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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 6/11/2015: Mercury Direct; Neptune Retrograde

The rush of the Aries Moon continues. How fast did your day go by yesterday? More of the same today, with an extra depth charge provided by a challenge to the Moon by Pluto at 8:29AM ET. Intense commute?

Optimism drives the rest of the day, with three caveats: 1) a potential disruption in your status quo around 4:45PM ET, as Uranus is joined by the Moonl 2) Mercury turning DIRECT at 6:33PM ET; and 3) Moon going void at 7:43PM ET until 10:16AM ET on FRIDAY. Slow down this evening. Chill. Focus on routine. Or just FOCUS.

Pay attention to your dreams tomorrow morning, as nebulous Neptune turns retrograde Friday at 5:09AM ET.  When a planet is retrograde, the suggestion is to turn inward on issues involving that planet, as opposed to looking outside the self. Neptune refers to vision, intuition, healing and other intangibles. In the mundane world, Neptune refers to water, oceans, oil, toxins, snake oil, fantasy and fanatics and spirits of all kinds.

You will be more personally affected by this Neptune retrograde if you have a planet or angle at 9 degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. Whatever angle or planet that Neptune is contacting is likely to be an area of uncertainty or fog (albeit rose-colored) in your life through the rest of the year. Neptune turns direct on November 18 at 7 degrees of Pisces. If you have a planet around that degree, you’re probably in a fog, too…and would likely benefit from a consultation with a caring, clarifying astrologer. There are plenty of constructive uses for Neptunian fogs. Here’s how to contact me.

And now, the news.

The other day I mentioned the ongoing transit of Pluto to the US Saturn and how we are seeing it reflected in brutal stories of, for example, the number of unarmed citizens killed by police (now over 500 this year). Another example is Kalief Browder, a 22-year old man who was held at Rikers Island for three years while awaiting trial. Why? Because he could not afford to pay bail when he was arrested at 16 on charges of stealing a backpack. He could have pleaded guilty and been released, but he maintained his innocence. His Rikers experience included two years spent in solitary confinement. This week he committed suicide.

John Oliver recently did an outraged segment about the bail system in the United States. You might not want to read Mr. Browder’s depressing story, but you might watch John Oliver talk about what happens to citizens who are arrested and do not have much money. Mr. Oliver’s biting wit makes an uncomfortable truth easier to bear. Same goes for the ever-cheerful Gail Collins, whose latest column addresses this week’s court ruling which will allow Texas to also discriminate specifically against women of little means. Or so Ms. Collins argues.

Astrologically, power and resources — who has ’em and who doesn’t — are part of the awareness potential suggested by current planetary patterns. Awareness begets change.

In other news, here’s a story more in line with the cosmic breakthrough potential we’ve been talking about all week, thanks to connections among Sun, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars. This week NASA launched an awareness campaign promoting its New Horizons spacecraft, which will make a close approach to Pluto on July 14th — a first! Pluto will be opposing Mercury and Mars on that day; Uranus will square the Sun. How cool is that? Check out the NASA site here — and feel free to send in your photos of what your ‘hood would look like if it were on #PlutoTime.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/10/2015: Rockets & Scientists

The day kicks off with Moon in me-me-me Aries (as of 7:14AM ET). Arise, go forth and conquer — with the usual caveat about Mercury still being retrograde, and now almost at a standstill as it prepares to turn direct tomorrow night.

Your mission may be driven by the idealism of an exact sextile (easy connection) between Venus in regal Leo and Mercury retrograde. Another connection this morning between the Moon and taskmaster Saturn suggests an easy flow of discipline or a serious application of inspiration, with communication of said inspiration especially facilitated around 3PM ET, when the Moon makes contact with Venus and Mercury. Use this productive potential well!

And now, the news.

Just two quick headlines reflecting the “tech breakthrough” potential of this week’s connections among macho Mars, geeky Uranus and the Sun. First, a cool update on the LightSail spacecraft, “an ambitious privately financed project to demonstrate using the force of sunlight for propulsion“.   It was launched into space on May 19th, just after Mercury turned retrograde. As you might imagine, it’s been plagued by tech woes, but as you’ll see from the first link in this paragraph, it now seems to be functioning as designed.

Another geeky story that gathered steam during yesterday’s “much ado about nothing” Moon void in sensitive,  emotional Pisces is this item, currently the most-viewed headline on the Guardian’s home page:

Tim Hunt, an English biochemist who admitted that he has a reputation for being a “chauvinist”, said to the World Conference of Science Journalists in Seoul, South Korea: “Let me tell you about my trouble with girls … three things happen when they are in the lab … You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticise them, they cry.”

