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"Last night’s session was a delightful time for me. IT WAS ALL ABOUT ME!!! You are so articulate and caring, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time, all the nu- ances you brought to it and your obviously experienced, long- time expertise."
- Bill R.
Los Angeles

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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/31/2014 & the Weekend: Soul Food; Amanda Knox Update

Lots of planetary shifts today, as noted in Monday’s forecast. In addition to Venus turning direct and the “power and resources” opposition between expansive Jupiter and ruthless Pluto, mental Mercury sloooowly slips into dreamy Pisces until February 12th. Thoughts, travel and communication could be sublime or surreal over the next week, as nebulous Neptune is close enough to Mercury to cast its usual rose-colored, pixie-dust spell. Plus this New Moon was a Supermoon — a term coined by astrologer Richard Nolle decades ago. Nolle often notes the increased potential for weird, wild weather before and after a Supermoon. Certainly the folks down South — which was apparently paralyzed by a rare snowstorm this week — could appreciate that notation.

Get it off your desk by 11:45AM ET if you want to ship something of consequence. The Aquarius Moon makes two connections this morning: first to stern Saturn at 10:56AM ET, suggesting a reach for ambition or a cold shoulder. At 11:45AM ET the Moon goes void-of-course on an easy connection to action hero Mars, not to enter Pisces until 10:45PM ET. Gosh, wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend some time during this long natural rest period by honoring the New Moon suggestion to chill, go with the flow and turn in? If you must move forward, remember to be patient with any twists or delays that may hinder your efforts. How interesting that I just pulled a Tarot card — from the Osho Zen deck — and it was this: TURNING IN.

At 10:45PM ET, Moon enters dreamy Pisces. Less cerebral; more soulful is what Saturday suggests. Optimism, depth and social graces flow easily into the evening. Music, film, spirit, healing and other intangibles, anyone? More of the same on Sunday, except that the Moon goes void for another long spell starting at 11:34AM ET, so do your major shopping on Saturday. Moon enters Aries just before midnight — presumably well after the end of the Super Bowl, which will kick off some time Sunday after 6:30PM ET in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Sports matches during Moon voids often favor the underdog and other surprise upsets…

Meanwhile, our do-nothing Congress actually did something earlier this week when it finally passed a farm bill. How wonderfully in synch with the resources-themed opposition between Jupiter in (food, nourishment) Cancer and Pluto in (government) Capricorn. Much was noted in the headlines about one provision that will cut $8 billion in food stamps, though some also noted that it could have been worse. For example, it could have been a member of Congress, not a “child nutrition manager” who personally took away the lunches of 40 schoolchildren in Utah because they did not have money in their lunch accounts…and then threw the lunches in the trash. And before everyone screams, “well of course, because Utah,” let me share another Jupiter in home/emotional security-seeking Cancer story. Did you know that Utah is reportedly on track to end homelessness in the state by 2015? And they are doing it by giving the homeless homes…because it’s simply more cost-effective? Author Malcolm Gladwell wrote about this novel approach in Outliers here’s the excerpt.

In other news, Amanda Knox received the upsetting and presumably bewildering news that a court in Italy once again found her guilty of murder, even though another court had overturned the original conviction a few years earlier. So there must be planetary patterns in her horoscope that suggest potential bewilderment and/or upset, right? And that if it’s “bewilderment,” it’s probably Neptune…and if it’s an “upset,” it’s likely Uranus. And in fact there are current arcs and transits involving Neptune and Uranus to planets in her natal chart. This case is far from over, however, as there will be another appeal. Things could be “lucky” for Ms. Knox when Jupiter conjoins her Cancer Sun later this year. We’ll have to wait and see how her next appeal meshes with another potentially bewildering Neptune transit in 2015.

Have a good weekend!

