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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 7/31/2013: The Restless Rest

The Moon is still in Taurus and still void of course, suggesting a languid start to your day, coupled with twists and flakes. And  that challenging connection between rebel Uranus and aggressive Mars isn’t exact until 11:08PM, which accounts for the restless buzz or irritability you may be feeling or may witness in others. Reckless outbursts are not uncommon under this pattern, as in the case of a aide on Anthony Weiner’s embattled mayoral campaign who went ballistic in an interview last night…and there it is on the NYT home page this morning. Breakouts and breakthroughs in action and technology can also be expected; here’s an example of the former: a prison break in Pakistan in which hundreds escaped.

At 11:42AM ET the energy shifts noticeably as the Moon engages in Gemini, needing to inform and be informed. This swirling airy mental sign quickens the pace and the exchange of ideas. As the evening progresses and the Mars-Uranus challenge approaches, such ideas may have a decidedly rose-colored hue, courtesy of  nebulous Neptune squaring the Moon at 9:04PM ET. On the plus side, the potential for spiritual and/or artistic revelations. On the downside, the potential for rash behavior based on delusion.  Get it off your desk between 11:42AM ET today and 12:48PM ET tomorrow, if you can. Moon goes void again…not to engage in the next sign, Cancer, until 12:30AM ET on SATURDAY. But that doesn’t mean Friday can’t be very, very pleasant. More on that tomorrow…

In the news, the judge’s ruling in the case of Bradley Manning was delivered yesterday at 1PM, during the Taurus Moon void. It was a small victory for the underdog in that in the most serious charge against him — that of aiding and abetting the enemy — Manning was found not guilty. It could also be argued that the ruling was of no real consequence, as Manning was found guilty of most of the 22 charges against him.  We don’t have an exact birth time for Manning, so analysis of the horoscope is limited, but it is interesting to note that the ruling is coming down with transiting Jupiter (law, groupthink, religion)  exactly opposing his natal Neptune (vision, dream, sacrifice, faith). This  suggests an extremely idealistic period in one’s life, as noted by those who see him as a martyr for the cause of truth, as well as those who see him as a traitor to his country. He has become larger than life. Whatever sentence is handed down, it will be interesting to compare Manning’s fate with others who have been court-martialled for offenses such as murder and multiple acts of abuse and torture. Here’s a list of such cases — note that most sentences given were well under a year.

Also during yesterday’s void, an unexpected twist for readers of the Chicago Tribune appeared in the form of a fluffy grey kitten on the paper’s home page. This molehill of an event was quickly turned into a mountain, including a formal interview with the editors of the Chicago Tribune, in which they explained how this could happen. Meanwhile, I regret the delay in reporting a story that happened on Sunday’s oh-so-sweet connection between Venus (desserts) and expansive Jupiter. I’m sure the editors had no idea how in tune they were with planetary patterns when they published The Jupiter Cakewalk — coincidence or conspiracy?

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/30/2013: War & Peace

I trust this forecast finds you all getting wherever you need to go without traffic snarls or other upsets. After posting yesterday’s forecast, my walk to the subway was marked by more than the usual horn honking by impatient drivers. This morning’s commute included a driver almost buying the farm a few hundred feet away from me; I still have the scent of burning rubber in my nostrils. So much for that immovable Taurus Moon seeking stability. Last Saturday’s potentially murderous Pluto-Mars opposition, combined with the nervous tension and disruptive potential of Wednesday’s Mars-Uranus square is clearly pulling focus.

Depth of passion and resources is also in focus today, courtesy of a harmonious connection between Venus (money, art, women, beauty) and Pluto (power, transformation, news from underground), exact at 8:50AM ET. Venus also rules copper, and here’s a story posted this AM about how theft of copper has become an epidemic. Coincidence or conspiracy? You’ll have plenty of time to talk and think about it as of 11:58AM ET as Moon sextiles (you should have learned that word in yesterday’s forecast) mental Mercury and then goes void….with a long sigh….until 11:42AM ET tomorrow (Wednesday).

