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-- D.H.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 10/31/2014 & The Weekend: Happy Halloween!

Trick or treat!

If you’re looking for something scary this Halloween, be advised that planetary patterns favor the weird and wacky over ghouls and goblins. The Moon is still in Aquarius, which favors the unconventional. If you haven’t figured out what costume to wear, a helpful boost to the Moon from Uranus may spark your imagination before you head for the office. Oh go ahead, wear something fun to work — you know you want to. I’m wearing my native costume.

Whatever you’re wearing, keep putting the Aquarian networking potential to good use, aided and abetted by three cooperative connections that will be exact on Saturday: between Mercury and Jupiter; Venus and Pluto; Mars and Neptune. These suggest inspired communication and thought processes, some of which may be quite magical. A sexy spin, perhaps, or something equally spellbinding. Let’s hope you’re the one casting and not the other way around.

The Moon goes void on a bit of a bump at 2:22AM ET Saturday, on a challenge from “wet blanket Saturn”.  Moon doesn’t enter Pisces until 12:37PM ET, so feel free to sleep in and chill. Avoid impulse purchases during the void.

Don’t forget to set your clocks back before you go to sleep on Saturday; Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday morning.  The Pisces Moon favors the soulful, the artsy and compassionate; plan your day accordingly. A cooperative connection between the Sun and Pluto favors power and regeneration, which can be a good thing, depending on one’s agenda. Power can be used for good and not-so-good, doncha’ know. The planets have no say in these matters, but people do.

You can drift into the office on Monday, as the Moon will be void from 4:05AM to 1:53PM ET. The mood should shift noticeably when the Moon enters Aries in the afternoon.

And now, the news.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has a birthday on Saturday. And yesterday he published an essay yesterday acknowledging that he is gay and very proud of it, thank you very much. Mr. Cook is a Scorpio with Moon in pioneering Aries. Without an exact birthtime, we don’t have the exact degree of the Moon, but given the timing of the announcement, it could be between 11 and 14 degrees of Aries, and thus being supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square, suggesting an upset and/or empowerment. This Moon is part of a tense T-Square pattern in his horoscope — between Saturn at 13 Capricorn and Mars at 16 Cancer, suggesting, among other things, the potential for extraordinary drive and discipline. Mars and Saturn have also been under high tension, suggested by contact with Uranus and Pluto — and this will continue into next year.

Interesting to note that Mr. Cook’s Scorpio Sun is tightly conjunct nebulous Neptune, suggesting among other things, a visionary potential, empathy, and also that ego identity issues may be rather bewildering.  You can’t tell from a horoscope if someone is male or female, but you can tell if that person may struggle with issues of self-determination, including sexual expression. I once worked with a client who was transitioning from male to female, and the timing of her public declaration of her gender identity, name change, projected hormone treatments, etc., were perfectly in synch with patterns in her horoscope. It made perfect sense, and my client found it very reassuring to learn how planetary patterns validated her struggle and decision to change.

In other news, a drama perfectly reflecting the determination of one individual (Uranus in Aries) to defy the Established Order (Pluto in Capricorn) is going on way up in Maine, as nurse Kaci Hickox rebels against the state’s efforts to enforce a 21-day quarantine since she returned from West Africa. Meanwhile, in the NYT Sunday Magazine you’ll find a harrowing and poignant account penned by journalist Theo Padnos about being kidnapped and held captive in Syria.

Planetary patterns are relatively quiet now, but as we get closer to November 10th, headlines are sure to become volatile, as Mars comes into contact with Uranus and Pluto. Not only that, but on December 15th, we’ll have the sixth of the seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto. So it made sense that another missive from The Hathors was delivered via sound healer Tom Kenyon yesterday, giving us a heads up. When was the last missive sent? On March 26th, a few weeks before the fifth exact square. I am fascinated by their consistent sense of timing, as noted in this forecast from last December.

Whoever or whatever The Hathors are, what they have to say about climate change, government/institutional breakdowns & breakthroughs — and especially the crisis in spiritual evolution and consciousness that we face collectively on Planet Earth — is mirrored by the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square and other significant alignments, etc., etc.  What they als0 offer (via Kenyon) is a number of practical meditation techniques to keep you grounded and clear in these challenging times. That is why I find their posts relevant and helpful.

On a housekeeping note, if you are interested in booking a personal astro-logical consultation for yourself or for a friend, I am extending my Mercury retrograde incentive for new clients through November 12th, as we are still in the “shadow period” of the last Mercury retrograde. At some point in the not too distant future, I do intend to raise my rates, to reflect the two years of study and knowledge accumulated since the last modest increase. And I wanted to give you plenty of notice in advance, with much gratitude for your continued support.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Have a fabulous weekend!

