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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 7/29/2016 & the Weekend


A Gemini Moon drives the day with a need to talk things up in an ever so clever way. Early this morning it was opposed by Saturn (at 7:06AM ET) and soon squared by Neptune (9:45AM ET), suggesting any and all of the following potentials: a need for gravitas, ambition, separation, censorship — combined with a need for vision — rose-colored, inspirational — and perhaps delusional.

Walking and talking about facts and figures may be especially forceful or combative, as Mars (walking) and Mercury (talking) are in challenging square, exact at 4:49PM ET. With Mars in Scorpio and Mercury in Leo, I see the potential for ruthless action, as some stubbornly cling to a regal mindset. On the other hand, if you have to make a persuasive case today, the planets suggest that the energy is right there if you need it.

Also of note: Uranus – planet of shocks, upsets, revelation, lightning bolts, aviation, technogeeks and the totally freaky — turns retrograde until December 29th. That sense of freedom you’re looking for? Look within; break free of whatever holds you’ve placed upon yourself in your thought processes. That Other Guy is not the one blocking your path.

On SATURDAY, Moon goes void for a long chill between 7:46AM until 5:09PM ET. No impulse shopping. Take care of routine concerns. During the void, Mercury leaves Leo for a loooooooong stay in analytical Virgo, seeking perfection in mindset and communication. This was noted in Monday’s forecast.

The Moon’s ingress into Cancer on Saturday facilitates our need for home and homeland security. Domestic chores are favored; in fact, any project requiring solid structure and innovation is an apt focus through the weekend, courtesy of two patterns that are exact on MONDAY. At 12:07AM ET Monday Venus will harmonize with Uranus, facilitating friendships across all borders and unconventional attractions. Also on Monday: the Sun, beautifully placed in Leo, harmonizes with authority figure Saturn.

Back to SATURDAY and the Cancer Moon. Consider home-cooked meals and chatting with Mom — at least until the early afternoon on SUNDAY. There is no void on Sunday to distract your exacting shopping adventures, though do note that the Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto at 8:03PM ET, followed by Uranus at 11:31AM ET on MONDAY. The former suggests power plays and emotional intensity; the latter suggests surprises and upsets that disrupt or clear the air, for better or for worse.

No sleeping in on Monday. The New Moon kicks in on TUESDAY at 4:44PM ET. Stay tuned for details.

And now, the news.

In the category of startling revelations and upsets, as Uranus changes direction: All charges have been dropped against the man tried and convicted of the 2001 murder of Washington intern Chandra Levy after it was revealed that a key witness lied. All charges were dropped against the law enforcement officers not yet tried who were involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray. You may recall Mr. Gray died after being taken into custody. None of the other officers involved were convicted of charges against them, despite prosecuting attorney Marilyn Mosby’s energizing solar arc between Mars and her natal Pluto. Since February she’s been dealing with transiting Saturn acting like the proverbial brick wall to her natal Mars, along with table-turning upheaval suggested by transiting Uranus to her natal Pluto.

File under Uranian News of the Weird: cockroach milk is one of the most nutritious substances on Earth. At New York Botanical Gardens, a rare and stinky corpse flower has just bloomed — roll tape. Meanwhile, in Staten Island, a bank was robbed by an armed man wearing a dress and a fetching hat. Are you living in China with a husband who has a mistress? Here’s an innovative way to disrupt that affair.

Add the clash of opinions suggested by today’s Mercury-Mars square: Edward Snowden denounces Wikileaks for its failure to curate this week’s  DNC email data dump, permitting personal data, including contact info and social security numbers of DNC donors to be made public.  Meanwhile in Virginia, the U.S. Court of Appeals in the 4th Circuit overturned a North Carolina voter ID law, rejecting a lower court’s ruling that the ID law did not discriminate against voters based on race.

Yet another sudden reversal, this one involving technology: Melania Trump’s website has vanished from the web, amid speculation that her bio claiming she graduated from a university was false. Mrs. Trump — born April 26 1970 in Slovenia — time unknown — is an earthy Taurus with Moon likely in status-conscious Capricorn. She also has Venus and Mars opposing Neptune, which would be reflected in a need for the expression of an idealized aesthetic sensibility, including a potentially charismatic mystique. When Neptune is in touch with a planet, we note the potential for things to be not as they seem and investigate accordingly.

This is an old one from Monday’s Moon in fiery Aries: an update on hot flashes in menopausal women. How long do they last? Bwahahahahaha….

On to politics. First, the public service portion. Are you registered to vote? If you don’t vote, somebody else will. And then you’ll be sorry. The strongest takeaways from this week’s DNC came from Senator Al Franken and Sen Tim Kaine. The former said that he won his U.S. Senate seat by 312 votes. The latter said he won his first election by 94 votes. Do not think for one minute that your vote does not matter. Here’s how to register to vote.

Second, are you familiar with the site   It will match your political views with the candidates running for president. You may be surprised by the results.  Meanwhile, the horoscope of Hillary’s main opponent continues to be strong, making the outcome of the election too close to call with absolute certainty from an astrological point of view.  In the aftermath of the Uranus-Pluto square, which favors disruption of the status quo — possibly for its own sake — I can see how some who love love love the spirit of David Letterman’s classic Five Story Tower segments may be sorely tempted.  Would it be wise to approach the November election in the same spirit? Food for thought — and I hope the video brings a smile to your Friday.

This concludes the public service portion of this forecast.

At 10:47PM ET on July 28th, 2016 in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton made history and formally accepted her nomination. Pioneering Aries is on the Ascendant, with rebel Uranus in the 1st House. The chart is ruled by Mars, strongly placed in Scorpio — and square to Mercury, which is almost exactly on her opponent’s Mars and Leo Ascendant. The Moon is in info junkie Gemini, opposed by Saturn in opinionated Sagittarius. The chart confirms what some may say is obvious: that it suggests a strong candidate facing a tough battle, fixed opinions, verbal and ruthless sparring — driven by fluctuating information and opinion. Mrs. Clinton declared the nation is at “a moment of reckoning.” The Moon-Saturn opposition arguably reflects a a heavy consequence on the horizon.

HRC Accepts Nomination

As for how the rest of the convention went, here are the always-cheerful Gail Collins and Arthur Brooks from the NYT to tell you about it. If you were watching the convention on Fox,  you missed one of the most talked-about speeches — and watched a bunch of commercials instead. Where do you get your news? Hopefully from more than one source.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Have an awesome weekend.



Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 7/27/2016: Conventional Wisdom; Unconventional Women

All-righty then!

This was Tuesday’s forecast, which I did not post:

At 11:37AM ET, the Moon ends its wandering void in  Aries and firmly plants itself in earthy Taurus. Until Thursday at 2:17PM ET, the energy of the day is likely to be driven by a need to build and maintain material comfort and security, making a case for keeping things as they are. At 7PM ET, the Third Quarter Moon clashes with the Leo Sun, suggesting tension around that issue, in spite of the directive. A rocket-science harmony between Mercury and Uranus infuses communication with genius and innovation — on the potential upside. The downside — as noted yesterday — is that Mercury is also moving into a volatile clash with warrior Mars (exact Friday), and the disruptive energy of Uranus is pulling focus, about to change direction. Expect the unexpected.

Today — Wednesday  — features more of the same.

And now, the news.

Have you been watching the DNC in Philadelphia? The mood has been reflecting planetary patterns, as anticipated. Note that last week, Saturn was in touch with Mercury (mind) and Venus (values, social expression). Saturn keywords include: old, structure, patriarchy, conservative, fear, discipline, control. This week we have Uranus pulling focus — with Mercury (mind) and Mars (action). Uranus keywords include: avant garde, future, technology, freedom, innovation, disruption.