You know the drill with voids: take care of routine tasks, but be prepared to roll with whatever twists arise in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. There may be a total “meh” feeling to the rest of the day, or it may feel like people are not really focused on the task at hand. Crises that crop up are often much ado about nothing…and with added tension, combustion and “wild card” flavor of tomorrow’s Mars-Uranus challenge, there is greater potential for flying off the handle over a molehill.  Yes, Moon in Taurus is patience personified, but have you ever heard the expression “bull in a china shop”? Those most affected by the Mars-Uranus tension are those with a point or planet at around 12 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

Stories of resources and rebellion continue. Fast-food workers in NY are on a one-day strike, demanding a liveable wage. You did see the recent controversy over the McDonalds website, offering helpful financial planning advice to its workers, didn’t you? Sample helpful advice: “Get a second job”.  Food service workers are striking in other cities, too. Meanwhile, unpaid interns are also suing for wages and benefits — and they are winning their cases. A report released a few days ago notes that 80% percent of all Americans are likely to struggle with joblessness and/or poverty at some point in their lives. Even President Obama is starting to talk about how income inequality is “fraying the social fabric”; today he offered to reduce the corporate tax rate if Congress would do something proactive about jobs. Meanwhile, in bankrupt Detroit, a greenlight has been given on the construction of a $650 million hockey arena, half of which will be paid for with public funds. WTF? JP Morgan is agreeing to pay a 410 million dollar fine to “settle” allegations that it manipulated the electricity markets in Michigan and California. Halliburton is paying $200,000 for destroying evidence regarding the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. And so it goes.

These stories are what we would expect to see, given the upheaval and exposure of corruption in hallowed institutions, suggested by planetary patterns. That is why I bring them to your attention. Astrologers who have been blogging long before me have been writing about the tremendous shifts likely to happen in this decade. It is fascinating to see these shifts occurring, as anticipated. We are halfway through the Uranus-Pluto square; the next exact hit happens the first week of November. Issues of income inequality were front and center during the last Uranus-Pluto square, which occurred in the early 30s. Does anyone remember what was going on then, not just in the U.S., but all around the world? Do we have to repeat the choices made back then? Of course not. As my teacher loves to say, “Planets don’t do anything. People do.”

So let’s look at some good news. Pope Francis made a stunning statement yesterday regarding gay priests, “Who am I to judge”?  That’s a disruption of the status quo, is it not? Currently on the NYT home page  is another story of a maverick who appears to actually be getting things done. Patricia DiMango is a NY State Supreme Court Justice on temporary assignment in the Bronx, where she is striving to clear up a scandalous backlog of cases. Her style embodies the independent, unsettling, unpredictable, but ultimately liberating energy of tomorrow’s Mars-Uranus square — and it’s not the first time she’s made headlines — here’s another story. Can you imagine her on a Congressional committee?

More good news: reflecting the “hopeful union” potential of yesterday’s Grand Sextile, Israel-Palestinian peace talks are set to begin again. And would you believe the Swedes are so good at recycling, that they’ve run out of garbage? It’s all here on the Good News Network — another bookmark page to add to your collection.

Thank you for reading this forecast — now please chill, meditate and find a beautiful, sensual way to enjoy this Moon in Taurus day (with a little lightning bolt from Mars & Uranus).

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 7/29/2013: Carpe Diem; The Grand Sextile

After another loooong void period (Saturday 10:19PM ET – Monday 12:43PM ET), during which you should have taken an equally long break, Moon is now firmly planted in Taurus, needing to build and maintain material comfort and security. This day is jam-packed with planetary patterns that may well support your plans for world domination, especially if you have significant planets and/or angles at 4- 11 degrees of just about any sign.

