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February 2019
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Monday 1/21/2019: Sneak Peek at a Short Work Week; Full Moon/Eclipse in Leo & Much More

Happy post – Super Full Blood Wolf Blitzer Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo! Did everyone see the big red ball in the sky last night? Here are pix, in case you missed it. The eclipse was exact at 12:16 AM ET this morning. When set in Washington, D.C., it looked like this:

A Leo Moon facilitates a sense of play, creativity and self-expression. Let the drama queens reign, for better or for worse. For better, throw a party and help others shine. For worse, throw your weight around like a spoiled would-be king.  What drives a Moon in Leo is the need for love and adoration; flattery is your coping strategy if you need to tame a roarin’ lion.

Last night’s eclipse was at 0 degrees of Leo, opposing the Sun at 0 degrees of Aquarius. The Sun left Capricorn for Aquarius on Sunday at 4 AM ET, and if yesterday or today is your birthday, my money says you’re in for a groundbreaking year. Have you checked in with your astrologer lately?

Aquarius is an airy, mental energy, primed for organizing ideas into a fixed form.   Keywords for Aquarius include innovation, eccentricity, friendship, humanitarian, unconventional, rocket scientist and/or mad genius. If you were born with the Sun in Aquarius, you have the energy to innovate and intellectualize with others. If your Moon is in Aquarius, you need to be socially significant — and dare I say appreciated for it. You probably need to be unusual, too.

When a Leo Moon opposes an Aquarius Sun, we see the potential for illumination and release regarding two conflicting drives: 1) the Leo Moon’s need for personal expression and recognition and 2) the Aquarius Sun’s energy to build a functional group dynamic. Famous people born with Moon in Leo and Sun in Aquarius include Omarosa, Paris Hilton, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Sonny Bono. See any similarities?

A lunar eclipse facilitates a release or illumination on a matter that arguably needs to be brought to a close. That release or illumination may not happen immediately. What often happens is that the release is triggered when another planet connects with the degree of the eclipse, which in this case is 0 degrees of Leo and Aquarius — and arguably 0 degrees of Taurus and Scorpio. Will any planet make that connection in the near future? Yes. Mercury will be at 0 Aquarius on January 24th; Mars will be at 0 Taurus on February 14th; Venus will be at 0 Aquarius on March 1st; Uranus will be at 0 Taurus on March 6th. If you have planets around 0 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio, write those dates down. Everyone else can watch the headlines, especially for news involving these entities born with planets around 0 Aquarius. Kellyanne Conway, Nikki Haley, Bill Maher and the inauguration of The Donald are examples.

The chart for this Full Moon set in Washington is striking. The Leo Moon is exactly at the top of the horoscope, opposing the Aquarius Sun at the bottom. Chart ruler Venus has just separated from a challenging square with Neptune (a visionary feminine healer? a bewildering aesthetic? a monetary scandal?). Venus will next meet up with a high-functioning Jupiter (a.k.a. the cosmic sugar daddy), in the area of the chart related to money and values. Can we all get paid now, please? Perhaps, but first we have to live through the militant stand-off of macho Mars in Aries squaring patriarchal Saturn in Capricorn, which was exact today at 6:16 AM ET.

After the Mars-Saturn stalemate, the expansiveness of the Venus-Jupiter meet-up on TUESDAY at 7:26 AM ET brings relief. If you have a planet around 16 degrees of Aries, Leo, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius, Libra  — and especially Sagittarius — buy a few lottery tickets.  A stroke of luck and/or optimism is aided and abetted by innovative communication and ideas, suggested by WEDNESDAY’s square between Mercury and Uranus, exact at 6:13 AM ET.

At 12:50 AM ET on THURSDAY, Mercury enters Aquarius, activating today’s lunar eclipse. As Mercury will conjoin the 0 Aquarius Sun in the horoscope for The Donald’s inauguration, we see an opportunity for significant communication. A high-functioning harmony between Mars (in Aries) and Jupiter (in Sagittarius) adds a rush of expansive energy to the mix, exact on FRIDAY at 12:53 PM ET.

Bottom line: the planetary patterns in this eclipse chart suggest a big release this week — and when the eclipse is triggered on the dates noted previously. That it falls right on the Sun of The Donald’s inauguration chart is verrrry interesting, one way or the other.

