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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/31/2012: More Mooooooon in Taurus

Yesterday we had six connections to the Moon in Taurus, which suggested a dynamic need to establish and/or preserve material comfort and security. Today we have only two connections to the Moon and the first one doesn’t hit until 9:08PM ET. If yesterday felt like you had to shift gears multiple times during the day, see if you notice that today could feel like you’re slowly cruising in third gear.  If the evening finds you inclined to indulge in the sensual world, that would be in line with planetary patterns, too. Speaking of which…

…we’re building to an illuminating opposition between Venus (the feminine) and Mars (the masculine), exact Wednesday at 6:41PM ET. Already you may be feeling a bit of tension — possibly on the juicy/alluring side — in your interpersonal relationships, especially those between the sexes (including the same sexes, if you are so inclined — whatever/whomever might be the yin to your yang). Now you know what Wednesday might bring.

In other news — catching up on the headlines I missed over the weekend — it was no surprise to read of “hundreds of arrests” at Occupy Oakland “around 3PM” on Saturday. Looking at the horoscope for that place and time, we immediately see aggressive Mars challenging the point of public status and ruthless Pluto challenging the point of personal projection. This is the same pattern that marked the start of the previous Sunday’s game between the 49ers and the Giants. While a no-holds-barred suggestion of aggression expressed may be perfect for a modern day gladiator tournament, it’s a definite red flag for a protest rally, no matter how peaceful the intention, especially with Moon in fiery Aries, rebel Uranus running wild and — hello — Mars retrograde. Remember, starting wars, throwing bottles and cans and other impulsive acts of aggression are not favored when the warrior planet appears to be moving backwards in the sky.

Contrast this horoscope with the chart for noon on Monday, January 30th in Washington, DC, the time those at Occupy DC were given to either pack up and leave or they would be arrested. No aggressive Mars or ruthless Pluto prominent in this chart; with a Taurus Moon and Taurus Ascendant suggesting a need to preserve the status quo (not to mention a stubborn streak also suggested by Taurus), chances were good that an aggressive confrontation would not be forced at that time (supported by other measurements in the chart). Occupy DC — in its present form, rats and all — appears to have bought more time.

I keep an eye on OWS and its offshoots because, as I’ve written in other forecasts, the rebellious spark and the issues of economic inequality they have raised showed up just as planetary patterns suggested something of this nature would. Where and how these seeds will eventually take root remains to be seen, but chances are strong that they will not just shrivel up and die. Let the record show that a friend of mine in town from Tokyo this weekend had this item at the top of her New York “Must-See” list: Visit Occupy Wall Street. Food for thought.



Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/30/2012: Getting Grounded

After an intense three days at the astro-logical version of Hogwarts, I am exhilarated and exhausted. Moon in high-gear Aries had much to do with it, and now, on Monday, I welcome the shift suggested by Moon entering Taurus at 1:28AM ET.  Taurus suggests a need for calm, stability and preserving the status quo…even as spirits are likely lifted by Moon’s connection to jolly Jupiter at 6:29AM ET. Writers and communicators can still find the words they need, suggested by a charge to the Moon from mental Mercury at 11:14AMET…and whatever needs to be expressed can run deep, suggested by an easy connection to the Moon from resourceful Pluto at 6:25PM.

As the day moves into the night, the first challenge to your New Moon agenda may manifest — say around 11:10PM ET, when the First Quarter Moon is exact.


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday – Sunday 1/26-1/29/2012: The Pen Is Mightier…

More going with the flow, suggested by Moon in dreamy Pisces. The day gets off on a sweet note, as loving Venus connects with the Moon at 8:12AM ET…and that’s the pattern that carries us through the day, until another potentially passionately expressive connection hits at 11:52PM ET, as Moon goes void of course until 1:28PM ET on Friday.

You know what that Moon void suggests: that moving in a straight line may be a challenge; unexpected twists occur in your usual routine; crises turn out to be much ado about nothing; you can sleep in late or otherwise flake out — usually without consequence.

