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"Thank you SO much for the reading on Wednesday. It's really helped me get back on the road to moving along. You prep so well and are so damn thorough. And moreover, you've got great sensitivity to the material and the patience to listen."
-- Michael D.
Editor, NY

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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 2/29/2012: How to Delete Your Google Browsing History

Astro-logical patterns, including a new eclipse cycle which began last year in Gemini-Sagittarius, suggest we are clearly in the Information Age, where control of information will result in much power and profit. Moon is in Gemini today, suggesting a need to be informed. Thus I inform you that if you don’t delete your browsing history in Google today (this applies if you have a gmail or youtube account), your name will be attached to every search or other action you take on Google from now until the end of time. Want to remain anonymous? Delete your browsing history TODAY — because the new policy goes into effect on March 1st. Here’s how to do it:


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 2/28/012: All the Dirt That’s Fit to Print

All day yesterday I was thinking that we’d see plenty of “news from underground” hitting the wires, suggested by yesterday’s lunar connections to aggressive Mars in puritanical Virgo and ruthless Pluto (underground, corruption exposed, resources) in patriarchal Capricorn…as well as Pluto in a communicative connection with the Sun (life force). And we did!

Headlines have been all about pushing hidden things to the surface, including news that Japan considered evacuating Tokyo after last year’s nuclear reactor crisis ; a super-steamy series of sex scandals allegedly involving spiritual gurus even deeper doo-doo across the Pond, as it is revealed that thousands of pounds were paid to highly placed officials by alleged journalists in exchange for information ; the consequence of an early spring — courtesy of global warming and this disturbing behind-the-scenes expose of that has made me seriously reconsider my love affair with Amazon and online shopping. I urge you to read this one thoroughly — in honor of Mars retrograde in Virgo — (workers), even though I know and you know that the one you really want to click on is the steamy guru scandal…right?

Other than all the dirt that’s being dug up, the day is a bust, especially for folks out West who will see the bulk of their work day taken up with a Moon void of course — from 2:46PM – 10:27PM ET. The earlier you can ship it, the less time you’ll spend floating around or dealing with crises that are all for naught.

A general advisory for the next week or so as Mars, still very much retrograde, will soon make a highly-charged opposition to the Sun — very close to the Earth. In your own personal world this can spice up your existing romances and inspire you to get to the gym. Others who are not as psychically clear may resort to all sorts of outbursts — with particularly violent consequences. I’m seeing this in the headlines right now: fiery race car accidents; 18 people killed in Pakistan; a school shooting in Ohio — these sorts of things. Just be aware of this edgy energy as you ease on down the road.

Finally,  I’ve been expecting Governor Rick Perry of Texas to be making headlines right about now — and yesterday, he did. Seems as part of his run for president, he had to disclose (last year) that while he’s earning a hefty salary as Governor of Texas, he’s also drawing down a substantial pension. And the area of his horoscope that is lit up like a Christmas tree right now refers to the public, a secret coming to light, his professional status, the love he has to give and the appreciation he needs to receive and — oh —  other peoples’ money. Perry has his natal Mars at 8 Libra opposing the Node at 8 Aries — both were challenged by Pluto at 8 Capricorn in January. Keep an eye on this developing story and see where Perry’s at in mid-June, when rebel Uranus joins the party and the patterns intensify…



Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 2/27/2012: How Many Copywriters Does It Take…

…to change a light bulb? See answer below. Meanwhile:

A steadily industrious energy launches the work week, with a Taurus Moon supported by intense Pluto and action-seeking Mars — in practical Earth signs (Capricorn and Virgo, respectively). Get it off your desk today, as Moon will be void of course from 2:46PM ET to 10:27 ET on Tuesday.

I was thinking of Moon in Taurus and its need to “keep things as they are” all weekend — and especially what it might suggest about the Oscars, in addition to what I wrote on Friday. And I was thinking that “The Artist” is such an “old Hollywood” picture honoring “the way movies should be made,” that it would likely be the one to get the Oscar.  Even the host, Billy Crystal, was a safe choice — no boats likely rocked with him on stage. Something to think about if you have Moon in Taurus — or are involved with someone with that placement. Change is usually not easy for this Moon sign…

Answer:  I’m not changing a damn thing.


