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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 2/28/2013: Gently Down the Stream

First, some housekeeping. A link to the article about the visual effects artists was missing from yesterday’s forecast. Here it is. As for today:

Mercury is retrograde. Moon is void-of-course all day in Libra…not to enter the next sign until noonish ET on Friday. Lovely Venus continues to mingle with dreamy Neptune. How can you make use of this natural break in the action? Do some brainstorming. Meditate. Go with the flow and amaze yourself as you re-invent the wheel, like this:

Variation 1

or this — even more multi-dimensional:

Variation 2

This simple song has a fascinating history. Find out what the lyrics really mean.

Here is a version for the kid in all of us — with lyrics — dreamy!

Much gratitude to you all for the lovely emails this rose-colored week has generated. I think you are great, too. Thank you for reading and sharing this forecast : )

Chroma key green with envy is what your friends will be when you tell them you REviewed your life with your astrologer  during this Mercury retrograde.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 2/27/2013: A Day of Herding Cats

Oh, these crazy Mercury retrogrades/Moon void combinations. Why else would my ISP fail to function as designed, thus delaying the posting of today’s forecast? Thank goodness for Mark Marshall at Interage. Have you hired him to build your website yet?

Today’s whether forecast calls for sugar-spun clouds of social graces and pleasantly rational thoughts, courtesy of the people-pleasing Moon in airy Libra (as of 8:02AM ET). And yet Venus is mingling with nebulous Neptune, joining three other planets in the watery depths of Pisces. On the upside, there’s the potential for random acts of kindness and senseless acts of sweet beauty. On the down side, some may feel they searching for an anchor. Others may prefer to simply choke in shallow waters. Or wallow. Or drown (cue Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians now).

I say take the high road. This lovely Libra Moon and Mercury retrograde offer opportunities to re-connect with people you haven’t seen in ages. Why not reach out? The sublime Venus-Neptune meet-up offers healers, writers, musicians and other charitable and creative types divine inspiration over the next few days. And perhaps to some romantics, too. As evening approaches, be mindful of a potential revelation or other jolt when the peaceful Libra Moon is disrupted by rebel Uranus at 8:11PMET. The rest of the night could be just jolly…and end with a reeeeallly long sigh. Moon goes void at 3:37AM ET Thursday …not to enter Scorpio until 12:33PM ET on FRIDAY.

Meanwhile, in line with the startling events involving declarations of independence by women suggested by the current lunar cycle, I hope you took one reader’s suggestion and watched  Makers: Women Who Make America on PBS last night. Regular readers of this forecast know that civil rights were a huge theme in the 60s, as reflected by the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1965-66. Freedom. Equality. Disruption of the status quo!  Fifty years later, Uranus and Pluto are at it again — as of 2012 and thru 2015. Three years is a loooooonng time for these two “resistance is futile” planets to figuratively collide. So many of the seeds that were planted during the 60s are back now — with a vengeance — to claim victory over oppression once and for all. Just ask the Great State of Mississippi, which finally — last week — ratified the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery. Congratulations, Mississippi…for taking so long to bring to fruition the seeds of equality that were planted at the Uranus-Pluto conjunction that happened in…1850.

In other related news, the plight of so-called pink-collar workers, specifically those at Weight Watchers was illuminated by Monday’s Full Moon in Virgo (workers) opposing the Sun in Pisces (suffering).  Columnist Maureen Dowd seems unamused by the harsh controls imposed on workers by Yahoo’s female CEO. Other Pisces keywords are film and illusion; here’s another aptly timed labor (Virgo) gripe that was highlighted at the Oscars: the visual effects artists who make movie magic (e.g., Life of Pi) vs. their employers. That’s why so many Facebook profile pics have turned  chroma key green, btw. So now you know.

Chroma key green with envy is what your friends will be when you tell them you REviewed your life with your astrologer  during this Mercury retrograde.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 2/26/2013: Full Moon Fallout

Good luck to today’s perfection-driven Moon in Virgo in the hours leading up to 1PM ET. With mental Mercury aligned with feisty Mars and opposing the Moon about that time, I anticipate much debate about what is right and correct, but not necessarily consensus. The nitpickers vs. the empaths. Who will win?

In this Full Moon fallout, an application of FOCUS in your efforts to separate the wheat from the chaff may reveal critical bugs in your program. Make it a teachable moment, not a cause for crisis, especially after 1:13PM ET, when the Moon goes void until 8:02 AM ET on Wednesday. Chill time!