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/30/2014: New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon in Aquarius begins at 4:38PM ET, offering us an opportunity to re-set  intentions and goals for the next lunar cycle.  Around February 6th, on the First Quarter Moon, we can expect a challenge to those goals, with appropriate adjustments made. At the time of the Full Moon on the 14th, we can expect illumination on the success or failure of our goals for the cycle. If we succeeded, we can consciously release our success into our reality; if we failed, we let go of whatever did not work. After the Third Quarter Moon on the 22nd, we can review our achievements, tie up loose ends and get ready to begin another New Moon cycle on March 1st.

Aquarius is a airy (mental), fixed (organizing) energy. Keywords for Aquarius include innovation, eccentricity, friendship, humanitarian, unconventional, rocket scientist and/or mad genius. If you were born with the Sun in Aquarius, you have the energy to innovate and intellectualize with others. If your Moon is in Aquarius, you need to be socially significant — and dare I say appreciated for it. You probably need to be unusual, too. I learned these nifty, pithy expressions of solar energy and lunar needs from my mentor, Noel Tyl. “I love you, but don’t take it personally” is another nifty, pithy Aquarian  expression — and I came up with that one all by myself. If you have Venus in Aquarius, chances are you especially know what I’m talking about.

The chart for this New Moon has Uranus, ruler of Aquarius in a cooperative connection, suggesting  innovative, status quo-disrupting ideas affecting the masses (also ruled by Aquarius) are likely to be key throughout this lunar cycle. These ideas are likely to involve power and resources — who has it; who doesn’t. An overkill of emotions about these issues is also likely to be seen, along with visionary (or delusional) thinking, and courageous (or reckless) applications of willpower in order to maintain — or establish —  power and control. Sounds like a lot of excitement, and Mercury will be retrograde through most it, suggesting some spectacularly misfired communication signals making headlines. And we haven’t even gotten to the likelihood for supercharged action we’ll see later in the year — and discussed in this earlier forecast.

OK, so. What does this mean for you? The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon — at 11 degrees of Aquarius — is “man tete-a-tete (head-to-head) with his inspiration.” It’s not clear if this is an image of one man or “man” in a general sense, as in “mankind”.  Hmm.  As usual we turn to Sabian Symbol guru Blaine Bovee for additional insight, who writes: “a private experience of being aroused to a higher wisdom, knowledge or creativity…sudden brilliant flashes of a timely sort…a focus of inner, personal reflection of an exalted nature…re-collecting oneself around a sturdy inner core.”

Personal reflection and “re-collecting” just happen to be keywords for the aforementioned Mercury retrograde, starting on February 6th and turning direct on February 28th. Use this New Moon energy to reflect and reconnect with your own divine inspiration, i.e., that which delights you and makes you feel alive.

If you want to know where 11 degrees of Aquarius falls in your horoscope, here’s how I can help you.

A divine inspiration might be your soul purpose, a.k.a, your sole purpose. Why are you here? Right now?  That’s a big, fat question — and since we’re asking it on an Aquarian New Moon, we might also consider that all of our friends and associates — all of humanity, in fact — probably wrestles with the same big, fat question, too.  We are all in this together. We are each here to contribute something unique. This applies to people we may not like very much — or whom we don’t think are part of our collective. Ooooh, deep thoughts.

You are more personally affected by this New Moon energy if you were born around the 29th of January, April, July and October….or if you have a planet or angle around 11 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. For clues to what we can expect as the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014 increases in intensity (especially this April), talk to your Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn friends born in the first eight days of those signs. Ask them what empowering and/or emancipating upheavals they experienced in the past few years. Then ask your friends born 9-12 days into those signs what big changes they’re going through right now.

And now — a quick look at a recent headline. You may have heard of the New York congressman who blew up at a reporter and threatened to throw him over a balcony — all caught on camera at Tuesday’s State of the Union, yes?  Sounds like that congressman has a bit of temper, right? Immediately any skilled astrologer would be thinking,”Hmm….temper…sudden outbursts…gaining prominence now. There’s gotta be a Mars (aggression) – Uranus (hair-trigger) challenge in that horoscope…and I bet it’s impacted by the Uranus-Pluto square.” Well guess what? The congressman in question — Michael Grimm — was born February 7, 1970 — and he does have a challenge between Mars (10 Aries) and Uranus (8 Libra), and it is being impacted by the Uranus-Pluto square! Coincidence or conspiracy? You know I do not believe in coincidence.