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 2/24/2012 & the Weekend: You’ll Love It!

Moon moved into me-me-me Aries last night at 9:48PM ET, shifting the energy of the day into high gear — can you feel it? While you were sleeping, rebel Uranus challenging the Moon suggests a jolt, a flash of insight or other disruption.  Later, at 3:31PM ET, ruthless Pluto makes a second challenge, suggesting depth of emotion, power plays, corruption exposed in resources and/or governmental institutions. Could make for an especially intense evening, buoyed by the optimism of a easy contact between the Sun and Jupiter, the cosmic sugardaddy…

Optimism and a drive for action continues to rule on Saturday, sweetened by a happy hook-up between the fiery Aries Moon and Venus, also in Aries. Who loves ya, baby? Why, everyone does today — so go ahead and flirt with them all.

These buoyant planetary patterns couldn’t be more perfect for Angelenos who choose to attend “The Carnival of Magic Medicine”  This all-day celebration of music, art, food, love and spirit is a fundraiser for a most remarkable man, Shaman Durek (yes, a real shaman), who is preparing to undergo a life-saving kidney transplant later this year. I will be there, too — donating my services as an astrologer along with other practitioners of alternative healing modalities. For more on Shaman Durek

Sunday dawns with a brief Moon void from 7:52 – 9:29AM ET; the lunar vibe cools down with its ingress into Taurus, which needs to build and preserve material security. As the day progresses, nebulous Neptune (glamor, intangibles, fantastic escapes) and expansive Jupiter (over the top!) lend their energies to the touchy-feely Taurus Moon;  Venus (art, beauty), Mars (men, action) and rebel Uranus (upsets) are all running wild in the heavens — suggesting a fabulous feast for the senses for the evening’s Academy Awards.



Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 2/23/2012: Chill, Baby, Chill…

Moon is void of course all day in Pisces…not to enter Aries until 9:48PM ET. Until then go with the flow, chill, brainstorm — and be mindful of investing too heavily in crises that turn out to be much ado about nothing.

Be especially mindful on the road — and in all your communications. Aggressive Mars in perfectionist Virgo challenges mental Mercury in sensitive Pisces early in the morning, suggesting verbal and mechanical outbursts — likely due to disorientation. All those critics around you? They’re just confused. See the first paragraph for guidelines on handling any sudden onset of foot-in-mouth disease…

This evening, the mood becomes more RAMbunctious (it’s an Aries thing).


Astro-logical Forecast for 2/22/2012: DSK Returns, Right on Schedule

Depths of thought and feeling may flood your mind and senses this morning, carried away by communicative connections among Moon, perspicacious Pluto and mental Mercury. Remember to get it off your desk today — as the Moon will be void tonight from 9:24PM ET to 9:48PM ET Thursday.

Meanwhile, how about that Dow hitting 13,000 yesterday? Real or unreal? Does it matter? And what else would we expect with transiting Sun, Moon and Neptune harmoniously aligned with lovely Venus (money, art, beauty) in the horoscope of the United States (and Barack Obama, btw)? Simply soaring!

In other news, events in the life of Dominique Strauss-Kahn continue to unfold with impeccable timing. As you may have heard, he was detained by French police yesterday — in connection with an investigation involving prostitution and orgies, concluding part of a cycle that began last May, when DSK was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a New York chambermaid. DSK’s initial arrest occurred as transiting Uranus connected with DSK’s Moon in me-me-me Aries. His Moon rules his 12th house of “self-undoing” and things we tend to sweep under a rug. Uranus has an interesting way of suddenly illuminating things some might prefer to keep hidden, disrupting the status quo. And right now, on the heels of this second arrest, Uranus is making its third hit to DSK’s Moon.

