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I have been sitting with the incredible experience of your gift and knowledge and letting it sift down into my understanding and psyche. It was a powerful time for me. I told a friend, "she is the real deal." I don't say that very often!
--Diana S.
New York

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Tuesday 11/27/2018: Late Sneak Peek at an Expansive, Insightful Week

I started writing this post yesterday (Monday) — had to put it aside before it was finished. Here’s how it went:

The work week begins with an energy surge that’s been building for the past few days — can you feel it? Jupiter, the expansive cosmic sugar daddy, met up with Sagittarius Sun at 1:34 AM ET. In Sagittarius, Jupiter facilitates the expansion of boundaries and speech. The Sun refers to the will and the heart, so grandiosity and generosity are also facilitated.

At 3:06 AM ET, retrograde Mercury squares Mars, perhaps sloppily so. You’ll feel the tension between the planets of thought and action more personally if you have a planet or angle around 6 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces or Virgo. That’s your excuse for interactions with other that are more provocative than usual, for better or for worse.

At 10:07 AM ET, Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto, suggesting a power play or a catharsis. The Moon is in Cancer today, seeking to fulfill its mission of establishing and preserving family/homeland security.  Cooking at home or other home-based aesthetic tasks would be apt tonight.

Seize the day today! You can make good use of other patterns that are exact tomorrow — TUESDAY, as follows:

  • After an hour-long Moon void, Moon enters Leo at 3:35 AM ET, looking for ways to shine, play and conduct itself with regal entitlement. Sun meets up with Mercury at 4:15 AM ET, suggesting idealism will be all over the righteous and high-flying communiques that are likely to hit the wires. These thoughts are BIG — suggested by Mercury’s meet-up with Jupiter at 5:27 PM ET. Big news in publishing, foreign affairs and legal matters — look out!
  • At 4:30 PM ET action hero Mars makes a cooperative connection with Saturn, planet of structure and discipline.

On WEDNESDAY, the Moon continues to roar through Leo, with no exact aspects. Keep on truckin’.

THURSDAY is busy. The Moon in Virgo takes over at 6:08 AM ET, after a 75 minute Moon void (you’ll barely notice). A Virgo Moon seeks to organize, analyze and make things right — cleaning up the confetti after the Leo Moon’s fiesta. And while it’s cleaning, this Virgo Moon will bounce off of seven — count ’em — seven planets: Venus, Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mars — before calling it a day. See if you notice a faster pace, compared to Wednesday.

FRIDAY is also driven by the Virgo Moon. Note your dreams upon waking, as the Moon faces off against dreamy Neptune. Your organizational efforts may feel especially empowering in the afternoon, as Moon harmonizes with Pluto. Doesn’t give you joy? Throw it out!! Meanwhile, November goes out with disruptive glamour, as Venus in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries, exact at 9:12 PM ET. This pattern has been in effect all month, frankly — and Avid Readers know that supercharged Venus-Uranus patterns favor “unconventional” attractions involving women, money, art and social expression. They also suggest disruption in the markets, aviation and technology.

SATURDAY is driven by the Moon in people-pleasing Libra as of 9:49 AM ET. Big news of this day is Mercury — retrograding itself back into the cryptic and controlling waters of Scorpio. Well, at least thinking and communication will be not-so-sloppy-Sag.

SUNDAY is also Moon-in-Libra driven, and at 12:02 PM ET, Venus follows Mercury into Scorpio. Gone is the people-pleasing diplomacy of Libra; Venus in Scorpio demands depth and substance, ruthlessly. We may see that ruthlessness in the headlines in the evening, as the boundary-pushing Sag Sun squares action hero Mars at 7:35 PM ET, followed by the Moon’s square to Pluto at 8:29 PM ET. You’ll feel the call to action/assertion more personally if you have a planet or angle around 10 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces.  Mark it in your calendar, especially if this Mars hit involves your Ascendant, Midheaven or Moon. If you haven’t the foggiest idea what I’m talking about, it’s time to get to know your horoscope in a personal consultation. Astrology is an empowering tool and I would love to teach you how to use it.

And now, the news.

Really, could there be a more perfect day to land a spacecraft on Mars? Did you watch it live? Here’s the tape.….and here is the horoscope for the successful touchdown:

How cool is it to see Mercury, Sun and Jupiter pushing boundaries to the extreme in the 9th house of foreign travel? These three are also sitting right on the Midheaven, one of the angles of the horoscope. This gives them even more clout — and oh, look! They are squaring MARS in the 1st house, which is what this boundary-pushing journey is all about! What other patterns do you see in this horoscope that aptly reflect this moment in time and space? Astrology is amazing.


Neptune turned direct over the weekend, and as you can see from the chart above, it’s getting close to making contact with four other planets: Mercury, Mars, Sun and Jupiter. Now and over the next several weeks, look for an uptick in Neptune themes: refugees, toxins, spirits of all kinds, victims, oil, vision, drugs, healing, fantasy, delusion and deception.

UPDATE: Paul Manafort, last discussed here on June 15th, in the aftermath of the second of three limiting/controlling series of hits from transiting Saturn. Now he’s dealing with the third series of controls, as Saturn squeezes his natal Venus, Mars, Sun and Neptune through January. From the NYT: Manafort Breached Plea Deal by Repeatedly Lying, Mueller Says, calling for Manafort to be sentenced immediately. But wait, there’s more Neptune scandal to be revealed! “Manafort Held Secret Talks with Assange in Ecuadorian Embassy,” says The Guardian.

Meanwhile, GM announced massive layoffs and the closing five North American factories. What else would we expect with Uranus the Disruptor in the tail end of Aries, ruler of cars? GM is transitioning to self-driving, electric cars of the future, says CNN. Self-driving cars, fueled by electricity. Yep, that sounds like Uranus (electricity) in Aries (cars, self).

I could keep on writing, but if I don’t hit “post” now, I won’t get this shipped until after my appointments today. So…here ya go…and enjoy…and thanks to all who have thought of gifting friends, colleagues and family with astrological consultations. Have you thought about booking a consultation for yourself, too? It’s time to make a plan for 2019!

Thank you for reading this forecast. Stay tuned!!

Monday 11/19/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week; Neptune Direct, Bigtime

Good Morning!

The day is driven by the Moon in me-me-me Aries, looking to get something started. Add to this the ginormous expansive potential of tonight’s square (challenge) between Mars (action! assertion!) and Jupiter  (publishing! higher education! dogma!optimism!), exact at 8:30 PM ET. If you were born around the 22nd of February, May, August or November, you’re feeling the growth potential more than most.

What could possibly trip you up? Mercury retrograde, but not just any old Mercury retrograde. The need to focus and doublecheck thrice before hitting “send” has been amplified in recent days. I say this because Mercury has been in a tense pattern with foggy Neptune. If you’re an artist, musician or other visionary type, you may be feeling divinely inspired. The rest of us may struggle to sort through the facts — and we are totally seeing this in the weekend’s headlines, as you’ll soon see.