Monday night’s Moon in firebrand Aries met up with rebel Uranus and the dwarf planet of discord —  Eris, taking no prisoners. The convention got off to a rocky start, with protests from many Bernie supporters. The 4:18PM ET horoscope for the start of the convention had righteously opinionated Sagittarius on the Ascendant, ruled by expansive Jupiter on the Midheaven. Good for getting a message to the public, though we could see a potential for an insistence on going with something for the sake of principle, and damn the details or consequences. Interesting to see Saturn almost on the Ascendant, suggesting a presentation of serious opinions, some more controlled than others. Supporters of Sanders sporting duct tape over their mouths, with “Silenced by the DNC” seemed an apt reflection.

Guess what happened at 9:21PM ET on Monday, when Mars in zinger Scorpio squared the Ascendant (in the chart for that moment in time), and controlling Saturn was exactly on the Midheaven — suggesting a public and effective measure of control/authority? That’s when comedienne Sarah Silverman went off the teleprompter and admonished chanting Bernie supporters with, “You’re being ridiculous!” Was it effective?

An Aries Moon needs to lead and inspire with fiery passion. So there was Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders doing just that. When Sanders took the stage, the Aries Moon was conjunct his natal Mars and opposing his natal Venus in Libra. His Venus in Libra needs to be an exalted diplomat, peacemaker and facilitator of compromise. Was he?

Moving on to Tuesday, when the Moon was in Taurus. TV commentators took note of a calmer tone on the convention floor, after the roll call vote, during which Bernie Sanders (and his exalted Venus in Libra) moved to official declare Hillary Clinton the nominee. At that moment, the Moon and Pluto were on the angles of the chart. Apt symbols!

Later Bill Clinton, with his Venus in Libra aided by a charismatic Mars-Neptune sitting right on his Libra Ascendant, took the stage to tell a charming, low-key, boy-meets-girl story,  filled with many examples of how hard Hillary has worked for change.  Change? That doesn’t fit Moon in Taurus, but it does fit the need of Uranus pulling focus this week, not to mention the demand for change insisted in the aftermath of the Uranus-Pluto square. Kudos to the marketing genius who finally got hip to planetary patterns and handed out placards branding Hillary a CHANGE MAKER.

OK…let’s see…what else?

File under Mercury (mind) in harmony with erratic Uranus: Personality Change May Be Early Sign of Dementia, Experts Say.  Also erratic and demented: WhatsHisOrangeFace calls for Russia to find Hillary’s emails  (now that it apparently hacked the DNC server and released emails demonstrating a bias favoring Hillary Clinton).  Because it makes perfect sense to encourage a foreign government to conduct espionage against the United States. With transiting Mars still squaring his natal Mars and Leo Ascendant, we can expect especially aggressive outbursts through early next month. Elsewhere, we note that John Hinckley, who attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan 35 years ago, is being freed.

Uranus is a science geek, too, so this one is apt: Meet Luca, the Ancestor of All Living Things.

Along with patterns among Mercury, Mars and Uranus noted above, we saw the potential for shocking outbursts in a number of events around the globe.

In Sagamihara, Japan, a young man armed with a bag of knives killed 19 people in a facility that cared for disabled people. If people in Japan are resorting to extreme outbursts of violence, planetary patterns must be intense. This is mind-blowing.

What is interesting from an astrological standpoint is that Mr. Uematsu was involved in a number of “disturbing incidences” back in February. Mars was in the late degrees of Scorpio; Jupiter was around 20 degrees of Virgo — retrograde. That’s exactly where Mars and Jupiter are now. I can’t find any birth data for Mr. Uematsu — other than him being 26 —  but I would bet his horoscope has angles and/or planets triggered by Mars and Jupiter then and now — and transiting Uranus is probably involved, too.  If a visionary authority had taken the time to look at his horoscope back in February, he or she could have seen that the disturbing quality of Mr. Uematsu’s behavior in February was likely to be triggered again now.  Perhaps preventative measures could have been taken.

There is much to be gained from understanding what planetary cycles are at play in a horoscope. What’s going on in yours?

Thank you for reading this forecast.







Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 7/25/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; Disruptive Communication in Focus

Good Morning!

Moon continues its charge through me-me-me Aries today. Arise, go forth and conquer. Note the potential for a power play, expose or emotional catharsis in the morning, as Moon makes its weekly clash with ruthless Pluto at 11:29AM ET.  The rest of the business day offers an easy flow of fiery regal communication, designed to lead and inspire, as the Moon harmonizes with Mercury and Venus at 12:48PM  ET and 10:55PM ET. Caveat: a disruption of the status quo or  revelation — possibly from some firebrand — may grace the late evening hours, as rebel Uranus meets up with the Aries Moon at 2:18AM ET on TUESDAY and then goes void. Hey — doesn’t Bernie Sanders have Moon in Aries? He does, and he’s speaking at the DNC on Monday.

Tuesday’s void may excuse or explain the slow start or twist in your morning routine. Once the Moon enters Taurus at 11:37 AM ET, the need is to settle down and focus on what brings you comfort and material security. Said need may be jarred by the Third Quarter Moon at 7PM ET, in which the comfort-seeking Moon has to deal with the Leo Sun’s need to shine. Hey — doesn’t Bill Clinton have Sun in Leo/Moon in Taurus? He does, and he’s speaking at the DNC on Tuesday.

Mercury, Mars and Uranus are the planets pulling focus this week. On Wednesday at 3:45AM ET, Mercury (ideas and communication) harmonizes with Uranus (genius, tech savviness). Look for brilliance, innovation and a we are the world spirit in the headlines.  Oh look, Verizon is buying Yahoo. See the themes of communication and technology?

Mercury squares off against Mars on Friday at 4:49PM ET in regal Leo and ruthless Scorpio, respectively. Watch, as communications become more combative and stubborn, with someone’s sterling reputation at stake.

Mercury leaves Leo for one of its home signs — Virgo — at 2:19PM ET on Saturday, where it will remain until October 7th. We are about to begin a very long exercise in analyzing and sorting, as Mercury turns retrograde on August 30th. We can be highly efficient or we can be hypercritical and neurotic. Which manifestation of Virgo would you prefer?

Meanwhile, rebel Uranus is at a virtual standstill, about to turn retrograde at 5:06PM ET on FRIDAY, minutes after that volatile Mercury-Mars square. Planets at their station (that’s the technical term for a planet about to change direction) carry greater intensity. We are sure to see a manifestation of this volatility in the headlines along any of these themes: accidents, seismic activity, aviation, rebellion, revolution or some other suddenly disruptive outburst of energy — including lightning bolts of truth. Please drive defensively.

When a planet is retrograde, the energy it represents is best expressed by turning inward, instead of outward. When direct, Uranus tends to rebel against the status quo set by others. When retrograde, Uranus needs to set itself free from limits that are self-imposed. That is your subtle mission over the next few months — and if you have a planet or angle around 24 Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra, you may feel the internal buzz more than most.

Your Moon voids for the week — Tuesday 2:18AM – 11:37AM ET; Thursday 11:13AM – 2:17PM ET; Saturday 7:46AM – 5:06PMET. No shopping sprees and no finalizing critical decisions during voids, if you please. Focus on routine concerns and roll with the twists that may thwart your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Chill!

And now, the news.

More on the Mercury-Uranus themes of communication and technology causing a disruption could be seen yesterday, as Wikileaks released emails apparently hacked from the DNC, revealing an apparent bias on the part of DNC officials in favor of Hillary Clinton. Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned as head of the Committee was promptly hired by the Clinton campaign. I don’t have time to write up a detailed perspective today — will hopefully get to it tomorrow.

