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April 2012
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Astro-logical Forecast for Saturday & Sunday 4/15-16/2012: Lend A Hand

Moon in humanitarian Aquarius suggests a need to be seen as socially significant. Is there anyone in your world who would appreciate a helping hand? Even if it’s just a second opinion, based on your wisdom and experience, such social interactions could be especially appreciated.

Opportunities to mix and mingle are also favored. With Aquarius, who knows what nutty, but delightful new friend you may meet. Here is a song to carry through the day, courtesy of The Beatles

On Sunday, the Sun in independent, pioneering Aries is opposed by disciplined, patriarchal Saturn in Libra. Watch for cuts and REstructuring (Saturn is currently retrograde) in the news. In your own personal world, you may feel the effects of this pattern especially if you were born around the 15th of January, April, July and October. What’s this need to focus/streamline/structure all about?

Moon goes void at 6:42PM ET Sunday. Take a break for the rest of the night. The work week begins with Moon in dreamy Pisces, as of 1:38AM ET on Monday….