Note the potential for a power play or an emotional catharsis around 11:21 PM ET, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto. The rest of the week goes like this:

TUESDAY: More Moon in me-me-me Aries. A clash of values (me vs. we) is possible around 10:45 AM ET, as Moon opposes Venus (social expression). An upset or surprising revelation may hit the wires around 5:46 PM ET, as Moon meets up with rebel Uranus…then goes void for an hour — you probably won’t even notice it. However, you may notice the relative calm that kicks it at 6:43 PM ET, when the Moon enters Taurus. Good food and drink, creature comforts and simple joys — that’s what Taurus seeks.

WEDNESDAY: More of the Moon in Taurus same (Taurus is not a fan of change). Good for organizing and consolidating your planned Thanksgiving feast.

THURSDAY: Happy Thanksgiving! At 4:02 AM ET the Sun leaves Scorpio for high-flying Sagittarius. Whereas Sun in Scorpio can keep much under wraps for the sake of control, Sun in Sagittarius is more inclined to let it all hang out, and never mind the mess. If you were a Centaur (half-human, half-horse), aiming an arrow at the sky, whilst galumphing across an open field, you’d trip over your four left hooves on occasion, too. But what a fitting festive energy for the beginning of the holiday season.

As opinionated as Sagittarius needs to be, note that the Taurus Moon suggests that no one’s opinions are likely to change in table conversations at your family gatherings. Plus, emotions are on the rise, with a Full Moon exact at 12:39 AM ET on Friday.

Note that the Moon will be void all day, suggesting more than the usual twists and flakes disrupting your efforts to move forward in a straight line. The void starts at 4:58 PM ET and ends at 11:10 PM ET. If you’re watching a football game, Moon voids favor surprise upsets by the underdog.

FRIDAY: Moon in Gemini suggests a big buzz on this Black Friday, in the aftermath of the early AM Full Moon (more on that in the next forecast). Moon opposes expansive Jupiter at 4:47 AM ET — let’s buy it ALL! Moon squares Mars at 7:11 AM ET, and you could not pay me to be standing in line for a sale during this potentially combative pattern. If you’d like to have an argument about it, the Moon’s opposition to Mercury (mindset, communication) will happily oblige around 3:30 PM ET. The day ends on a dreamy note, as Moon squares Neptune at 10:22 PM ET. Happy hour, anyone?

SATURDAYNeptune turns direct at 8:09 PM ET, ending a five month period of subtle focus on using your own dreams and intuition for guidance. When a planet is retrograde, the suggestion is to turn inward on issues involving that planet, as opposed to looking outside the self.  You’ll feel the effects of Neptune’s change of station more personally if you were born 13-16 days into Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius…or if you have a planet or angle at 13-16 degrees of those signs.

What kind of effects? Oh….perhaps you are feeling somewhat bewildered…or less inclined to be in Type A personality mode (if you are normally a Type A personality). You may find yourself needing to express your creativity — even if you have never thought of yourself as a “creative” person. You may also find being of service richly rewarding.

Note that whenever a planet changes direction, it pulls focus in the headlines several days before and after. See an uptick in stories of deception, dreams, drugs, oil, spirits of all kinds, etc? I sure do.

Note also that Saturday is known officially as SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY. Now is the time to support small businesses when shopping for gifts for everyone on your list. I am a small business, and I have lovely handcrafted gift certificates for assorted consultations and reports that are sure to please. I will send them to you (or the intended recipient) in an elegant and festive envelope, and your shopping will be done — huzzah!

And now, the news, starring wiggy Neptune fogging up the way we need to think (Mercury); humongous acts of generosity (Mars in Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius):

  • “Nothing on this page is real:” How Lies Become Truth in Online America. — a must-read!
  • “40 years ago, this journalist survived the Jonestown massacre. Now he warns it could happen again. ” Hopefully you all remember cult leader Jim Jones, who gave us the phrase “drink the Kool-Aid.” How fascinating to note that his horoscope has Mercury and Neptune about to change direction, same as current planetary patterns (!).  Both are in an easy flow with his Capricorn Ascendant. Translation, for non-pros: he needs to be seen as an executive in charge, who is able to convincingly communicate his (potentially delusional) vision, for better or worse. Taurus Sun; Aries Moon suggests a need to be a leader that establishes material security.  His horoscope will heat up in 2019, as transiting Pluto squares his Venus and his Saturn. Horoscopes live forever!
  • Argentina’s missing submarine found a year after it vanished with 44 aboard   Mercury retrograde may facilitate lost objects, and in this case, the sub was found with Mercury right back where it started — 13 degrees of Sagittarius — on the day an underwater explosion was detected.
  • In traditional medical astrology, Jupiter and Sagittarius refer to the hips; Jupiter is now in Sagittarius, which make it an apt time for: “Rear View: the Big Business of Bottoms.” 
  • Speaking of big business and ginormous acts of charity involving higher education, Michael Bloomberg just gave his alma mater a whopping $1.8 billion. The purpose: scholarships for low-income students. What a mensch. He’s also thinking of running for president in 2020, and yes, OK, we can see in his horoscope why he would need to muster the potent force and emotional zeal to be a contender. And yes, we can also see how his world could be turned upside down in mid-2019, as he fulfills a need to be an innovative force for change.
  • UPDATE: No surprise at all that Marianne Williamson officially announced her presidential bid last week. As I wrote in August, “With transiting Uranus supercharging her Capricorn Moon this year, we can appreciate why she’d be fired up about making something happen — whatever it takes.  Ms. Williamson was certainly on to something in her open letter to Hillary Clinton, published before Mrs. Clinton announced her presidential run. And we see other patterns in her horoscope reflecting a need to expand on a vision and get the message out there in 2019. We also see patterns requiring no small amount of discipline and focus.”
  • UPDATE: on Michael Avenatti, whose life seemed so effortlessly successful when he burst onto the scene as Stormy Daniels’ legal eagle-in-chief. But I couldn’t help but notice back then that Mr. Avenatti had a pattern in his horoscope  suggesting extreme duress and potential anguish, exact in mid-September — and in effect for a few months before and after. As I am not a psychic, I could not see exactly how that potential would play out, but now we have a few examples: TMZ reporting (in a total Mercury retrograde/possibly lying Neptune fog) of Mr. Avenatti’s arrest on charges of domestic violence — all of which remains a mystery.  And his law firm was evicted from its offices for alleged non-payment of rent, which was a pittance compared to a judgement against him in October for almost $5 million. Would it surprise you to learn that the challenging pattern in his horoscope involves his finances, self-worth and real estate? In 2019, those issues will continue to be a focus, as transiting Pluto (ruler of his 2nd House and the aforementioned financial/worth concerns) hits him from all angles. The upside potential is transformation and empowerment. We shall see.
  • TOLD YA SO: “Monica Lewinsky revisits scandal on her own terms, in new docuseries” — i.e., 20 hours of interviews. Back in May, I wrote: “Something is obviously going on in her horoscope. Take a look and immediately notice that transiting Uranus is about to square her 0 Leo Sun.  Transiting Pluto is squaring her natal Mars-Uranus opposition. I have no idea what’s she is planning this year, but she has the potential to turn a few worlds upside down with persuasive, break-through action.”  Well, now we know more about what she was planning. And just think, if Hillary Clinton were in the White House, this docu-series might well be dominating the news,  instead of P45’s new Finnish-American forest management program, “Rake America Great Again.”