First, we’ve got the Grand Water Trine among Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. This is the pattern talked about throughout July. The planets are moving out of the Grand Trine (the technical term is “separating”), but the influence is still there. It suggests emotional self-sufficiency and dreams made real. Late this afternoon and early evening we’ll have another Grand Trine in effect — this one among the Taurus Moon, Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn — all Earth signs. A Grand Earth Trine suggests self-sufficiency and/or a projected aura of abundance in material resources. Let the record show that the markets have been doing very well this month…and they also did well in March of 2012,  under another Grand Earth Trine.

Drawn on a piece of paper, the two Grand Trines look like a Star of David, and the technical term for this configuration is “Grand Sextile”. The distance between each planet in the configuration is 60 degrees —  a sextile. Planets in a sextile relationship with one another communicate very well. On its own, the Grand Sextile suggests a stellar opportunity, balance and harmony — and at the very least, a meditation, however brief, on world peace. And isn’t it amazing that today at 5:30AM ET, the New York Times has posted an obituary for Garry Davis, a peace activist who renounced his American citizenship and declared himself a world citizen.  He believed, reads the obit, “that if there were no nation-states, there would be no wars.”

“The nation-state is a political fiction which perpetuates anarchy and is the breeding ground of war,” he told The Daily Yomiuri, an English-language newspaper in Japan, in 1990. “Allegiance to a nation is a collective suicide pact.”

He had a fascinating life, well worth reading about, starting with his birth in Bar Harbor, Maine. According to the Times, last month he sent a world passport to Edward Snowden, whose U.S. passport was revoked. Cue John Lennon singing “Imagine” now.

But wait, there’s more. Countering the need for stability suggested by this Grand Sextile are two T-squares. This is a pattern that is inherently unstable, challenging us to take action. First, there is the volatile T-square among aggressive Mars, rebel Uranus and power mongering Pluto, exact last Saturday through this Wednesday. This suggests technological breakthroughs, accidents, increased violence and continued awareness of the breakdown of the structures of the world as we know it.

The second T-square is comprised of an ambitious/controlling Saturn opposition to the Moon (10:41 AM ET), squared by the Leo Sun (1:43PM ET). Having stern Saturn strongly connected to the 3rd Quarter Moon suggesting a serious move on the New Moon agenda set three weeks ago — either a major strategic reach or restriction.

Make the most of this day of extraordinary potential. And get it off your desk before the Moon goes void tomorrow — Tuesday — at 11:58AM ET for almost 24 hours until Wednesday at 11:42AM ET. On Thursday, Moon will be void again as of 12:48PM ET…until just after midnight on Saturday. Start the weekend early!

And now, a few headlines reflecting planetary patterns worth sharing.

Mick Jagger turned 70 on Friday, just before Saturn (Father Time) square the Sun (it’s later than you think). Here’s a piece by Gail Collins about Mr. Jagger and other aging rock stars from the 60s, marveling that they are still performing. Of course they are still performing; they all have Pluto in Leo, and this is a generation of perpetual teenagers. They will never grow old.

For war, with a decidedly tech spin — suggested by aggressive Mars triggering Uranus and Pluto — here’s a piece about a film commissioned by the Imperial War Museum, featuring U.S. drone operators. These are the guys who sit in front of video screens in Nevada and kill people living thousands of miles away — at least 4700 real live people so far, according to Senator Lindsay Graham.

For tech breakthroughs and expanding consciousness, as we realize the world is much more than we imagine it, here’s a piece expounding on the statistic that one out of seven stars in the universe probably has a planet similar in size to Earth. And here’s a recent picture of Earth and the Moon as seen from Saturn — with thanks to NASA and our tax dollars.

Enjoy this glorious day!


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 7/26/2013 and the Weekend: Escape the Madness

Note your waking thoughts this morning, as dreams and longings for beautiful escapes are suggested. Perhaps you will see a bit of that longing made real by the mid-afternoon.

