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Wednesday 6/27/2018: Full Moon in Capricorn; Patriarchal Rules; Stark Upsets & Justice Kennedy, Right on Schedule

…and let’s get down to business.

As of 11:52 AM ET, the Moon is no longer void in Sagittarius, waxing rhapsodic with righteous opinion. Now it is waxing to fullness in Capricorn.  The Moon will be full at 12:53 AM ET THURSDAY, suggesting that between now and then, emotions are on the rise.  Coming on the heels of the 9:28 AM ET opposition between the Sun and Saturn, this Full Moon may feel heavier than usual, especially if you have a planet or angle around 6 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.   If you were born around the 28th of June, September, December or March, you qualify.

A Capricorn Moon needs to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. It derives satisfaction from what it achieves — in practical, earthy terms. Capricorn refers to the Establishment and the big structures of society: governments, banks and other institutions. A Cancer Sun is concerned with establishing emotional, family and homeland security. You can see how it would be at odds with the Capricorn Moon, which tends to focus on how to best USE people, places and things…without regard to how their strategy makes people feel.  Weighty ambition and patriarchal controls are also suggested by a meet-up between the Moon and Saturn at 11:34 PM ET. See any stories like that in the news?

Here’s a story with themes of patriarchal control: Joe Jackson, Strict Manager and Father to Pop Royalty, Dead at 89

Get it off your desk today and tomorrow. The Moon will be void all day in Capricorn on FRIDAY, suggesting upsets, twists and flakes are more likely to disrupt efforts to move forward in a straight line.

And now, the news.

Speaking of upsets….

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez scored a major upset during last night’s Moon void, unseating Congressman Joe Crowley (D-NY) in the primary election.  Rep. Crowley has served 10 terms in Congress and is the 4th-ranking Democrat in the House.  In fact, he’s the chair of the House Democratic Caucus. But even without birth times for their respective horoscopes, it’s clear why Ms. Ocasio-Cortez — a 28 year old who campaigned for Bernie Sanders — could win the day. She: October 13, 1989 in New York. Sun at 20 Libra, currently being supercharged by transiting Pluto. Strong potential for empowerment! Possible Grand Cross among an Aries Moon (or Pisces, we need a birth time), Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Mercury. This is a woman who is destined to be a driving force. And what she has to say is destined to be noticed, with her Mercury in Libra at the Aries Point, square to rebel Uranus. Plus she is having her first Saturn return — often a time to implement a material ambition.  Fun fact: Wikipedia editors didn’t think she merited a page on Monday. If only they had looked at her horoscope…

In contrast, Rep. Crowley is working his way through a streamlining square of Saturn to his Venus, as well as Mars and the South Node sitting on his Saturn. We can appreciate why he’s not feeling the love at this time, and finding his ambition of helping others frustrated. He: March 16, 1962 in NY, NY.  Astrology is amazing, doncha know…


South Korea trounced Germany in the World Cup — a “shocking upset”

In other news, many Supreme Court decisions reinforced corporations, authoritarianism and patriarchy — as we would expect with Saturn’s continued passage through Capricorn. The potential for the consolidation of authoritarian control is likely to intensify as Saturn approaches its scheduled meet-up with PTB Pluto in 2020. Given that this meet-up will oppose a certain pattern in P45’s horoscope, it is possible that he may be feeling the squeeze more than he is able to exert it upon others. The operative word here is “possible.”

OMG. This just in…the potential for a dramatic change of status in Anthony Kennedy’s horoscope  — noted here last year — has happened. The Supreme Court Justice is retiring., says the Chicago Tribune. I do not believe we are talking about potential in the above paragraph. Happy stark Saturn in Capricorn opposing Sun in Cancer.  Here’s what I wrote about Saturn and Pluto in that earlier post:

There are 82 items on Amy Siskind’s list posted on June 24th, Week 32.
Where might this be going? In 2018, Saturn moves into Capricorn, the sign it rules. Saturn refers to patriarchy, structure, authority, ambition, corporations, governments. It will square the U.S. Venus and Jupiter in 2018, suggesting a streamlining squeeze. Then it will square the U.S. Sun and Saturn in 2019. The U.S. last experienced this pattern in 2010 and 2011, so a look at government initiatives back then would be helpful — fodder for another post. In 2020, Saturn will meet up with Pluto, which it has not done since 1982. Here’s a helpful article on the Saturn-Pluto cycle.   In 2021 and 2022, the U.S. will have its first Pluto return, along with transiting Neptune squaring our natal Mars and our natal Neptune. Breaking down and rebuilding (Pluto) on a new vision (Neptune-Mars)?
Finally, Justice Anthony Kennedy. I looked at his horoscope a year ago — I thought I’d written about it, but apparently not. Over the weekend headlines were buzzing about a possible retirement. Transiting Mars and Uranus (action! change!) now putting pressure on the area of his horoscope referring to his relationship with the public, no doubt.  Next year,  transiting Uranus and Pluto will be activating the angles of his horoscope. A big change of status would be apt at that time.

My coping strategy  tonight will be the newest episode of The Handmaid’s Tale .


Whenever a planet turns retrograde – as Mars did yesterday —  we see associations with that planet pulling focus. Look at the headlines and you will notice a plethora of Mars stories, for better or for worse. We’re talking anger, courage, aggression, guns, explosions, cars etc. etc. And then there is this: “Big dick energy: what is it, who has it and should we care?”

If we do not exercise our sense of humor in these interesting times, surely we will lose it.

If you’re free today at 4 PM ET/1 PM PT and near a computer, I will be talking astrology with OmTimes Radio host Cynthia Rose. Her show is called “Standing in the Sunlight” — which is ultimately where we all want to be.  Here’s the link to the show — join me, won’t you?

Here’s a little more about Cynthia:


Monday 6/25/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week; Mars Retrograde Survival Guide

Good Morning!

The work week begins with exuberance, driven by the Moon in high-flying Sagittarius. Sag is a sign that needs to tell the world its opinion on everything, with the more boundaries pushed, the better. Why just look at all of the opinions flying out of the Supreme Court!

Today could lift your spirits higher than the weekend’s moody bastard Moon in Scorpio.  Or it may add hot air to a simmering situation. When the Moon is in Sag, consider thinking outside the box;  take a walk in the woods; take in a foreign film — anything that allows you to consider collective beliefs outside your usual comfort zone. And get it off your desk today, as the Sag Moon goes void tomorrow (TUESDAY) at 8:54 AM ET, not to enter the next sign — Capricorn — until 11:52 AM ET on WEDNESDAY.

Avid Readers know that Moon voids are excellent for taking care of routine concerns and not making mountains of crises out of a molehill. Here is Avid Reader Pam, who writes about her experience last Friday, when the Libra Moon was void between 6:34 PM PT and 12:11 PM PT (she’s on the West Coast, hence the Pacific Time Zone):

So.  I want to report an extreme case of moon void drama:

This morning I attempted to turn on my computer as I do every week day.  NOTHING.  And more nothing.  PANIC in my heart.  (though I use drop box and every document is instantly backed up)  Still.  WTF.  I tell myself the moon is void – Elisabeth says, “much ado about nothing.”  I pray the wisdom holds true.  I’ll spare you the various attempts and calls.  Finally, I get the number of a PC repair guy.  He said, “If you’re getting a blinking light, it’s got to be the mother board.”  Heart sinks deeper.  My hubby looks online and suggests that we remove the battery.  We do.  I hold my breath and press the button.  I hear noises.  ET VOILA!   I look at the clock:  12:26, just a few minutes past the mood void.  I called the PC repair guy back and let him know.  We have ordered a new battery from amazon and it will be here in a day.  Meanwhile, I’ll use the computer without the battery (and it’s lighter).

