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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 3/29/2013 & the Weekend: Deep Thoughts

Another day with an interesting dichotomy. On the one hand, we have the potential for big optimistic ideas and communication, based on intuition, delusion or whatever buzz is in the air and quite possibly acted on impulsively. Why? Because mental Mercury is challenged by expansive, cosmic sugar daddy Jupiter at 12:56PM ET.  And we’ll have fallout from yesterday’s wildly electric hook-up among rebel Uranus, Sun and Venus (money, art, women) in pioneering Aries. How about those U.S. stock markets yesterday, huh? Pretty darned optimistic, given that they hit another record high.  A market master proclaims the signals the market is sending are “unusual”. Ya think?

On the other hand, the Scorpio Moon offers a dose of skepticism and demands for investigative research, focus and control, as it meets up with stern Saturn at 2:13PM ET. If your agenda includes digging up dirt, organizing facts and otherwise cutting to the chase, today’s planetary patterns can support you. Take a long cathartic break at 4:25PM ET when the Moon goes void of course until 11:13PM ET on SATURDAY. Remember the void rules: resist the urge to make impulse purchases; root for the underdog; be patient with whatever twists you may encounter in your efforts to move purposefully forward in a straight line and chill, baby, chill.

Important Safety Tip: be especially mindful of the potential for emotional overkill, power plays and witchy-bitchy women from late Friday until early Sunday, as ruthless Pluto in Capricorn will challenge Venus in Aries. The sign of the Ram is a tough placement for Venus, often suggesting a consummate flirt with an overwhelming need for approval and great sensitivity to rejection. On the plus side, this aspect can also suggest passion of the juiciest kind…

Sunday’s Moon in Sagittarius (sign of the philosopher-clown) is bright and bouncy, ready for a gamble or a gambol. Once it clears the aforementioned Venus-Pluto square at 6:10AM ET, you are free to broaden your horizons. Have an opinionated debate. Take in a show. Get outside. Whatever feathers that were ruffled in the wee hours may be stroked by noon when jolly Jupiter engages in an communicative, delightful and indulgent connection with Venus.

Sunday night ends with a potential rumble, power play or transformation as the fiery Aries Sun is squared by potent Pluto. News from underground, including covert efforts to assert control are likely to hit the headlines — and have been hitting them all week. Appreciation to the avid reader who sent in this covert effort, a.k.a. a little provision dubbed “The Monsanto Protection Act” that was allegedly “slipped” into a spending bill signed into law a few days ago by President Obama. How to put such a story into a simple astro-logical context is a complicated question, but I will try: efforts made by the Established Order to control resources (Pluto in Capricorn, aided and abetted by Saturn in Scorpio). I imagine it will take a quantum leap of awareness, much as we saw this week with the outpouring of support for marriage equality, to turn this tide. Hmmm….rebel Uranus is in fearless Aries and challenging Pluto in Capricorn for the next two years. Quantum leap, eh? It could happen…

And now, some more deep thoughts, presented by the legendary Jack Handey.

Have a Happy Easter!

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 3/28/2013: Fiercely Independent (With a Twist)

I don’t know about you, but my phone was ringing off the hook yesterday…right up until 2PM, when the super-charged Full Moon in Libra went void of course, with a sigh…as if all the air had gone out of the sails. At a small dinner party last night, three longtime friends had barely enough energy to best a group of toadstools in a debate, had a group of toadstools been there to participate. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Today’s Moon continues to wander through relationship-oriented Libra, not to enter moody bastard Scorpio until 8:54PM ET, where it will demand depth and substance…or else. Until then, the day is driven first by a sober, constructive connection between mental Mercury and disciplined Saturn, which is helpful for weighing the pros and cons it is suggested the Libra Moon may present. Sun, Venus and rebel Uranus in pioneering Aries suggests strong idealism, independence and innovation in Venus-ruled areas (women, art, money, social expression), plus a buzz in Uranus-ruled domains such as aviation and technology.

In your own personal world, stick to what is routine, creative or restful and be patient with whatever weirdness the void brings to the table. Note the potential for sudden attractions to an aesthetic that is decidedly unconventional. Attractions noted while the Moon is void may be weird and of no consequence, but those encountered when the Moon is engaged in Scorpio after 8:54PM ET might stick. Happy hour, anyone?  Maybe you’ll meet someone with 8 -11 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn prominent in their horoscope. They’re hot!

