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"Thank you so very much for your time and brilliance in deciphering my chart. It was a pleasure putting all that history in your capable hands, and I value the gentle care you took with it. I will tell those I know all about your special talent!"
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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 6/30/2014: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

Hopefully many of you enjoyed a bit of sweet, soulful inspiration over the weekend, brought to you by cotton candy-flavored contacts between Sun, artsy-loving Venus and visionary Neptune. Was it a dream or a rose-colored fog? It may take some time to sort it out, given that mental Mercury is now at a dead stop — about to turn direct on Tuesday at 8:50AM ET

The Moon is in Leo, seeking love and adulation, and possibly lording it over everyone in the process. People born with Moon in Leo need that kind of attention, and life for everyone else can be so much easier when their lovable drama king or queen is getting it. In return, they will inspire you to play and happily mentor you so that you can shine, too.

Exact aspects today are a mixed bag. There’s an innovative, tech-friendly connection to the Moon from rebel Uranus at 1:40PM ET, followed by a stern, possible wet blanket of a clash between the regal Leo Moon and Saturn in controlling Scorpio at 2:58PM ET. Work that conflict out at the gym later — or continue your crusade — when Moon is supported by physical Mars at 5:42PM ET.

Moon will be void from 6AM ET until 5:24PM ET tomorrow AND Mercury will turn direct at 8:50AM ET. Do I need to remind you to double check the facts before hitting send? Patience may be required in all communication and transportation endeavors. There are no other voids during business hours this week, but you can note Friday at 12:21 AM ET until 5:43AM ET if you like.

Other than Mercury’s change of direction, the other pattern of note is a volatile contact between the Sun in Cancer with Pluto on Friday, July 4th. Happy Birthday to the United States…and how would you like your powerful punch? Stay tuned for power plays, corruption exposed, energy resources in the headlines and news from underground. You’ll feel this power surge more personally if you were born on the 4th of July, October, January and April….or if you have a planet or angle around 12 to 16 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. And since you must know by now that we can’t have a Pluto contact without one to Uranus (thanks to the never-ending Planetary Pattern Everyone Should Be Talking About), note that the Sun will challenge rebel Uranus on July 8th.

And now, the news.

Nothing says “pride” like a Moon in Leo, and with the shimmering sparkle of Venus square Neptune, you might as well have a rainbow, too. How perfect for a day of gay pride parades all over the world, and the Boy Scouts joined in, too. Ah…but Neptune also refers to deception and Venus refers to social expression. Thus Facebook was outed for yet another deceptive practice, this time for manipulating our newsfeeds and toying with our emotions. Mark Zuckerberg, shame on you. As a public service, here’s how to opt out of Facebook’s next nefarious ambition: to snoop on your web browsing history so they can find even more ads to put in your newsfeed that you will never, ever click on.

There were and will be plenty of the usual Saturn in Scorpio news items involving sex, death and debt and its consequences. Here’s Gail Collins valiantly trying to make light of one pronouncement involving a unanimous Supreme Court ruling about free speech and abortion protesters, as well as a decision expected today about whether a company that invests in other companies that manufactures contraceptives AND sells merchandise made in China (which has strict family-planning policies) may refuse to provide its employees health insurance that would include coverage for contraceptives, on religious grounds. Got that?

Thus it was somewhat of a relief to find this bewildering (Neptune) yet somehow comforting article about the elusive Higgs boson, “which seems to prove that the Universe doesn’t exist.”  Food for thought, with your morning coffee. Then, go out there and shine, shimmer and sparkle, like the being of pure light and love that you truly are.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/27/2014 & the Weekend: New Moon in Cancer

Note your dreams upon waking this morning.

The New Moon in  Cancer officially began today at 4:08AM ET, offering us an opportunity to re-set  intentions and goals for the next lunar cycle.  Around July 5th, on the First Quarter Moon, we can expect a challenge to those goals, with appropriate adjustments made. At the time of the Full Moon on the 12th, we can expect illumination on the success or failure of our goals for the cycle. If we succeeded, we can consciously release our success into our reality; if we failed, we let go of whatever did not work. After the Third Quarter Moon on the 18th, we can review our achievements, tie up loose ends and get ready to begin another New Moon on the 26th.