UPDATE: On Michael Bloomberg, whose horoscope we last looked at  in February and March. Back then, I wrote:

Michael Bloomberg — Sun at 25 Aquarius; rebel Uranus at 26 Taurus. There’s talk of him launching his own run for president, and Mars now at 23 Scorpio is about to hit his fiercely daring Sun-Uranus square next week…and again in mid-June. What will happen? Haven’t seen much action in the news about Mr. Bloomberg, other than this item about him moving his personal website to an independent server. Let’s see where he’s at with initiatives in mid-June and the end of July, when Mars will hit his Sun-Uranus square for a second and third time.

…and where he’s at right now is Philadelphia, where he is scheduled to — in a burst of Mars (action!) triggering a Sun-Uranus surprise, surprise — speak at the Democratic National Convention in support of Hillary Clinton. The NYT calls it “an unexpected move.” Actually, NYT, we’d expect an unexpected move right about now. Mr. Bloomberg was a Democrat, then switched to Republican in 2000, then became an independent.

That’s is. Gotta fly. What’s going on in YOUR horoscope? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 7/22/2016 & the Weekend: The Voice in My Head; Oh Dem Veeps; A Fatal Attraction


Friday and Saturday are driven by the Moon in Pisces, the sign it entered at 4:35AM ET. One hour later, at 5:30AM ET, the Sun entered Leo, the sign it rules.  Leo refers to drama kings and queens, creative play and the need to shine as an individual. Four years ago, here’s what I wrote on a day with similar patterns:

It’s not until we get to Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, that we may begin to appreciate that the individual and the collective are one and the same; that the illusion that we are separated from one another is just that: an illusion. Pisces suggests that it really is “all for one and one for all.”

Imagine my surprise a few hours later, as I was reading yet another metaphysical book that had fallen into my lap — this one called Happier Than God by Neale Donald Walsch. At the end of Chapter 15, Walsch talks about his quest to find the answer to these questions: 1) What does it take to make life work? and 2) Why does my life have to be such a continuing struggle? Walsch credits a conversation with God with this answer:

“Your life does not have to be such a continuing struggle. The problem is simple. You think your life is about you. Your life is not about you.”

“It isn’t?” I asked.

“No,” God answered.

“Well, then, who in the world is it about?”

Everyone in the world.”

The book then expounds on a simple, yet profound concept that “All Things are One Thing. There is only One Thing, and All Things are part of the One Thing That Is.”  Walsch makes the case that when you can apply this concept in day-to-day living, you will have mastered the key to success. Sounds pretty Piscean to me.

Your mission today — perhaps — is to accept the challenge of shining as a king or queen, driven by a compassionate, intuitive, collective soul. A structural challenge to that visionary agenda may weigh in heavily around 10:17PM ET, when Saturn squares the Moon. Saturn suggests necessary controls on ambition and advance. Where would you be living without Saturn? In a field under an open sky. You can’t build a house without it.

Go with the flow on Saturday. There is no void to deter your shopping sprees, though a face-off between Moon and Jupiter at 4:25PM ET suggests the potential for overindulgence. Moon goes void on SUNDAY at 3:06AM ET, then zooms into Aries at 8:33AM, where its me-me-me first need balances nicely with the playful love-love-love-me-do drive of the Leo Sun.

No sleeping in on Monday.  The Aries Moon drives the whole business day forward.

And now, the news.

Politics, politics, politics.

My ears are still ringing from all the shouting last night, as Donald Trump took the stage under the following planetary conditions. The Sun was at the very end of Cancer, clinging to its homeland security-focused agenda for dear life. The Aquarius Moon was wandering in a void, pushed there on a potentially ruthless stab from Mars at 26 degrees Scorpio, which just happens to square The Donald’s natal Mars at 26 Leo, as well as his 29 Leo Ascendant. Was all that talk of gloom and doom much ado about nothing?  From his perspective, perhaps not. We would expect him to be in a fighting spirit, more so than usual. Elsewhere, we note that transiting Jupiter in Virgo was square to his natal Sun-Uranus in blah blah blah Gemini and also to his Moon in “respect my righteous opinion” Sagittarius.

Are we surprised that his Big Message was “I am your voice?” Jupiter’s influence adds expansion, fortune and/or bombast to a fiercely independent, erratic mix. To any skilled astrologer who studied his horoscope a year ago, there are no surprises to his success. None. Zip. Zero. That’s the edge astrologers have over all the mainstream pundits who could not see this reality coming, shades of fascism included. The latter potential is suggested by current planetary patterns, including the aftermath of the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square, a pattern that was last active in the early 30s and mid-60s.

For those who subscribe to the maxim, “those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it,” here is a short Ted talk video explaining how Hitler rose to power in a democratic society. Please don’t let this happen to you. The outcome of this election is tough to call and there’s a Moon void on Election Day, suggesting a high flake factor. Don’t flake — because if you don’t vote, someone else will. And then you’ll be sorry.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of a failed coup in Turkey last week, thousands working in universities, media, law enforcement, judicial and other government capacities have been, as the BBC reports, “sacked.” Yes, thousands.  Even without a confirmed birth time, we can see in the horoscope of Turkish PM Recep Erdogan that six of ten major planets — Sun, Mercury and Venus in Pisces, square to Moon and Mars in Sagittarius, squared by Jupiter in Gemini — are under pressure from the surreal mind control potential of transiting Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo. Two other planets — Uranus and Neptune, are under the disruptive potential of transiting Uranus and Pluto. No wonder he’s been so busy.

Politics, politics, politics…

I did not re-visit the horoscopes of VP contenders Cory Booker or Elizabeth Warren. They are Democratic senators in states with Republican governors. If either became VP, their replacement would surely be Republican, as exciting as a Booker or Warren VP would be. Hillary Clinton is not running on excitement; she’s running on the preservation of the status quo. This is one of her biggest problems.

I looked at Senator Tim Kaine’s horoscope earlier this week.  A Pisces with Moon in Gemini, he needs to be the smartest kid in the room, just like President Obama. In fact, his 4 Gemini Moon is almost exactly conjunct Obama’s — how do you like that? His Ascendant — the way he needs to be seen — is Aries. Keywords for Aries include: pioneer, impulsive, me-me-me, inspiring, fast, first and falling down stairs because it’s faster than walking. Check out his eyebrows, sharp chin and piercing gaze, which fit the expected Aries projection to a T.

I like his Venus in Aquarius — in harmony with the Moon — and in a face-off with Uranus. This is serious humanitarian potential, an ability — along with other elements in his horoscope — to get along with others even if they do not share every one of his values.

Kaine’s second Saturn return will begin later this year, grounding and galvanizing his ambition and career status. He should be at a career peak in early 2018, when Saturn will sit at the top of his horoscope. He is also primed for extraordinary enterprising effort this year and into next, as transiting Pluto empowers his Mars in Capricorn, the ruler of his Aries Ascendant. He’s just days away from an exact solar arc between Moon and Venus, suggesting a potential popular appeal. This all looks very promising.

His horoscope is quite compatible with what we know of Hillary’s horoscope.  His “man on a mission” Jupiter-Neptune  in Scorpio is in harmony with Hillary’s Scorpio Sun. So is his idealistic Sun-Mercury conjunction in Pisces.  He can easily cheer her on and share ideas. If he becomes VP, his replacement in the Senate will be appointed by the Democratic governor of Virginia.

I glanced at Tom Vilsack’s horoscope, time unknown. True to the current trend, he’s a Sagittarius — yet another Mutable Sign dominating the political landscape. Moon probably in Aquarius, where it may connect with Hillary’s regal and forceful mash-up among Mercury-Venus in Scorpio square to militant Mars-Saturn-Pluto in Leo. That connection could be challenging, even though his Jupiter in Pisces can, like Kaine’s Jupiter, cheer on Hillary’s Scorpio Sun. And then my eyes just glazed over and I had to stop and do something else. Which has nothing to do with Mr. Vilsack.

Time will tell…

UPDATE: Tim Kaine it is. Here are some fun facts.