In the news, one story that seems perfectly timed, given the above planetary patterns, was the announcement on morning TV that Jenna Wolfe (of NBC’s Today) and her partner, foreign correspondent Stephanie Gosk, are expecting a baby later this year. Certainly the arguments presented before the Supreme Court on the subject of DOMA (a.k.a. the Defense of Marriage Act) are in synch with said patterns, and here’s the back story on the New York woman who brought this case to court.

Meanwhile, capturing the combative potential of aggressive Mars triggering the Uranus-Pluto square is this item about the “biggest cyber-attack in history” which apparently has impacted the entire web. On the plus side, pioneering Mars in Aries triggered this amazing story about innovations (Uranus) in the energy (Pluto) industry: behold the power of cows (a must-must read)! Compare the cow story to this infuriating “news from underground” — in this case, the destruction of precious water resources by the short-term thinkers in the fossil-fuel business, and….OMG…what is this soapbox I’m suddenly standing on?!

Have a wonderful day!

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 3/27/2013: Full Moon in Aries

Writing this shortly after the exact square between Mars and Pluto (11:44PM ET on Tuesday),  suggesting “news from underground”. Not surprisingly, an earthquake in Taiwan just made headlines. Not a monster one, mind you, but still…and here’s an article about earthquakes in The Netherlands, caused by the natural gas industry.

This volatile day kicks off with the Full Moon in Libra opposing the Aries Sun at 5:27AM ET, putting relationship issues in the spotlight. Fairness, equality, the letter of the law — all that jazz. A surprise jolt, revelation or other disruption of the status quo (especially demands for independence) is due around 8:05AM ET, as rebel Uranus opposes the balance-seeking Moon. But wait, there’s more: a jolly trine to Moon from Jupiter expands the fullness of emotions already heightened, and minutes later, that Moon is sorely challenged by combative contact from ruthless Pluto and aggressive Mars at 1:27PM ET and 2:17PM ET, respectively. Curb your temper and duck if someone wants to pick a fight; passions are running high, especially for those with planets between 8 and 11 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  Otherwise, you can make your case with great conviction, especially if you do so before the Moon goes void at 2:14PM ET.

In the void, debate over what’s fair and just may well continue. As reported earlier, Moon will be void until 8:54PM ET on THURSDAY. Chill and roll with whatever twists crop up. Learn to be patient. There’s still a lot going on that is building to a release tomorow — and we’re already seeing events in the headlines today. For example, on Thursday, Venus (art, women, finance) in pioneering Aries, meets up with the Aries Sun and ground-breaking Uranus, suggesting self-absorbed idealism and also unconventional attractions, relationships and shake-ups in the financial and aesthetic sectors. Tuesday’s headlines included a woman being nominated to head the Secret Service (a first); an outrageous fine art purchase by a hedge fund manager whose company was recently fined over $600 million, apparently without impacting said manager’s standard of living; and Panera announcing a “pay what you want” pricing system in some of its stores.  Innovative! Another startling headline: “BRICS Nations Plan New Bank to Bypass IMF, World Bank” is sure to shake up the status quo (with thanks to the avid reader who sent that in).

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the gripping arguments presented to the SCOTUS yesterday and today (highlights and audio are here — and they really are gripping), a court in Italy overturned the acquittal of Amanda Knox, and ordered a new trial. Shocking! When Knox’s horoscope was discussed in this forecast a couple of years ago, I did note that right about now, rebel Uranus, ruler of her 10th house (career/public status) would square her Mercury (communication, mindset), which rules her Gemini Ascendant and her 5th house of creative self-expression. Seemed like a perfect time for Ms. Knox to publish a book (due out on April 30th). But as we saw in Matt Lauer’s horoscope last week, Uranus transits can be unpredictable and stunning. They disrupt the status quo! Looking at her horoscope again, it is also clear that stern Saturn (ruling Knox’s 9th house — the law) is also challenging the area of her horoscope related to public status, as well as ruthless Pluto. Saturn-Pluto transits are usually difficult, and this one is in effect for Ms. Knox until fall.

Regarding the Defense of Marriage Act, which is the headline event at the Supreme Court today. President Bill Clinton signed this bill into law (read about that here) at 12:50AM on September 21, 1996 in Washington, DC. The chart for DOMA is amazing because it is so clear that it would be prominently in the public eye at this time, and so ready for change! No time to get into the details, at 648 words and counting — but if you’re a student of astrology, take a look at it.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 3/26/2013: Order in the Court

Chag Pesach Semeach!

