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"The reading was a partnership between the two of us; she did not simply recite planetary signs and meanings, but had a conversation with me, continually asking what I made of what she saw, and what I thought I could do to change the things I want to change.

When the names of other people in my life came up, she quickly looked up their charts on her computer and commented on their roles in my life -- painting a fuller picture of where I was, where I wanted to go, and how I could get there.

What was impressive was that Elisabeth took all the planets, people, and situations that made up my life and created a context for them all that was positive, hopeful, and exciting!

She has a lovely personality, a sharp wit, and a gift for astrological interpretation."

--Bill W.
New York

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December 2018
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Monday 12/10/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week; Tree Story Update

Happy Monday!

The Moon in enterprising Capricorn continues to drive the day, as it has been doing since 7:01 AM ET on Saturday. How much business did you take care of — even around the house — over the weekend, hmm? Practical communication that is also innovative and/or disruptive is suggested in the afternoon, as Moon sextiles (harmonizes) with Mercury at 3:38 PM ET, followed by its weekly clash with rebel Uranus at 4:27 PM ET.  Chill during the ensuing two-hour Moon void and remember that crises which crop up during Moon voids are often much ado about nothing.

At 6:39 PM ET, Moon enters humanitarian Aquarius, looking for its new best buddy. It drives the bus until THURSDAY at 7:40 AM ET. Then Moon enters Pisces for the rest of the work week, seeking to work with ideals, impressions and empathy.

As noted in the last forecast, there are no exact aspects among the planets this week, except from the Moon. Uranus and Pluto are especially isolated from the other kids in the cosmos. What does that suggest? It suggests that issues symbolized by Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn are running wild, including, but not limited to: self-driving cars, rebellion, news from underground, the PTB, corruption exposed, etc. I’m ready for anything. We’re working with New Moon energy, with every planet except Uranus moving full speed ahead, with no trippy Moon voids to space people out. Onward!

On WEDNESDAY at 6:43 PM ET, Mercury leaves Scorpio and re-enters Sagittarius. See if you notice the shift in the headlines, as thought and communication once again push the envelope with optimism, righteousness and sloppiness.

On SATURDAY at 6:49 AM ET we’ll have the First Quarter Moon between the high-flying Sag Sun and the empathetic Pisces Moon. This suggests a necessary adjustment to the New Moon agenda you set last week. Go with the Pisces Moon flow and roll with the twists and flakes, as the Moon will be void until 7:44 PM ET. Save the impulse shopping for SUNDAY, as purchases made during Moon voids often do not measure up to expectations.

Just in time for the holidaze! The 2019 Really Useful Mercury Retrograde Bookmarks! Everybody loves these super-handy bookmarks, which clearly tell you when Mercury will be retrograde in 2019 (three times next year!) A list of helpful coping strategies is also provided. Makes a great stocking-stuffer for friends and family — 3 for $11.88! Toss that silver into my Cosmic Tip Jar— there’s a link to it on the left hand column on this page.  Then send me your name and snail mail address. Ooh — and here’s another fab gift idea: clarity, direction and confidence. Otherwise known as gift certificates for reports and consultations. 

And now, the news — most all of which reflects the Alice in Wonderland potential of last week’s Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces; Sun square Neptune.

UPDATE: on John F. Kelly, the now soon-to-be-departing White House Chief of Staff. We discussed his horoscope a couple of times, here and here. Last year, Kelly’s Saturn was under the bewildering spell of transiting Neptune. The fog has now lifted. Not only that, but transiting Mars just opposed his Saturn, suggesting an encounter with a brick wall. Thus it has been announced that he will leave the White House by the end of the year. On December 20th, transiting Mars will oppose his natal Mars, suggesting action on his part or an attack. Perhaps he’ll skip out early.

UPDATE: on the Uranus-Neptune semi-square, which has been active since August 2017. Its purpose is to give us the chance to take a hard second look at the “we are all connected” potential of 1993’s Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. Is Facebook really that great? Are we happier together with our faces perpetually glued to tiny screens that may well make us go blind? On the lighter side, fashionistas will recall that 1993 brought us goth and grunge. How totally cool to find this fashion supplement in today’s NYT: “Redux Grunge Collection 1993/2018 by Marc Jacobs”  And by “cool,” I’m referring to the apt timing. I’m not convinced the collection itself qualifies. What do you think?

UPDATE: on the maple trees in my courtyard, because many Avid Readers have asked. You are so awesome to ask about trees! I’m pleased to report that most were saved — but not without drama. After rallying a few dozen neighbors to petition our less-than-transparent co-op board, a landscaping committee was formed to steer the courtyard renovation project.  It took almost two months to get a written report from the arborist — the darn thing was supposed to be delivered to us by Labor Day. The report recommended taking out only a select few trees that had been declared dead or “compromised.”  Three saplings would be transplanted to more spacious accommodations in the courtyard.

