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May 2015
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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 11/6/2013: Heavy People Wearing Rose-Colored Glasses

The heavy focus of the annual conjunction between stern Saturn and the Sun (life force) gets the day rolling at 7:01AM ET. You’ll feel this more personally if you were born 14-15 days into the signs of Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo….or if you have a planet or angle around 14 degrees of those signs. Potentials of this transit include feeling restricted, controlled and/or a need to streamline. Some may find this transit grounding, facilitating an ambitious reach.

Meanwhile, the opinionated, horizon-expanding Sagittarius Moon is anything but focused. It’s been void of course — wandering aimlessly —  since 11:48AM ET yesterday….but when it finally engages in Capricorn at 4:44PM ET today, I’m thinking you’ll feel a need to take action. And what actions are taken could be rather rosy, in spite of the heaviness of the Sun-Saturn hook-up. Nebulous Neptune will be pulling focus over the next few days, aligning pleasantly with mental Mercury and Venus. Idealistic? Yes — but also lovely patterns for artists, visionaries, romantics and healers. The down side? A potential overindulgence in mind-altering chemicals and other flights of absolute fantasy, if you know what I mean.  Otherwise, dreamy.

In the news, it’s no surprise Chris Christie coasted to victory yesterday, keeping his job as governor of New Jersey. As noted in a post from last year (third paragraph from the bottom), Christie’s Mars and Mercury continue to be supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square, suggesting exceptionally persuasive efforts in action and communication into 2014 (regardless of his vulnerability to foot-in-mouth disease). Special bonus: if you do read the post in the link above, you’ll find a write up of what we can expect when Venus engages with the Uranus-Pluto square on November 14th and 15th.

Oh the drifting energy of the void void void…I’m just going to stop right here…to be continued…


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 9/11/2013: Lighten Up!

Note your dreams upon waking, as today’s high-flying Sagittarius Moon is challenged by nebulous Neptune at 8:44AM ET, followed by a lovely connection to mental Mercury at 9:01AM ET — would you like to talk about it?

In Sagittarius, the Moon needs to expand horizons and express its righteous opinions to the entire Free World. Consider a gamble or a gambol, and enjoy the release of oh-so-much emotional tension of yesterday’s Moon in Scorpio. Today and Friday are days for shipping whatever is on your desk; Thursday the Moon goes void at 1:08PM ET for the rest of the business day.

President Obama’s big speech to the nation happened last night while the Moon was void — did you watch it? I meant to — but then, in typical Moon void fashion, completely forgot about it because I was at the polls just before 9PM, casting my vote for mayor of New York. From what I can deduce from the headlines, the speech might have been one big “NEVER MIND” — in so far as Obama has asked Congress not to vote on taking military action in Syria while a more diplomatic Plan B is explored. But that’s a good thing, right? Cue Emily Litella now, please…

Meanwhile, at the aforementioned polls in New York City, there were numerous void-of-course Moon snafus with voting machines.  At the end of the day, upstart mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio got more votes than anyone, but it is still not clear if he will be the Democratic candidate on the ballot in November; there may be a run-off. And surprise, surprise —  Christine Quinn, the candidate every newspaper endorsed, placed third. So if there is a run-off, it will be between two underdogs: Bill de Blasio and William Thompson, who placed second. Sounds very much in keeping with an election happening during a looooong void-of-course Moon, if you ask me. And yes, to the reader who asked if I would be interested in hearing some good stories about things that happened to her during Moon voids, bring ’em on, and if they’re doubleplus good, I’ll share them with you.

Now get busy and make the most of this day with a Moon fully engaged in optimistic Sagittarius — and we’ll pretend that Venus, which refers to social expression, did not just enter moody bastard Scorpio while you were sleeping. More on that later — I have to post this and run…

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 8/16 & the Weekend: Venus in Libra

Moon is still in Sagittarius, sign of the (opinionated) philosopher-clown. How righteous can you be while still expanding your horizons? Take care of the serious stuff by 1:32PM today; after that, the Moon will be void until 11:25PM ET, suggesting a very happy Happy Hour to reward you for whatever twists and detours you experienced up until the close of your business day.

Moon enters “make it happen” Capricorn at 11:25PM ET, making Saturday an excellent day for taking care of practical chores around the house. Note the potential for the usual upsets around 12pm ET to 9PM ET, when the enterprising Moon will be disrupted by its weekly clash with the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square.

On Sunday, be very mindful of the potential for a nasty clash of wills around 2:26PM ET, as the Moon is opposed by aggressive Mars, seeking to defend its piece of turf. Chill, chill, chill…do not turn this molehill into a mountain! Moon will be void for the rest of the day, entering the next sign — Aquarius — just after midnight on Monday. No shopping sprees during the Moon void, if you please.

