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- Bill R.
Los Angeles

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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 5/14/2015: Maxwell’s Silver Hammer & More on Mars vs. Saturn

Pace picks up as of 1:13AM ET, as the Moon enters me-me-me Aries. Arise, go forth and conquer. If inspiration and courage are on your agenda today, this Moon can help you move it along. A clash between your selfish desire and the emotional security needs of others may be dealt with around 1:30PM ET, as the Moon is challenged by Venus in Cancer – but this should quickly pass. At 9:59PM ET, Moon and Mercury are in cooperative alignment, suggesting a chatty buzz to the evening.

And now, the news.

The militant Mars-Saturn face-off we’ve been talking about all week will be exact Friday at 2:03AM, but it’s already being reflected in the headlines. How cool that the U.S. Defense Secretary nominated new chiefs for the army and the navy.

The opposition is happening in Gemini and Sagittarius, signs referring to mindset, communication, media, travel, law, foreigners, religion and other big picture collective belief systems. Thank our friends across the Pond for one of the poster children for this planetary pattern: Prime Minister David Cameron apparently wants to combat extremism by taking action (Mars) to control (Saturn) what is thought (Gemini) and communicated (Gemini) in all media (Sagittarius):

Details have yet to be made public, but according to British news reports, the orders could include a requirement that anyone subject to the restrictions submit in advance any material to be published in print, digitally, or on social media.

Such efforts to righteously control what is published were anticipated months ago, just before Saturn entered Sagittarius.

Meanwhile, Facebook launched a revenue-generating initiative in which it will publish “instant articles” created by media outlets including the NYT, The Guardian, the BBC, The Atlantic and NBC. We all know how militant Facebook can be about controlling what shows up in newsfeeds.  Be afraid, media outlets. Be very afraid.   Elsewhere, information controls were on the House agenda, as it voted to end NSA’s massive phone data collecting operation. Now we’ll see what the Senate does.

If you’re on the receiving end of someone operating under the influence of a heavy Mars-Saturn transit, it may feel as if you’re being hammered. And by that I mean “attacked or criticized forcefully and relentlessly”.  Add Neptune to the mix, and “hammered” can also mean “drunk”. How weird to read in the NYT about a man who randomly attacked four people in Manhattan on Monday — with a hammer. The chart for the first attack on Monday at 1:45pm has Saturn, Mars and Neptune on three out of four angles. Freaky.

This man was arrested Wednesday morning in a violent confrontation with police. He reportedly suffered from mental illness (no surprise) and in more lucid moments, “dreamed of completing a college degree in biology”. Which made me wonder if his actions were influenced by this Beatles’ song. Which then led me to wonder why Paul McCartney would want to write such a disturbing (yet catchy) melody. That’s a subject for another day. But oddly enough, when the song was recorded in July of 1969, Mars was in early Gemini, opposing Saturn in Sagittarius — and in touch with Neptune. Coincidence or conspiracy?

And that’s where a train of thought can take you when you’re reading and  writing about the news during a Moon void.

Maxwell Edison, majoring in medicine…

Now I can’t get that song out of my head.

Speaking of trains (of thought),  a bill to increase funding for Amtrak was smacked down in Congress, despite Tuesday’s train wreck in which at least seven people were killed. It was reported that had certain safeguards been installed on the tracks, the accident could have been prevented.

The train derailed around 9:30PM in Philadelphia. What stands out in the chart is Neptune exactly square the high-flying Sagittarius Ascendant, suggesting a bewildering fog around the event. Even now, some passengers on that train are still missing. With Neptune in the 3rd house, in touch with the Pisces Moon and Mercury, one wonders about a bewildered mindset and sense of direction. Will we learn about an influence of drugs, alcohol or some other distracted state as investigators seek to understand why the train was going 106mph in a 50mph zone?

If you’re someone who likes to investigate why things are and why they happen, odds are strong that you would find it fascinating to discuss your life in a personal astr0-logical consultation. You’d be amazed to see how accurately patterns in your horoscope reflect patterns in your life development. Astrology is an awesome tool for putting seemingly random and bewildering events into a meaningful and empowering perspective. Here’s the 411 on consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 5/13/2015: Short & Sweet

Take care of important things before 12:55PM ET, when the Moon goes void in ethereal Pisces. Moon enters RAMbunctious Aries THURSDAY at 8:03AM ET, picking up the pace. During the void, stick to routine matters or chill and enjoy the wandering drift of this long cosmic rest period. No impulse shopping. No making mountains out of molehills. Stop and smell the roses.