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 10/30/2014: Get Real

Briefly: with the Moon now in humanitarian Aquarius, arise, go forth and network.  Note the potential later in the afternoon for a challenge to crop up regarding your New Moon agenda, no doubt related to a stubborn disagreement over how to exert power and control. Shall ye be emotional or rational? Yes.

Will recap the news tomorrow, save for some words of wisdom from the eminently quotable Pope Francis, whose latest bit reflects the practical, down-to-earth quality of action hero Mars, now that it is in Capricorn.  “God is not a magician,” he says….thus encouraging people to believe in evolution and the Big Bang.

See how you can integrate a realistic-yet-enterprising action plan with the visionary idealism that is otherwise suggested in current planetary patterns.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday & Wednesday 10/28-29/2014: Politics As Usual

Once again, note your dreams, as the Sun makes an easy connection to intuitive Neptune at 5:50AM ET. Then, see if you notice the boost in energy encouraging you to get up and at ’em, as the enterprising Moon in Capricorn makes contact with an equally proactive Mars. Cooperative connections to the Moon among Neptune, Sun and Venus suggest a nice balance to your juggling act during business hours and beyond.

Tensions are more likely as we move into the wee hours on Wednesday, as the Moon makes its weekly engagement with the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square at 1:47AM ET and 5:50AM ET. Hmmm….that could be your wake up call on Wednesday…and you’ll feel it more personally if you have a planet or angle at around 14 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn.

Still, a heightened productivity is favored until the Capricorn Moon goes void at 11:01PM ET Wednesday night. Then you can rest — and perhaps sleep in a bit on Thursday, as the Moon will not enter Aquarius until 9:52AM ET. Why can you sleep in? Because things that happen — or are scheduled to happen during Moon voids often prove to have no consequence. There’s also a higher probability of twists and flakes. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to the great Yogi (Berra) who once said, “You can observe a lot just by watching”.

And now, the news.

With Neptune in touch with the Sun and Venus on Monday and Tuesday, I found it interesting to note the obituaries posted on the NYT homepage. Neptune refers to healing, spirits, music and other artsy concerns. So who passed away? John-Roger, a New Age spiritual leader; Stan M. Jay, a “seller of musical instruments to the stars”; Doris Hering, a dance critic and Jack Bruce, “Cream’s adventurous bassist”. Isn’t that interesting? I’m pleased to report that over the weekend the NYT published a respectful  yet juicy and intriguing obituary for Joan Quigley, the astrologer who consulted with First Lady Nancy Reagan on behalf of the President.

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush made headlines thanks to certain family members — especially one of his sons — dropping hints that Mr. Bush might run for president.  Which reminded me that a reader asked me about this prospect some months ago, and while I looked at the horoscope and noted measurements suggesting ambition and windfall opportunities right about now and into early 2015, I never got around to writing about it.

Here is Jeb Bush’s horoscope: Sun in Aquarius, Moon in enterprising Capricorn; Virgo rising (maybe). It has a few classic signatures suggesting a challenging relationship with the father and an element of feeling suppressed in his early home life. There is also a defensive structure suggesting extraordinary self-sufficiency, especially in matters of mindset. Does he really need to know what you think? Probably not. But I’ll wager he’d find it fulfilling to teach you a thing or two. Issues of authority and administration in matters of self expression are coming to a blossoming point in the next year or so.

It’s interesting to note the timing of this “announcement” of ambition — indirect as it is. Transiting Saturn (ambition) is making the third of a series of challenges to his natal Sun and Pluto — it was exact on the 25th — talk about timing. He has some tough decisions to make. Also interesting that Saturn rules his 5th house (his son) and Pluto rules his 3rd house (siblings), and reportedly his brother George is one of his biggest fans, especially on this issue of making a run for it. Let’s see where he’s at towards the end of January/mid-February.

Another politician I’ve been asked about is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who’s up for re-election next Tuesday.  I wrote about him back in early 2011, after he was elected during the “buyer beware” Venus retrograde 2010 election that ushered in many Tea Party candidates. It didn’t take long for Mr. Walker to move forward on his Koch brothers-backed agenda of crushing unions and so forth, prompting protests and a recall effort that ultimately failed, reflecting extremely demanding transits in his horoscope that could be also described as torturous. But then there is this reigning need of his Sun and Moon in Scorpio’s for power and control, which he has obviously maintained.