We are still in the middle of a long rest period suggested by the soulful Pisces Moon being void-of-course; i.e., traveling through the cosmos with all of the energy and focus of a pinball that has made its last hit to a bumper and is now falling to the bottom of the pinball machine. When the Moon enters Aries at 5:29PM ET, we should notice an immediate boost in energy, speed and focus. Until then, roll with the twists and try to enjoy the unexpected detours in your journey from point A to point B. If you can’t enjoy them, at least have patience. Don’t turn molehills into mountains. If you work in an field with constant deadlines — such as television, and especially news — you’ll notice the effects of the void more than most.

Saturday is volatile. A fiery Moon in me-me-me Aries is prone to impulsive, headstrong warrior action. Be very mindful of the potential for angry outbursts as you go about your business. The Aries Moon will be sorely challenged all day by  hard contacts with aggressive Mars, Pluto and rebel Uranus. Intense physical efforts and power plays that may turn violent are suggested by Mars opposing ruthless Pluto at 6:47PM ET.  Keep an eye on any demonstrations that may happen this weekend. The Moon goes void again at 10:19AM ET…not to enter Taurus until 12:43AM ET on Monday.

Also exact Saturday: chilly Saturn (discipline, patriarchy, ambition) in Scorpio (debt, karma) squares the sunny regal Leo Sun (life force, will) at 9:06PM ET. This can be harsh; we’ve seen headlines reflecting cuts and restrictions all week. If you read yesterday’s forecast, you will remember that Huma Abedin is currently experiencing Saturn square Sun (and Saturn, too!)  in her horoscope, and you are too, if you were born around July 28th or January 28th.

Should be an interesting weekend for sports matches, especially on Sunday during the all-day Moon void.  Get to the gym if you need to blow off some steam.

I will post a news round-up later. There’s a lot to report. I’ll leave you with a beautiful escape that perfectly reflects the need for beauty suggested by today’s Venus (art, love, women, beauty) opposed by rose-colored Neptune..and the Moon in Pisces. A reader sent it in — thanks to Leila for sharing — here it is:

I just saw this in the metro newspaper today: – a social media site dedicated to allowing everyone to share a bit of their own happiness with the world… How’s that for being in line with today’s energy  – compassion for humanity? :)

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/25/2013: A Day of Compassion for Humanity

The Daily Astro-Logical forecast is a labor of love. Your  donation will make my day, and inspire me to keep writing — with gratitude.

With the Moon in Pisces, issues of compassion, suffering, intuition, redemption and intangibles likely pull focus. There’s a certain contemplative/investigative depth to the morning — at least here, on the East Coast — suggested by a supportive contact to the Moon from Pluto. By the time mental Mercury contacts the Moon at 2:43PM ET, you may have had an urge — or solid opportunity — to communicate your feelings and findings. After that…chill, chill, chill…as the Moon goes void for the rest of the day…not to enter the next sign, Aries — until 5:29PM ET on Friday. If you’re planning a long weekend, good for you. The rest of us will patiently deal with whatever twists and detours crop up — and we will be very mindful in matters related to transportation and communication. We’ll also be looking for beautiful escapes (see earlier posts this week about tomorrow’s rose-colored opposition between Venus and nebulous Neptune). We  may need them to offset the demands for discipline and/or streamlining demanded by a humorless authority. Closing arguments in the Bradley Manning trial (very serious) are due today; arrests of hackers who breached the servers of certain credit card companies coming; a hedge fund billionaire is indicted on charges of fraud in “an unusually aggressive move”.  And have you seen the budget cuts House Republicans have proposed? I’ll excerpt the NYT article (found in the prior link) here:

The Securities and Exchange Commission, which has been flexing its muscle against hedge fund managers and insider trading schemes, would see financing cut 18 percent from the current level. Though Mr. Obama will finally get a fully operational National Labor Relations Board under a Senate agreement that forced Republicans to drop their filibuster of his three board nominees, House lawmakers are slashing spending on the board’s operations.

Under other House legislation, the budget for the Internal Revenue Service would be cut by 24 percent, Amtrak would lose a third of its financing, and clean water grants from the Environmental Protection Agency would be slashed by 83 percent.

