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"I'm a skeptic by nature and I still don't know how she does it, but Elisabeth told me more about myself and about critical points in my life than she could've known beforehand or can possibly be dismissed as coincidence or a parlor trick. And she helped me to use this as a framework to analyze the here and now more clearly. The session was definitely a positive, eye-opening experience."
Attorney, NY

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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 11/30/2012 & The Weekend: Jolly Good Show!

The day starts off dreamily enough — especially for East Coasters, who must still meet the challenge of the void-of-course Moon until 8:55AM ET. Then, after a day and a half of wandering, Moon gets into gear and enters Cancer. Moon rules Cancer, where it is happy to do what it needs for the sake of nurturing and the comforts of home, family, apple pie and whatever is in the bank. We may see a surprise, jolt or other revelation when Moon squares Uranus at 6:22PM ET; a stabilizing connection between Moon and disciplined Saturn kicks in a few hours later. For West Coasters, you may bear witness to a power play or other high state of emotion when Moon opposes ruthless Pluto at 1:36AM ET/10:36 PM PT.

Saturday morning may inspire passion of a juicy kind when Moon is opposed by macho Mars at 7:01AM, followed by an easy connection from loving Venus. This is a good day to shop for everyone on your list (keeping in mind, of course, that your astrologer is offering a Special One-Hour Holiday Consultation from now through January 1st — which can be scheduled after the New Year). Merchants and gift recipients will love you, and here’s why:

First, the Moon is not void (and it will be nearly all day on Sunday). Second, Sun and Jupiter will be in exact opposition on Sunday at 8:45 PM ET, suggesting an exuberant mood and credit cards swiped to the limit. The inclination to indulge is high! But seriously — I’d do the shopping on Saturday, not Sunday. Purchases made during voids often prove to be far less useful than you thought — or just plain wrong.

The last thing I bought during a void should have been a no-brainer,  as all I needed was a new tube of tinted moisturizer from the Clarins counter at Bloomingdale’s. But noooooo….I got home only to discover that it was the wrong shade of pale. Void! Clearly Vice President Biden was not paying attention to his astrologer when he went shopping at Costco during yesterday’s all-day void — what was he thinking?? Gotta love Costco, though.

Sunday is another long day of voidness, starting at 1:55AM. Cancer voids are grand for doing things around the house.  Moon enters Leo at 8:57PM ET. This placement, combined with Sun-Jupiter opposition suggests a jolly good time. Invite some friends over for dinner and feed them all the yummy treats you made while the Moon was void in Cancer. Enjoy!



Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 11/29/2012: A Day for a Long Lunch

Last night the Gemini Moon made contact with jolly Jupiter at 8:04PM ET, suggesting a buoyant mood that will carry us through today.  Did you buy your lottery tickets? Of course it was a mad frenzy with Jupiter conjunct the Moon. People are thinking BIG!

The hook-up with Jupiter is the last planetary connection Moon will make while it is in Gemini…and…having made that last contact, the Moon is now said to be “void-of-course” until it enters the next sign (Cancer) at 8:55AM ET on FRIDAY. Everybody clear on that? This loooooong period of the Moon DWV (Driving While Void) suggests a natural break in the action — for you, for me, for everyone. Chill if you can. Meditate. Cogitate. Do something playful that engages your mind in an informative way, but without any expectation of results. If you are Barack Obama, invite Mitt Romney to lunch. Sure, the flake factor is higher during Moon voids, as well as surprise twists in efforts to move forward in a straight line. But the press won’t be there, so who cares? Plus, aggressive Mars has moved past ruthless Pluto, and is now in a cooperative, communicative and downright appealing connection with loving Venus. Very smart!

People are still googling “Mitt Romney horoscope,” wondering what opportunities may be in store. Well, he’s just had a classic “ego wipeout”. This term was coined by astrologer Noel Tyl and has been discussed in prior forecasts. Nebulous Neptune symbolically shrouded Mr. Romney’s personal projection,  self-image and mindset in a rapturous rose-colored fog; many were bedazzled; many more were  bewildered — and in the end, it was nothing more than a dream. Wipeout. And it’s not completely over until the end of the year. Seriously, this is a classic pattern astrologers see over and over in horoscopes.