Even without an exact birth time, Walker’s horoscope has distinct measurements that suggest continued empowerment and uncompromising independence. There could be a upset suggested, if we knew the exact degree of his Scorpio Moon. His challenger, Mary Burke, is as fierce and tenacious as he is, but with a need to serve humanity. She is a Taurus with Moon in Aquarius. Like Walker, she has a determined, disciplined and potentially militant pattern involving Saturn and Mars. This Mars (action!), along with her Mercury has been supercharged in recent months by the Uranus-Pluto square. We’d expect persuasive action and communication in 2014 from a natal horoscope that has plenty of inherent resources and an stellar education.

It’s always intriguing to look at candidates running against each other. So often their horoscopes contain similar patterns! Add to the notes above a contact between the Sun and visionary/idealistic Neptune for Ms. Burke; in Walker’s horoscope, there is a likely connection between the Moon and Neptune. A close race, for sure, though I know which one I’d vote for, if I lived in Wisconsin.

I hope the readers who asked me about these candidates are pleased with the analysis, posted during an opinionated Moon in Sagittarius ; )

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Your donations inspire me to keep writing to keep you entertained and informed. If you’d like to know how planetary patterns are reflected in your unique horoscope,  here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Special incentive for new clients will be honored through October — huzzah!

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 10/27/2014: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

East Coasters, make the most of the morning while the Sagittarius Moon is fully in gear. It goes void at 12:18PM ET, suggesting a higher probability of twists and delays in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Keep that in mind if you work in a field where you simply must ship today. A live television show, for example, isn’t going to not air because of a Moon void. So just roll with whatever comes up and refrain from making a mountain out of what may just be a molehill of a crisis. Chill!

West Coasters, Moon will be void all day and into the night; Moon enters Capricorn on Tuesday at 6:03AM ET. And that’s when the get down to business vibe should really kick in, aided by an especially proactive Mars (action!) in practical Capricorn. Other Moon voids for the week: Wednesday 11:01PM ET until 9:52AM ET on Thursday; Saturday 2:22AM ET until 12:37PM ET. Really, not much to derail your efforts during business hours save for today (Monday). Onward!

As noted in Friday’s forecast, the first part of this week is dominated by dreamy connections to the Sun and Venus from visionary Neptune. This can be super-inspiring if you’re looking for a creative spark or deeply spiritual experience. I hope you’ve been keeping track of your dreams over the past few days.

A challenge to your New Moon agenda may show up late Thursday, on the First Quarter Moon. On the plus side, cooperative connections which are exact on Saturday suggest further inspired communication and thought processes, some of which may be quite magical. Projects that were on your desk around October 20th may be up for a revision. In fact there may be plenty to revisit and rethink as Mercury gets back up to speed in a forward direction. Be patient as our brains adjust to the change of motion.

And now, the news.

As anticipated, with Mars (planet of action/aggression) at the Aries Point over the weekend we did see more than the usual assortment of “if it bleeds, it leads” headlines. Here in New York, a man was killed after attacking four police officers with a hatchet. In Washington State, we saw another jarring shooting in a high school. “Once Again, Guns” was the title of NYT columnist Gail Collins’ most recent cheerful offering about that incident and the issue of guns in general in this election season.

You are aware that there is an election in the United States next Tuesday, yes? And you are planning to vote, right? Because if you don’t vote, someone else will. And you can quote me on that.

Meanwhile, Mars at the Aries Point sounds like a great time for the NYT to publish, by popular demand, a new and improved version of its “Scientific 7-Minute Workout.” Now there’s a productive way to channel a need for action and aggression. Go for it.

In other news, you might be startled by an especially aggressive tactic the I.R.S. has employed against certain citizens. Under a law that was no doubt well-intended, it seems that the agency has the ability to seize the accounts of taxpayers without ever charging them of  a crime. Therefore, this is what it has done. But now that the New York Times took the time and trouble to give this aggressive tactic prominence, the I.R.S. is reportedly “curtailing” the practice.

Now what about all the dreamy, magical thinking that was also suggested by the weekend’s planetary patterns? The NYT had something to say about that, too. One op-ed in the Sunday Review was called “The Problem with Positive Thinking”.  Another item really does read like a dream come true. Chocolate has yet another health benefit, a recent study suggests. It may improve your memory. But you’ll have to indulge in the really good dark chocolate, not the processed stuff on the shelves of your local convenience store.  And you’ll have to eat a lot of it.

