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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/30/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week; Adele is Big

Good Morning!

I hope you enjoyed a festive and restful holiday weekend. No sleeping in today if you’re heading back to the office, as the Moon is fully engaged in Leo, sign of drama kings and queens, as well as creative self-expression. How can you shine — and encourage others to shine — today?

There are no serious bumps in the planetary highway today or tomorrow, as the Leo Moon’s regal drive is supported by a number of planets (Saturn, Sun, Mars, Mercury and Uranus). Good for rocket scientists, humanitarian rebels and crusading warrior types. It’s an interesting backdrop as world leaders gather in Paris for the beginning of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change.

Notable planetary patterns this week include the Third Quarter Moon at 2:40AM ET on Thursday, suggesting a bump or further revelation on whatever light you may have seen in the aftermath of last week’s wiggy Full Moon. On Friday we’ll have a charged connection between Mercury (communication) and Jupiter (expansion, collective beliefs), suggesting big ideas making headlines, for better or for worse, even if the details haven’t been sorted out.

Also on Friday: Venus enters Scorpio at 11:15PM ET. Frankly, the planet of art, women, money and social expression is much happier in Libra than in Scorpio, but enter the murky depths it must. Venus in Scorpio suggests a need for social expression with depth and substance — never mind if it isn’t pleasing to those on the receiving end. On the plus side, the expression can be juicy, all encompassing and/or cathartic. On the down side, it can intense, jealous and/or ruthless. “If I be waspish, best beware my sting”. That makes me think of Venus in Scorpio.

As we get closer to the weekend, Mars — planet of action — moves closer to a supercharged connection with Pluto (exact on Sunday), followed by a face-off with rebel Uranus on December 10th.  Thus we can expect an uptick in technological breakthroughs, accidents, hero/warrior action and continued awareness of the breakdown of the structures of the world as we know it. Here’s a sampling of headlines we saw at another time when Mars clashed with Uranus and Pluto. We’ll see how it is reflected in whatever is resolved at the Climate Change Conference at the end of next week.

Your Moon voids for the week — natural rest periods when we might best focus our efforts on routine concerns — are as follows:

Tuesday 10:09PM ET until 5:09AM ET on WEDNESDAY; Thursday 11:59PM ET until 5:34PM ET on FRIDAY. So make the most of your business hours between now and Thursday evening. There may be all sorts of big ideas flying around on that Friday, but with the Moon void for most of it, chances are it will be much ado about nothing. Chill, chill, chill — and do not turn a molehill of crisis into a mountain.

And now, the news.

The “F” word was tossed about a lot last week — “F” as in “fascism” — as in maybe Donald Trump. How could this be happening in America? And this is when I tip my hat to astrologer Bill Herbst, whose writings on the Uranus-Pluto cycle I discovered twelve years ago. I have credited him here many times for sparking my interest in seeing historical events and cycles through the lens of astrology. Years ago, Mr. Herbst opined that we could likely see, in the aftermath of the seven Uranus-Pluto squares in effect from 2011-2016, an expression of fascism not unlike what was experienced in the aftermath of the last series of Uranus-Pluto squares in the early 30s and after the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the mid-60s. I read his essays years ago and thought — really? I’ve studied the patterns myself and now understand the logic of his expectations…and here we are. Who could imagine that a presidential candidate in the United States would even be spoken about in such terms? Astrology is amazing.

FYI, defines “fascism” as follows”

a governmental system led by dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism…

…just so we are clear about defining our terms. This one would seem to fit the definition, too.

In other news, Adele is big. How big is she? Her new album, “25”, smashed sales records over the weekend. We do not have a confirmed birth time for her horoscope (I’m not sold by this proposed time), but even without a known Ascendant, we can see the potential for her to be HUGE. Her stability-building Taurus Sun is amplified by expansive Jupiter, and those two planets are supercharged by Pluto and further supported by Neptune. This is statement of a potentially potent power and resources, with an easy flow of vision (Neptune) and other intangibles, of which music is one.

Adele has Saturn (ambition; authority) and rebel Uranus together at the Aries Point, so we see the potential for her ability to re-invent the wheel gaining prominence. Adele does things her way in business and in her personal life. The opening line of this NYT article states, “There is no one in music quite like Adele”.  Certainly her album sales were helped by last week’s SNL sketch in which she saved Thanksgiving. Did that happen in your house?

As noted, last week’s planetary patterns suggested high emotion (Wednesday’s Full Moon) and transporting and/or bewildering expression (Thursday’s Saturn-Neptune square, also in touch with mental Mercury). Not only that, but early last week, Jupiter was at 20 degrees of Virgo and Mars was at 5 degrees of Libra. Why is that important? Because those degrees refer to the degrees of the two powerful eclipses we had in September. So anyone with a planet or angle at 20 Virgo — and to a lesser extent 20 Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius — or 5 degrees of Aries — and to a lesser extent 5 Libra, Cancer and Capricorn — may have experienced a sudden release of bottlenecked energy, for better or for worse. Mars and Jupiter served as triggers for those September eclipses.

Here’s an example. My Mercury (communication) was affected by one of those eclipses, as was my Ascendant (health center). A week ago Saturday, I lost my voice! After four days of not being able to utter a word, I made a pilgrimage to the local allopath to discuss options, with the help of a pen and a notebook. He was so excited to tell me that he could jumpstart my vocal cords with a dose of some steroid-spiked drug. Voice would be back in a day or two. Steroid?! No thanks, I said. I went to see my acupuncturist/OMD.

