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Uranus Square Pluto: What’s In It for You?


(Note: This article appeared in a newsletter published by NCGR,  an organization whose members include professional  and student astrologers. That is why the article contains astro-logical jargon. Please be advised that in one-on-one client consultations, no jargon is spoken. If you would like to book a personal consultation to discuss your horoscope in plain English, give me a call or send me an email.)

It’s finally here…the start of a series of seven exact squares between ruthless, transformational Pluto in patriarchal, institutional Capricorn and rebel Uranus, disruptor of the status quo in me-me-me Aries. Some say it’s the end of the world; others say it’s the end of the world as we know it. Breakdowns in governments and financial institutions. Declarations of independence around the globe. Coping with crises we haven’t even imagined. That’s the big picture. But what does it suggest for you?

A planet or horoscope angle in the first half of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) that is challenged by a hard aspect from Pluto-Uranus suggests the potential for a turning point in one’s life, usually experienced as upheavals and breakdowns and/or opportunities for emancipation and empowerment. If you’re an astrologer with a thriving practice, clients with planets or angles at 4-10 cardinal have surely been knocking on your door in recent months, needing insight and guidance in personal crises of change.

Here are a few cases from my files:

Pluto and Uranus in hard aspect to the Ascendant and/or Midheaven suggests dramatic changes of perspective in identity and relationships; major changes of direction in profession; break-outs and break-ups; a reach for power; new starts, including geographic relocation. Case in point: in 2010, a client asked if her married lover was likely to file for divorce that year. I did feel a change of status in his marital relationship was highly probable  — not in 2010, but in mid-2011. Why? His Ascendant is at 5 Libra; his Sun is at 7 Cancer conjunct the MC at 6 Cancer. When Pluto and Uranus both hit 5-6 cardinal in the summer, his wife did file for divorce –  for a very surprising reason.

Another client with MC at 6 Capricorn felt compelled to leave her job overseas and move back to the United States when Pluto conjoined the MC. Ultimately she wants to change professions entirely, marry and start a family. How long might this process take? My client’s Ascendant is 11 Aries. Uranus and Pluto will complete transits to the angles of her horoscope at the end of 2014. Her exciting, transformational journey has just begun.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Sunday 9/30/2012: Full Moon Fallout

In brief, Moon is still in Aries, rarin’ to go. You can use this energy wisely by being a pioneer or an inspiration — especially in relationship. You may also be feeling that the cooperation required in successful relationships is in conflict with more self-centered desires. Do your best to work it out so you can work together. More details on the patterns of the Full Moon — many of which will be exact this week — to come later. Stay tuned…

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday & Saturday 9/28-29/2012: Full Moon in Aries, Part I

A bit of housekeeping first: thanks to the reader who alerted me to the Link to Nowhere (which should have gone to an article about the Uranus-Pluto square, but didn’t). As a result, a new page is being created called ARTICLES, and it will likely be up by EOD on Friday.

And now, the forecast:

Moon continues to float through Pisces, buoyed by an optimistic connection to expansive Jupiter at 7:30AM ET. Think big, as Moon continues to build to fullness on Saturday at 11:19PM ET. There are so many moving parts to consider between now, then and into next week, with a high potential for excitement, volatility, the ideal and the surreal. Should you hide under your bed until it passes? No! Should you be aware of the potential for certain pitfalls? Yes, but you should also be aware of the potential for positive potentials, and we’ll cover those in a minute.

The Moon in Pisces can bring up themes of salvation, sacrifice, surrender, suffering, intuition, spirits of all kinds, a lack of boundaries and deeply felt empathy. Here’s a photo that is getting a lot of attention on the web, even though it seems to have been originally published on Veterans Day in 2010. It’s got beer, brotherly love, sacrifice, melancholy and an eternal bond that transcends everything. If you contemplate it in silence long enough, you may be moved to tears. Ahhhhh…empathy! One of the gifts of Pisces. Feeling connected yet? Good. Remember that feeling, when the Moon goes into Aries on Saturday and gets all me-me-me on us. Or become a regular reader of Paul Krugman’s columns in the New York Times. Krugman is a Pisces, which should be obvious by the themes of empathy and suffering in his work, including this latest offering.

