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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 4/30/2013: Pushing the Boundaries

The only aspect today’s earthy, pro-active Capricorn Moon faces during business hours is a supportive connection to a well-placed Venus (women, social expression, money, art) at 4:05PM ET. Well, that is pleasant for social, material and sensual indulgences of a solid, status-conscious kind. Use it! Even more dynamic and resourceful is another supportive connection between the earthy Taurus Sun and potent Pluto, also in Capricorn (exact Wednesday), suggesting an easy consolidation or transformation of power, not unlike the story of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands gracefully abdicating the throne and handing the royal sceptre to her son, Prince Willem Alexander. What could possibly disrupt or frustrate your efforts to make things happen today?

How about a potentially militant opposition (exact Wednesday) between aggressive Mars in stubborn Taurus and karma cop Saturn in equally stubborn Scorpio? On the one hand, Mars-Saturn aspects can be awesome tools for those needing discipline, focus and military precision – and this is what you should be striving for. On the other hand, when hotheaded Mars collides with stern Saturn, the results can be chilly, even coldly calculating. And didn’t we just have another potential for karmic retribution, a reach for ambition or cold-hearted cuts when Saturn opposed the Sun on Sunday? Yes, we did…and for those of you born with a planet or angle between 6 and 8 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius or around the 30th of April, July, October and January, I can appreciate the sense of urgency you may be feeling in the midst of your current personal reality check right now.

Planetary patterns suggest rewards can come from persistent, patient and exceptionally resourceful in efforts this week. Leave no stone unturned. The only Moon void of significance is on Friday, between 12:24AM ET and 2:25pm ET. That’s when we’ll have a natural time out to chill. Otherwise, keep on truckin’.

So much news to report, much of it reflecting the nitty-gritty reality of Saturn in Scorpio  pulling focus, along with the never-ending disruption of the Uranus-Pluto square, which makes its third of seven hits on May 20th. What is rotten in Denmark today? We’d expect corruption to be exposed in nether regions of government, politics and some even more personal arenas, and Matt Taibbi’s latest Rolling Stone article does not disappoint. It is called “Everything is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever”.  Meanwhile, pundits continue to weigh in on the fantasy-destroying research of a 28 year grad student who discovered that data used to justify so-called “austerity” measures in Europe and the US was, frankly, a mess. Here’s Stephen Colbert interviewing said grad student. (thanks to the reader who sent that in). In other news, the collapse of a textile factory in Bangladesh continues to make headlines. In case you hadn’t heard, almost 400 workers were killed and the owner of the factory, which reportedly makes clothes for JC Penney, Bennetton and other Western retailers, was arrested. Thank you, Saturn in Scorpio, for revealing the true cost of “cheap”.

Nether regions were the subject of two provocative and thorough pieces about womens’ reproductive health. First, a must-read article about breast cancer; specifically the “feel-good” war against it. How many lives are really being saved and at whose expense (and profit)? And what about pelvic exams? Are they really effective? There is no topic too personal or gory for Saturn in Scorpio. Rape? Abortion? All continue to make headlines, and it is not a pretty picture. For temporary relief from the relentless intensity, may I suggest an adorable duckling chasing a cat (who just happens to be wearing a shark costume whilst riding a Roomba). With Saturn in Scorpio, of course it would be a shark — a creature that triggers one of our primal fears. Did someone say fear? Here’s an article about that, too — and how it relates to climate change….

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 4/29/2013: No Excuses

Today’s marching orders are simple. As of 8:21AM ET, the Moon enters proactive, practical Capricorn. Do your best to make things happen, and if all else fails, do your best. This enterprising vibe carries us through the end of April. How time flies…

Astro-logical Forecast for Saturday & Sunday 4/27-28/2013: What’s Eating You?

Oh, the relief of today’s Moon in fiery Sagittarius — as of 7:32AM ET — after two days of intensity in Scorpio. Randy and rowdy, Moon in Sag is up for a gamble or a gambol — whatever broadens horizons and expands minds. A need for respect for its righteous opinions is key to keeping a Sagittarius Moon content. Ramble in the park, explore a new neighborhood, read a provocative book — and tell the world what you think — sounds like a good day to me. The only exact aspect today is a square to the Moon from nebulous Neptune at 3:32PM ET, suggesting a need for a rose-colored vision to stimulate conversation. Or maybe today’s debates and headlines will have a special emphasis on idealism, sacrifice, spirituality, arts, drugs and other escapes.