“You will be able to speak after this,” my acupuncturist said. He stuck my left hand with two needles and it nearly took my breath away. I am no stranger to acupuncture, but this was intense! I was on the table for over an hour — drifted off to a deep sleep for most of it. And when the needles were taken out, my voice had returned. I’ll take this over drugs any time.

He sent me home with a bunch of Chinese herbs and dietary instructions. If you are in New York and need a kick-ass acupuncturist/OMD, I will be happy to give you my health practitioner’s name. That’s your PSA for the day.

Meanwhile, no matter where you live, now that I have my voice back, I invite you to schedule a personal consultation to discuss how patterns in your horoscope are reflecting opportunities in your life. Or consider gifting a really lucky Someone Else with a consultation, now that the holidaze are here. My artsy side loves to decorate gift certificates. Here’s a sample of a birthday gift package. My Really Useful 2016 Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide Bookmarks make great stocking stuffers — and such a deal at $4.99 for three of ’em.

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Thank you for reading this forecast.


Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/23/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week; Woodrow Wilson, Right on Schedule

Good Morning!

Most of America will be waking up to an Aries Moon that is void of course, suggesting a twist or delay in your usual morning routine. Sleep through the alarm? Pour cold water over your coffee beans that you forgot to grind? Walk out of the house with your underwear on backwards? I have heard stories…

Any crisis that occurs before 11:26AM ET is likely much ado about nothing. After that, the Moon will be fully engaged in Taurus, driving the day with a need for material comfort and security. The Moon cruises without interference, colored with a bit of rose around 10:51PM ET as it makes a nice alignment with dreamy Neptune.

That being said, we may see more of the weekend’s  disruptive potential in areas of money (markets), women, love and aesthetics, as Venus and Uranus oppose each other at 5:13PM ET. Sudden attractions, the shock of recognition and/or a breakthrough or breakout in relationship matters are all possibilities, especially if you were born halfway through Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn.

Emotions are on the rise against the wiggy backdrop of this Thursday’s Saturn square Neptune (see last week’s forecasts for more on that pattern). The Full Moon in newsjunkie Gemini on Wednesday evening may create quite a buzz. Patterns leading up to Wednesday’s illumination and release feature Mercury (mindset, communication) in touch with Saturn, Neptune and Mars; i.e., structure/control, vision/delusion and action/aggression. Translation: heavy ambitious righteous opinion acted upon in connection with a vision or belief system, which may or may not be delusional.

A Moon void on Friday morning suggests no point in hitting those Black Friday sales, as impulse purchases made when the Moon is drifting suggests that what is purchased will be of little use. Moon enters Cancer at 2:27PM ET on Friday — OK, now you can shop. Its emotional homeland security needs will be challenged by Mars on Saturday, along with the Moon’s weekly supercharge from Pluto and Uranus. Hmmm.

And as if that weren’t enough action, on Sunday the Moon goes void for 12 hours, starting at 7:47AM ET. In that wandering void, the rowdy, high-flying, mind-expanding and opinionated Sagittarius Sun makes contact with Saturn and Neptune, echoing Mercury’s action on Wednesday’s Full Moon. More of what we see then, only hotter and brighter — after all, we’re talking about the Sun. I hope you experience more of the sublime potential than the surreal. You’ll feel it more personally if you were born around the 29th of November, February, June and August.

And now, the news.

Venus! Uranus! Pluto! Over the weekend that pattern suggested emancipated and empowered women pulling focus. Against the backdrop of Saturn (“but what I really want to do is direct…”) and Neptune (film, vision) how cool is it to see —  on the cover of the Sunday NYT magazine — a lengthy feature about women in Hollywood who are ready to run the show. And how about this homepage piece, “ISIS Women and Enforcers in Syria Recount Anguish, Collaboration & Escape”. Or “Girls in California Are Latest to Seek to Become Boy Scouts”. And “States Lead Effort to Allow Pharmacists to Prescribe Birth Control”

Neptune is drugs. Saturn is control.”Pfizer and Allergan Near $150 Billion Merger Deal”.  Of course they are. And that birth control article reflects Saturn and Neptune, too.

In my last forecast, I closed with this:

As we get closer to Thanksgiving and the intensifying wigginess of next Thursday’s exact Saturn-Neptune square and Full Moon, try this coping strategy. Express gratitude. Gratitude immediately makes you a “have,” not a “have-not”.  It can convey a feeling of empowerment that flies in the face of fear. Being able to choose how you react to people and events in your own personal world also conveys empowerment.

And what do we find splashed across the centerfold of the NYT Sunday’s Review? “Choose to Be Grateful. It Will Make You Happier”. I wonder how much the writer was paid — anybody know? I like “empowerment” better.  It implies a bit of intelligence…as opposed to “happy”, because the writer says that happiness can make you fat (and dumb?).

Today, I am grateful for cats….

Wanna hear something else that’s cool? In December of 2013, Woodrow Wilson was hot, as we’d expect, given his horoscope. Hot biography published, with film rights snapped up by Leonardo Di Caprio. I wrote about their magnetic attraction (doesn’t matter that one of ’em is dead), and anticipated as follows:

But Pluto and Uranus aren’t finished with Wilson’s horoscope yet. Wilson’s Ascendant is 15 degrees of Libra; his Midheaven (career status/reputation) is 17 Cancer; his Mercury is 18 Cancer…and all three points will be super-charged by Uranus-Pluto in 2015. If the film is made — and released in 2015, it should get quite a bit of attention.