In any case, if you were born on the first few days of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio you are likely ready to break out, too. Consult your local astrologer for details.

I leave you with SNL’s cold open from the weekend, in which controversial cable TV personality Laura Ingraham (played by Kate McKinnon) discusses voter fraud, interviews a guy called Vape God and introduces a new level of Mercury-square-Neptune truthiness called “Feel Facts.” It totally reflects the potential of current planetary patterns.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for sharing it with your friends. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Friday 11/16/2018: Mercury Retrograde; Venus Direct


Take it slooooow today and this weekend, as two planets — Venus and Mercury — are changing direction. Venus turns direct at 5:50 AM ET; Mercury turns retrograde at 8:33 PM ET. There will be NO COMPLAINING about Mercury retrograde, even if transportation is totally snafu’ed right here in NYC, courtesy of an early winter wonderland. Go with the Moon in Pisces flow…tune inward and contemplate deep thoughts, the more spiritual the better. Resist demands to make a final decision, oh ballot counters everywhere in the US of A.

Mind the Moon void and chill on SUNDAY between 3:04 AM ET and 10:56 AM ET. The rest of the day is driven by a fired-up Moon in Aries, no doubt inclined to huge energetic outbursts, reflecting MONDAY’s square between Mars (action!) and Jupiter (expansion!), exact at 8:30 PM ET.

And now, a reminder about how to handle Mercury retrograde:

Even if you know nothing else about astrology, you may have heard this term before. Often it’s accompanied by curses and groans, and that’s a shame. Yes, all of the flights on American Airlines might be grounded because of a computer glitch. Or the entire country of Finland might be offline because there’s a transportation strike (actual Mercury Rx events). But there’s much good that can be accomplished when the Messenger Planet appears to be retracing its steps.

Mercury—which in the language of astrology refers to mindset, travel and communication—will appear to move backward through the sky until December 6th. It’s not really moving backward, but that is how it looks from our perspective here on Spaceship Earth. Mercury goes retrograde 3-4 times each year, for a period of 22 days.

Contrary to popular belief, Mercury retrogrades are no reason to freak out. Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap because we are geared, in this crazy modern age, to always be thinking, doing, moving FORWARD. You know what that gets you? BURN OUT. We need our down times, and Mercury retrograde is a perfect time to give our minds a rest. Why else would your computer, phone and/or car choose THIS time to malfunction? Because you are supposed to be slowing down. And as you slow down, it is vitally important that you FOCUS.

When Mercury is retrograde, be prepared for travel delays, scheduling screw-ups, mechanical breakdowns, computer crashes, having to repeat what you’ve just said, misunderstandings, the past coming back for a second look, surprise reunions and having to repeat what you just said. Use your FOCUS and double check important details, like whether the restaurant you’ve chosen for a meet-up is still in business. Or whether it is booked for a commercial shoot or a private party — all of which has happened to me during Mercury retrogrades.

If you are looking for a job, Mercury retrogrades are a perfect time to reach out to people from your past. Mine your address book and trust that your contacts will be happy to hear from you. However, do not be frustrated if your target is away on vacation or keeps rescheduling meetings. Also, triple check your emails and resumes before you hit “send,” as there is a higher probability of typos and other sloppy snafus.

In your business, you’ll need to make sure all communications have been received and are clearly understood. Be mindful of the higher potential for communications equipment to go on the fritz. MAKE SURE YOUR FILES ARE BACKED UP. Also be aware of a higher than average probability for delays in shipping and travel arrangements. For this you will need an extra dose of patience.

You may also find it profitable to REview a project from the past. Maybe you shelved it then, but now is the time to REconsider. However, be advised that a spontaneously, “out-of-the-blue” idea for advancement may not be so sound when Mercury turns direct. This is why the conventional wisdom advises against finalizing and/or signing contracts on deals during Mercury retrograde. An exception might be supported if you are REnegotiating or RElocating. If you absolutely must close a deal, triple check everything. The key is not to RUSH.

This is a good time to schedule a corporate REtreat. Any activity that affords the opportunity to REview past performance is encouraged. REsearch on a new strategy is also favored.

Mercury retrogrades are not favored for launching a new website or a new communications systems. There is a higher than average probability of technical glitches and confusion.

In general, adopt a playful attitude of flexibility to whatever twists you encounter. Avoid making major purchases (especially electronic ones). Don’t believe everything you hear or read in the papers. Rumors have a higher probability of spreading during Mercury retrogrades. Avoid losing patience — that’s a big one.

When in doubt, be silent!

Do plan on RElaxing, REviewing, REsearching, REorganizing, REgenerating, REconnecting and REcreating….and REviewing your life with your astrologer.

This Mercury retrograde happens at 13 degrees of Sagittarius, suggesting that whatever is up for REview and RElaxation likely involves high-flying collective belief systems and opinions. If you have a planet or angle around 13 degrees of Gemini, Pisces, Virgo and especially Sagittarius, you are more personally affected by this particular Mercury retrograde. If you don’t have a planet on those degrees, find out what house in your horoscope 27 degrees of Scorpio through 13 Sagittarius falls. That’s is the area of your life now up for REview, as Mercury moves backwards over those degrees…and forward again on December 6th.

You all know my favorite word for Mercury is Sagittarius: sloppy! Watch for that word everywhere in the news, as in “In Florida Recount, Sloppy Signatures Placed Thousands of Ballots in Limbo,” and “Sloppy No 10 S Carolina Grinds Out 69-57 Win Over Clemson,” or “Sloppy Weather on Tap this Weekend.” Coincidence or conspiracy?

And now, more news.

TOLD YA SO: Melania Trump is freaking everyone out, as seen in this Exhibit A. “Melania Trump Leads New Round of White House Firing and Fury.” But you, dear Avid Reader, are not surprised, because you remember what happened the last time Mars triggered Mrs. P45’s natal Venus at 28 Taurus — back in January:

If you were born on the last day of Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo or Taurus…or you have a planet or angle at 29 degrees of those signs, you may be feeling especially fired up — or provoked — or perhaps even attacked — as we roll into the weekend. Same goes if you were born on the first few days of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.  Exhibit A: the revelation that P45, whose Leo Ascendant was just squared by transiting Mars, tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller back in June. Exhibit B: the First Lady, who last experienced transiting Mars opposing her natal Venus at 28 Taurus in August of 2016. That was the week the NY Post published nude photos taken in 1995. On this Mars-Venus opposition, Mrs. Trump cancelled plans to travel with her husband to Davos. It’s their 13th wedding anniversary, btw.  Might l’affaire Stormy have something to do with it? Not officially. Still,  Mrs. Trump flew to Florida earlier today.  An op-ed in the NYT marvels at  Mrs. T’s “quiet radicalism.” Just wait and see how quiet she stays when transiting Uranus conjoins her Taurus Sun next year.