The Sag Moon carries us through Sunday and it is mostly exuberant, with one caveat: a potentially heavy opposition between the comfort-seeking Taurus Sun and Saturn, the stern karma cop, in demanding Scorpio, exact at 8 degrees. You’ll feel the pressure to streamline and focus more than most if you were born around the 28th of April, July, October or January — and this is actually the second hit of a serious cycle of restructuring and/or ambition challenged that started in December of 2012. The third hit happens in September.

You are also feeling the pinch if you have a planet or angle around 6-10 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, and perhaps you would like to talk about it. Yea verily, nearly all of my clients in the past few months have had these degrees prominent in their horoscopes. With all Saturn transits, there is an urgency about a need to be more firmly established, which often requires letting go of many people and pursuits that no longer serve. There is also no escape.

In the news, I’ve been seeing plenty of stories about Taurus and Scorpio concerns. For Taurus, have you noticed how much has been written about food, lack of food, breakthroughs on how we process food and necessary changes in our diet? Part of these revelations I’d say are a reflection of the Uranus-Pluto square, as it approaches its third (of seven) exact hits on May 20th. You may recall that a revolution in diet and farming began in the mid-60s (think: organic farming, etc.) when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct; the square suggests a serious next step forward. Here’s a sampling of intriguing headlines: earlier this week I posted a piece about foods that cause inflammation & the relationship between bacteria and a healthy gut; now we see eggs being called out as a possible cause, too. Here’s an interesting bit about farmers, resources, discrimination (and possible fraud). Here’s a follow-up on that massive fatal explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant that occurred within minutes of the volatile Sun-Mars conjunction in Aries on April 17th in which a probable cause of the explosion should surprise no one.

Plenty more to talk about, but I have horoscopes to prepare. Have a wonderful weekend and be advised that there is no Moon void to detour your efforts on Monday (at least not in the US) — so be prepared to hit the ground running.



Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/26/2013: Postcards from the Sparkly Void

An indulgent opposition between Venus (art, women, money, social expression) in sensual, material-security seeking Taurus and the Moon in depth-seeking Scorpio sets the tone for the day at 4:56AM ET. What is mine, what is yours and what is ours, already? And how stubbornly fixated are we going to be about it? 4:56AM ET is also when the Moon goes void-of-course until 7:32AM ET on Saturday, suggesting that efforts to move forward a straight line may be thwarted by twists…or perhaps a wandering sense of meh. Chill if you can, and take care of what is routine…or let your mind wander further in a pixie dust-sprinkled creative or spiritual effort, aided and abetted by a communicative connection between aggressive Mars, softened by nebulous Neptune — exact at 9:47PM ET. Did someone say pixie dust? Here’s a story about young British royals having a perfectly magical day of charity at the film studios where “Harry Potter” was made —  posted less than an hour ago. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Yea verily, it could be a fine evening for music..and definitely perfect for starting the weekend early.

I’ll write later on the rest of the weekend and fill you in on the news…there’s a lot of it…and most of it aligned with the never-ending status quo-disrupting, corruption-exposing Uranus-Pluto square….stay tuned…

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 4/25/2013: Full Moon & Eclipse in Scorpio

With Moon no longer void of course, and in Scorpio as of 6:25AM ET, this day is ON. Knowledge gained for the sake of power and control; being seen as a person of depth and substance are Scorpio needs we’ll likely see reflected in the world around us today. A combative contact between aggressive Mars in stubborn, possessive Taurus and the equally stubborn and possessive Scorpio Moon at 12:52PM ET suggests a  feisty standoff, frosted with a rosy-colored idealistic fog. Blame nebulous Neptune for sticking its nose in between Mars, Sun and Moon this week. Do you have a vision — artistic, spiritual or healing — or are you just plain delusional? Hopefully it’s the former, and if so, this is a time to use the practical earthy energy of Taurus to give your vision form.

Emotions are waxing full and run deep, as suggested by the Full Moon at 3:57PM ET. This Full Moon is also a partial lunar eclipse — not as intense as a total eclipse, but still significant. A eclipse suggests a bottleneck of energy. Light flowing from the Sun or Moon is temporarily interrupted, focusing attention on the interrupted point and allowing something new and possibly fragile to enter the picture and grow. And here I would be thinking of Michael, the kindhearted policeman in the storybook Make Way for Ducklings, who stopped the flow of traffic on Beacon Street so Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and their brood of eight could safely make their way to the Boston Public Garden.