Well, the film hasn’t been released yet — don’t know if it’s even in production. But Woodrow Wilson is getting a lot of attention — and much of it is disrupting his image (Ascendant) and public status (Midheaven) as the truth about how he thinks (Mercury at 18 Capricorn) comes to light. At Princeton, efforts are underway to remove his name from a building as he is now alleged to have been…oh, they are calling it “intolerance”.  Quite a change of status!

Isn’t astrology amazing? Don’t you want to know what’s going on in your horoscope, so you can make sensible goals and seize opportunities? It will be awesomely validating and  I can’t imagine why you would not want to do it!!! So here’s the 411 on personal consultations — book one now, before November 29th, when my rates will reflect a well-deserved raise, huzzah! No, you do not have to schedule the appointment before the 29th — December is fine – or even January, after the 1st of the year, for your New Year’s resolutions — but it does need to be booked, with gratitude.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Can you tell I wrote while the Moon was in Aries? Have an awesome day!

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday-Sunday 11/19-22/2015: Thoughts on Saturn Square Neptune; Fear vs. Love

A Pisces Moon drives the day with a need to identify what is ideal. Pisces needs to be impressionable, intuitive and emotional. Its suggests mysticism and healing; spirits of all kinds; and escape from this mortal, material coil. There are lots of ways to make that trip — some more sublime than others.

Around 6:08PM and 7:27PM ET, the Moon will be challenged by Saturn (reality, controlling) and Neptune (surreal, dissolving). A righteous  ambition inspired by a compassionate vision would be one potential. Or we could opt for controls imposed out of fear and bewilderment.

Social expression is amplified, reflected by Venus about to clash with ruthless Pluto on Friday at 8:59PM ET. Tensions between the planet of love, values, money, aesthetics and women and the planet of uncompromising, penetrating perspective suggest the potential for emotional intensity — possibly overkill — but ideally, empowerment. On Monday, the other shoe drops, as Venus is opposed by rebel Uranus, needing an expression that disrupts the status quo in its quest for freedom. So add that layer of Venus-Pluto-Uranus activity to the real/unreal, control/compassion, fear/love polarities we’re seeing in the headlines.

Also in effect now — and for the past few days into the weekend: an obsessive relationship between Mars (action, guns, aggression, fire) and Uranus (rebels, technology, astrology, aviation, shocks, seismic activity). Watch the headlines and pay attention on the roads. In my ‘hood, we’ve had a rash of fires, accompanied by more than the usual wailing sirens. Very unusual and unsettling.

The Pisces Moon continues through Friday, its impressionable qualities inflated by Jupiter at 5:06PM ET, just in time for Happy Hour. A reminder that also on Friday, mental Mercury ditches Scorpio for Sagittarius at 2:44PM ET, where it will remain until December 9th. In Sagittarius, Mercury suggests a need for righteously opinionated thinking and communication, often focused on the Big Picture, and damn those pesky details. Thus we can appreciate the potential pitfall of Mercury in Sagittarius: aiming for the stars is noble and inspiring, but it may not be enough to reach the goal. Detailed analysis helps. But what kind of analysis?

Mercury in Sagittarius working with Jupiter in Virgo may amplify the potential for sloppy righteousness, if you ask me. A righteous idea that is not sound isn’t going to be made sound no matter how many detailed supports are presented, as Jupiter (expansion) in Virgo (details) needs to do. We may see some colossally unsound ideas being floated over the next few weeks — in great detail.

On Saturday, Moon goes void between 8:23AM and 10:12AM ET, before charging forward into me-me-me Aries. The initiating drive of Aries flows easily all day until around 7:15PM ET, when it is opposed by Mars (action!). Not the time to pick a fight, although you may notice a few outbursts in your ‘hood, even if it is just more than the usual amount of sirens howling down the street.

On Sunday, Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto and Uranus, at 9AM ET and 2:16PM ET, adding depth and intensity to the super-charged social expressed symbolized by Pluto and Uranus in a tense pattern with Venus. The upside potential is empowerment and emancipation — a chance to get clear or make an advance. There is always a potential upside!

Also on Sunday: The Sun leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius at 10:26AM ET. If you are a Sagittarius born in the first several days of the sign, you may be feeling 1) squeezed, streamlined and bewildered or 2) ambitious, focused and visionary, courtesy of Saturn and Neptune adding themes of real/unreal to your naturally optimistic Sun. Similar themes may be experienced by your Pisces, Gemini and Virgo kindred spirits. Would you like to talk about it? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. FYI, my rates will increase after the Thanksgiving holiday. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

The Aries Moon goes void at 2:16PM ET on Sunday, not to enter stabilizing Taurus until 11:26AM ET on Monday. Moon voids suggest a higher potential for twists, delays and detours in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Avoid the malls, focus on routine matters and do not turn a molehill of crisis into a mountain. Chill!

And now, the news…

…which I’ve been watching mostly out of the corner of my eye this week. Not much is terribly surprising, given how these stories reflect planetary patterns that were written about in this forecast months and even years ago — here and here and too many other places to mention. So how can awareness of potential events, suggested by planetary patterns, be helpful? And here I’m referring to the awfulness of the headlines reflecting violence and fear.

I think it helps to be able to  see clearly — on a tangible piece of paper (i.e., in a calculated horoscope) — that there are certain patterns which reflect the potential for a bewildering reality meltdown, as we see, for example, with Saturn (fear, ambition, control) and Neptune (dissolution, delusion, empathy, suffering, etc.) being in a tense relationship to each other (90 degrees apart — i.e., square). This clarity of perspective can keep you grounded. You understand why some are being swept up in the “negative” potential. As frustrating as it is to witness, this understanding can reduce some of the angst and upset. You understand…and then you can CHOOSE for yourself how you personally are going to react.