There are no more exact planetary aspects until 10:35PM ET, when Moon goes void-of -course on an easy connection to aggressive Mars, coordinating depth of feeling with action. (If you are new to the forecast, and do not know what a Moon void is, click here). With the Moon void in Pisces until 9:14AM ET on Saturday, the urge is to go with the flow — but the caution is not to go overboard, especially if you’re out on the prowl or an extended Happy Hour in the evening. We are likely to see plenty of rowdy behavior, so be mindful if you are going to be around large crowds of people. The potential for twists, upsets and detours is also increased.

During the void, the relationship-oriented, balance-seeking Libra Sun will be challenged by rebel Uranus at 3:16AM ET. If there’s a disruption in your world, chances are it will be softened by the void, as crises that crop up during those times tend to be much ado about nothing. On the other hand, we may experience a flash of insight that sets us free, perhaps about a relationship. If you meet someone under this transit, there is likely something about them that is verrrrry different than what you’ve experienced before. Such an attraction can flare up and flame out as quickly as it started.

At 9:14AM ET, the Moon shifts dramatically into me-me-me Aries, needing to be seen as a pioneer, a leader and above all, Number One. This lunar energy, combined with ruthless Pluto challenging the Sun at 1:54PM ET suggests potential empowerment or simply a power play. Volatility and excitement may likely rise into the evening, and peaking between 9:40PM and 11:19PM ET, as the Moon engages with disruptive Uranus, emotionally cathartic Pluto and finally, the Sun. Got all that?

In the news watch for accidents, the usual rioting and mayhem, and news from underground. Plus some cool breakouts and tech breakthroughs.

If you were born around the 28th of March, June, September or December OR if you have a planet or angle around 7 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, issues and scenarios involving power/empowerment and rebellion/freedom have likely been attracted to you like tomato sauce on a white shirt. Why? Because you need to own your power and your desire to be whomever you happen to be — preferably with consciousness and positive expression. Your chart is hot, and don’t think for a minute that people can’t sense it, even if they are dangerously self-absorbed and unaware. Again, be mindful in your surroundings and interactions with others, and remember the empathy and compassion of Pisces if you find yourself dealing with the tomato sauce of an irritated, suffering soul lobbed at your white shirt. Meanwhile, if you have an opportunity to mingle with movers and shakers this weekend, go ahead and do it. And consider booking a session with your friendly neighborhood astrologer to discuss the shifts and opportunities for freedom and empowerment happening in your life. When you’re hot, you’re hot!

I’ll write about Sunday and other aspects to this Full Moon in a post for Saturday. For now I’ll end with another Pisces-inspired story about redemption, emancipation and empowerment. It’s guaranteed to renew your faith in humanity and its ability to solve problems, save the planet and bring out the very best in souls formerly considered lost.






Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 9/27/2012: Quiet Before the Storm?

Well…with that challenging square between Venus (feminine) and Mars (masculine) last night, did anyone get into any trouble? Maybe tempted just a bit? Wanna share some stories?

With the Moon now in soulful Pisces, as of 1:24AM ET, the edge of the past few days (and the upcoming weekend) is softened by a need to go with the flow, work with intangibles and empathize, empathize, empathize. Depth of perception is yours for the asking around 2:11PM ET, on a supportive connection between potent Pluto and the soulful Moon.  It may be relatively quiet now; wait until the weekend.

And now, the news:

As anticipated, we are seeing more outbursts and revolts around the globe, reflecting the disruptive tension of the Uranus-Pluto square we have been talking about for months in this forecast. If you are new to this daily column, check out the posts around June 24th 2012 and September 19th, which marked the first two hits of this Mother of All Planetary Patterns. If you want to know how this pattern might directly impact your horoscope, an article I wrote on the subject will be posted shortly on a new page called ARTICLES — it may be up as soon as Friday, September 28th.