Such an appropriate week to be celebrating liberation from slavery, given the focus on freedom and independence in current planetary patterns. Even the Obamas hosted a seder, which apparently they’ve done every year since 2008. Who knew?

As reported yesterday, there are no lunar aspects today. Moon is still in Virgo and still void. Does your desk need to be cleaned? Got a closet that needs to be organized? Such tasks can be richly rewarding, and there’s plenty of high-octane energy to attack such projects, with willful Mars in a supportive connection with expansive Jupiter, exact at 6:27AM ET. An early morning workout isn’t a bad idea, either. Really, find a constructive way to blow off some steam.

With the Moon waxing full,  so are emotions.In Virgo, the need to be correct is paramount. Who’s finding fault with you now? Try not to take it personally,  and choose your battles verrrrry carefully. If you’re really on the side of the angels, stand your ground and push for a breakthrough. If not, let it go. Many will be noticing more than the usual stress in relationships this week. See yesterday’s forecast for those most likely to be affected.

Moon enters Libra at 5:32PM ET, shifting the focus from perfection to fairness and integrity in relationship…which could be a challenge, given ruthless Pluto squaring aggressive Mars just before midnight ET. Well, at least you will know where you stand…


All of the above make an intriguing backdrop for two major cases to be argued before the Supreme Court today and tomorrow — both involving freedom and equality in relationship; i.e. same-sex marriage. Here’s a historical perspective on the issue — and you’ll note that the article gives 1969 as the start of the gay rights movement. Yes, 1969 — shortly after the Uranus-Pluto conjunction that reflected so much revolution around the globe…and here we are now, with the Uranus-Pluto square.  Astro-logical patterns suggest this is the time to move forward, not backward.

While many are saying that Justice Kennedy will be the decisive vote in a possible 5-4 decision, Justice Antonin Scalia has also been getting press, as some wonder how he will behave as the arguments are presented. Scalia’s horoscope is under pressure  from Mars and the Uranus-Pluto square — specifically, a point that refers to dealings with the public (and how he needs to evolve in this lifetime). Still another point that refers to the potential for combat in relationships is highlighted this week, as follows: “energy helping or upsetting relationship; sexual awareness in partnership; drive for fulfillment” (astrologer Noel Tyl, describing aggressive Mars on the Sun/Moon midpoint). Coincidence or conspiracy?

Meanwhile, an avid reader shared a surreal conversation that happened yesterday, during the Moon void. And you wonder why people ask “Is Mercury retrograde?” during voids…

Calling AT&T tech support this morning, including half hour of hold time…
Me: “Good morning, one of our tv receivers seems to be broken, making a loud buzzing sound and picture is freezing.”
AT&T: “Are you calling about your phone, internet or tv?”
Me: “(see above)”
AT&T: “What seems to be the problem?”
Me: “(see above)”
AT&T: “Your receiver appears to be broken.”
Me: “!”
AT&T: “Please return it in the box provided within 10 days.”
Me: “What box?”
AT&T: “The box the new one comes in. You will be receiving this in 24-48 days.”
Me: “Days?”
AT&T: “Yes, 24-48 hours. Thank you for calling AT&T.”

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 3/25/2013: Sneak Peek at the Fiery, Feisty Week

There’s an interesting dichotomy in planetary patterns this week. On the one hand, four planets — Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus — are blazing ahead in feisty, impulsive, inspiring and impatient Aries. Over the next several days, they will be making contact with the rest of their planetary pals in ways which are likely to be experienced as startling/shocking, power-packed, expansive, unconventional and sometime ruthless. The continuing saga of the banking crisis in Cyprus — the latest of a never-ending string of banking crises — is but one example of shocks we may see to the system.

I’ve noticed more sirens than usual here in New York over the past few days. Also many people shouting into their cell phones as they stomp down the street. The taxi on fire last Friday in front of the Hilton was certainly impressive. Be super nice to those born this week, as well as those born during the last week of June, September and November. They are feeling the power surge more than most.