Saturn – at its worst — is fear. Neptune — at its highest — is love. These two planets 90 degrees apart (square to each other) suggests a tension between fear and love. Would you agree? In the language of astrology, these planets symbolize other issues, too — e.g., borders/foreigners/control (Saturn in Sag) and no boundaries/refugees/compassion (Neptune in Pisces).  These are only a handful of issues related to these planetary symbols. If you’ve been following this forecast, you’ve learned some of them before. Astrology is a rich and complex language requiring years of study to master.

Saturn needs to create structure and boundaries. Where would you be without Saturn? Living in a field under the open sky, that’s where you’d be. You need Saturn to build a house. But if you sat in your house all day, isolated from the rest of the world, fearing that everyone else out there is nothing like you, then we could have a problem.

Neptune needs to dissolve boundaries. It rolls in like an ocean wave, wiping out sand castles and footprints, reincorporating those statements of separation into the unified whole. Neptune embraces everything…as does true love. It sees itself as part of every other self. When overwhelmed by the restrictions associated with Saturn, some Neptunian types may reject the material world altogether, escaping their mortal coils and returning back to the whole. Gosh we are getting deeply philosophical, on this Moon in Pisces day. Saturn vs. Neptune. Real vs. unreal. Separation vs. union. Fear vs. love. That’s the lesson we are scheduled to be studying, according to the Cosmic Academic Calendar.

As if on cue, NYT columnist Paul Krugman’s effort this week is titled “Fearing Fear Itself”. NYT columnist Nicholas Kristof has penned “They Are Us” — in reference to the refugees.

OK, news.

Who saw the Betagoogle link in which Google offers to predict your future? How many thousands of people clicked on it out of curiosity? This Betagoogle thing is a clever gimmick, perfectly in sync with Neptune (mysticism) turning direct yesterday in its dance with Saturn.

Neptune refers to philanthropy and bewilderment. Yesterday a philanthropist pledged $177 million to fight dementia. Neptune refers to oceans, fish and aquatics. Behold, a locker-room scandal involving a women’s swimming team (adding a corruption-exposing Venus square Pluto to the mix). Lo! The franken-salmon cometh. Neptune refers to oil and toxins. Plastics are made from oil, and Congress is scheduled to vote on a bill to ban microbead hygiene products because they are trashing oceans, harming fish and birds. It’s about time. Do you have a microbead hygiene product on your shelf. Knowledge is power.

Neptune refers to film, fantasy and confusion. Gotta love this headline: “I didn’t know what the hell I was doing when I made The Hobbit” says director Peter Jackson. Neptune refers to illusion and deception. Add in the obsessive Mars-Uranus connection and it’s interesting to read that police are searching for a man dressed as a JetBlue pilot who disappeared at LAX. Meanwhile, the explosive potential of Mars-Uranus is reflected in the entity who shall remain nameless publishing a photo of the device it  says was used to destroy the Russian plane in Egypt last month. This obsessive pattern is also reflected in Gail Collins’s cheerful column, in which we learn how a bill involving freedom and aviation is making its way through the Senate, sponsored by one of the most seemingly-ignorant and self-important persons in it. And yet, that dunderhead is still human. Like me. Must. Find. Love. And. Compassion.

Let’s end with some fun stuff. If Neptune refers to love — and also dance and music — what could be more fun than the details exposed (thank you, Venus square Pluto), in the mating dances of actual lovebirds? Gosh they are pretty.

Have a wonderful weekend. As we get closer to Thanksgiving and the intensifying wigginess of next Thursday’s exact Saturn-Neptune square and Full Moon, try this coping strategy. Express gratitude. Gratitude immediately makes you a “have,” not a “have-not”.  It can convey a feeling of empowerment that flies in the face of fear. Being able to choose how you react to people and events in your own personal world also conveys empowerment.

Thank you for reading this forecast.











Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday & Wednesday 11/17-18/2015: Neptune Turns Direct

Good morning!

An easy flow of energy between Mars (action) and the Moon in Aquarius starts the day at 7:23AM ET. Whatever idealistic ideas you may have, they are driven by the Aquarius Moon’s need for innovation and/or eccentricity, suggesting the potential for tech-savvy genius or mad science. Go for it.

If you were born with Moon in Aquarius, you need to be socially significant — and dare I say appreciated for it. You probably need to be unusual, too. And free! “I love you, but don’t take it personally” is a pithy Aquarian  expression — and I came up with that one all by myself. If you don’t know where your Moon is, for heaven’s sake, order an Astro-Basics Report — or book a consultation. This is a key clue in solving your own identity puzzle.

Harmonious patterns between the Moon and Saturn (at 1:10PM ET) and Venus (at 8:59PM ET) add a gracious, structured potential to this day. Wednesday begins with amplified innovative flash, as the Moon makes an easy connection to Uranus, which rules Aquarius. After that, we’ll be building to the First Quarter Moon, exact at 1:27AM ET on Thursday. That’s when we may see a challenge to your New Moon agenda.

Said challenge may be one of vision — or confusion, as Neptune turns direct on Wednesday at 11:32AM ET. This ends a five month period of subtle focus on your own dreams and intuition for guidance. When a planet is retrograde, the suggestion is to turn inward on issues involving that planet, as opposed to looking outside the self.  So with Neptune turning direct, we can now apply whatever vision we nurtured to the outside world.