Of course while traffic is stopped, it’s also backing up…and when it flows again, it’s possible that some drivers may hit the gas a little too hard — and wham! — there’s a sudden release of the bottlenecked energy.  If you have a planet or point at the degree of an exceptionally potent eclipse, you may feel the effects of the release of the bottleneck for months afterward — sometimes even years. And here I would be thinking of Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks and (former) Congressman Anthony Weiner, who all have a major point or planet at 11 degrees of Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and/or Sagittarius, which was impacted by June 2011’s solar eclipse at 11 Gemini. Remember what happened to them that year? Might they have been a little eclipsed?

The release period for this eclipse is four and half months. Wherever the eclipse falls in your horoscope is where you can expect a bottleneck, followed by a release of energy,  which may be accompanied by an emotional catharsis. Eclipses highlight an area of life where something needs to be brought to a close, so something new can be brought to light. That can be a very good thing! So look for 6 degrees of  Taurus/6 Scorpio in your chart and take note of the house which contains it. That’s the area of your life where something needs to be released, especially if you have a planet or angle around 6 Taurus, 6 Leo, 6 Scorpio or 6 Aquarius.

The opposition between the Taurus Sun and the Scorpio Moon suggests a conflict between the ability to preserve the status quo for the sake of material comfort and the need for greater depth and substance in our values and joint ventures, including relationships. Dare to go there, despite the discomfort — so that old patterns can be released. With stern Saturn and proactive Mars involved in this conflict, some may be quite militant about what absolutely, positively needs to go. On the plus side, discipline and resourcefulness are yours for the asking.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are “A bridge being built across a gorge” (6 Taurus) and “A gold rush” (6 Scorpio). Wow. Such promise of reward for constructive efforts – as in, bridging a gap or crossing a river — driven by a rush or excitement. In your own personal world, Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee suggests “finding ways to the other side; bridging difficulties; tying caution and excitement together in productive ways”. Consider situations that may be “water under the bridge” or “crossing the bridge when one comes to it”

The day ends on a serious note as the Scorpio Moon meets up with karma cop Saturn at 8:17PM ET. Hopefully you’ll have gotten it off your desk by then, as the Moon will be void all day tomorrow.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 4/24/2013: Creative Empowerment

The cerebral Libra Moon goes void-of-course at 8:12AM ET, on a charged connection with mental Mercury in feisty Aries. Could be a day marked by persuasive arguments, even if the only person you’re talking to is yourself. A extra dose of optimism is also suggested by a lovely connection to the Moon from expansive Jupiter at 7:13AM. This void day may feel less “meh” than other voids, given two other patterns noted below…but twists in your efforts to move forward in a straight line may still crop up. Go with the flow.

Creativity and empowerment — particularly the kind that gives ideas material form – is one potential of today’s easy connection between Venus (women, arts, money, social expression) in Taurus (things and values that provide material comfort and security) and potent Pluto. Deeper connections in relationship — those that are emotionally juicy and transforming — are also suggested. Maybe even a new vision — or a healing, too — which is supported by a communicative connection between the earthy Taurus Sun and empathic Neptune in sensitive Pisces.

Given this planetary palette, I was delighted to see this front page story about an 11-year-old girl who’s making waves with a thoroughly engaging science show on YouTube. It’s fun; it’s creative; it’s empowering — and what would you expect from something called Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Mini-Maker Show? May it brighten your day and inspire you to brainstorm and give your ideas form…which is what the current concentration of planets in Taurus (Sun, Venus & Mars) is all about. And when the Moon waxes Full in Scorpio tomorrow, we’ll see if those ideas have substance.




Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 4/23/2013: A Healthy Balance

One day on; one day off — that’s the pattern this week. And once the Moon gets into gear in Libra at 3:25AM ET, this day is ON.  Always one for seeing both sides of a debate and fond of rational discourse, this people-pleasing Libra Moon suggests a need to focus on integrity in relationship. Expansive, generous and inspirational ideas and communication is supported by a cooperative connection between mental Mercury in Aries and jolly Jupiter in Gemini.