The news will be back tomorrow….


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 5/12/2015: Mars-Saturn Forward Marches On…

Today’s Pisces Moon could push boundaries…because with Pisces, there are no boundaries. Pisces intuitively understands that boundaries are an illusion; we are all one; we are all in this together. Pisces can flow as sweetly as a gentle stream or pull as powerfully as the ocean’s undertow…float or drown. Neptune is also in dreamy Pisces — and still challenging mental Mercury in clever Gemini. That’s my excuse for today’s inspired, soggy prose.

Correction: yesterday when writing about Mercury retrograde, I said it would start on June 18th. I meant to type MAY 18th…with thanks to the avid readers who pointed out the error. We are in the shadow phase of the retrograde period — and have been as of May 4th. What that suggests is that whatever ideas and communications are put forth between now and June 27th, we’re likely to revisit, rethink and review. Stay flexible. Why May 4th to June 27th? Because Mercury was at 4 Gemini on May 4th. It turns retrograde at 13 Gemini on May 18th. It moves back to 4 Gemini and turns direct on June 11th. It gets back to 13 Gemini on June 27th. After the 27th, Mercury will be in new territory. Got that?

You may be feeling the sweeter side of Pisces this morning, courtesy of an easy connection to Venus in nurturing Cancer. Breakfast in bed? Around 3PM ET, Moon meets up with Neptune, encouraging a fit of inspiration, lingering coffee break or space-out. Around 6:30PM ET, double check the details in your communications and thinking, as Moon is challenged by Mercury (which is still under that dreamy Neptune influence). Ship it today or by 12:55PM ET tomorrow, when the Moon goes void.

And now, the news.

Last night Mars (energy of action)  entered Gemini and edged closer to this Friday’s face off with Saturn (structure) in Sagittarius. At 10:54PM ET, the so-called gentle Pisces Moon squared Mars, and then squared Saturn at 3:01AM ET. Four minutes later, there was a 7.3 quake in Nepal. Fascinating.

With Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius, we note the potential for action and advance in communication, travel and corporations. What an apt pattern for this morning’s announcement that Verizon (telecommunications) is buying AOL. Or about this update on an advanced mode of transportation: a solar road that opened six months ago in the Netherlands? Maps are within the provenance of Mercury, Gemini and Sagittarius. This item is surreal, but it fits current planetary patterns: Google’s Map Maker tool has been under attack, so they’ve shut it down. Here’s the headline: “Google Shuts Down Map Maker After Urinating Robot Ruins It For Everybody”. Oh, and by the way, China’s ballistic missiles can now reach just about any target in the United States.

No boundaries here. None. Happy Pisces Moon. Here’s a picture of a recent sunset…on Mars.

No boundaries at Christie’s, either, as this morning’s headlines report the highest price ever paid for a work of art sold at auction — $179.4 million for a painting by Picasso. Surreal. And no boundaries at Chris Christie’s, especially if you joined him for a football game. Governor Christie apparently racked up an $82,000 bill on stadium snacks…paid for by New Jersey taxpayers. Score!

Update on the “Deflategate” story that surfaced  just before the Super Bowl under a bewildering Mars-Neptune conjunction. Planetary patterns suggested little consequence would come of it. Now, as Mars is about to square Neptune (exact on May 25th),  allegations that New England Patriots used deflated footballs to gain a competitive advantage — and that the quarterback, Tom Brady, knew about it — have proven to be valid. So were the Patriots stripped of their last Super Bowl win? No. They were fined and Brady will sit out four games next season. Which in my playbook, adds up to little consequence.

Update on Barack Obama, whose horoscope I wrote about yesterday. Before Mars hits President Obama’s 3 degree Gemini Moon, it opposed his 28 degree Scorpio Midheaven over the weekend. Mars suggests action — and also provocation, attack and/or an outburst. How interesting to stumble across a provocative story by Seymour Hersh, alleging that a lot of what you may have seen in Zero Dark Thirty is fiction, and that President Obama lied about what really happened in Abottabad the night Osama bin Laden was killed. On the other hand, the story was published on a square between Neptune and Mercury, which can be pretty surreal (or untrue).  We will see this Mercury-Neptune pattern again on May 29 and June 23. It will be interesting to see if there are further developments on this story then. Here’s a bit more from NBC News.