It’s a good thing we formed a committee of Concerned Treehuggers. Why? Because as you may recall from my original post in August, a dozen trees in the courtyard were marked for destruction with red paint. The paint can’t be removed, because it might hurt the trees. Meanwhile, the landscaping crew was working without supervision. Apparently they did not understand the Actual Plan, which was to only cut down three trees.

A member of the landscaping committee just happens to live in an apartment overlooking the courtyard, and was working at home that day.  She watched the crew cut down a perfectly healthy tree. Fortunately she was able to reach the super and a board member, who ran outside just as the crew was preparing to chop down another tree — I kid you not. The landscaper will replace the tree that was cut down in error. Ya think?

The good news is that the way our building is managed is changing for the better. Residents are more involved, because we have insisted on being a part of managing our shared investment. Our group of Concerned Neighbors continues to meet once a month for pow-wows. We are building a more caring community. One day, perhaps we will take over the world.

Now don’t forget: Mercury retrograde bookmarks! Gift certificates for everyone on your shopping list! Appointments for yourself — to plan your strategy for 2019! Astrologers are like dentists, doncha’ know. For maximum effectiveness, schedule regular check-ups every six months to a year.

Thank you for reading this forecast.




Wednesday 12/5/2018: Late Sneak Peek at a Wonderland Week; New Moon in Sagittarius; Mercury Direct, Mars, Neptune & More

It’s 3 PM ET on Wednesday as I type — despite my best intentions to post on Monday. At 4:53 PM ET the Moon goes void with a sigh…and I can’t wait for 9:49 PM ET to arrive, as the Moon will enter Sagittarius, lifting spirits to infinity and beyond. Right now — and since Monday at 2:55 PM ET — Moon is wallowing in the depth-seeking, controlling territory of Scorpio. No more airy-fairy theories that defined the weekend’s Libra Moon;  the burning question to be answered is “where’s the beef?”  Then it gets more interesting than it already is. But I’m getting ahead of myself, as I might be inclined to do, with 57 planets in Aries.

We are in the balsamic phase of the lunar cycle — a.k.a. the end. During these dead Moons we may feel a sense of listlessness or restlessness, sensing something new is around the corner, but we don’t know what. And during this dead Moon there is even more potential for not knowing what, thanks to the key planetary patterns of the week. The star players are: Sun, Mars and Neptune.

  • Sun is energy, life force, will power, leaders.
  • Mars refers to war, anger, desire, sports, men, steel, cars.
  • Mars is in Pisces, a water sign which vaporizes heat.
  • Neptune, as you all know, refers to drugs, oil, oceans, sea creatures, toxins, healing, pacifism, vision, intangibles, intuition, deception, fog, music, wipeout, spirits of all kinds.
  • Neptune is in Pisces, the sign it rules, keeping those Neptune themes pure.

Here’s the dance:

  • SUNDAY (12/2):  Venus left Libra for Scorpio, throwing sweetness out the window in social expression. Venus in Scorpio can cut like a knife.  Look, Angela Merkel is cursing. So is Michelle Obama. At 7:35 PM ET, the high-flying Sagittarius Sun was squared by action hero/aggressor Mars. That was the tone of last weekend’s Golly G-20 summit in Argentina, FYI.
  • WEDNESDAY (12/5): color it rose, as the Sun squares wiggy Neptune. Time to bury the hatchet and hail the vision of a former fearless leader (just in time for today’s memorial service for President George H.W. Bush). Here are headlines from another Sun-Neptune square in 2017, where you can also review Emmanuel Macron’s horoscope. He has transiting Jupiter on his Midheaven right now; quite the elevated status. Here’s another 2017 Sun-Neptune square, where you can review Matt Lauer’s horoscope, which was reflecting the scandalous potential of Sun and Neptune with Mars (libido).
  • THURSDAY (12/6): the day starts on an exuberant note, as the Sag Moon meets up with cosmic sugar daddy Jupiter. That’s great, but do note that Mercury, planet of thought and communication, is at a stand-still. It turns direct at 4:22 PM ET at 27 degrees of Scorpio. If you have a planet around 27 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio, issues involving that planet may feel as if there’s someone outside your house leaning heavily on a car horn. Does it have your attention?  Consult your local astrologer for details. As the evening progresses, the potential for pixie dust increases, as Moon squares Mars and Neptune between 11 PM ET and 12 AM ET.
  • FRIDAY (12/7): New Moon in Sagittarius officially begins at 2:20 AM ET. Light a candle and make a list of intentions for the next cycle. You are more personally affected if you have a planet around 15 degrees of Sagittarius, Gemini. Virgo and Pisces.  Dominating the New Moon chart is a meet-up between Mars and Neptune, exact at 9:12 AM ET. What does that suggest? Idealization, scandal or spiritual rationalization about aggression, action and/or libido, for one. Bill Clinton and recently defeated Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis have a Mars-Neptune conjunction in their horoscopes. Headlines are likely to be even more surreal than they already are.
  • The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is “seagulls watching a ship,” which Sabian Symbol sage Blain Bovee says is “an image of a vigilant attendance to a potential source of food and nourishment.” He advises us to have a mind for “a sense of the right time to have one’s words heard and believed…squeaky wheels getting the grease…an uproar when a scrap of information is dropped…watching for the moment when one is least likely to be duped.” Hmm. Consider the anticipation building in the never-ending Mueller investigation as we breathlessly await further indictments.
  • Bovee also writes, “One may be gullible when it comes to matters of social justice, accepting a few scraps of oratorial platitude from authorities who bestow such pronouncements.”  Yeah, I can see many ways for that to play out in the headlines over the next few weeks. Here’s something else to watch: Sabian Symbols often work in pairs. The mate to “seagulls watching a ship” is “a woman suffragette orating.”
  • After the Mars-Neptune meet-up on Friday, there are no major aspects among the planets, except to the Moon…until December 16th. Which to me suggests that next week will include headlines that feel as if an ice shelf has plunged into the ocean — like a long exhale after so much tension. We’ve seen this happen before.