Back to you in the studio…

This cobalt blue is sponsored by the New Moon in Aquarius, inspiring you to seek lightening bolts of insight in a personal astro-logical consultation.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/29/2014: President Obama, As Predicted

More of the same enterprising, “make it happen” energy from yesterday, with the caveat being that the Capricorn Moon goes void of course at 11:47AM ET, on a combative connection from action-oriented Mars. Translation: there’s the potential for a strong assertion of willpower (upside), that may provoke conflict (downside, but perhaps necessary). During the long Moon void (until 11:33PM ET), remember that making mountains out of molehills is a common response to the energetic shift from fourth gear (Moon engaged) to a wandering drift (Moon void). Chill, chill, CHILL! This is the last day before a New Moon; something fresh is just around the corner. Take care of what is routine, take time to take a break; go with the flow of a 12-hour window that may feel like you’re herding cats.

Meanwhile, the news. Regarding the State of the Union speech, I have been, thrilled, thrilled, thrilled to note the headlines in the New York Times: “Expecting Obstruction, Obama Charts an Independent Path” or “Obama Vows to Act Alone on the Economy”. Why? Because of what I wrote about his second term a year ago, that’s why — as well as our “do-nothing” Moon-void 113th Congress:

Speaking of Obama, Sunday marks the beginning of his second term. He’ll be sworn in at noon, as specified by our Constitution. And though he’ll be doing it all over again on Monday in a public ceremony, for me the swearing-in on Sunday is the one that sticks.  In the chart for noon in DC on the 20th, I am relieved to see the Moon NOT void of course in Taurus, suggesting that it may actually function effectively. In Taurus, this suggests a reigning need to preserve and maintain material security, to keep things as they are or as they should be.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect a battle, as the Moon is squared by aggressive Mars in Aquarius, suggesting heated and stubborn challenges from the rebel factions. This is likely to be a term of office noted for idealistic, expansive and innovative ideas. And yes, I do believe we’ll see the President operating more independently than in his last term, as the Moon is placed in the 1st house, suggesting, as astrologer Noel Tyl defines it, an entrepreneurial “do your own thing” approach.

How does this chart compare with chart for the start of the 113th Congress? Interestingly, in that chart the Virgo Moon IS void-of-course — and running wild! This suggests a concern with details, organization and discernment that runs away with the whole chart — and, given the void, is likely to be ineffective or at least of no consequence. Hmmm. Perhaps the President will have the upper hand. Also notable is nebulous Neptune running wild, suggesting that elements of vision, idealism, delusion, deception, spirits of all kinds and artistry will be all over this legislative body like a cheap suit. When NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote about the first day of 113th Congress, she called it a “surreal world”. Yep. That’s Neptune running wild…

Last week I posted a bit about how Obama is likely feeling a need for a more prominent expression of nebulous Neptune energy, y’know  — like a vision. Potential expressions of Neptune — for anyone, not just Obama — include: ego wipeout, surrender, rarefied art, music, film, photography, idealism, fantasy, healing,  spirit, spirits, drugs, deception and/or this one — SAVIOR. I wonder about that last one, as President Obama is now resolved to go it alone.

Meanwhile, who saw Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), perch on her dainty lady sofa and project “a hopeful Republican vision” (the Republican rebuttal to the President’s SOTU), whilst waxing rhapsodic about her personal manifestation of a dream come true? If you read about her horoscope in yesterday’s forecast, you weren’t surprised by all this Neptune Neptune Neptune rose-colored pep talk. Random observation: men have desks. Women have sofas. Just ask Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey. “I wonder why that is,” she mused rhetorically…

New Moon happens tomorrow in Aquarius at 4:38PM ET. Stay tuned to this channel for continuing coverage….with gratitude.