But while the rest of the planets are symbolically bouncing off each other like pinballs, the Moon will be void-0f-course & wandering aimlessly through the cosmos for most of the week, suggesting  much of the action we see may be “all for naught” or much ado about nothing. Here’s the VOC schedule:

Monday 8:45 AM ET – 5:32 PM ET on TUESDAY; Wednesday 2:14PM ET until 8:54PM ET THURSDAY; Friday 4:25PM ET until 11:13PM ET SATURDAY; we’ve got all-day voids on April 1st & 3rd, too.

Monday morning starts off with a burst of organizational energy that is driven to perfection, courtesy of the Moon in meticulous Virgo. Transformation, resources and power plays are themes that will carry through the rest of the day, as Moon goes void at 8:45AM ET on a supportive contact from potent Pluto. The void suggests we find ways to chill, and my big plan is to put together a bookcase that is being delivered, so I can organize my ever-expanding collection of astrology books.

Meanwhile, aggressive Mars in Aries likely has another agenda. The Warrior Planet will touch base with expansive Jupiter at 6:27AM ET on Tuesday, which suggests a healthy does of physical energy for you to expend. A still greater release may arrive around or before 11:44PM ET on Tuesday, as Mars makes a provocative challenge to ruthless Pluto.  Really, this is not the time to pick a fight. Mars-Pluto challenges can be brutal. If you must perform a feat requiring extreme effort — like run a marathon — they can be quite helpful. They are also helpful for a forceful expression of will — but not necessarily pleasant for those on the receiving end. Watch the headlines for stories of saber-rattling and other demonstrations of force. News from underground is also to be expected.

Back to you in the studio…

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 3/22/2013 & The Weekend: Fiery, Festive & Matt Lauer, Too.

Party on, dude and mind the fireworks. Moon entered fun-loving Leo as of 2:50AM ET; a jolly good time can be had in the most regal way from now through part of Sunday. Just be aware that the mood has changed dramatically since Monday, with Sun and Venus now in me-me-me Aries, The compassion and empathy of the past month’s pile-up of planets in Pisces is being replaced by the falling down stairs because it’s faster than walking,  “my way or the highway” Aries approach. You got a problem with that?

Mars and rebel Uranus join forces in this most RAMbunctious sign at 2:17PM ET, likely triggering outbursts of energy and revelations which may take the form of scientific/tech breakthroughs, seismic activity, accidents and temper tantrums. Watch the headlines for things like this mind-blowing quantum computer and this  supercool picture of the internet, which apparently required the breaking of thousands of boundaries in order to be made. How do you get an Aries to do something? Tell them it just can’t be done. Ha!

The Leo Moon, with its energy for drama and recognition is beautifully supported all through the day. How will you use it to shine — and allow others to shine, too? Not until 11:28PM ET does it go void on a potentially chilly connection with stern Saturn. How dare they rain on your parade?

Moon is void all day on Saturday — perfect for a long rest; not perfect at all for impulsive shopping purchases. Not until 11:49AM ET on Sunday does the Moon enter perfectionist Virgo, putting things back in order from whatever partying was going on.  Then get ready for another TWO DAYS of Moon void-ness, as of 8:45AM ET Monday through 5:32PM ET on TUESDAY. Those of you taking vacation time for Passover, Good Friday & Easter are so in tune with the cosmos….

And now the news. First, a correction to yesterday’s forecast, written during a pesky Moon void, in which I incorrectly referenced a chart calculated for the euro on January 1, 0199 instead of 1999. D’oh! I apologize for the error and any confusion caused. Fortunately, the shake-ups and transformation suggested by ruthless Pluto and rebel Uranus hitting the euro’s Sun at 10 Capricorn still apply. In fact, any person, place or thing that came into being around Dec 30 – Jan 2 of any year is up for empowerment, emancipation and/or a disruption to the status quo that’s been in process for a couple of years and will likely continue into 2014.  Same goes for those born around Mar 29 – Apr 2, Jun 29 – July 2 and Sep 29 to Oct 2.

Take Matt Lauer, for example. Here’s his horoscope, calculated for noon, as the birth time is unknown. Born on December 30th, 1957, he has Sun at 8 degrees of Capricorn, and first written about in this forecast back in 2011, when there were rumblings that he might not renew his contract when it expired at the end of 2012. With Pluto and Uranus poised to connect with the Sun, issues of power and freedom, and a change of status were clearly suggested at that time. If he hadn’t stayed on at Today, he would have been on to something else perhaps more personally empowering or freeing. Really, a change of course seemed astro-logical.