Much Ado About Nothing, indeed!

Thank you, Avid Reader Pam!  Your other Moon voids this week are FRIDAY 4:57 AM ET until 12:37 AM ET on SATURDAY — suggesting another day to skip out of the office early for the weekend.

Notable planetary patterns this week include:

  • An exuberant and indulgent connection between Venus and Jupiter, exact at 1:19 AM ET. This can suggest wretched excess in matters of consumption, evidenced in my own personal world yesterday by the mob scene at the local TJ Maxx — as if it were Christmas Eve. Seriously. Expansion in matters referring to women, food, social expression, art and money may also be hot. You’re feeling it personally if you have a planet or angle around 13 degrees of Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius or Taurus. If you’re Recep Erdogan of Turkey, with a suspected Midheaven of 13 Scorpio, you reportedly just won re-election, with expanded presidential powers.
  • On WEDNESDAY the Cancer Sun (emotional security, homeland, nourishment) is opposed by Saturn in patriarchal Capricorn at 9:28 AM ET. You will feel this more personally if you have a planet around 6 degrees of Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer. What is the squeeze? Who is the authority?
  • On THURSDAY we will have a Full Moon at 6 Capricorn at 12:53 AM ET, offering illumination and release in matters similar to the potential suggested by the Sun-Saturn opposition.
  • On FRIDAY, Mercury (how we need to think and communicate) leaves Cancer for drama king Leo…and is squared by rebel Uranus on SATURDAY at 9:01 AM ET. Look for innovation, showmanship, tech breakthroughs and wackiness in communications making headline.

HOWEVER, the biggest shift this week is MARS, planets of action, anger and assertion. It turns retrograde on TUESDAY at 5:05 PM ET…moving backwards through the heavens (from our vantage point on Earth) until August 27th. We experience Mars retrogrades “every two years or so,” according to an official NASA site — which also offers a nifty animation explaining why planets seem to be moving backwards in the sky from our point of view.

Retrograde planets symbolize an opportunity for introspection and review. They may also suggest a need to connect with an inner authority, as opposed to an external outlet.

As the planet of action, you might imagine that Mars moving backwards is not a comfortable orientation. Thus you may notice an uptick in the levels of irritation, impatience and frustration between now and August 27th. Projects you thought were good to go after May 12th may hit an unexpected snag, as Mars backtracks over the ground it covered since then. Initially the issues involved may include  freedom, rebellion, humanitarianism, technology, aviation, astrology, social networks and unconventional attraction.  Why? Because Mars is retrograding in Aquarius. On August 13th,  Mars will back into Capricorn. Then we may note a shift to matters of corporations and other Establishment/patriarchal concerns. Whatever the hitch, bear in mind that there may be a second opportunity for a revision when Mars finally moves forward. We won’t get into new territory  until Mars  it hits 10 degrees of Aquarius on October 10th.

Wherever Mars is traveling through your horoscope, it may feel like a truck spinning its wheels in the mud.  It can generate a LOT of heat. Frustration built up can lead to an urge to jump into reckless action. This is a potential pitfall of Mars retrograde. You are more personally affected if you have planets or angles at 9 degrees of  Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio or Leo — and my money says you’ve been feeling the burn all month.

An appropriate use of Mars retrograde would be as an opportunity to plan an effective review and strategy in the area of your horoscope impacted. Think of a coach calling a time out on the playing field. Everyone gets into a huddle — literally turning inward.  Are those players sitting around doing nothing? No! But they are definitely not making any mad dashes on field.

That being said, conventional astrological wisdom suggests caution when contemplating launching certain initiatives during this time:

A marriage contract
A sexual relationship
Filing for divorce
Elective surgery
Taking title to property
Buying a car
Hiring a new employee (unless it’s a temp)
Quitting your job in a frustrated huff
Starting a lawsuit
Starting a war

Notice that the operative word here is caution.  Sometimes life has other plans. When in doubt, consult your local astrologer about your own personal horoscope, which has a lot of moving parts!!

Now then. This particular Mars retrograde period is likely to be more volatile than usual. Why? Because, as noted here before, Mars is in a tense pattern with rebel Uranus all summer and into fall. That pattern (a square) will be exact for the second and third time on August 1st and September 18th, sparking whatever was going on around May 16th , which was the first square. Clear?

Not only that, but Mars will retrograde back and forth over the South Node on July 12th and October 4th. The first one in this series happened on June 10th. The South Node is a point referring to discharge and destruction of patterns that no longer serve (and may be toxic). What stories were making headlines around June 10th? I don’t know — go back and re-read these forecasts. Point is, we’re likely to see an advance on those stories around July 12th and October 4th.

But wait — there’s more! July 12th is also a New Moon/solar eclipse…on a day with the Cancer Sun exactly opposed by Pluto.  I anticipate intense power plays, catharses and news from underground. A second eclipse on July 27th involves Mars in opposition to the Sun and conjunct the Moon.  It’s just all so…oh…what is the word here….interesting…and also potentially volatile. The upside potential is a summer of breakthroughs. And you get to be a part of all of it — huzzah!.

When was the last time you consulted with your astrologer? If it’s been over a year, you’re overdue. Planetary patterns between now and the end of the year pose unique challenges, and my money says you will benefit from understanding what it means for your unique horoscope. We’ve got Mars going retrograde next week…three eclipses in July and August…a Mercury retrograde and a Venus retrograde to navigate. Here is the 411 on consultations.If you just want to know how Mars retrograde is likely to manifest in your horoscope, I will send you a personalized write-up for $48.88. Please send your birth data here if I do not already have it. Here’s to your continued enlightenment!

And now, the news.

Saturday’s opposition between Mercury and Pluto boded well for investigative journalism and no holds barred communication. The Sunday NYT magazine did not disappoint. “All the Right People: How one conservative think tank stocked the federal government for the Trump era”   The think tank in question is the Heritage Foundation and this article is a must-read.  It is fascinating to note that the horoscopes of its recently ousted leader (Jim DeMint) and his replacement (Kay Coles James) are being activated now. Jim DeMint has Mars at 9 Leo, along with a Jupiter-Uranus square that is making a disruptive contact to the Sun-Saturn square of the United States. Read the article and marvel how he applied that shake-up potential. Birth data for DeMint: Sep 2 1951 in Greenville, SC. For Ms. James: Jun 1 1949.  In her horoscope, Neptune is engaged with the US Sun-Saturn square, while her Venus at  22 degree Gemini (activated by the recent 22 degree Gemini New Moon) is engaged with the U.S. Mars-Neptune square. She can’t help but love all that the US Mars-Neptune square suggests.