So perhaps you can understand why I have been so reluctant to dive into some of the recent headlines about the battle for control of precious resources going on now — and the wake-up call to the 99% — necessarily reflected by the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square —  of just how much of everything is not in their hot little hands.  I’m distracted by a need for a Venus-Neptune rose-colored escape, too. However, there is one must-read article I am compelled to share about resources. Over the weekend, the NYT reported how big banks are reaping huge profits by driving up the price of aluminum…and also how three of these banks allegedly now control 80%…that’s right EIGHTY PERCENT of the world’s supply of copper.  The irony of some of this financial finagling happening in bankrupt Detroit shall not be lost upon us. The Times article did spark a Senate hearing this week and reportedly some regulators are mulling it all over.

In other news, there is Huma Abedin, the wife of NY mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. Despite brand new dirt alleging that Mr. Weiner continued his habit of sexting women who were not his wife after he promised everyone he would stop, Ms. Abedin is standing by her man. What in the world could be going on in her horoscope? I could not confirm my suspicions without at least a birthday, which — at the time — could not be found on her Wikipedia biography (an article published yesterday finally disclosed it). But it was possible to speculate, based on what we know is going on in her life, and how she is perceived by others.   For the former,  1) do you think we could argue that she is facing a severe hardship, requiring great discipline , responsibility and commitment. What planet does that sound like, oh avid readers of this forecast?  2) Do you think that her belief in her husband would be described by many as idealistic?  What planet and/or planetary combination suggest strong idealism — a need to see things as more beautiful than they might be?  3) Ms. Abedin is quite mysterious, charismatic and magnetic.  What planets suggest those qualities? 4) She’s quite unconventional, too, isn’t she? What planet would we expect to find that reflects that quality?

If you thought of 1) Saturn; 2) Mercury-Venus or Mercury-Neptune; 3) Mars-Neptune and 4) Uranus, congratulations! According to an article published today, Ms. Abedin will be 37 on Sunday. 1)  She has Sun conjunct Saturn in Leo — that is one serious and disciplined combination. Currently, Saturn is squaring her Sun and Saturn, suggesting either a seriously hard knock and/or a reach for ambition. 2) She has Mercury conjunct Venus, both of which are in touch with Neptune. Idealism! 3) She has Mars square Neptune, usually found in the charts of charismatic entities who act on faith — or — who need to have their own version of the truth  (the U.S. has this aspect in its horoscope, too). 4) Her Sun is square Uranus — she needs to be unconventional, period, the end, goodbye.   Isn’t astrology amazing?

Now, in the spirit of today’s compassionate Pisces Moon that knows too well the suffering of all humanity, we will say no more about Huma Abedin. Take it away, Tammy Wynette

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 7/24/2013

The Moon continues its wandering drift in Aquarius, seeking to be of social significance. Given that it is still void of course (as of 10:01AM ET yesterday), and won’t fully engage in the next sign — Pisces — until 2:22PM ET — I hold no great expectations for initiatives launched until well after lunch, ET, including President Obama’s new economic plan to be announced today in Galesburg IL at 12:55 PM ET.

When the Moon enters Pisces later this afternoon, airy intellect is replaced by watery emotion. Serious dreams of pleasure and beauty made real are suggested this evening and into the early morning hours, as the Moon makes contact  with the outer planets — Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune — that are still in  the holding pattern of the Grand Water Trine. Supporting this need for soulful yet exacting aesthetics is Venus (art, women, money, beauty), currently in contact with dreamy Neptune and solid Saturn. These next few days offer profound inspiration for creative and spiritual types.  Make the most of the time between 2:22 PM ET today and 2:43PM ET Thursday. After 2:43PM ET Thursday, Moon will be void again until 5:29PM ET Friday, suggesting upsets, delays or flakiness in your efforts to move projects forward.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/23/2013: Postcard From the Void

The Aquarius Moon goes void of course at 10:01 AM ET, on a communicative connection with innovative Uranus. This puts a friendly and innovative spin on a very long break; the Moon won’t be fully engaged until 2:22PM ET on Wednesday. As avid readers of this forecast know, these long voids are best suited for taking care of what is routine, not for launching important initiatives. Roll with whatever twists come up in your efforts to move forward in a straight line, and do not be disappointed if whatever you are working on today and tomorrow ends up getting scrapped.

