inclined to respond positively to what is friendly, unconventional and/or surprising. If you are going to a holiday party this evening, watch for overindulgence and grand gestures — especially of the liquid and juicy emotional kind — lest they lead to outrageous opinions expressed that you may later wish you hadn’t.

On Thursday, erratic Uranus challenges the Sun in earthy Capricorn at the first degree of that sign. I anticipate a continuation of the headlines we’ve already been seeing related to jolts, shake-ups, space, aviation, telecommunications, rebels, accidents, innovation, genius and revelation — things that disrupt the status quo. Be advised that events suggested by Uranus tend to show up earlier, rather than later.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/19/2011: Volatility

Moon entered people-pleasing Libra Sunday at 3:06AM ET, where efforts to be appreciated may have been dampened by a challenge between serious, disciplined Saturn and loving Venus…and also by a sudden jolt, flash of inspiration or break for independence several hours later.

Today, the only exact aspect is a stability-seeking connection between the Sun (life force) and Saturn. That should help expedite whatever lands on your desk this morning. However, note that Mars (constructive energy applied and/o anger, aggression) AND Pluto (depth of perspective & resourcefulness and/or explosive, vengeful, nefarious control freak from hell) continue to run wild, suggesting the potential for more than the usual amount of “if it bleeds, it leads” headlines too disturbing to reference in this forecast. If you read the headlines over the weekend, you know what I’m talking about.

Last month, when I first looked ahead to planetary patterns this week and next, I wondered what sudden, hugely prominent events and volatility we’d be seeing in the headlines. Why? Because the Sun (life force) is fast approaching the first degree of Capricorn, which corresponds to the Winter Solstice on December 22, AND it is challenged by intense, status quo-disrupting Uranus. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are the signs that start the seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, respectively. A planet at the very beginning of those signs tends to command attention.

Interesting to note yesterday’s status quo-disrupting announcement of the death of North Korea’s Kim Jong Il. Already this news is inspiring “worry and anxiety”

Contrasting with the potential for upsets this week, other planetary patterns suggest peace, inspiration leading to soulful artistry and exuberant feelings of good cheer. Two of those patterns will be exact tomorrow. More anon….

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 12/16/2011: Time’s Person of the Year & Hungary

A day of organized efficiency, suggested by Moon continuing in perfectionist Virgo. You could get quite passionate about the details as we move into the evening, so be advised of the potential for heat should you find yourself in a debate with someone else about your view of world order.

More on the weekend will be posted later. Right now, the headlines are thrilling me to no end. A few days ago, I noticed Hungary — a country you don’t hear much about — making news. It made headlines on the web when it reportedly destroyed genetically engineered crops. It made news when it passed a law imposing a $600 fine on homeless people. Something had to be going on in the horoscope for Hungary — 10/23/1989  at 12PM in Budapest. And in fact, there is: Pluto, the irresistible force and Uranus, disruptor of the status quo, are putting pressure on areas of the horoscope relating to worth, money, structure, identity — all suggesting a reach for control and sudden change as we move into 2012. And looky what made news yesterday: “Hungarian Bill Could Take Power From Its Central Bank”  And just minutes ago, Hungary was the subject of conversation on CNBC — something I can’t recall ever seeing since I’ve been glued to that network.

Another exciting headline was Time Magazine naming THE PROTESTOR as its Person of the Year. It’s totally in synch with the energy suggested by rebel Uranus at the first degree of Aries — and you may recall my post from last week anticipating that we’d see a lot of headlines reflecting rebels, quirkiness, revolution, independence, a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, technology, aviation, innovation, erratic, astrology, genius, disruptive, genetic mutation (URANUS) that are also  pioneering, fearless, inspiring, selfish, individual, warriors, champions of the underdog, idealistic, impatient, impulsive (ARIES).

Other news happening as anticipated: updates on Fukushima on the front page: the plant is declared stable and the first debris from the tsunami washes up on the West Coast

More later — I promise — and sorry for the delayed forecast. It’s the holidaze — and I hope yours are very merry and bright!