In other news, Roger Ailes is absolutely out at Fox News. Too many women stepping forward with accounts of his sexual harassment. We don’t have a birth time for him — just a date — May 15, 1940 in Warren, OH. His natal electric Sun-Uranus conjunction at 22 and 24 Taurus has been intensely opposed by transiting Mars in ruthless Scorpio all last month and this month — huzzah!  Both of those natal planets are in contact with 1) the fixed star Capulus and 2) the fixed star Algol. The former is male sexual energy and the latter conjures up a fearsome feminine force and/or the potential for losing one’s head. You may remember Capulus in a recent post about Mick Jagger and Donald Trump, who both have that star strongly placed. Also noting a heavy connection between the Sun and Saturn by solar arc, suggesting an opportunity to face some major karma or other cut.

Gretchen Carlson’s horoscope has intriguing connection to Ailes, as we’d expect. She has a heavy aspect between the Sun at 29 Gemini  and Saturn at 29 Pisces that directly challenges Ailes’s Mars at 29 Gemini. A forceful — but restricted — attraction. Somehow she could limit his assertiveness. Her Venus is at — oh looky — 24 Taurus, closerthanthis to his Sun-Uranus connection, along with those difficult Fixed Stars, Capulus and Algol. She experiences him as a disruptive energy in an ill-fated, potentially sexually-charged connection. And in fact, those are the charges she filed…under pressure from that very same transiting Mars at 24 Scorpio. Astrology is amazing.

Her 12PM birth time is unconfirmed, but it gives a 15 Virgo Ascendant and a 12 degrees Gemini Midheaven. If correct, these points have been under great pressures which could result in ambition, expansion, separation, betrayal and scandal. She definitely has transiting Jupiter meeting up with her natal Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. This suggests a windfall opportunity…

What’s going on in your horoscope? Why are you attracted to that guy? When is your windfall likely to happen? Find out in a personal consultation — which I guarantee you will find enlightening and helpful. Here’s the 411.

Thank you for reading this forecast.




Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/21/2016: Sing Me a Song With Social Significance

Allllll righty then!

I did have a forecast written for yesterday, but much of the news portion was devoured by a WordPress glitch. I threw in the towel and went on to do Other Things of Importance. Here was the forecast for the day (Wednesday):

In the aftermath of last night’s “make it happen” Full Moon in Capricorn, the Moon has now moved on into wonky, who’s yer buddy Aquarius.  Arise, go forth and network.  Disciplined Saturn (business, order, structure)  makes an easy connection with Venus (money, women, art, love, beauty at 9:20AM ET, suggesting a more conservative approach in the management of  resources — and also in choice made in relationships. The Moon cruises without interference during most of the business day. It’s supported by Saturn at 5:34PM ET, suggesting a need to be unique and/or of social service is in flow with prevailing collective opinion. Pitch it earlier rather than later, as this evening the Moon will oppose Mercury and Venus in Leo, suggesting the tide may turn. In other words, regally entitled thoughts and social expression are likely to encounter resistance from those arguing for the greater good.

(which seemed to be an apt reflection of events rumored to have occurred on stage at #RNCinCLE, as Ted Cruz was booed by RNConventioneers when he urged the Free World to “vote their conscience” in November, instead of endorsing their official nominee)

Today, once again the Moon will sail through the day without distraction. It harmonizes with innovative Uranus at 6:54PM ET, encouraging an afternoon of thinking outside the box. Moon goes void at 9:56PM ET on a challenging aspect with Mars, ruthlessly effective in Scorpio. This will set the stage for the grand finale of the Republican Convention. Fireworks or fizzle? Fireworks more likely before; fizzle more likely after the exact time of the Moon’s square to Mars.

During the void,  which lasts until 4:35 AM ET on Friday, we are advised to focus on routine concerns, avoid major purchases and final decisions. Roll with whatever twists and flakes that delay your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Remember that crises that crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing.

And now, the news.

Now you see it, now you don’t. The Trump-Pence logo ridiculed by most of the Free World the minute it launched last Friday vanished without a trace over the weekend. Indiana Governor Mike Pence was formally announced as Trump’s VP pick on Saturday, amid rumors that as late as midnight the night before, Mr. Trump was trying to renege on his offer. We know he has a lot of back-and-forth potential in his horoscope, with the Gemini Sun super-charged by erratic and impulsive Uranus, opposing a foot-in-mouth Sagittarius Moon.  Or as the NYT might say, he’s mercurial. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, in case you didn’t know.

On Saturday, House Speaker Paul Ryan grabbed the spotlight as the “we are family” Sun in Cancer was disrupted by a lightning bolt square from “moment of truth” Uranus in me-me-me Aries, sandwiched in between royally idealistic Mercury-Venus meet-up in Leo. He was  excited to tweet an image of himself posing with the “most number of #CapitolHill interns in a single selfie.”   Speaker Ryan is having his own personal Uranus transit — opposing his people-pleasing, conflict-avoiding Libra Moon. Astrologer Robert Hand writes that this particular transit can have a liberating effect on old needs and behavior patterns that no longer serve — this passage is from his essential book Planets in Transit:

The pressure of circumstances will reveal your unconscious emotional patterns and you will learn to handle your life with fewer habits and inappropriate unconscious behavior patterns.

In case you haven’t heard, Speaker Ryan’s selfie looks like a gathering of the gin and tonic crowd at an exclusive country club in Connecticut.  Certain segments of the rest of the population are glaringly absent, to those who are aware that the world in its entirety looks more like a subway car on the E line at rush hour in Queens. Yesterday, against the apt background of the Moon in “let’s all be appreciated for qualities which make us unique, yet united as a group”Aquarius, Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee posted a selfie with Capitol Hill interns working for Democratic members of the House — and here you can see the two selfies side by side. Which world do you live in?

Lots more to report — but I need to take care of some things before noon. Will either update the news later today or include updates in tomorrow’s forecast — so much I’d love to talk about: Melania, HRC Veep candidates, Turkey, etc., etc. etc. Would be even more delighted to talk about how planetary patterns are at work in your horoscope, so you can more forward with clarity and confidence as you navigate these interesting times. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s today title song, described on YouTube thusly:

This is the song “Sing Me a Song With Social Significance”, sung by Rose Marie Jun, from the 1962 revival cast of Pins and Needles.
Pins and Needles is a Broadway revue, written originally in 1937s. The revue was written, sponsored, and performed by the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, who held their union meetings at the Princess theater in New York City.



Astro-logical Forecast for Monday and Such 7/18/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; Full Moon in Capricorn

The work week begins with Moon in Capricorn, forging ahead without too much interference during business hours. Your mission is to make things happen, using people and things to your strategic advantage.  Man, that Capricorn Moon can be cold. A dreamy or creative spin may be applied to your dastardly deeds around 2PM ET, when the Moon harmonizes with visionary Neptune.

Be advised that emotions, along with the Moon, are waxing full today, exact on the Full Moon on TUESDAY at 6:56PM ET. Until then, we must first survive the emotional intensity and power plays of the Moon’s meet-up with merciless Pluto tonight at 9:24PM ET, followed by the (saber) rattling of Tuesday’s clash between Moon and Uranus, exact at 1:06PM ET. With warrior/action hero Mars still in an uncomfortable relationship with rebel Uranus (and discordant Eris), do your part to minimize the potential for outbursts by mastering your own aggressive urges and/or take it out at the local gym.

Other than Tuesday’s Full Moon, there are few exact planetary patterns between planets other than the Moon. Today and tomorrow we are under the influence of Saturn (structure, patriarchy, authority) in harmony with Mercury (how we need to think) and Venus (what we value; how we express ourselves socially). With the former in opinionated Sagittarius and the latter in regal Leo, we can expect a heavy dose of crystalline, yet conventional showmanship — pun obviously intended given that in the United States these alignments coincide with the Republican National Convention. Mercury and Saturn align at 2:28AM ET on Tuesday; Venus and Saturn align at 9:20AM on Wednesday. In your own personal world, hammer out that proposal, article, deal or any other enterprise requiring idealistic, organizational structure.

