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"She brings more to it than just doing the chart: depth, intuition, as well as tremendous research."
- M.T.
Los Angeles

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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/13/2011

Look to the Moon in Taurus, which needs to build and preserve security and stability, to bring a calmer vibe to the next couple of days. This is your chance to give form to the ideas and projects you have on your plate. Be productive!

Mercury, ruling mind, communication and travel shifts from opinionated Sagittarius into practical, make-it-happen Capricorn for the next few weeks. This could also bring those inclined to high-flying and/or exaggerated opinions back down to earth — though it may take a day for us to adjust to this shift in communications and thought.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, thousands were cheered by the news that Gabrielle Giffords opened her eyes for the first time since Saturday. President Obama announced the news, saying, “”She knows we’re here, and she knows we love her.”

Given that Giffords has Moon in Leo, a placement suggesting a strong need to be loved and adored,  this struck me as a particularly fitting — and potentially healing — public announcement. All week I’ve been thinking of writing that if you happen to believe that thoughts can influence others who are thousands of miles away, it couldn’t hurt to send a loving message to Gabrielle Giffords. And if you’re personally involved with someone who has Moon in Leo — you now have a piece of information you can use to keep that relationship flowing smoothly : )

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 11/2/2010

Vote early. Seriously — if you haven’t voted by mail, get up and get to the polls in the morning; don’t wait until after work. Why? Because this AM we’ve got the Moon in analytical, discriminating Virgo making a supportive aspect with Mercury (mind, communication, travel) and the Moon is not void of course, suggesting that the probability of your vote actually counting is higher; that the your ballot won’t be eaten by the dog or an electronic snafu. As the day progresses, I anticipate a fever pitch of overblown analysis to clog the airwaves (Moon opposing expansive Jupiter), with Moon going void just as it opposes disruptive Uranus at 5:36PM LA time — that’s 8:36PM on the East Coast. You’re more likely to flake out during a void-of-course Moon, which is another reason I encourage you to vote in the morning.

During the void there is a higher potential for “much ado about nothing”, events not going as planned and underdogs triumphing in a surprise twist of fate. The Moon void ends at 1:19AM NY time on Wednesday — that’s when any confusion over outcomes will begin to clear.

We are voting during a Venus retrograde, suggesting that what we find attractive now, especially if it is a sexy, unproven thing, may not be what we find attractive a couple of months from now. Do your own due diligence — and vote. I’m Elisabeth Grace, and I approved this message.