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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/28/2013 and the Weekend: Women of Steel

TGIF…as the Pisces Moon goes void at 8:16PM ET with a long sigh. Enjoy the relative chill, as things will likely be all fired up when the Moon enters me-me-me Aries at 9:06AM ET on Saturday. Upsets, outbursts and power plays will likely become more prominent by Sunday, as we approach the First Quarter Moon at 12:53AM ET. A clash between the needs of the pioneering individual and the motherland or maybe just Mom is suggested, especially with the feisty Aries Moon being challenged by rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto at 8:02AM ET and 4:10AM ET, respectively. If you’re not engaged in a feisty confrontation, you can have a fine time boldly going where no one has gone before.

Be advised that the Moon will be void of course for most of the business day on Monday — from 2:48AM ET until 5:43PM ET.  This is a power-packed day, with plenty of folks just dying to act impulsively and aggressively, even though the Moon void suggests it may all be for naught. If you’re on vacation this week, lucky you. I expect we’ll see an encore presentation of the volatility we experienced the last week of March, as the Sun is challenged by — oh, you knew this was coming — the Pluto-Uranus square.  Women are especially vulnerable to assaults on their dignity by as assortment of control freaks, as reflected by a challenge to Venus (women) in regal Leo by Saturn (patriarchy) in Scorpio. On the plus side, this tough pattern presents an opportunity for some women to show the world what kind of steely stuff they are made of. And here I would be thinking of women like Rep.  Tammy Duckworth — seen here taking no crap whatsoever from an IRS contractor — and Wendy Davis, whose awesome stamina was discussed in earlier this week.

Stay tuned for more news analysis from an astro-logical point of view…and thank you for reading the forecast!

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 6/27/2013: Venus in Leo

Moon got into gear after yesterday’s all-day void at 4:32AM ET, moving into dreamy, sensitive Pisces. Oh, how I did not want to get out of bed this morning, aided and abetted by Mercury’s retrograde move yesterday. Rest and relaxation should be on your schedule during the next few weeks. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

This intuitive Moon spends the day engaging with the lingering Grand Water Trine among Sun, Saturn and Neptune, providing opportunities for REstructuring and REvising with a visionary flair. That is the plus side. The downside may be an emotional closed-circuitry more appropriate for a Mercury retrograde REtreat than for clear and open communication, particularly around lunchtime ET when the Moon conjoins nebulous Neptune. You may be dealing with a few dreamy space cases today, including yourself.

Also around lunchtime — 1:03PM ET — Venus leaves Cancer for drama queen Leo, invigorating social expression with royal edicts and luxurious fun until July 22nd.

Meanwhile, I was pleased to see the two SCOTUS decisions on gay marriage manifest as predicted: DOMA struck down; Prop. 8 dead; but no real change at all on the issue of whether a ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. For now, less-evolved legislatures may continue to pass less-evolved laws.

In other news, the long Moon void and Mercury retrograde wreaked havoc at Wimbledon. Moon voids are often reflected by surprise upsets favoring the underdog, and there was no shortage of top-seeded players suffering stunning defeats on “one of the strangest days” in the history of the tournament . How will the Moon void drive the action at 2PM on July 1st in Austin, you may wonder. That’s when Governor Rick Perry has scheduled a special session of the Texas legislature in an effort to pass that draconian anti-women’s health bill…the one that was ruled moot after Wendy Davis’ marathon filibuster blocked it. Well, the general rule of voids is “no consequence” for actions taken. But mark my words, the horoscope for that day and time suggests an act of war — against women — with patriarchal Saturn in Scorpio exactly squaring Venus (women). And the status-quo disrupting Uranus-Pluto square falls on the angles of the horoscope. Hmmm….



Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/26/2013: Mercury Retrograde; Ain’t it Grand?