Moon voids can be especially frustrating for Type A personalities…and are even more so with Mercury now retrograde. Remember what I wrote in a post last week about the importance of double checking all space/time coordinates to make sure, for example, the restaurant you’ve chosen for a rendez-vous is actually still in business? Would you believe I got a call last night from a friend asking for a Plan B near Carnegie Hall because it turned out the restaurant she and her hubby went to first was closed on Mondays? Of course I recommended Bricco — a warm, friendly neighborhood space with good food, reasonably priced — and a grape pie to die for.

In the aftermath of a Full Moon (yesterday’s was exact at 3:26PM ET), we may receive illumination and clarity on the agenda we set for the New Moon two weeks earlier. What information have you received on your efforts to create a space for play?

In the news, I anticipated we would see some startling events involving the feminine/maternal/women during this cycle, including some “mind-boggling” efforts to impose control. Really, you have to wonder what the producers and writers of last night’s Oscars were thinking  — and as you can see in that link, Charlize Theron seems very concerned. Not to mention the writer at The Onion, whose efforts to crack a joke at the expense of a 9-year-old Oscar-nominated actress sparked outrage and an apology. But wait, there’s more. The Violence Against Women Act has yet to be renewed in the House. Why? Yea verily, this “last remaining controversy” boggles the mind. And a state representative in North Carolina has a mind-boggling suggestion for women involving duct tape. Read it and weep.

But about Seth MacFarlane — a double Scorpio who no doubt is being given a stern squeeze by transiting Saturn, especially if he was born after 12pm on October 26, 1973. Seth has Venus at 19 Sagittarius, with a need for righteous, opinionated social expression. On Oscar night, he had transiting Mercury (retrograde!) exactly squaring this Venus, with proactive Mars right there with Mercury at 19 and 18 Pisces, respectively. This is a screamingly obvious potential for provocative words and actions, including a bout of foot-in-mouth disease. Lots of other activity in his chart — check it out.

Meanwhile, I’m pleased to report that a coat exchange was held earlier today and my aubergine Andrew Marc is back in my closet. And according to the reader who emailed me minutes ago, I’m not the only one whose coat went home with someone else Sunday night. Stay focused out there!

Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to REview your life in a personal astro-logical consultation, especially if you have not done so in over a year. Specials offered through February!




Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 2/25/2013: Full Moon in Virgo

Over-the-top or overly critical is one possible reflection of today’s Full Moon in detail-oriented, perfectionist Virgo at 3:26PM ET. And I’m sure some of that criticism will be lobbed at those responsible for last night’s Oscars.  Certainly we can expect emotions to be running high and information to be flying around, given expansive Jupiter squaring the Sun in Pisces and the Virgo Moon.  If you were born today or around the 27th of May, August or November…or if you have planets or angles around 7 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Pisces or Sagittarius, you are feeling the wind in your sails more than most.

Other patterns of note today include Venus leaving “I love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius and moving into Pisces at 9PMish ET. Yup, we’ll have five out of ten planets  in the sign of the Fish by the end of today — cue Morris Albert singing “Feelings” now  — and grab a life jacket. Then again, Venus — which refers to women, social expression & aesthetics, to name a few — is quite comfortable in the Piscean realm of intuition and compassion, so perhaps we should all be singing “Kumbaya“). If we can cut through the confusion suggested by Mercury retrograde, perhaps we can soften whatever other cuts are scheduled to hit, thanks to this so-called sequester that allegedly kicks in on March 1st. Here’s the latest on that story, which will certainly be the buzz all week.

Meanwhile, a hook-up between mental Mercury — now retrograde and backing into aggressive Mars — suggests impassioned communication or thinking. With Mercury retrograde, please try to remember to double check things before taking action or blurting stuff out. I don’t know about you, but I am definitely feeling the lack of focus, as exemplified by a fellow guest at an Oscar party who took my coat home instead of her own. Focus, people. Focus! And back up those gizmos if you haven’t already done so. My iPad is on the fritz, too — but I am sure it will sort itself out.

Your Moon voids for the week: Tuesday at 1:13PM ET – 8:02AM ET Wednesday; Thursday 3:37AM ET – 12:33PM ET on FRIDAY. This would have been a lovely week to plan a vacation…

Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to REview your life in a personal astro-logical consultation, especially if you have not done so in over a year.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 2/22/2013: Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Floods in Maui…a foot of snow dumped on the Midwest…more water, water today as the Moon drifts along, void-of-course in Cancer. It could be worse. Moon is generally a happy camper in Cancer, the sign it rules, so long as it is feeling safe, secure, well-fed and otherwise nurtured. Otherwise it gets crabby. Now you know how to deal with any crabby people you may encounter during this void: offer them a hug, a Kleenex or a cookie. The usual void activities apply: creative brainstorming, chilling, meditating and long lunches. Shopping is definitely not favored, especially impulse shopping.

