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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 8/31/2011: Jupiter Turns Retrograde

A brief forecast for today — I’m still in vacation mode — have only scanned the headlines over the past week. Everyone needs a break now and then!

A waxing Moon is in Libra, a sign associated with rational thought, balance and harmony, especially in relationships. The general mood this week is one of resourcefulness and optimism, suggested by potent contacts between loving Venus, Jupiter, the cosmic sugardaddy and regenerative Pluto.  What kinks could come your way?  A restrictive connection between disciplined, “wet blanket” Saturn and the Moon at 2:43Pm ET…followed by a highly-charged challenge between aggressive Mars and the Moon and 8:28PM ET. Add to this the aforementioned cosmic sugardaddy turning retrograde yesterday at 5:18PM. Jupiter retrograde suggests that projects may not expand as quickly as you might like, among other things. As I’m typing this, the headlines are dominated by news of a lawsuit (related to Jupiter & Libra) filed by the Dept of Justice (Libra) to prevent a 40 billion dollar merger between AT & T and T-Mobile, scuttling AT & T’s plans for expansion (Jupiter retrograde)   Fascinating!

To recap: overall, a general mood that is optimistic to downright jubilant, even if you’re still digging yourself out of the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Irene (it may not be a bad as you thought it would be).

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday & Friday 8/25-26/2011: A Militant Mars-Saturn Square

Take a deep breath this morning. Moon goes void in Caner at 9:04AM ET, suggesting actions initiated are more likely to be of no consequence, so why not chill if you can.  The challenge may be that right before the Moon loses steam (by going void), it is challenged by feisty Mars and disciplined, “wet blanket” Saturn. And, as you already know from reading earlier forecasts this week, Mars and Saturn square off at 6:48AM ET, suggesting militant determination or frustration. Bottom line: it’s possible that you or those around you may experience something that feels like “all dressed up with no place to go”.  Perhaps the way some Apple shareholders may feel when they learn that Steve Jobs is leaving the company  If you are feeling frustrated or irritable, take it out on a punching bag, not on a colleague or companion.

Countering the edge of the Mars-Saturn square and the need to preserve emotional security suggested by Moon in Cancer is an especially deep and earthy connection between ruthless Pluto, Lord of the Underworld (and resources/regeneration) and Venus (love, money, art, beauty). There really is a silver lining to whatever cloud you may encounter; you really can manifest the resources you need, even though you may have to dig for it. At the end of the day, a heart-to-heart session may be especially intense, cathartic or juicy. If there’s no one available for a heart-to-heart, nurture yourself with a home-cooked meal, surrounded by all your favorite creature comforts.

Moon doesn’t enter Leo until 12:09PM ET on Friday, and by then it’s ready to play. That’s good, because we’ll be in the dark side of the Moon cycle, a time to wrap things up and get ready for a new agenda on Sunday at 11:04PM ET, when the Moon will be New and in Virgo.

Bear in mind that Mercury will be turning direct at 6:03PM ET on Friday.  All travel plans are subject to change and/or delay. Be patient with yourself and others as you adjust.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 8/24/2011: Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

Driving actions today is a need for emotional and/or homeland security, suggested by the Moon’s ingress into Cancer at 6:31AM ET. Note your dreams upon waking, as nebulous Neptune may well send you a message via these intangible forms. The morning vibe on the East Coast is likely one of balance and harmony in social expression; however, as the day progresses and the need for security is challenged by rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto between 1:30PM and 3:46PM ET (other time zones, please do the math and adjust accordingly), we may be in for a few bumps, surprises and other bolts from the blue.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s 5.8 quake at 1:51PM ET in Mineral, VA left more than a few residents in the Northeast feeling bewildered. That’s what’s so intriguing when we cast the horoscope for that moment in time and space. The first thing I note is nebulous Neptune opposing the Virgo Sun AND squaring the 27 Scorpio Ascendant, suggesting bewilderment, especially with regard to identity — and perhaps even an identity crisis. As in, “This isn’t California: earthquakes don’t happen in this part of the world – wtf???”

Speaking of freaky quakes, at 1:50PM 8/23/2011 in NYC, the New York Times posted a story about another “rare” quake that happened Monday night in Colorado  Looking at the chart for 11:46PM on 8/22/2011 in Trinidad, CO, would you believe we find the same Neptune opposite the Sun squaring the 1 Gemini Ascendant? I can’t help but be intrigued by the similar pattern in these two charts…

Astrologers observe planetary patterns. Time and time again we note a correlation between an event, an action, a personality trait or a behavior. Then, when we see the pattern coming, we anticipate what will happen…

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 8/23/2011: Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable?