During a recent Moon void, I had the following conversation with a cashier at a local coffee shop:

Cashier: That’ll be $4.11 — do you want a receipt?

Me: No…(handing her a twenty and counting out change)…oh, darn I only have nine cents.

Cashier: Don’t worry, it’s only $4.07.

Me: $4.11.

Cashier: Right…don’t worry…(handing me a ten and a single)…do you want a receipt?

Me: No, but I gave you a twenty.

Cashier: What?

Me: I gave you a twenty. You owe me sixteen dollars.

Cashier: (struggling to process this information) Oh! Sorry…(she adds up the total again on her calculator and hands me the correct change). Do you want a receipt?

See if you notice any interactions that are slightly “off” between now and tomorrow afternoon. In other news, yesterday’s early morning hook-up between Mars and Jupiter suggested physical release — and childbirth would definitely fall into that category. It is not unusual to have Mars-Jupiter connections in the horoscopes of mothers and children.  So it was no surprise to see that the Duchess of Cambridge had gone into labor. The baby was born at 4:24PM BST in London — 27 Scorpio rising, Sun at 29 Cancer; Moon at 28 Capricorn…all those late degrees of their respective signs suggests a very old soul…




Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 7/22/2013: Sneak Peek at the Week; Full Moon in Aquarius

A week of wobbles, fits and starts, with increased volatility as we get closer to the weekend…carrying over to next week. Ready? Here goes:

Driving the energy of the day is an enterprising Capricorn Moon, just dying to get down to business, as it was likely able to do as of 2:39PM Saturday through 11:53AM Sunday. But then…with a sigh…all that drive may have felt like it went into neutral, as the Moon went void of course, where it will continue to drift until 2:07PM ET. And yet…

…the need for exuberant action reaches a crest at 3:35AM ET on Monday, reflected by aggressive Mars and expansive Jupiter meeting up. How will you blow off steam? Adding to the need for release is the Moon waxing full (exact at 2:15PM ET) — and yes, as you may have heard, it is a SuperMoon (the last one of 2013), suggesting an increased likelihood of seismic shifts and intense weather patterns. And over the weekend we’ve seen crazy storms in Michigan and earthquakes making headlines — in China and New Zealand —  just for starters. Coincidence or conspiracy?

But before we get to this afternoon’s Full Moon, we must also contend with three planetary shifts that challenge our sense of equilibrium. First, Mercury is now direct, as of 2:22PM ET Saturday. Huzzah! As Mercury retraces its steps, until August 5th we’ll have plenty of opportunities to discover errors in thinking and communication made during the June 26th-July 20th retrograde. Be patient — especially with today’s Moon void — in all matters of communication and transportation.

Second, as of 8:41AM ET, loving Venus leaves sunny Leo for prissy Virgo. In matters of love, art, women, gone is the regal drama queen; enter the prissy school marm, demanding we have our I’s dotted and our T’s crossed. Form may become more important than content in social expression — something to consider in overtures and negotiations. And all this week, this perfection-seeking social energy is challenged by the rose-colored fog of nebulous Neptune, suggesting that the beauty we seek may be an ideal (don’t worry, reality will likely hit by Saturday).

Third, the Sun leaves watery Cancer for fiery Leo, where it is very much at home. The Sun in Leo is born to shine — and help others shine, too. But before you mail the party invitations, consider that stern Saturn is poised to fling a wet blanket on the festivities when it squares the Sun on Saturday the 27th — but not without howls of stubborn protest between now and then. Demands for cuts and discipline on the one hand; outrage expressed on the other, with the howling protestors screaming bloody murder. Or at the very least, putting on tremendous displays of persuasive effort. You’ll feel the pinch or ambitious push of Saturn squaring the Sun more than most if you have a planet or angle at 4-6 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius — or if you were born around the 27th of July, October, January or April.