The mood shifts dramatically on Friday, when Moon enters impulsive Aries after that void, here to stay through the whole weekend. Could be a rollicking — and definitely mentally stimulating — time. While the need to be number one may be subject to bumps, jolts and power plays as of Friday evening into Saturday afternoon, the star of the weekend is Mercury (mind, communication, travel). If you’re a writer, thinker, traveler or communicator, take advantage of the supercharge that disciplined Saturn, expansive Jupiter and inventive Uranus can give your brain cells during this time. More potential for genius is suggested as Mercury leaves Capricorn on Friday at 1:12PM ET — and moves into Aquarius, sign of the rocket scientist.

And — wow! I’ve written the forecast for the whole weekend! And that’s a good thing, because I’m off to Hogwarts — a.k.a. an astrology conference — on Friday and I need a lot of time to pack. So I’ll leave you with one more thought on people born with Mars retrograde (which we were discussing yesterday): if these people were baseball pitchers, they would probably have one of the longest wind-ups in the world. Think about that…and I’ll be back in touch on Monday.

Thanks to all of you who have shared this site with others — over 2000 views in just over two weeks — gratitude!

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/25/2012: Basking in the Afterglow, Except for Mitt

Note your dreams this AM for signs of a lingering rosy afterglow, suggesting by a sublime connection between nebulous Neptune and the Moon. Enthusiasm for making some of those dreams come true shows up at 7:47AM ET, when jolly Jupiter aligns with the Moon, which entered soulful Pisces at 4:11AM (shortly after that hook-up with Neptune).

Dreams, glamor, empathy, spirit — what else will drive a day when Pisces craves a connection with intangibles? Not to mention oil, fish, drugs and the sea (watch the headlines). Go with the flow…and note the revelations that may turn up toward 7:30PM ET, when Moon connects with Pluto, bringing whatever is hidden into the light.

And speaking of dreams, who was that man at the podium on Capitol Hill last night? A feisty State of the Union speech indeed – and so thrilling to witness, given yesterday’s astro-logical forecast. So many initiatives presented — and yet with Mars retrograde (darn it), I regret to say the chances of them materializing in the near future are not promising. But perhaps there will be some who heard the call and will begin to plan a strategy for execution at a later date…

Looking at yesterday’s patterns — with Venus (money) and Pluto (resources, empowerment, news from underground) running wild — I wondered how that might manifest in the headlines. Other than Apple posting stellar earnings at the end of the day and tomorrow’s Fed decision, another story really driving news was Mitt Romney’s tax returns Really not a good day for Romney, a Pisces born March 12, 1947 at 9:51AM in Detroit, MI.

For months, Romney has been lost in a cloud, suggested by a loooong challenge to his Moon in “knowledge is power” Scorpio by nebulous Neptune. His Jupiter in “I must have a mission” Scorpio is also affected — suggesting, perhaps, an overblown sense of what the mission might be — or a huge leap of faith. This Neptune-Moon connection also suggests a big blur and/or befuddlement around communication — and a certain amount of anxiety about popularity — odd for a horoscope that otherwise suggests a natural inclination to reach out to the public. It dampens the fires of ambition…and the ambiguity will likely continue as Neptune challenges Romney’s Gemini Ascendent (identity crisis?). This has to be hard to deal with, given other measurements in the chart that suggests the need to be known for having a strong sense of purpose. Note that Rick Perry just went through a Neptune challenge to his Ascendant (yes, that’s what all the confusion was likely about), and Barack Obama was having a Neptune challenge to his Midheaven (public status, authority) early last year (that influence has since left the building — in case you hadn’t noticed).


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/24/2012: Mars Retrograde; State of the Union

For all of its reputation for being unconventional and/or just plain “out there” Aquarius, being one of the four Fixed signs (the others are Taurus, Leo and Scorpio), can be mighty stubborn. Moon is in Aquarius today and it’s running wild, suggesting a striking need for independence and social significance.  With mental Mercury in a challenging T-square with expansive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn, you may also feel the pain of clashing ideologies…and I’m not just saying that because tonight is the State of the Union address, followed by the Republican response.

Ruthless Pluto is also running wild, suggesting the potential for big power plays and corruption exposed, while loving Venus in Pisces, seeks to soften the edges with a dose of compassion or a soulful escape. There are a lot of generals on the field today and it may be tough to determine whose lead to follow. Pick one, keep calm and carry on!