This New Moon occurs at 6 degrees of Cancer and the only connection it makes is a harmonious aspect with Neptune, the planet referring to vision, intuition, deception, delusion, spirits of all kinds, oil, oceans, drugs & other toxins, charity, suffering and martyrdom  — just to name a few. Moon is generally very happy to be in Cancer, the sign it rules. In Cancer, the Moon seeks to fulfill a need for emotional/homeland security; this month we can expect that need to be met in rose-colored hues. Venus in this New Moon chart is also making contact with one other planet — and again that would be Neptune. This suggests idealism in social expression, as well as in issues concerning women, art and money. You may recall that Neptune and idealism were strong themes in last month’s New Moon, so we can expect more of the same — some of it magical; some of it mystical and some of it simply bewildering.

In the New Moon chart, mental Mercury is retrograde and running wild in Gemini,  suggesting this month will be again notable for shifts in the way we think and communicate. Given that Mercury is retrograde, we can expect plenty of that thinking to be concerned with reviewing issues from the past (a positive potential of Mercury retrograde), or flat-out sloppy and misinformed (a downside potential of Mercury retrograde). Mercury turns direct on July 1st and reaches the Aries Point (o Cancer) on July 13th; watch the headlines for especially prominent mindshifts — some of involving women, now that I’m also noting Venus at the Aries Point (0 Cancer) on July 19th.

Mars, symbolizing our need for action, is still in Libra, but picking up speed for its entrance into Scorpio on July 26th. Huzzah! In this cycle we will continue to process the tension released this month by the warrior planet’s forceful contacts with the Uranus-Pluto square, which on the upside may be reflected in the supercharged World Cup soccer games. Go team! Jupiter and Saturn are also running wild, but with very different agendas. Jupiter is wrapping up its year-long stay in Cancer, seeking its reward in the expansion of emotional security/nourishment/home/family concerns, augmented by an obsession with power and resources. Jupiter enters Leo on July 16th.

Saturn remains in Scorpio, continuing its nitty-gritty reality check on the consequences of sex, death and money, i.e. debt — watch the headlines. It turns direct on July 21st, but will spend the entire month sitting at 16 degrees of Scorpio. So if you have a planet or an angle around that degree — or also around 16 degrees of Leo, Taurus or Aquarius, I can appreciate why you may be feeling squeezed by outside controls — or feeling pressured to act on your ambition all month long — and wondering why it also feels as if you’re not making any progress. Same applies if you were born around the 9th of August, November, February or May. President Obama is in this category; his Ascendant is 18 Aquarius.

Neptune is retrograde in Pisces, hanging out at 6-7 degrees all month. You’re feeling the fog and/or need for a more beautiful vision more personally if you were born 5-9 days into Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius…or if you have a planet or angle at 5-9 degrees of those signs. Neptune in Pisces will continue to be reflected in the headlines with stories of oceans, fish, drugs (all pot all the time in the US) and the huddled masses, large and small. And let us not forget the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square challenging the status quo and exposing corruption in our hallowed institutions.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 6 Cancer is “game birds feathering their nest,” which I see echoed in the New Moon chart by Jupiter — as described above. The always-insightful  Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee observes that this Symbol refers to refining home security concerns and prosperity accumulated by tending to one’s property or thoughts for future comfort. He offers the curious observation that “game birds” are the quarry of hunters, and that “anyone thought to be fit for ridicule or criticism is said to be ‘fair game'”. Hmmmm.

Bovee suggests we apply this Symbol with a mind to “an urgent sense of making progress; a sense of frustration with obstacles…considering [among other things] overrefinement of strategies; game natures clashing with ponderous delays.” (If you enjoy these Sabian Symbols, I recommend you get Bovee’s book so you can read his whole take on each Symbol).  If you have a planet or angle around 6 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra, you will feel initiative (and perhaps the urgency) of this New Moon more than most.

General notes for the weekend: dreamy, courtesy of exact contacts between Sun and Venus with Neptune at 3:23AM ET and 3:31PM ET on Sunday, respectively. Vision, spirit, healing, music — all sorts of idealized beauty and rose-colored escapes are favored. Add a dramatic flair when Moon enters Leo at 4:43AM ET Sunday.