Meanwhile, did we see news from the publishing world making headlines, as anticipated? Sure. A court date has been set for the Murdoch newspaper phone hacking scandal; a journalist was arrested in New York for allegedly defacing a controversial ad posted in a subway station; and a columnist at Politico fooled much of the mainstream media, which believed that an intended satire about Paul Ryan going rogue on the campaign trail was for real.

The most intriguing article — for me, anyway — was a recent report that traffic fatalities New York went up for the first time since 2007. And I have a theory that this is a reflection of the Uranus – Pluto square, which has been in effect for a little over a year now…and will continue to be in effect through 2015.  A couple of months ago, whenever I saw an accident report — or a violent outburst (e.g. a shooting) with a time posted, I ran the horoscope for the moment of the accident/outburst. And it has been fascinating to see Uranus and Pluto sitting on the angles of the horoscope in a number of these cases. Experience shows that when these two planets are on these angles, disruptive things are more likely to happen. So I have been thinking that we’d be seeing a rise in accidents in these turbulent times. And it would be interesting to run charts for all of these accidents and see if there is indeed a planetary pattern…

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 9/26/2012: When Venus Squares Mars (Juicy!)

…and the potential for dynamic buzz this week continues, as we approach an especially assertive & unpredictable Full Moon, which is exact on Saturday at 11:19PM ET. More on that as we get closer to Saturday.

Wednesday begins with a harmonious connection between mental Mercury and expansive Jupiter, suggesting news in publishing, broadcasting, travel and and other “big picture” concerns and — in your own personal world — big ideas successfully communicated. Be advised, however, that we’ll have a potentially indulgent challenge between Moon and Venus, followed thirty minutes later by a potentially combative (down side) or simply passionate (upside) challenge between Moon and warrior Mars around noon ET. So keep that in mind if you’re pitching at that time.

Moon is still in Aquarius, which can be experienced as inventive, friendly and helpful — or weird, detached and stubborn. Which will it be for you? An easy connection between Moon and disciplined Saturn at 11:33PM ET suggests a need for substance and focus, setting a solemn tone in the evening hours for those observing Yom Kippur.

Oh, but wait — it could get juicy! Moon enters soulful Pisces at 1:24AM ET on Thursday (still Wednesday on the West Coast) and hooks up with nebulous Neptune at 3:01AM ET. Dreamy or delusional? With Neptune, it can go either way. The juicy part is a square between loving Venus (women, money, art), in regal Leo and macho Mars in “resistance is futile” Scorpio — exact at 4:50AM ET. Squares create tension, and tension can create sparks. If you’re in a relationship, make the most of this opportunity for high-powered passion, taken to sublime heights by the alignment between Moon and dreamy Neptune. If you’re not in a relationship, you may still find a constructive outlet for your passion, especially if your rose-colored glasses are close by. At the very least, note your dreams tonight. What needs to be released?

The potential downside of a square between Venus and Mars is a war between sexes — or just war. We’ll see if that potential ends up in the headlines…




Astro-logical Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 9/24-25/2012: A Very Dynamic Week

…and we’re back in New York, after a spectacular trip to Tokyo, where I was privileged to spend time with some of the finest astro-logical minds in Japan. I could gush for  hours about this beautiful country and its people…

So let’s catch up on recent happenings, now that I am back on Eastern Time and have a clearer idea of what day it is. First, you should know that the Moon entered enterprising Capricorn on Saturday and immediately formed a highly charged square to the Sun (a.k.a. First Quarter Moon), which moved into Libra on Saturday morning. Why was it highly charged? Because the Sun at the beginning of Libra marks the Autumnal Equinox, which suggests a change of seasons and a proactive turning point. Your super-brainy New Moon agenda could have gotten a big push forward, even though this challenge happened on a Saturday. If you were in a domestic frame of mind, you might have gotten some big things accomplished around the house. Earthy Capricorn lunar energy needs to make things happen…and this should have carried you well into Monday, the first day of the work week — until 7:32PM ET. Busy day at the office?