Hunt said he was in favour of single-sex labs, adding that he didn’t want to “stand in the way of women”….

Outrage ensued. Sir Hunt has since apologized.

….saying he meant the remarks to be humorous – but added he “did mean the part about having trouble with girls”.

He said: “It is true … I have fallen in love with people in the lab and people in the lab have fallen in love with me and it’s very disruptive to the science because it’s terribly important that in a lab people are on a level playing field.

“I found that these emotional entanglements made life very difficult. I’m really, really sorry I caused any offence, that’s awful. I certainly didn’t mean that. I just meant to be honest, actually.”

Shall we forgive him? Sir Hunt was born on February 19, 1943 in Neston, England. Not sure if he has the Sun at 29 Aquarius or 1 Pisces (square Uranus and Saturn),  but he definitely has the Moon in love-love-love drama king Leo, with Venus in soulful Pisces.  Are we surprised?

Cue Thomas Dolby now, please. Sir Hunt, this one’s for you.



Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 6/9/2015: Cosmic

Get it off your desk by 2:08PM ET if you can. That’s when the Pisces “go with the flow” Moon goes void, encouraging even more going with said flow, twists and wandering detours included.

The middle of the day is energized by the tension of the 3rd Quarter Moon, as the intuitive Pisces Moon is squared by the information-driven Gemini Sun at  11:42AM ET. It’s soon followed by another square to the Moon from Mars, the action planet. Depending upon how the energy is used, you may experience a push forward or a confrontational outburst, during which someone’s feelings may be bruised.

There’s also an idealistic component to thoughts and communications on this day and into tomorrow, courtesy of an idealistic connection between mental Mercury (still retrograde) and Venus (social expression, money, values, women) in drama queen Leo. That pattern is exact tomorrow at 8:52AM ET, as is a tech-friendly connection between the Sun and pioneering Uranus at 5:30PM ET. Innovation and magical thinking…

Chill and focus on routine concerns during the Moon void, which ends at 7:14AM ET on Wednesday.

And now, the news.

The horoscope of the United States is currently experiencing a hardcore transit from Pluto to its natal Saturn (authority) in Libra (the law). Pluto-Saturn transits are nearly always brutal. On the plus side, they can be life-transforming, provided one faces the hard facts and does the work required.

Factor in the illuminating/shocking influence of Uranus into this pattern, and we can appreciate why so many upsetting stories of police brutality are making headlines…and changes are being made. Earlier this month The Guardian began telling the stories of all of the people killed by police in the U.S. this year — 59 in the first 24 days of 2015 compared to 55 in the past 24 years in England and Wales. Here’s a profile of Tanisha Anderson, who was killed by police in Cleveland last November.   The Washington Post has been tallying, too — also with certain legislative results. Today the headlines are focused on yet another video of physical force displayed by an officer at a pool party in Texas.

One of the predictions astrologers made regarding the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square was that we’d see dramatic restructuring in the the banking industry. Today HSBC announced it would be eliminating 50,000 jobs. Companies in other industries better-known for low wages and no benefits are also restructuring, but they are increasing wages and adding benefits, arguably in response to the “sudden” awareness of income inequality, also reflected in the wake-up call potential of the Uranus-Pluto square.

Current planetary patterns suggest tech-friendly stories of expansion and innovation, including the cosmos. How cool to see this story of a ginormous telescope designed to capture images of a black hole at the center of our galaxy.

If he and his colleagues succeed, the images they capture will be in textbooks forever, as definitive evidence of Einstein’s weirdest prediction: that space-time could curl up like a magician’s cloak around massive objects and vanish them from the universe. In short, that black holes — objects so dense that not even light can escape their maws — are real. That space and time as we know them can come to an end right under our noses.

Well, time is an illusion, after all. It’s just a construct we use in order to play the virtual reality game called Life on Planet Earth. Or so I’ve believed ever since I read books whose titles I can’t remember in which it was argued that everything is happening all at once, and the only real moment we have is now.

In astrology, time is symbolized by Saturn, the most distant planet we can see with the naked eye. Time is the ultimate limiting factor in our lifespan. Apparently.

Oh, how a Pisces Moon does encourage the philosophical! Perhaps that will inspire your Moon void wandering later this afternoon…..