What’s going on in your horoscope? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 5/11/2015: Mars in Gemini; Frida Kahlo & the Rest of the Week

Good Morning!

Mixed messages from the cosmos at 6:36AM ET, as the humanitarian Aquarius Moon squares the Taurus Sun. Squares are energetic aspects — pushing an agenda forward. What are you all fired up to do?

Perhaps it has something to do with the third stage of the New Moon agenda you set three weeks ago. Whatever it is, be advised that right after the Sun-Moon square, the Moon will be void until 10:53PM ET. This suggests twists or delays in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Knowing about voids is an awesome way to prevent panic attacks and other imagined crises if things aren’t going as planned. There’s a higher flake factor during Moon voids, e.g., appointments cancelling or meetings wandering off into another dimension. Chill and roll with it — and you’ll be just fine.

Mars is the Planet of Week. Mars refers to action! It leaves slow and stubborn Taurus for Gemini at 10:40PM ET. Mars in Gemini is great for multitasking and getting the word out. Game plans may become more flexible. And they darn well better be clever and entertaining.

If you have a planet at around 2 degrees of Virgo, Pisces and especially Gemini or Sagittarius, you will be more personally affected by Mars this week. That planet (or your Ascendant or your Midheaven) is likely to be energized — for better or for worse. You may find yourself compelled to take action. Or, if you’re suppressing your inner action hero, you may attract someone or something who takes action on you.

By Friday, Mars will have moved into a challenging face-off with Saturn, currently at 2 Sagittarius. Mars-Saturn patterns suggest disciplined, militant action and ambition — for better or for worse. So look for those themes in the headlines. And if your own horoscope is personally affected, may you use that disciplined push for a cause with higher consciousness.

If you don’t know what degrees your planets are at, consider ordering the Astro-Basics Report. In addition to the computer-generated report of where everything is and what it means, I will include a personal note identifying the planet in your horoscope that is the key to fulfilling your potential in this lifetime.

This is the week to BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS and other gizmos, as Mercury turns retrograde at 9:50PM ET next Monday, May 18th. No whinging will be permitted! Mercury retrograde periods provide absolutely fantastic opportunities for certain things. There is no reason to sweat the snafus and miscommunications that may arise. Here’s the survival guide I posted for the last Mercury retrograde — in January. I will re-post and update it on Monday.

Moon voids for the week, other than today’s long wandering drift: Wednesday 12:55PM – 1:13AM ET on THURSDAY; Friday 8:03AM ET until 3:02AM ET on SATURDAY.

And now, the news.

Speaking of Mars and Saturn, you know who has a planet around 2 degrees of Gemini or Sagittarius — and is thus personally affected by the “disciplined, militant action and ambition potential” of Friday Mars-Saturn opposition? Barack Obama. And there he is in the headlines, “aggressively courting skeptical legislators” so they will pass a bill this week giving him accelerated powers on the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. He even dissed Senator Elizabeth Warren and made a speech at Nike, a company notorious for outsourcing jobs. He is serious about this TPP. I wonder why.

I would now like to take this opportunity to rave about my New Balance cross-trainers, which I bought at the company store in Skowhegan, Maine. New Balance is apparently the only athletic shoe company that makes a portion of its inventory in the United States. New Balance has five manufacturing operations in the U.S. Two are in Massachusetts and three are in Maine, where my family is from. I’ve seen first-hand what happens when textile mills and shoe companies outsource production overseas. So as long as I have a choice, I’ll buy sneakers with labels that say “Made in the USA”.

This concludes the soapbox portion of this forecast.

Meanwhile, with Venus (women) at the Aries Point on Friday, some of our fearless leaders in Congress re-introduced the Equal Rights Amendment. If you are younger than a certain age, you may not know what that is. So I’ll tell you. It’s this:

“Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

This amendment was passed by Congress in 1972, in the wake of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1965-66. Thirty-eight states needed to ratify the amendment by 1982 for it to become the law of the land. That didn’t happen. Now, in the wake of the Uranus-Pluto square, we find ourselves revisiting agendas that were hot in the mid-60s. Will we finish what was started? This is our chance.