This should be interesting. Moon in unconventional Aquarius goes void of course at 9:08AM ET, on a smooth connection from Mars in glib, multi-tasking Gemini, where it can excel at killing two birds with one stone. At that same moment, mental Mercury, planet of mindset, communication, travel and electronic gizmos, goes retrograde at 24 Cancer, possibly screwing up said communications whilst giving us a chance to review whatever plans we’ve thought out since the last retrograde in February. And yet…

…the other pattern of note today is a Grand Water Trine among stern Saturn in nitty-gritty Scorpio, empathic, dreamy Neptune in soulful Pisces and fueled by the Sun in home-and-family Cancer. This is a powerful pattern that facilitates solid structures based on genuine insight and compassion, which leaves me cautiously optimistic that the two decisions on marriage equality we are expecting from the Supreme Court will declare DOMA unconstitutional and leave California’s currently-dead Prop. 8 on a slab in the morgue…even though it may allow states to decide what level of  consciousness– evolved or unevolved —  they would like their laws to reflect. Here is helpful legal analysis of the two cases that are being decided today. My sense of caution is because of the Moon being void of course, a condition often reflected by upsets, surprise twists and victories in favor of the underdog, but also actions that end up being of no consequence. In your own personal world, you’ll be more impacted by the stabilizing energy of the Grand Water Trine if you have a planet or angle around 4-5 degrees of any sign.

The Sabian Symbol for Mercury retrograde at 24 Cancer seems daunting at first: “a woman and two men on a bit of sunlit land facing south.”  Huh? Thank goodness Blain Bovee wrote a book to help us figure this out. This is an image of a classic love triangle, suggesting that a choice between two perhaps worthy but different options must be made. The “sunlit land” is the issue highlighted that must be decided. For general tips on how to handle Mercury retrograde, a condition many curse when they really shouldn’t, please look here.

In other news, it was fascinating to note the slap in the face to 50 years of civil rights was handed down by the Supremes on that stern “wet blanket” Saturn-Moon square I wrote about yesterday. After the decision was announced, I could not help but think of the 2005 Citigroup memo on plutonomy  and wonder if there might be a connection…Mercury in Cancer does love a good conspiracy theory….but if you’ve never heard of this document, it’s a page-turner. Meanwhile…not only is Texas fast-tracking its shiny new voter-ID law (see link above), but it’s also preparing to execute its 500th inmate on Death Row. It won’t, however, be closing all but five of its abortion clinics — at least not today —  thanks to a nearly 13-hour filibuster by one pioneering rebel (how very Uranus in Aries) against the Establishment. You’ll want to keep an eye on Wendy Davis, whose stubborn and determined Mars-Saturn opposition squaring her Taurus Sun is not to be messed with. Peace out.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 6/25/2013: Jupiter in Cancer; Edward Snowden

Moon entered Aquarius as of 3:09AM ET, seeking to make a friendly connection and be of social significance. We can expect a challenge — or a stubborn clash — perhaps from someone with a ruthless authoritarian agenda this morning, as stern Saturn in Scorpio squares the Moon. Who’s raining on your parade now? This is the only exact aspect we have today until just before midnight, when Moon makes a communicative connection to unconventional Uranus (which rules Aquarius). Think outside the box.

Also of note: Jupiter, which needs to expand whatever it touches, leaves fickle, airy, information overload Gemini tonight at 9:40PM ET, where it’s been for about a year. It’ll plunge into the watery, emotional and financial security-seeking Cancer, which should make all of you Crabs very happy. You’re about to experience a boost of expansive, optimistic energy to your natal Sun, which only happens once every 12 years. Be alert for opportunities to expand your horizons, with the feeling of having the wind at your back. This includes the United States, which is also a Cancer — with Jupiter and Venus in early Cancer, too. As I posted earlier, it’s hard to imagine feeling less than prosperous under such transits — at least in the short term.

Jupiter refers to “big picture” thinking, law, academia, broadcasting, publishing, religion, travel, etc. — so we can expect those areas to have a Cancerian focus for the next 12 months. What does Cancer care about? For starters: food, mothering, money, home, family,  emotional security and my country — right or wrong.

For the past week Jupiter has been at the Aries Point, which avid readers know is 0 degrees (the beginning) of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Any planet at the Aries Point needs to be noticed in a big way, and isn’t it interesting that in the news we have seen a number of Jupiter-themed stories gaining prominence? Jupiter refers to the law and the courts, and we are expecting a number of high profile cases to be decided this week. Here’s one that just came down on affirmative action. Here’s another — this one upholding the civil rights of a transgender child.  Jupiter also refers to the liver and the pancreas — check out this link for a breakthrough on the treatment of diabetes. As noted, Jupiter refers to publishing, and all last week, the publishing of information (Gemini) has certainly been prominent in the news.