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 6/8/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

The first part of the week is driven by supportive aspects between Mars, Uranus, Jupiter and the Sun. You may recall in Friday’s forecast I said we’d likely see “interesting tech breakthroughs in the news…and other boundaries pushed”.  Is that why the NYT’s Sunday magazine just happened to be the annual Tech & Design Issue? It’s filled with stories of innovation in motion — giving you a flavor of the week’s potential. That, and a headline story about two convicted murderers breaking out of a New York prison using power tools and a “ruse”.

The work week begins with Moon in Picses, seeking connection with intangibles and ideals. A charge from taskmaster Saturn may start the day off on a serious note, with a need to talk about it around lunchtime ET, thanks to Mercury.

Overall, you may feel your spirits lifted, courtesy of that aforementioned easy connection between the Sun and optimistic Jupiter, exact at 5:56PM ET. It’s followed by another easy connection between Mars (action) and Uranus (innovation) at 3:29AM ET on Tuesday.  Feel free to reinvent the wheel, considering that revisions may be required once Mercury turns direct on Thursday. You may be feeling especially inspired (or confused) when the Pisces Moon meets up with Neptune at 8:58PM ET.

Your Moon voids for the week happen Tuesday 2:06PM ET until Wednesday at 7:14AM ET; Thursday at 7:3PM ET until Friday 10:16AM ET. Stick to routine concerns during those times and avoid finalizing matters of importance. Go with the flow of whatever twists crop up in your efforts to move forward in a straight line.

Also of interest this week: Neptune turns retrograde on Friday at 5:09AM ET. With Mercury and Neptune changing direction within 12 hours of each other, you are especially advised to triple check the details and make sure what is said is actually what is understood. And vice versa.

Here’s a  classic Mercury retrograde snafu: schlepping all the way to Brooklyn on a Saturday night — only to find out that the tickets in hand were actually for next Saturday. Fortunately, my theater companion just laughed. And we had a fine time discovering a cozy Ethiopian restaurant in an unfamiliar ‘hood. This is how knowing what’s going on in the cosmos can be helpful. It keeps things like snafus in perspective.

You do not want to know about the outrageous delays in the subway during the almost all-day void of course Moon on Sunday. I thought I would never get home. Much gratitude to the folk-singing, guitar-strumming man keeping us entertained on the platform for what felt like years. Sometimes a Moon void twist can be a silver lining….


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/5/2015 & the Weekend: Party On w/Venus in Leo; Venus Retrograde Alert!


A void of course Moon in Capricorn from 6:54AM ET until 1:02AM ET on Saturday suggests you focus your enterprising energy on routine tasks and roll with any twists that may derail your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Don’t you have a closet or desk to reorganize (Mercury is still in retrograde)? Or a list you could make of people you really should reach out to before Mercury turns direct on June 11th?

An easy flow between Venus and Saturn early Saturday AM can help you focus on strategy and stability in relationship, art and finances. A physical task is also favored, courtesy of a cooperative connection between Mars (action) and Jupiter (reward) at 7:38PM ET on Friday.

Big news today is Venus — the planet that refers to love, social expression, women, values, money and art — leaving Cancer for Leo at 11:33AM ET.  In Leo, Venus can be playful, dramatic and creative; it can also be regal and luxurious. Party time…

…and guess what? Except for the last two weeks in July, we’ll be experiencing Venus in Leo until October 9th. Why? Because on July 25th, Venus will turn retrograde at 0 degrees Virgo and move backwards through Leo until September 6th. Then it will move forward again at 14 degrees of Leo, so you can go over what you just went over all over again.

Venus goes retrograde every 18 months. I understand that was a long time ago, so let’s review the basics. Ready?

Venus refers to how we need to express ourselves socially. It also refers to women, art, beauty and money. In health matters, Venus refers to the belt line area of the body (and internal organs at the belt line, as well as the thyroid and the throat).  Venus also rules copper, which is an important indicator of economic growth in the commodities markets.

In our social interactions, Venus is the sugar that sweetens our needs and demands, facilitating cooperation in relationships. When direct in motion, Venus supports social graces and words like “please” and “thank you”. When retrograde, courtesy and consideration do not come so easily — and relationships suffer the consequences. The image I hold of Venus retrograde is one of those old-fashioned sardine cans — the ones where you had to use a key to open them. Roll back the lid of the sardine can and there you have it: stinky fish exposed, for all to see. There’s no hiding that smell.

Venus retrograde often presents a relationship, material or aesthetic challenge wherever it is traveling in your horoscope. This time it will be 14-30 degrees of Leo. So you can look at your charts now and plan ahead for the retrograde beginning on July 25th.