This all sounds lovely for seeking peace and balance, with one caveat: the Libra Moon makes contact with the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square this evening (exact at 8:37PM ET and 11:25PM ET), suggesting the peace may be challenged by a sudden shock, revelation or power play. As I have written in prior forecasts, we can expect this jolt every week for the next two years, whenever the Moon is in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

How can we handle periods of stress when it may feel like things are falling apart? For sage advice on this very subject, here’s a link to a lengthy but valuable excerpt from spiritual teacher Pema Chodron‘s book, appropriately titled: When Things Fall Apart.

In other news, during yesterday’s Moon in Virgo, a sign associated with the gut and other health issues, this  eye-opening article about probable cause and potential solutions showed up on my Facebock feed. The corollary to this piece would be this: a 14-year-old fast-food hamburger that’s been making the news, most recently on the TV shows, The Doctors. What’s for lunch?




Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 4/22/2013: Sneak Peek at the Week

As reported on Friday, the perfection-seeking Virgo Moon will be void-of-course as of 2:02AM ET on Monday, not to enter Libra until 3:25AM ET on Tuesday.Take care of what is routine, chill, meditate, cogitate — but refrain from shipping if you can. Roll with whatever twists may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line; exercise patience even though it may feel like the day is not in gear.  And note the voids for the rest of the week:  Wednesday 8:12AM ET until Thursday 6:25AM ET; Friday 4:56AM ET until Saturday at 7:32AM ET. Apparently the cosmos thinks we all need these long breaks after last week’s intensity — and certainly we may need one after Thursday’s Full Moon/Eclipse in moody bastard Scorpio. Well, I did say the shift of planets from fiery Aries to earthy Taurus would likely slow things down.

That being said, there are a few lovely aspects this week to facilitate creative inspiration, soulful healing and music to soothe the savage breast, courtesy of a communicative connection between mental Mercury and jolly Jupiter on Tuesday, as well as two hits to the Taurus Sun and Mars (also in Taurus) from rose-colored Neptune on Wednesday and Friday, respectively. More on those as the week progresses. Meanwhile, there’s a lot of news to discuss…

First, a number of stories reflecting ruthless power plays involving information, suggested by Sunday’s square between mental Mercury and potent Pluto. The Koch brothers are allegedly exploring the acquisition of eight regional newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. Meanwhile, a 28-year-old grad student shakes the “intellectual foundation of the global austerity movement”  when he discovers the data used by said proponents is, um…like…faulty. Even so, in Denmark, the Danes are now rethinking “a welfare state that is ample to a fault”. Yet the number of people living in near poverty in New York City now appears to be 46%. Maybe we should house them all in residential internet cafes like the ones in Tokyo.

You may recall that last week’s volatile hook-up between Sun and Mars in Aries was likely to have a strong impact on anyone with a planet around 27 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. It should come as no surprise to learn that two brothers who wreaked such havoc on Boston fall into this category. The older brother (deceased) was reportedly born on October 21, 1986 — Sun at 27 Libra; the young brother (arrested, alive) was born on July 22, 1993 — Sun at 29 Cancer. As you might imagine, the planetary patterns on both dates were rather complicated.

In the case of the older brother, an immediate red flag is suggested by an idealistic conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. So there’s a need here for mindset and social expression that needs power and control, along with depth and substance.  Scorpio is a particularly challenging placement for Venus,  and an emotional short-circuit is further suggested by Venus being retrograde. This is the brother who said he had no American friends because he didn’t “understand Americans”. Not understanding something or someone had to be difficult for a man apparently born with Moon in Gemini, which needs to be informed, intense and clever.

Another red flag for potential violence: aggressive Mars in “rebel with a cause” Aquarius, challenged by ruthless Pluto in Scorpio This young man was an accomplished boxer, which would be a more positive channel for Mars-Pluto energy. Transiting Saturn is currently in contact with that forceful Mars-Pluto aspect; this is a transit that can be very tough to manage. Adding to the potential for anti-social or loner behavior is a probable T-square involving stern Saturn opposing the restless Moon in Gemini and squaring a sometimes bombastic Jupiter. Also tough to manage in this chart: the Libra Sun, righteous Jupiter, rebel Uranus, visionary/fanatic Neptune all apparently running wild, demanding attention as separate needs in the persona — and not integrated with anything else. The horoscope for this brother’s death at 1:35AM on April 19th in Cambridge, MA is shows a power-packed 3rd house (the younger brother apparently ran him over); stern Saturn and ruthless Pluto are on the angles of the chart.