Meanwhile, some are already reporting stalls, crashes and other communication glitches, which we would expect with the Sun and Neptune fogging things up and  mental Mercury at a standstill. The Messenger Planet reverses course at 4:41AM ET at 19 degrees of Pisces. Those of you with 19 Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces prominent in your horoscopes…or born around the 9th of March, June, September or December are more affected by Mercury’s station than others.

Contrary to popular belief, Mercury retrogrades are no reason to freak out. Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap because we are geared, in this crazy modern age, to always be thinking, doing, moving FORWARD. Ya know what that gets you? BURN OUT. We need our down times, and Mercury retrograde is a perfect time to give our minds a rest. Why else would your computer, phone and/or car choose THIS time to malfunction? Because you are supposed to be slowing down. And as you slow down, it is vitally important that you re-adjust your FOCUS.

When Mercury is retrograde through March 17th, be prepared for travel delays, scheduling screw-ups, mechanical breakdowns, computer crashes, having to repeat what you’ve just said, misunderstandings, the past coming back for a second look, surprise reunions and having to repeat what you just said. Use your FOCUS and double check important details, like whether the restaurant you’ve chosen for a meet-up is still in business.  Special extra bonus: since this Mercury retrograde is in Pisces, you may find your intuitive focus more reliable than your logical mind.

Adopt a playful attitude of flexibility to whatever twists you encounter, as with void-of-course Moons. Avoid signing contracts, making major purchases (especially mechanical ones), believing everything you hear or read in the papers and losing patience. Do plan on RElaxing, REviewing, REsearching, REorganizing, REgenerating, REconnecting and REcreating.

The Sabian Symbol for this Mercury retrograde is quite lovely:  “a table set for an evening meal”.  What an inviting image of rest and reward. And why not invite a whole bunch of people you haven’t seen in ages to join you? Believe me, the pace will pick up as we get closer to the first day of Spring and into the last week of March.

Back to tonight (Friday). It’s a party when Moon leaves Cancer for drama queen Leo at 5:12PM ET…and this spirit carries us all through Sunday night, setting the stage for the Academy Awards.  Oh, the pageantry! Oh, the emotions building to a climax as the Moon waxes to it fullness (exact on Monday afternoon ET). Oh, can it get any bigger than this (Sun will be challenged by expansive Jupiter on Monday, too)?  I haven’t looked at the horoscopes of this year’s contenders — except for Abraham Lincoln, and his horoscope suggests empowered social expression. The Uranus-Pluto square has been all over Lincoln’s natal Venus at 7 Aries, super-charging his popularity over the past year. When you’re hot, you’re hot.

I leave you now with a headline. After the Sun and Neptune (deception) met up in Pisces (fish!!!) at 2:21AM ET on Thursday, this story was all over the news: “Survey Finds That Fish Are Often Not What Label Says”. Isn’t that fabulous?

Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to REview your life in a personal astro-logical consultation, especially if you have not done so in over a year.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 2/21/2013: More Water, Water; Shades of Rose

More of the same from yesterday, only on the other side of the dreamy vision suggested by the soulful meet-up between the Sun and nebulous Neptune at 2:19AM ET. While you are sleeping there may be a power play or other emotional catharsis as the sensitive Moon is challenged by ruthless Pluto at 3:43AM ET.

Efforts to secure your home, family and foundation are favored all day, thanks for supportive contacts to the Moon from disciplined Saturn, proactive Mars and mental Mercury. Get it signed, sealed and delivered by 9:08PM ET, when the Moon goes void for a long rest…not to enter Leo until 5:12PM ET on Friday. Anyone got a long weekend planned?

Friendly reminder: back up your computer and smart phones NOW. Mercury goes retrograde Saturday at 4:41AM ET (another reason to sign documents now…or wait until after March 17th, when Mercury turns direct).

And now, the news. In honor of the plethora of planets in Pisces, here are a few Fish-themed headlines. First, did you know that Pisces rules the 12th house of a natal chart. This refers to secret enemies, retreats, things buried in our subconscious (“the self undoing”) and all the other stuff we sweep under a rug or otherwise confine.  Hospitals and prisons fall into this category; here’s a fascinating story about the latter, if you want to know a well-kept secret about our exploding prison population. Suffering, martyrdom and victimization are Pisces themes, too. And Pisces feels it all so deeply. No wonder they have a reputation for being so melancholy.