Generally speaking, tried and true connections may be strained, but durable. Less sturdy bonds may snap. All that fishy smell can mess up your aesthetic senses, too. Be very careful about starting a fling with that hot new thing during this time period, lest ye awaken in a month or so with buyer’s remorse — or worse — the horrible panicked aftermath of a coyote date. This applies to all partnerships, not just romantic ones.

Exercise caution in matters of decor. If you’re planning on redecorating, pick your colors out now, rather than during Venus retrograde. Putting in an offer on a new home? The value of the home may be inflated; make sure you’re not paying too much. Look under the rugs, kick the tires — make sure you’re not seduced by surface charm covering up so much…stinky fish.

What good can come out of Venus retrograde? Plenty!

Artistic and creative projects you abandoned may be ripe for a second chance at completion. You may REconnect with a past love. You could REview your handling of financial matters; perhaps there is room for some REorganizing and REstructuring.  You may find yourself REconsidering the value of all of your relationships during the month of August, but there’s likely no need to make an impulsive leap forward or a major break. You may even REconsider the value of what you value, including money.

I’ll post this again as we get closer to July 25th. Now about the rest of the weekend…

Hit the malls and yard sales on Saturday, as there is no Moon void. The Moon will be in Aquarius — great for hanging with your friends, including those you’ve only just met.

On Sunday, Moon goes void at 10:30AM ET — not to enter the next sign, Pisces, until 4:16AM ET. Chill and enjoy! No shopping sprees, as items bought during voids are so often not things we really need — and thus do not use. Feel free to test this theory for yourself.

As for the headlines, we may see some interesting tech breakthroughs in the news, as Mars, Uranus and Jupiter will be pulling focus in the cosmos through the early part of next week. Other boundaries are likely to be pushed. If you’re dying to read something current, there’s a ton of headlines about information and who controls it — all very Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius. Edward Snowden wrote a quotable op-ed in the NYT (see last paragraph). Another op-ed writer begs Mark Zuckerberg to let her pay for Facebook. Elsewhere, a ginormous data breach appears to have compromised the personal information of millions of federal employees, courtesy of China. Meanwhile, an interesting restructuring in the field of news, as Gawker becomes the first digital media company to unionize.

Finally, this just in from (naturally)…

I’m not sure what planetary patterns aptly reflect the FDA’s apparent backing of a product almost a decade in the making: a pill to do for women what Viagra does for men. Or something like that. I would have thought we’d see this against a Venus-Pluto (empowering) or Venus-Uranus (breakthrough) pattern, but maybe it all comes down to Venus  (women) at 29 Cancer…the last degree of the sign…at the end of her rope. What do you think…?

Have a great weekend!




Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 6/4/2015: Takin’ Care of Business; Disney is Up

Up and at ’em. A pro-active, business-oriented Capricorn Moon drives the day mostly free and clear. It pauses briefly around 2PM ET to gather a bit of inspiration and vision from Neptune, so note what is channeled your way.

At 11:07PM ET the Moon makes its weekly clash with potent Pluto, deepening power urges and emotional catharses. The weekly jolt with Uranus follows on Friday at 6:54AM ET, suggesting more than the usual excitement tomorrow morning.

Ship it today, as the Moon will be void from 6:54AM ET until 1:02AM ET on Saturday. There’s a nice cooperation connection between Mars (action) and Jupiter (expansion) in effect now and exact tomorrow night. Use it to aid your quest for world domination.

And now, the news.

I could write a lot about Walt Disney’s horoscope. As in — wow, what an innovative communicator (and marketeer)  in the world of entertainment (Sun conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius in the 3rd House). Or — boy, does this horoscope mean business (Mars– Jupiter–Saturn conjunct in Capricorn) — and gee, what potential in real estate and other home/family concerns (the conjunction is in the 4th house). And just look at that visionary Neptune demanding prominence at the Aries Point and sitting right on top of the chart (career/reputation), energizing a people-pleasing Moon in Libra (which drives the whole horoscope). And what a mask of perfection — down to the last detail (suggested by a Virgo Ascendant).

The most-viewed article from yesterday’s New York Times is about longtime employees in the tech department at Walt Disney World. They were pink -slipped, despite having outstanding performance records. Then they were required to train their replacements, who were imported to the U.S. on temporary H-1B visas by an outsourcing company based in India. Presumably the temp workers were much cheaper to hire than the longtime Disney staffers.