In other news, Frida Kahlo is “having a moment”. That’s what the NYT headline says, as a clueless reporter reports:

In a welcome though unexpected convergence, an array of new books and exhibitions about Kahlo have suddenly appeared this spring, adding insight and depth to our understanding of a woman who would seem among the most overexposed artistic figures of all time.

Dear Clueless Reporter, there is nothing “unexpected” about it.  If only you had looked at Ms. Kahlo’s horoscope (or asked an astrologer for an analysis). Such “unexpected” and “sudden” prominence strongly suggest planetary patterns at work,  no doubt involving Uranus and Pluto. And in fact, in a two-second glance at the chart we’re immediately drawn to this: Neptune, Sun, and Jupiter at 12, 13 and 20 Cancer respectively…all opposing Mars and Uranus at 12 and 10 Capricorn. That intense configuration has been supercharged by Uranus and Pluto for two years. Uranus (now at 18 Aries) is just about to square her Jupiter (suggesting, usually, expanded fortune — and in Kahlo’s case, corresponds to another exhibition opening). Her 23 Leo Ascendant and 23 Taurus Midheaven have just been hit by transiting Sun and Mars; Jupiter will hit her angles in July (more expansion); transiting Scorpio opposed her Midheaven last fall…..all adding up to prominence, expansion, revelation, empowerment, with a focus on personal/domestic concerns, even for a woman as “overexposed” as Ms. Kahlo (and even though she is no longer among the living). Horoscopes live forever!

To find out when your horoscope is scheduled for a period of expansion and empowerment, here’s the 411 on personal consultations. I look forward to an excellent discussion with you soon.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Update: Before Mars hits President Obama’s 3 degree Gemini Moon, it opposed his 28 degree Scorpio Midheaven over the weekend. Mars suggests action — and also provocation, attack and/or an outburst. How interesting to stumble across a provocative story by Seymour Hersh, alleging that a lot of what you may have seen in Zero Dark Thirty is fiction, and that President Obama lied about what really happened in Abottabad the night Osama bin Laden was killed. On the other hand, the story was published on a square between Neptune and Mercury, which can be pretty surreal (or untrue).  We will see this Merucry-Neptune pattern again on May 29 and June 23. It will be interesting to see if there are further developments on this story then.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 5/8/2015 & the Weekend: Practical Poetry

Keep making it happen. Moon continues through enterprising Capricorn, finding value in what is earthy and practical.  You might have gotten a hit of inspiration this AM, as the Moon made contact with Neptune. Added vision can be yours, courtesy of a challenge between mental Mercury and Neptune, exact tomorrow at 12:09p. That’s good for healers, artists and people selling snake oil.

Tonight around 6PM and 11PM ET, Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto and Uranus, respectively. Typical are power plays, upsets and revelations.

Saturday the Moon continues its forward march vibe until 4:35PM ET. Get all those chores and shopping done then. Between 4:35p and 7:22P, ET, chill during the Moon void….then hang out with your funky friends, including ones you haven’t met yet. Thank you, Moon in networking Aquarius.

Sunday is Mothers’ Day. Communication channels are smooth around 1:10PM ET, when the Moon and Mercury align. An over-the-top indulgence may be yours around 7:51PM ET, when the Moon is opposed by regal Leo. Or the good of the many may be challenged by the will of one.

Moon is void all day Monday between 6:36am and 10:53PM ET. Slow start to the work week — or twist in your routine.

And now, the news.

Venus was at the Aries Point yesterday, bringing prominence to issues around women, aesthetics, money, social expression. Front page article on the NYT was a scathing expose of the wretched working conditions at nail salons (aesthetics) in New York. Here’s part 2 — about toxins in the workplace — I haven’t read it yet.  If it’s never occurred to you — while you’re paying $9 dollars for manicure — that the reason it’s so cheap is because your manicurist is barely being paid, I don’t know what to say, other than this is one of those issues that’s had a SEP field around it for years. I learned that from reading Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 42.

Also making headlines in NY: enclosed lactation stations  for breastfeeding moms have just opened at local airports. Huzzah! Making headlines everywhere is a parody of a typical  contraceptive ad with comedian Amy Schumer. No thanks at all  to the mainstream media for failing to post it on any outlet without either 1) giving away the jokes or 2) presenting it with  an editorial slant.  Skip the headline; enjoy the video; think “Venus at the Aries Point, putting women’s issues in focus” — what more slant do you need?