On a housekeeping note, the Mercury retrograde incentive for those of you who’ve been considering scheduling a first-time personal consultation is on through the end of this month. Here’s the 411.

Thank you for reading this forecast. And thank you, especially, to those of you who deem it worth sharing with others.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 10/24/2014 & The Weekend: Paint It Rose

Put on your rose colored glasses. The Scorpio Sun and Moon suggest depth and intensity, but other patterns are positively dreamy. A dreamy intensity?

The only aspect of note on Friday is an easy connection between the Moon and Pluto at 2:15PM ET, offering a healing quality to whatever deep subjects may be broached. The rest of the day and night benefit from the potential magnetism of the Sun and Venus meeting up at 3:31AM ET on Saturday — oohlala. An expansive connection between the Moon and Jupiter at 5:44AM ET suggests indulgence; a reality check or serious focus kicks in around 12:11PM ET Saturday, when the Moon goes void until 12:40AM ET on Sunday.

No shopping sprees during the void, if you please. And be mindful running errands about town. During the void, Mercury turns direct (at 3:17PM ET), suggesting a higher probability for communication and travel snafus. Plus we’ll have action hero Mars pulling focus in high-flying Sagittarius. Why pulling focus? Because it’s at the end of Sag, about to hit 0 Capricorn on Sunday at 6:43AM ET, which regular readers know is the Aries Point. If you have planets or angles at 29 Virgo, Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius….or 0 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, you may be feeling rather feisty, and the world will probably know it. We’re sure to see some feisty action in the headlines.

Mars functions very well in “make it happen” Capricorn. If your New Moon agenda includes building an empire, go for it from now until the first week of December. Otherwise, note your dreams Sunday morning, as the high-flying Sagittarius Moon will be challenged by nebulous Neptune at 9:33AM ET. A day with Moon in Sag is always up for  a gamble or a gambol; let your dreams inspire you to broaden your horizons.

No sleeping in for East Coasters on Monday. West Coasters, Moon goes void at 12:18PM ET with lovely connections among Venus, Sun and Neptune in the background. Oh, must we work today? On the upside, if your job involves the arts, peacemaking, philanthropy and other ways to make the world a kinder, more beautiful space, it may not feel like work at all. These lovely vibes will carry us through the following week.

And now, the news.

You will love this article, given all the planetary patterns suggesting a mood of idealism in recent days. “What If Age is Nothing But A Mindset” asks the NYT Sunday Magazine…and then it goes on to report actual studies demonstrating how this is powerfully so. Meanwhile, if you’ve been putting off the decluttering and REorganizing potential of this Mercury retrograde, a woman from Japan wants to show you how to put your life in order with great love and joy, including your sock drawers.

Last, but far from least, a famous astrologer passed away this week: Joan Quigley, who consulted with the Reagans for several years starting in 1981. She wrote a fascinating book about that experience, “What Does Joan Say?” Here is her horoscope and an interesting interview that Salon published in 2000. Ms. Quigley was a Vassar grad and a pioneering Aries.  I did not know until now that she was born on the same day as two other pioneering astrologers: Linda Goodman and Sydney Omarr. Coincidence or conspiracy? RIP.

Mercury retrogrades are excellent times to REview your life with an astrologer. Right now I’m offering a little incentive for new clients — grab it before the end of October.  Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 10/23/2014: New Moon in Scorpio; Solar Eclipse; the Idealized Beauty of Renee Zellweger

Read yesterday’s forecast for thoughts on the ingress of the Sun and Venus into Scorpio today. Whatever sense of listlessness or restlessness you may be feeling comes courtesy of Moon in Libra, now at the end of its cycle. It’s about to be born anew in Scorpio at 5:57PM ET, along with a partial solar eclipse, which you’ll be able to observe in North America. Here’s the 411 on how to safely watch this celestial event.

The New Moon offers us an opportunity to re-set  intentions and goals for the next lunar cycle.  Around the 30th, on the First Quarter Moon, we can expect a challenge to those goals, with appropriate adjustments made. At the time of the Full Moon on the November 6th, we can expect illumination on the success or failure of our goals for the cycle. If we succeeded, we can consciously release our success into our reality; if we failed, we let go of whatever did not work. After the Third Quarter Moon on the 14th, we can review our achievements, tie up loose ends and get ready to begin another New Moon on November 29th.

As noted yesterday, Scorpio is concerned with using knowledge to fulfill ambitions of power and control. It can build all the way to Heaven and all the way down to Hell.  Scorpionic depths and heights apply especially in  matters of sex, death and (other peoples’) money, a.k.a. energy, transformation and resources.  Scorpio challenges us to face the nitty-gritty consequences of our basest instincts, fears and passions. Really, we simply can not look away.