You’ll feel the effects of Neptune’s change of station more personally if you were born 6-8 days into Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius…or if you have a planet or angle at 6-8 degrees of those signs. What kind of effects? Oh…perhaps you are feeling somewhat bewildered…or less inclined to be in Type A personality mode (if you are normally a Type A personality). You may find yourself needing to express your creativity — even if you have never thought of yourself as a “creative” person. You may also find being of service richly rewarding. If you are having a Neptune transit, you are especially advised to consult an astrologer for perspective.

The news will be back later this week. I know, there’s so much to talk about. Charlie Sheen; amending the French Constitution; restaurant workers no longer working for tips; refusing to accept immigrants even as thousands are displaced from their own countries and so on. Planetary patterns reflect it all. Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading this forecast.



Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/16/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week

Up and at ’em!

Monday is driven by the Moon in enterprising Capricorn, using whatever it can to actualize its enterprise-building strategy. Planetary patterns are generally harmonious, if tinged by no small amount of idealism. Why idealism? Because the Sun and Mercury meet up on Tuesday, that’s why. And Neptune, planet of vision, illusion, delusion and other intangible matters — turns direct on Wednesday.

On Thursday we’ll have the First Quarter Moon, suggests a challenge to the projects you launched on last week’s New Moon. On Friday, Mercury enters Sagittarius, putting mindset and communication efforts into Big Picture mode, but perhaps not being able to see the trees for the forest. Yes, that is what I meant to type.

Also building to a power play and/or an unconventional attraction: Venus — which refers to social graces, women, values, aesthetics and money — clashes with Pluto on Friday and then opposes Uranus on Monday. Whenever a planet engages with the tension between Uranus and Pluto, we can expect volatility and revelations in the matters related to that planet. Should be interesting for the markets.

Oh, and the surreal tension between Saturn and Neptune continues to build to its first release on the 26th. We were talking about that all last week — more on that in a minute.

Your Moon voids — also known as natural cosmic chill periods suggesting that your efforts to move forward in a straight line are more likely to experience delays, twists, flakes and other crises that later prove to be much ado about nothing: Monday 3:53PM ET until Tuesday 2:24AM ET; Thursday 3:19AM ET – 7:21AM ET. So really, other than today (after 3:53Pm ET Monday), it’s pretty much full speed ahead.

And now, the news.

You may recall on Friday the potential for “carnage” was noted, suggested by planetary patterns. There was no joy in seeing that word repeated in the headlines over the weekend with respect to events in Paris. But why France? Might there be planetary patterns connecting the horoscopes of France and the entity claiming responsibility? Yes. Are there patterns in the chart for the time of the event in question — 9:16PM — which might suggest the potential for an explosive outburst? Yes, and if you’re thinking one of them involving Mars, you’d be right. Would it help to look at the charts in detail right now. I’m not so sure.

In other news…

Were there any lighter manifestations of transiting Mars at the Aries Point — in Libra, sign of equality and relationships? Sure! Mars refers to the yang part of the yin-yang polarity — usually thought of as masculine. Earlier in the week, the NYT reported that men are doing more household chores, but “not as much as they think”. On Sunday, the NYT served up this op-ed: “Men’s Lib!”.

Severing ties with a collective belief system, possibly religious? That seems apt for Saturn (cuts) in Sagittarius (religious dogma) challenged by the compassionate potential of Neptune in Pisces. On Saturday, hundreds of Mormons resigned from the church, protesting an “unfair” (Mars & Venus both in Libra) policy barring the children of same-sex couples from being baptized.

More on the surreal tension between Saturn and Neptune.  On Friday, I ended the weekend forecast with a reference to Alice in Wonderland. Well guess what? I ended up catching two shows over the weekend — the opportunity to do so turned up quite spontaneously. On Saturday I saw Trip of Lovea jukebox musical featuring songs from the ’60s which has been universally trashed by the critics here, here and here.  What a bunch of snobs. Yes, it was a total trip — a perfect fun and mindless escape, and whatever wasn’t perfect was so bad it was good. What’s not to love? But get this: the story begins with a young woman who, like Alice, falls into a dream — and into a rendition of Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit. Coincidence or conspiracy?

On Sunday I scored tickets to  To Kill a Mockingbird — rarely seen on stage, though I imagine most everyone studied the Pulitzer prize-winning book in school or has seen the Oscar-winning movie with Gregory Peck. The story takes place in the mid-’30s, during a Uranus-Pluto square. The book and movie came out just before the exact Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the mid-60s. Revisiting it now, in the aftermath of the latest Uranus-Pluto challenge felt apt. But it also has elements of the surreal. Why? Well, if you’re familiar with the plot, let’s just say that it’s about a trial in which the truth is living in one reality and the jury is living in another.

What’s going on in your horoscope? Book a personal consultation and we will have a most illuminating discussion together. Here’s the 411.

Special bonus track: “Under Pressure” — David Bowie & Queen — vocal tracks only — because it’s all over social media and it’s sublime. Enjoy.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

photo (4)


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 11/13/2015 & the Weekend


A high-flying Moon in Sagittarius continues to drive the day, seeking to push boundaries and expand minds ever so righteously. Optimistic, seed-planting, tell-the-whole-world energy is aided and abetted by two helpful exact aspects. Venus (social graces, women) and Saturn (ambition, structure, authority) are in an easy alignment; so are Mercury (mindset) and Jupiter (expansion, reward). Make the pitch!

Hang with your besties and think outside the box this evening, as the Moon aligns with innovative Uranus and Jupiter at 7:22PM ET and 10:18PM ET, respectively. Then the Moon goes void until 7:21PM ET on SATURDAY.