Yesterday, Mars was at 29 Aquarius, triggering the horoscopes of  Mr. & Mrs. P45 as it did in January. And the headlines have been more provocative than usual, right? We’ll see more Martian provocation around March 28th, when Mars will be at 28-29 degrees of Taurus. Mark your calendars.

In other news, with Mars now in faith-based Pisces, about to square off against Jupiter in Sagittarius (sign of collective beliefs), how interesting to find these two stories in the Washington Post, pushing boundaries in matters of spirituality:

Meanwhile, judges are weighing in on freedom of the press and freedom of speech. Score one for CNN’s Jim Acosta and his souped-up horoscope (discussed last week), as he regained his White House press pass — temporarily.

Elsewhere, Facebook bad! Very very bad! So one might conclude when reading the NYT’s investigative bombshell, “Delay, Deny & Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis.”  What could be going on in Mark Zuckerberg’s horoscope to reflect this disruption of the status quo? How about Round Two of two heavy hits from cosmic disruptor-in-chief Uranus — to Mercury (how he needs to think) and Pluto (power & resources). Round One was in May; Round Three will happen at the end of February 2019 through early March….

…and that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Even though there’s so much more to write about, such as Theresa May, struggling to get her Brexit deal closed, under the streamlining squeeze of Saturn, which has already hit her Libra Sun twice this year. Third hit happens on December 4th. Now you know why reporters are writing stuff like:

Mrs. May has weathered crisis after crisis as prime minister. But commentators say she has never looked as alone as she does now.

What’s going on in your horoscope? A squeeze? A break-out? A fog? A gut renovation? Whatever it is, you’re likely to manage it more effectively if you’re prepared. That’s just one way a personal consultation can be oh-so empowering.

Thank you for reading this forecast. And thanks to Beth Owls Daughter for her groovy Mercury retrograde mash-up. Enjoy!







Monday 11/12/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week; Michelle Obama & Others, Right on Schedule

…and we’re off to the races again!

Moon is in Capricorn, looking to get down to business, so go for it. Here are the notable planetary patterns for the week:

  • TUESDAY: Moon makes its weekly clash with rebel Uranus at 10:13 AM ET, suggesting an upset to the status quo. Moon goes void for 30 minutes and then enters Aquarius, seeking to network its electric blue socks off. Now that Uranus is hanging out at the tail end of Aries, you’ll notice that Moon voids are quite brief this week. We’ll have one other on THURSDAY between 10:58 PM ET and 11:41 PM ET, and that’s it. No rest for the weary, for now.
  • WEDNESDAY: Moon continues through Aquarius with little interference. Keep on truckin’ — and BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW — in preparation for Mercury’s upcoming retrograde.
  • THURSDAY: Mars, planet of action harmonizes with Uranus, the rebel technogeek — exact at 4:31 AM ET. Until then, take advantage of the potential we have right now to act outside of the box and channel assertion for positive change. At 9:54 AM ET, the Aquarius Moon squares the Scorpio Sun. How are all those “smiling girls’ faces” holding up? I’m talking about the seeds planted during last week’s New Moon in Scorpio. Today’s First Quarter Moon suggests a chance to work out the details and move forward. It harmonizes with Venus and Uranus at 2:05 PM ET and 10:58 PM ET, suggesting a innovative easy spin in matters of women, money and social expression.
  • THURSDAY: Mars leaves rebel Aquarius for the steaming cauldron it creates when it plunges into Pisces. It’s steams because that’s what fiery Mars does when it hits the water and dissipates into thin air. Pisces is not a comfortable place for Mars, which is more effective when it can be direct. And how annoying it is to have to consider the soulful suffering (Pisces) of all humanity instead of gratifying one’s own ego drive (Mars)? Still, it is determined to try. Watch for these themes to be exaggerated and expanded upon, for better or for worse, around November 19th, as Mars is supercharged by Jupiter. Look for Mars in Pisces to put a major stamp on the next lunar cycle, as it meets up with wiggy Neptune on December 7th, the next New Moon.
  • FRIDAY: This day is driven by the Moon in Pisces, seeking empathy, ideals and impressions. At 5:50 AM ET, Venus finally turns direct, and we’ll have from now until December 15th to review our impulsive aesthetic and value choices made during Venus retrograde. At 8:33 PM ET, Mercury officially turns retrograde, and thou shalt not grumble or panic. We need these down times to review our progress over the past few months. Thus it will be your sacred charge to review everything thrice while the planet of thoughts and communication is moving backwards through high-flying (but potentially sloppy) Sagittarius. Mercury turns direct on December 6th, the day before that Mars-Neptune meet-up. That day sounds ripe for a tangled web of inspiration; we’ll see how much of it is real.
  • SATURDAY: Go with the flow of the Pisces Moon and feel free to shop. If you’re holiday shopping already (everyone at the mall was over the weekend), my money says your generous impulses will rule. There is no Moon void to interfere with your intuitive impulses. Gift certificates for astrological consultations and/or personal reports are sure to be appreciated by anyone on your shopping list. What other gift screams so convincingly (and accurately), “It’s all about YOU!”
  • SUNDAY:  Take advantage of the Moon void by sleeping in. The void is between 3:04 AM ET and 10:56 AM ET, after which the Moon charges into me-me-me Aries, happily jumping off cliffs with exuberance, aided and abetted by Mercury retrograde and that big, fat, expansive surge of energy otherwise knows as Mars (action) square Jupiter (expansion), exact on MONDAY at 8:30 PM ET.

Bottom line: compared to last week, it’s relatively chill.

And now, the news.

UPDATE: On Michelle Obama, who’s right on schedule. With transiting Uranus supercharging her Capricorn Sun in 2017 and early 2018, she harnessed that liberating potential to write her autobiography with no holds barred. It’s being published as transiting Saturn meets up with her natal Mercury, suggesting the advance of a sobering mindset that minces no words. It wasn’t easy for her to get pregnant. She had a miscarriage. No way in hell was she going to smile at P45’s inauguration. Etc. Here’s what’s on her plate through 2022 — posted in 2016.