When Neptune is prominent, seeing things clearly — realistically — is often a big challenge. The love of your life turns out to be  married with a family in Denver.  Your business partner invested the money, lost it and did not tell you. Alcohol and drugs become verrrrry appealing. You decide to join a cult. Your Type A personality can’t find the energy to get to kick-boxing class…for an entire year. Yes, there are ways to manage these phases constructively, especially if you’re an artist or a healer. But if they are not handled constructively and the bubble bursts…wipeout!

Mr. Romney now has Saturn, the planet of “Get Real”, moving through the area of his horoscope that refers to cooperation, health, work and service. He could spend the next two years restructuring these areas and find himself in a genuinely happier place around December 2014 — with a renewed sense of  purpose he’s ready to take public. Let’s all wish him well.

And now, the news. First, reflecting the theme of constructive transformation and advancement in relationship noted on Tuesday, columnist David Brooks penned a provocative piece called “How People Change”. The reader comments on this one are equally provocative. And, just in time for yesterday’s eclipse in Gemini-Sagittarius, suggesting a bottleneck in areas of information and communication, Gail Collins wrote a witty, informative (and thus very Moon-in-Gemini) piece about one of the most talked-about bottlenecks affecting the Senate: the filibuster. And here’s how some people outside of the Senate are trying to unclog this major traffic jam.

Remember, in your own personal world, the Moon is void-of-course all day.Go with the flow — even if you’re stuck in a bottleneck or jam. And if all else fails, take a really long lunch…and watch this gorgeous ten-minute film about an unusual lunch date in Grand Central Station.  I guarantee this happened during a void-of-course Moon! I guarantee you will love this film!


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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 11/28/2012: Full Moon & Eclipse in Gemini

Writing this forecast in the throes of a Full Moon/lunar eclipse in Gemini, opposing the Sun in Sagittarius. The eclipse was exact on the East Coast at 9:46AM. It’s also sitting right on my Moon at 6 Gemini  — perhaps explaining why this forecast is posted so late. Because when I sat down to write this forecast earlier, my reigning need of keeping you informed was bottlenecked!That’s my story and I’m sticking to it : )

Eclipses interrupt the regular flow of light from the Sun or the Moon, like a river is interrupted when it held back by a dam. This creates a bottleneck of energy that must eventually find a release, usually over the course of a few months’ time. In the case of this eclipse, the time frame is four and half months. Wherever the eclipse falls in your horoscope is where you can expect a bottleneck, followed by a release of energy,  which may be accompanied by an emotional catharsis. Eclipses highlight an area of life where something needs to be brought to a close, so something new can be brought to light. That can be a very good thing! So look for 6 degrees of  Gemini/6 Sagittarius in your chart and take note of the house which contains it. Better yet, consult your local astrologer for insight, especially since she is now offering a special one-hour initial consultation (from now through January 1st) that is so reasonably priced you’ll want to give one to everyone on your shopping list, including yourself.

As with the other eclipses that have been in Gemini/Sagittarius over the past two years, we are letting go of old patterns in Gemini/Sagittarius issues: communication, mindsets, “big picture” thinking (law, religion. education), foreign relations, information (and information control). I don’t have to look very far to find dozens of headlines reflecting dramatic changes in our collective thoughts and understanding. Other big planetary patterns (e.g., the ongoing square between disruptive Uranus and ruthless Pluto) are a contributing factor in what astrologer Bill Herbst calls the potential for “a wake-up call equivalent to a 20,000-volt electric cattle prod”; it is the eclipse cycle in Gemini/Sagittarius which suggests a collective change of mindset that leads to the construction of a new reality. For example, here’s a really cool headline to a very long article that challenges our understanding of mortality, as it details the efforts of one scientist in Japan.  [The power of an individual (Aries) to disrupt (Uranus) the established order (Capricorn) is suggested by the aforementioned Uranus-Pluto square]