In the horoscope for this New Moon, Venus is tightly conjunct the Sun and Moon, adding an intense idealism to the mix. Mars is at the Aries Point in righteous Sagittarius, suggesting prominent actions taken. Add in the potential for said actions to be over the top and/or bewildering, suggested by the continuing obsessive connection between Jupiter in Leo and Neptune in Pisces. Who is seeking his or her reward by lording it over whom? A rethinking of issues of fairness and balance is suggested for maximum growth potential; a reckless independence may prove destructive. And then of course, we have the never-ending, revolutionary Uranus-Pluto square, humming in the background. Never a dull moment in the cosmos these days…and thus never a dull moment in the headlines.

This New Moon occurs at 0 degrees of Scorpio. And given that this New Moon is also a solar eclipse, I’d also argue to anyone with 0 Scorpio prominent that if you’ve been resisting the pressure to release up until now, events will likely conspire to force the issue soon — all in the interest of personal growth, of course.  This also applies to people with planets or angles around 0 Taurus, Leo and Aquarius — though it may be argued that the 0 Scorpio crowd is feeling it more intensely than the rest. If you’re one of those people and you’d like clues to what this eclipse might bring, look back to events that happened after October 23, 1995. What was released in the weeks after that?

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a sight-seeing bus,” which immediately suggests a sense of going along for the ride — perhaps like the Magical Mystery Tour depicted in this super-groovy Beatles film released in 1967, the year after the Uranus-Pluto conjunction shook up the 1960s. Or maybe it’s just a plain old Magic Bus from 1965, courtesy of The Who. Which immediately made me think of Bus Stop by The Hollies….and I’m sharing it because that song was released in 1966 (and because it’s so sweetly romantic).

Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee has this to say: “Think of the qualities of character required for going along on a sight-seeing tour: natural openness and receptivity. There is a natural sense of beginning, middle, and end….on a sight-seeing bus, the destination is, at once, the points of interest along the way and the return to the point of departure.” Which leads me to the next musical interlude, also written in the late ’60s (released on an LP in early 1970), Deja Vu by Crosby Stills Nash & Young. We have all been here before.

Bovee also advises we consider the difference between “a singular, individualized way or being as opposed to going along with the crowd. Sometimes it’s better to watch through a tour bus window with a group of others; other times it’s better to flow freely on your own” There’s a meditation for you as we consider how to respond to the challenges of these interesting times.

Now about this solar eclipse…

Eclipses act as “bottlenecks” of energy. Light flowing from the Sun or Moon is temporarily interrupted, focusing attention on the interrupted point and allowing something new and possible fragile to enter the picture and grow. And here I would be thinking of Michael, the kindhearted policeman in the storybook Make Way for Ducklings, who stopped the flow of traffic on Beacon Street so Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and their brood of eight could safely make their way to the Boston Public Garden.

Of course while traffic is stopped, it’s also backing up…and when it flows again, it’s possible that some drivers may hit the gas a little too hard — and wham! — there’s a sudden release of the bottlenecked energy.  If you have a planet or point at the degree of an exceptionally potent eclipse, you may feel the effects of the release of the bottleneck for months afterward — sometimes even years. Examples: back in 2011 we had an eclipse at 11 Gemini. How fascinating that a release of heretofore bottled up information dramatically altered the fortunes of Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks and (former) Congressman Anthony Weiner, who all have a major point or planet at 11 degrees of Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and/or Sagittarius. Might they have been feeling a bit “eclipsed”?

And now, the news.

This week’s planetary patterns have a focus on idealization, including the idealization of beauty. And there was Renee Zellweger, freaking everyone out with her brand new, presumably beautiful-in-an-ideal-way, face. Like…wow. Now she and Robin Wright can play sisters in a theater near you.

But seriously, as expected, Ms. Zellweger’s horoscope has been under considerable tension in the past 18 months. Her Venus at 10 Aries was supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square, suggesting an unconventional, daring and intense social expression intended to be emancipating and empowering. Her Mercury, which rules her Virgo Ascendant (perfection is crucial to her personal projection), was heavily challenged at the beginning of this year by ambitious Saturn, and how fascinating that Saturn is making its third and final challenge in that series right now.  Also of interest: her Leo Moon, which needs needs needs to be loved and adored, is at 17 degrees of Leo and her righteous Mars in Sagittarius is at 16 degrees. So her horoscope is reflecting the potential of this months Fire Grand Trine among Mars, Jupiter and Uranus. Remember  I said those with planets or angles around 17-18 degrees of just about any sign would be hot this month?