As it turned out, Lauer did not leave. A demand for an approximately 50% pay raise to 25 million dollars a year was met. Empowering — and how fulfilling, perhaps, for Lauer’s Moon in Aries, which needs to know it is Number One. He stayed on at Today. And then it appears he was involved in a power play (Pluto!) last year when former co-host Ann Curry was ungraciously shown the door. And viewers did not like seeing Ann Curry in tears as they were sipping their morning coffee. This power play appears to have backfired.

Fast forward to December of 2012, on the third hit of Pluto to Lauer’s Sun, and viewers now blame him for pushing Curry out. Ratings have fallen. He is no longer Number One (ouch!). As unpredictable Uranus is about to challenge Lauer’s Sun, his status has clearly been disrupted. And these two planets are not done with him yet. They will continue to put pressure on Lauer to make changes that will — if embraced — ideally lead to real empowerment and freedom. There is now talk of him replacing Alex Trebek as the host of Jeopardy! when his Today contract expires in 2015.  To be continued…

Do you have Pluto and Uranus dancing on a major planet or angle in your horoscope? This is a time for big changes. Be prepared! Consult your local astrologer for further details.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 3/21/2013: Mind the Void!

All dressed up with no place to go? We’ve got three planets in feisty, rush-to-action Aries (Sun, Mars & Uranus), suggesting the need to initiate is strong. And yet the Moon is still void-of-course in Cancer, suggesting that whatever is initiated will likely be of no consequence. And that if a crisis erupts, it will likely be much ado about nothing.

Quick clarification on voids, thanks to an email from an avid reader. Yesterday I wrote that they can function like a mini-Mercury retrograde. I meant to write that they can  feel like a mini-Mercury retrograde, and I say this because I can’t tell you how many times my colleagues at the office will ask me if Mercury is retrograde during a Moon void. Perhaps because the office I’m usually in is a TV news network, a fast-paced, moving straight-ahead environment with tight deadlines & no option of not shipping just because an astro-logical phenomenon suggests you take a break. And when you are pushing to move forward with something new(s), the lack of cooperating lunar energy is noticeable.

To clarify the difference between how retrograde planets and Moon voids function: retrograde planets function by appearing to move backwards. Moon voids do not move backwards; though sometime they feel as if they are going in circles. Or absolutely nowhere. Or wandering wherever. On some detour.  Like, my writing all this about voids instead of talking about the news, which is what I said I was going to do in yesterday’s forecast. Not that it matters, because this forecast is shipping late, and many of you may not read it. So all my efforts to clarify are likely for naught. Moon is void-of-course. I rest my case.

On a day with Moon in homeland security-conscious Cancer, this declassified list of global threats facing the U.S. just crossed my desk, in case you had no homeland security issues to worry about. It was published on March 12, when warrior Mars and the Moon were in Aries at the Aries Point (discussed yesterday). This is certainly appropriate timing for a report that cites likely causes of strife.  It is interesting to see it being circulated on the web today, with Sun and Venus now at the Aries Point, too.

Have you been following the banking brouhaha in Cyprus? Lawmakers rejected the notion of imposing a tax on bank deposits as a means or securing a bailout from international lenders.  Banks are closed; customers are lining up at ATMs and now the there are threats of pushing Cyprus out of the euro zone. This uncertainty is now reflected in the markets. What’s going on, astro-logically?

The horoscope for Cyprus suggests imminent stress and hard work required against a terrible threat of loss, focused on issues involving other peoples’ money. Glance at the horoscope for one second you’ll see stern/fearful Saturn at 12 Capricorn in the 8th house (other peoples’ money), about to be hit by transiting Uranus (shake-ups) at 12 Aries and Pluto (transformation, empowerment or destruction) eventually getting to 12 Capricorn in 2014. Aspects between Saturn and Uranus often present opportunities for a different approach; Saturn-Pluto connections are just plain hard. Period.

Meanwhile, in the horoscope for the euro we see the Sun under stress from Uranus and Pluto The need for change is intense, and has been intense since both of these heavy planets have been putting pressure on the angles of this horoscope for a few years. So we can expect this period of stress to continue into 2014, which is how long it will take for these heavy planets to complete this transit cycle. Writing about this horoscope is proving to be a most excellent teachable moment on the perils of a Moon void and how it can feel like mini-Mercury retrogrades, as in the version sent out to my email subscribers at 1PM ET, I referenced a horoscope for the euro that was calculated in 0199, not 1999. D’oh!