Anyway…back to this particular lunar eclipse. The Sabian Symbol for 7 Gemini is “an old-fashioned well”; for 7 Sagittarius we find “Cupid knocking at the door”. How do we apply these symbols in our own personal worlds? Turning to Blain Bovee’s most excellent book for inspiration, we note that a well is the source of water, without which life on this planet could not exist. Cupid is a divine– yet often mischievous energy — that awakens desire, with consequences that may  — or may not — benefit the awakened party. Why? Because under Cupid’s influence, you could find yourself desiring superficial things instead of caring and cultivating for something deep, profound and life-sustaining (like a well). So therein lies the conflict of this Full Moon/Eclipse: that which is desirable vs. that which is essential; shallow indulgences vs. divine Source. What does this mean to you and how do these themes play out in your life? Here is a fascinating article that shows how what we deem desirable changes as we age, as evidenced by where we spend our money.

As for the day itself, the Moon in Gemini creates a buzz of information to be shared before going void on an expansive hook-up with jolly Jupiter. That buzz could take you in all kinds of directions from 8:04PM ET (when the Moon goes void) until 8:55AM ET on FRIDAY morning, which the Moon finally gets back into gear and enters Cancer. In the fallout of this eclipse and Mercury getting used to moving forward again, we are advised to be patient with twists that may throw us off track, especially when said twists reveal errors in thinking and communication. If you have to ship something during the void, double check the details before you hit “send”.

Meanwhile, get out and mingle. Venus, planet of social expression, is happily supported today and tomorrow by potent Pluto and action-oriented Mars. Connections made now may be mercurial,  but are likely to be stimulating and entertaining.


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 11/27/2012: Moooving Through the Void

Go with the flow today, suggested by the Moon being void-of-course until 7:58PM ET. As Moon voids go, Taurus is arguably one of the easier signs to handle. Other signs can be impetuous, tempting the twists and flakes a Moon void suggests. Taurus tends to be slow, deliberate and patient…which is a good space to put yourself in…and frankly, it may feel like time is moooooving slower than, say…when the Moon was in Aries on Black Friday. Can you appreciate the difference?

Consolidation of power — perhaps of a warrior kind — are also suggested, courtesy of aggressive Mars conjunct ruthless Pluto in enterprising Capricorn.  That aspect is exact at 3:14PM ET — at 8 degrees of Capricorn. If you were born around the 30th of March, June, September and December…or if you have a planet or point at 8 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you may be feeling a surge of power — if not within you — then around you. Who’s been knocking at your door? China has its Sun at 7 Libra; the horoscope of Japan also has a planet aspected by this macho/warrior pattern. So it’s interesting to see a story about Japan expanding its military power on the front page of the NY Times. And here’s an intriguing allegation of the consolidation of corporate power — in what appears to be a trade agreement that’s described in this article as a “global coup”.

Venus is also highlighted this week — by disciplined Saturn on Monday; by ruthless Pluto on Wednesday and by macho Mars on Thursday. This is one reason why I suggested relationships would be up for constructive advancement and transformation this week. We can also expect news involving women, finance and social expression — and maybe all three themes combined in one story. Warren Buffett is on the front page again with his sobering argument on raising taxes for high-income households. OK, he is not a woman, but he is serious about finance.  The Chair of the S.E.C.  IS a woman, and she is on the way out;  her replacement — another woman — is on the way in. Coolio!

Meanwhile, a Brooklyn-born social activist/”anarchist” named Dorothy Day, who passed away on November 29th in 1980, is reportedly  being taken very seriously by Cardinal Timothy Dolan as a candidate for sainthood — and this has taken some people by surprise. Constructive advancement and transformation in relationship, anyone?

Oops — almost forgot: Moon enters chatterbox Gemini at 7:58PM ET and squares nebulous Neptune an hour later — probably in search of escapist entertainment that stimulates conversation. Plan accordingly. Also be aware that Gemini, when it is not grounded, can descend into chaos faster than you can say “Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse”.  If you’re feeling like you’re all over the place, an old wives’ tale recommends eating potatoes to keep you earthbound on Wednesday morning.