But first — on Friday — a potential power play or deep emotional response around 5:39PM ET, when Moon is challenged by Pluto…followed by an upset or revelation around 1:16AM ET, when Moon is challenged by rebel Uranus. Be careful on the roads late Friday night and in the wee hours on Saturday.

No exact aspects during the day on Saturday until 9:03PM ET, when Moon hooks up with expansive, expensive Jupiter. Oh joy! Moon will be void until 4:43AM ET Sunday. No harm, no foul.

And no sleeping in on Monday.

And now, the news.

Interesting to note right after I posted yesterday’s forecast noting stern Saturn’s challenge to Obama’s Ascendant that the Supreme Court issued a control (Saturn!), ruling that certain recess appointments he made in 2012 were unconstitutional. On a lighter note, I wish I’d seen this fun Tweet from the coach of the US soccer team in time to share it with you before yesterday’s all-day void of course Moon. It’s a permission slip you could have given to your boss, excusing you from work so you could watch the US play Germany at the World Cup, and thousands did — as reported by WJLA in DC. What perfect timing!

 Your donations never fail to make my day, with much gratitude to you for  your appreciation. Gratitude also to those of you who share this forecast with friends. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Have a wonderful day!


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 6/26/2014: In the Void; Mars-Uranus Fallout; Obama & Boehner

Chill time. Moon is still buzzing in Gemini, but as of 7:56AM ET, it’s void of course — all dressed up perhaps, but with no place to go. Take care of routine tasks. If you’re feeling listless or restless, chalk it up to the double whammy of a Moon that is void and also dead. This is last day of the lunar cycle, and many may sense there’s something new around the corner, but they can’t quite tell what it is.

At 5:06PM ET, Moon enters Cancer, shifting the focus to emotional and home/homeland security needs. The New Moon begins at 4:08AM ET on Friday…stay tuned.

Plenty of startling headlines on Wednesday, reflecting the disruptive potential of the Mars-Uranus opposition. First, a unanimous (!) decision from the Supreme Court, as the justices rule that police officers may not search a cell phone without a warrant. In another ruling regarding technology (Uranus), information and who may access it, TV broadcasters and copyrights prevailed over Aereo, a television streaming service with much lower fees than cable.

There have been numerous headlines about the use of drones; yesterday’s front page was notable because of an actual report published on the probable consequences we face if they continue to be employed. And in an apparent first, a woman in Seattle says two men used a drone to spy on her through the window of her apartment.

In Mississippi, another first, as “blacks turned out in record numbers” to vote for a Republican senator running against a Tea Party candidate, likely helping the Senator, Thad Cochran keep his Senate seat. NYT columnist Gail Collins presents her usual irreverent take on the story.

In other news, John Boehner says he intends to introduce legislation next week that would allow the House to sue President Obama for his alleged “unconstitutional overreach.” As noted before, the US horoscope has the Sun at 13 Cancer and Saturn at 14 Libra. Both of these planets were hit by April’s Cardinal Grand Cross, and continue to be supercharged by the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square.  It’s the challenge to Saturn that suggests a particularly agonizing period of time in these United States. In Obama’s horoscope, stern Saturn hovering around 18 degrees of Scorpio has been making contact with his 18 degrees of Aquarius Ascendant. The Ascendant refers to personal projection and also is part of the health center of the horoscope. Saturn rules Obama’s 12th house, which refers to hidden enemies/self-undoing and also health issues. As projected, Obama is on a especially ambitious (Saturn) roll now, launching initiatives however he can without the full support of the House. We can expect this ambitious reach to continue, as Saturn approaches the top of his horoscope this fall and next summer. Other measurements suggest expansive action…I do not see him slowing down, despite other measurements that do suggest subversive efforts to thwart him.

Boehner’s horoscope (no exact birth time) is currently supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square. His Venus is at 12 Capricorn, so we can expect his need for social expression to become more empowered (or ruthless); as well as emancipated (or reckless/rebellious). His Libra Moon may well be making contact with rebel Uranus, intensifying an independent streak. His Neptune at 16 Libra is also affected, suggesting an intensified need for vision (or delusion). Saturn is also active in Boehner’s horoscope, though he will not experience its full impact until this fall, when it meets up with his Scorpio Sun. Whatever ambitious reach or controls he experiences then may well be repeated in about a year and a half. Other measurements suggest relentless and resourceful action for the next couple of years. For more on his horoscope, look  here.