Hmmm…then what happened? Moon entered unconventional Aquarius, and there was a football game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers, with a stunningly surreal final pass  that was declared a touchdown for Seattle.  Actually it was the alleged ref’s call that was stunningly surreal; let the record show that the trained professional refs have been locked out of their jobs over a pay dispute with the NFL. But what was going on astro-logically at the time of that bad call (around 10:45 PM PT in Seattle)? Why, nebulous Neptune was sitting right at the top of the horoscope for that moment in time, suggesting confusion and rose-colored fog about public status! Isn’t that interesting? I am not an informed football fan by any means, but I do like the Packers. They are not like other football teams and here’s why.   And yes, a certain idealism, artistry, charisma and innovative thinking are suggested in the chart for August 18, 1923 — which was when the Green Bay Packers were established.

Tuesday, the Moon continues to cruise smoothly through Aquarius. Innovative thinking shared with others (networking) is highly favored this week, and we may see plenty more big ideas (including a bad judgement call by a confused ref) disrupting the status quo. One of those ideas could be yours — and hopefully in a good way. I’m already seeing the word “upend” on the NYT home page, along with the startling revelation that a place billed as the center of the earth actually isn’t.

Why can we expect these disruptions? Look to continued fallout from mental Mercury (travel, thought, communication) being challenged by the Mother of All Planetary Patterns (the square between rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto) last week. Add to this the upcoming challenge to the Sun AND Moon by said Mother of All Planetary Patterns on the Full Moon that happens at 11:19PM ET this Saturday. Examples of potential storylines: accidents and aviation and — let us not forget — China, which is all over the news with riots at Foxconn (one of Apple’s suppliers), territory disputes with Japan and more. China is “hot” right now as its Sun at 7 Libra is under pressure from the M.A.P.P. (see above). You’re hot too, if you were born a couple of days before or after March 28th, June 28th, September 28th and December 28th. Thinking about empowerment and/or emancipation lately? What are you doing about it?


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 9/20/2012: The Missing Link

It is Thursday night in Tokyo, and for those of you who have not yet lived through Thursday, I am pleased to report that it was a wonderful day.

: )

But seriously folks…

Moon is void of course between 9 :11AM and 12:34PM, suggesting a slow start or twist may be in your cards this morning. After that, Moon enters high-flying Sagittarius, likely lifting spirits and diffusing the intensity of the last couple of days with Moon in moody Scorpio. Hooray! Use the energy of this fiery Moon to broaden your horizons, expand your mind, state your opinion and/or take a gamble or a gambol. I will be gamboling around Tokyo, broadening my mind…

Meanwhile, here is the correct link to the article about the status quo-disrupting news of evidence alleging that Jesus Christ may well have been married to Mary Madgalene, with apologies for the confusion….

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 9/19/2012: This Time, It Really IS Wednesday

Feeling a little moody today? Moon in controlling Scorpio can be experienced that way, especially when Pluto (the planetary ruler of Scorpio) is changing direction. If you’re feeling a bit shaken and stirred by whatever recent revelations have hit you during the past couple of days, you could point your finger in Pluto’s direction. Then you could point your finger at mental Mercury, which is fast approaching an exact challenge to the big Pluto-Uranus square, which is exact today (assuming I really am writing a forecast for Wednesday, even though it is already Wednesday in Tokyo).  These are highly charged shifts which have no problem kicking up dust some may have hoped no one would ever notice. Just ask Mitt Romney, whose secretly taped remarks (“secret” is so very Pluto) about 47% of the US population have been stirring and shaking up all kinds of buzz. Did we just get a piercing view of the rose-colored, bewildering fog that has surrounded Mr. Romney ever since nebulous Neptune began a challenging square to the area of his horoscope related to personal projection?  Even conservative columnist David Brooks is confused by the lack of connection to reality.