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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/26/2012: Mercury Turns Direct

…and a happy Monday to you, too! I hope you all enjoyed a blissed-out Thanksgiving and are now ready for a dynamic week.

Moon is in Taurus, happily concerning itself with material comfort and security. Not a bad placement for retailers hoping for a blockbuster Cyber Monday, especially with the optimistic Sagittarius Sun in a harmonious connection with Uranus, planet of innovation and technogeeks. What a buzz!! The caveat, however, is that Mercury (mind, communication, travel and gizmos) TURNS DIRECT at 5:48PM ET. Will the servers be able to handle the traffic? And even if they can, will they get your order right? You know the drill when Mercury changes direction: patience, focus and awareness while moving from Point A to Point B. And be prepared to review and revise plans that were launched during the past several weeks.

There’s another reason to be extra-focused in communications and paperwork over the next few days. Serious relationships, power plays and material ambition/security issues may be up for many, courtesy of an intense hook-up between Venus (social expression, women, money, beauty) and Saturn (ambition, control) in heavy Scorpio, exact at 8:19AM ET. Tuesday features a conjunction  between aggressive Mars and ruthless Pluto in super-enterprising Capricorn (exact at 3:14PM ET). Together, these two patterns suggests the potential for focused encounters that cut to the chase. What’s the bottom line? Illumination shows up on Wednesday, courtesy of a Gemini Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, which we will talk more about later this week.

Void of course Moons are tricky this week, disrupting the straight-as-an-arrow intentions of Type A personalities. Moon goes void Monday at 7:57PM ET…and enters Gemini at 7:58PM ET on TUESDAY.  Moon goes void at 8:04PM ET on Wednesday…not to enter Cancer until 8:55AM ET on FRIDAY. Be prepared for unexpected twists and flakes…and remember that crises that crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing.

And now, the news — and there’s plenty to deliver. You may recall that on Thursday I anticipated that we’d see the consequences of a rose-colored fog and the potential for accidents in the headlines. How about “140 Car Pile-up in Texas Fog Kills 2; Injures Dozens”. With the Moon in Aries on Friday challenged by extremely combustible patterns among aggressive Mars, unpredictable Uranus and destructive Pluto, we saw “27 Injured in Lower Manhattan Office Fire”. That fire broke out in the wee hours of the morning, about the same time a Walmart shopper in Sacramento flipped out and threatened to stab people. And there was plenty of other aggressive Black Friday outbursts, as anticipated. Meanwhile, there was a fire at the State Department. Coincidence or conspiracy?

As for explosive outbursts in the rest of the world, we noted a surprise power grab in Egypt, a fire in a garment factory in Bangladesh killing at least 124 workers (anyone own any clothing made in Bangladesh?); and rebels & chaos in the Congo. There was a shooting on Friday in Gaza after the declared cease fire on Wednesday, but as it turns out, the cease fire remains in that’s good news.  Interesting to note in synch these combative warrior patterns are happening along with the passing of two men associated with testosterone: Larry Hagman (known for his portrayal of big, bad JR Ewing on “Dallas”) and Hector “Macho” Comacho, a boxer known for “living dangerously”.

You may be in the hot seat or called to action this week if you were born around the 30th of March, June, September or December…or if you have a planet or key point around 4 to 9 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  And that can be a very GOOD thing!


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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 11/22/2012 & the Weekend: Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving Day features a soulful void-of-course Moon in Pisces that drifts and  basks in the afterglow of a sweet connection between loving Venus and nebulous Neptune, exact at 4AM ET. More ethereal and/or escapist energy is suggested by a challenge between Neptune (again) and the Sun, exact at 2:13AM. Just decorate this web page with cuddly baby pandas already — or watch them frolic in this clip from The Daily Show (the one from yesterday’s post that apparently was not functioning– thanks to the reader who pointed that out). Add some big giant helium balloons of cartoon characters floating down Broadway in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. That’s the perfectly lovely potential of this day of rose-colored visions, gratitude and grace — certainly between the Moon void that will last from 1:32AM ET until 8:12PM ET.