What’s going on in your horoscope? Mercury retrogrades are excellent times for reviewing your life with an astrologer. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/25/2014: Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson

The Moon continues its chatty buzz through information-junkie Gemini, fueled by the release of volatile energy suggested by a Mars-Uranus face-off at 4:25AM ET. The latest headline on the NYT homepage is an apt reflection: “Iran Said to Be Sending Drones and Military Aid to Iraq”. Why? Mars (warrior) is in Libra, a sign that dislikes conflict, and sometimes goes to extremes to avoid it. Uranus (rebel) is in Aries, also a warrior. Uranus is also technology, as in robots…or in this case, drones. A robot warrior! In today’s modern society, you can fight a war without ever having to actually show up in person to fight it. How’s that for a extreme avoidance of conflict?

Libra is also a rational sign, so it was interesting to see the US release its legal rationalization for killing an American in a targeted drone strike without due process: here’s the 411 and editorial about it from the NYT, along with a spirited debate among its readers.

Tech buzz and innovation of a more positive nature are favored as the day progresses, especially around 2PM ET, when the Moon will be in harmony with Uranus (sudden insight) and Mars (action). If you must ship within the next 24 hours, definitely get it off your desk today, as the Moon will be void tomorrow from 7:56AM ET until 5:06PM ET. We are at the end of the lunar cycle — a good time to wrap up old projects and get ready for the New Moon on Friday at 4:08AM ET.

Also in the news: a startling verdict in that seemingly never-ending phone hacker trial in the UK. Y’know, where it was revealed that journalists working for a Rupert Murdoch-owned publication were hacking the private voicemail messages of hundreds of famous people because that kind of information sells papers.  Andy Coulson (former communications director for UK Prime Minister David Cameron and former editor of News of the World) and Rebekah Brooks (his predecessor at the tabloid) worked together and oftimes were literally in bed together, learned their fates yesterday. Coulson was found guilty and Brooks was cleared of all charges. Startling, right?

Of course I’m immediately wondering what’s going on in their horoscopes, and I wasn’t the only one! “Was It in Their Horoscopes?” blares a headline in the International Business Times. The paper reports:

 According to horoscopes in the national tabloid press, it appears so (in part).

The daily horoscope section is a stable of all tabloid newspapers – something Brooks and Coulson will know well. In 1999, journalist and commentator Anne Atkins said horoscopes are the most important piece of any newspaper.

(Did you read that, New York Times? Hire an astrologer if you’d like to increase your circulation and your revenue. What a concept…)


The article lists a number of  daily horoscopes for Gemini (Brooks) and Aquarius (Coulson), and most of what was published is general gobbledygook. What they do allude to, however, is that Venus (love, social expression) moved into Gemini on Monday, suggesting that Geminis might feel a boost in popularity as Venus travels through that sign, making contact with the Sun in all Gemini horoscopes. Brooks has her Sun at 6 Gemini — and thus likely feeling the love sooner than someone with the Sun at 27 Gemini, but what’s more important is that just before ingressing into Gemini, Venus was exactly conjunct Brooks’ natal Venus at 29 degrees of Taurus. Other patterns in her unique horoscope suggest a potential liberation — definitely not applicable to all Geminis on the planet.

In Coulson’s case, while Venus was making a lovely aspect to his Sun at 0 Aquarius, other patterns are much heavier. Stern Saturn is challenging his Mercury (mindset), suggesting a need for focus, discipline or an episode of depression. His Moon in Libra (exact degree unknown, as we do not have a birth time) is likely being supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square and by Mars, suggesting potential disruptions of the status quo.

There’s more…but I need to post this forecast now. Point is, a general daily forecast by Sun Sign is only going to cover a small fraction of an individual’s horoscope. If you really want to know about your horoscope, get to know more than just your Sun Sign. Do you know where your Moon is, for example? This drives the whole persona, and when you first learn about the Moon, it can be like turning a floodlight on in a dark room. Your horoscope is the sum of a lot of moving parts.

Thank you for reading this forecast.



Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 6/24/2014: Sneak Peek at the Week; News Round-up

Alll-riighty then!

In the spirit of Mercury REtrograde, here’s a REcreated “Sneak Peek at the Week,” given that the original was lost in cyberspace…

Special shout-out to tech wizard Mark Marshall at Interage, whose rapid response and expertise was able to exorcise the WordPress bugs in my computer.  Thank you!

Monday started with a heavy challenge between the comfort-seeking Moon in Taurus and stern Saturn in Scorpio, suggesting a potential reach for ambition or major reality check. That happened at 6:59AM ET, just before I started writing, and at that time the big headline on the NYT homepage was “Relief Over US Exit Fades as Reality in Iraq Eclipses Hope”. But the Moon  moves fast, so connections it makes to other planets do not last long. At 9:49PM ET, Moon made an easy connection with expansive Jupiter, suggesting an opportunity for pleasant indulgence in sensual delights, especially since the Moon will be void thereafter until 7:06AM ET on Tuesday.

More pleasantness on a personal level is suggested Tuesday morning, as Venus and the Moon meet up in chatty Gemini, as a need for information drives the day. Caveat: Mercury is still retrograde, so take what you hear with a grain of salt, especially in the evening, when nebulous Neptune challenges the information junkie Gemini Moon.

We’ll have some potentially blissful patterns to inspire us on Friday’s New Moon in emotional security-seeking Cancer, and those should carry us through the weekend. Until then, we’ll be processing the edgy buzz of this Wednesday’s challenge between rebel Uranus and warrior Mars, reflected in the headlines in stories of sudden disruptions of the status quo, guns and more guns, notable seismic activity, tech breakthroughs, fires (and those who fight them, a “firebrand” candidate running for governor in Colorado, “testy” exchanges in Congress –and angry joyriders in Saudi Arabia,  just to name a few.

The only Moon void to potentially throw a twist into your efforts to move forward in a straight line during normal business hours happens on Thursday from 7:56AM until 5:06PM ET. This is also the last day of the lunar cycle — a “dark” or “dead” Moon — and definitely suggests a day to stick to routine, chill out and refrain from launching major new initiatives.

And now, more news — lots of it — as you’d expect on a day with Moon in Gemini.

Last week we saw mental Mercury again at the Aries Point (returning to where it was on the New Moon on May 28th). Words and thoughts would likely become prominent. This whole lunar cycle suggested a potential reboot of a way of thinking and/or communication — some of it visionary; some of it delusional; much of it based on an ideal. Exhibit A: the US Patent Office cancels the trademark of the Washington Redskins because the term “redskins” is deemed “derogatory.  Exhibit B: A newspaper ditches  Pulitzer prize-winning writer George Will when he pens a controversial column about rape victims. Exhibit C: A study about what really goes on in the brains of writers when they are writing is released. Exhibit D: (this hit the headlines on the New Moon, but still being circulated) The losses we suffer in brainpower as handwriting becomes a thing of the past.

More idealism, along with Mercury retrograde reunions exploded on the scene last week, courtesy of Mars triggering the volatile Uranus-Pluto square.  How so? How fascinating that the headline for the latest NYT book review is “A High-Living Idealist, Running Guns in 1938”. In other news, as you know, militants in Iraq have taken over certain cities, apparently captured major oil-producing sites and stolen hundreds of millions of dollars.  And last week, it was like Old Home Week as seemingly everyone who pushed so hard to invade Iraq in 2003 (and did not want the US to leave), was all over the airwaves,  including Dick Cheney and his daughter, Liz. People from the past have an odd way of turning up when Mercury is retrograde…

The Cheneys penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, which I mention for two reasons. One, because of its idealism. Really, even Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly seemed somewhat skeptical — and she was not the only one exhibiting a surprising change of mindset. Two, because we took a look at Liz Cheney’s horoscope last year — as she was contemplating running for a Senate seat in Wyoming (see the last two paragraphs of the linked post). At that time, the need for a career move seemed astro-logical, and though her Senate prospects weren’t clear (we do not have an exact birth time), it did look as if she’d be in a more expansive position this summer, regardless. And apparently she is.