The most significant planetary event today (Friday) is Venus (women, art, money, beauty, social expression) leaving prissy Virgo for Libra, one of the signs it rules, at 11:36AM ET. Look for headlines involving these themes.  Oh happy day, as social graces, peace and harmony once more become fashionable — at least until September 11th. Beautifying your home? Doing anything artistic or cosmetic? Working out kinks in a relationship? Initiating a project that requires great diplomacy? Great! Venus in Libra is happy to accommodate these goals.

Regarding yesterday’s story about Bette Midler’s opinionated Tweets about Larry Summers: it seems some were mystified. I suspect this is because they did not read the op-ed about said Tweets — here it is again.  Point of the story was this: Summers has quite a reputation for a certain intensity and roughness of style, and we would thus expect to see certain patterns in the horoscope that would reflect these traits. The patterns we would expect to see are absolutely, totally there. Astrology is amazing!  Summers is a Sagittarius with a heavy dose of Scorpio, and so is Ms. Midler. Fascinating that Summers would be the subject of her Tweets…and that we would be talking about this story on a day with Moon in opinionated Sagittarius. Got that?

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 11/14/2012: Secrets & Lies

More murky, muddled depths perhaps…at least through the wee hours of Wednesday morning. After a very brief Moon-void at 5:39AM ET, Moon escapes the clutches of heavy Scorpio and blasts off into Sagittarius at 5:52AM ET, where it quickly crashes into nebulous Neptune. Note your dreams upon waking…clear the cobwebs from your head with a little caffeine and embrace the expansive, optimistic potential a Sag Moon holds. And if you don’t know what that looks like, here is a picture of someone I am sure has a Sagittarius Ascendant.**

Caveats: be advised that while you were sleeping, Mercury backed into Scorpio at 2:43AM ET. This adds more of the usual “wobble” we can experience when planets move from one sign into the next. We already have Mercury retrograde challenging our patience and our mental focus. We’ve got bottlenecked energy from yesterday’s solar eclipse that hasn’t found its release (look for a hit of it when Mercury reaches 22 Scorpio on the 20th). I can’t say this enough: double check your facts before you hit “send”. Make sure the restaurant you’re going to is actually open. And if you’re free to wander a bit over the next few days, then by all means indulge. But whatever you do, don’t wander into this restaurant, if you happen to be in New York. You can, however, enjoy the scathing review (see the preceding link) as a fine example of “Sagittarian blunt opinionation meets scathing Scorpionic thermonuclear destruction.”

Meanwhile, the dirt digging continues.  The General Petraeus kerfuffle gets weirder by the hour, prompting some to wonder if we’ve dug up too much. There are 2260 comments (so far) posted on that linked New York Times article — which seems like a record. And I wonder how many comments would be posted on an article like this. More dirt: comedienne Janeane Garofalo is stunned to discover that she was married for 20 years — seriously! And finally —  a big NEVER MIND on those allegations about Elmo’s puppeteer that broke on Monday. Absolutely, positively not true — the accuser has recanted. Good thing Monday’s forecast warned you not to believe those bedazzling rumors…

**P.S. — for those who checked out the personification of a Sagittarius Ascendant at the end of the first paragraph: Astrid Lindgren, the Swedish author who created Pippi Longstocking, was born on this date in 1907. She was 94 when she passed away. RIP and thank you, Ms. Lindgren, for everything!

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 10/18/2012: Expand Your Mind

With the Moon now fully engaged in Sagittarius, spirits are lifted, and the reigning need is to say what you think, likely with passion at around 9:41AM ET, just as this forecast is posted. Such passion may lead to a boisterous clash, if the receiving party is not in agreement. That would be unfortunate, because the energy of Sagittarius offers an excellent opportunity to broaden your mind and your horizons. It’s also good for getting physical, taking a gambol or a gamble.

The evening is marked by a buoyant connection to the Moon from expansive Jupiter, suggesting the potential for indulgence. Planetary patterns are relatively light for the next few days. Enjoy — and mind the Moon void which occurs Friday at 4:27PM ET to 9:41PM ET.

…with apologies to you all for the delayed forecast, thanks to tech snafus which I must confess were all my fault. Sigh.





Astro-logical Forecast for Sunday 6/3/2012: “Bustin’ Out All Over”

Feel like taking a gamble or a gambol? Got a philosophical viewpoint that just has to be expressed? In the mood for an escape that broadens your horizons? Moon moved into opinionated Sagittarius at 8:32AM ET, potentially lifting spirit (s) in a big way and suggesting an urge for deeper understanding. What/where are you rambling about today? Dare to get outside your usual box; as the Moon waxes full, it offers the potential for much illumination.