Some readers have expressed concern about Mars being retrograde, asking if the planet of action appearing to move backwards in the sky means that all actions are doomed.  No, it does not mean that at all!  But it is wise to honestly consider why you might be driven to take action — again, if it’s an impulse out of frustration, chances are it’s better to wait.

Right now, as I type, hundreds of babies are being born. Clearly they did not get the memo suggesting that Mars retrograde is not an ideal time to launch a new venture. Are they doomed? Not at all, but — those born with retrograde Mars will have an approach to action that is not the “norm” — and learning to assert themselves may pose some challenges. For example, Mars is associated with war and violence. Starting a war — or a lawsuit — during Mars retrograde is not advised. Now consider Martin Luther King, Jr.  and Pope John Paul II. Both men have Mars retrograde — and both are known for their vehement, passionate stance against…war and violence. Fascinating. They found a way to channel the aggressive energy of Mars retrograde in a productive way.

Meanwhile, the State of Union is scheduled to begin at 9:06PM ET in Washington, DC. In that event chart, retrograde Mars will be rising in a hypercritical Virgo ascendant — and I can imagine President Obama will have plenty of powerful things to say about how things need to be done more efficiently — with a team spirit — and he will likely be commended for coming on stronger than usual. He’ll likely show much compassion for workers and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s got a dreamy proposal for offering assistance. We’ll likely hear some realistic tough talk about assets — who has them; who doesn’t and what’s fair. An outburst, rebel stance or other surprise may occur around 9:53pM ET.  Yeah, we could probably have figured that out without looking at the chart — but isn’t it interesting that the chart reflects it?

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/23/2012: New Moon in Aquarius; Mars Retrograde

Today’s Moon in Aquarius suggests a need to be of social significance — and of course you can’t be socially significant if no one knows you’re there. An energetic connection between Mars (action) in perfectionist Virgo and mental Mercury in practical Capricorn at 6:17AM ET may find you brimming over with constructive ideas in your quest for world domination. Such clarity! Such optimism (it’s a New Moon — and it’s augmented by a exuberant boost from Jupiter, the cosmic sugardaddy AND an innovative connection from rebel Uranus, suggesting the potential for a bit of inspired genius)!

You may well make many contacts and get much out the door today, but as for launching totally new ventures and partnerships, be advised that Mars turns retrograde at 7:54PM ET, as it does every two years. So instead of the usual two-month journey through a sign, we’ve got eight months of Mars, planet of action, in the sign of Virgo, the constant critic. Mars turns direct on April 13th; it finally leaves Virgo on July 4th — Independence Day. What does this suggest? It suggests, as noted in prior forecasts, being mindful of the potential to take on something new on an impulse borne out of frustration. It suggests that this is a great time for a strategy session designed to review operating procedures and get organized! Start with your home and office. What isn’t working? Get rid of the clutter! How about your diet (Virgo rules nutrition and gut instincts)? Does that need to be cleaned up, too? And when was the last time you went to the gym? You’ll need a good physical work out to blow off the steam of any frustration that may build over the next two and a half months, as things that should have happened yesterday may be fraught with procedural delays that seem to stretch on forever, not unlike this sentence. Patience! And what about your daily routine? Can you streamline and simplify your (work) habits? Maybe you’ll be inspired to work out a whole new set of rules how you get things done.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is 3 Aquarius  — “a deserter from the navy” — suggests someone who ditches a set of rules that are no longer bearable. Freedom is a huge theme for Aquarius, and with this New Moon supported by rebel Uranus (ruler of Aquarius), currently in pioneering Aries, it is once again a theme for a New Moon cycle. If you look back at the New Moons over the past several months, you’ll definitely see a trend. Start planning your big escape, but you may want to hold off actually jumping ship until late spring. Look for  headlines — in the labor sector, for example — of people who may be ditched — or suddenly decide to ditch an unsatisfying scene for something more uplifting.

Other planetary news of note this week: only one void-of-course Moon during working hours to distract you — and that’s on Thursday 11:52PM ET until Friday 1:28PM ET. Tomorrow, however, may FEEL like moving in a straight line is a challenge, because there are no exact aspects among the planets. Again — patience, as we adjust to Mars’ change of station.