Last but not least, a heads-up that aggressive Mars and rebel Uranus make an explosive connection Friday at 2:17PM ET. On the plus side, breakthroughs involving technology and space exploration can be expected, like this bit about the (explosive!) Big Bang Theory   and this bit about Voyager I entering new territory


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 3/20/2013: Happy Vernal Equinox!

Happy Vernal Equinox! Happy first day of Spring! Happy International Astrology Day! As of 7:02AM ET, Sun entered Aries, marking the beginning of a new astrological year. Courage, self-reliance, inspiration and a pioneering spirit are keywords for the Sun in Aries, sign of the ram — and the lamb.  In the Northern hemisphere (the birthplace of Western astrology), it is a time of renewal and rebirth — a chance to let go of old patterns and make a fresh start.

More on the equinox, but first let’s talk about the rest of this day, which is driven by the Moon in Cancer. This is a happy place for the Moon (it rules Cancer), as it seeks to express or find emotional security and sensitivity. The energy it provides is quite challenged today, however, which you may have noticed the minute you got out of bed. A provocative square between the sensitive Moon and willful Mars dominated the wee hours, followed by another square from rebel Uranus, the cosmic cattle prod. Electric!

This afternoon, stern Saturn seeks to stabilize all the buzz flying around, but at 2:01PM, potent Pluto opposes the Moon, suggesting an emotional catharsis or a power play. And on that note, the Moon goes void-of-course for a lonnnnnnnnnng drift, not to enter Leo (the next sign) until 2:50AM on FRIDAY. Regular readers of this forecast know that Moon voids are natural rest/brainstorming periods where creative endeavors can take odd, sometimes magical, twists. Moving forward purposefully in a straight line is often challenged by sudden detours, flakes and cancellations. Crises that crop up tend to be much ado about nothing — but that may not stop people from behaving as if the house is on fire. Roll with the twists and go with the flow and double check everything if you absolutely must hit “send”. I find that voids can feel like mini Mercury retrogrades, accompanied by communication snafus and lack of mental focus. I say this because I can’t tell you how many times someone will ask me if Mercury is retrograde when in fact the Moon is void of course. If you are free to wander, you can accomplish a lot.

OK, about the vernal equinox. Here’s what you need to know about the first day of any season from an astrological point of view. The first day of each season (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) corresponds with the first day (or first DEGREE) of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, respectively. Got that? Good. These four signs are called CARDINAL signs of the zodiac, with “cardinal” here suggesting (from the Latin root of the word), “that on which something turns or depends.”  Cardinal signs take ACTION. They INITIATE. Nothing happens without ACTION. And action leads to  NECESSARY CHANGE. As in a change of seasons — suggested by solstices and equinoxes. Clear?

The first day of a  season is prominent in our culture, right? We make a big deal over it — yes? So can you see that in astrology, we observe that PLANETS that are at the first degree of a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn), tend to pack a more powerful, prominent punch. They suggest ACTION which leads to CHANGE — prominently! The first degree of the cardinal signs is known as the ARIES POINT. Got that?

Mars was at the Aries Point last week, bringing pioneering initiatives and aggression to the forefront. Now we have Sun at the AP. Late tomorrow night, Venus will be at the Aries Point, too, bringing relationship issues (as I wrote last week), and also issues involving money, art and women to the top of your inbox. If you have a planet or angle at the Aries Point, you can expect that the energy of that planet will demand prominent expression in your life. Your friends and family — and perhaps the entire free world — will notice it. William Shatner was born with the Sun at 0 Aries. “To boldly go where no man has gone before”? I should think so — and the whole world knows him for playing that role.

Lots of news to cover — and since we will have a day with no exact planetary patterns tomorrow, I will devote that forecast to the headlines….stay tuned….

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 3/19/2013: The Last Day…

An indulgent overdose of empathy and information may greet you upon waking on both coasts, courtesy of the newsjunkie Gemini Moon being challenged by Venus (money, women, art, beauty) in soulful Pisces at 8:18AM ET. For better or worse, this sensory wave colors the First Quarter Moon at 1:27PM ET, which brings a challenge to the agenda set at the New Moon. What was that agenda, you ask? Something about bringing your actions in line with a higher authority; relying on your intuition to do what you know is right.