To recap the notable planetary patterns for the week:

  • MONDAY (today): big fat total eclipse in Leo — maybe a total eclipse of the heart, as Leo rules the heart…hmmmmm. Mars in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn: militant stalemate, personally affecting people with planets around 13 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn
  • TUESDAY: potentially joyful, as Venus meets up with Jupiter in Sagittarius at 7:26 AM ET. Sagittarius refers to: foreigners, travel, media, opinions, courts, universities, liver, pancreas, horses. The Leo Moon goes void at 8:19 PM ET. Moon enters Virgo to clean up the confetti and get everything organized at 10:22 PM ET.
  • WEDNESDAY: Mercury squares Uranus at 6:13 AM ET. Watch for groundbreaking, innovative and/or disruptive news involving aviation, technology, gender benders.
  • THURSDAY: Virgo Moon is void between 8:50 AM ET and 11:02 PM ET — that’s allllll day, folks. Roll with the twists and flakes. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Stick to routine and trust that the details will be sorted out once the Moon enters the next sign, which is Libra. Chill!
  • FRIDAY: Libra Moon seeks balance and harmony, big time. Mars trines (harmonizes) Jupiter at 12:53 PM ET. What could spoil this party? Moon squares Saturn at 11:10 PM ET, possibly throwing a wet blanket on the newsfeed.

Before I get to the news, please note that new rates for consultations and reports are now posted. After four years of holding steady, I deserved a raise. However, to show my appreciation for cherished Avid Readers and clients who consistently support my work, if you book a consultation in 2019, and  1) it’s been less than a year since your last consultation; OR 2) you referred a client to me in 2018,  I will be pleased to offer you last year’s rate. Clear?

And now, the news.

The weekend was driven by a Moon in Cancer, needing emotional, family and homeland security. Add in the Venus-Neptune square (idealism with a possible feminine, musical, healing, spiritual or delusional vision),  and the militant stalemate of the Mars-Saturn square (“get off my lawn!”)…AND the rising emotional tide of the Full Moon. Sure, we can now see how competing marches on Washington, i.e., the Women’s March, the March for Life and the Indigenous Peoples’ March could result in this image dominating the news:

That’s Kentucky resident and Catholic schoolboy Nick Sandmann in the MAGA hat, balefully staring down Vietnam veteran and tribal elder Nathan Phillips, who is chanting tribal chants. Under the foggy Venus-Neptune spell, circumstances of the encounter weren’t quite clear, and other parties were involved. With Venus square Neptune now in the rear view mirror, WaPo offers this illumination.

We could also see the tension of these two squares, coupled with last week’s provocative patterns, in a new commercial from Gillette tackling “toxic masculinity”  An SNL parody of the Gillette ad is just as provocative and on point, but with the quirky humor of this week’s Mercury-Uranus square, if you ask me.

Meanwhile, a strategic approach in romance, with no small amount of idealism and deception can be found here: “You Matched With Someone Great Online, or Her Ghostwriter.”

In other news, the  potential “militant stalemate” and bewildering judgment of planetary patterns could arguably be seen in both the NFC and AFC championship games. The LA Rams trounced the New Orleans Saints, but only after one of the worst no-calls in football history, say the experts. Looks like that call may have happened around 5 PM in New Orleans, but I can’t find a record of the time online. Meanwhile, the Patriots are heading to the Superbowl again…but they had to go into overtime to beat the Kansas City Chiefs. No one was backing down.

Finally, an update on Jeff Bezos, whose horoscope we haven’t talked about since 2015.  Back then we noted the potential for a declaration of independence, courtesy of transiting Uranus squaring his Capricorn Sun. Last year, transiting Uranus squared his natal Mars, suggesting strong potential for risk and excitement. The first hit happened in May — and guess what he did? According to US Magazine, that’s about when he started an affair with his business partner’s wife….oh geez…really….? During a summer with Mars retrograde…? And his wife and business partner were informed in the fall, perhaps around the time of the second hit to Mars from Uranus and a Venus retrograde. Well…OK then. Are we surprised?

Now Bezos is getting a divorce. Do you think he consults with an astrologer? Next up for him: transiting Pluto on his Sun, breaking down his old self and building him anew, with the upside potential being empowerment. Resistance is futile.

No sleeping in tomorrow. We’ve got a busy next couple of days; you can chill on Thursday.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been waiting for me to email you back, you will hear from me tomorrow. Thank you for your patience…and thank you for reading this forecast.

Monday 2/26/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week; Weird, Watery Neptune in the News

Happy Monday!

Some of my Facebook friends are reporting a bit of stress this morning. And indeed, the stress of a potential power play and/or emotional catharsis is reflected by  today’s nurturing Cancer Moon in a face off with  ruthless Pluto, exact at 8:11 AM ET.  What needs to be released so that something else might thrive? The mood expands — for better or for worse — as lunch approaches, courtesy of a harmony between the Moon and Jupiter. Note the potential for a flash of illumination, a twist or other upset to the status quo around 4:51 PM ET, as rebel Uranus challenges the emotional security-seeking Cancer Moon. From then until 11:42 PM ET, the Moon will be void of course, suggesting a time to not make a mountain out of a molehill. Chill and focus on routine concerns, preferably those close to home. Roll with whatever twists and flakes  may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. If you are new to this forecast and not familiar with the term “void of course Moon,” here’s the 411. 

TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY are sponsored by the Moon in drama queen Leo. Great for party, a show or for issuing royal edicts. Emotions are on the rise, as the Moon is waxing to fullness in Virgo on THURSDAY at 7:51 PM ET. Before we get to Thursday, however, we have a busy few days of communication flows and challenges, as well as a chance to pour your heart out. In the case of the latter, on TUESDAY Venus in intuitive Pisces will be in harmony with powerbroker Pluto in Capricorn.

But wait, there’s more. Mercury (the way we need to think and communicate) pulls focus on WEDNESDAY, challenging a righteously opinionated, boundary-pushing Mars in Sagittarius, exact at 6:56 PM ET. An outburst energy for those walking and talking. Keep an eye on P45, as that Mars will be sitting on his opinionated Sag Moon, opposing his blah blah blah Gemini Sun. Provoked much? If you have a planet or angle around 20 degrees of Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces, you may also feel a wee bit provoked. Count to ten before you lash out.  And that includes the horoscope of the United States, too. Transiting Mars in Sag will connect with Mars and Neptune in the USA horoscope. Assertion, anger, scandal, vision, dreams, drugs, oil, fantasy — watch the headlines — and expect the debate over gun control to continue.

Later on Wednesday, Mercury will be in harmony with Pluto at 11:40 PM ET. Should be a fine day for investigative reporters. Mercury-Pluto patterns excel at digging up dirt.  The Leo Moon goes void at 6:13 PM ET on Wednesday; chill until 12:57 AM ET on THURSDAY, when the Moon enter Virgo to clean up the mess.

THURSDAY features the aforementioned Full Moon. In Virgo, its mission is to refine, organize and make things perfect. A lovely harmony between Venus and Jupiter, exact at 6:22 AM ET, gets that day off to an amiable — dare I say generous — start. Another easy flow between Mercury and Jupiter, exact FRIDAY at 8:05 AM ET, facilitates big news in publishing, legal affairs and other systems of collective beliefs.  By then we’ll be seeing manifestations of rose-colored glasses to the max. Why? Because on SUNDAY the Pisces Sun makes its annual meet-up with visionary Neptune, and Mercury meets up with Venus. The two together scream “idealism!!” — to be  expressed prominently in matters of women, money, art and social expression the following week.  Watch how those themes will be reflected in the Academy Awards.

What are your plans for a dreamy weekend escape? Moon goes void at 6:50 PM ET on FRIDAY; West Coasters can skip out early.

Don’t know where your planets are? Why not  make an appointment for a personal consultation?   Really, there’s too much going on in the cosmos to remain clueless about how it  likely to impact YOU. Now is the time to plan a strategy for the rest of 2018 — and beyond.

And now, the news.

In the aftermath of the Never-Ending Uranus-Pluto Square of 2011-2016, autocrats rule. Now it’s President Xi of China joining the Men Who Would Be King Club.  Yesterday the Communist Party announced it was abolishing constitutional terms limits.  And why not, on a day with Sun (leaders) in harmony with Saturn (authority, structure), with the Cancer Moon about to be challenged by power-grabbing Pluto? Xi’s birth date is unconfirmed, though it is reportedly June 15, 1953. That would make him another double-talking Gemini whose horoscope was under a streamlining squeeze all last year, as Saturn opposed his Sun. Moon in either regal Leo or Cancer.  Mars at 0 Cancer — the prominent Aries Point. We can watch for prominent initiatives from him next week.

Also — the American Dream is still alive for those currently threatened by the destruction of DACA.  SCOTUS refusedto hear the P45 Administration’s argument on why it should be permitted to strip Dreamers of their protected homeland status.


Back in 2009, when I began writing this forecast (!!!), the original conceit was to see if awareness of planetary patterns could be used to anticipate the headlines in the “paper of record,” a.k.a., the New York Times.   With Neptune pulling so much focus, I would expect a truckload of stories involving fish, water, oil, drugs, glamour, fanatics, scandal, film, illusion, spirits, victims, pacifists, lies — to name a few. Here are some examples from Sunday’s edition:

What do you think? Coincidence or conspiracy? Next Sunday I expect we’ll have more of the same, with Neptune pulling focus in planetary patterns.

Thank you for reading this forecast.