Coming up next: Neptune entering Pisces on February 3rd; Saturn (moving a structure forward) turns retrograde on February 7th. Stay tuned to this channel for continuing coverage…


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday & the Weekend 1/20-22/2012: That’s a Wrap

At 11:10AM ET, Sun enters Aquarius, the Water Bearer. Keywords: humanitarian, mental, rebel, freedom, unconventional, best buddy you could ever have. Ruling planet: Uranus, disruptor of the status quo, and ruler of space aliens, mad scientists and other weird, wacky people.

Moon is still in high-flying Sagittarius, well supported by the potential for inspired practicality and practical inspiration (exact connections between Moon and Saturn (practical) and Neptune (inspired) are around 4:30PM ET). Take a quick Moon void break from 4:50PM – 5:40PM ET, and then get ready for one last dose of “make it happen” drive when Moon enters Capricorn at 5:40PM ET.  This evening may bring a surprise or a jolt, suggested by a challenge to Moon from rebel Uranus, and the rest of the evening suggests enthusiasm, suggested by a connection to Moon from Jupiter — and perhaps enthusiasm for the expression and/or processing of intense feelings brought up by an easy connection between transformational Pluto and loving Venus. That potential continues into the early AM hours on Saturday.

The rest of Saturday is excellent for chores and wrapping up your New Moon agenda. Innovation may hit today, courtesy of an easy contact between Uranus and the Sun at 8:21PM ET — you may find yourself in the company of some quirky, but friendly types. Sunday is another day for getting things done — hopefully not in a too expensive way, suggested by a challenge between cosmic sugardaddy Jupiter and the Sun. I will confess I have been positively drooling over sublime sofas in pricey catalogs — but I am not — repeat, NOT — indulging in a purchase at this time, as it is simply not practical.

Heads up: New Moon at 2:39AM ET on Monday; Mars turns retrograde at 7:54PM ET on Monday, too. More anon…



Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/19/2012: Sun Sets in Capricorn

More of Moon in Sagittarius, the philosopher clown, needing to spout off on all subjects, even if a foot somehow ends up in its mouth. Contrast the energy of this Moon with the energy of stern Saturn in judgmental Libra, challenging the Sun in practical Capricorn to realize its ambition, come up with a balanced plan, fish or cut bait. Much can be gained today…but if someone throws a wet blanket on you, remember this forecast and find a productive channel for any frustration. And by 11:10AM ET on Friday, the Sun’s trek through Capricorn will be over, and we will be near the end of Capricorn lunar cycle, too. Whew! I hope it has been a productive month for all of you. New Moon in Aquarius will be on the 23rd.

Meanwhile, in the news, I detected a theme of intellectual property rights: efforts to contain and monetize what is essentially intangible. Yesterday we had Google and Wikipedia leading a protest against alleged efforts to regulate the internet. The protests succeeded in tabling the legislation for the foreseeable future I also noted a SCOTUS decision allowing that Congress may reinstate copyright protection to IP that had fallen into the public domain  Even at the office, discussions have been had about music publishing — why now?  What’s the pattern here? Then I noted this bit about efforts to control another intangible, Time (which, oddly enough, is ruled by Saturn, the most tangible of all planets — although it can be said that Time controls us all) And this: Eastman Kodak, which captured intangible images (Neptune) on tangible film has filed for bankruptcy (Saturn – restructuring). Ooh — and one more: bone (Saturn) loss (Neptune). Hmmmm….

In addition to Saturn (bones, authority, control) in Libra (judgment, arts) square Sun, we also see Saturn in a harmonious connection to Neptune (intangibles, wipeouts, inspiration, music, high arts) and in a challenging connection with Jupiter in Taurus (seeking reward in material comfort and security, while trying to keep things as they are). These are current planetary patterns reflected in the news of the day. And that’s how I make sense of what I read on the front page of the New York Times. Coincidence or conspiracy?


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/18/2012: Lemons Into Lemonade & Paula Deen’s Perfect Timing

A productive morning of inspired organization is yours to be had, suggested by a communicative connection between the Sun in practical Capricorn and the Moon in “knowledge is power, baby” Scorpio. And the earlier you start, the better. At 1:31PM  on the East Coast, nebulous Neptune challenges the Scorpio Moon, suggesting the potential for dreaminess or perhaps a bit of disorientation, especially since it promptly goes void of course until 2:29PM ET, when it moves into Sagittarius. Perfect timing for lunch on the East Coast; West Coasters — that could account for any strange twists that show up mid-morning.