It’s interesting that the article was published in the aftermath of a Full Moon at 11 Sagittarius. Walt Disney’s Sun is at 12 Sagittarius. It’s also interesting that transiting Pluto is currently at 15 Capricorn, exactly conjunct Disney’s Jupiter (suggesting an expansion of power and resources). Just this week an analyst projected that Disney’s stock could go up as much as 50%. Fascinating.

Mr. Disney’s horoscope will be hit by other significant transits in the near future, and as I said, much more could be written. But really, I’d much rather talk about you. What’s going on in your horoscope? How will you maximize opportunities suggested by planetary patterns. Personal consultations are always meaningful and enlightening– here’s the 411.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/3/2015: Mind the Void

The boundary-pushing Sagittarius Moon is void until 8:50PM ET, suggesting twists and delay in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Roll with any “crises” you may encounter and remember that these voidy “glitches” are often much ado about nothing. Don’t panic; enjoy the wandering detour. Stick to routine concerns.

Above all, do not announce the launch of your run for president, as Lindsey Graham did during Monday’s Scorpio Moon void. Who? Exactly. Leave it to CNN to focus on attention on the most important consideration of Graham’s campaign. Which leaves my wandering mind to wonder this: now that the mystery over Caitlyn Jenner’s new name and appearance is behind us, which Republican candidate will be the lucky recipient of her endorsement? Probably not Mike Huckabee, who is currently making headlines for a snarky joke he told during the last Mercury retrograde (now back for a second look).


An enterprising, get-down-to-business focus kicks in at 8:50PM ET, when the Moon enters earthy Capricorn and carries us through the day on Thursday.

And now, the news.

Yesterday President Obama signed into law the USA Freedom Act — which is a scaled-down “less calories — more taste” version of the Patriot Act. But no more bulk collection of phone records, two years after Edward Snowden brought the practice to the world’s attention.

I dug around the “internets” yesterday, looking for the time the Patriot Act was signed into law on October 26, 2001 — and found one source citing 10:56AM in Washington DC. If accurate, it paints a compelling portrait. What’s immediately striking about that chart is an opposition between Pluto at 13 Sagittarius and Saturn at 14 Gemini. The opposition falls exactly on the Ascendant-Descendant axis, giving the potentially brutal control of the Pluto-Saturn pattern even more weight. Saturn (control) in Gemini (telecommunication, information) is on the 7th House cusp (the public). Fascinating, eh?

The chart also has striking patterns of idealism, including Mercury and Venus together at 15 and 13 Libra — ideally doing their best to keep the peace (Libra) in communication and social expression (Mercury and Venus). And yes, that ideal shows potential for being excessive and expansive, as it is squared by Jupiter at 15 Cancer (homeland security), also in the 7th.

If you’re an avid reader of this forecast, you’re probably thinking….”13-15 Cancer and Libra? Why those degrees have been supercharged by Uranus and Pluto in the past two years, thus ripe for prominence and change!” And of course, you’d be right. Pluto is at 15 Capricorn now. Astrology is amazing.

In the Patriot Act chart we can appreciate a potentially fanatical level of efficiency, suggested by Mars at 29 degrees of enterprising Capricorn, squaring the Scorpio Sun and  applying to a meet-up with Neptune in technogeek Aquarius. Neptune also squares the Scorpio Sun, shrouding the controlling energies of Scorpio in a rose-colored fog. Still more idealism is suggested by a sensitive Pisces Moon in a Grand Trine configuration with the Sun and the North Node, suggesting a strong emotional self-sufficiency and defensive structure determined not to be hurt again.

To be continued….




Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 6/2/2015: Full Moon in Sagittarius

Another good morning to note your dreams upon waking, as the Sagittarius Moon pushes boundaries under the spell of intuitive Neptune at 8:38AM ET. Yes there is still plenty of pixie-dust in the air — just look at the headlines. Doesn’t Caitlyn Jenner look fabulous? Here’s her horoscope again. Aren’t you glad she’s not spelling her name with a “K”? How freakin’ weird is it that there is another Caitlyn making headlines — in the form of a dog found in South Carolina with her muzzle wrapped shut with black electrical tape? Caitlyn the dog is recovering; her alleged torturer has been arrested. Why are some people so cruel?

A Sagittarius Moon may ramble and gambol, but overall it tends to lift spirits, even when acting upon its need to tell everyone exactly what it thinks about everything.  Such expressions of opinion could be particularly impassioned, given that the Moon will be full at 12:19PM ET…and will oppose provocative Mars in glib Gemini at 6:31PM ET. Ruffled feathers may be smoothed under the influence of an easy connection between the Moon and Jupiter at 9:31PM ET, suggesting righteous good cheer.