The other big feature in the NYT magazine was built on #MeToo, as anticipated: “Should Statutes of Limitations for Rape Be Abolished?”.   “Across the country, time-limiting laws prevent scores of sexual assault cases from being prosecuted, in spite of persuasive evidence or a confession,” the article begins.  Elsewhere, social media was abuzz when a Walgreen’s customer reported that a pharmacist refused to fill a prescription for meds that would have terminated her unviable pregnancy. “Unviable” here means there was no fetal heartbeat. Yet another woman denied service was Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was asked to leave a restaurant “on moral grounds.” File that one under “I told you so,” and be prepared for continued disruptions involving the press secretary’s social expression, values and aesthetics through 2018.

Also revealed: a young French woman took a jog along the beach and unknowingly crossed into the U.S. from Canada, where she had traveled to visit her mother.  Like many joggers, it did not occur to her to carry her passport or any other identification. She was stopped by U.S. Border Patrol, searched and then held captive for two weeks.  Reading the article in WaPo, for  the life of me I could not figure out why Border Patrol would treat a woman jogger from France so harshly, until I saw her photo in another publication. How times have changed since 1999, when a friend and I flew to Vancouver for a weekend getaway. My friend forgot to bring her drivers license — silly rabbit — and what do you think the Canadian immigration officials did? They noted her name, address and the fact that she had a return ticket to fly back to LA in two days — and  then they let her into the country. No problem at all returning home to the U.S., either.  Gosh how I miss those days of innocence….


Big news for women in Saudi Arabia: you’re free to drive!

And if you’re free  tonight at 9:30 PM ET/6:30 PM ET, please  tune in for another exciting episode of COSMIC TUESDAYS — which inexplicably airs on Mondays, but is no less cosmic. It’s always fun to talk shop with host Anthony Picco, and if you join the chat room, you can ask questions, too. Here’s the 411:


Thank you for reading this forecast.


Friday 6/22/2018 & the Weekend: News and More News


The Libra Moon has been void of course since 9:34 PM ET last night. That’s your excuse for any twists or flakes in your morning commute. Roll with them; focus on routine concerns and do not get carried away by crises that may crop up between now and 3:11 PM ET. Chances are they are much ado about nothing, and likely to sort themselves out when the Moon plunges into Scorpio this afternoon. Although…if there’s an upset in your world around 6:25 PM ET, that one you may need to take seriously, as it would be reflecting the Moon’s opposition to rebel Uranus. Let’s see if there are any surprises in the Friday afternoon news dump, especially dirt-digging ones, reflecting a “mince no words” face-off between Mercury (mindset, communication) and Pluto (depth; ruthlessness) in the wee hours on SATURDAY. The Sun’s cooperative alignment with Uranus at 1:58 AM ET on SATURDAY also suggests a disruptive spark.

The Moon will be in Scorpio all weekend, driving the days and nights with a need for depth and substance. No more airy-fairy Moon-in-Libra theories and talk; Scorpio needs to organize, consolidate and control — preferably with passion. You are free to shop on Saturday, but note that the Moon will be void on SUNDAY from 10 AM ET until 12:29 AM ET on MONDAY.   Purchases made during Moon voids often do not serve their intended purpose, yet you may be more inclined to indulge in impulse, courtesy of a challenging aspect (a square) between Venus in drama queen Leo and Jupiter, exact on MONDAY at 1:19  PM ET. Something big in the news — involving money, women (#metoo?), art, aesthetics, social expression?

Anyhoo…chill on Sunday and no sleeping in on Monday.  The Moon will be in high-flying Sag, all dressed up and probably nowhere to go, with Mars (action, anger) at a standstill, about to turn retrograde on TUESDAY. Not to mention a tense opposition between the Sun and Saturn on WEDNESDAY that might possibly clip the wings of a few dear leaders…or embolden them to impose controls on the rest of us. Oh, but I’m getting ahead of myself.. Then again, maybe not. “Supreme Court Rules That Warrants Generally Are Required to Collect Cellphone Data.” So there.

When was the last time you consulted with your astrologer? If it’s been over a year, you’re overdue. Planetary patterns between now and the end of the year pose unique challenges, and my money says you will benefit from understanding what it means for your unique horoscope. We’ve got Mars going retrograde next week…three eclipses in July and August…a Mercury retrograde and a Venus retrograde to navigate. Here is the 411 on consultations. If you just want to know how Mars retrograde is likely to manifest in your horoscope, I will send you a personalized write-up for $48.88. Please send your birth data here if I do not already have it. Here’s to your continued enlightenment!

And now, the news.

UPDATE: Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN — last discussed here in April (end of the forecast). With transiting Uranus squaring her Sun, she continues to act as a disruptive, independent force. This week she announced the withdrawal of the U.S. from the UN Human Rights Council and went ballistic over a UN report on extreme poverty in the US, claiming it to be “misleading.”

UPDATE:  Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House. With transiting Mars at a virtual standstill on his Aquarius Sun, we anticipated that June and July would be especially provocative.  Yesterday a GOP congressman trashed him on Twitter – and deleted it, but the point is, this attack made news. Also in the news: Speaker Ryan and Mark Meadows (R-NC) got into a fight on the House floor.  Oh, and the  latest GOP budget proposal recalls the Speaker’s 2011 budget plan to slash the income you would receive from your years of investment in Medicare and Social Security.  Why would they want to do that? Oh, to make up for the budget deficits the US will experience, now that corporations and other “haves” received a big fat tax cut.  You did not have to be an astrologer to see that one coming, except with respect to its timing.

Meanwhile, somewhere between this week’s potentially forgiving  Grand Trine among Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune, P45 signed an executive order touted as a stop to the separation of immigrant children from their parents. OK, but what about reuniting the thousands of children who are being held in undisclosed places all over the country?  Right. What about them?

Avid Readers know that this fascist trend 1) is not a trend; 2) is happening around the world; and 3) was written about years ago  — and on multiple occasions — in this forecast as a likely potential, given planetary patterns.  In Hungary, for example, this week legislators passed a law that would send anyone helping an illegal immigrant to jail.   And the musical “Billy Elliot” was canceled in Budapest after a news commentator called it “gay propaganda.” If you’re thinking of fleeing the United States, perhaps you do not wish to move to Hungary.


I meant to share a couple of items about thought and time control, suggested by last Friday’s opposition between Mercury and Saturn. Exhibit A: in Pittsburgh, a political cartoonist who worked for the Post-Gazette for 25 years said he was fired because his editors objected to his anti-P45 cartoons (today, the cartoonist found a new paying gig).    Exhibit B: in Japan, a worker was docked half a day’s pay for repeatedly taking a lunch break three minutes earlier than scheduled. Harsh!

In other news…

Yesterday the Sun was at the Aries Point — at 0 degrees of Cancer, a.k.a. the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. The start of a new season suggests a turning point — and a focus on leaders. We also had an opposition between Venus in dramarama Leo and Mars in “but-what-about-the-rest-of-us” Aquarius. Venus and Mars oppositions can be juicy and illuminating, but potentially regrettable. It was fascinating to hear that the CEO (leader) of Intel (tech company) resigned because he had a consensual relationship with an employee. Also fascinating: the Reuters article did not mention that the CEO — Brian Krzanich — is married. Thus I initially wondered what all the fuss was about.  2017 had to have been an anguishing year for Mr. Krzanich, with transiting Pluto on his natal Saturn at 18 Capricorn. Next year, he can figure out what “new lease on life” his second Saturn return is likely to bring., along with his zillion-dollar retirement. Birth data: May 9, 1960 — no time — in Santa Clara County, CA.