UPDATE: On the state of California, whose horoscope continues to function as we might expect, for better and sadly, for worse. Avid Readers will recall that California is in a period of volatility that is not likely to end next year (see prior link for thought posted in January 2018).  By nature, California is designed to disrupt the status quo, as it has in its horoscope the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1850 — at 29 degrees of Aries. Avid Readers will recall that on Election Day, Uranus returned to 29 Aries, triggering California’s horoscope — exact on November 10th and again on November 17th (the third and final hits occur between February 19th and March 2nd). Adding anguish to the potential for upsets is transiting Pluto square its natal Saturn, in effect for the past couple of years, and exact for the last time on December 7th. Now we are seeing the downside of these patterns in devastating wild fires — the deadliest in California’s history. Paradise has literally burned to the ground.   California Avid Readers, please stay safe.

TOLD YA SO: “New Cholesterol Guidelines Offer Personalized Approach” — just days after Jupiter (which refers to the liver in traditional medical astrology) enters optimistic Sagittarius.

DITTO: “In North Korea, Missile Bases Suggest a Great Deception.”— despite P45’s June 13th tweet assuring us that NoKo was no longer a nuclear threat.  One of the fun things you can do with astrology is run a horoscope for the moment a statement is released (written or verbal, either will work). You can assess the veracity of the statement by examining patterns in the horoscope. When I looked at the horoscope for 6/13/2018 at 5:53 AM ET at Andrews AFB, MD, it failed the truth test. This is a useful technique for evaluating the truth of other statements, including, but not limited to: “the dog ate my homework,” “I will always love you,” etc.

THIS, TOO: Breaking news at WaPo: “Botched Israeli Operation in Gaza Triggers Sharp Escalation of Violence.”   Avid Readers know that Israel’s horoscope is hot, with its regal Leo Moon and Mars eclipsed in July 2018 and August 2017, respectively. Mars is currently at 28 degrees of Aquarius, exactly opposite Israeli’s Mars at 28 Leo, suggesting strong potential for provocative assertion or aggression. Coincidence or conspiracy? Here’s the post from July, with a link to Israel’s horoscope.

Meanwhile, there is always always good news  to report — thanks to the NYT’s  “The Week in Good News.” Indulge and enjoy! And yes, I am still offering a few solid paragraphs on the indulgences Jupiter’s entry into Sagittarius is likely to bring for you. Reply to this email with your date, time and place of birth. Then toss $44 into my Cosmic Tip Jar — a.k.a. the Big Gold DONATE button in the left side of this page on my website (you do not need a PayPal account; just use your credit card).  I will send you insights within a day or so. Fun!

Thank you for reading this forecast, and for sharing it with your friends. Your friends are wonderful, just like you.


Thursday 11/8/2018 & the Weekend: Election Day Wrap

TGIt’s almost F!

The Scorpio Moon will be void between 5:42 AM  and 1:59 PM ET. That’s your excuse for any slow starts, twists and flakes that disrupt your effort to move forward in a straight line. No impulse shopping and no freaking out over “crises” that may crop up. Your purchase may not deliver as promised, but that crisis is likely to go away when the Moon gets back on track.

Once the Moon enters Sagittarius, see if you notice a lift in spirits — and for some, an exaggerated exuberance — as Moon meets up with Jupiter at 2 PM ET.  Take a walk in nature; see a foreign film; engage in a righteous debate. All are favored until 10:55 PM ET on SATURDAY, when the Moon leaves Sag for Capricorn. On FRIDAY, thoughts and communication may be expansive and sloppy in the AM; somewhat bewildering, inspired or delusional in the PM. Moon meets up with Mercury at 8:37 AM ET; it squares nebulous Neptune at 3:42 PM ET. In between, there’s a lovely harmony between the yin and yang, suggested by a trine between Venus and Mars, exact at 10:12 AM ET.  This pattern suggests a fine time to work things out with a significant other.

Patterns on Saturday are light. SUNDAY is driven by the Moon in Capricorn, seeking to take care of business. A heavy meet-up between the Moon and Saturn at 10:25 AM ET adds gravitas; a harmony between the Sun and Pluto suggests an easy power play.

No sleeping in on Monday. The Moon continues in Capricorn, and it won’t be void.

And now, the news — tons of it.

Building to a release at 5:42 AM ET today was a tense square between Mars (action, guns, military, courage, aggression) and the Scorpio Moon. Mars is in Aquarius, suggesting a rebel with a cause. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. On Tuesday, Uranus re-entered Aries. Mars rules Aries. So we see that there is now a relationship between Mars and Uranus (technology, eccentricity, disruptor, shocks), as each planet is in the sign ruled by the other. It’s a mutual attraction, suggesting an ease of expression in matters symbolized by these two signs and planets. The technical term for this relationship is “mutual reception.” I’m seeing it reflected in the morning headlines by yet another mass shooting — this one in Thousand Oaks, California. Two of those killed were “good guys with guns.” The perpetrator was a 28-year-old Caucasian male and an ex-Marine who apparently suffered from PTSD. Mars will leave Aquarius on November 16th.

In other news,  Jupiter is now officially in Sagittarius (as of 7:38 AM ET), where it happily pushes boundaries in matters related to free speech, publishing, law, borders, travel, righteous opinions, hot air, etc —  until December 3, 2019. What does this suggest in your own personal world? I will be happy to write up a few paragraphs about what opportunities Jupiter in Sagittarius is likely to bring for you. Reply to this email with your date, time and place of birth. Then toss $44 into my Cosmic Tip Jar — a.k.a. the Big Gold DONATE button in the left side of this page on my website (you do not need a PayPal account; just use your credit card).  I will send you insights within a day or so. Fun!

Meanwhile, right on schedule, here is the big story reflecting Jupiter’s ingress into Sagittarius (file this under “I told you so”): CNN Jim Acosta was actually accosted yesterday during a P45 press conference. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied and implied Mr. Acosta inappropriately touched a White House intern. She tweeted as evidence  a video edited by Infowars (a conspiracy-theory outfit which has been banned from Twitter and other social media sites). Later that night, Mr. Acosta was denied access to another White House press event. But let WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin explain it all for you (and argue that Mr. Acosta should sue).

Mr. Acosta (Apr 17, 1972) is an Aries with Moon and Mars in enterprising Capricorn. His Mercury is at 0 Taurus. His Sun and Mercury are being supercharged by transiting Uranus; transiting Pluto is supercharging his Mars. Perhaps transiting Saturn is now on his Capricorn Moon; without a birth time, we do not know. Translation: we see the strong potential for his communication to be disruptive and for actions to be provocative and powerful. Fun fact: his Mars opposes P45’s Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer; his Saturn squares P45’s natal Mars in regal Leo. We can see in the astrology why P45 experiences Mr. Acosta as a threat to his authority and would want to shut him down. Exhibit A: “White House Goes Authoritarian on CNN’s Jim Acosta.”   The authoritarian dreams referred to in last Friday’s forecast are quite real.

The timing of this brazen move is also in sync with P45’s horoscope. From Monday’s post:

A power play the day before Election Day? With transiting Mars (action) and Jupiter (expansion) about to make contact with the Midheaven and Ascendant of P45’s horoscope on November 6th and 7th, respectively, we’ll find out soon enough.

