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Thursday 6/29/2017 & the Weekend: Measure Twice; Cut Once

Today’s need for discernment down to the last detail is brought to you by the Moon in Virgo. Communication could feel disheartening as we get closer to 3PM ET, when a challenge to the Moon from authoritarian/wet blanket Saturn weighs in. To those not on the receiving end, it might just be a necessary cut — or an advance on a controlling initiative. Kinder sentiments are suggested around 4:34 PM ET, when the Moon goes void on an easy flow with Venus (in comfort-seeking Taurus). Chocolate to calm frazzled Moon in Virgo nerves?

This is not the time to believe that a holding a book in front of you will stop a bullet,  and that you should convince your girlfriend to shoot at the book, so you can become a YouTube star by proving your belief. Just don’t do it. The man who did is now dead. But with current planetary patterns, it makes sense that we’d read about it now.

Chill and focus on routine concerns during the void, which lasts until 3:02 AM ET on FRIDAY. Be mindful of mental Mercury’s face-off with ruthless Pluto around 8:34 PM ET. “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” could blow someone’s cover — or it could just be someone’s petty and vindictive ego-driven criticism.  Of course it would be something nasty about a woman and cosmetic surgery, with transiting Venus conjunct P45’s Midheaven and the Fixed Star Capulus. That star is associated with the epitome of Men Behaving Badly. File this headline under that transit in P45’s horoscope, too: “Trump Was Sleazy With a Reporter. Her Awkward Laugh Felt All Too Familiar.”  Astrology is amazing.

Once the Moon enters Libra early Friday morning, a need for fairness, diplomacy and people-pleasing takes over. The thing with Libra, however, is that those scales can swing wildly from side to side before finally reaching a balance.  Flashpoints for outbursts of assertive or aggressive energy occur in the middle of the day ET on SATURDAY, when the Moon is squared by Mars and Pluto at 1 PM and 2 PM ET, respectively. Early AM on SUNDAY, warrior Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto (7:58 AM ET), followed by the Moon opposed by disruptive Uranus at 9:16 AM ET. Please be careful on the roads, handling steel, in dark alleys, around fireworks.

Moon will be void on Sunday from 9:16AM to 12:58PM ET. If you’re on the East Coast, consider sleeping in! After the void, Moon plunges into the depths of Scorpio, seeking to be of substance for the sake of power and control.

And now, the news.

Take Mars, Mercury and Sun in Cancer (action, communication, life force in a sign associated with emotional/family security, potentially behaving badly). Hook those planets up with Jupiter (expansion, law, belief, dogma ) and Neptune (drugs, spiritual concerns) and it makes sense to see a big scandal involving religion and destructive assertion. Add a dose of Pluto and it could reallllly be destructive. Exhibit A: “Australian Cardinal and Aide to Pope is Charged with Sexual Assault.”  Exhibit B: “Man Destroys New ‘Ten Commandments’ Statue at Arkansas Capitol” — with a car, courtesy of Mars.  Exhibit C: The definition of “family” is also under attack, as the White House’s travel ban — part of it, until SCOTUS rules otherwise — goes into effect tonight. P45’s administration now says that a step-sister is a “close family member,” but a grandmother is not. And so forth.

The U.S. isn’t the only country with bans making news. In Venezuela the Attorney General — Luisa Ortega — has been banned by the Supreme Court from leaving the country and  her assets frozen, after she accused President Nicolas Maduro of creating a “climate of terror”.

“We have state terrorism in Venezuela, where we have lost the right to protest, where demonstrations are cruelly repressed, where civilians are tried in military courts,” said Ortega, 59.

“We have a constitutional rupture. The constitution is being violated and the state is being dismantled,” she told journalists.

Earlier this week, a “rogue police officer” in a stolen helicopter reportedly “dropped grenades on the Supreme Tribunal.”

In other news, one wonders if Martin Shkreli’s defense attorney will be calling an astrologer to the witness stand. Yesterday he said the reviled “Pharma Bro” — now on trial on charges of fraud — might be strange, but “he was born that way.”  The attorney is absolutely correct, and here’s the write-up of Mr. Shkreli’s horoscope posted here almost two years ago. Currently, his horoscope has intense transits involving 1) Uranus to a natal Mars-Pluto opposition; and 2) transiting Pluto to his natal Mercury. Isn’t it interesting that he is making news in a week with Mercury and Mars both challenged by Pluto? I see this synchronicity all the time! We can expect disruptive/risky/innovation action and persuasive communication from Mr. Shkreli throughout the year.