Also soon to have a second Saturn return: Tom Kiefer. He’s a former janitor at a Border Patrol processing center in Arizona. One day he started collecting the things that were seized from immigrants. He’s now turned them into art. No exact birth date for Mr. Kiefer, but take a look at his work here and here — and thanks to New York magazine for publishing these collages.

Another leader making news:  New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who gave birth to a baby girl yesterday.  Fascinating coincidence: the baby was born on Benazir Bhutto’s birthday.  Benazir Bhutto is the only other world leader to give birth while in office.

UPDATE: Melania Trump, whose horoscope suggests she, like Brian Krzanich, may also experiencing a bit of angst or anguish. All month a midpoint between the Sun and Saturn has been activated by transiting Mars, suggesting “running hot and cold; energies feel confined; the sense of futility” (according to astrologer Noel Tyl). Melania also has the midpoint Uranus/Pluto at the Aries Point, suggesting that she can’t help but attract attention as a bit of a disruptive force. Hmm. Yesterday, the Sun was at the Aries Point, activating that disruptive midpoint. And yesterday transiting Venus (women, fashion, social expression) in dramarama regal Leo was adding more pressure to that already squeezed Sun/Saturn midpoint. Bottom line: Melania was an “agent of coat chaos” — yes, that’s an actual headline — with a fashion statement made while traveling to an immigration detention center. Coincidence or conspiracy? I dunno…but why else would she make such a fashion statement now?


Thank you for reading this forecast. If you find it valuable and have been enjoying these musings for years, please know that contributions to my Cosmic Tip Jar are always appreciated.


Tuesday 6/19/2018: Late Sneak Peek at the Week; Summer Solstice, Mercury and a Mars Rx Special…

Alllrighty then!

As of 4:40 AM ET yesterday, we are driven by the Moon in Virgo, fastidiously seeking to put things right. On Monday, this drive flowed with particular efficiency, supported by innovative Uranus and stabilizing Saturn. Save for a dreamy/spacey opposition from nebulous Neptune at 8:49 AM ET today (did you note your dreams?), Tuesday has the same potential for efficiency. Get those big ideas out there.

Notable planetary patterns this week include:

  • Mercury in harmony with expansive Jupiter at 3:43 PM ET — hence, the potential for big ideas about collective beliefs making headway and headlines.
  • Mercury in harmony with visionary Neptune on WEDNESDAY at 11:59 PM ET, suggesting the upside potential of Mercury-Neptune contacts. In other words, vision, healing, artistry, empathy…as opposed to challenging contacts (e.g., squares and oppositions), which suggest the downside potential of Mercury-Neptune: e.g., delusion and deceit.
  • Also on WEDNESDAY: the First Quarter Moon at 6:51 AM ET between the Gemini Sun and the Virgo Moon. It’s happening at the Aries Point, suggesting that the challenges presenting themselves re: last week’s New Moon agenda are likely to be especially prominent. If you have a planet around 29 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces or Virgo, you are more likely to feel a need to take action.
  • THURSDAY at 6:07 AM ET, the Sun enters Cancer. This is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.  Here’s what you need to know about the first day of any season  — i.e., equinoxes and solstices — from an astrological point of view. The first days of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter correspond with the first day (or first degree) of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, respectively. Got that? Good. These four signs are called cardinal signs of the zodiac. Cardinal signs initiate. They come up with the idea and put it into action, which leads to necessary change. “Cardinal” suggests (from the Latin root of the word), “that on which something turns or depends.”  So the first day/degree of a Cardinal sign is a turning point. In astrology, the technical term for the first degree of any Cardinal sign is the Aries Point, just to confuse people who are not professional astrologers. When we set the chart for the summer solstice in Washington DC, we see clues for what the next three months are likely to reflect…stay tuned for that analysis later this week.
  • Also THURSDAY at 12:54 PM ET: the release of tension building by an opposition between Venus and Mars, suggesting an illuminating clash between the stubbornly yin and the stubbornly yang. If you have a planet or angle around 9 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio you’ll feel the trigger more than most. Could be juicy.
  • On SATURDAY, Mercury is once again in focus, at it opposes depth-seeking Pluto at 5:24 AM ET. Investigative reporters, get ready to hit the headlines with stories of dirt dug up and power plays. Innovative advances in matters of leadership, aviation, technology and maybe even astrology may come to light, suggested by a cooperative alignment between the Sun and Uranus at 1:58 AM ET.

Your Moon voids for the week: WEDNESDAY 6:51 AM ET until 8:29 AM ET; THURSDAY 9:34 PM ET until FRIDAY 3:11 PM ET (another opportunity for East Coasters to skip out early without consequence).

And now, the news.

Everything’s coming up Neptune, which turned retrograde MONDAY at 7:27 PM ET.  Here in the U.S., empathy (on the one hand) and delusional rationalization (on the other hand) over the treatment of migrant families continues to pull focus.  Laura Bush startled some with her own empathetic op-ed in WaPo, criticizing the P45 administration. And I know you are thinking, “how is that initiative reflected in Laura Bush’s horoscope?”Mrs. Bush is a Scorpio with Moon in Pisces — just like Hillary Clinton. Moon in Pisces invented empathy, doncha’ know. Mrs. Bush has Uranus is at 22 Gemini — so we immediately see how a need for independence and disruption would have been triggered by last week’s New Moon at 22 Gemini! Not only that, but Mrs. Bush has a square between Jupiter and Saturn, at  8 degrees Scorpio and Leo, respectively.  Guess what’s been putting pressure on that tenacious, morally upstanding Jupiter-Saturn square? Transiting Mars, almost at a standstill at 8 degrees of Aquarius, demanding expansive action out of irritation and/or frustration. With Mars about to turn retrograde (on the 26th at 5:05 PM ET), her need for action will be triggered again next month…and this fall. Astrology is amazing.

You know what else is being triggered by transiting Mars? The Scorpio Moon of the P45 inaugural chart. It’s at 9 degrees of Scorpio, as you may recall. Mars in hard aspect to the Moon suggests anger/action in matters of nurturing/motherhood and a need for control. Coincidence or conspiracy?

UPDATE: Jeb Bush, sparked by Laura Bush’s op-ed (and last week’s New Moon on the angles of his horoscope) also made news. “‘This heartless policy..’ Jeb Bush speaks out…” File that under “I told you so.”

More from Neptune in the news:

What’s going on in your horoscope? Is there a downsizing phase just around the corner? And what about the impending Mars retrograde?   I am pleased to offer Avid Readers a Mars retrograde special  — similar to the mini-consultation I offered last August about the Big Fat Solar Eclipse. For $48.88 I would be pleased to send you via email my insights on how you are likely to experience this hot hot hot Mars retrograde — in effect now through the summerInterested? Of course you are! Just send me your birth data via this contact form. Insights will soon be on the way!