In other news — any planet at 29 Gemini — where Venus was yesterday before it entered Cancer — is going to trigger Edward Snowden’s 29 Gemini Sun. Venus-Sun transits are usually good ones. Yesterday a federal appeals court ruled that the NSA spy program —  the one which collects massive amounts of data on the phone calls of everyone and their dog — is unconstitutional.  This is one of the programs made public by Mr. Snowden. Somewhere in Moscow, perhaps he’s raising a glass of vodka — with bitters.

Speaking of dogs and homeland security —  did you hear about Lilly, the shih-tzu? She has been reunited with her Denver family after being missing for four years. She was found in Illinois. How she got there is a mystery.

Update on the UK election: it was a stunning upset — in that there was no upset!  David Cameron gets to keep his job. Pollsters are confounded. I haven’t looked at Mr. Cameron’s horoscope, so can’t comment.

Finally — to close on this British theme: a tip of the hat to the poetic potential of the weekend’s Mercury-Neptune square.  This quiz wants to know: “How Well Do You Know Your Romantic Poets?”

Perhaps there’s a Romantic poet in your future. You may have a latent talent…or might be primed to attract a new love who’ll serenade you. Did you know that these potentials can be seen in your horoscope? Here’s how to schedule a personal consultation.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for sharing it with the rest of the Free World.

See you Monday!


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 5/7/2015: More News; More Maxims; Venus Enters Cancer

Don’t stop. Moon is still in Sagittarius, thinking big; expanding its reach. It goes void at 1:51PM ET and quickly shifts gears into Capricorn at 2:16PM ET. Moon in Capricorn means business. Make it happen.

At 6:52PM ET, Venus — planet of love, money, women and social expression — leaves flirty Gemini for nurturing, family and security-oriented Cancer. Expect issues and headlines on those topics to pull focus.

And now, the news.

More limits breached yesterday, as global carbon levels reached a new threshold.

Update on that story about turmoil at Al-Jazeera America: its CEO has reportedly been ousted.

File this one in the Uranus Square Pluto folder: “Canada’s Political Landscape Undergoes Seismic Shift With Election in Alberta“. I was looking at Canada’s horoscope the other day. It’s been hot for a few years, ever since Uranus and Pluto made contact with its 8 degree Cancer Sun. Now Uranus has hit Canada’s pioneering 16 degree Aries Ascendant, with Pluto to follow next year. We can expect more changes of direction and perspective from our neighborhood to the north. Don’t you just love how the headline says “SEISMIC” — one of the keywords of Uranus and Pluto? How cool is that!

Meanwhile, across the Pond, voters in the UK are facing “the election of a lifetime”.  As the NYT reports, “the traditional two-party system is breaking down…” Yep. “Breaking down”. Very Uranus square Pluto.  How’s your infrastructure doing?

Meanwhile, New York State has been dealing with its own breakdowns, as yet another top dog in state government has been charged with corruption. This time it was the Dean Skelos, the Senate Leader…and what a mess it was yesterday when other state senators tried to get Mr. Skelos removed from his position.

More seismic shifts in the world of power and resources, as Tesla announced it was overwhelmed by the “crazy” response it has received to its Powerwall — a home battery whose goal is “a complete transformation of the entire energy infrastructure of the world,” according to  CEO Elon Musk. I wrote about Musk’s horoscope in August of 2013. I’m pleased to report he’s performing as anticipated.

Meanwhile, there’s a “huge shake up” going on at McDonald’s, which has been performing rather poorly as of late. A look at its horoscope (March 1, 1965 — the date Franchise Realty Corporation merged with Regrub, Inc., thus creating “McDonald’s”), shows transiting Neptune right on top of the Midheaven (status), Saturn (structure) and Sun. No wonder its CEO says the company needs “a sharper focus”.  Yup, sharper focus, a.k.a. a new vision, which is the potential of a heavy Neptune transit, bewildering as it may be.  Fun fact: every time I went to reference the chart in my Standard and Poor’s 500 by Carol S. Mull, it took me five minutes to find it. It was as if the McDonald’s horoscope was lost in a fog. Maddening.

Here’s a good one for a day when Venus enters Cancer (mom and apple pie): “A Mother’s Cookbook Shares More Than Recipes”.