Also of note in DSK’s horoscope (which was covered in detail back in May of 2011 — search the archives): ruthless Pluto just made its first connection with DSK Midheaven, which suggests the beginning of a year-long cycle of major life changes in profession, family status and perspective. DSK’s wife, Anne Sinclair, is reportedly resuming her career in journalism. To be continued…

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 2/21/2012: New Moon in Pisces

Ease back into the work week, which is getting a late start in the U.S. after a three-day holiday weekend. Moon goes void in Aquarius at 11:17AM ET; it enters dreamy Pisces at 12:31PM ET, then hooks up with nebulous Neptune at 1:48PM ET. So…more dreamy/spacey/weirdness…or something truly soulful and sublime. Which shall it be? Maybe a bit of both…

The New Moon officially begins at 5:35PM ET, with the Sun and Moon at 2 degrees and 42 minutes of Pisces; the Sabian Symbol is 3 Pisces (when working with Sabian Symbols, we always round up to the next degree; and if you’re curious to learn more about Sabian Symbols, check out Blain Bovee’s most excellent book;  I quote liberally from it, with gratitude). For 3 Pisces, we are shown “a petrified forest” — an intriguing symbol to follow last month’s New Moon, “a deserter from the navy” — 3 Aquarius. Whereas “a deserter from the navy” suggested someone ditching a set of rules that were no longer bearable for the sake of freedom, “a petrified forest suggests — on the plus side —  “near-eternal principles that stand the test of time”.  A forest of formerly living trees turned to stone hasn’t decayed or rotted, presumably because it deserves to last forever; it has stood the test of time.  On the down side, this Sabian Symbol suggests stiff, rigid forms that have long outlived their relevance — but remain because they are frozen  — perhaps out of fear (petrified).

If you know where 2 Pisces falls in your horoscope, this is the area of your life where you might consider your long-held beliefs, including those of a spiritual nature. You might also consider your senses — especially the sixth one. With Sun, Moon and Neptune all together in Pisces, a meditation on intangibles: creativity, vision, spirit, empathy and soulful union would be in order. You may discover resources rich in minerals that you didn’t know you had. Dare to expand your mind.

More on other aspects in the New Moon chart tomorrow…

In other news: on Wednesday, Moon goes void of course at 9:24PM ET…not to enter Aries until 9:48PM ET on Thursday. Get it off your desk before then, if you can — and be mindful that activities which require moving in a straight line are subject to unexpected twists and turns. The key is not to panic; just go with the flow — and double check your work before you hit “send”.


Astro-logical Forecast for Sunday & Monday 2/19-20/2012: Sneak Peek at the New Moon; A Nun’s Story

Networking, friendships, being of social significance, space cadets, a cerebral/scientific approach to emotions, freedom and independence — look for these themes to pull focus for the next two and a half days. Moon enters the humanitarian sign of Aquarius at 5:28AM ET, old buddy, old pal. Deal with whatever wet blanket or serious focus that may be required around 4:22AM ET, when Moon is challenged by Saturn (I’ll deal with this one in my dreams, and you can, too).

We are in the dark side of the Moon; the New Moon in Pisces is at 5:35PM ET on Tuesday.  That’s the time to light a candle and focus on your intentions for the next lunar cycle. Meanwhile, if you’re a meditative soul — or even if you’re not — take some time to tune in before Tuesday. What does your intuition tell you? A big clue to the theme of New Moon in Pisces is the Sun’s annual hook-up with nebulous Neptune — also in Pisces —  at 3:42PM ET on Sunday, combined with an  indulgent challenge to the Moon from expansive Jupiter. Note these keywords: soulful surrender, meditate, yoga, escape,intuition, fantasy, drugs, alcohol, go with the flow, bewilderment, illusion, deception, delusion, photography, film, higher realms, oil, oceans, sacrifice, empathy. It all spills over into Monday, too — sweetened by a connection between loving Venus and the Moon at 7:28AM ET that can carry you through the whole day.