The color black is brought to you by today’s Moon in Capricorn. Make something happen and book a personal astro-logical consultation today.


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/28/2014: The State of the Union; Notes on Neptune; Jamie Dimon Update

An enterprising, practical Moon in Capricorn facilitates action today, accompanied by a jolt or revelation around 3:01PM ET, followed by a power play or catharsis around 7:35PM ET. That’s when the Moon will make contact with the Uranus-Pluto square, a.k.a. The Planetary Pattern Everyone Should Be Talking About.  You’re more likely to feel the potentially empowering push if you were born around the 1st of April, July, October and January…or if you have a planet or angle between 8 and 14 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. If you don’t know what degrees your planets are at, order an Astro-Basics Report, described here.

The rest of the evening is marked by exuberant and potentially indulgent connections to the Moon from expansive Jupiter in nurturing Cancer and Venus (money, love, women, beauty) in status-seeking Capricorn. If exuberance and indulgence are on your calendar, good for you — especially if you’re planning to network. If it’s a major purchase you’re considering — especially of an aesthetic nature — you may want to consider it twice, given that Venus is still retrograde. Conventional astro-logical wisdom suggests a stronger possibility of paying too much when this planet appears to be moving backwards in the cosmos.

Add to this mix the focus on power and resources (who has them; who doesn’t) suggested by patterns discussed in yesterday’s forecast, empathy and/or rose-colored glasses (Neptune) running wild, plus an egalitarian, humanitarian, communicative connection between the Aquarius Sun and rebel/technogeek Uranus in pioneering Aries, and there’s your backdrop for President Obama’s State of the Union address. Ooh, lookie — the sneak peek reports that one focus of the speech will be income inequality, and that Obama plans to sign an order increasing the minimum wage for certain workers. Immigration (who has a certain empowered status; who doesn’t) is also on the agenda.

President Obama is a Leo with Moon in Gemini.  He shines with a need to inform. His Leo Sun is squared by nebulous Neptune, suggesting a need for a vision, perhaps — or that he may project an ideal. He may have experienced a bewildering sense of ego — or others may be bewildered by him. Heck, there are still plenty of people who do not believe he was born in America. Currently, Obama’s Gemini Moon is being squared by Neptune, so themes of bewilderment/empathy/vision/spirituality/dreaminess are likely “up” for him now — as discussed in a post last week.

So let’s take a look at the woman who is giving the Republican rebuttal to the State of the Union. She is Cathy McMorris Rodgers. She is a Gemini with Moon in Leo (5/22/69 – in Salem, OR).  She informs with a need to shine. Her Gemini Sun is opposed by nebulous Neptune in her birth chart, suggesting a similar bewildering ego experience or projection, as well as a need for vision and other Neptunian themes (intangibles, e.g., vision, spirits, music, etc.). Her Sun currently being squared by transiting Neptune. Weird, huh? We know from her official biography that she went to a Christian college, and the first paragraph of that bio reads like a dream come true.  How intriguing to note on a left-wing website a post  — with no concrete link to solid documented proof — asserting that she spent part of her childhood in Canada. With strong Neptune in a horoscope, it may be challenging for some to believe you’re for real.  Unlike President Obama, Rodgers has Neptune  in an obsessive connection to her natal Mercury (mindset, communication), suggesting a greater need for idealism in her thinking. Obama has Mercury configured with expansive Jupiter, suggesting a need to think in “big picture” terms — perhaps too big at times.  It will be interesting to see where Rodgers is at from mid-2015 to mid-2016, when other planetary patterns in her horoscope will suggest a need for prominence.