Here’s one I meant to share that was apropos for last weekend’s Mercury-Saturn opposition. Saturn refers to old things. Mercury provides information and direction. Consider: “A History of Cartography in 12 Amazing Maps”.  Maps and direction — what’s not to like? It gives me an opportunity to share more of my favorite maxims, since the ones I posted yesterday were so well-received.

“No matter where you go…there you are,” is a classic pearl of wisdom from the cult classic The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th Dimension.

Here’s how one of my writing teachers dispensed advice on story structure: “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else”.

Helpful, right?

Don’t end up someplace else. Know where you’re going.  One way to do that is look at a map. Your potential destinations are right there on paper. Learn about them, and plan a sensible travel route.

Of course, one map worth looking at is your horoscope. You don’t even have to know how to read it. That’s what astrologers are for — to help you plan your life itinerary and get you to where you want to go.  Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Happy trails!

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 5/6/2015: Sagittarius in the Spotlight; Helpful Maxims & Your Life Purpose

Moon continues its journey through Sagittarius, pushing boundaries and reaching new heights. It’s aided by the expansive optimism of Jupiter this morning at 8:34AM ET, and by the innovative spirit of Uranus at 4:45PM ET. Together, the three planets are in a rare and brief Grand Trine pattern, often associated with abundance and ease of action. Your mission today is to not take it for granted.

And now, the news.

This just in: “Astronomers Measure Distance to Furthest Galaxy Yet”. What I just said in the first paragraph.

Sagittarius is driven by righteous opinionation. It can be blunt, coarse and brutally honest. Yesterday a sex-education quiz allegedly  taken two years ago by a 14 year old girl went viral. The girl was suspended, even though all of her answers were truthful.

In other news, power plays at a foreign media outlet are making headlines (“foreign” and “media” are Sagittarius keywords). Al-Jazeera America is in “turmoil,” says the NYT. Top executives have departed; allegations are swirling about dysfunctional and sexist management; a lawsuit has been filed.

I once interviewed for a job at Al-Jazeera. I was not hired. Which turned out to be a good thing, as the article above confirms.

This gives me the opportunity to share with you one of my favorite maxims: “When man (or woman) rejects, God protects.”  Think about that, especially when you are feeling down because someone shut a door in your face (or did not ask you out for a second date). In hindsight, you’ll likely be glad they didn’t pick you!

Which brings me to another one of my favorite maxims: “You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be”.

Finally — so I can post this sooner, rather than later — an update on NYT columnist David Brooks, whose horoscope we’ve been following for almost a year, as it’s been on an expansive run.  Yesterday, when transiting Jupiter (expansion, publishing) was minutes away from an exact meet-up with his Mercury (writing, communication, travel), he posted an op-ed specifically plugging his latest book. Of course he did.

In the op-ed, “What is Your Purpose?” he asks readers if they think they’ve found their life purpose, and how they did so. I’m guessing he wrote about this subject because so many people do not feel they know why there are here or what they are designed to do. And you know what I’m going to say next, right? (other than “David Brooks is going to make a fortune selling this book.”)

Get to know your horoscope. It’s  a map, as intricate and insightful as DNA or a software program (with the extra bonus of Free Will). Use it for guidance. If you do, you will better understand who you are naturally designed to be — and who you need to be — in order to fulfill your life potential.

Here’s the last paragraph of the op-ed:

Mostly the idea is to use a community of conversation as a way to get somewhere: to revive old vocabularies, modernize old moral traditions, come up with new schools and labels so that people have more concrete building blocks and handholds as they try to figure out what life is all about.

Revive old vocabularies? Astrology has been around for a verrrrry long time. But for some people, it might feel more like a “new school” of thought. Still, it has plenty of “concrete building blocks and handholds” to offer. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 5/5/2015

As of 7:13AM ET Moon will be fully engaged in Sagittarius, suggesting opportunities to state your opinion and broaden your horizons. Go for a gamble or a gambol; entertain a different point of view. Around lunchtime ET – 12:38PM – a Moon-Saturn meet-up may dim the lights a bit (downside) or force you to get real about an especially buoyant aspiration (potential upside).  Adapt and move on….there’s another debate scheduled around 6:32PM ET, when the Moon is challenged by Mercury in clever Gemini. Then you can party like it’s Cinco de Mayo…which in fact, it is.

And now, the news.