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Friday 6/15/2018 & the Weekend: New Moon Activations; Neptune Retrograde


The Cancer Moon drives the day with a need to focus on homeland and emotional security, especially with regard to the family. That and other planetary patterns (Venus at the end of Cancer, squared by disruptive Uranus; Mercury in Cancer leaving the Aries Point and opposing Saturn) would be an apt reflection of the outrage against — and cold, cruel defenses for — tearing apart immigrant families seeking asylum in the U.S. In case you hadn’t heard, Stephen Colbert is happy to explain. Meanwhile, the NYT is pleased to offer a few things we can do about it, other than curl up into a fetal position and cry, while watching Sophie’s Choice.

I know, I know — that’s a heavy opening paragraph, but the Cancer Moon is feeling the emotional intensity of a 12:18 PM ET opposition to power maven Pluto, and at 9:47 PM ET, Mercury in intuitive Cancer will be opposed by taskmaster Saturn. And after 12:18 PM ET, as you know, the Moon will be void until 3:21 AM ET on SATURDAY, suggesting you may leave the office early without consequence, focus on routine concerns and/or chill. Do remember that crises that crop up during Moon voids are often much ado about nothing.

SATURDAY AM may begin with a jolt or revelation, as the Moon is squared by rebel Uranus at 5:45 AM ET. The rest of the AM is pleasant enough, with an indulgent meet-up at 8:14 AM ET between the Moon and Venus in drama queen, love-love-me-do Leo. A face-off between the regal Moon and Mars at 5:18 PM ET suggests a clash between the king and his people, but otherwise the stage is set for a party, if that is what you’ve got planned. More play on SUNDAY, as the Moon continues in Leo in relative harmony throughout the day. All hail the king — a.k.a. dear old Dad — on Father’s Day.

Moon goes void at 11:25 PM ET…and enters Virgo (to put everything in order) at 4:40 AM ET on MONDAY. No sleeping in! Also please note that Neptune is almost at a dead stop, about to turn retrograde on Monday at 7:27 PM ET. This suggests that all matters referred to by Neptune (currently traveling through Pisces, the sign it rules) are likely to pull focus several days before and after. Those matters include — but are not limited to — lies, drugs, scandals, charity, refugees, oceans, victims, faith, spirits of all kinds, oil, water, chemicals, fog, toxins, fish, photography, film, empathy, martyrs.  If you have a planet or angle around 16 degrees of Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and especially Pisces, you may have been feeling especially bewildered this month — while in search of a vision. Neptune transits can be challenging. For guidance and practical coping strategies, consider scheduling a consultation with your local astrologer.

And now, the news.

On Wednesday I posted a list of public figures — just off the top of my head —  whose horoscopes were triggered by Wednesday’s New Moon at 22 Gemini. How did they make news?

  • P45 (Gemini Sun, Sag Moon): true to his 20 degree Sag Moon, confesses on Fox & Friends that he’d really like it if “my people” would sit up and take notice of what he has to say, in the way the people of North Korea pay attention to Kim Jong-un. Now isn’t that just like a Moon in Sag to need need need to be respected for its righteous opinion? Yes, and let the record show that the horoscope of North Korea also has Moon in Sag, so you can appreciate how thrilled it must be feeling to be treated with the appearance of respect at that bonkers summit. In other news,  “New York Attorney General Sues Trump Foundation After 2-Year Investigation.” Fraud and charity in focus — how very Neptune standing still in Pisces. It’s also transiting Saturn challenging P45’s Mercury and Neptune — a reality check on spin, if you please.
  • P45 Jr (Mercury in Sagittarius) — we already mentioned his book proposal, but that NY suit applies to him, too. And P45 can’t pardon people charged with state crimes, only federal.
  • President Obama (Virgo Mars) — he’s taking action today and it’s making news. He’s heading to LA for a big Democratic fundraiser and the papers are talking about his “return from the sidelines.” An activated Mars suggests assertion — and also a potential attack. So we may see that soon. UPDATE: P45 “In Attack Mode; Unloads on FBI; Obama.” Astrology is amazing.
  • Hillary Clinton (Pisces Moon) —  she wins the internet yesterday with a three-word response to the DOJ’s report on how James Comey handled the FBI investigation of her private email server. WaPo’s resident Republican op-ed writer Jennifer Rubin says Mrs. Clinton “has good reason to complain.”
  • Mitt Romney (Pisces Sun) — nothing yet, unless you count his relative Ronna Romney McDaniel. She’s the head of the RNC who tweeted  on Wednesday, “Complacency is our enemy. Anyone that does not embrace the @realDonaldTrump agenda of making America great again will be making a mistake.”
  • United States (Mars and Neptune) —  googling “United States news” reveals these stories pulling focus — all with Mars (aggression, action) and Neptune (glamor, scandal, fog) themes: escalating trade war with China; U.S. President charged with charity fraud; World Cup Soccer coming to U.S. one of these days.
  • Jeb Bush and George H.W. Bush — nothing yet, though Bush Sr. did become the first U.S. President to turn 94 (on June 12th)
  • James Comey (Sun, Pluto) — see Hillary Clinton. Fun fact: he used a private gmail account to conduct official business. Seriously.
  • Mike Pence (Gemini Mercury) — he’s making news for controversial speeches and travel around the country this week, as and “Turning the VP’s Office into a Gateway for Lobbyists Seeking to Influence the P45 Administration.”
  • Stephen Bannon (Gemini Jupiter) — yep, he made news this week with plans for expansion and faith. He’s “…making a comeback” and touting bitcoin as the way to go.

We do not have a birth time for Paul Manafort, so we can’t tell if his Ascendant or MC is being triggered by the New Moon. Born on April 1st, 1949 in New Britain, CT, we can see that his  11 Aries Sun is opposed to nebulous Neptune at 13 Libra — and would have been under high developmental tension in 2013 – 2015.  That’s a lot of potential for smoke and mirrors. Also engaged with that Neptunian fog: Mars and Venus at 8 and 7 degrees of me-me-me Aries, currently feeling the controlling squeeze of transiting Saturn. With Mercury also squaring his Mars and Venus, minutes ago it was announced that his bail has been revoked and he will be awaiting trial in jail. Transiting Saturn will hit his Sun and Neptune in January, suggesting further limitation.

UPDATE: the horoscope of the U.S. is also feeling a Saturn squeeze, as noted in prior forecasts — here’s one from 2017. It’s due for a second dose of Saturn opposing Jupiter and Venus, which we are likely to see in matters of money, motherhood, values, social expression, home, family, abundance. Relevant stories include:

  • Diaper sales are down because the U.S. birth rate is down
  • The Fed raised interest rates this week — and plans to do so again this year — putting a squeeze on credit
  • May I just opine that an unemployment rate of 3.9% refers to people filing unemployment claims. During Uranus’s passage through me-me-me Aries, we have all had to become more self-reliant, and that in this gig economy, filing for unemployment simply isn’t an option. That unemployment statistic does not reflect reality. What does reflect reality? The fact that people are being squeezed out of their homes, as it was revealed this week that NO ONE working anywhere in the U.S. for minimum wage can afford a two-bedroom apartment. Are we great again yet?