The Sabian Symbols for Tuesday’s Full Moon are as follows. For the Sun at 28 Cancer: “a modern Pocahontas.” For the Moon at 28 Capricorn: “A large aviary.” Here’s what Sabian Symbol Blain Bovee has to say about the large aviary:

Imagine a group of people, united by race or religion, talking amongst themselve about another strange and foreign group with whom they share nothing in common, apart from the fact of being human. Stories build, probably rife with moral branding, bias and projected fears.

Astonishing in its timeliness, is not?  As for Pocahontas, Bovee writes:

…a playful, perhaps wanton, little girl fascinated with the strangers from a foreign region…

Of these two Symbols together, Bovee suggests:

Be alert to the need to tell a story to one’s best advantage, to talk matters up to reinforce a prevailing version. Watch for uninhibited natures: sexual, social, moral, political, that shamelessly wander into foreign regions, dress in foreign clothes, pray to strange gods; bringing home an unlikely marriage; bridging worlds of difference with sprightly, unaffected resolve, despite being very much talked about.

If you like Bovee’s take on the Sabian Symbols, here’s the link to his book.

Moon voids are few this week. On Tuesday, Moon will be void between 6:56PM ET and 11:10PM ET; on Thursday stick to routine concerns and chill out between 9:56PM ET and 4:35AM ET on Friday. Be advised that Thursday’s Moon void happens on a highly charged aspect between Moon and Mars. Moon-Mars aspects suggest conflict and aggression. Stay safe out there, mmmKay?

On Friday, Sun enters Leo at 5:30AM ET.

If you’d like to find out what’s going on in your horoscope — and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t — here’s the 411 on consultations.

In lieu of the headlines,  I offer you the latest missive from my favorite disembodied entities — The Hathors — channeled through sound healer Tom Kenyon. No predictions of doom and gloom this time — just a practical meditation/sound healing for coping with these interesting times. Thank you, Moon in Capricorn.





Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 7/15/2016 & the Weekend: High-Flying & Hyperactive, With a Bit of Mick

It’s been a tough week. TGIF!

Moon entered Sagittarius early Friday at 5:14AM ET, suggesting a lift from the intensely brooding potential of the Moon in Scorpio. Harmonious aspects among the Moon, Mercury and Venus are ripe for playful and creative expressions of righteous opinions. Throughout the weekend you are invited to take a gamble or a gambol, pushing boundaries for better, not for worse — with certain caveats.

First, note that the Moon will meet up with heavy Saturn at 1:45AM ET on Saturday — followed by a challenge from Neptune at 4:26AM ET. Note your dreams and the potential for a wee bit of  freakazoid wigginess. At 9:31AM ET, the “other shoe” potential of a disruptive square between the homeland security-seeking Cancer Sun and rebel Uranus will be exact. However, Sun-Uranus manifestations often show up ahead of schedule. More on that in a minute.

Regal idealism and a flood of efficiently focused physical and/or militant drive are certain potential, suggested by the Sun and Mars in perfect harmony, exact at 11:45PM ET. If you need to make a big push on a project, this would be a good time to do it — weekend be damned. As noted at the beginning of the week, my hope is that we see these energies applied in the headlines for better, not for worse…but reality suggests otherwise. You can still make positive use of this energy flow in your own personal world.

On SUNDAY the Sag Moon goes void on a friendly alignment with Uranus at 4:57am ET. Here’s an opportunity to push boundaries even further, enjoying the wandering trek. At 3:33PM ET, Moon enters Capricorn, seeking to get down to business, using people and things for the pleasure of its own ambition and status. No sleeping in on Monday.

And now, the news.

On Monday, I wrote this:

At 9:30AM ET on Saturday, the Cancer Sun will be challenged by rebel Uranus, possibly reflecting the other shoe dropping after the intense power plays of last Thursday’s opposition between the Sun and Pluto. Also on Saturday just before midnight ET (11:45PM), we’ll have an easy flow between the Sun and Mars, operating efficiently in Scorpio. May it be used for better, not for worse.

On Wednesday, I wrote this:

Thursday evening, however, is marked by a meet-up between the Scorpio Moon and Mars at 6:22PM ET, suggesting focused and penetrating action re: that Scorpio need for mastery. Moon then immediately goes void, not to enter the next sign — Sagittarius — until 5:14AM ET on FRIDAY. Chill on Thursday evening.

Was I thinking that Thursday’s Moon-Mars meet-up would trigger an outburst of ruthless violence we’d then see in the headlines? Yes, especially given the continuation of other anguishing and erratic patterns noted in earlier forecasts, i.e., the uneasy alignment between Mars and Uranus, and Saturn/Pluto at the prominent Aries Point. And if you’ve been reading this forecast long enough, you may have been thinking the same thing, too. Hopefully you also remembered that there is always a positive application of even the most disturbing planetary patterns — and then you acted accordingly.

One of the “other shoes” I expected we’d see dropping before the weekend manifested in the horrible outburst of destruction in Nice last night at 10:30PM. The lethal focus of the Moon-Mars meet-up is almost exactly square the Ascendant in the chart for the event. This afternoon, headlines are ablaze with news of an attempted military coup in Turkey…where martial law has been imposed.

Meanwhile, in last night’s Moon void, Donald Trump postponed today’s 11AM ET press conference, in which he was supposedly going to announce his running mate, Mike Pence. Instead, he confirmed the pick on Twitter, followed by the release of his new campaign logo — one of the few lighter moments in a heavy news day. As logos go, it’s an epic fail…yet totally suitable for a man with Mars in Leo conjunct his Ascendant and the Fixed Star Capulus on the Midheaven. Translation: the man needs to project an image of macho, with a reputation for pure, unadulterated male sexual energy (that’s Capulus). With the Moon in Sagittarius today, trine to Mercury and Venus in Leo, social media had a field day creatively expressing its collective opinions and edits.

Will TrumPence be asked about the logo at the official press conference on Saturday at 11AM ET? Or about exactly when they believe America was once great, so we know to what decade this dynamic duo would like us to return? 1950? 1850? 1250? I jest a bit, but astrological patterns suggest this team needs to be taken seriously. Trump’s horoscope is in a formidable period of development, as as any astute astrologer observed since well over a year ago.  One day perhaps mainstream media editors will catch on, replacing their perplexed pundits with people who have a real inside track.

Meanwhile, speaking of male sexual energy, guess who else has the Fixed Star Capulus prominently placed in his horoscope? Mick Jagger!! His 23 degree Taurus Moon is exactly conjunct Capulus, and since the beginning of June transiting Mars has been opposing his Moon at 23 Scorpio. Today it was announced that Mr. Jagger and his latest flame, 29 year old  Melanie Hamrick are expecting a child. It will be his 8th child, on her first Saturn return.  Lots of other things happening in his horoscope, too…

Isn’t astrology amazing? When you want to understand why things happen when they do…or why people are the way they are, astrology offers an extraordinarily accurate perspective. If you’d like to find out why you are the way you are and when things are likely to happen for you, I’d be delighted to share insights in a personal consultation.

Thank you for reading the forecast.


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday & Thursday 7/13-14/2016: Vetting Potential Veeps; Game On

The work day is driven by the intensity of Moon in Scorpio, seeking depth and substance in its quest for world domination. It’s aided and abetted by a smooth connection to dreamy Neptune at 4:47PM ET. Easy connections to other planets continue into Thursday, with a buoyant alignment with Jupiter at 7:23AM ET, followed by another to the Sun at 2:45PM ET, suggesting balance.

Thursday evening, however, is marked by a meet-up between the Scorpio Moon and Mars at 6:22PM ET, suggesting focused and penetrating action re: that Scorpio need for mastery. Moon then immediately goes void, not to enter the next sign — Sagittarius — until 5:14AM ET on FRIDAY. Chill on Thursday evening.