Say goodbye to Leo; say hello to the Sun entering Virgo at 7:21AM ET.  Virgo is an earth sign (as opposed to fire, water or air). It is also a mutable sign, as opposed to cardinal or fixed. What does that mean? Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. These signs initiate; they come up with the idea.  Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. These signs organize and give form to the concepts pitched by cardinal energy. Mutable signs — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces — get to spread the word about the cool form the fixed signs organized. Got it?

More about Virgo: it is ruled by Mercury. In health matters it rules the intestinal tract and assimilation. If you have planets in Virgo in your horoscope, and they are under a great deal of developmental tension, you may have some issues with your digestive system.

As for today: a potential for analytical overload or an opportunity to calmly and methodically separate the wheat from the chaff (the symbol for Virgo is a virgin with a shaft of wheat — amazing!)  Enjoy the relative calm; the rest of the week is sure to have some ups and downs. Militant Mars squares off against controlling Saturn early Thursday morning. We’ll see signs of this determined (plus side) and/or frustrated (downside) energy in the headlines from now and all through the week. Moon is void of course all day Thursday, too — and doesn’t enter the next sign until 12:09PM FRIDAY, the day Mercury turns direct. Not a bad week to be on vacation…

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 8/22/2011: Neptune and Such

Moon in mental, multi-tasking, information-driven Gemini picks up the pace today. A few other planetary patterns of note: first, Venus, relating to social expression, entered the discerning, potentially hypercritical sign of Virgo yesterday, cooling the tone of social interaction. Exit the royal pronouncements; enter Emily Post and the Church Lady  — at least for the next few weeks. Today also marks the last day of the Sun in Leo (speaking of royal pronouncements), and right now that Leo Sun is opposed by nebulous Neptune in Aquarius. On the plus side, the potential for visions come to life, healing & rarefied art. On the down side, the potential from things not being as they seem, a state of bewilderment or disappointment to follow once the pink fairy dust finally settles.

You are especially affected by the Neptune aspect if you were born on this day (give or take few days); those born in the last couple of days of Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus, as well as the first couple of days of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius are affected, too. Experiencing a wipeout (the down side) or a triumphant success in the arts or spirit (two possible upsides)?

More anon…

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 8/19/2011 & the Weekend: Stop and Smell the Roses

Moon moving into Taurus Friday AM could have dropped a wheelbarrow of earthy stuff on whatever fires that were fueling you through the work week. Result: a slower, steadier pace — or one ground to a halt by stubborn resistance. Let’s hope it was just slow and steady, and a welcome break from the rush.

Taurus is a sensual sign that likes to build material security. Always nice to have this Moon on a weekend, so you can be freer to indulge in simple pleasures: food, a roll in a meadow, food, music — stuff like that.  Why music? A soulful connection between nebulous Neptune (which relates to intangible forms such as music and spirit) and Venus, which relates to art, beauty, women and money is exact on Sunday at 9:41AM ET. It could be a great weekend for artists, musicians and healers. It also sets up the potential for beauty, fantasy, transcendence and/or illusion in relationships– especially romantic ones. Got a hot date on Saturday night? It could be a dream come true — or just a dream. It may be hard to tell for the first few days of the work week. Nebulous Neptune dominates the planetary patterns until Wednesday, when aggressive Mars and controlling Saturn pull focus.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Enjoy a lush escape this weekend if you can; the planets certainly favor it. Even Obama is in tune with the cosmos the weekend

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 8/18/2011

Moon still in pioneering Aries suggests another proactive day, without the edginess of yesterday’s surprising and/or jarring contacts to the planetary heavies. Head and heart are well-coordinated by a supportive connection between Mercury retrograde (mind, communication, travel) and said Moon; taking action is supported by a smooth connection between Mars (energy applied) and expansive Jupiter, suggesting an optimistic output of effort and attitude. I’m sold — how about you?

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 8/17/2011: When Mars Attacks!

Moon in Aries shifted from neutral into 4th gear last night at 8:10PM ET, ending two full work days in wandering, amorphous void mode.

Moon in Aries can be feisty, pioneering, inspiring, courageous, speedy, and a wee bit (!) selfish and impatient. It needs to be recognized, damn it — not now, but RIGHT NOW. Given the qualities of this Moon driving the pace of the day, I anticipate you’ll find more than the usual suspects demanding your attention. The probability of shocks and awe is great in the morning hours, as rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto challenge the need to be Number One.