Here’s a fun reflection of today’s planetary patterns: the innovative potential of Venus squared by Uranus (which rules astrology); the get-real potential of today’s Mercury-Saturn opposition, plus the need to focus on the spiritual/intangible, suggested by Neptune stationary in Pisces: Krista Burton (@krista_r_burton) has penned this op-ed for the Sunday NYT: “Will This Crystal Make Me Happy?” It’s about being open to — obviously — the intangible and the metaphysical, including astrology.  But — true to another apt reflection of the Venus-Uranus square, Krista writes on her Twitter feed that “it’s really about queers.” Krista, I’d argue that your article — to quote the famous SNL ad parody —  is “a floor wax and a dessert topping.” How cool is that? Pretty cool — though I can’t help but note how the NYT is a reflecting the downside potential of Mercury (communication) opposed by Saturn in Capricorn (corporate control): there doesn’t appear to be a way for readers to leave comments. What is the NYT afraid of?

Thank you for reading this forecast.



Wednesday 6/13/2018: New Moon in Gemini; Assorted Updates

Allll-righty then!

By the time you read this, the Gemini Moon will be new and void of course, suggesting you chill and cogitate on your list of intentions for the new cycle. The Moon won’t get into gear until 3:20 AM ET on THURSDAY, when it enters Cancer. For now, the Gemini Moon drives the day with a need to be the smartest kid in the room. What’s the buzz — tell me what’s happening — and all that. Chill and roll with any twists or flakes that may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line.  Be flexible tonight, as Venus — referring to social expression, values, women, art and money — shifts into Leo at 5:54 PM ET.  This planetary shift  (a.k.a. “wobble”) can take time to sink in.

Tomorrow, you can forge ahead on your quest to establish and preserve emotional security, aided by the Cancer Moon. Perhaps you will wake up inspired by a fabulous idea (Moon conjoins Mercury at 9 AM ET), and push it forward around 2 PM ET, when Moon opposes Saturn. Will an authoritarian push back? Moon-Saturn patterns can rain on one’s parade. What revelations and disruptions will we see as Venus in drama queen Leo is challenged by rebel Uranus at 11:33 PM ET? A break-up or unconventional attraction may well command attention.

Get it off your desk by  12:18 PM ET on FRIDAY, when the Moon is challenged by Pluto and goes void until 3:21 AM ET on Saturday. Thoughts and communication involving nurturing are likely to hit a brick wall, suggested by Mercury (in Cancer) sternly opposed by Saturn in patriarchal Saturn at 9:47 PM ET. I’m prepared for a lean, mean Friday afternoon news dump.

Now about today’s Gemini New Moon.

It’s at 22 degrees of Gemini, same as P45’s Gemini Sun – and same as the Full Moon that was exact on December 13, 2016. So whatever was going on that week may be seeded anew in this cycle.  As I recall, the Electoral College was about to meet. to decide the future of Our Nation. How did that work out?

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “three fledglings in a nest high in a tree.” Back in December 2016, I wrote:

…this also is the Sabian Symbol for  P45’s 22 Gemini Sun — his life force — what he brings to the table. Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee says of this Symbol: “Little birds sing the tune of their family of species. Having voracious appetites, they sing for their supper with competitive insistence: ‘Me first!’…Fledglings are impatient to leave the nest…they’ve yet to stretch their wings in flight in the open air…a bird’s song expresses identity and a kind of bravado: ‘This is who we are, our clan, our family, and we are safe high in our tree!’” Or high in a penthouse in a tall tower.

You can use these Sabian Symbols to gain a deeper perspective on the potential of every planet and angle in your horoscope. They are fascinating. Bovee suggests we apply the Sabian Symbol of this New Moon with a mind to “…a passage to a new life, a new level of maturity, the moment before a new independent life takes off…conflicting emotions about what lies just ahead but is still out of reach…songs of home and nationality…trembling in the face of being received.” Bovee has a lot more to say, and if you enjoy the Sabian Symbols, why not buy his book.

Anyhoo, this New Moon will activate P45’s Gemini Sun and we can expect him to be singing for his “me first!” supper all month. If you have a planet or angle around 22 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Pisces or Sagittarius, you’ll be singing, too. Off the top of my head, a list of public figures with those degrees hot in their horoscopes include  P45 (Gemini Sun, Sag Moon), P45 Jr (Mercury in Sagittarius), President Obama (Virgo Mars), Hillary Clinton (Pisces Moon), Mitt Romney (Pisces Sun), the United States (Mars and Neptune), Jeb Bush and George H.W. Bush; James Comey (Sun, Pluto), Mike Pence (Gemini Mercury), Stephen Bannon (Gemini Jupiter). Wait and see.

…well that didn’t take long. Re: P45 Jr., whose Mercury (writing, communication, commerce) is being activated by today’s New Moon) is shopping a book proposal

When we set the New Moon chart in Washington DC, we see a curious mix of fortune and destruction. The Ascendant and Part of Fortune are at 24 Libra, conjunct Spica — considered to be the most auspicious Fixed Star. The chart is ruled by a high-functioning Venus — at the verrry last degree of nurturing Cancer (and perhaps feeling quite pressured to be as high-functioning as possible in the little time she has left before moving on to drama queen Leo). Because then Venus  — as well as the Midheaven — will be zapped by a disruptive contact from  rebel Uranus, just before opposing aggressive Mars (conjunct a destructive/toxic South Node). This suggests upsets to the public status.

Speaking of aggressive, as noted in prior forecasts there is a measurement between innovative/reckless Uranus and Mars that has been active in P45’s horoscope all year. It will be exact on June 22nd, and it is likely to be expressed in matters of broadcasting, foreign and legal affairs…as well as significant others, including wives, lawyers, business partners and the general public.  Remember this Uranus-Mars patterns when reading about his performance at last week’s G-7 summit, etc.  Also keep in mind how isolated the U.S. was likely to become, given the patterns of the 2017 inaugural chart. asting, foreign and legal affairs…as well as significant others, including wives, lawyers, business partners and the general public. Stay tuned…

And now, more news.

I promised I’d write about Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, whose suicides last week were bewildering, to say the least.  General planetary patterns reflecting that potential were similar to those in effect when Whitney Houston drowned in a bathtub on the night of Grammys. Back then, we had Sun, Mercury and Neptune all together in Pisces. Venus was conjunct Pluto and square to Uranus. Last week we had the Sun and Mercury square to Neptune; Venus was opposing Pluto and square Uranus. Disruptive, despairing, catharses in the world of aesthetics, no? We had similar patterns around Philip Seymour Hoffman’s sudden death, too. Coincidence or conspiracy?

We do not have birth times for them, but Kate Spade has Sun at 2 Capricorn and Anthony Bourdain has Sun at 4 Cancer. Thus, both were likely feeling the squeeze on vitality, reflected by transiting Saturn on their respective Suns. This happens for everyone every seven years. That’s not the only suggestion of weight in the horoscopes; there are other measurements suggesting that all through 2017. Let’s move on…

UPDATE:  Dennis Rodman’s curious connection with North Korea was written about here back in 2013. He’s in the news again — courtesy of rebel Uranus shaking up his Saturn, ruler of his Capricorn Ascendant. This summer and into next year, I see potential for continued shake-ups, as transiting Uranus meets up with his Taurus Moon and squares his “getting away with murder” Leo Mars.  With his natal Neptune sitting right on his Midheaven (career, public status), engaged with Moon, Mars and a “big business” meet-up of Jupiter and Saturn, of course he’d be sporting a Potcoin T-shirt. Marijuana and virtual currency  — works for his horoscope, if you ask me.