Astro-logical follow-up: a few months ago, I mentioned that right about now, we could expect another startling move involving JPMorgan Chase President and CEO Jamie Dimon, whose horoscope we’ve been following for a couple of years. His horoscope is directly impacted by the status quo-disrupting Uranus-Pluto square, and two years is about  how long it takes for these slow-moving outer planets to finish up whatever big change and wild ride they are symbolically effecting…and is about how long it feels like this particular forecast is taking me to write. Anyway, surprise, surprise — throughout all of the turmoil JPMorgan Chase has gone through in the past two years, including scandal, losses and ginormous fines — Mr. Dimon, whose salary was cut in half some time ago, was given a hefty raise.

The astrology of Japan, Caroline Kennedy and a few TV news networks has been on my mind — will endeavor to fill you in sometime this week, along with a forecast for the New Moon on Thursday.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for sharing it with all of your friends and relatives. Makes my day.

The color black is brought to you by today’s Moon in Capricorn. Make something happen and book a personal astro-logical consultation today.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/27/2014: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

The work week is off to a high-flying start with the Moon in fiery, opinionated Sagittarius. It’s aided and abetted by cooperative connections to mental Mercury and action hero Mars, suggesting an ease of forward motion — at least until 5PM ET, when the Moon goes void of course with a sigh. Get it off your desk by then, or wait until just after midnight ET to ship something you wish to be of consequence. After 5PM ET you can chill and enjoy the twists that may crop up in some pointless gambol.

Moon voids for the week: Wednesday 11:47AM ET – 11:33PM ET; Friday 11:45PM ET to 10:45PM ET. We’re going to be experiencing these 9-12 hour voids every few days through the rest of this month and February. And while I’m thinking of rest, just a heads up that Mercury — the bane of electronic gizmos — will turn retrograde on February 6th, offering us the opportunity to review, reconnect, reorganize and recharge until February 28th. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW.

We are in the balsamic phase of the lunar cycle, a.k.a., the dark side of the Moon. Time to wrap up the projects you started at the beginning of the month and clear your desks for the next New Moon, happening Thursday at 4:38PM ET. During this phase we may feel listless or restless, as we intuitively sense that something new is just around the corner, but we don’t know what. This is especially likely during the long voids.

The biggest planetary shifts of the week happen on Friday, though they will be felt in the days between now and then. First, Jupiter — the cosmic sugar daddy and planet of reward and expansion — will oppose ruthless, potent Pluto. Heavy aspects between these two planets often bring “news from underground,” as well as breaking news on resources (energy, currency) and power (who has it; who doesn’t and all the dirt behind it).  With Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn, headlines may spotlight the needs of corporations/governments vs. the need for home/emotional security.  This is the second of three Jupiter-Pluto oppositions in this cycle; the first one was on August 6th; the third one will be on April 20th. Look back to August and expect a repeat of themes active in your life at then, especially if you have a planet or angle around 11-13 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

Also happening on Friday: Venus, planet of love, money, women and aesthetics turns direct. Did you review your finances this month? Good. Fall madly for a hot new thing? You may have second thoughts in the next month or so, as our social expression and tastes return to “normal”.

I’ll do a round-up of the news in the next forecast.

The color purple is sponsored by the Moon in high-flying Sagittarius. For accurate astro-logical insights into your own unique horoscope contact me to schedule a personal consultation.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/24/2014 & the Weekend: A Vision for Obama?

An easy flow of inventive and impassioned thought and communication is one potential of this day, egged on by a intense, depth-seeking Moon in Scorpio. How does it all relate to the New Moon agenda you set on January 1st? Why do I ask? Because today (Friday) also starts off with the Third Quarter Moon, suggesting a significant piece of information or action taken on said agenda. And yes, it may be especially ambitious or weighty, given the challenge between mental Mercury and “get real” Saturn written about earlier this week, exact Saturday (a.k.a. “Saturn’s Day”) at 6:56AM ET. However, this does not mean that your Friday Night Happy Hour has to be a downer; on the contrary, lunar aspects are rather buoyant, lightening the Moon in Scorpio just a tad.