Coming off of yesterday’s indulgent, potentially excessive challenge between Sun in mine-mine-mine Taurus and Jupiter in party on (royally) Leo, how interesting to see this article about the wild parties at Davos — an exclusive, PTB event that happens in January. Coincidence or conspiracy? No coincidence of timing I’m sure, given the easy alignment that’s exact at 3:08AM ET on Wednesday between the Sun and power broker Pluto.

And while I’ve got wretched excess and glamor on my mind, check out the couture on display at Monday night’s Costume Institute gala at the Met.

There will be plenty of upheavals and power plays to report tomorrow.

Take it away, David Bowie

Thank you for reading this forecast — and forwarding it to the Entire Free World.

To find out what’s going on in your horoscope— and thus learn 1) why you are like this; 2) why things are/are not happening; or 3) how an objective perspective can help you solve whatever problem is on your mind — contact me to schedule a personal consultation.


Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 5/4/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week; Full Moon Fallout

Good Morning!

Over the weekend I trust you felt only the positive potential of the expansive contact between the Taurus Sun and Jupiter in Leo, exact this AM at 5:02 ET. Y’know, sunny, optimistic, playful and pleasurable.  Combined with the serious focus of Sunday’s efficient Mercury-Saturn opposition, and you might have woken up yesterday with a brilliant plan for streamlining the U.S. tax code. I know I did, along with more than a few ideas for expanding this website. Very exciting stuff.

In the news so far, my favorite headline expressing the potential of this morning’s planetary patterns is this: “Justices’ Opinions Grow in Size (Jupiter Square Sun), Accessibility & Testiness (Mercury opposed by Saturn)”. The first line of that article? “The Supreme Court seems to be in a foul mood”. Well what would you expect in the fallout of a Full Moon in oftentimes intense Scorpio?

Put the Scorpio Moon to good use. It’s strategically-minded. Use that potential, along with the lift of the Sun-Jupiter connection, to carry you through the business day. Actions involving consolidation of resources and power, for better or for worse, are favored, given an easy flow between the Sun and Pluto. Be advised, however, that the Moon goes void on a stubborn face-off with Mars at 9:49PM ET — raising the potential for clashes of will. Chill tonight; the Moon enters high-flying Sagittarius Tuesday at 7:13AM ET.

Other than a 17-minute Moon void on Thursday (blink and you’ll miss it), there are no cosmic chill periods that might delay your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Venus enters Cancer on Thursday night, suggesting women, nurturing and social expression will be prominent. Barack Obama has Venus at 1 Cancer, so we may hear some news on those subjects related to him. Thursday is also when we’ll be feeling the dreamy vision and/or bewilderment of a challenge between Mercury and nebulous Neptune, exact on Saturday at 12:09PM ET. Usually we go from dreams to reality. This week, it’s the other way around.

FYI, Mercury turns direct on May 18th. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW.

And now, the news.

What a disruption of the status quo in Baltimore on Friday, as the six police officers who arrested Freddie Gray on April 12th now face charges related to that homicide. Now that Uranus and Pluto are more than halfway through their respective signs (and in the aftermath of their 33-month long square), we will likely see more efforts to curtail abuses of power. I did think the event chart for Mr. Gray’s arrest — 8:38AM — was a compelling suggestion of foul play when I looked at it several weeks ago.

Now Baltimore’s state attorney — Marilyn Mosby — is being called a hero. We don’t have a birth time for Ms. Mosby, though her date of birth is listed as January 22, 1980. She’s an idealistic, humanitarian Aquarius with Moon in me-me-me Aries. An Aries Moon typically does not wait to take the lead on an inspiring crusade (often for the underdog). Three planets in Virgo (Mars, Jupiter & Saturn) add to a need to do what’s right.

Right now Ms.  Mosby is enjoying a pleasant alignment between the Sun and Venus (no wonder she’s so popular). Another pattern between Mars and Pluto suggests she will have quite a battle on her hands next year. Coincidence or conspiracy?

You know who else has Moon in Aries (other than Brian Williams, Dominique Strauss-Kahn & Bill O’Reilly)? Bernie Sanders, the Senator from Vermont, who announced over the weekend that he is running for president — as a Democrat. He wasted no time making a statement which is a perfect reflection of  current planetary patterns:

“We need a political revolution in this country involving millions of people who are prepared to stand up and say enough is enough, and I want to lead that.”