UPDATE: I wrote about North Korea’s horoscope last August.     Right now transiting Uranus is exactly squaring  its Venus at 0 Leo; within months it will square its 3  Scorpio Mars. The transit to Venus from Uranus suggests a need for an unconventional or sudden attraction. Isn’t that interesting? The upcoming transit to Mars from Uranus suggests rash/reckless/innovative action. Hmmm.

UPDATE: Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Seems like it was only a few week ago that we noted her Venus at 29 Cancer would be hit by transiting Uranus this year, suggesting a need for change and/or intensity of individual expression in matters of values and aesthetics. Today, with Venus right on her natal Venus, she announced a planned exit from her current gig as White House Press Secretary. UPDATE on the UPDATE: Ms. Sanders says she did no such thing. Still, a lot can happen between now and the end of the year…

UPDATE:  the horoscope of California. back in January, I wrote:

A surge of energy is all over California — for better and for worse. After devastating fires last fall, now mudslides. Back in October it was observed that California’s horoscope has Uranus and Pluto conjunct in Aries — at the last degree of the sign.  That potent pair was activated by transiting Jupiter and Mars. This year transiting Uranus will trigger California’s natal Uranus and Pluto multiple times. We can expect more headlines of independence, rebellion, innovation and disruption, such as “California in Revolt” — well into 2019. Because then transiting Uranus will move on to other points in California’s horoscope.

True to the horoscope’s potential, yesterday an initiative to split California into three separate states made it on to the ballot for this November. Seriously.

UPDATE: Adolf Hitler, written about a couple of times here, starting in 2016.   His horoscope was heating up, suggesting strong potential for his way of thinking to experience an electrifying fresh start. That intensity has not abated, as transiting Uranus has moved on from a meet-up with his Aries Mercury and an opposition to his 26 Libra  Ascendant. Now Uranus is sitting on  his 0 degree Taurus Sun, activating it all year before moving on to his 4 degree Leo Midheaven. The horoscope lives forever, doncha’ know…and right now the essence of Adolf Hitler is likely to be disruptive force, even though Hitler isn’t consciously around to exercise free will. It’s depressing beyond belief to see in last week’s headlines that immigrants seeking asylum in the U.S. are being told by border patrol agents that they’re taking children away to be bathed….but they’re not being returned. Reporters are noting that this deceptive tactic was used in Nazi Germany.  In other news, Iowa Congressman Steve King  (R) made news today by retweeting a post by a neo-Nazi….to the sound of crickets from members of his party. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Right. I also promised uplifting stories reflecting the upside potential of planetary patterns.  Exhibit A reflects the redemptive, healing potential of  last week’s wiggy Neptune contacts with the Gemini Sun: “In the Army and the Klan, he hated Muslims. Now, one was coming to dinner.”   Yes, miracles do happen.

Exhibit B  is a message sent from Avid Reader Jackie, with a hopeful perspective:

Sorry to hear that Saturn is hitting up your Mercury and I thought I’d just send a bit of Neptunian encouragement for these hard times. I am, among other things, a mystic, and when P45 was elected I was shocked and appalled and could not understand how something like this could have happened. I asked the Universe for clarification about what was going on and was informed that everything was “operating as intended” and that the country was being presented with its shadow so that we can face it and heal it. Our history of mucking up our environment, inequality and harassment of minority races and women, mistreatment of the poor, over-incarceration, aggression and weaponization, snake oil, secrets and lies has been rising up to be faced. It hurts. But it is an opportunity to wrestle with it and become a better nation. I am encouraged by the ACLU, the #MeToo movement and the Bloomberg environmental movement, and the young people rising up against out-of-control guns, active investigations and investigative reporting, and all the efforts of people both inside and outside the US to tackle the hard stuff. I have hope!

Thank you, Avid Reader Jackie. I have hope, too. So mote it be! Although…we better get on this fast, given yet another shocking headline broke today, “Antarctic ice loss has tripled in a decade. If that continues, we’re in serious trouble…”

Exhibit C needs no explanatory planetary patterns. It’s just my way of ending on a high note, like the fledglings stuck in a nest in a tree: “Raccoon Climbs Minnesota Skyscraper and Becomes Internet Sensation.” 

The story has a happy ending.

Thank you for reading this forecast.





Monday 6/11/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

I’m back in  New York after a fantabulous, non-stop three days of joy, reconnecting with cherished classmates  at my dear old alma mater, Wellesley College — RAH! Getting back up to speed on news I’ve happily ignored for the past week. It’s good to step away from one’s usual routine on occasion, creating space for a fresh perspective, recharging and renewal…

We are in the balsamic phase of the Moon, which has nothing to do with vinaigrette and everything to do with wrapping up an old cycle and preparing for the new. The Moon is in Taurus, driving the day with an energy seeking to establish form, preserve the status quo and perhaps indulge in the pleasures of the senses.  The Moon will be new on WEDNESDAY at 3:43 PM ET. Meanwhile, during this wrapping-up phase, we may feel listless or restless, sensing that the new cycle is just around the corner, but not sure what it will bring. With little light being reflected from the Sun, this dark side of the Moon is apt for meetings held in secret…and other things one might not wish to attract attention.

Despite a wish to fly under the radar, matters of thought and communication are likely to be prominent in the headlines. Why? Because Mercury, which refers to the way we need to think and communicate is about to leave Gemini for Cancer, meaning it will be at the Aries Point, suggesting PROMINENCE.  The Aries Point is explained here.  If you have a planet or angle  close to 0 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, chances are you may be engaged in significant communication and negotiation over the next couple of days. Consult your local astrologer for details.

Here’s are the significant planetary patterns of the week:

  • Mercury enters Cancer on TUESDAY at 4 PM ET, where it will be until June 29.
  • Mercury harmonizes with Uranus on WEDNESDAY at 7:40 AM ET, adding a buzz of innovation and technology to thought, communication and travel.
  • Also on WEDNESDAY at 3:43 PM ET we’ll have the New Moon at 22 degrees of Gemini, right on P45’s Gemini Sun and opposing his righteously opinionated Sagittarius Moon. Obviously we will see this in the headlines. More on that in a later forecast.
  • Venus leaves Cancer for Leo at 5:54 PM ET on WEDNESDAY, adding regal drama in matters of social expression, women, aesthetics and money until July 10th.
  • Venus squares Uranus on THURSDAY at 11:33 PM ET. You may recall that Venus was opposed by Pluto last Tuesday. So between that Pluto contact and this week’s contact with Uranus, we see potential for emotional overkill and power plays  (that’s the Pluto part) in matters related to Venus,  along with unconventional attractions, liberation and disruption (that’s the Uranus part).
  • Mercury is opposed by Saturn on FRIDAY at 9:47 PM ET, suggesting a patriarchal or corporate advance in Mercury concerns (travel, mindset, commerce, communication). We are likely to see more than the usual dose of news related to thought controls, depression and/or gravitas.
  • Additional Moon voids this week: Wednesday at 3:43 PM ET until Thursday at 3:20 AM ET; (West Coasters, your afternoon and evening may be a bust);  Friday at 12:18 PM ET until Saturday at 3:21 AM ET — you are free to skip out of the office early without consequence.