Get it off your desk today, as not only will the Moon be void of course ALL DAY from 9:06AM ET – 4:32AM ET Thursday, but Mercury will be turning retrograde as well. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW!! I don’t know about you, but I noted more than the usual communication snafus and traffic jams last week, and I am thinking that this Mercury retrograde period (June 26th – July 20th) will try our patience more than most. Certainly this Moon void tomorrow is likely to offer plenty of challenges to your patience, as in all that hard work you’re going to do may end up going nowhere. Chill if you can.

Right. Edward Snowden. Because a reader asked for it in an email I received yesterday, which also contained the question, “What will happen to Snowden during Mercury retrograde”? I ran a chart for the time I received the question, and the suggestion was that it too soon to tell. Fascinatingly, nebulous Neptune was sitting exactly at the top of the chart, suggesting a fog of mystery/illusion/confusion. And as of yesterday afternoon, he has “disappeared”.

We now have an official birth time for Snowden and thus an accurate horoscope. Born Jun 21, 1983 at 4:42AM in Elizabeth City, NC, Snowden is a Gemini with the Sun at 29 degreess of Gemini, which places it at — very good, class — the Aries Point. Immediately we expect he will gain prominence in life, probably for just being who he is. This Sun is in the First House of ego identity (he’s a “personality”) and it rules the 4th House, which refers to the homeland. Indeed. The Moon is in Scorpio, in the 6th House, ruling the 2nd and 3rd, suggesting a need to be of service, a need for communication and a concern with worth/assets,  as it also seeks to be of depth and substance, through knowledge which affords power and control.  A potentially self-indulgent square to the Moon from Venus in regal Leo suggests a need for drama in social expression.

The overall layout of planets in this horoscope suggests a need for a defensive posture. Why? We’d have to have a chat with Edward about his childhood, and I am not going to write about those speculations now. I am fascinated to note another defensive structure: a Air Grand Trine involving a Sun-Mars conjunction…trine to Saturn-Pluto in late Libra…trine to the Aquarius MC. This suggests a closed circuitry involving the intellect, likely experienced by others as elitism expressed as a readiness to dismiss what anyone else thinks or has to say. Would you believe the United States has a similar pattern in its horoscope?

Astrologer Linda Goodman observed that both Gemini and Scorpio like to wear masks, which is one reason they may be so fascinated with each other. And perhaps in an individual horoscope, an emphasis on these two signs may produce a fascination with the self. Snowden’s Ascendant is also Gemini, suggesting a need to be seen as someone who is clever, intense, diversified and informed. Mercury, which rules Gemini and thus Snowden’s Ascendant, is well-placed in Gemini and is conjunct the Ascendant. It’s in the 12th house, not the 1st, suggesting a need for communication and a mindset that has a behind-the-scenes or insider’s perspective. Brilliance, an aptitude for technology and restlessness, nerves and a need for intellectual risks are suggested by a strong opposition to Mercury/ASC from Uranus and expansive Jupiter in high-flying, righteous, opinionated Sagittarius. A need for risk and excitement in relationship/vocation, as well as a need to publish are suggested by patterns involving Snowden’s Sun/Moon midpoint.

Back to Snowden’s Gemini Sun. It is augmented by a conjunction from Mars and the nodal axis. This suggests he needs to be a firebrand, trumpeting a social cause, connecting with the public. This conjunction is opposed by nebulous Neptune in the 7th house, which is reflected by his “man of mystery” persona. In the 7th, Neptune suggests a need to make sacrifices in relationship, not unlike those of a martyr. Neptune in touch with Mars offers charisma, glamour, magnetism. It can also be dreamy, visionary, delusional or fanatical. Again — look no further than the horoscope of the United States for a strong Mars-Neptune connection, reflected in our collective need for “the American Dream”….and other illusions we may present to the world. It is interesting to note that our current and last two presidents have strong Neptunes in their horoscopes. Last week, we talk about Bill Clinton’s Mars-Neptune patterns. In George W. Bush’s horoscope, we have either a weak Sun-Neptune square or Neptune is simply running away with the persona. Barack Obama has a definite Sun-Neptune square in his horoscope. How often have people wondered who he really is and what he really stands for? Neptune tends to dissolve whatever it touches. Neptune in touch with Sun, suggests a bewildering and/or idealized sense of identity….and plenty of pixiedust.