OK, so: Mercury direct; Venus and Sun changing signs — all in effect today. Things may feel wobbly, exacerbated by waxing emotions of the Full Moon. Meanwhile, the volatility I’m seeing for later this week and into next is suggested by aggressive Mars and expansive Jupiter engaging with the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square. Somewhere, somehow we’re likely to see more than the usual power struggles and “if it bleeds, it leads” headlines, including accidents. Watch for news from underground and tech breakthroughs, too (See? There’s always an upside). In your own personal world you are advised to count to ten before you fly off the handle, especially if you have a planet or angle between 8 and 13 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn; or if you were born up to five days after the 29th of March, June, September and December. Even if you’re not throwing your toys out of the pram, others around you might be. Choose your battles with care. Consult the previous link for helpful strategies.  On the plus side? If you are grounded and clear about your plan to achieve greater emotional/homeland security, you’ll likely find the energy to push through boundaries successfully.

With the Full Moon in Aquarius we see the potential for illumination and/or conflict between the  for personal recognition/glory (Leo Sun) vs. the need of the collective (Aquarius Moon). The Sabian Symbols are: for the Sun at 1 degree of Leo — “a case of apoplexy”; for the Moon at 1 Aquarius — “an old adobe mission”.  And once again, Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee’s wonderful book offers a meaningful interpretation. Given the strong volatility suggested by this week’s planetary patterns, the “case of apoplexy” is remarkable. “To be apoplectic refers to any effusion of blood into an organ or tissue…sudden fits of rage or embarrassment”. Sounds pretty Mars-Uranus-Pluto to me. What about “the adobe mission”? Bovee describes it as “a sun-baked building erected for a specific purpose or cause in a foreign territory…imagine the fervor of someone whose deep beliefs motivate a journey to foreign, even hostile places”. Fascinating.

In the aftermath of this Full Moon, we are advised to watch for “focused enthusiasm eager to broadcast self-evident, universal truths…an intense desire to burst out of the mold; dramatic outsets of fever, feverish expression or fervent belief…watch especially for creating circumstances in which the unexpected can strike”.  It’s as if the germinating seed (the Sabian Symbol for this lunar cycle’s New Moon on July 8th) has taken root; now we can watch as the message is disseminated. You’ll see this theme manifest on more personally for you if you have a planet or angle around 1 degree of Leo or Aquarius…or if you were born around the 22nd of July or January.

At 10:02PM ET we can expect a dose of reality or ambitious reach to hit as the stubborn Aquarius Moon, seeking social significance, is challenged by the equally stubborn Saturn in “pay what you owe” Scorpio.

Your Moon voids for the week — and there are a lot of them. All this planetary activity…and plenty of rest time so we can assimilate the action without our circuits blowing…we hope. Avoid initiating projects, important meetings, signing contracts and major purchases during these times…and roll with the twists that are sure to crop up. Chill, chill, chill!

Monday until 2:07PM ET;

Tuesday 10:01AM ET until WEDNESDAY 2:22PM ET;

Thursday 2:43PM ET until FRIDAY at 5:29PM ET;

Saturday at 10:19PM ET until 12:43AM ET on MONDAY the 29th

For those of you keeping track of Angel Numbers, this is the third time since July 4th that we’ve had a cosmic event at 2:22 — the meaning of which can be found here — reassuring, isn’t it?