Just in time for the holidaze! The 2019 Really Useful Mercury Retrograde Bookmarks! Everybody loves these super-handy bookmarks, which clearly tell you when Mercury will be retrograde in 2019 (three times next year!) A list of helpful coping strategies is also provided. Makes a great stocking-stuffer for friends and family — 3 for $11.88! Toss that silver into my Cosmic Tip Jar— a.k.a. the big gold DONATE  button in the left column on this page. Then, send me your name and snail mail address. Ooh — and here’s another fab gift idea: clarity, direction and confidence. Otherwise known as gift certificates for reports and consultations. Guaranteed to empower!

And now, the news.

Mars, Sun and Neptune suggest scandals involving men behaving badly. I really hoped this one would have legs, but a settlement was reached before the jury trial began — on December 4th.  A dead Moon facilitates back-room deals, doncha’ know. Kudos to the Miami Herald’s Julie Brown for this expose “How a (P45) Cabinet Member gave a serial sex offender the deal of a lifetime” — must-read!

Fun Mercury retrograde story involving a man with Neptune (things are not as they seem) sitting right on his Ascendant: Rudy Giuliani Twitter typo sparks anti-P45 protest . Focus, Rudy. Focus.

Not fun, but necessary: Fishermen sue Big Oil for its role in climate change , as Global Carbon Emissions Hit All-Time High in 2018.


Countries have horoscopes. Exhibit A: France, which has experienced three weeks of violent protest over a fuel tax that is supposed to combat climate change (the tax has apparently been withdrawn). We can appreciate why the French are on emotional overkill. In France’s horoscope, transiting Pluto is squaring its me-me-me Aries Ascendant and opposing its emotional-security seeking Cancer Moon. Next month it will need to face a sobering reality check when transiting Saturn squares its Libra Sun and Mercury. Right now, Saturn is atop France’s Capricorn Midheaven, suggesting it may be seen as being at the top of its game. It does seem that France’s authoritative stature has increased on the world stage. At the G-20 summit in Argentina, it was Emmanuel Macron who was overheard allegedly “warning” the Saudi Crown Prince M.B.S.

UPDATE: on P45, who seems to get crankier and crabbier with every passing day, and not just because that P45 baby blimp followed him to Buenos Aires. Or that Vladimir Putin and MBS high-fived like total besties at the cool kids table, leaving the Donald scowling all alone. Same scenario today at National Cathedral. George W. Bush did not offer P45 a piece of candy. Well, he does have Mercury (how he needs to think) in Cancer (the Crab). And karma cop Saturn is just days away from the third opposition to that Mercury.  How many days? Five. Depression much? Keep an eye on Dec 9-10, followed by 11 days of angry outbursts and action.

UPDATE: on P45 Jr., whose Capricorn Sun will be hit by transiting Saturn on December 19th. Upside potential: focused ambition; taking on authority.  Downside potential; serious matter involving an authority figure, often a parent. Eric has the same pattern in February; Ivanka has a different pattern involving Saturn, also in February. We do not have birth times, so we do not have the complete picture. Still, these next few months should be interesting. In other news, Maryland and D.C. Seek P45’s Trust; Business Tax Returns

UPDATE: Jeff Flake, last discussed here at the end of September. He caved on Justice Kavanaugh, but this month he’s seems to be following up on the potential of being a disruptive communicator, with transiting Uranus activating his Mercury. He is blocking a whole slew of judicial nominees, insisting that the Senate vote on a bill to protect Robert Mueller. Transiting Saturn conjoins Flake’s Capricorn Sun later this month. Sobering.

Let’s end on a high note. Sun, Mars and Neptune together have strong potential for healing and charity: How 2 New Yorkers Erased $1.5 Million of Medical Debt for Hundreds of Strangers. Just call them angels here on Earth. I bet you’re an angel, too.

Thank you for reading this forecast.