I would argue that the dismissal of Attorney General  Jeff Sessions qualifies as a P45 pre-Election Day power play. Mr. Sessions’ letter of “resignation” was not dated (suggesting it was written earlier than yesterday), and it was released hours after the Democrats regained control of the House. (Fun fact: P45 immediately threatened to take “a warlike posture” if the House initiated Certain Investigation. That’s consistent with what we’d expect with Mars and Jupiter activating P45’s horoscope.)

The timing of Sessions’ firing should be no surprise to Avid Readers, who were informed back in January that transiting Saturn would be hitting Mr. Sessions’ Capricorn Sun and Mars three times in 2018. Strong potential for advancement (upside) and for hitting a brick wall (downside). So when did transiting Saturn clip his highly effective potential for action, symbolized by his natal Mars in Capricorn? ON NOVEMBER 7TH. Coincidence or conspiracy?

A pause, while I create for myself the Sabian Symbol for yesterday’s New Moon in Scorpio: “A girl’s face breaking into a smile.”   Mix it up with Uranus in Aries opposing Venus in Libra, a pattern facilitating “unconventional” attractions; Venus and Uranus in harmony with Mars in Aquarius:

I did believe that Democrats would take the House, and here’s why. Patterns in 2019 are more expansive than restraining for P45 in 2019. But in 2020, he will have transiting Pluto opposing his natal Saturn. This suggests an anguished year; great effort with high stakes. I did not believe this pattern could manifest without a change in House leadership. With few exceptions, Republicans in Congress have demonstrated that they are fine with enabling the man who would be king. It will be up to the Democrats in the House and the Attorneys General in Democratic states to put him in a power squeeze. This is going to take some time. So even if P45 acts rashly (see paragraph below) and tries to squash Robert Mueller’s investigation, as NYT’s Paul Krugman is currently tweeting, House Democrats now have subpoena power, so the truth is going to come out. I pay attention to Mr. Krugman because history and statistics prove he is an accurate pundit.

Meanwhile, despite the hard reality check transiting Saturn delivers to P45’s smoke and mirrors Neptune on Sunday 11/11, we can expect him to be swinging wildly against perceived attacks, as transiting Mars continues to activate aggressive patterns, exact on November 10th and 15th. Another hit of gravitas falls on December 10th, as transiting Saturn opposes his natal Mercury. This is followed by a rash/shocking initiative around December 13th, when transiting Mars activates his natal Uranus (rebel). Exhibit A: Kellyanne Conway’s husband just co-wrote an op-ed declaring that P45’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General is totally unconstitutional.  With Jeff Sessions now gone, Whitaker is now overseeing Mueller’s investigation. Did you know that Whitaker was on the board of a company that settled a “vast scam” in May? It was like Trump University — but for inventors.

In other news, I did not expect Beto O’Rourke to defeat Ted Cruz in Texas. Ted Cruz is under the protective aura of transiting Jupiter conjunct his natal Venus, exact on November 16th, along with other expansive patterns.  No one should be surprised that Mitt Romney is now Senator Romney (R-UT). Told ya so back in January.  Not surprised Scott Walker tanked. His horoscope just doesn’t have the heat it did back in 2011. I can’t believe I’ve been following him for seven years. Bye, Felicia!

Meanwhile, fingers crossed for Nancy Pelosi — last discussed in March. With transiting Saturn on her pioneering Aries Sun righthisminute and transiting Uranus just off her hard-working Saturn-Pluto square, she is due for an upset to the status quo. Whether it puts her back in power as House Majority Leader or cuts her off, I can’t say. Transiting Saturn could go either way, and we do not have a birth time. But if P45 is telling everyone he wants to work with her, you know darn well he’s only doing it in the hopes that her colleagues won’t vote for someone he says he supports.  Here’s her horoscope.

One last political note: as predicted, there were massive technical snafus at the polls. At my New York polling place, our electronic scanner crashed, creating huge lines and delays. Every person in America should be screaming for the return of non-electronic voting machines. Contact your local board of elections and state lawmakers.

Meanwhile, in non-political news, here’s an interesting one reflecting the dreamy healing potential of last weekend’s Sun-Neptune trine: “What If the Placebo Effect Isn’t A Trick?” Reflecting the disruptive potential of Uranus in Taurus, opposed by Venus (unconventional creative expression, likely involving innovation and/or technology): “A Portrait Created by AI Just Sold for $432,000” — yeah, two weeks ago — but at least it’s not politics.

What do all these patterns mean for you? When are you likely to encounter a brick wall? A big boost? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. If have no need of a personal consultation but love love love these forecasts, I invite you to demonstrate their value by donating to my Cosmic Tip Jar. You’ll find it on the left hand column of this page right here. Big gold button that says DONATE. Can’t miss it. Thank you!

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Monday 11/5/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week; Jupiter in Sagittarius

Happy Monday!

A Libra Moon drives the day with a need for fairness and balance. Its weekly clash  with Pluto at 12:57 PM, suggests an emotional catharsis or power play, energized by a harmony with action hero Mars at 9:43 PM ET.  Moon goes void at 3:02 AM ET on TUESDAY, which is Election Day in the U.S. Its last aspect is a meet up with Venus (women, money, social expression).

Here’s the layout for Tuesday:

  • First, we are in the balsamic phase of the lunar cycle, a time for wrapping up projects started on the New Moon of October 8th. Back room meetings and other covert activities reflect the potential of these days with no light reflected by the Moon from the Sun. A “dead” Moon suggests listlessness or restlessness, as we sense something new is around the corner, but we don’t know what.
  • A harmony between the Sun and Neptune, exact at 1:41 AM ET, suggests oil poured on troubled waters, healing, pacifism and empathy. That’s the upside. Sample non-political headline: Spanking is Ineffective and Harmful to Children, Pediatricians’ Group Says. Downside: rose-colored glasses bordering on the delusional.
  • Voting begins on the East Coast with a void-of-course Libra Moon, increasing the potential for flakes, twists and upsets favoring underdogs until 8:02 AM ET, when the Moon enters Scorpio. A Scorpio Moon is driven by a need for emotional depth, power, control and possibly payback. The disruptive potential is increased by Moon’s weekly clash with rebel technogeek Uranus one minute later, at 8:03 AM ET. What could go wrong? Tech snafus, perhaps. Meanwhile, are we surprised to learn that the weather forecast for Election Day includes thunderstorms and tornadoes on the East Coast? No, we are not. Here’s the forecast for the whole country — get out and vote anyway, as if your life depends on it.
  • Uranus makes another dramatic shift at 1:50 PM ET, leaving comfort-seeking Taurus for me-me-me Aries. Uranus, as you know, is retrograde. It turns direct on January 6th, three days after the start of the 116th Congress. Between November 6th and March 6th, Uranus will retrace the steps it made at the last degrees of Aries in March and April 2018. A review of headlines in early spring offer clues to what we’ll see again over the next months; search the archives. In Aries, Uranus brought us the self-driving car, robot warfare, the gig economy, the selfie and any other revolutionary me-me-me idea about being first.
  • The Scorpio Moon’s drive for control is aided by a cooperative alignment with Saturn, planet of structure and discipline. Whatever is on your plate for tomorrow, make it so.