Will do a news re-cap in the next forecast — meanwhile, here’s an item that will be excellent fodder at the water-cooler. It’s called “Why Men Need Women” — and it’s currently the most emailed story on the NYT website. Keep it in mind when I post the next batch of headlines — mostly about resources and/or the lack thereof. Stay tuned…

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday & Saturday 7/19-20/2013: Grand Trine, Uranus Retrograde, Mercury Direct

More of the Moon in high-flying Sagittarius, suggesting the focus is on a need to express opinions, however blunt and/or outrageous. This Moon also needs to expand horizons, as in a spirited philosophical debate,  an international adventure or a walk in the woods. Sounds like a good time for a good time to me…

Meanwhile, we are still in the middle of the Grand Trine among Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Mars — all in Water signs. Today we’ll see Saturn (structure) exactly trine Neptune (vision) at 9:28AM ET. You’re feeling this potential to turn dreams into reality — driven by emotion/intuition — more personally if you have planets at 4 –  6 degrees of any sign, but especially Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The U.S. has Jupiter (luck, expansion reward) at 6 degrees of Cancer — and there are the markets,  moving higher — as forecast.

Exuberant expansion is one potential of the next few days as action-hero Mars exactly engages with the three outer planets in the Grand Trine pattern. On Saturday, Mars will trine Saturn and Neptune, suggesting a easy flow of discipline, corporate or militant structure (Saturn), sprinkled with a liberal dose of faith, sex appeal, glamor and other forms of pixie dust (Neptune). Water, water everywhere and beautifully reflected in this story about the latest sensation at MOMA. People are waiting for hours to spend a few minutes in an exhibit called “The Rain Room”.

I should mention the subtle shift that occurred on Wednesday at 1:20PM ET, when freedom-loving Uranus turned retrograde,  not to turn direct until December 17th. When a planet is retrograde, the energy it represents is best expressed by turning inward, instead of outward. When direct, Uranus tends to rebel against the status quo set by others. When retrograde, Uranus needs to set itself free from limits that are self-imposed.

Uranus turned retrograde at 12 degrees of Aries, and between now and December, it will move back to 8 degrees. So if you have a planet between 8 and 12 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you can expect an intense second hit of issues you’ve recently experienced involving freedom, independence, being yourself without compromise and sudden upsets of the status quo. You’ll get a third hit in early 2014, when Uranus turns direct and travels from 8 to 12 degrees again. One current newsmaker sure to be affected is George Zimmerman, whose Sun is at 11 degrees of Libra. Let the record show that Pluto turned retrograde at 11 Capricorn on April 12th; it turns direct at 9 Capricorn on September 20th; it’ll be back at 11 Capricorn by the end of December. You can read more about Uranus-Pluto transits in the ARTICLES & INTERVIEWS section of my website.

Last but not least — some notes on Saturday. Mercury turns direct at 2:22PM ET — be aware of the increased potential for communication and transportation snafus. Moon goes void between 11AM and 2:39PM ET — take a break; no impulse shopping. Moon enters enterprising Capricorn at 2:39PM ET, needing to make things happen big time…but keep in mind that Mercury’s change of station may likely muddle the strategy.


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/18/2013: The Watery Depths

After a pleasant and likely dramatically self-indulgent challenge from Venus at 5:35AM ET, Moon goes void of course in Scorpio at 7:13AM ET. Strange twists and delays in your morning routine notwithstanding, you may wake up humming. Go with the flow until 1:54PM ET, when the Moon bolts into opinionated Sagittarius, lifting spirits and encouraging us to gamble and/or gambol.

We are in the middle of a rare planetary pattern known as a Grand Trine — discussed in prior forecasts. Four planets — Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Neptune – are now exactly configured in the shape of a triangle. All are in water signs — as are the Sun and Mercury. So much depth of feeling; so much intuitive potential; so many possibilities to turn a dream into reality.

Do you meditate? This is a serious question. With mental Mercury still retrograde, the suggestion is to turn inward for information. Or better yet, tune in.To your feelings. To your spirit. Pay close attention to your dreams. Do some yoga. Listen to music. Dance. Turn off the noise around you. Be still. Focus. Take advantage of the opportunity for mental rest over the next couple of days. Mercury turns direct on Saturday, and for the rest of the month, it’s likely to be very busy. Put this calm before the storm to good use. Recharge, review, reconnect. Meditate!