Ms. Cheney and her father have launched a new non-profit, the Alliance for a Strong America, which aims to “restore American power, strength and influence around the world”. Well, this should fit in  nicely with Ms. Cheney’s aforementioned idealism and her Moon in Sagittarius, which needs to express its opinion. And given a pattern that suggests the relationship with the father may run away with the rest of the horoscope, working with her dad is not a surprising choice.

Last but not least,  the Sun in Cancer at the Aries Point (the Summer Solstice) suggested that issues related to motherhood would become prominent. How interesting to find an in-depth article about the woman in Arizona who made headlines in March when she could not find a babysitter and left her children in the car while she went to an interview for a job that would have finally paid her a living wage. She was arrested — but where is she now?  Meanwhile, for those who ask about the action in President Obama’s horoscope, yesterday he encouraged employers to offer mothers of newborn babies up to six weeks of paid maternity leave. Obama has Venus (women, social expression) in Cancer (motherhood, nurturing), and it is also at the Aries Point, suggesting he may be known for a sensitive social expression that fosters emotional, homeland and family security needs. And isn’t it interesting the Sun in Cancer just made contact with Obama’s natal Venus?

People ask me all the time if a horoscope or planetary pattern is good or bad. A horoscope shows potential. Every pattern has an upside and a downside, and how it ultimately manifests is largely up to the person who brings life to the horoscope. If you’d like to learn more about your potential, as suggested by planetary patterns, here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 6/23/2014: Mercury is Still Retrograde…

I kid you not — the highlight of the morning is a heavy challenge between Moon and stern Saturn, exact at 6:59AM ET. And Mercury is still retrograde. And for the first time in five years, it seems that instead of hitting “publish” after writing my Really Useful Sneak Peek at the Week, I hit “trash”.

Until I can re-create the post, here’s a much lighter article on recent discoveries on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon….

How is your day going?

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/20/2014 & the Weekend: Summer Solstice

Fire away. The Moon in (fiery) Aries charges ahead without conflict this morning, perhaps inspiring you to take the lead or at least take action. This inspiration may become supercharged in the afternoon and evening hours (ET), as the Moon makes its weekly challenge with the status quo-disrupting Uranus-Pluto square. Power plays or an emotional catharsis may crop up around 3:40PM ET, when Moon squares Pluto; a testy opposition from Mars at 7:25PM ET suggests extra care on the roads or in any situation involving conflict; a hook-up with innovative Uranus suggests a revelation or encounter with the unconventional or at least something new — even if its as seemingly mundane as going to a Ukrainian restaurant, if you’ve never been to one before.

Saturday we have the Sun’s ingress into Cancer at 6:51AM ET, marking the Summer Solstice — the longest day of the year in  the Northern Hemisphere. The first two days around a Solstice or Equinox are especially charged, as these degrees of the zodiac: 0 Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn mark the beginning of a new season — a turning point — a new phase of development. Collectively these degrees are known as the Aries Point, and whenever a planet in your horoscope falls on one of these points, you can be sure it will push for prominence in your life. Things that come into being — including people — when the Sun is at the Aries Point often have a knack for becoming famous in whatever pond they swim in. Off the top of my head, Meryl Streep, William Shatner, Elizabeth Warren and Edward Snowden were all born with the Sun close to the Aries Point.

Contacts to the Moon from Jupiter and Mercury on Saturday suggest expansion, optimism and and a dynamic flow of communication until 6:24PM ET, when the Moon goes void until 11:03PM ET. Do your shopping and yard sale hopping when the Moon is not void. You may notice a slower pace when the Moon enters Taurus (after the void), and encourages us to indulge in what makes us feel materially secure: good food, drink, maybe a song or a snuggle with your sweetie. Planetary patterns Sunday — with the exception of the buzz of Wednesday’s upcoming “wild card” challenge between Mars and Uranus — are potentially soulful, resourceful and healing. No sleeping in on Monday.

Thanks to the reader who was inspired by this week’s post about Eben Alexander’s book, Proof of Heaven. She forwarded this story about Dolores Cannon, a hypnotherapist who’s also written a book, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth, which is “an ensemble of regressive hypnotherapy client sessions which narrates a ‘behind the scenes’ look at Earth’s current paradigm shift.” The theory she presents is fascinating, and perhaps explains why, when asked where I’m from, I often reply, “I’m here on a tourist visa.”