And what of the surviving brother?  The Virgo Moon needs perfection. He’s also an idealist, with mental Mercury retrograde and opposed by a tight Uranus-Neptune conjunction. The Uranus factor suggests innovative thinking (this brother won a scholarship); the Neptune factor suggests a need for a dream, a vision, an escape (he is known among his friends as a “pothead’). This chart also has a number of planets running wild, reinforcing a sense of not fitting in. One is Saturn, which was under a foggy influence by transiting Neptune during 2011 and part of 2012; another is expansive Jupiter at 8 Libra, which was hit by the Uranus-Pluto square last year and this year, too. Such a shame, as the potential for positive accomplishment in life-affirming persona is so great. This transit often suggests a windfall or other lucky break, and perhaps it is lucky for him that he was not killed.  If you know anything about midpoints, run a chart for this date and check them out.

Last but not least — today is Earth Day! Give a hoot; don’t pollute — and appreciate the beauty of our home planet here.


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/19/2013 & the Weekend: The Buzz in the Air

Waking up to a buzz in the air, perhaps, as the roarin’ Leo Moon trines rebel Uranus….that’s how I started writing the forecast last night, and then put it aside in favor of serious REM time.  Let the record reflect that Uranus is now almost exactly conjunct mental Mercury (travel, mindset, transportation), and this aspect has been pulling serious focus this week. We are all waking up to a dramatic buzz, with news that all public transportation  in Massachusetts is shut down and stores in much of Boston closed as law enforcement searches for the second suspect in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing, with one suspect dead after violent clashes last night.

On the fly, I am noting how strongly this Mercury-Uranus pattern seems to be playing out in this crisis, noting how it was in the 8th house (death) of the chart of Monday’s bombing & now reflecting the identified suspects: two brothers — young men (Mercury) of an unexpected foreign origin (Uranus). At the time of the beginning of last night’s shootout drama — 10:30PM ET in Cambridge, MA, Mercury and Uranus were in an obsessive aspect (quindecile) to the Midheaven (public prominence) of the horoscope. Prayers and white light to all in Massachusetts, until the second young man is stopped. In your own personal world, the Mercury-Uranus buzz may be experienced as unconventional and innovative thinking and communications. Note your creative ideas today.

There are no exact aspects for the rest of the day, save for an easy connection between the dramatic, partying Leo Moon and jolly Jupiter in newsjunkie Gemini at 5:06PM ET. That Moon goes void until 9:08PM ET on Saturday, giving us a well-deserved rest from the intensity of this week. Finally, a chance to slow down, as suggested by two other important planetary shifts:  the Sun’s ingress into earthy Taurus at 6:03PM ET, followed by Mars early tomorrow morning — 7:48AM. Though Mars and the Sun may prefer the fiery mode of Aries to sometimes pokey Taurus, the rest of us may appreciate the relief, as proactive efforts can now be channeled into preserving the security of the material world, as opposed to setting the world on fire.

With the long Moon void on Saturday, avoid yard sales and impulse purchases. Make time to play. When Moon enters Virgo at 9:08pm ET, its need for perfection and analysis is well-supported by the Sun and Moon. And there’s no doubt that the truth will come out, as mental Mercury next approaches a square to ruthless Pluto Sunday at 7:45AM ET. And what we find may not be pleasant or peaceful. Watch for especially sharp — and yes, explosive — communication and possible power plays. This Mercury-Pluto challenge occurs in tandem with a potentially chilly or downright heartless connection between loving Venus (money, women, art, social expression) and stern Saturn, which is exact at 3:43AM Monday. Cut your losses, perhaps and consolidate.

In the news, reflecting the potential of mental Mercury and innovative Uranus in pioneering Aries, I offer these tidbits. First, as you may already know, a computer glitch grounded all flights at American Airlines earlier this week. Today, a possible fix for those Dreamliner woes may be approved by the FAA. Meanwhile, two possible brave new worlds have been discovered in a far-out place —  possibly the most Earth-like planets yet.

Have a fabulous weekend — be aware that the Moon will be void of course all day on Monday. Enjoy!