There’s more to write on Snowden, so stay tuned. And have a fabulous day!




Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 6/24/2013: Capricorn Super Moon & Fallout

On Sunday at 4:08AM ET, Moon entered the enterprising sign of Capricorn, where it needs — as I learned from  astrologer Noel Tyl — to Make Things Happen. Three and a half hours later, that Moon waxed full at 3 degrees of Capricorn, very close to the prominent Aries Point. Avid readers of this forecast will recall that the Aries Point corresponds to the solstice and equinox points: 0 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Perhaps that’s why everyone and their dog was talking about this Full Moon being a Super Moon, as if it was a completely new and rare phenomenon, which it is not. They happen every year and more than once. Astrologer Richard Nolle coined the term”SuperMoon” in 1979 — here’s his explanation of what can be expected when the Moon is closerthanthis to Earth. Still, it is pretty darn awesome that an awareness of Something Planetary is being reflected so strongly by the general public. It bodes well for astrologers…. : )

You can charge ahead with a few caveats today, using the proactive energy of the Capricorn Moon to fuel your ambition. Be aware, however, that communications are subject to more than the usual snafus, given that Mercury is about to turn retrograde on Wednesday. Back to today: as evening approaches, the potential for a clash between an idealistic wish for emotional comfort and security may be smacked down by impersonal authority — or someone insisting on following the company policy or party line, as mental Mercury opposes the Moon at 4:20PM ET. We’ll get a break in the action as the Moon goes void at 10:24PM ET, not to enter the next sign, Aquarius, until 3:26AM ET. Take the evening off!

Now, about that Super Moon. The Full Moon was exact at Sunday 7:32AM ET at 3 degrees of Capricorn. We would have expected an easy flow of communication for transcendent/spiritual/healing purposes, especially with persons and/or institutions of authority. We would have expected a stunning upset and/or power play referring to an enterprising ambition, as the Moon was challenged by ruthless Pluto and rebel Uranus in the evening hours, ET time.  I’d argue that one reflection of these patterns was daredevil Nik Wallenda’s successful tightrope walk across the (sort of) Grand Canyon, notable for Wallenda’s constant state of audible prayer. Talk about an easy flow of communication with a higher authority!

We would have expected illumination and/or release on your New Moon agenda (can you remember what that was on June 8th), which was reflected in the Sabian Symbol for 19 degrees of Gemini: “a large archaic volume reveals a traditional wisdom”. In other words, volumes and volumes of data collected and stored, reflecting the consciousness and value systems of the people collecting it.  And that is one big question with a Book of Secrets or Akashic Records or any such text: who is deemed wise and/or responsible enough to be privy to the knowledge contained therein. Everyone? High priests and priestesses? Governments and corporations? Knowledge is a powerful thing, with compelling and sometimes terrible and perhaps even unjust consequences, as anyone who has read the Book of Genesis can tell you.

Given the above Sabian Symbol, one poster child for this lunar cycle has to be Edward Snowden, the former Booz Allen systems analyst who journeyed to Hong Kong, where he met with reporters from the UK paper The Guardian and informed the entire Free World what sort of data private contractors like Booz Allen have been collecting, paid for by US taxpayer dollars.   It is fascinating that the Full Moon coincided with another bold move in this saga,  and so are its Sabian Symbols. For the Sun at 3 degrees of Cancer: “a man bundled up in fur, leading a shaggy deer”. For the Moon at 3 degrees of Capricorn:  (for the Sun at 3 Cancer) and “the human soul receptive to growth and understanding” (3 Capricorn).