Signs of nebulous Neptune on the NY Times homepage include an op-ed about drinking and drugging rising oil and gas prices, the “parade of stars and fans” paying tribute to Whitney Houston; and a gem of a column by Maureen Dowd about a former Hollywood starlet who became a nun — and who will be attending the Oscars next weekend because a documentary about her called “God Is Bigger Than Elvis” has been nominated. Talk about a Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces story! Read how Dolores Hart left Hollywood for the cloister here  and here

Since we looked at Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s horoscope in the last post, I thought it would be interesting to look (briefly)  at the horoscope of this former starlet-turned-nun. Will we see similar patterns?

Dolores Hart was born October 20, 1938 (time unknown) in Chicago, IL  She’s a Libra with Moon in Virgo, suggesting a need to be discerning, exacting and perfecting. Like Cardinal Dolan, there is a connection between Jupiter and Neptune — a reliable signal of the importance of spirit. The Jupiter-Neptune connection is not as big and bold as the pattern in Cardinal Dolan’s chart, but it’s definitely there; and Neptune is still very strong in other ways. Charisma — and the potential for glamour is suggested by a hook-up between Neptune and Mars; it’s likely that Neptune is also involved with the Virgo Moon, which adds idealism and the intangible to that need to be discerning, exacting and perfecting. Also of note: Saturn, suggesting discipline, patriarchy,authority, control, structure, ambition — making a strong statement about a potential obsession with the father…which perhaps evolved into the Father…or perhaps the Mother Superior. Hmmmmmm…. Also found in Dolan’s chart and Hart’s: strong connections between the Sun and expansive, sunny, philosophical Jupiter and resourceful, empowering Pluto. Let the record show that Hart is in fact the Reverend Mother Dolores Hart and Prioress of the Abbey (since 2001) where she resides. And as Maureen Dowd and Wikipedia both note, the Reverend Mother remains a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Powerful!

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday & Saturday 2/17-18/2012: Practical Idealism

Well the markets certainly took the enthusiasm suggested by yesterday’s  Moon in Sagittarius, along with expansive Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius in happy contact with mental Mercury, to heart. Good news on the job front sent markets soaring — were you soaring, too?

Moon enters make-it-happen Capricorn at 12:03AM ET on Friday, needing tangible structure and results from all that optimism. So if you haven’t already taken off early for the holiday weekend (it’s Presidents Day in the US), you can anticipate a proactive day at the office, even with Mars retrograde and the Moon at the end of its monthly cycle. At the end of a busy day, an indulgent celebration is suggested by a challenge from loving Venus to that make-it-happen Moon.

The Capricorn energy continues on Saturday, making it a great day for taking care of business. Our need for practicality is augmented by an even more practical connection between disciplined Saturn and the life-giving Sun, exact at 11:02AM ET. More headlines about fairness, justice and equality will likely show up beforehand. Note the potential for rich rewards as a result of investigations, suggested by an easy connection between ruthless Pluto and mental Mercury, exact 4:23PM ET. Go ahead and dig deep; you won’t be the only one talking about life, the universe, everything — and what you found swept under that rug.

Saturday is the last day of  the Sun in humanitarian Aquarius. It’s also the day that cardinal-in-waiting Timothy Dolan (currently Archbishop of New York and also an Aquarius) gets to drop the “in-waiting” from his job title. And what a fitting day to contemplate structure and authority (suggested by strong Saturn patterns and the Capricorn Moon), along with spirit. Nebulous Neptune makes its once-a-year hook-up with the Sun on Sunday at 3:42PM ET; regular readers of this forecast know the keywords for Neptune: fantasy, transcendence, spirit, drugs, alcohol, rarefied art, music, photography, soul union, illusion, confusion — and all sorts of other intangibles. In your own personal world, the mix of Neptune’s rose-colored glasses and Saturn’s realism can make for an elevated  experience for you, too.

Timothy Dolan was born on February 6, 1950 in St. Louis, Missouri — birth time unknown. But even without a birth time, we see that horoscope has the potential to be quite a powerhouse. Dolan has the Sun in Aquarius in close connection with expansive, lucky Jupiter, also in Aquarius — and wow! that dynamic duo is challenged by ruthless Pluto, suggesting great resources and empowerment. When he enters the room, he makes his presence known (Dolan is reportedly 6’3″ and described as “a bear of a man”).  A need to be concerned with matters of spirit is no doubt suggested by nebulous Neptune (spirit) in strong contact with that Sun, Jupiter  and Pluto.