With her Uranus at the Aries Point, we’d expect Ms. Zellweger to be known for a radical independence. Other measurements suggests she needs to be a law unto herself. It will be interesting to see what happens for her in 2015-2017, when nebulous Neptune makes contact with all of the angles of her horoscope. On the one hand there is the potential for great success in the arts and matters or spirit and charity. On the other hand, there is huge potential for what astrologer Noel Tyl calls “an ego wipe-out” i.e., bewilderment about one’s place in the world and/or one’s sense of self. I’ll wager a romantic relationship or spiritual guru may well be part of it.

Mercury retrogrades are excellent times to REview your life with an astrologer. Right now I’m offering a little incentive for new clients. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 10/22/2014: Love on the Brink of Scorpio

Since 7:12AM ET on Tuesday, Moon has been in people-pleasing Libra, seeking fairness and balance in relationship. Did you know that the Fox News Channel launched on a day with the Sun in Libra? And that their slogan is “fair and balanced”? Coincidence or conspiracy?

Tuesday’s Moon cruised through the heavens without interference. Wednesday is another story, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square. Ruthless Pluto challenges the Moon at 5:09AM ET, followed by a jolt or flash of insight around 10:25AM ET, courtesy of Uranus.  Then it settles down, and dare I say the mood likely lifts by 8:49PM ET, when the Moon is supported by optimistic Jupiter.

This is the last full day of the Sun and Venus in Libra. Both enter Scorpio tomorrow, at 7:57AM ET and 4:52PM ET, respectively. Scorpio demands substance; none of that airy-theory-rational stuff that Libra does so well. Scorpio is a deeply emotional sign, noted for its need for privacy, power and control.  Scorpios “build all the way up to Heaven…and all the way down to Hell,” wrote astrologer Linda Goodman. Hopefully you can hang with one who builds a stairway to Heaven. A Scorpio heading for Hell will happily annihilate everyone and everything in its way. Really, they are so very interesting.

Venus in Scorpio needs depth and substance in social expression, along with passion, for better or for worse. As in revenge, served cold. It’s an honor thing with Scorpio. There is a certain code that must be followed. Anything less would be an insult. Show a Scorpio a bit of honor and you may have a loyal ally for life. And a fiercely passionate one, too.

I just paused to scan the headlines and noted that an Ohio couple married for 73 years just died — 28 hours apart. I looked at the accompanying photo of Helen and Joe Auer and thought, “I bet one of them is a Scorpio”. And in fact,  Helen was born on November 7, 1919 — Scorpio! Joe was a Taurus (May 2, 1914) — another sign noted for tenacity, and that’s where Helen’s Moon is. His Moon is also in an immovable sign — Leo.

His horoscope has Pluto (transformation/death),  the ruling planet of Scorpio, running wild and at the Aries Point….and it’s in a supercharged aspect to her Venus, also at the Aries Point.  This suggests a potential for depth and passion — good to have if you plan to stay with someone for ever and ever. The Aries Point suggests a need for prominence — and isn’t it interesting that this couple’s ideal love story is making headlines now, with current planetary patterns (Sun conjunct Mercury conjunct Venus) suggesting a need for the ideal in relationships.

And now you know why it can be so helpful to understand how your horoscope lines up with the horoscope of your beloved…or a potential romantic partner….or your child….or your boss or employee.

Mercury retrogrades are excellent times to REview your life with an astrologer. Right now I’m offering a little incentive for new clients. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.



Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 10/20/2014: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

Perfectly lovely patterns today — not to be taken for granted. An efficient Moon in Virgo facilitates discernment and organization, aided and abetted by an easy balance between social expression and actions taken (Venus in an easy alignment with Mars). An easy alignment between mental Mercury and expansive Jupiter facilitates writers who are busy REwriting and others who are busy rethinking.  With only one week left of this Mercury retrograde, what projects from the past have you deemed worthy of a REvisit?

Moon goes void of course late this evening — at 11:30PM ET, and on a challenging contact with provocative Mars. This is not the time to pick a petty fight or take a risk behind the wheel. The Moon re-engages in Libra at 7:12AM ET on Tuesday.

We are in the balsamic phase of the Moon — the dark side of the lunar cycle. Time to wrap up those projects you started a few weeks ago and get ready to begin anew on the 23rd (Thursday) when we’ll have the New Moon in Scorpio at 5:57PM ET. If you’re feeling restless or listless, you’re not alone. Don’t worry; you’ll have something new on your plate soon enough.