I wish I could quote all four paragraphs Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee has penned about these  intriguing symbols; as always, I recommend you get his book.  But briefly, for the man bundled up in fur (3 Cancer), Bovee suggests “an image of rugged individuality in a cold environment”;  the “human soul” image of 3 Capricorn is self-explanatory.  One of these symbols is closed/defensive; the other is open and receptive, and therein lies the polarity/opposition suggested by any Full Moon.  In your own personal world, Bovee suggests these symbols may manifest as an awareness of  “creative potentials that cook within” or as a sense of personal identity that is at once between the perils of experience (life’s harsh realities) and the soul (who you are in spite of said external realities). Bottom line: in light of these challenging — perhaps even perilous — times, we are being presented with an opportunity for a greater understanding and appreciation of what really and truly ties us all together.


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/21/2013: Summer Solstice

At 1:04AM ET this morning,  the Sun was at zero degrees of Cancer, marking the official start of summer a.k.a. the Summer Solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere. Regular readers of this forecast will recall that solstices and equinoxes occur at zero degrees of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), also known as the Aries Point. What does that mean, you ask.

Planets that are at the Aries Point tend to push for prominence. In the course of a year, the beginning of a new season attracts our attention because it is the turning point — the beginning of a new phase of development. Things that come into being — including people — when the Sun is at the Aries Point often have a knack for becoming famous in whatever pond they swim in. In fact, any planet or angle at the Aries Point needs to be known! Off the top of my head, Meryl Streep, William Shatner, Elizabeth Warren and Edward Snowden were all born with the Sun close to the Aries Point.

Also this morning — at 4:31 AM ET — the Moon breathed an enormous sigh of relief when it ditched moody bastard Scorpio for high-flying Sagittarius. This should lift our spirits considerably, even if it means wandering in a rose-colored haze. Others may simply find the day bewildering, as the Sag Moon, which needs to tell the entire Free World what it thinks, is squared by nebulous Neptune around 1PM ET. Can you really believe the stuff you hear today? Good question.

Enjoy the evening — take a gambol or a gamble; expand your horizons; get out into Nature; have a spirited debate or catch a foreign film. More on the planets for the rest of the weekend tomorrow.

In the news, I am fascinated to see how this week’s Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Gemini, suggesting ever so much buoyant, airy optimism impacted the horoscope of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Mr. Bernanke has the Sun in Sagittarius, Moon at the end of Pisces (exact degree unknown, as we do not have a birth time) and a rather disturbing exact conjunction between aggressive Mars and nebulous Neptune which conveys plenty of razzle-dazzle, magical thinking and an aura of glamour/secrecy. I say this conjunction is disturbing because his work involves banking — where aspects suggesting realism would be far more reassuring. OK, so he has a hardcore Saturn in Scorpio, apparently running wild in its ambition to control through the use of knowledge. Is that enough? Oh, to have an official brith time for Mr. Bernanke…

In contrast,  Bill Clinton has a Mars-Neptune conjunction in Libra — right on the Libra Ascendant, in fact  so, he also projects a ton of pixie dust (and possible lies),  but he also has materially-oriented Taurus Moon and a sobering Mercury-Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which are most decidedly hard core and real.

Anyway, Mr. Bernanke is currently freaking out everyone by appearing to be very optimistic about the state of the economy, and with enthusiastic Jupiter opposing his Sag Sun and squaring his Pisces Moon, we would expect him to project an aura of confidence. But we must also be aware of the potential for overconfidence. With the Moon in Scorpio over the past two days, where the need was for depth and substance, not airy-fairy confections and projections, traders dumped shares, and yesterday was the worst day of the year for the Dow (only down 352 points — but still…). Isn’t that interesting? Given that Jupiter is about to conjoin Venus, Jupiter and the Sun in the the US horoscope, traders may well feel more emotionally secure soon –at least in the very near term. We shall see…


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 6/20/2013

More of the same from yesterday, frankly — so the forecast those of you received today for yesterday is still valid. Moon continues to dig deeply in nitty-gritty Scorpio, in a swirling buzz of idealistic information. This Moon goes void at 3:16pm ET until 4:31am ET tomorrow, and if you can take time to catch your breath in this natural rest period, you will be well-served. Chill, baby, chill.