Hold off on impulse shopping and chill until the Moon engages in practical Capricorn on Saturday night. Conventional wisdom argues that purchases made when the Moon is void of course will likely prove to be not as useful as you hoped.

Sunday morning’s practical, make-it-happen energy is tinged with a dreamy indulgence, as the Moon makes contact with Neptune and Venus at 8:26AM ET and 9:32AM ET.  You can use the rest of the day to plan strategy for world domination, or fortify your castle. At 8:37PM ET be aware that the Moon will meet up with Pluto, suggesting a potential power play or emotional catharsis. Moon clashes with Uranus at 3:10AM ET on Monday, suggesting an upset to the status quo likely making headlines.

No dawdling on Monday. Planetary patterns facilitate an easy flow of action until 3:53PM ET, when the Moon goes void for the rest of the business day.

To find out how these planetary patterns are reflected in your horoscope, schedule a personal consultation. You’ll understand why you are the way you are, why things happen when they happen and how to maximize opportunities now and in the future. But don’t just take it from me — consider these testimonials

And now, the news.

With Mars at the Aries Point — i.e., at the first degree of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn — we expect headlines reflecting the assertive/warrior energy of Mars to become prominent. In this case we have Mars at the first degree of Libra, and yesterday I could not bring myself to put into cyberspace what carnage I anticipated we’d see in Friday’s headlines. And yet, the carnage is there — and it has an aura of prominence. Astrology is amazing.

First, the United States is “reasonably certain” that a drone strike killed “Jihadi John”, the notorious executioner. Beirut experienced a double suicide bombing that was “the worst attack on the city in years”. More acts of war: “Kurdish Forces Retake Iraqi City of Sinjar from ISIS.” Also:   “The Attacks Will Be Spectacular” is Friday’s headline in a Politico exclusive that reveals how the CIA “repeatedly and urgently” warned the White House of an anticipated strike against the US, starting in the spring of 2001. Well, in the light of Wednesday’s New Moon in Scorpio, we did expect secrets to be exposed.

Guns and cars are also ruled by Mars. “How Gun Traffickers Get Around State Gun Laws” is on the NYT homepage. Over at the The Guardian, you can read how one of Google’s self-driving cars got a traffic ticket. Even the presidential campaigns are being reported as more combative. There’s a Democratic debate tonight, the second in a row which is not happening on a weeknight. Coincidence or conspiracy, media mavens? The NYT headline asserts that Bernie Sanders’s strategy will be to “Attack Hillary Clinton, If Asked”.

Meanwhile, in Republicanland, the Washington Post reports, “After pulling punches at the debate, GOP candidates take the gloves off“, with Donald Trump calling Ben Carson “pathological, “comparing him to child molesters. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were also on the offense.

Is there anything positive to report? Yes! Earlier this week, a judge in Utah made headlines by ordering a lesbian couple to give up their foster child because he’d read somewhere that children are better off when raised by heterosexual parents. Much outrage ensued, including the State of Utah’s, and today, under the rational and supportive connections between Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter, the judge reversed his order. However, he is still concerned by the research, and a hearing is scheduled on December 4th, during a Moon void and a square between Mercury and Jupiter. This ought to be of no consequence, if the judge gets his facts straight, no pun intended. If you’ve been reading this forecast for over a year you may remember a study from last summer concluding that actually, children raised by same sex parents “are happier and healthier than their peers”. Tell it to the judge.

Meanwhile, here are two stories reflecting the “small is big” potential we’ll see through 2016, as Jupiter (big) travels through Virgo (small). “After a Mass Extinction, Only the Small Survive” and “The Microcomplaint: Nothing Too Small to Whine About”, the NYT wants you to know. Does Jupiter in Virgo also reflect a story about how a tiny chip of carbon was valued at $48 million — purchased at an auction by a billionaire who wanted to give the famous (prominent!) flawless blue diamond (now known as the Blue Moon of Josephine) to his seven-year-old daughter? Factor in Venus and Mars entering Libra (things of beauty) and other planetary patterns, including the reality-melting potential of Saturn square Neptune….

…which is an excellent pattern to facilitate stories all over the place about the 150th anniversary of “Alice in Wonderland”. This article is from the Sunday NYT travel section, travel being an excellent focus when the Moon is in Sagittarius. I suppose the “mysterious space junk,” seriously known as “WTF”and  plummeting to Earth today qualifies, too. Certainly it being Friday the 13th is not a factor.

Happy surreal journeying and cue Jefferson Airplane now, please.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 11/12/2015: Mars in Libra

At 9:54AM ET, the Scorpio Moon goes void for 20 minutes — blink and you’ll miss it. At 10:14AM ET, the Moon shifts gears into high-flying Sagittarius. Thus, instead of  brooding intensely about this morning’s headlines, we will be more inclined to express our righteous opinions.  Sagittarius is an optimistic, big picture-oriented energy that loves a good gamble or gambol. Until 7:21M ET on Saturday, you may have plenty of opportunities to broaden your mind; get out in nature; treat yourself to a foreign movie or some other culture that is not your own.

Action is accented today, as Mars — the action planet — leaves Virgo and enters Libra at 4:41PM ET. In Virgo, Mars can be a perfection-seeking critic, exacting in detail. In Libra, one productive application of the assertive energy of Mars is to act as a warrior for peace, balance, justice and fairness — all Libra concerns. Generally speaking, planets in Libra suggest an aversion to conflict. This makes Mars in Libra a challenge for some to handle. It seems to work well if you happen to be a pope, including Pope Francis.  Though with transiting Uranus opposing his Mars in Libra into 2016 (followed by Pluto in 2017), I expect his daring and innovative action will stir up plenty of conflict in his quest for peace, balance and fairness.