This New Moon is also a solar eclipse. More on that later this week. Other patterns of note this week include Venus and the Sun both leaving Libra for Scorpio on Thursday. Mars leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn on Sunday. And Mercury turns direct on Saturday.

Your Moon voids for the week, other than this evening: Thursday 1:22PM – 5:10PM ET; Saturday 12:11PM ET until 12:40 AM on Sunday. These are times to chill, roll with whatever twists and flakes delay your efforts to move forward in a straight line. No impulse shopping. Learn to appreciate the sensation of herding cats. Remember that crises that crop up during voids are usually much ado about nothing.

Rest and RElaxation is an apt focus for Mercury REtrograde periods. How nice to see an article about sleep and what it does for you in the New York Times. This piece focuses on why sleep is so important for students, but I figure we are all students in life, so it will likely be helpful for you, too. And of course, it wouldn’t be a real Mercury retrograde without at least one transportation strike. If you’re flying on Lufthansa tomorrow, my condolences.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis’s horoscope has been pretty active recently, with his Mercury (communication, mindset) being ruthlessly empowered by Pluto, suggesting persuasive communication about a new perspective. His Mars is at 19 degrees Libra and thus his need to take action has been supported by this month’s Grand Trine among Mars, Jupiter and Uranus. Next year his Mars will become further supercharged by innovative Uranus, and I’m sure we’ll see him taking more initiatives with a decidedly humanitarian bent.

In astrology, Uranus represents the new and the avant garde; Saturn represents the old guard. My teacher likes to say that in any contest between Uranus and Saturn, Uranus will win. Eventually. Really, resistance is futile.

So never fear, Pope Francis, even though your bishops squashed your tolerant and humanitarian agenda over the weekend, one day they will capitulate. Or die.  Here’s what Pope Francis said over the weekend:

“God is not afraid of new things. That is why he is continuously surprising us, opening our hearts and guiding us in unexpected ways”

Which feels like a good way to end today’s forecast.

Mercury retrogrades are excellent times to REview your life with an astrologer. Right now I’m offering a little incentive for new clients. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 10/17/2014 & the Weekend: Playtime!


Planetary patterns suggest plenty of sunshine, should you choose to bask in it. If you’ve got a planet or angle around 18 degrees of any  sign, you’re more likely to be experiencing the wind at your back.  Like Neil Patrick Harris, who has Uranus at 18 Libra and Mercury (mindset, communication) at 18 Cancer. He also has Venus (social expression) at 12 Cancer, currently supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square. What a week he’s had: a book published and a new gig hosting next year’s Oscars. And just a few weeks ago, he got married. Of course that success would be reflected in planetary patterns in his horoscope, even without an exact birth time. And if we had his exact birth time, we’d see still more dynamic potential happening right now.

So make those calls and pitches, especially of the REconnecting kind. If you’re not feeling the love, there’s likely a planetary pattern of a more challenging nature happening in your horoscope. Consider consulting your local astrologer for details, especially since she is offering a special Mercury retrograde incentive for the curious but timid. Take the plunge!

And now back to our regularly scheduled forecast.

The Moon in Leo is nearly always up for a party, and its hook-up with expansive Jupiter at 8:05PM ET favors good times tonight. If there’s a downside,  it’ll be some Royal “We” with its knickers in an egocentric twist. Or wearing a pair of seriously idealistic blinders. Or consuming way more than they can handle.  Maybe around 3:35AM ET Saturday, they’ll wish they hadn’t eaten the whole thing, but that’s the only speedbump between now and Saturday brunch.

At 9:10AM ET on Saturday, the Leo Moon goes void with a long sigh…not to enter Virgo until 7:08PM ET. Chill and take care of routine tasks, but avoid impulse purchases like the plague. Test this theory out for yourselves:  impulse purchases made during Moon voids rarely turn out to be as useful as you thought. Better to save  your money for another day, and just roll with whatever twists and flakes may detour your efforts to move forward in a straight line.

Saturday night and all day Sunday facilitates putting things back in order. Yes, you can shop with efficiency and discerning taste, courtesy of that Virgo Moon. Note your dreams upon waking on Sunday, courtesy of a Moon-Neptune contact. There’s an especially deep and regenerative aspect to the action around 5:41PM ET Sunday night, thanks to an easy contact to the Moon from potent Pluto.

No sleeping in Monday; it’s stellar for REvisions and REorganizations of all kinds, thanks to the Virgo Moon and other easy patterns which you will learn about in the next forecast.

