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"She brings more to it than just doing the chart: depth, intuition, as well as tremendous research."
- M.T.
Los Angeles

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Astro-logical Forecast For Wednesday 1/11/12: Rose-Colored Glasses for Practical Cats

More of the same need for drama, recognition, adoration and sunny optimism, suggested by Moon purrring its way through Leo — review yesterday’s forecast for details. Add to the Moon a few other potent planetary patterns which will be exact Thursday through Friday, that flavor the fun as follows:

First, a smooth flow of practical energy applied, aiding and abetting your quest for perfect status, suggested by Mars (action) trine Sun (life force); second, a stable connection between disciplined Saturn and Venus, planet of love, money and beauty, suggesting the potential for solid ground in these areas, even as the desire to see everything in the best possible light intensifies (optimism has been ruling the markets this week; I would be surprised if that changes in next few days). Feel like making a commitment to a romantic/spiritual or other intangible ideal?

Writers, thinkers and investigators; artists and healers — or anyone who works with things of value, whether tangible or intangible, chances are you’re feeling mighty empowered and inspired — enough to carry you through the rest of the week.

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