Moon will be void almost all day on Saturday — from 8:55AM ET to 10:13PM ET — avoid the malls; expect the unexpected; go with the (likely intense) Moon in Scorpio flow. After the void, Moon enters gamboling/gambling Sagittarius, likely lifting spirits and facilitating a need to broaden horizons — and this carries us through Sunday and into Monday.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten a few emails about President Obama and what’s up with his horoscope. I haven’t taken the time to study it in-depth, but last weekend it was discussed at a conference, where a colleague pointed out a measurement suggesting that nebulous Neptune would be pulling focus this year and next. I found it fascinating to note three stories about Obama this week, all of which espoused Neptunian themes! First, he went all charitable (Neptune!) on us, saying he planned to focus on “income equality” for the rest of his term. In fact, it’s going to be a big focus in next week’s State of the Union speech.

Then he said that marijuana was no more dangerous than alcohol, both of which are Neptunian escapes. And now he’s scheduled a meeting with Pope Francis on March 27th — on a day with Moon in Pisces (ruled by Neptune) — and let’s hope the meeting happens in the morning, before it goes void of course.  More vision and more compassion are two potentials we could expect from someone going through a heavy Neptune emphasis. Another potential would be bewilderment or bewildering behavior. Coincidence or conspiracy? Time will tell…

This deep blood red is brought to you by Moon in Scorpio. Why not put the intense focus to productive use in a personal astro-logical consultation. Here’s the 411 on all that…


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/23/2014: Love, Money & Fashion Statements

Moon is in people-pleasing Libra until 4:43PM ET —  void of course. But I told you this yesterday, so you’re prepared, right? Go with the flow; take care of what is routine. Chill. Meditate. Please do not make mountains out of molehills, which so often happens during voids. Chill!

Libra refers to partnerships, especially marriage, and Venus, which rules Libra, is currently retrograde — until January 31st — and this can put a stress on relationship. And even though yesterday was filled with jarring aspects, I was certainly jarred to read that The Captain and Tennille are filing for divorce after 39 years of marriage. Cue “Love Will Keep Us Together” now, please.

Of course I looked at their horoscopes, and both have transits involving the 10th house (public status) and the 3rd house (mindset). In the Captain’s case, it’s a Neptune thing: [he] “seemed blindsided by the break-up. ‘I don’t know why she filed. I gotta figure it out for myself first.'” That bewilderment he’s feeling? That is Neptune. In Tennille’s case, it’s a Saturn thing — which could be a reach for ambition or a need to cut losses….or just to cut. As the song goes, “Whatever.”

You may recall in an earlier post that Venus retrograde in Capricorn was likely to be reflected in stories of outrageous purchases for the sake of social status.  “We are broke, have an unconscionable amount in credit card debt already, and this Inaugural is killing us!!” wrote Maureen McDonnell, wife of the then-Governor of Virginia, to her still-husband. She really, really needed a dress to wear to a ball.  They have just been indicted — for accepting status-enhancing gifts — including a dress — from a businessman who allegedly expected certain favors in return.

Meanwhile, in the ongoing series of stories we can expect to see about wealth inequality (thank you Uranus square Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio), Oxfam released a report stating that 85 people on this planet have as much wealth as 3.5 billion of the poorest among us, which is  more than half the world’s population. This just as the elite of the world gather at Davos to discuss the state of the world economy. Actor Matt Damon was there — to alert the world to its impending water crisis. Thank you, Neptune in Pisces. And thank you, Matt Damon, for trying to do something good for humanity.

I think it’s time to have a look at what kind of pants the Norwegian curling team will be wearing at the Winter Olympics…

This light blue is brought to you by today’s Moon in Libra, as well as this soft rose. Neither of these colors will be worn by the Norwegian curling team at the Winter Olympics. Contact me if you’d like to schedule a personal astro-logical consultation.