And now, the news.

To inspire whatever organizing you end up doing when the Moon enters Virgo, here’s a helpful article about the link between clutter and depression, with suggestions for streamlining your space.

Meanwhile, more nebulous Neptune running wild, in an obsessive relationship with expansive Jupiter, ruler of broadcasting and publishing. Thus no surprise to hear HBO and CBS both announce that they will soon be offering a direct online subscription for their programming. Yep, you can soon kiss your cable company goodbye and get the programs you want straight from the source.

Another story with other Neptune themes, such as betrayal and victimization: David Glassberg, the brother of convicted spy Ethel Rosenberg, died in July — though we’re just learning about it now. His testimony against his sister sent her to the electric chair — and guess what? His testimony was a lie. Meanwhile, in New York, a man wrongfully convicted of murder as a teen had his sentence overturned almost 30 years later. Empathy and forgiveness (also Neptune), anyone? Seems we see a story about a wrongful conviction overturned nearly every week now.

If your appetite for scandal hasn’t been sated, consider this lengthy read about a fine mess at the Picasso Museum, which is finally re-opening after being closed for five years. On another note, this one involving pharmaceuticals (more Neptune) and nebulous fog, Wikileaks has leaked yet another section of a draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement that is being negotiated in a back room far, far away. The headline reads thusly: “…Would Be a Disaster for Public Health”.

Speaking of dark matters, file this one under “cosmic,” as actual dark matter may have been detected, which would be a historic breakthrough….huzzah!

Have a lovely autumn weekend, and thank you for reading this forecast.

Mercury retrogrades are excellent times to REview your life with an astrologer. Right now I’m offering a little incentive for new clients. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 10/16/2014: If It’s Out There, It Must Be Neptune

OK, chill time is over; time to walk your talk. Why? Well, the Moon entered love-love-me-do Leo at 6:29AM ET, looking for a stage or a kingdom on/in which to shine. It glides along without interference today, bolstered by an idealistic hook-up between mental Mercury and the Sun, aiding and abetting a bit of sweet talk. Said mental Mercury is well-supported by action hero Mars in gamboling/gambling Sagittarius; thus, the walking of the talking. Caveat: Mercury is retrograde and Sag is a klutz. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the trip.

And now, the news.

Nebulous Neptune, which refers to illusion, fantasy, drugs, toxins, glamor, spirit and spirits, etc., has been running wild in the cosmos and also in an obsessive relationship with expansive Jupiter, currently parading through potentially bombastic Leo. This suggests a bit of scandal and deception, on the one hand, and potentially “out there” collective beliefs, on the other.

With Mercury retrograde, things from the past have a way of turning up. So earlier this week it was interesting that the NYT published an in-depth investigation about thousands of chemical (Neptune) weapons that were uncovered in Iraq between 2004 and 2011  by U.S. troops. These weapons were made decades ago, and the rest of the story has plenty of  other Neptunian elements: deception, cover up, denial, toxins, abandonment, etc. It’s a long, compelling piece — one of the reasons why being a NYT subscriber is worth every penny — though a shorter editorial summary is here.

Following up on last week’s supercharged contact among Venus (women, social expression), Uranus (unconventional) and Pluto (transformation/perspective), here’s another NYT exclusive reflecting changing perspectives on gender identity: “When Women Become Men at Wellesley“.  If you’re not familiar with Wellesley, it’s a women’s college outside of Boston and the alma mater of two former secretaries…of State: Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton. And I’m proud to say it’s my alma mater, too.

I’m not sure what concoction of planetary patterns this next item reflects. The surreal world of runaway Neptune? Gender equality issues of the Uranus-Pluto square we thought we covered during the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the mid-60s? The outrageous action of macho Mars in righteous Sagittarius with the gaming spirit of Jupiter in Leo? The brutal bullying potential transiting Pluto to U.S. Saturn?  Probably all of the above, but here’s the story: Anita Sarkeesian, who has written a lot about the deplorable portrayal of women in the videogame and other media (Neptune) industries, was scheduled to speak at a university in Utah. Threats were made against her life, and the speech was canceled....because Utah is an open-carry state and the school did not believe it had the legal authority prevent people with guns from attending the lecture. Brutal? Surreal?

If you’re not familiar with Sarkeesian’s work, here’s her website — with lots of engaging videos (Neptune) — enjoy!

Mercury retrogrades are excellent times to REview your life with an astrologer. Right now I’m offering a little incentive for new clients. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.