The evening hours may have a aura of surreal gravitas, as the Moon meets up with heavy Saturn at 8:47PM ET and then clashes with nebulous Neptune just before midnight.

And now, the news.

Remember the study that had researchers from Princeton falling out of their chairs several days ago? The one about the rise in mortality rates among white, middle-class Americans — especially uneducated Americans? Causes of death are prescription drugs, liver disease (from alcohol abuse) and suicide. Today The Guardian begins a series of in-depth reports on poverty in America. First stop is Beattyville, Kentucky, “the poorest white town in America”. It’s plagued by an addiction to “hillbilly heroin”.  Why?

Meanwhile, the  NYT’s “Room for Debate” ponders a Saturn in Sagittarius reality check: “Why Has Trust in the News Media Declined?”.  Workers and wages in the food industry was an expected concern marked by Jupiter entering Virgo in September, with significant actions right about now. Following Danny Meyer’s lead, Joe’s Crab Shack is going to try a no-tipping policy on its workers. Menu  prices will increase, but presumably by less than 20%.

There’s much more to report, but it will have to wait for now. Plant those New Moon energy seeds!



Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 11/11/2015: New Moon in Scorpio

The morning of this New Moon in Scorpio day gets an optimistic boost, suggested by a harmonious flow between the Scorpio Sun and Jupiter, exact at 11:41AM ET. Think positively as you conjure up your list of intentions for the next lunar cycle, which begins at 12:47PM ET. After the meet up between the Sun and the Moon, there are no other exact aspects for the rest of the day. Keep on truckin’!

Around the 19th, on the First Quarter Moon, we can expect a challenge to your New Moon intentions, with appropriate adjustments made. At the time of the Full Moon on the November 25th, we can expect illumination on the success or failure of our goals for the cycle. If we succeeded, we can consciously release our success into our reality; if we failed, we let go of whatever did not work. After the Third Quarter Moon on December 3rd, we can review our achievements; make more adjustments; tie up loose ends and get ready to begin another New Moon on December 11th.

Scorpio is a deeply emotional sign. It has a thing about power and control. With Scorpio, there’s often a lot going on underneath the surface of its masterful mask. A Scorpio Moon needs to appreciated for being of substance. Scorpio can build all the way to Heaven and all the way down to Hell.  Its depths and heights apply especially in  matters of sex, death and (other peoples’) money, a.k.a. energy, transformation and resources.  Scorpio challenges us to face our basest instincts, fears and passions — more on that in a minute.

In the horoscope for this New Moon, Mars is at the Aries Point in perfection-seeking Virgo, suggesting a need for prominent action. Sorting out what is real vs. what is unreal in our belief systems is also a theme, suggested by the tension between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. With Mercury closely aligned with the Sun and Moon, we must consider the possibility for idealism and/or being blinded by the light. A saving grace in relationship this month is suggested by Venus, strongly placed in diplomatic Libra and in easy contact with practical Saturn. Whatever murky depths we fall into, this Venus-Saturn connection facilitates communication and structure.  Yes, there really is a way out of the swamp — once you recognize that you are mired in one. And then of course, humming in the background, we have the tension of the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto square. Never a dull moment in the cosmos…and thus never a dull moment in the headlines.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon furthers the opportunity to reveal what has been hidden. It is “a woman drawing two dark curtains aside”. Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee cleverly points out that the Symbol does not specify what the curtains were covering. A window? A passageway? The former would let in light; the latter could take you someplace else…up, through or down…which will it be? Bovee suggests we are invited to imagine it for ourselves.

With last month’s New Moon suggesting the potential for a disruptive revelation in relationship, this month we see the potential for focused recognition and exploration of shared values and resources. We shall see if it reveals light or shadow. With respect to the headlines, probably a bit of both. In your own personal world, this opportunity to draw back a curtain will affect you more if you have a planet or angle around 20 degrees of Scorpio and Taurus, and to a lesser extent, Leo and Aquarius. As always, if you would like to find out more about why you are the way you are, why things are happening now — and how you can plan a strategy to create opportunities in the future, consider scheduling a personal consultation, here’s the 411. 

And now, the news.

I did not watch last night’s Republican debate, though one report declared it “substantive” and “volatile,” which is apt for an event happening during a depth-seeking Scorpio Moon, with aggressive Mars attracting prominence at the Aries Point. Immigration was a big topic, as we expect it to be for at least through 2016. Here’s a recap of winners and losers from one of Antonin Scalia’s favorite newspapers, using the words “substantive” or “substantial” multiple times. Coincidence or conspiracy? But don’t take it just from The Washington Times, or any single news source, especially if you did not actually witness the news event in question. Here’s a different perspective on who did well in that same contest, like so many blind people touching different parts of an elephant, describing to the world what they see. All of life is like this. Rumor has it there are still people in the world who believe the Earth is flat.

Meanwhile, no one lost his or her head, including the moderators and the Republican Party. Ted Cruz had a Rick Perry moment when he couldn’t remember all five of the federal agencies he says he’d close if elected President, but my money says those employed at the four agencies he could name should not be too concerned. With transiting Mars about to make contact with Mr. Cruz’s Sun-Pluto square within the next 36 hours, I would not be surprised to see an expression of assertion or aggression in the news, and perhaps his allegedly otherwise strong performance last night qualifies.

In other news, the mysteries of Stonehenge are closer to being revealed — or so it is hoped. Check it out.