As evening falls, that Big Picture-thinking Moon makes an easy connection with unconventional Uranus (exact at 9:09PM ET), suggesting an innovative experience that could rock your world with a surprising practicality. Why practical? Because Mercury (thoughts, communication, travel) makes a smooth connection to Saturn (discipline, structure) at 10:38PM ET, adding gravitas to the gumbo. Sounds like an excellent mix for my ramble outside the box — all the way to Brooklyn — where I will be addressing the question, “Who Knows What Will Happen Next?” as a guest on Talk Show with Ellen Reeves.

Don’t know who Ellen Reeves is? She is the author of the most excellent book, Can I Wear My Nose Ring To the Interview?  Such an unconventional title…yet the book is filled with practical information — another perfect reflection of planetary patterns. Amazing!

Coming up next: thoughts on Monday’s super busy day. We’ve got a Full Moon and lunar eclipse (exact at 7:12AM ET), Neptune turning retrograde (5:05PM ET) and a super-charged challenge between Mars (masculine) and Venus (feminine) at 8:29PM ET. As for how the latter might be reflected in the headlines, here’s a front page piece about a major lawsuit alleging sex discrimination.

As the song goes, “June is bustin’ out all over…” (take it away, Rodgers & Hammerstein).


Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 5/7/2012: Monday, Monday

Generally speaking, Moon in Sagittarius…where it moved last night at 9:39PM ET (after a loooong 13 hour void)…tends to lift the spirits, even when its fueled by philosophical debates that can get a wee bit rowdy (Sagittarius is not the most perfectly groomed sign of the zodiac…and you wouldn’t be either if you were half-human and half-beast, as all Centaur-Archers are). Today, however, the opinions that need to be expressed may ruffle a few feathers, suggested by a challenge to Moon from aggressive Mars in hypercritical Virgo at 8:18AM ET. The emotional outburst that may follow could be over the top, suggested by an obsessive connection between ruthless Pluto and Venus. Put your Big Girl Panties on and use a bit of charm and objective strategy to acquire the resources you need. We’ve got one more day of mental Mercury in impulsive, quick-tempered Aries; by Wednesday cooler heads will likely prevail (though they may not be nearly as inspiring or exciting).

As the day progresses, any storm clouds in your world are likely to dissipate. Take advantage of opportunities to broaden your mind and sense of physical space — or just enjoy a gambol/gamble or two.

Moon voids this week (to help you plan your agenda): Tuesday 9:34 – 10PM ET; Thursday 3:11PM – 1:03AM Friday ET.

Coming up later this week: what to expect when Venus turns retrograde at 10:33AM ET on the 15th. If you’re thinking of redecorating your home, I hope you’ve picked your colors out already….


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 4/10/2012: Pluto Retrograde; Mars Direct

It’s another day of Moon in high-flying, waxing philosophical Sagittarius, where the reigning need is to expand our horizons and express our opinions. Moon in Sag is great for profound debates, a walk in nature, a night at the theater — any activity that offers a change of scene, lifts our spirits and broadens our minds.

With no exact lunar aspects during business hours in the U.S., there may be a slow feel to the day…like so much bottlenecked energy waiting for a release. Part of that bottlenecked feeling is suggested by aggressive Mars, still retrograde in perfectionist Virgo and moving even closer to nebulous Neptune. If you’re just tuning in to these forecasts, you can refer to posts from last week on how Mars and Neptune interact, and how it is reflected in the headlines. Keywords for Mars-Neptune connections include: charisma, showbiz, delusion, con artists, fanatics,irritability (especially with Mars in nerve-wracked Virgo), guru and a sublimely spiritual revelation. This particular Mars-Neptune connection is in effect all through April.

Ruthless Pluto turns retrograde at 12:21 PM ET.  When it does, Pluto will be at 9 degrees of Capricorn. Retrograde planets appear to be moving backward in the sky, as seen from Spaceship Earth. Here is a picture of retrograde motion, courtesy of someone at NASA:

During retrograde periods, areas in life that are ruled by the planet are held back and up for review. For example, Pluto refers to power plays, resources, perspective and transformation. Wherever Pluto falls in your horoscope; i.e, wherever you have 9 degrees of Capricorn, is where issues of power, resources, perspective and transformation will come up.

If you were born 8-10 days into the sign of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, you will feel this Pluto retrograde period more personally than the rest of us. What issues of transformation and empowerment are you working through — or toward — right now?

Ship it today if you can, or ship it Wednesday afternoon, as the Moon will be void-of-course from 7:05 AM – 1:02PM ET tomorrow. And get ready for action-oriented Mars to finally turn direct on Friday at 11:53PM ET, potentially releasing a truckload of pent-up energy its been sitting on since January 23rd.  Look for projects you’ve been dutifully planning and organizing to finally begin taking form. If you made significant life decisions born out of frustration or sudden impulse during Mars retrograde, especially those involving partnerships, you may find yourself rethinking your course of action in the coming weeks.




Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 2/16/2012: New Jersey State of Mind

We’re processing more of the same from yesterday. Still more Moon in high-flying Sagittarius to get you bouncing out of bed, full of fabulous opinions and ideas. And I’m serious about the fab ideas. Mental Mercury, which has been pulling focus all week, makes a cooperative connection to enthusiastic Jupiter, likely facilitating the breakthrough of more than one writer’s block.

Meanwhile, we have still more aggressive Mars, running wild and still obsessively needing to apply itself to the tangible detailed expression of the intangible. I don’t know about you, but yesterday my fellow commuters could not stifle their opinions on everything to save their lives; we had at least three spirited debates happening all at once in the company shuttle.  We have still more rebel Uranus, also running wild — which, in my personal world, explained the space alien wandering around Times Square in a down jacket and boxer shorts, occasionally breaking into a little jig while smoking a cigarette and carrying a shopping bag from Financier, a high end French pastry shop.  Other bold demonstrations of independence were likely witnessed around the globe. Today Mars and Uranus are in a combustible and/or high-tech genius connection; watch for flashes of brilliance and/or temper — and other potential hot spots.

We’re now in the aftermath of yesterday’s challenge between ruthless Pluto and Venus, suggesting the potential for emotional overkill, deep and/or cutting statements involving women and news involving essential resources (likely from underground). Possible example of emotional overkill: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has made an apparently controversial decision to have flags flown at half-staff in honor of Whitney Houston (born in Newark, New Jersey)  …and he plans to veto the New Jersey Senate’s recent bill that would legalize gay marriage, if the State Assembly passes it today  Do you think he’s heard the rumors that Ms. Houston might have been a lesbian? Do you think he would change his mind about those flags if he had? You can check the status of the New Jersey state flag and hear one of the unofficial New Jersey state theme songs (apparently NJ is one of the few states that doesn’t have an official song) right here

OK, that bit took up so much space that it would be overkill to include other examples from the headlines of heavy power plays (Iran threatening to cut off oil supplies) and corruption exposed (California foreclosures, climate change denial conspiracies). You get the idea — and they’re all on the front page.

Coming up tomorrow: a look at the horoscope of Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York who is about to be elevated to cardinal. Lots of planetary patterns in the chart you’d expect to see in a man of the cloth. Stay tuned…


Astro-logical Forecast for 2/14/2012: Day of Wine and Roses

Interesting mix today. Note your dreams this morning as we process the inspiring and/or delusional potential of nebulous Neptune’s hookup with mental Mercury at 1:48AM ET. Despite a probable desire for emotional depth and control in the early AM, when the Moon goes void (with a sigh) in moody Scorpio from 12:04PM to 7:56PM ET, you may be subjected to a few twists, flakes and/or space cadets.  If you’re intending to send flowers to your Valentine — or anything else that needs to move in a straight line — be advised there is a higher probability of delivery snafus during v/c Moons.

The Moon void is launched by a challenging square from the Sun, bringing up issues regarding the intentions you set at the beginning of the lunar cycle, which you can mull over throughout most of the day. The lunar vibe lightens at 7:56PM ET, when Moon moves into Sagittarius, seeking adventure — still with a rosy glow.  A foreign film, restaurant or outdoor stroll on this Valentines Day would fit the bill. The inspiring and/or delusional haze so helpful in romance will likely linger,  courtesy of a challenge between Moon and Neptune. One caveat: be advised we are also operating under the influence of a challenge between ruthless Pluto (resources, news from underground and other things that run deep) and Venus (women, money, beauty). Could be juicy and deep — or impulsively witchy-bitchy.

One other caveat: Mars is still running wild in perfectionist Virgo and it is retrograde. Remember that if you’re feeling frustrated because things aren’t moving at a fast enough pace — or if you sense others feeling that way. I’ve gotten a few queries from readers wondering what the tension they are sensing is all about. Part of it is retrograde Mars — people often fight the need to slow down and develop a new game plan at this time, sort of like that  “Halftime in America” Super Bowl spot  Note that it’s a new game plan; the other tension being felt is the approach of the first of a series of seven exact challenges between ruthless Pluto in “corporations & governments” Capricorn and rebel Uranus in “me-me-me” Aries. This first square happens on June 24th and it will take few years to hit all seven. This series of squares is all about change. When Uranus and Pluto challenge each other, it clears the way for new structures and forms. You’ll feel it more personally this year if you’ve got planets or points in the early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn — or if you live in a country with those degrees highlighted in your country’s horoscope.

To writers, artists, healers — and others whose craft depends on inspirational channels that may take tangible form — make the most of this week. With Mercury and Neptune pulling focus, you could come up with something sublime.