Of note today (Wednesday) is Mercury, which leaves Cancer for Leo at 8:47PM ET. This shift, along with the ingress of Venus yesterday also into Leo, is certainly contributing to the spotlight currently shining on Governor Mike Pence of Indiana. Pence is apparently one of three candidates — along with Newt Gingrich (written about in Monday’s updated forecast) and Chris Christie — that Trump is considering for VP.

Pence has Venus and Mars at 0 and 3 degrees of Leo, respectively. Both will be receiving a brief dose of popular buzz this week, courtesy of transiting Mercury and Venus — and also the Sun, when it enters Leo on Friday. Hmmm.  Pence’s horoscope comes equipped with pixie-dust and snake oil, similar to the stashes we see in the horoscopes of Trump, Christie and Gingrich.  How so?

Surely we must be now talking about Neptune, since we are talking about pixie-dust and snake oil. Yep. Pence has Neptune square to his regal, “get away with murder” Venus-Mars in Leo. Trump has Mercury (the way he needs to think; communication) square Neptune.  Gingrich has Sun and Moon square Neptune, along with an obsessive aspect between Neptune and Mars. Christie’s Neptune is in a self-contained bubble with Mars and Jupiter in a defensive pattern known as a Grand Trine.

Neptune is an essential ingredient in any creative vision. Too much of it can be hard to manage. Hillary Clinton has one aspect to Neptune in her horoscope — a “soft” aspect to Neptune from Mars. It pales in comparison to the level of Neptune in these other horoscopes. If she had a strong Neptune, perhaps she’d be seen as more inspiring or visionary. Barack Obama has Sun square Neptune — more problematic, suggesting challenges in figuring out exactly who he is. But it also explains why he successfully ran his first campaign on one word: HOPE.  Speaking of hope, do you think Bill Clinton — the man from Hope, AR –might have a  heavy Neptune influence in his horoscope? And of course the U.S. has Mars square Neptune in its horoscope…

While we’re looking at similarities among these Republican VEEP prospects, consider that both Trump and Gingrich are Geminis with Moon in Sagittarius; Christie is a Virgo, likely with Moon in Sagittarius; Pence is a Gemini with Moon either in Cancer or Gemini, probably the latter. What’s the big planetary pattern that’s been at play over the past bewildering couple of months? A T-square among Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, with the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Gemini occasionally dropping in to turn the T-square into a Grand Cross.

Back to Governor Pence, whom Trump took on a trial run as a prospective running mate yesterday. In the words of the Washington Post’s James Hohmann:

One of the bigger knocks on Mike Pence when he was in the House, whispered privately among some leading lights of the conservative movement, was that he comes across as inauthentic and a little phony. As a former radio host, he still sometimes talks with a bit of an affect and he’s prone to hyperbole. Lavishing over-the-top praise on Donald Trump over recent days in an effort to become his running-mate will only cement this perception.

For example, Pence declared last night that, “Trump understands the frustrations and the hopes of the American people like no other American leader in my lifetime since Ronald Reagan.” This is a laughable comment when you consider that he endorsed Ted Cruz on April 29—just 10 weeks ago!—ahead of the Indiana primary. If Pence actually believes the above to be true, why didn’t he endorse Trump then?

A good question, and welcome to the lessons taught by the Mutable Signs: Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces. Here’s the blurb I wrote about them back in June, along with the Mutable Grand Cross. Mutable Signs are also called double-bodied signs. They are changeable and adaptive. Some might say they are evasive and/or totally two-faced. Hillary Clinton’s Moon in is Pisces. Perhaps people who have called her evasive – and worse in that vein — are responding to the potential for fluctuation a Pisces Moon suggests.

Hohmann continues:

Temperamentally, the even-keeled Pence is in many ways the un-Trump. A favorite line, which he has repeated ad nauseum for years, is that he’s a conservative, but he’s “not in a bad mood about it.”

And that’s exactly why so many Hoosiers are stunned by Pence’s uncharacteristically fiery remarks on Trump’s behalf. “That’s the most exciting I’d ever heard or seen the man,” Lyle Enyeart, a Pence supporter, told the Indianapolis Star last night. “Man, what a ball of fire there.”

So what else is going on in Pence’s horoscope to reflect the potential for a sudden surge? His Jupiter at 24 degrees of Scorpio, where Mars has been sitting for almost two months now, energizing his need for expansion and reward. Not only that, but he just had the third expansive hit of transiting Jupiter to his Gemini Sun last month.

We don’t have a birth time for Mike Pence. Data: June 7, 1959 Columbus Indiana. Even without an exact birth time, I’m not convinced he’s the “attack dog” running mate Trump says he wants, as he apparently told the Wall Street Journal yesterday. The horoscopes of Christie and Gingrich suggest they would make more effective snarling canines.  Without an exact time confirmed for any of these candidates, we can’t speculate for sure, but of the three, Gingrich’s horoscope seems hotter going into 2017.

How did I end up on this long political track?

UPDATE as of July 14th: Contrary to what he told the WSJ, Trump said in a subsequent interview that he was NOT looking for “an attack dog.”  Fine, then choose Pence. Right now rumors and other alleged leaks report that Mike Pence WILL be his VP pick — here it is on the NYT — while still acknowledging that with all the mutable energy in Trump’s horoscope, not to mention the prominence of his bewildering and potentially duplicitous Mercury-Neptune square, maybe it won’t be Pence who finally makes the cut when the VP pick is scheduled to be announced Friday at 11AM ET. Next week, when Trump accepts the Republican Party nomination,  the Leo Sun will meet up with Pence’s Venus (apologies — in an earlier version of this post, I said that would happen on July 15th).  OK, the NYT didn’t really cite those astrological observations in its reportage. Then again, it did refer to Trump as “mercurial”…and he is a Gemini, ruled by Mercury…

UPDATE: Trump announced on Twitter that Pence was his pick — around 11AM ET on the 15th.

Let’s talk about Pokemon Go, the app that was launched in a week in of tech buzzy/superpowered planetary patterns among many planets, on a day with Moon in playful Leo. What did you launch last Wednesday, July 6th? This game, which mixes real life and virtual reality, is going gangbusters in U.S.; Nintendo’s stock is through the roof. There’s so much press about it that it feels like the game has been around since forever, even though it’s only been a week.

With all that’s going on in the world, it’s understandable that people would welcome an escape, especially one that makes the “real world” seem more fantastic. I’d argue that the U.S. is especially receptive to anything that paints the world as a magical place, given transiting Neptune currently making contact with the U.S. Ascendant. Neptune-Ascendant phases can be surreal, disorienting, bewildering. Here are some thoughts…and here are some others…on Neptune in the U.S. horoscope now.

Astrology can also be a magical experience. What’s going on in your horoscope? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. We will have an excellent discussion together.

Thank you for reading this forecast.



Astro-logical Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 7/11-12/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; Rudy, Newt & Meanwhile, Across the Pond…

Good Morning!

The work week begins with the Moon in Libra, where it has been since Sunday at 4:32AM ET. Its need for social graces, harmony and balance in relationship flowed without interference yesterday, save perhaps for a mental buzz or startling revelation suggested by Mercury in a supercharged connection with innovative Uranus and energetic Mars, exact Sunday night at 10PM ET and Monday at 3:29AM ET. What was the big brainstorm?

On Monday, the Libra Moon’s need to keep the peace is challenged by Pluto at 12:46PM ET and by the Sun at 8:52PM ET. The former suggests emotional intensity and power plays. The latter is the First Quarter Moon — suggesting a challenge to the New Moon agenda you set last Monday.  Another upset is suggested on Tuesday at 5:30AM ET, when Moon opposes Uranus. But you’re used to these weekly clashes among the Pluto, Uranus and the Moon, right?