Finally, a random fun story, exposing what lies beneath in matters of shared resources: a picturesque town in Wales is using the same  controversial accountancy loopholes used by huge multinationals in an effort to move its businesses offshore. Here’s more on Crickhowell; the experiment is the subject of a BBC documentary to be released next year.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 11/10/2015: Art & Commerce

The Scorpio Moon drives  the day with a need for substance, deeply experienced and perhaps a tad controlling or controlled. Add in an investigative flair suggested by an easy connection between Mercury and Pluto, exact at 7:12 AM ET (but in effect over the past few days). Let the dirt be dug! Then add an expansive optimism for all of the details, as the Sun and Jupiter make yet another easy connection, exact at 9:17PM ET. How big can it get?

Around midday could be dreamy, as the Moon and Neptune are in harmony at 1:07PM ET. Wine with your lunch? As I peruse the dirt and mud(slinging) making today’s headlines, an escape sounds mighty appealing.

And now, the news.

With Venus at the Aries Point over the weekend (and now in Libra, sign of balance and harmony), we could expect matters involving social expression, women, aesthetics and money to pull focus. How interesting to see this op-ed in today’s NYT: “Being Dishonest About Ugliness”, encouraging people who tell children that looks don’t matter to get real. And here we see more on the theme of Real vs. Unreal suggested by the first of three exact squares between Saturn and Neptune. Remember how we were talking about that all last week?

Last night, a Modigliani nude gained prominence when it fetched a ginormous sum — over  $170 million–  at Christie’s.  It is the second-highest price (big!) ever paid for an artwork at an auction. The Modigliani is prominent for other aesthetic reasons:

Monday’s sale assuaged concerns that the Modigliani painting would be too risqué for some collectors.

“This painting leaps off the page as the most vibrant, sexual, lyrical of the catalogue raisonné,” said Ana Maria Celis, a Christie’s specialist in postwar and contemporary art.

Meanwhile in Canon City, Colorado, some high school students are terrified that they could face child pornography charges because they exchanged and collected nude photographs of themselves, using their cellphones.  In response, high school officials have mandated that all students must complete classes in figure drawing, art history and biology in order to graduate, as well as attend discussion forums on human sexuality and social mores through the ages.

OK, I made that up. In actual response:

Police are now poring through hundreds of sexted pics and Fremont County District Attorney Tom LeDoux has acknowledged the possibility that “students will have to register as sex offenders” in some cases.

Real. Unreal.

Back in June, Disney (a media company) made headlines when word got out that it fired a number of longterm IT staffers, replacing them with cheaper workers imported to the US on H-1B visas. The IT staffers would only receive severance packages if they were willing to train their replacements. Yesterday it was reported that a company called Cengage (they’re in the education business) executed a similar strategy in mid-October (its second one this year), telling laid-off workers that they would also lose their severance if they spoke to the press.

The press found out anyway, and today the NYT exposes more dirt how big outsourcing companies are scoring so many H-1B visas (hint: follow the money), and who is being hurt by this seemingly rigged system. Elsewhere, yesterday the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked a number of President Obama’s executive orders on immigration, suggesting that the matters in question will be argued before the Supreme Court.  Why am I calling out these stories? Review prior thoughts on what we’re likely to see with Saturn in Sagittarius for the next couple of years.

It wouldn’t have been an all-day long Moon void yesterday without some mountain being made out of a molehill. How fascinating that the one that hit social media involved aesthetics (Venus at the Aries Point) and other themes suggested by the surreal potential of Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. Have you seen the 2015 Starbucks holiday cup? It’s very red and very minimalist, prompting some to howl that the design is a “war on Christmas.” Former radio and TV evangelist Joshua Feuerstein told his 1.8 million Twitter followers:

“Starbucks removed Christmas from their cups because they hate Jesus.”

No comment from Mr. Feuerstein on a study that was released over the weekend, concluding that children from religious families are less kind and more punitive than those from non-religious households.

Matters of belief —  from the sublime to the ridiculous — are likely to continue to be hot topics in the foreseeable future, suggested by planetary patterns. In your own personal world, may you only experience that which is sublime. To find out how these patterns are likely to be reflected in your life, here’s the 411 on personal consultations. FYI, astrology is not a belief system. As a wise astrologer once said, however, it is a very good thing to know about.

Thank you for reading this forecast.



Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/9/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

Briefly, because I am on the road today. The Libra Moon went void Sunday at 9:42PM ET — it won’t get into gear until 11:02PM ET today, when it enters Scorpio. Stick to routine matters; avoid impulse purchases; roll with whatever twists and flakes derail your efforts to move forward in straight line.

Understanding how to use Moon voids can be confusing at first. I get emails from people worrying about whether they should do ANYTHING during a void. So how about you try this for a while. Just go about your normal business during a Moon void.  Watch how the energy flows. That’s it. Just watch. And let me know how it feels and how it goes. Does that help?

We are in the dark side of the Moon. Time to wrap up projects from this lunar cycle and prepare your list of intentions for the next New Moon, which happens on Wednesday at 12:47PM ET. It’ll be in Scorpio.. Meanwhile, It’s not unusual to feel restless or listless, sensing that something new is just around the corner, but you don’t know what.

Other voids this week: Thursday 9:54AM until 10:14AM ET; Friday 10:21PM until Saturday 7:21PM ET. Plenty of potential for productive efforts, buoyed by an optimistic, persuasive outlook.

Also of note: Mars enters Libra on Thursday. More on that later.

Thank you for reading this forecast and sharing it with the Free World. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations, so you can understand what all this talk of planetary patterns means to YOU.