Planetary patterns for the rest of the week:

  • WEDNESDAY: Note your dreams upon waking, as nebulous Neptune harmonizes with the Moon at 8:31 AM ET. The New Moon begins at 11:02 AM ET at 15 degrees of Scorpio. Pause; light a candle and make a list of intentions for the next cycle.  I am intrigued by the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon: “A girl’s face breaking into a smile.” Sabian Symbol sage Blain Bovee calls it “an image of a sudden shattering of a rigid expression…” conveying many things, e.g., sudden joy, amusement or smug conceit. It suggests a release of tension, a lightening of the mood and a big exhale. Given all the press in the U.S. of how women are likely to decide — and how many are running in —  this election, I find it encouraging. Meanwhile, did you know that in Ethiopia, half the cabinet ministers are women, and that last week, a woman was sworn as the first woman Supreme Court chief? 
  • THURSDAY: The Scorpio Moon goes void on a clash with Mars at 5:42 AM ET, as someone’s Twitter feed is sure to explode.  Chill through the  six-hour “crisis” and resume focus when Moon enters Sagittarius at 1:59 PM ET, lifting spirits everywhere.
  • THURSDAY: Jupiter leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius at 7:38 AM ET. Jupiter refers to expansion, for better (good fortune, abundance) or worse (bombast, excess). Jupiter rules Sagittarius, sign of righteous opinions and enthusiastic boundary-pushing. Sagittarius refers to collective belief systems (law, education, philosophy, dogma), mass media, horses, professional sports leagues, broad comedy, internationalism, the hip, the liver, the pancreas and more. These are areas in which we will see efforts to push the limits with exuberance or hubris.
  • Issues of control that were hot when Saturn was in Sagittarius (December 2014 – December 2017) will be back in the spotlight, big time. Those issues included border control (Saturn refers to limits; Sagittarius refers to foreigners) and control of mass opinion (via mass media), with no small touch of the surreal. The “surreal” was suggested by three hits of Neptune (in Pisces) squaring Saturn. Here’s a recap of that, posted in 2015.
  • FRIDAY: Venus trines (harmonizes) with Mars, in effect all week and exact at 10:12 AM ET. We have an opportunity to soften the cranky edginess of Venus being retrograde (the shock of realizing that our social circles and investments may not reflect our true values) through effective action (Mars). In the news, look for harmony between the yin and the yang.
  • NEXT FRIDAY: Venus turns direct on the same day that Mercury turns retrograde. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW.

And now, the news.

“Vote your values.” That’s a quote from Oprah Winfrey that made headlines over the weekend, as she went door-to-door in Georgia, campaigning for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. But if you Google “vote your values” you’ll find a slew of organizations — blue and red — using that call to action. Reviewing values — how very Venus retrograde.

It’s a dead Moon. The Sun is trine Neptune. I can’t bear to write another word about a political campaign. I am holding my breath and cautiously optimistic. Tomorrow I’ll be at the polls at 5 AM, serving as a pollworker. It’s something I have within my power to do: help others exercise their right to have a say in how things get done.

Neptune refers to music and idealism. It’s quite prominent in the horoscope of Barbra Streisand, squaring Mars at the Aries Point. That’s one suggestion of enigmatic charisma. It’s a key component in her professional status, as it trines Uranus and Saturn, ruler of her Capricorn Midheaven (career point). Saturn with Uranus suggests a need to reinvent the wheel, blending the best of the old guard with the avant garde.  With Saturn at the top of her horoscope and squaring her me-me-me pioneering Aries Ascendant all this year, it’s no surprise to see her back in the public eye, and at the top of her game.

Ms. Streisand is a Taurus with the Sun conjunct Mercury, both of which square the Moon and Pluto in drama queen Leo. Idealism and more star power potential! Those four planets were activated by this summer’s Mars retrograde, Venus retrograde and the July 26th eclipse. Humming in the background is the breakout potential of transiting Uranus on her Sun and Pluto — exact in 2019. That would be an apt time to finish her memoirs, now four years in the writing.

Last week she was a guest on James Corden’s Car Pool Karaoke, belting out tunes and talking up her new album, Walls.  That’s the link to the segment, along with other stories from the Good News Network, which is all I’d like to read under current planetary patterns.

Finally, here’s Beth Owls Daughter’s Tarot card for this potent week.

Hopefully there will be more good news in the next forecast. Whatever happens, there is sure to be good news in some part of your life. What’s penciled in to your cosmic calendar? I’d be delighted to give you the 411 in a personal consultation. Here’s how to contact me.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for sharing it with your friends.

And now, a message from our sponsor:

I actually got into a heated discussion last week with two usually informed adults who insisted that all 435 seats in the House were NOT up for re-election. Wrong! Here’s how to find your polling place and confirm that you are registered to vote.


Friday 11/2/2018 & the Weekend: The Week That Was; Mercury Rx Alert

Alllllllll righty then!

We’re back and appreciate all Avid Readers who checked in this week, wondering where I was. Answer: focused on client consultations and other commitments that took me away from my desk and the several hours it takes to gather news and analyze horoscopes. Still, I’d do it every day — if I could — and appreciate your continued interest and support.

Last week, we were looking at a Full Moon that suggested disruptive and shocking news, brought to you by the Sun’s annual opposition with rebel Uranus. Mars (action, guns, aggression, courage) was running wild in the cosmos; so was Pluto (power, decay, transformation, ruthlessness). “Running wild” means that those two planets were not in aspect to any other planet. An unaspected planet becomes a focal point. Mars is in Aquarius, suggesting — as defined by astrologer Noel Tyl — a rebel with a cause. Pluto has been in Capricorn since forever, suggesting power plays and corruption exposed among the Powers That Be.

This week started with the Moon in Cancer, seeking to establish home, family and homeland security. How? With a surge of information, as Mercury (info) met up with Jupiter (expansion) at 27 Scorpio. Oh joy oh joy — we are now in the shadow phase of the last Mercury retrograde of 2018: November 16 – December 6th. The shadow phase refers to the path that Mercury will retrace during its retrograde and subsequent forward motion.

  • Mercury was at 27 Scorpio on Monday;
  • it will turn retrograde at 13 Sagittarius on November 16th.
  • It will retrace its steps until December 6th, when it turns direct at 27 Scorpio.
  • Mercury will be out of its shadow phase on December 25th, when it moves past 13 Sagittarius.

Point is, that whatever information and negotiating you are doing between now and November 16th may be REviewed, REnegotiated, REetc — so be flexible. Clear?