In other news, we are in the shadow period of mental Mercury’s’ next retrograde, suggesting three weeks of normally reliable electronic and computer communication devices to go on the fritz. It is a terrible time for the good folks at Mailchimp, the service that delivers my forecast to email subscribers, to launch a series of “improvements” that for the moment, do not allow the product to function as originally designed. Hopefully you will get this forecast on Thursday, June 20th — and not on Friday, June 21st — and I appreciate your patience while my webmaster works with Mailchimp to sort things out — I’m frustrated by the snafus, too.




Meanwhile, on WTBQ Radio NY…

I was delighted to be invited to chat about astrology by radio host Shannon Devereaux Sanford.  I would be delighted to be invited to chat about astrology with just about anyone! Listen to the half hour interview via the link below — enjoy!


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/19/2013: Heavy Light

Moon entered moody bastard Scorpio at 2:39AM ET, possibly plunging us into an emotional depth that may confront an ambition, limitation, authority figure or other structuring wet blanket as Moon conjoins stern Saturn at 11:20AM.If not an emotional depth, then depth and substance of some kind is likely on today’s planetary agenda, as well as information for the sake of power and control, which is what that Moon in Scorpio needs. And let’s not forget the idealism that is likely driving today’s quest for power obtained through information, as suggested by the Mercury-Venus hook-up (exact tomorrow) that I mentioned earlier this week.

Softening the serious focus this morning is a bit of dreamy fog or clarifying intuition suggested by nebulous Neptune making a helpful connection to the Moon just before noon ET. But the hallmark of the day is the annual conjunction of the Sun and expansive, expensive Jupiter — which this year happens in Gemini. And in stark contrast to the Scorpio Moon, Jupiter and Sun in Gemini are not particularly concerned about depth or substance, but they would probably be delighted to talk about a huge dossier of telephone logs and how cool it is that we have the technology to obtain all this information, which was definitely talked about by an NSA chief testifying before Congress yesterday. But Gemini can be rather indiscriminate when it comes to facts and figures. Not so, Scorpio. Whom can we trust to be a responsible steward of so much information, ponders this op-ed noted yesterday. Shouldn’t we be more discriminating? So there’s a bit of fodder for conversation today.


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 6/18/2013: Shiny, Happy* Information Overload

An indulgent challenge to the rational, peace-seeking Libra Moon at 7:05AM ET from Venus in emotionally sensitive, security-seeking is my excuse for wanting to linger a little longer in Dreamland, thus delaying the forecast. What appreciation of beauty caught your eye? Heady idealism — noted yesterday — may spark a conflict between what is rational and what is pure sentiment around 10:34AM ET, when mental Mercury also challenges the Libra Moon. There’s clear sailing for the rest of the day, which ends with exceptionally balanced and enthusiastic connections to jolly Jupiter and the Sun, which are about to exactly conjoin at the very end of Gemini.

The end of Gemini is very close to 0 degrees of Cancer, which avid readers of this forecast will recognize as the Aries Point. This is a point that demands prominence. With expansive Jupiter and the Sun blowing up like a giant helium balloon (or blimp) in the airy, information-junkie sign of Gemini, we have the potential for runaway optimism, suggested by one of my favorite songs — or information overload. And the idealistic spin that is likely to be trying to make us feel emotionally secure suggests some of that information may not be in line with reality.

One person who is personally affected by the Sun-Jupiter conjunction is Edward Snowden, whose Sun and Mars are in late Gemini, opposed by nebulous Neptune in late Sagittarius. And there he was yesterday, giving another prominent, candid interview — live — in an online forum presented by the Guardian. One of the things I find fascinating about the horoscopes of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning: they all have Moon in Scorpio, suggesting a reigning need to be of depth and substance, even as they are concerned with knowledge for the sake of power and control. I have to write more about what’s going on in all of their horoscopes; the astrology is fascinating — but I can’t do it right now, darn it.

What I can do is share a few technogeeky headlines I noted that reflected yesterday’s Mars-Uranus sextile. Amelia Earhart’s plane may finally be discovered…and look– there’s “firebrand” technogeek (how Uranus in Aries) Bill Nye making headlines on the NYT homepage. Coincidence or conspiracy?

*Another fun song reference — enjoy!