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“I can't thank you enough for the incredible adventure in astrology. You have that rare gift that certainly all who call themselves astrologers don't possess... you're the real deal!! It seriously blew me away that you were able to not only nail so much from my past (exact times/years certain events took place, along with situations with family, relationships and beyond) but you've already helped with my present! The answers you gave to the specific questions I asked pertaining to important career-related happenings this week have already proven true. I will look forward to an update in a year or so.”
– S.L.
New York, NY

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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 4/1/2015

Hammer out the details of your “big picture” project. Write and rewrite. Talk it out. Listen to your elders. Maintain focus. The Moon continues its sojourn through perfectionist Virgo, where it has been since Tuesday at 2:12PM ET. Get it off your desk or finalize your plans today, as opposed to tomorrow, when the Moon will be void of course starting around 5AM ET, through the entire day.

If you need a cheerleader to help move your project forward, l leave you with a few words from author J.K. Rowling.

Meanwhile, there’s a big storm brewing — Super Typhoon Maysak — here are the pix from space. The storm is scheduled to hit the Philippines on Saturday, just in time for the Full Moon.