With Mercury’s shadow in mind, it was highly amusing to receive an email from CNN on Monday AM, apologizing for the many typos in its daily news digest (e.g., congratulating the World Series champs  — the “Red Sex” instead of the Red Sox). Coincidence or conspiracy?

On Tuesday, after a 12-minute void nobody noticed, Moon entered rip roarin’ Leo at 10:42 PM ET.  There it will continue to issue royal edicts and party on until it goes void on FRIDAY at 12:31 AM — but only for an hour or so — hardly noticeable.

Meanwhile, WEDNESDAY featured four notable patterns:

  • At 12:39 AM ET Mercury left Scorpio for Sagittarius. Deep thoughts held close to the vest for the sake of control are now history. In Sagittarius, Mercury suggests a mindset that needs to push boundaries, driven by righteously opinionated ideals. Upside: how refreshing. Downside: how sloppy — as in that sloppy tax bill that was rammed through the House and Senate last year, during a Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius. Seriously, “sloppy” was what it was called all over the place — but you heard it hear first.
  • In effect all week, the electric buzz of an opposition between Venus (women, money, art) and Uranus would have been reflected in any headline or close encounter with an unconventional attraction or upset in matters of social expression.  That happened at 4:45 AM ET. If you have a planet around 0 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius you may have gotten a little hit of humanitarian love. Here’s a sample headline: “Google Walkout: Employees Stage Protest Over Handling of Sexual Harassment”.
  • At 12:40 PM, the Sun and Moon squared off, suggesting a crisis or action point on whatever what released in the wake of last week’s Full Moon.
  • At 3:42 PM ET — hallelujah hallelujah — retrograde Venus left Scorpio for Libra, instantly changing the tone of this Venus retrograde’s REview of what, whom and how we love. Traditionally, Venus is not at its best in Scorpio. Loyal to a fault, but potentially controlling and prepared to act on the maxim that “revenge is a dish best served cold.” In Libra, Venus can be sweetly accommodating, willing to see both sides — and even talk about it. Venus in Libra values fairness, diplomacy and harmony in relationships. And that’s where Venus will be on November 6th, when everyone reading this forecast, along with all of your friends and relations, goes to vote — if you haven’t already.

Party on with exuberance for the rest of the day (Thursday), aided by a bombastic challenge to the festive/regal Leo Moon from Jupiter, now in the last degrees of depth-seeking Scorpio. That’s exact 11:25 PM ET, and it’s all over the news and P45’s horoscope, as he tries to scare everyone into voting for candidates who will enable authoritarian dreams.  This would reflect the harshest potential of next year’s meet up of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, in the wake of the never-ending series of Uranus-Pluto squares that occurred between 2011 and 2016.  It is not unique to the United States — look who just won an election in Brazil — a country whose environmental policies affect everyone on the planet.


at 1:48 AM ET on FRIDAY, Moon enters Virgo to set things right, down to the last detail. No skipping out early, but some enchanted evening may be in store as the Moon opposes dreamy Neptune at 1:22 AM ET on SATURDAY. Not only that, but the Scorpio Sun is also in alignment with Neptune, exact on 1:41 AM ET on TUESDAY. Meanwhile, Venus (women/yin) and Mars (men/yang) are actually getting along all next week, with an exact trine (harmony) next Friday morning. I find this encouraging.

Shop intuitively this weekend; the only Moon void happens between 2:26 AM ET and 4:01 AM ET on SUNDAY. Moon then enters Libra, seeking fairness, balance — or at least a good debate. A wet blanket may materialize around 1:02 PM ET, as the Moon is squared by Saturn. Don’t call Mom.

No sleeping in on Monday. There is no void, and the Moon’s weekly clash with Pluto happens at 12:55 PM. A power play the day before Election Day? With transiting Mars (action) and Jupiter (expansion) about to make contact with the Midheaven and Ascendant of P45’s horoscope on November 6th and 7th, respectively, we’ll find out soon enough.

And now, the news.

As you know, dominant headlines in the wake of the Full Moon did reflect the worst potential of Sun-Uranus shocks, and Mars – Pluto (violence, destruction) running wild.

  • A Florida man sent pipe bombs to two former U.S. presidents and other lawmakers who are members of the Democratic Party, as well as CNN, actor Robert DeNiro and many more.  No one is surprised to learn that the would-be MAGAbomber was an ardent P45 supporter, or that his targets were all persons and entities attacked by P45. Thankfully no one was physically harmed.
  • A Pennsylvania man murdered 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday. In Mister Rogers’ neighborhood. During a bris. Those who lost their lives ranged in age from 54 to 97.  It was the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in recent U.S. history. The Pennsylvania man was shot several times and treated at a local hospital…by several Jewish medical professionals, including this man, Dr. Cohen.

In other news…

UPDATE: Caitlyn Jenner is once again clutching her pearls over the P45 administration’s apparent intention (leaked) to strip away civil rights protections for transgendered people by defining “gender” by  whatever equipment you have at birth — no returns or exchanges.  She is shocked — shocked — shocked — right on schedule. And says she was wrong– wrong — wrong to believe that she could count on P45 for support. Her horoscope is being rattled by transiting Uranus conjunct her potentially humanitarian Aquarius Moon and squaring her Scorpio Sun and Ascendant. She could really rock the world over the next two years  — and not just because of her new friendship with 22-year-old Sophia Hamilton. Let’s see where she’s at in the summer.

UPDATE: Angela Merkel is also right on schedule. Last week she announced she would step down as leader of her political party, though offered to stay on as Chancellor until 2021. She became Chancellor in 2005, with transiting Saturn conjunct her Cancer Sun. Tension in her horoscope reflects the potential for change — with a possible wipeout in 2019.  If her 6 PM birth time is accurate, we see transiting Neptune squaring her expansive Sagittarius Ascendant, with a first hit exact in March. Meanwhile, transiting Pluto will square her Midheaven (career/public status), another suggestion of major transformation, for better or worse.

Meanwhile, don’t believe astrologers who tell you that when Jupiter is hot in your horoscope, everything is going to be hunky-dory.  True, Jupiter refers to abundance and good fortune — but sometimes it may simply suggest expansion, and that’s not always good. Take Megyn Kelly, for example. She’s a Scorpio who had transiting Jupiter on her Sun just days ago, on October 20th. Not the backdrop you’d expect for a headline like this: “Megyn Kelly’s Blackface Comment Killed Her NBC Show” — although she is reportedly exiting the network with $69 million. We don’t have a birth time for Ms. Kelly, but if she has an early Leo Moon, transiting Uranus squaring that Moon would definitely reflect a shocking upset to her status quo. Prediction: next summer is likely to be tough.

Closing with a WaPo article that made me smile — “How ‘Kindness Contagion’ Improves Lives, Especially Now.” More, please. Enjoy.

Thank you for reading this forecast. To find out what it all means for you personally, here’s the 411 on personal consultations. We will have a fun and productive discussion together.