After a brief void at 1:27PM ET, Moon enters Cancer — somewhere around tea time on the East Coast — and is inclined to focus on issues of emotional security, home, family and nurturing. A home-cooked meal with close friends and family could do the trick.

This is the last day full day of the Sun in Pisces and the last day of the astro-logical year. Tomorrow marks the first day of Spring as the Sun enter Aries, a sign that believes fiercely in the promise of a new day and impossible dreams coming true. Onward!

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 3/18/2013: Sneak Peek At the Week & Other Stuff

No exact aspects among the planets today suggests relative calm before what is certain to be a busy, proactive next two weeks. Some of what we experience is likely to be quite disruptive or exciting, depending upon your point of view. The Moon is still in chatty Gemini, collecting and disseminating information as it may. Those are your marching orders for the start of the week.

Mercury is now officially direct as of 4:03PM ET Sunday — but give yourself a couple of days to adjust to the new forward thinking mode. And be mindful on the road!

Moon voids for the week (natural rest/brainstorming times, if you can swing it):

Tuesday 1:27pm ET – 2:55PM ET;

Wednesday 2:01PM ET until Friday 2:50AM ET;

Friday 11:28PM ET until Sunday 11:49AM ET

I guess we are going to need some down time to process the aforementioned excitement or disruption. First out of the gate is the Sun entering Aries on Wednesday, also known as the Vernal Equinox, first day of Spring and the first day of the astrological new year). On Thursday, Venus also enters Aries, so we should see some prominent relationship news hit the headlines. On Friday, warrior Mars meets up with rebel Uranus, suggesting technological breakthroughs and hopefully no major temper tantrums, accidents or other unpleasant outbursts. Still more excitement will arrive next week — stay tuned to this channel for continuing updates.

And now, the news.  First, thanks to the reader who sent in this important bulletin about a hockey team’s “Salute to Uranus” — a clever promotion for a game played on March 13th, which is the date Uranus was discovered by Sir William Herschel back in 1781:

The planetary ice giant Uranus will be the theme for the evening festivities which will include: trivia, contests, and the King of Uranus himself will be in attendance!

Oh, you fun-loving, adorable cheeseheads. Salute to Uranus…heh, heh, heh. Read the article and let’s invite the Milwaukee Admirals to a “Salute to Mercury Retrograde” — because it has been suggested that the planet pictured in the article is not Uranus. It’s Neptune. Oops. Heh, heh, heh…

Speaking of Uranus (pronounced “ooh –RAH– nuss”), here’s  an article about drones. They have been getting a ton of press in recent months. Why is that in line with planetary patterns? I hadn’t been thinking about it, but one of my colleagues, Dean Bensics, noted in a recent forum that with Uranus (technology & aviation) in Aries (warriors), it makes sense that we would see the rise of robot warriors, given that we have the technology to build them. Indeed. And apparently these drones could mean big business. Sigh.

Meanwhile, have you ever heard of Vatican II? An article with a most provocative headline about Pope Francis describes Vatican II as a period of major (progressive) reform that took place in the early 60s, when revolutionary Uranus and Pluto were conjunct. Who knew? (I did, but had forgotten about it). But of course it makes perfect sense, given current debate about the need for changes in the Catholic Church, etc., etc., and will this new Pope be the one that makes that happen. Astro-logically, we would expect that seeds of revolution that were planted in the 60s on that Uranus-Pluto conjunction are demanding focus and further advancement during current Uranus-Pluto square. We’re seeing this with civil rights; we’re seeing this with environmental issues, reproductive freedom issues, nuclear and other energy issues — hey — don’t forget the Higgs boson — and apparently, we’re seeing this in the Catholic Church. Fascinating! With thanks to astrologer Bill Herbst, who started writing about the Uranus-Pluto square ten years ago. Much of the history of this pattern I learned from studying his observations, so I can now share this wisdom with you.

OK – one more thing — on the lighter side. You know we had the Moon in Taurus on Friday and Saturday. And you know that Taurus needs to maintain stability and material comfort in order to feel secure. Generally speaking, Taurus does not like change! Here is a visual to help you understand Taurus: a Moon in Taurus dream apartment — one that hasn’t changed in 70 years. I’m in love with the wallpaper behind the stuffed ostrich…

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