Cobbler and Gobbler must know something about grace in their tiny little avian brains. They are the turkeys pardoned yesterday by President Obama in a surreal ceremony that has become a Thanksgiving tradition. Grace was evident in another headline: news of a ceasefire brokered after fighting between Israel and Hamas broke out eight days ago, on the New Moon/Solar Eclipse. Maybe, just maybe, with Neptune so prominent in current planetary patterns, the parties involved just didn’t feel like making the effort to fight. Neptune, with its need to dissolve whatever it touches, has the potential to diffuse assertive energy.  I confess I gave more weight to the potential for aggression and volatility suggested by Friday’s clash between warrior Mars and rebel Uranus and Tuesday’s powerful Mars-Pluto hook-up.  I wasn’t thinking of this latest battle fizzling out in a Neptune fog — but it does seem astro-logical. Let’s hope it lasts.

OK. Back to Thanksgiving — and the rest of the holiday weekend. At 8:12PM ET Moon enters me-me-me Aries, probably looking for a fight, a crusade, a workout or a lot of inspiration and attention. You should notice the shift in energy, especially with that volatile Mars-Uranus square we’ve been talking about all week (see Monday’s forecast for juicy details), which is exact on Friday at 5:06AM. People who are not psychically clear will likely be very much into their own fingers and toes — and quite pushy about getting their needs met. I will be very surprised if we don’t hear stories of startling acts of aggression and power plays on Friday. Battle the madding crowds at your own risk; you have been advised of the potential. On the plus side, these volatile, warrior aspects should make for some super-exciting football games.

By Friday evening, the dust will have likely settled, as Moon goes void with a sigh at 8:34PM ET…not to enter Taurus until 7:18AM ET on Sunday. And Sunday is when I’d think about holiday gift shopping — definitely not on Saturday, with its all-day void-of-course Moon. If you’re traveling back home on Saturday, be especially patient. If you’re feeling restless, do something physical that is not destructive.

Sunday’s Moon in Taurus slows the pace down noticeably. It encourages activities that make us feel comfortable and secure; feel free to indulge in the sensual and the material world (like shopping)!  You know what I think everyone on your gift list would absolutely love? Let me remind you every day until my Special Holiday Offer ends on January 1st…or at least until it is sold out : )

Have a wonderful, blissful Thanksgiving! Count your blessings, because the minute you think of yourself as blessed, you become a “have” instead of a “have-not”. This attitude of gratitude is empowering.  I am so blessed I have you to thank for reading this forecast. Pass it on!

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 11/21/2012: Sun in Sagittarius; Venus in Scorpio

Go with the flow as Moon continues its sojourn in watery, empathic Pisces, looking for an escape or an connection with the intangible. Music? Spirit? An alcohol-induced buzz? Not while you’re driving, if you please. The day is infused with a uplifting vibe, courtesy of a boost to Moon from expansive Jupiter. But wait — there’s more!

At 4:50PM ET, the Sun’s enters adventurous, fiery Sagittarius. Whereas Sun in Scorpio can keep much under wraps for the sake of power and control, Sun in Sagittarius is more inclined to let it all hang out, and never mind the mess. If you were a Centaur (half-human, half-horse), aiming an arrow at the sky, whilst galumphing across an open field, you’d trip over your four left hooves on occasion, too. But what a fitting festive energy for the beginning of the holiday season. I like to think of Sagittarius as the philosopher clown. They always have something deep opinion to express, and usually have no trouble making you laugh while they are doing it. Their blunt speech is legendary; many of them suffer from foot-in-mouth disease.Sagittarius is concerned with wide open spaces and with the Big Picture — i.e., beliefs held by the collective (including religion, law, politics), as well as media conglomerates. Here’s  Jon Stewart (who will turn 50 on the 28th, OMG), making his opinions very clear in the aftermath of Thanksgiving 2011 — as seen in this clip currently posted on The Daily Show’s  home page.