; )

I’ll post a news round-up later…have a fabulous weekend!

What’s going on in your horoscope? Mercury retrogrades are excellent times for reviewing your life with an astrologer. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.





Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 6/19/2014: The Other Shoe…

The empathetic Pisces Moon is enthusiastically supported by harmonious contacts with Jupiter (cosmic sugar daddy) and Venus at 7:15AM ET and 9:15AM ET, respectively. Sweet talk is favored in the morning hours. At 2:36PM ET, the Moon squares the Sun, suggesting a challenge to whatever realization you had on last week’s Full Moon. Testy communication between two very idealistic entities may be encountered; check the facts and chill out before striking out,  given a brief Moon void (3:06PM – 5:26PM ET) and Mercury still being retrograde.

At 5:26PM ET the pace noticeably quickens when the Moon charges into me-me-me Aries, possibly falling down stairs because it’s faster than walking. I expect an uptick in horns and sirens, too — alas. Patience is not an Aries strong point, courage definitely is. At 6:50PM ET the Sun makes that idealistic hook-up with Mercury I mentioned earlier this week; see how that manifests in communication. Speech and mindset  — color it rose — are likely to become prominent in the headlines, since this hook-up is happening near one of the solstice points. More rosy hues — some of it bewildering — may be reflected by nebulous Neptune, currently running wild (i.e., not connected to any other planet).

Humming in the background is a slowly-approaching, but oh-so-edgy connection between action hero Mars in diplomatic Libra…to rebel Uranus in Aries. That contact — an opposition — will be exact next Wednesday, and it will complete the dance we’ve seen since December of Mars in Libra making contact with the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square. As we’ve seen in the past, Mars-Uranus contact suggests breakthrough in action, often volatile and/or that disrupt the status quo.  You may be feeling the expectant buzz more personally if you have a planet or angle around 12 to 17 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, which would include having a birthday around the 4th – 7th of July, October, January or April. This would include the United States.

There’s so much to write about in the headlines today, that if I started to do so, I wouldn’t finish this post until sundown.

To be continued….

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/18/2014

Note your dreams this morning, as intuitive Neptune hooks up with an equally intuitive Moon in Pisces in the wee hours ET. The pleasant connection between Venus and expansive Jupiter noted in Monday’s forecast happens at 5:16AM ET; hopefully you will use it to glide through the day. A communicative connection between Moon and perspicacious Pluto around 12PM ET can help clear the air without biting anyone’s head off. A stable connection to Moon from Saturn at 7:46PM ET keeps it all grounded in your version of reality.

If you’re going to put something up for auction, doing it just before a harmonious connection between Venus (money, art) and Jupiter is not a bad strategy. A one-of-a-kind postage stamp just sold at Sotheby’s for $9.5 million — and yes, that’s a record. Meanwhile, I’ve been meaning to share this item from the weekend. On Sunday, retrograde Mercury (mindset) returned to the beginning of Cancer (motherhood). Add to this pattern Friday’s stern challenge between Venus (women, social expression) and Saturn, and Saturday’s potentially volatile charge between Mars (aggression/action) and ruthless Pluto. What hits the NYT homepage? “Mother’s Mind” — a two-part series on maternal mental illness. Here’s part one; here’s part two. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Let’s end with something light. Thanks to Leslie, the reader who kindly forwarded me this must-have item for anyone “feeling wobbly, forgetful, and introverted during this Mercury retrograde cycle”. Of course it would be rose-colored…

What’s going on in your horoscope? Mercury retrogrades are excellent times for reviewing your life with an astrologer. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 6/17/2014: Blinded By the Light

…still a noticeable uptick in the sirens wailing through the neighborhood…who needs an alarm clock anymore?

I’ve got last weekend’s volatile/forceful Mars-Pluto square on my mind this morning. If you recall this was the third and last challenge between these two planets since Mars has been in Libra for what now seems like forever. The first challenge was at the end of the December; the second was during April’s Cardinal Grand Cross, in which the reality of climate change reached a tipping point. The third in a series of planetary patterns drives the point home, much as the third act of a play. And there was President Obama delivering a commencement address in which climate change deniers were openly mocked. What a difference a year makes. Not that this will stop said climate change deniers from filing lawsuits that attempt to block sustainable energy objectives, said one of the deniers, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (at a press conference with three other state governor-deniers).