Around 3:11PM ET, aggressive Mars in security-oriented Cancer may see red when it engages that aforementioned need to be Number One. You are more likely to feel this if you have a point or planet at 8-10 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn; if you do, I’ll wager you’ve noticed an uptick in the ego issues getting in your face all this week. I know I have (Sun at 8 Aries, thank you very much)! How about you, Governor Rick Perry? Have you been on a warpath this week? Why — look — you have:  “Rick Perry Attacks Ben Bernanke’s…” Rick Perry has Mars at 8 degrees of Libra; it was challenged Sunday and Monday by Mars at 8 Cancer.

I share this because  a number of readers have asked me how they can apply current planetary positions to their own horoscopes. In Gov. Perry’s case, it appears  he’s using the charge suggested by Mars on Mars action to go on the offensive (not the best strategy yesterday, given the Moon void); in fact we anticipated he would be doing that when we looked at his horoscope a couple of weeks ago. In my case, with Mars challenging my Aries Sun, there is a suggested potential for issues involving “temperament, accidents, increased drive and feeling attacked”. “Increased drive?” Yes — and the workload has increased. This is a happy problem to have. “Accidents?” I tripped walking up a flight of stairs yesterday, with a cup of coffee in my hand. It was spectacular. “Feeling attacked”? Let’s just say I have a certain way of doing certain things that makes perfect sense to me, but not to certain other people. Said “other people” — note the plural — have expressed challenging viewpoints over the past two days. Isn’t that amazing?  What perfect timing! And for those who argue that anticipating an event or behavior might just be a self-fulfilling prophecy, in this case, I’m noting the planetary pattern after the events occurred. Any questions?

This is how astrology can be helpful on a very personal basis. When you see the pattern coming up in a horoscope, it helps put things in perspective. It helps one choose how to act– or react — when the pattern manifests itself, or better yet, before the pattern shows up.  Mars transits can be intense, but they don’t last long. That helps me put things in perspective, too. Do you have a planet or point at 8-10 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn? How have you been feeling over the past two days?

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 8/16/2011: Mind the Void (again)

If you liked yesterday, you’ll love today. Read yesterday’s forecast — especially the first paragraph — and get psyched for another day of more of the same. See if you notice a shift in energy at 8:10PM ET when Moon leaves soulful Pisces for me-me-me Aries, wanting your attention yesterday, if you don’t mind. Can’t you see it’s got something exciting to share, say or do?

Ride the sunny wave of inspiration and optimism into the night….Wednesday will likely be super-charged and/or bumpy, wanting to accomplish so much…

Don’t forget to check for typos and other misteaks (or be forgiving of those who make them). Remember also that in Mercury retrograde periods, especially combined with Moon voids, you can’t count on people to be thinking clearly. You may have to tell them more than once. Don’t take it personally.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 8/15/2011: Let the Sun Shine!

As I mentioned on Friday, Moon will be void of course in Pisces when you wake up on Monday morning, not to enter Aries until 8:01PM ET TUESDAY night. Unexpected twists, creative brainstorming, crises that turn out to be non-issues, a higher than usual flake factor, underdog triumphing in surprise upsets — all these and other challenges to people trying to move in a straight line. Go with the flow. Double check everything, especially with Mercury also retrograde. If you’re on vacation, how wonderful for you — what perfect timing!

The next two days also feature an exceptional level of sunny optimism suggested by a triple line-up between Sun (life force), Mercury (mind, communication) and Venus (love, money, art, beauty). Love, joy and the communication of such feelings may flow easily, especially since the conjunction happens in royal, playful Leo. This could bode well for the financial markets — at least for a few days.

This triple line-up also suggests a certain amount of idealism running rampant. Idealism, as in denial of reality. As in, “the Earth is flat”. Huh? We may hear some outrageous beliefs expressed this week. But to those expressing those beliefs, they are the God’s honest truth. Michele Bachmann — with Sun hooked up with Mercury in Aries (which lives to believe in the impossible) has this idealistic potential. So does Sarah Palin, with her Mercury hooked up with Venus. So does Glenn Beck.

Idealism, when working positively in a horoscope, can also give the gift of vision. As in the ability to imagine a better world and make it happen (assuming the “happening” part of the horoscope is also active; otherwise it’s can function as a defense mechanism or an escape). When working negatively, idealism can really get in the way in personal relationships, keeping people stuck in dysfunctional situations (e.g., addictive personalities and other abusive types), because they just can’t face the cold hard facts about their partners — or themselves.

Oh — and by the way — to Michele Bachmann — if you’re reading this: you promised you’d release your birth certificate ‘before the first presidential debate”  Cough it up, already. The suspense is killing us…

Oh — and another thing — did we not write a week or so ago that we should keep an eye on Texas Governor Rick Perry? It’s official: he’s in the race. We’ll take a closer look at his horoscope soon…