I don’t know if this qualifies as the rose-colored vision suggested by Sun conjunct Neptune,  but it certainly is a new vision: Google glasses  — the ones that let you access the Internet while you are looking straight ahead, walking and presumably chewing gum at the same time — are in the news again. I first read about these last summer in Physics of the Future — an absolute must-read book, because the future is happening faster than you think.

Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to REview your life in a personal astro-logical consultation, especially if you have not done so in over a year.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 2/20/2013: Water, Water

A flood of emotion, perhaps, as Moon ingresses into watery Cancer at 5:45AM ET and heightens our need for the comforts and caring of a strong foundation, home and/or family. A smooth connection between the equally watery Sun in Pisces and the Cancer Moon suggests little resistance to initiatives, followed by a dreamy connection to the Moon from nebulous Neptune — all before noon ET. Only a potential jolt or revelation from rebel Uranus to the sensitive Moon at 6:52PM ET could shake things up…moving more sensitive types to tears.

Otherwise, it’s an excellent day for vision, healing, music, spirit, art and delectable home cooking…as well as rose-colored escapes, delusion, fantasy, drugs, deception and maybe a story about oil and water — watch the news. Why? Because the Sun in Pisces hooks up with nebulous Neptune at 2:19AM ET on Thursday. If  you are not channeling creativity or vision, your biggest challenge today may be motivation.



Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 2/19/2013: Keep It Light

A quiet day, really, with a chatty Gemini Moon going void-of-course at 1:48PM ET…not to enter Cancer until 5:45AM ET. West Coasters, why don’t you take an extra day off? If you must show up at the office, be reminded that whatever fires scream for attention after 2PM ET are probably not the crises they seem to be. Keep your restless mind engaged with creative brainstorming and pleasant diversions. Roll with whatever twists may disrupt your normal routine. Plan an escape if you can, and note your dreams all week as we are under the influence of the Sun’s annual meet-up with rose-colored Neptune, which is exact on Thursday at 2:19AM ET.

If you’re going to ship anything of consequence this week, it would be Wednesday or Thursday. Friday is another long void day. And on Saturday, as you know, Mercury turns retrograde at 4:41AM ET on Saturday. Seriously, back up your computers and smart phones NOW. Mercury will be retrograde until St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th. More on that later this week.

In other news, I received a lovely email from a reader, commenting on Monday’s retrograde of Saturn at 11 Scorpio. “A gathering of the elite” was one theme we are likely to see in the news for the next several weeks, and this astute reader suggested that the upcoming conclave of cardinals who will soon gather to elect a new Pope would fall into this category. Absolutely, and stay tuned for more on this developing story.

Meanwhile, have you noticed the increased number of stories about the aviation industry and outer space? I have ever since expansive Jupiter turned direct and made an easy connection with Uranus, which rules these things. American Airlines and US Air announced plans to become the biggest airline ever — a story the satirical paper The Onion captured perfectly. Then we had that meteor strike on Friday (a day for “pushing through boundaries” read that forecast). And now, news that may answer the question “has dark matter been discovered?” — and we’ll have more details in a couple of weeks, coinciding with potentially spectacular planetary patterns.

Oh — lest I forget — Mercury retrogrades are super-fabulous for REview, including REviewing your life with your astrologer. This is an excellent time to schedule an appointment for a personal consultation, especially if we have not spoken in more than a year. Really, astrologers should be treated like dentists and tax accountants, absolutely essential, but without all that anxiety. We are way more fun than most dentists, though I do adore mine. I do have a few consultation specials running through the end of the month. Book now, before I run off to Guatemala in March…

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 2/18/2013: Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio

A couple of shifts of note on this Presidents Day, a US holiday that celebrates Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and mattress sales nationwide. First, at 7:02 AM ET the Sun enters Pisces, joining Mercury, Mars and Neptune in the dualistic sign of the dreamy Fish. Keywords for Pisces energy include “sensitive, intuitive, emotional, escapist, imaginative, impressionable and compassionate,” says my Celestial Calendar. This ups the ante of the what we’ve already been experiencing with three other planets in this watery flow. Go with it.

The other shift is Saturn, planet of ambition and necessary controls/structure, turning retrograde at 12:03PM ET in Scorpio. This can put a damper — or a structural review — on some plans for expansion…at least until July 7th, when Saturn will once again be direct. Those who are likely to feel it the most are those born around the 30th of January, April, July and October…or who have a planet or angle at 10-11 degrees of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio. Whatever squeeze you’ve been feeling since the beginning of 2013 will be back for a second adjustment for the next several weeks — until mid-April or so. The resolution of that squeeze will likely make itself known in October when Saturn once again hits 10-11 degrees of Scorpio.