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 4/18/2013: Current Events & the US Horoscope

Well, planetary patterns did suggest this would be an action-packed week. How is yours going? Patterns suggest there’s more to process in the early morning hours, as Moon, still in home/homeland security-focused Cancer is squared by aggressive Mars at 8:16AM ET and then by the Sun at 8:31AM ET. This First Quarter Moon brings a challenge or crisis to the intentions set on last week’s New Moon in Aries. Did you forget what those intentions are? Here’s the New Moon forecast again; note the connotations of the Sabian Symbol for the lunation, “a pugilist entering a ring”.

Moon goes void at 8:31AM ET and takes a break until 11:13AM ET. East Coasters, you may experience a twist in your efforts this morning to move forward in a straight line. The Moon void rules still apply: go with the flow; take care of what is routine; avoid initiating or shipping projects you wish to be of consequence. The energy of the Moon just isn’t terribly focused, so crises that arise are often “all for naught” or “much ado about nothing”.

At 11:13AM ET the Leo Moon offers the potential to lift our spirits with its natural inclination to shine! Perhaps we will also find something to celebrate, too, despite the other Leo Moon potential for drama queens and kings to issue royal edicts like they are going out of style. A good strategy for dealing with those types: diffuse the tension by reminding them how much they are loved and adored — because that is what they need.

Playful indulgence is suggested this evening as Moon is squared by Venus in sensual, comfort-seeking Taurus at 8:16PM ET. The night ends on a sweet connection between Venus and rose-colored Neptune, suggesting a need for beauty, art, healing and music.

And now the news. Do you recall yesterday’s forecast in which it was noted that people with planets at 27 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn would feel the impact of the Sun-Mars conjunction at 27 Aries more than most? Guess who has a planet at 27 Capricorn? The United States of America, thank you very much…and that planet would be ruthless Pluto ruling the sixth house of the 2:13AM US horoscope, referring to cooperation and the body politic. Mars rules the 12th house (hidden enemies; self-undoing); the Sun rules the 4th house (homeland security).  Sun and Mars making contact with Pluto suggest explosive outbursts, brute force, violence, issues of power and suppression/control and yes, guns.  So in all the chaos and carnage of the Boston Marathon, we find our fearless leaders (note use of sarcasm here) in the Senate killing an important gun control bill. Yup, killed it — and here’s Gabrielle Giffords with some deeply moving words about it. And here is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Facebook page, crowing about killing this bill as if it were the noblest achievement of a lifetime. How did your senators vote? I’d tell you, but when I type “senate roll call vote gun control” into google, I can’t find the chart showing the breakdown of the vote, even though I saw it online yesterday. Bad Google. Bad! (a Reader has since sent in this link to the roll call vote — thanks, Reader!)

In other news, a man who is suspected of sending letters laced with poison to three lawmakers, including the President, was arrested yesterday. And as if there wasn’t enough shit hitting the fan, last night at 7:50PM CT, there was a huge explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas. Now this explosion happened just 30 minutes after the exact Sun-Mars conjunction, and it is fascinating — but not at all surprising — to see the Sun and Mars exactly on an angle (in this case, the cusp of the 7th house) in the chart for the explosion. Planets on angle pack a powerful punch. Remember how the chart for the explosion in Boston had nebulous, bewildering Neptune on an angle, too?

Do you get the feeling that the United States is oh-so-close to making some big changes on big issues like gun control, energy resources, climate change, the whole way Things Are Done, etc.? Like you can see it coming and almost touch it, but it’s just out of reach and ever so frustrating?  Let’s talk about the current Uranus-Pluto square. Pluto is now at 11 Capricorn — retrograde. Uranus is at 9 Aries. The US horoscope has Sun at 12 degrees of Cancer. Uranus and Pluto are soooooo close to the US Sun, suggesting tremendous potential for revolution and transformation. We can feel the intense buzz, but chances are the full force of this potential will not hit us until Uranus and Pluto get to 12 degrees of Aries and Capricorn, respectively. And that won’t happen until the end of 2014 — which is just after the next election in November. Brace yourselves. Think it might be time to clean the House…and the Senate?

I leave you with a powerful reflection on beauty — specifically how women see it in themselves vs. how others see it in them. It’s a great campaign from the folks at Dove that’s been getting a lot of well-deserved attention. Happy rose-colored Venus sextile Neptune, with Venus in “get real” Taurus.