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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 4/8/2014: Boxing Day w/Moon in Leo

OK, break time is over. After yesterday’s looonnnnnng  (15 hour+) Moon void in emotional security-focused Cancer, the Moon finally gets into gear with a royal flourish and a ton of brass and tympani, entering rip-roarin’ Leo at 5:50AM ET. You know what often happens in sports matches played during Moon voids? Surprise upsets, which people who know way more than I do about basketball swore was the case when UConn beat Kentucky in the NCAA something-or-other. Coincidence or conspiracy?

A day with Sun in Aries and Moon is Leo is so wired to strut on center stage and play, and communication is easily facilitated today by a supportive connection to the Moon from mental Mercury at 8:56AM ET. Get up and do your important walking and talking in the early part of the day, because….

…at 5:04PM ET, the me-me-me Aries Sun (life force) is opposed by warrior Mars. Yeah, sure it’s in peace-seeking Libra and yeah, sure it may be retrograde and thus a bit held back. But believe me, if you’re anyone with a planet or angle at around 18 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn…or you were born around the 8th of April, July, October or January, you are likely bouncing off the walls this week and especially yesterday and today. Exhibit A: a friend with her natal Mars at 19 Aries, whose radiator hose (!) sprung a leak, which resulted in tow trucks and other car repair drama at the start of her work week. Running a little hot, was she? Needed to blow off some steam? Exhibit B: your local astrologer, who really really really wanted to go for run today and was thwarted by a full day of rain in paradise…grrrrrr. Point is, if you’re personally affected by today’s provocative, RAMbunctious pattern, do the world a favor and work by yourself today — and then go to the gym. The good news is — you’ll have plenty of energy available to do the work you need to do with an extra dose of gusto.

How was this testosterone-heavy aspect reflected on the homepage of the New York Times, you might ask? Well, the aspect is still in effect, so there’s likely more to come, but here’s a video report called “The Super Predator Scare” — about fears of teen violence that surged in the mid-90s and whether those fears were warranted. And here’s a very interesting obituary that just hit the NYT, for the “fiery columnist”

Chuck Stone, whose columns for The Philadelphia Daily News denouncing racism, political corruption and police brutality inspired such trust that wanted criminals sometimes surrendered to him rather than to the police and the authorities called on him to mediate prison crises…

…and speaking of testosterone, a new report alleges that female White House staffers are making 88 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts….ughhh.

In other news, here’s another potentially game-changing power and resources story reflecting the awesome potential of the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square. The U.S. Navy may have discovered a way to convert seawater into fuel…now that could really be cool…

Finally, a reader had a follow-up question to yesterday’s post about George W. Bush: what about brother Jeb’s rumblings about possibly running for president in 2016? Will he do it — and what are the chances? Ooh that is such a good question — and I certainly have thoughts, after just a quick glance at his horoscope. But I’d rather share those thoughts when I have the leisure time to write something thoughtful and analytical, rather than a “first impression…”

An even more intriguing question is this: what’s going on in YOUR horoscope? If you’re feeling a need for clarity and guidance, consider making an appointment for a personal astro-logical consultation. Thank you for reading this forecast!

Friday 6/29/2012 & the Weekend: the Supremes Rule; TGIF

Moon entered the watery depths of Scorpio yesterday at 4:32PM ET, needing to be of substance and seeking knowledge for the sake of power and control. Add to this intensity a few more power plays and shocks to the system, suggested by ruthless Pluto and rebel Uranus challenging the Sun at 11AM ET and 4:11PM ET, respectively. How much more excitement can you stand (as if yesterday wasn’t enough — at least here in the US)? Watch the headlines.

In your own personal world, today you may well afford to make a power play or sudden move of your own. If so, you will be supported by a lovely connection between mental Mercury and expansive Jupiter at 11:39AM ET that is oh-so-very smart. Seriously. What’s on your mind? Got an idea you want to pitch? Or would you prefer to simply take action?

There are no exact aspects among the planets on Saturday, save for a couple of connections to the Moon…and the one we’re most likely to notice is a potentially dreamy/spacey challenge from nebulous Neptune at 10:55PM ET. Just who is that person you’re having dinner with, anyway? Are they really who they seem to be? By then the Moon will have moved into rowdy Sagittarius (as of 6:04PM ET), inspiring you to expand your mind and your horizons for the sake of a good time. Really, the Moon is delightfully supported by a series of pleasantries from 1:05AM to 7:52AM ET on Sunday…and then coasts through the rest of the day. Should be fun for our neighbors to the North who will be celebrating Canada Day. Huzzah!

OK, now for the news. You recall yesterday the Moon was void of course, suggesting a higher probability of crises that turn out to be much ado about nothing, correct? So in case you hadn’t heard, here are two screenshots from the good folks at Fox News and CNN, who were apparently so desperate to be the first to tell you how the Supreme Court ruled on the Affordable Care Act, that they just made stuff up. Epic Fails! And apparently some folks over at the White House believed what they saw on TV until actual professional journalists at other networks reported the facts. Blame the initial freak out and confusion on the void…

Having looked at the birth dates for the nine justices of the Supreme Court the night before (see yesterday’s forecast), we could anticipate that Chief Justice Roberts would be the one to watch — driving the action. Roberts is an Aquarius with Moon in Pisces (Jan 27 1955 — time unknown), but what reeeally jumps out right now is his Mars (action!)  in pioneering Aries.  It is directly impacted by the status quo-disrupting Uranus-Pluto square, suggesting success after tremendous energy applied and a dominance of will. The only question would be…what did Chief Justice Roberts want?

Well, surprise, surprise (and thanks to planetary patterns, we were sure there would be one). Not only did Roberts write the majority opinion himself, he broke ranks with his conservative colleagues. The status quo was disrupted, and in a 5-4 decision, the Affordable Care Act stands. We can expect more dynamic action from Chief Justice Roberts as Pluto and Uranus continue to supercharge his natal Mars through 2013. I’ll be verrrrry interested to see what’s going on in his life between November and February of 2013 — with December being the focal point for a particularly bold — and probably disruptive — shift (SA Pluto=Uranus, for the astrology pros reading this).

Then there was this shocking upset from yesterday: Rafael Nadal defeated at Wimbledon by an upstart! Note that sports matches that occur during Moon voids have a higher probability of victory for the underdog…

Have a great weekend — and keep those cards and letters coming : )