Frustration is a common feeling under Saturn transits, and is fascinating that Marco Rubio (R-FL), currently with three planets hit by Saturn, made his now-famous desperate grab for water right after saying “frustrated” in last week’s rebuttal to the SOTU.  Seriously! Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently dubbed “the nasty newcomer” in a recent Times op-ed, has transiting Saturn sitting on his Mars. Which admittedly can be rather cranky.

Shall we look at the Sabian Symbol for Saturn turning retrograde? Ooh, let’s. At 11 degrees of Scorpio, we find “an embassy ball,” which Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee notes is an “exclusive gathering of the elite, gathered mostly for their mutual benefit. When positive, integrity and excellence shine; when not so positive, elitism, disdain and specious superiority show forth”. Right. Well, we’re sure to see plenty of headlines supporting that theme continuing over the next few weeks, eh?

In your own personal world, as you focus on projects of ambition and structure, consider “having a ball regardless of social barriers; make the social rounds”…and see where it takes you. Certainly with Mercury retrograde Feb 23-Mar 17, making the social rounds and RE-connecting with people from the past makes perfect sense. As does having a ball. Even if you’re feeling squeezed or frustrated.

Saturn entered Scorpio in October and almost immediately made itself known in the headlines. How so? Well, the last time Saturn was in Scorpio was between December 1982 to 1985. Scorpio is concerned with issues of power and control, of building all the way to Heaven and all the way down to Hell.  More than any other sign, these depths and heights apply in  matters of sex, death and (other peoples’) money. Saturn in Scorpio forces us to face the nitty-gritty consequences of our highest and basest instincts; we simply can not look away. For example, one of the biggest stories of Saturn’s last transit through Scorpio was AIDS, certainly a matter of sex, life and death. How did this story transform consciousness? What were the highs and lows?

Since October, I’ve noted more than a few nitty-gritty headlines in a Scorpionic vein. One was the story of the Hindu woman in Ireland who suffered a misrcarriage and died after doctors refused her an abortion in November.  Changes to the Irish law are now in the works…sort of. Interesting to note that Northern Ireland’s first private abortion clinic opened in October. Abortion continues to be a hot-button issue; just yesterday it made headlines in New York.

Another nitty-gritty story with brutal consequences happened in India, and  so awful it saddens me to write about the details, except to hope that it, too, will spark a major transformation of consciousness. It is already transforming laws, and transformation is a positive potential of Scorpio. So look for more nitty-gritty headlines over the next couple of years, in the areas of sex, death and (other peoples’) money.

If I have buried you with information in today’s forecast’s, blame today’s Moon in Gemini, always the information junkie. Note the possibility of a heated dispute about information and/or faith around 8:02PM ET, as the chatterbox Moon is challenged by steamed up Mars. Overall, patterns are light this week. Should be dreamy…

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 2/15/2013 & The Weekend: Down to Earth

Moon enters Taurus as of 5:08AM ET, putting out fires and favoring a slower, steadier pace. Taurus needs material security and creature comforts more than other signs, so use this day of most excellent earthy, practical energy to build a structure for the great ideas you pitched this week. You are well-supported by resourceful connections among Mars (action), potent Pluto and disciplined Saturn. Your biggest obstacle is resistance to change — either your own or in other people. Use patience and persistence to push through boundaries….unless you happen to be an asteroid getting closerthanthis to Earth. What — you didn’t hear about the asteroid cruising by the ‘hood today? You can watch it here — starting at 2PM ET.

On Saturday, the Taurus Moon carries us through the day and perhaps to your local Home Depot. There is no Moon void to distract you on your quest for material acquisitions, so feel free to shop without worrying if what you buy on impulse will be of use in a few weeks’ time. The evening starts off with an indulgent square between the sensual Moon and Venus in quirky Aquarius at 5:48PM ET,  adding an exotic spice to your usual comfort food, wine, company and song.

Only a few patterns of note on Sunday. The First Quarter Moon, which often presents a challenge to whatever agenda you set on the New Moon, is exact at 3:31PM ET. It goes void until 4:50PM ET, when it enters chatty Gemini. Perhaps that challenge will give you something to talk about. A dreamy/bewildering square to the Moon from nebulous Neptune casts a rose-colored fog around 10:19PM ET. More music, art and/or spiritual escapes?

Oh there is so much to write about in the news: Marco Rubio and Oscar Pistorius and the Violence Against Women Act…and much, much more. I will post later with the astro-logical deets on why these men and this piece of legislation are in synch with planetary patterns and making headlines at this time.

Meanwhile, rest assured that while Valentines’ Day is behind us, personal consultation specials are available all through February. You’ll want to check in with your astrologer and RE-view your life now that Mercury will be turning retrograde on the 23rd.