In other news, Venus leaves Libra for Scorpio at 8:20PM ET, where it will be until December 15th. Frankly, the planet of art, women, money and social expression is much happier in Libra than in Scorpio, but enter the murky depths it must. Venus in Scorpio suggests intensity, jealousy and a razor-sharp expression in relationship and financial concerns. On the plus side, it can be very juicy. On the down side, it can downright ruthless.

At 2:13AM ET on Thursday, nebulous Neptune squares the Sun, bringing to a release whatever you’ve been noticing that is dreamy, bogus, kaleidoscopic, escapist, visionary or surreal. Please pay attention in all your communication and travel endeavors. With Neptune so prominent and Mercury still retrograde, you can’t expect that everyone else will be as consciously aware as you are. Drive defensively — and happy trails!


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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 11/20/2012: Sublime & Surreal

Today’s First Quarter Moon — between Moon in Aquarius and Sun in Scorpio — often brings a challenge to whatever seeds were planted at the New Moon. What was that mission you started on? Here, the challenge may be a dispute over how things should be organized, involving parties who are quite stubborn– and perhaps eccentric — in their beliefs. Get your ego out of the way; take one for the team in the spirit of the humanitarian Aquarius Moon…which dissolves into the dreamy Pisces Moon just in time for lunch on the East Coast; breakfast on the West.

East Coasters, take note of the void-of-course Moon from 9:31AM – 11:55AM ET, suggesting a twist or flake to detract from your efforts to move forward in a straight line West Coasters, the void will be behind you by the time you get to the office, assuming your commute is not impacted by the drifting vibe of the Moon void.

Rose is still the color of the week, not pumpkin and other autumn hues. You might want to wear something pumpkin or rust-colored to keep you grounded. Mercury is still in retrograde, challenging our circuitry. Nebulous Neptune is remains prominent — casting shadows and fog, along with pixie dust visions. And then there’s that edgy buzz, courtesy of Friday’s challenge between aggressive Mars and rebel Uranus (read yesterday’s forecast for birthdays especially impacted by that potential clash), that could go off like a firecracker at any minute.

Examples of muddled mindsets: 1) a friend buys fish and veggies at the market. She remembers she forgot to put the fish in the frig…six hours later. No fish for her! 2) another friend has a housekeeper…and a cat.The housekeeper mops the floor and puts the litterbox back in place with its entrance facing the wall. Guess what the cat did as a back-up plan? Unless you’re lying on a beach somewhere, or deep in meditation or creative brainstorming, please take the extra time to focus…even on seemingly mindless tasks.

In the spirit of nebulous Neptune and Mercury retrograde, let the record show that one of the biggest stories over the weekend (and still going strong) was the alleged death of the Twinkie. This is actually a serious story, as many jobs are at stake, affecting human lives; but the Twinkie itself seems to be getting more coverage. I’m thinking Neptune most definitely rules the Twinkie, as this glamorous confection has to be one of most hyped-up fake foods ever made. As it turns out, rumors of its death may have been greatly exaggerated (Mercury retrograde). Labor and management have now been ordered to mediate ; corporate suitors are lining up and I can’t tell you how delighted I am that the blokes at The Guardian have an opinion on this story, too.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/19/2012: A Sneak Peek at the Whole Week

Planetary patterns are light on this first day of a short work week (for most of us in America). A friendly, detached Moon in Aquarius is uplifted by an easy connection from jolly Jupiter in the early morning, then coasts along unimpeded for the whole day. Only at 10:22PM ET does it make a challenging connection to mental Mercury in stubborn Scorpio, which we may see reflected by intense communication or snarled traffic.

Activity picks up on Tuesday, including a First Quarter Moon, which brings a challenge to the New Moon agenda you set last week. Sun (life force) and Venus(social expression) change signs on Wednesday, suggesting a day of adjustment and the need for still more patience on the busiest travel day of the year (as if Mercury retrograde wasn’t enough to challenge your patience).