Moon in Sagittarius will do its best to facilitate the expression of opinions all around the globe — gee — perhaps in the area of international publishing  — and definitely in your own personal world. Here’s the obvious headline scenario: Wikipedia and other websites going dark on the “knowledge is power” Scorpio Moon…followed by a zillion opinions on the proposed legislation that sparked the protest — and Wikipedia won’t be the only site down — as you may have already noticed  I’m already bummed out that I couldn’t go to wikipedia for the deets on Jon Huntsman’s bio and birth data, now that he’s out of the race.

Moon in Sagittarius is well-suited for any experience that broadens your mind and/or horizons. Take in a foreign film, a philosophical discussion or a walk in the woods. Use this optimistic lunar energy to balance any serious demands that land on your plate over the next few days as stern Saturn approaches its challenge to the Sun on Thursday. What could possibly happen?

Well, if you’re Paula Deen, you will be turning 64 on Thursday, January 19th, and that Saturn square is impacting you personally. What restriction and/or ambition might be on your plate? How about: you’ve just revealed to the world that you were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes…three years ago…and you’ve just signed a presumably lucrative drug endorsement deal.  Looking at Deen’s horoscope, it is fascinating to note that Jupiter, a planet often associated with health issues involving the liver, the pancreas and diabetes is very active right now — but in ways that are generally seen to be positive! Two connections that stand out are a connection* between Uranus and Jupiter, suggesting the potential for a  “the big break; boundless optimism”, exact in September of 2011 and another between Jupiter and the Sun exact on January 14, 2012, suggesting “being rewarded, success; a great vacation”.  Isn’t that fascinating?

Moral of the story: Saturn has many constructive qualities, even though it can be restrictive and controlling. If Saturn offers you lemons — don’t freak out. Turn those lemons into a nice meringue pie, Southern style — and consult your local astrologer to see  how you can channel Saturn’s discipline into something really positive!


* for serious astrology buffs, we see SA Uranus = Jupiter in September 2011; SA Jupiter = Sun on January 14, 2012

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/17/2012: More Moon in Scorpio, Scott Walker & Feeling Hungary Again

The need to acquire knowledge for the sake of power and control continues today, with Moon in Scorpio aided and abetted by Mercury (mind, communication, travel) in a cooperatively placed in the practical sign of Capricorn. Last rose-colored glasses (courtesy of Neptune and Venus) have now been replaced by an approaching square (challenge) to the Sun by Mr. Reality Check, a.k.a. Saturn. Get real about what you’ve accomplished so far this year — and whatever pushes need to be made, do it this week, before Mars turns retrograde on January 23rd. After that we’ll be in a strategy session until April 13th, perfecting issues related to work, routine, organization, diet and discernment.

Yesterday I noted that the early morning hours were likely to be a bit restless, and I am hearing reports that I wasn’t the only one who woke up several during the night — which rarely ever happens. In other news, I see Hungary is once again making headlines, as predicted in this forecast on December 16th (check the archives) Hungary’s horoscope suggests continued upheaval in the area of resources (courtesy of rebel Uranus), and a ruthless squeeze for control, as transformational Pluto makes a mighty challenge to Saturn, planet of ambition and control. Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, enough signatures have been reportedly gathered to ensure a recall — or a do-over — election intended to remove Scott Walker from the governor’s mansion,0,3781685.story?page=1 Regular readers have been kept abreast of planetary patterns in  Governor Walker’s horoscope since February 23rd (check the archives). As with Hungary, Walker is experiencing a ruthless squeeze from Pluto to his natal Saturn AND his natal Mars, suggesting “extreme force, brutality, persuasion, excessive effort” and “the threat of loss in any area of life; hard, hard work”. Click the link on the referenced articles for some examples of  “persuasion and extreme effort” as Walker pulls out all the stops to keep from losing his job this summer. Walker has Sun and Moon in Scorpio, that alone suggests he’s not going anywhere without a fight.