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/22/2014: Remain in Balance

Another day with Moon in Libra, seeking balance, peace and appreciation in relationship. If it feels like the day moves at a faster or more dynamic pace as of late last night, that’s because the Moon makes contact with six planets today; yesterday, there was only one.

I’ve noted this before, but between now and 2015, every time the Moon enters Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn (i.e., once a week), it makes contact with the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square, a.k.a., the Planetary Pattern Everyone Should Be Talking About. What that suggests is the potential for disruption, revelation, power plays and catharsis, especially for those with planets or angles around 8-15 degrees of those signs (if you do not know the degrees of your planets and angles, order the Really Helpful Astro-Basics Report). Moon made contact with rebel Uranus at 1:22AM ET, followed by perspicacious Pluto at 6:53AM ET, so if you found the last 12 hours especially intense, you may be personally affected by the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square.  Mark January 28th on your calendars, which is the next time the Moon will engage with this powerful pattern.

Whatever dust that may have been kicked up last night can now settle, buoyed by the optimism of a big hit from jolly Jupiter at 9:20AM ET, followed by an indulgent hit from Venus at 1:06PM ET. An easy connection to the diplomatically-inclined Libra Moon from rocket scientist Mercury in Aquarius at 7PM ET helps sort things out in a rational and inventive manner. If you’re up late on the East Coast or having dinner on the West Coast, you may be experiencing an impassioned exchange or exercise or will, courtesy of a hook-up to the Moon from action hero Mars.

Get it off your desk today; the Moon goes void at 10:50PM ET…and doesn’t enter Scorpio (the next sign) until 4:43PM ET tomorrow. That’ll be a day of no impulse shopping, no making mountains out of molehills…just go with the flow and enjoy whatever delays and twists may crop up in your efforts to move purposefully forward in a straight line.

And now, the news. I’m seeing plenty of Venus retrograde-themed stories, as manners, money, relationships and aesthetics continue to be up for review. Here’s a bit from a doctor about the etiquette of using beepers and cellphones. Here’s the complete guide to etiquette for people who use LinkedIn.  More details have emerged in the story of the 71 year-old former cop who killed a movie theater-goer who refused to stop texting during the previews.    In New Jersey, the nastiness continues in the Chris Christie Bridgegate scandal. If you haven’t seen Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen’s cutting musical take on the whole affair, here’s the link. Why is it so cutting? Because Gov. Christie idolizes Bruce Springsteen. Ouch.

Meanwhile, here’s a stunning comparison of ads for certain toys marketed to girls — then and now. I loved the game Candyland when I was a child, but today’s packaging just looks creepy…am I right? And– on the Venus  retrograde subject of reviewing finances, here’s an email from a happy reader:

I want to let you know that I did click on that website to find lost money – and my partner and I both received checks for 81 bucks in the mail!  It couldn’t have come at a better time too.

Thanks for your amazing public service!  I love the way you take astrology out of the “me, me me” context and point us to important events and ideas in the world.  And also send us to money finding sites – wow!

You’re welcome — and the website she’s talking about is — for those who are new to this forecast…

Last, but not least — a salute to a stargazer that just hit the NYT homepage. I’d never heard of John Gibson, but apparently he invented a telescope that anyone could use to study the heavens. A quick glance at his horoscope shows Neptune running wild — suggesting a need for spiritual pursuits vs. the material. He lived for many years as a monk. Gibson never patented his invention, so other companies profited from his genius. That genius is suggested by an exact contact between mental Mercury and innovative Uranus. Interesting to note the heavy aspect discussed in yesterday’s forecast — Mercury square Saturn — is also in Gibson’s horoscope — and it is being supercharged now by the Uranus-Pluto square. Time for Gibson’s weighty ideas to gain prominence, don’t you think? He just passed away at age 98. Here’s the obit…

This light blue is brought to you by today’s Moon in Libra, as well as this soft rose.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/21/2014: The Weighty Agenda of Saturn Square Mercury

OK, back to work!