The sublime and the surreal continue to pull our focus and on our emotions, as nebulous Neptune is approaching connections with two planets, exact early Thursday morning (Thanksgiving Day). No reason why you can’t put on your rose-colored glasses, raise a crystal goblet (or two or three), and bliss out through the afternoon.

Thursday night is when the mood turns feisty,as Moon enters me-me-me Aries and spends early Friday colliding with aggressive Mars and unpredictable Uranus. Mars and Uranus are not marshmallows, and they’ll be squaring off against each other early Friday morning, too.  On the plus side, we can expect technological breakthroughs in the news and daring acts of independence that may or may not be heroic. On the down side, this transit often accompanies accidents and explosive, impulsive actions. You will feel this challenge more than most if you were born around the 25th of March, June, September and December…or if you have a planet or point around 4 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

It is this Mars-Uranus challenge, combined with an impatient Aries Moon that leads me to suggest skipping the mall on Friday, as the mood is bound to be pushy. Should make for some exciting football games, though. Mars is also fast approaching a hook-up with ruthless and potent Pluto, exact on the 27th (next Tuesday). The last time we saw Mars making challenging connections to Uranus and Pluto was July 17th and 18th, just before the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, at the premiere of The Dark Knight Returns. I found it very interesting that an equally violent plot was in the works for last weekend’s premiere of Twilight. Thankfully, the plot was foiled.  And thankfully, this month’s challenges among Mars, Uranus and Pluto are not happening within a 24-hour span, suggesting less intensity than what we experienced in July. We’ll talk about positive applications of this dynamic planetary configuration later in the week. No need to be fearful; just be mindful.

Wow! I just outlined most of the week. Here are your Moon voids: Tuesday 9:31AM – 11:55AM ET; Thursday 1:32AM – 8:12PM ET; Friday 8:34PM – 7:18AM on SUNDAY (OK, skip the mall on Saturday, too). And here’s where you can find out more information on Moon voids, if you are new to this forecast (welcome)!


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 11/16/2012 & the Weekend: Mars in Capricorn

While you were sleeping (for readers in the US), Moon charged into the enterprising sign of Capricorn, armed with a hammer and plenty of nails. You may have woken up inspired by a sublime or surreal vision, as Moon formed an easy connection with nebulous Neptune. Welcome to the next two days of making that vision happen, and let’s hope it’s more sublime than surreal.

Building your empire may require considerable flexibility, courtesy of challenges from the Usual Suspects, rebel Uranus (1:32PM ET) and ruthless Pluto (6:18P ET). Acts of aggression may generate more attention than anyone anticipated, courtesy of Mars hitting a highly-charged point in the zodiac as it moves into  Capricorn at 9:36PM ET. And here I would be thinking of the unfortunate headlines about escalating battles in the Middle East. On the plus side, the action-oriented energy of Mars is very comfortable in earthy Capricorn. So long as you keep your temper in check (and are not held hostage by the outbursts of others), you may move a mountain or two in your own personal world. Mars will be in Capricorn through December 25th.

These next several days can be quite productive for artists, healers and other creative types who work with intangibles (including music). There’s a lovely communicative energy on Saturday that supports rose-colored ideals with practicality. Sunday, after a six hour Moon void between 1 and 7 AM ET, Moon moves into humanitarian Aquarius, facilitating group project of all kinds, the more socially significant, the better.

In yesterday’s news recap, we noted strikes across Europe in protest of continued austerity measures being proposed and/or enacted as a way to resolve economic crises that are marching inexorably to a head in January. Mercury retrograde tends to increase the likelihood of strikes, as if somehow workers intuitively know they should be taking some time off  ; ) Did you know that here in the US, some WalMart workers are also on strike? Planetary patterns are building to a potentially volatile release between the 20th and the 29th. Just giving you a heads up if you plan to spend your Thanksgiving weekend anywhere near a minefield, whether it’s real or metaphorical. This would include shopping malls on Black Friday. Once again, the blokes at The Guardian have more on the WalMart story