If you must ship today or tomorrow, opt for today, as the Moon goes void at 1:59AM ET on Wednesday…not to enter the next sign until 8:50PM ET on Wednesday night.

This Full Moon — which offers enlightenment on the agenda you set on the New Moon on May 18th – has the Sun at 12 Gemini opposed by the Moon at 12 Sagittarius. Shall we focus on our immediate surroundings; the thoughts inside our brains; the immediate family of our biological brothers and sisters (Gemini)? Or shall we place a higher priority on the Really Big Picture; collective belief systems; metaphorical siblings with whom we share a planet, as opposed to a split-level in the ‘burbs (Sagittarius)?

You will feel the illumination of this Full Moon more intensely if you were born around the 2nd of June, September, December and March…or if you have a planet or angle around 12 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo. For insight on what the degrees of this lunation suggest, let’s look at the Sabian Symbols — with the help of Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee.

For the Sun at 12 Gemini: “A topsy saucily asserting herself”. For the Moon at 12 Sagittarius: “A flag that turns into an eagle that crows”. You do know how these Symbols were created, don’t you? Here is the story.

A topsy, as we learn from Blain Bovee’s marvelous book , is a fictional character — a black slave child — in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Under the light of this Full Moon we can expect saucy self-assertion — not just from a female but from any group or individual that no longer wishes to feel oppressed. Caitlyn Jenner does look saucy in her glamorous white bustier, now that she’s free to assert herself as she pleases.

As for the “flag which turns into an eagle….” Bovee notes this is also an assertive Symbol. Only here, it is an  inanimate object  — a “standard bearer” — that takes on a life of its own. Hmm. That is thought-provoking, as we consider how it is manifesting in the headlines. Much of notorious Patriot Act was ditched over the weekend, as Congress now considers legislation to replace it. More on that in a minute. This item just came in: ‘The FBI is Operating a Small Air Force to Spy on Americans”. What will Congress do about that, I ask rhetorically.

Bovee has a lot of interesting things to note, but ultimately advises us to be on the lookout for “an awareness of experiences that defy one’s version of reality….standing up for the flag, for the establishment, or for expressing unsavory elements of the establishment.” Did you hear that the head of the TSA is out, after a test of “security” at dozens of airports found that fake explosives and firearms were successfully smuggled through checkpoints 95% of the time?

Bovee also suggests we be sensitive to “breaking through invisible barriers; defying prejudices” —  plus so much more that as always, I suggest you get his book if you enjoy the Sabian Symbols.

Will hold off on the astrology of the Patriot Act until next time. I have many consultations to prepare today — always a happy problem to have — and Mercury retrograde periods are wonderful times to schedule a review of your life.

One last item in the spirit of Mercury retrograde offering opportunities to REconnect with something or someone from the past: “Medicine’s Hidden Roots in an Ancient Manuscript”. Hmmm. This item led me to investigate the caduceus — a staff carried by the god Hermes/Mercury– which is associated with Western medicine. Turns out those who are making that association are confusing the caduceus with the Rod of Asclepius, which is correctly associated with the Greek god of healing…

Ya learn something every day.




Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 6/1/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

The Moon in Scorpio’s quest for depth and substance exhales with a sigh at 7:01AM ET, going void until 2:39PM ET. That explains the twist you may experience in your morning commute, or the high flake factor at the office. Voids often bring a certain lack of focus. Chill; take care of routine and do not make mountains out of molehills.

The Moon’s ingress into Sagittarius presents an opportunity to expand your horizons in a serious way…OR…smack that expansive reach in the face with a wet blanket. Why? Because the Moon meets up with Saturn at 4:21PM ET. Saturn refers to control, ambition and structure.

Meanwhile, emotions are building as the Moon waxes to its fullness Tuesday at 12:19PM ET. More on that tomorrow.

Here are the other Moon voids for this week: Wednesday 1:59AM ET until 8:50PM ET; Friday 6:54AM ET until 1:02AM ET on Saturday. Thursday is looking good for getting down to business.

Keep in mind that Mercury is still in retrograde until June 11th.  Taking some time to REtreat, REcharge and REconnect is advised. I followed my own advice and spent Sunday at a meditation workshop. The Scorpio Moon suggested a deep and intense experience, especially with a potentially sublime aspect between the Sun and visionary Neptune…

Thank you for reading this forecast.