Sen. Sanders’ revolutionary drive is not likely to abate over the next 18 months; quite the contrary. I wish we had an exact birth time. He’s a Virgo with two highly effective planets —  Venus in Libra and Mars in Aries, both of which will be supercharged by rebel Uranus through 2016. It’s probable that his Aries Moon is being supercharged now, too. What’s certain is that his natal conjunction between Uranus and Saturn is currently being triggered by Saturn, suggesting a potential ambitious reach on his innate need for alignment between the “old guard” and the “avant garde”. Solar arcs among Sun, Mercury (communication) and Saturn also reflect Senator Sanders’ timing.

Update: the last time we checked in on Bill Cosby’s horoscope, we anticipated a change of status/shock to the system at the end of May/June, when transiting Uranus will challenge his 19 degree Cancer Sun and 20 degree Aries Ascendant. It was thus interesting to note that three more women came forward with allegations of being drugged and sexually assaulted. What’s different about this latest batch is that one of the incidents allegedly took place in New Jersey, which has no statute of limitations on sexual assault. Let’s see how the summer progresses…

Last, but not least, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced the birth of their daughter on Saturday at 8:34AM in London. The new princess has a Cancer Ascendant, along with her Taurus Sun and Moon in Libra, in case you needed to know. She was just named Charlotte — same as Chelsea Clinton’s daughter. “Charlotte” means, according to different sources, “manly” or “freeman”.

You now know everything you need to know to take on the world today — except, perhaps —  what’s going on in your own unique horoscope. I can help with that. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 5/1/2015 & the Weekend: Nick Loeb, Poster Child for Sunday’s Full Moon in Scorpio


Moon is in airy, people-pleasing Libra today and Saturday. Arise, go forth and be socially gracious. Note the potential for power plays and/or upsets around 5:08PM ET and 9:54PM ET, when the Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto and Uranus.

Avoid the yard sales and shopping sprees on Saturday, as the Moon will be void between 10AM and 9:47PM ET. Chill and take care of routine matters; roll with any twists that come up in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Once the Moon enters Scorpio, the intensity factor is likely to rise, courtesy of the Moon waxing to its fullness on Sunday at 11:42PM ET.

A Full Moon in Scorpio highlights the polarity between “ours” and “mine”…in possessions, values and resources. This Full Moon is colored by a face-off between Mercury in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius, suggesting a need to think with disciplined ambition. That can be harsh. The good news is that Mercury (mindset, communication) functions well in Gemini. Let the witticisms fly and the intellect shine!  The X factor is how that well-functioning mindset will be applied. Sure, it can make the trains run on time…but do you really want to live in Italy under Mussolini’s dictatorial control?

Thinking of Mussolini is apt for another pattern that is part of Sunday’s Full Moon, and that would be an exuberant challenge between the Sun in Taurus and Jupiter in Leo. That aspect is exact Monday at 5:02AM ET, but it can be felt now. It adds no small sliver of festive potential and sensory indulgence to the emotionally intense and mentally focused energy of this Full Moon weekend. It also suggests the potential for some stubborn and regal drama. Mussolini was a regal Leo, in case you did not know.

Take this controversial op-ed from Thursday’s NYT, penned by Nick Loeb. Last year Mr. Loeb broke up with his fiancee, the actress Sofia Vergara, and it’s complicated.  In happier times, they talked about having children, and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, they created a few embryos, one of which they hoped a surrogate would carry to term — but only if both of them were in agreement that things should move forward. And then they broke up. And she already has a child. And he’s suing her for custody of the embryos.

As I’m reading his thoughts on the subject, I’m thinking, “Man, if this isn’t a Jupiter-Leo thing talking, I’ll eat my hat”. Words like “king complex” and “entitlement” popped into my head. And guess what? Mr. Loeb is in fact a Leo, with Mercury also in Leo…and it’s just been conjoined by transiting Jupiter in Leo!  This king is feeling expansive, along with his edicts. We do not have a birth time for Mr. Loeb, so I can’t confirm whether he has Moon in late Taurus or early Gemini….but he does have Jupiter in me-me-me Aries and Mars in mine-mine-mine Taurus.

This intense personal drama is an apt example of the mine vs. ours potential of this Full Moon.

Here is Ms. Vergara’s horoscope. Students of astrology, what do you see? Think Mr. Loeb will prevail?

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No sleeping in on Monday, btw.