Moon goes void on Tuesday at 11:01AM ET, on a charged connection with Mercury, suggesting  communications that may result in a much ado about nothing crisis during the long void. At 11AM ET tomorrow, Bernie Sanders is scheduled to formally endorse Hillary Clinton. Moon enters the next sign — Scorpio — at 4:52PM ET, seeking depth, substance, control and perhaps a bit of self-indulgent moodiness.

Planetary patterns of note this week include Venus (social expression) and Mercury (thought and communication) both leaving nurturing Cancer for drama queen Leo. For the next few weeks, it’s showtime! Venus enters Leo at 1:34AM ET on Tuesday; Mercury follows at 8:47PM ET on Wednesday. They both meet up with a rose-colored opinionated roar on Saturday at 6PM ET.

At 9:30AM ET on Saturday, the Cancer Sun will be challenged by rebel Uranus, possibly reflecting the other shoe dropping after the intense power plays of last Thursday’s opposition between the Sun and Pluto. Also on Saturday just before midnight ET (11:45PM), we’ll have an easy flow between the Sun and Mars, operating efficiently in Scorpio. May it be used for better, not for worse.

Your Moon voids for the week — natural breaks in the action when efforts to move forward in a straight line may be impacted by curious twists and flakes — are as follows: Tuesday 11:01AM ET – 4:52PM ET; Thursday 6:22PM ET – 5:14AM ET; Sunday 4:57AM ET – 3:33PM ET. Remember that crises that crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing. Stick to routine concerns and chill!

And now, the news.

Since I’m writing this under the influence of Monday’s erratic Mercury-Uranus square, these items will be suitably provocative, brilliant and in no particular order.

Speaking of erratic, Rudy Giuliani. Why is he all over my newsfeed, where he hasn’t been since March of 2015, when he hijacked my forecast? Back then it was transiting Mars at the Aries Point, putting pressure on his Aries Point Midheaven and Ascendant. Yesterday it was transiting Mars again — at an exact square to his regal Leo Moon, prompting a blah blah blah about #BlackLivesMatter being “inherently racist” and that we really need “boots on the ground” to fight ISIS — presumably so long as those boots are not his own. Wow, that  was so helpful, Mr. Giuliani. Thank you!

With his natal Mars in Leo (where it may well get away with murder, as astrologer Grant Lewi  once observed, placed  so close to Pluto, we can appreciate his penchant for forceful, imperious action. Hillary Clinton also has Mars conjunct Pluto in Leo (and even more intricately involved in her persona). Oh, but there is more with Mr. Giuliani. His bewildering 2015 Neptune-Sun transit is behind him, and now he has Solar Arc Midheaven and Ascendant in nearly exact contact with his natal rebel Uranus all year. This suggests opportunities and needs for taking the stage, shining in the spotlight and perhaps a dramatic new direction in his career/public status. Let’s watch.

UPDATE: On July 14th it was announced that Mr. Giuliani will be one of the speakers at next week’s Republican Convention.

I am kicking myself for not posting this next one last night, when I started drafting it. You’d be kicking yourself too, if you were experiencing transiting Saturn square Pluto, but that’s another story. THIS story is about the fact that in the aftermath of last Thursday’s Sun-Mercury-Pluto power play, combined with the chick-friendly upset of Venus, challenged by rebel Uranus and give-me-a-place-at-the-table-or-I-will-tear-your-head-off Eris, Britain is absolutely, positively going to have a woman running the show as prime minister. Which one of two possible contenders was to be decided on in September….but

With all of last week’s intensity, I stepped away from the headlines for a few days. Finally got around to following up on the birth data for the two women — Andrea Leadsom and Theresa May — last night. Didn’t read a single story about them — just looked at the charts, birth times unknown. First thought: wow, they are both so  conservative…with Ms. Leadsom’s horoscope striking me as a bit more militant. And this confused me, because I momentarily forgot that the UK has a parliamentary system of government, which means the political party that is in power elects the prime minister. It’s not like in America, where candidates from different parties compete for the top slot in a general election. The party in power in the UK right now is the Conservative Party; ergo, we’d expect its members to have horoscopes reflecting this potential.

Theresa May (Oct 1, 1956 in Eastbourne UK), is having a Jupiter return, so I thought that gave her an edge over Andrea Leadsom (May 13, 1963 in Aylesbury UK) who true to her name, did have a lead as of last week. True,  the make-it-happen needs of Ms. Leadsom’s Capricorn Moon might be supercharged by transiting Uranus or Pluto…or fired up by solar arcs from the Sun and Mars. Can’t tell without an exact time.  Transiting Uranus has been intensifying Ms. Leadsom’s pioneering Venus at 23 Aries — and that will continue through the rest of the year.  But Theresa May’s Jupiter return is happening right now at 17 Virgo…and transiting Jupiter will meet up with her Libra Sun in October. That looks good for expansion, don’t you think?

So this morning it was reported that Ms. Leadsom has suddenly (translation: transiting Uranus likely hit something in her horoscope) withdrawn her candidacy,  and there was a kerfuffle over the weekend about Ms. Leadsom saying she was more qualified to serve as PM because she was a mother. Ms. Leadsom was against Brexit; then she supported it (more erratic rebel Uranus at play in the horoscope, likely). Ms. May, in contrast,  favored staying in the EU. Ms. May, with her solar arc Neptune at the Aries Point, could be poised to blossom as a visionary over the next year or so. That would be a high-octave manifestation of the potential of Neptune.

UPDATE: There was no waiting until September. The third hit of Ms. May’s Jupiter return was July 6th. On July 13th, she was invited by the Queen to become Prime Minister and form a government. As expected, Theresa May accepted. Here is the photo of the new Prime Minister and the Queen.

Meanwhile, over the weekend the Moon was in Virgo — as noted in the last forecast — encouraging you to clean up your act at least through Saturday. The NYT facilitated your organizing efforts with a lengthy piece about Marie Kondo, whose Kon-Mari system of decluttering continues to take the world by storm.

Elsewhere, I’m delighted to report that Isabella Rossellini has been rehired by Lancome. Ms. Rossellini was fired twenty years ago because at 43, she was declared to be too old and thus of no monetary value — and that’s when I stopped buying Lancome products. Plenty of women between 45 and 60 are likely to treated as if they’re worthless in the workforce, says Ms. Rossellini. Her re-hire by Lancome is happening just as Jupiter (ruling her outspoken Sagittarius Ascendant) is meeting up with Uranus by solar arc.  Here is her horoscope. We could expect a lucky break for her right about now. Welcome back, Ms. Rossellini!

A solar arc, for Avid Readers who are new to astrology, is one way astrologers use to measure the timing of opportunity and events in a horoscope. So whenever you see the words “solar arc,” just think, “Ah! An opportunity presents itself.” Got that? Same thing with the word “transit” or “transiting.” It means “this is an opportunity to work with the potential of whatever planets are making contact/transiting one another.” Clear?

Continuing to reflect last week’s powerful, dirt-exposing potential, especially on behalf of women who are mad as hell  and aren’t going to take it any more (last week’s Venus square Uranus-Eris):  after Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit accusing Fox News head Roger Ailes of sexual harassment, six more women told similar stories — going back decades — with more presumably to follow. In the NYT, a former trader weighed in with this expose, “How Wall Street Bro Talk Keeps Women Down.”   In other news, Bill Cosby was informed that a lawsuit charging him with sexual assault will go forward, true to patterns in his horoscope continually noted in this forecast, and despite multiple efforts on his part to delay the inevitable.

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich is getting a lot of press for being a potential Republican VP nominee. I’ve written about Mr. Gingrich several times in the past — way back in 2012 when he announced his run for president. Even back then I noted how much he and Donald Trump have in common: they are both Geminis with Moon in righteously opinionated Sagittarius, with no small amount of visionary or simply fantastic pixie-dust to sell. This year, Mr. Gingrich’s horoscope — with its unconfirmed 11:45PM birthtime — is poised for zealous and formidable action, regardless of the time.  How so?