Which brings me to a discussion of idealism, suggested by mental Mercury hooking up with the Sun on Thursday — in Gemini. Traditional astrologers use the term “combust” to describe a planet that is so close to the Sun (ego drive) that it blinded by (the ego’s) light. With Mercury, which refers to how we need to think, there’s a challenge seeing the forest for the trees. Which can be expressed as idealism.

So naturally I had to look up Bobby Jindal’s horoscope for suggestions of an idealistic mindset, and immediately noticed Mercury and Venus (social expression) opposed by Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter-Neptune aspects suggest a need for spirituality and/or faith, and this would color his mindset and social expression in rose — big time. But wait – there’s more: stern Saturn is also hooked up with Venus, suggesting a reserved, chilly and/or controlled (controlling?) influence in matters relating to women, art and money. Color that black! There’s a contradiction here — so the question is, how might this be expressed by the person bringing the horoscope to life?

Currently Jindal’s natal Mercury at 6 Gemini is being challenged by nebulous Neptune (now retrograde at 7 Pisces).  He’s been wearing a super-deluxe pair of rose-colored glasses for months, and will continue to do so into 2015. On the plus side, Neptune-Mercury transits suggest vision, spirituality and creativity; on the down side, they suggest fantasy and delusion. Bobby Jindal also made headlines on Thursday when he signed two bills restricting information and access to reproductive health care  in a church, because that’s where the Founding Fathers intended for legislative bills to be signed. The bill restricting information reads: “no individual or organization that performs elective abortion or its affiliates may provide instruction or materials in public elementary and secondary schools or in charter schools that receive state funding.” In other words, no free speech for certain people, despite the First Amendment. A few days later, Jindal gave a speech in Ohio and said, “I’m here to tell you one of the most important fights we have is to stand up for our First Amendment religious liberty rights.”

So that’s an example of how contradictory patterns in a horoscope may be expressed…and in this case, under the influence of a potentially bewildering Neptune period of influence.

What I really meant to share today was a bit about Neptune retrograde — which happened last week — and which appears to have turned up in Beth Owlsdaughter’s always-engaging Tarot Card of the Week. Because over the weekend I found myself turning inward for inspiration and guidance, which is what is suggested during Neptune — and Mercury — retrogrades. I was drawn to RE-read Dr. Eben Alexander’s marvelous book, Proof Of Heaven — because I was tired of reading all the headlines about wars, violence and bickering about freedom, climate change and so forth. I wrote about Proof of Heaven last year — oddly enough, in a post that also mentions Beth Owlsdaughter. Here’s an excerpt; the whole post is worth re-reading, if I do say so myself:

Astrology can identify the potential for great good or evil suggested by a planetary pattern. We can surmise reasons why someone with a disconnected consciousness might choose evil over good. What astrology doesn’t do is answer the bewildering question of WHY anyone who allegedly has a soul and consciousness, as all humans presumably do, has the option of inflicting such damage and pain.  Why is there evil in the world?

As it turns out, over the weekend I happened to read Proof of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander. Dr. Alexander was in a coma for seven days and had an amazing out-of-body experience that transformed his life — and just might transform yours, should you read the book.  And in the book the question of why there is evil in the world was addressed. And the answer was something like this.  Evil exists in places where beings with souls and consciousness are learning the lessons of free will. Earth is one such place. If evil were not an option, we would not be able to make choices and thus learn the lessons required in the laboratory called Planet Earth. There is relatively little evil in the Universe compared to the amount of good, and this is very, very good. And there is probably far more good on this planet than evil — though there have been times where one wonders

What I found especially helpful reading this book for the second time was the reminder that this life we experience on Earth is maya — illusion (see the Tarot Card of the Week for more).  Things are not as they seem to be…and in reality, everything is much better than we think. So while we’re living this illusion, we are well-advised to make the best of it. Don’t worry, be happy, etc. Seriously.

I also was delighted to re-read this quote, attributed to Isaac Singer:

We must believe in free will. We have no choice.

Dr. Alexander has a new book coming out this fall…

Thank you for reading — and sharing — this forecast.

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