Enter the Moon into people-pleasing Libra, as of 7:40AM ET. Fair, balanced and rational — that would be ideal. Libra really does have a thing about fairness…and avoiding conflict…and having manners and other social graces. Today’s planetary patterns suggest an easier flow of debate than tomorrow, which has a higher probability of excitability and disruption. The latter is not necessarily a negative; however, as an influx of energy can push an agenda forward. Right?

Patterns this week are lighter than last week. The most significant exact aspect is a contact between mental Mercury and stern Saturn at the end of the week. This suggests serious communication and an ambitious reach regarding a heavy idea, which could be a matter of life and death. On the homepage of the NYT, this article reports that abortion is becoming an “unexpectedly animating issue in the 2014 midterm elections.” It’s not unexpected at all, given Saturn’s current trek through nitty-gritty Scorpio, as noted many times in this forecast. Saturn will leave Scorpio at the end of the year.

The potential for a heavy agenda  or ambitious idea will affect you more personally if you have a planet or angle at 22 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. If you do not know what degrees your planets are at, check out the Astro-Basics Report described here.

Your Moon voids for the week: Wednesday 10:50PM ET until Thursday 4:43PM ET and Saturday 8:55AM until 10:13PM ET. If you want to move forward in a straight without feeling like you are herding cats, schedule your meetings and ship dates when the Moon is not void. Otherwise, go with the flow and don’t turn molehills into mountains. Crises that crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/20/2014: Heroes and Such

Alll—righty, then!

The Moon is in discriminating Virgo today, and it goes void at 3:55PM ET, on a cooperative connection between disciplined Saturn. What will you correctly organize or criticize today, hmm? Moon doesn’t enter the next sign, Libra, until 7:43AM ET on Tuesday, so you can spend the last half of the day going with the flow, avoiding the malls, and rolling with any twists or flakes that may arise.

It is a holiday for most workers in the United States, as we pause to honor the pioneering civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr., whose horoscope was written about in an earlier post. Today I was intrigued to read in the New York Times about an Ohio Congressman named William Moore McCulloch, who is credited with being the first to introduce legislation that would lead to the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. I’d never heard of this conservative white Republican, whose legislative initiative was considered to be “political suicide,” but of course I had to go look up his birth date: November 24, 1901 in Holmesville, OH.

Briefly — for those who may be somewhat familiar with the language of astrology —  we’re looking at the Sun in righteous Sagittarius with Moon in earthy Taurus, a sign not known for being a fierce advocate for change. However, three powerful patterns in the horoscope suggest the most dynamic of action potential.  First, a charismatic and prominent opposition between a “make it happen” Mars in Capricorn and dreamy Neptune in Cancer, both at zero degrees, and thus at the Aries Point. Wow! Talk about effective, practical idealism made real!

Second, an opposition between rebel Uranus and transformational Pluto — do I need to say more about that dynamic, given what we know about the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square’s need to disrupt the status quo? Third, an awesome exact conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn (government, collective structures of society) suggests an unstoppable enterprising and purposeful drive. This Jupiter-Saturn hook-up is at 13 degrees of Capricorn, and everyone reading this should immediately recall that a planet or angle 13 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be supercharged by Uranus and Pluto, especially in April and June. And by supercharged, I mean it will become prominent. And isn’t it fascinating that McCulloch will absolutely become prominent this year because of a book that will soon be published about the battle surrounding the passage of the Civil Rights Act. Also fascinating: the U.S. Sun is 13 degrees of Cancer.

Meanwhile, nebulous Neptune — which refers to fantastic escapes, including drug, alcohol and other addictions — is running wild. Reflecting these themes, I was struck by this first-person account by a reformed and redeemed (Neptune also refers to salvation) trader who argues that wealth is also an addiction. Yes, really, an addiction — and I had never thought of money in that way, either. Check out his story, currently the second most-emailed article in the New York Times.