In the sneak peek for last week,  I promised headlines of emotional overkill and bewilderment, brought to you by the intense Venus-Pluto opposition, combined with a potential “fried brain” of the Sun and Mercury hook-up, in a tense pattern with Neptune (drugs, spirits, toxins, vision, delusion, deception, victims). Right now matters related to Neptune are pulling focus, as Neptune is slowing down, about to turn retrograde on June 18th. Neptune is halfway through its 14 year journey through Pisces. When a planet crosses a halfway point, this is when we see the potential of its passage begin to matter. Pisces refers to drugs, faith, victims, oceans, martyrs, despair, empathy, refugees, compassion and self-undoing, including suicide.  Now do you understand why these themes have been pulling so much focus in the news?

I have a consultation I need to prepare for, so I can’t get to the headlines right now.  I promise you I will update this post by dinnertime ET with insights on many of the stories you’ve been asking me about, including Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, the G-7 and North Korean summits, plus stories you may not have heard about that are actually uplifting, inspiring and reflecting the upside potential of planetary patterns. (UPDATE: despite best of intentions, could not return to my writing desk today. Apologies and please stay tuned).

Meanwhile, I am back in the office and would be pleased to schedule a consultation to discuss what’s going on in your horoscope and how you can use awareness of planetary patterns to live life better. If you have children, I encourage you to also consider gaining an awareness of their horoscopes, too.

I leave you with an image from my Wellesley reunion weekend. Words can’t express how delighted I was to see this graffiti on a door in our dorm. The future looks bright!

Thank you for reading this forecast.



Monday 6/4/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week — and the Month, Too.

Good Morning from New York!

I’m back from the Big Fat Astrology Conference — and getting ready to hit the road again on Thursday. Destination: a reunion at my alma mater, which I’m co-chairing. With a whirlwind of last-minute details to pull together, I may not be able to respond to queries immediately. Thank you for your kind understanding.

The work week begins with an all-day Moon void in Aquarius.  If you need a push to get things started this morning, that’s your excuse. Stick to routine concerns and roll with any twists or flakes that disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Resist impulse purchases, as items bought during voids have an odd way of not working out as planned. Remember that crises which crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing. Chill — and consider innovative ways to connect with friends and associates, as an Aquarius Moon does love to network. Matters of social significance and asserting one’s uniqueness and independence may be on your radar today. The Moon won’t get into gear until 6:53 AM ET on TUESDAY, when it enters Pisces.

Patterns for the week include:

  • The Sun meets up with Mercury in Gemini on TUESDAY at 10:02 PM ET, suggesting idealism in matters of thought and communication. Is it truly brilliant or just blinded by the light?
  • Minutes later, at 10:23 PM ET, Venus in Cancer is opposed by Pluto in Capricorn. This adds the potential for power plays and emotional overkill to those idealistic thoughts — and we may see it especially expressed in matters related to women, money, art and social expression.
  • WEDNESDAY features the first of two patterns to wiggy Neptune. At 10:08 AM ET, Mercury squares Neptune. Upside potential: creativity and inspiration. Downside potential: magical thinking — already suggested by the Sun-Mercury meet-up — but with a delusional and deceptive spin. We’ll also have the 3rd Quarter Moon at 2:32 PM ET, suggesting an action point on whatever illumination you may have received from last week’s Full Moon.
  • THURSDAY at 1:59 AM ET the Sun will square Neptune. Here are some wiggy items that made news in November 2017, on the last Sun-Neptune square.  The Moon will be void in Pisces starting at 2:35 AM ET…it doesn’t enter Aries until 5:26 PM ET. This suggests yet another full day of schedule snafus, twists, flakes and molehills being turned into mountains.

General patterns for the month include:

  • Mars, Mars and Mars. The planetary symbol for action, anger and assertion is slowing in speed — about to turn retrograde on June 26th. It’s going to be one hot summer, with notable disruption, suggested by an ongoing tension between Mars and Uranus. Think: recklessness, rashness, genetic mutations, accidents involving firearms and airplanes; seismic activity (volcanoes, earthquakes), tech breakthroughs, gender-benders and disruption of whatever we consider “yang.” Much of the action may be toxic and/or destructive, given that Mars will cross the South Node three times during its retrograde journey.  Will write more on this Mars retrograde as we approach the 26th, but for now, here’s a brief primer from an earlier post.
  • In the U.S., transiting Uranus is squaring the Sun in the P45 inauguration chart. That, combined with his own personal solar arcs between Mars, Mercury and Uranus, is clearly articulated in this recent headline, “P45 goes it alone, running the White House not like a president, but as a CEO.”  Right. I told you this would happen in January 2017.

And now, more news.

By now you might be thinking, “I wonder if our dear astrologer is having a heavy Saturn transit on her Mercury. She seems so serious today!”  If so, you would be right. It’s no fun to look ahead, see the potential for tough times and be proven right. I’ve been in a bit of a grim mood all morning, concerned about the ongoing hijacking of Life As We Knew It here in these United States.  Exhibit A would be the item that crossed my newsfeed at 8:35 AM ET in the form of a tweet from P45, asserting his “absolute right”  to pardon himself. Yeah, well…if that were true, then why did Nixon resign?  Will this item be the “much ado about nothing” story of  the day, reflecting the potential of the Moon void, along with the wiggy idealism and recklessness of other planetary patterns? Exhibit B would be the confidential memo to Robert Mueller from P45’s legal team, published over the weekend by the NYT, which asserts unprecedented presidential authority.  If only it were simply unpresidented.

As today’s PSA, here’s how you can register to vote in your state. If you are registered, but have moved since the last election, you need to update your info. Because if you don’t vote, somebody else will.

OK. What else? Just when we were recovering from Roseanne Barr’s racist remark last week, along comes comedian Samantha Bee with a sharp jab at Ivanka that many found especially offensive. But in a week dominated by that Grand Trine among Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, (suggesting an expansive focus on matters involving women) isn’t it interesting that one such focus would be a word for lady parts that is considered to be such an extreme vulgarity that it is rarely even printed?  Even actress Sally Field said that the word was totally inappropriate…and I know what you’re thinking. Sally Field? Why is Sally Field making news now?

Here is Sally Field’s horoscope. Transiting Mercury opposed her righteously opinionated Mercury-Venus conjunction last week. I haven’t looked to see what else Ms. Field might have on her plate, but this year and next year suggest potential for significant transformation and empowerment, with Pluto hitting all of the angles of her horoscope. Adding ambition and serious emotional focus to her agenda would be transiting Saturn squaring her me-me-me Aries Moon. This is balanced by the potential for expansion suggested by transiting Jupiter on her Scorpio Sun.

More to come….stay tuned….and thank you for reading this forecast.