Meanwhile, efforts to disrupt the status quo continued as Occupy Wall Street as celebrated the movement’s one year anniversary. But the biggest potential disruption suggested by today’s planetary patterns is this revelation: an ancient text that appears to suggest that Jesus was married.

Along with the shake-ups and revelations today is the potential to let your spirits be lifted by an exuberant and supportive connection between loving Venus and jolly Jupiter, which is exact on Thursday.  Enjoy it now, and let you carry you through the rest of the week.








Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 9/18/2012: Pluto Goes Direct

A serious, sober or otherwise ambitious tone gets the day started on the East Coast, as the relationship-oriented Libra Moon meets up with stern Saturn at 7:30AM ET, then promptly goes void-of-course. What twist might you experience in your morning routine?

Depth and focus intensify when the Moon enters Scorpio. In Scorpio, this suggests a need to use knowledge for the sake of gaining power and control. And what is the planet most closely associated with Scorpio? Ruthless Pluto. And what’s up with Pluto today? It is turning direct and getting ready for its second square (challenge) to rebel Uranus. All you have to do is glance at the headlines for examples of the disruption of the status quo and shift in perspective this big square can bring, with power being a big theme:  Occupy Wall Street is back, as we knew it would be — and what perfect timing. Violent protests against the US (allegedly in response to an inflammatory video) continue to spread in the Middle East. Protests against Japan continue in China. A story about NASA’s efforts to develop warp drive (a la Star Trek) just crossed the wires — that would be some breakthrough! In Myanmar, over 500 alleged political prisoners are being freed.

You get the idea. In your own personal world, unless you are actually caught up in a volatile protest, this may feel like just another day. In the grand scheme of things, big consequences and shifts are likely to come from the events happening now. And just think — you are here to see it all happen….












Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 9/17/2012: Power and Freedom

Ohaiyo gozaimas from Japan! I’m not sure what time it is anymore, having flown halfway around the world in the past 36 hours…but let’s write a forecast for Monday (ET) anyway.. : )

Moon entered Libra Sunday at 8:55AM, suggesting a focus on the quality of relationships, perhaps inspiring us to connect in  pleasing, gracious ways. Although, with rebel Uranus and take-no-prisoners Pluto challenging the Moon between 8-9PM ET Sunday night (which is any minute, from where I am typing in the early morning hours of Tokyo), some of us may have a few upsets to the status quo in our engagement with others. And this upset may be experienced as negative or positive.

Mercury changes sign Sunday night at 7:22PM ET, moving from persnickety Virgo to Libra, which is inclined to a more rational debate about big issues, not so much concerned with the petty details. Whenever planets change signs, it can take a day or two for our brains to make the adjustment, so be patient with your thinking and communication processes.

Lunar aspects on Monday are sweet and optimistic — a nice way to start the New Year, if you are observing one. L’shanna tova! That’s good news in your own personal world. On a global scale, however, there is plenty of turbulence and power issues to had all this week — as noted here in prior forecasts. Why? Ruthless Pluto turns direct at 1:05AM ET Tuesday, forcing power issues to the surface, much like a volcano that simply can’t be contained any longer. And the second of the seven Uranus-Pluto squares is exact on the 19th at 2:55AM ET — right on China’s Sun at 7 Libra (also as previously noted). One manifestation of this pattern can be seen in the protests that are happening in China over a territory dispute with Japan. Stay tuned for further developments on this story, as well as the ongoing protests in the Middle East against the U.S..

While Pluto and Uranus together certainly suggest breakdowns…but they also suggest breakthroughs, like this nifty piece about scientists now able to regenerate (a Pluto theme) organs from a patient’s own cells. For better or for worse, you are feeling the intense Pluto-Uranus action more if you were born around the 29th of December, March, June and September…or if you have a planet or angle around 7 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

Voids for the week: Tuesday, Sept 18 from 7:30AM – 10:46AM ET; Thursday the 20th from 9:11AM – 12:34AM ET.