There’s also a challenge from Neptune to mental Mercury in practical, authoritative Capricorn, echoed by an easy contact to Mercury from practical, authoritative Saturn. Mercury-Saturn contacts suggest a conservative mindset, and Dolan does describe himself as a conservative. On the flip side, however, Neptune-Mercury contacts, while inspired, also suggest the need for idealism. Isn’t that interesting? A combination of the practical and the idealistic…Saturn and Neptune…the two planets pulling focus this weekend.

Dolan has Moon in Libra, suggesting a strong need to be appreciated (which he is) and a preference for peace over conflict. It’s likely that Mars is conjunct that Libra Moon, adding great energy and drive to cerebral matters — a need to talk and debate…probably a quick temper (despite the desire for peace) that had to be managed…and also a need to be cerebral about emotions. In fact, there is likely a disconnect with personal relationships, suggested by Venus (social expression) in stubborn,  “I love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius…which is also retrograde. Venus retrograde is rare…and it’s a reliable signal that  relationships (especially intimate relationships with other humans) are going to be a challenge.  There’s much more that could be discussed, but suffice it to say that Timothy Dolan’s need to take a vow of celibacy, devote his life to matters of spirit and ideals, become a powerhouse within a structured organization and connect with the collective so effectively that parishioners gush, “he makes everyone feel like he’s their best friend” (an Aquarian’s dream come true  is a fascinating and awesome series of choices of playing the hand suggested by the horoscope. It would be interesting to see how a few of Dolan’s astrological twins played theirs.


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 2/16/2012: New Jersey State of Mind

We’re processing more of the same from yesterday. Still more Moon in high-flying Sagittarius to get you bouncing out of bed, full of fabulous opinions and ideas. And I’m serious about the fab ideas. Mental Mercury, which has been pulling focus all week, makes a cooperative connection to enthusiastic Jupiter, likely facilitating the breakthrough of more than one writer’s block.

Meanwhile, we have still more aggressive Mars, running wild and still obsessively needing to apply itself to the tangible detailed expression of the intangible. I don’t know about you, but yesterday my fellow commuters could not stifle their opinions on everything to save their lives; we had at least three spirited debates happening all at once in the company shuttle.  We have still more rebel Uranus, also running wild — which, in my personal world, explained the space alien wandering around Times Square in a down jacket and boxer shorts, occasionally breaking into a little jig while smoking a cigarette and carrying a shopping bag from Financier, a high end French pastry shop.  Other bold demonstrations of independence were likely witnessed around the globe. Today Mars and Uranus are in a combustible and/or high-tech genius connection; watch for flashes of brilliance and/or temper — and other potential hot spots.

We’re now in the aftermath of yesterday’s challenge between ruthless Pluto and Venus, suggesting the potential for emotional overkill, deep and/or cutting statements involving women and news involving essential resources (likely from underground). Possible example of emotional overkill: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has made an apparently controversial decision to have flags flown at half-staff in honor of Whitney Houston (born in Newark, New Jersey)  …and he plans to veto the New Jersey Senate’s recent bill that would legalize gay marriage, if the State Assembly passes it today  Do you think he’s heard the rumors that Ms. Houston might have been a lesbian? Do you think he would change his mind about those flags if he had? You can check the status of the New Jersey state flag and hear one of the unofficial New Jersey state theme songs (apparently NJ is one of the few states that doesn’t have an official song) right here

OK, that bit took up so much space that it would be overkill to include other examples from the headlines of heavy power plays (Iran threatening to cut off oil supplies) and corruption exposed (California foreclosures, climate change denial conspiracies). You get the idea — and they’re all on the front page.

Coming up tomorrow: a look at the horoscope of Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York who is about to be elevated to cardinal. Lots of planetary patterns in the chart you’d expect to see in a man of the cloth. Stay tuned…