First, consider a solar arc between Mr. Gingrich’s Sun and Uranus, exact at the end of June. This suggests an opportunity to shine as himself and be accepted. Second, consider  patterns between Mars (action!) and Pluto (empowerment), as well as the Sun and Mars,  suggesting the zealous and formidable action  — needing to seek a broad public reach — noted above. These are patterns in effect through the rest of 2016. In 2017, if  the 11:45PM birth time is correct — and this is a BIG if — we see a potential for recognition and reward that comes along rarely in a lifetime (solar arc Sun = Midheaven), combined with a definite windfall/big break potential suggested by transiting Uranus to his natal Jupiter. Definitely one to watch over the next year. Sun refers to life force/ego identity; Midheaven refers to career/status.

Much more to report, but after four hours of indulging my passion for astrology and my need to be of service with this careful research and writing, it’s time to wrap. If this forecast adds value to your life — in more ways than, say — the $7.99 you’ve been giving to Hulu every month for a subscription you never use, I invite you to cancel that Hulu subscription and invest that energy into something that brings you joy and a helpful perspective. I will thank you from the bottom of my heart. The big gold DONATE button is on the left-hand side of this page. Thank you for letting me know that this forecast is worthwhile.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to find out what’s going on in your own personal horoscope, I invite you to schedule a consultation. Here’s the 411 on my updated services page.

Thank you for reading this forecast and for sharing it with your friends.


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/7/2016: Mind the Regal Void; Hell in the Headlines

Alll-riighty then!

The Moon in regal drama queen Leo went void at 8:06AM ET, setting the stage for a whole day of play, pomp and circumstance, or insufferable much-ado-about nothing grandstanding. What a lovely backdrop for FBI director James Comey, who will explain to Congress this morning  why he did not recommend filing criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for 1) using a private email server; and 2) not being entirely truthful about it, etc. etc. etc. The clean-up crew doesn’t arrive until 6:41PM ET, when the Moon shifts backs into gear in discerning Virgo.

Adding color commentary to the drama are three other exact patterns as follows:

Two exact aspects happening between 8AM and 10:30AM ET — the influence of which may be felt all week — along with a third at 6:24PM ET. The Sun and Mercury will be opposed by Pluto, suggesting power plays, news from underground, a greater-than-usual emotional intensity.

The third exact aspect of note  is a gender-bending challenge between Venus and Uranus, exact at 10:24AM ET. Venus-Uranus aspects suggest unconventional attractions and other innovations; free-spirited and/or volatile artists, women and financiers/financial markets — possibly reflected in the day’s obituaries, too.

Your mission is to roll with the flakes and twists which may derail your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Crises that crop up during voids are often blown way out of proportion and then fizzle out with a big “never mind.” Deal with it with a playful spirit; show a roaring/sulking drama prince or princess a little appreciation; that should help calm things down. If there’s no drama to deal with, then play as you focus on routine tasks or simply chill.

And now, the news.

Along with many other violent headlines around the world, it is tiresome and upsetting to read of yet another African-American killed by police officers here in the United States, captured on tape by a civilian. Earlier this week, 37-year-old Alton Sterling was shot in Baton Rouge. There’s a fascinating and redemptive, ruthlessly investigative “news from underground” element, reflecting today’s Mercury-Sun-Pluto tension, as the person who filmed that incident was not a random bystander. Last night in Minneapolis,  a 32-year old man named Philando Castile ended up dead after being pulled over for having a broken tail light; his girlfriend livestreamed the aftermath on Facebook. This heinous incident prompted Minnesota governor Mark Dayton to state:

“Would this have happened if … the driver and passenger were white?” he asked. “I don’t think it would’ve. So I’m forced to confront and I think all of us in Minnesota are forced to confront that this kind of racism exists.”

Back in February of 2015, transiting Pluto was exactly square to Saturn in the U.S. horoscope:

…suggesting a particularly difficult, anguished exercise. Pluto challenges us to change our perspective. It insists we face the truth. On Tuesday, for example, the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama, published a report on the history of lynching in America. The report lists close to 4000 names of African Americans who were killed in the South between 1877-1950. Bryan Stevenson, the director of the organization, has proposed that the sites of these brutalities be marked with a plaque. Perhaps raising awareness will foster a greater understanding and healing of racial prejudice and inequality as it exists today.

Transiting Pluto is now retrograde at 16 Capricorn, just two degrees away from the U.S. Saturn at 14 Libra. Pluto will be exactly at 14 Capricorn in September and October, putting more pressure on the need for the U.S. to adjust its perspective on how fair and balanced (Libra) we are in terms of law enforcement (Saturn). The Guardian has been keeping track of the number of people killed by police since January of 2015. This year, 275 Caucasian people have been killed,  compared to 132 African Americans. Did this statistic surprise you? Now look at the stats per million: 1.39 to 3.23, respectively.

Not specific to the U.S. are a couple of other volatile patterns worth remembering, as you peruse the news. First is Mars, now direct in Scorpio, in an uncomfortable aspect with freakishly erratic Uranus and destructive Eris — all month. Second is a midpoint pattern noted here back in March:

…the Saturn/Pluto midpoint, associated with anguish, is now at the Aries Point, along with the Sun and Mercury. In a personal horoscope, the Saturn/Pluto midpoint at the Aries Point suggests a prominent trauma in the early home life. Its prominence suggests that, when asked about it, he or she will readily discuss it. I learned this from my studies with astrologer Noel Tyl.

It is not surprising to see this midpoint picture reflected in current events. Anguish is prominent, yes?  In Yemen, a U.S. airstrike on an alleged terrorist training camp reportedly killed “dozens”. Last week, two female suicide bombers killed 24 people in Nigeria. Who was it that said “an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind?” Mahatma Gandhi, I believe.

This Saturn/Pluto midpoint = Aries Point pattern has been in effect since January 2016 and will continue through the rest of the year. It may help your perspective and processing of the upsetting events in the headlines to see them as a reflection of a collective agreement to focus on the anguishing skeletons we might prefer to keep in our closet. This is an opportunity to bring those skeletons into the light, so they may be healed. That is the potential upside.

The Saturn/Pluto midpoint at the Aries Point was discussed in the context of an individual’s horoscope back in 2014.

In other news, fired FOX anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment suit against Roger Ailes. Smart of her to wait until after Mars turned direct. In the UK, a 2.6 million year-long word report based on a seven year-long investigation concluded that

…Prime Minister Tony Blair helped President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney misled their countries into a war with Iraq in 2003 that was one of the most damaging blunders in history.

Finally, file  this one under yesterday’s hugely idealistic hook-up between Sun and Mercury in Cancer (family, nurturing), Venus trine Mars (sexual energy/union) and a regal Leo Moon. Charles Chaput, the Archbishop of Philadelphia, declared this week that couples who divorce and then remarry should not have conjugal relations.  Now just what sort of patterns do you think we’d see in his horoscope to suggest, “on WHAT PLANET, your Archbishopness?”

Born in Concordia, Kansas on September 26, 1944 — birthtime unknown, the Archbishop has the Sun EXACTLY conjunct Neptune in relationship-focused Libra,  thus needing to deny/dissolve ego energies, along with the rest of the material world. This is as screamingly rose-colored as it gets. Also in Libra: Venus and Mars, adding to the Libra need to avoid conflict at all costs.  As for why he might need to impose this need on the rest of the Free World, we see Saturn (control, authority) in Cancer (family, emotional security) either running wild or starkly opposing a Moon in Capricorn, a sign not known for emotional intimacy, but awesome when it comes to figuring out the best way to use people and things for practical purposes.

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