Come to think of it, Mika  Brzezinski has transiting Pluto almost exactly squaring her Mars throughout 2017.  Woe to anyone who chooses to pick a fight with her now.

FUN FOLLOW-UP: to that Harry Potter Sorting Hat quiz posted on Monday. Time magazine has published a map showing what Hogwarts house your state would be in. I confess I’m disappointed to see New York in Slytherin. Might be time to move. I’m in Ravenclaw, though Pottermore insists I’m in Gryffindor. You?

Meanwhile, this cover of Time magazine is totally FAKE NEWS.

Reminder: I will be in LA and available for in-person consultations July 11-17th. Here’s how to contact me.

Thank you for reading this forecast.




Tuesday 6/27/17: Late Sneak Peek at the Week: Mercury in Focus; Cosmic Music

Calling all Avid Readers in Los Angeles! I am pleased to say I will packing my suitcase and heading West next week. Will be available for in-person consultations from July 11th through July 17th. I have more Avid Readers in California than any other state. Contact me and we’ll make a time to meet! Always available for consultations by phone to those living outside the Southland.

As noted in the last forecast, Mercury (mindset, communcation, travel, information) is the star player this week. Today it challenged  Jupiter at 2:21 PM ET, expanding on big ideas — including laws —  related to caring, home and emotional security concerns. That’s because Mercury is in Cancer — and it’s sitting on the Cancer Sun in the U.S. horoscope, whilst squaring the U.S. Saturn in Libra.  Here in New York City, Mercury is making headlines in the form of subway derailments and power outages wreaking havoc on morning commutes. Overseas, ransomware attacks are also causing chaos. Up in the sky, Space X successfully launched two communication satellites — outta sight!

Mercury harmonizes with Neptune at 8:23 PM ET, adding a rose-colored spin to the information flying around the room. Neptune refers to drugs, spirits of all kinds, oceans, water, healing, toxins, deception, oil.  On WEDNESDAY, Mercury meets up with Mars in Cancer, suggesting action of a potentially ill-tempered or militant sort, also involving Cancer concerns of home/emotional security.  On THURSDAY, Mercury opposes Pluto — the Powers That Be. This suggests ruthlessness in communication and information. Corruption may be exposed. Insults may be hurled. Perspective may be transformed. No one is going to apologize, especially with crankly Mars (action, anger) joining the face-off against Pluto on SUNDAY, July 2nd.

The work week began with Moon in rip-roarin’ Leo, looking for ways to shine, shine, shine with regal drama, play and entitlement. It goes void today at 5:12 PM ET, and  enters Virgo at 8:41PM ET to restore order and persnickety detail to its agenda of making everything perfect. Have at it, until 4:34 PM ET on THURSDAY, when the Moon goes void again.  Switch to routine concerns and chill until 3:02 AM ET on FRIDAY, when the Moon enters Libra.

The only exact pattern on Friday is the First Quarter Moon, suggesting a challenge to last week’s New Moon agenda. Will Mitch McConnell really try for a vote on his Big Fat Tax Cut Bill  — the one that would take health insurance coverage away from 22 million people? Not bloody likely, as the First Quarter Moon in Libra will be looking for fairness, balance and popularity as it challenges the Cancer Sun’s caring drive. Oh looky — the vote has been postponed until after July 4th.

And now, the news.

Gratitude to Avid Reader Chris for sending me a wonderful personal experience of cosmic matters over the past few days — i.e., Venus trine Pluto, Mars square Jupiter and Mars trine Neptune. Check this out:

For me, the Mars square Jupiter hitting my angles has left me just about as agitated as possible for a functioning human being — at the same time feeling the exhaustion of this interminable Saturn return. (Uggh!)
BUT enough real world hassle!  I wanted to share how the current patterns have affected my musical tastes.  Being a complete classical music nut, I have pretty broad interests which operatically tend toward Rossini and Mozart. Lately though, I’ve been leaning more towards Verdi — a Saturnine aesthetic if there ever was one!
Suddenly, though, on Wednesday I could not shelve my Verdi fast enough.  It just wasn’t intense enough.  So of course, for all your Mars square Jupiter/Mars Trine Neptune fiery dreams, there’s only one place to go: Wagner.  And which Wagner, you ask? The Valkyries!
I wasn’t sure why I have been so crazy to listen to this (twice the whole opera since Wednesday!) until this AM on my commute when I heard the scene where Wotan (Jupiter) smites (with a lightning bolt of course!) his warrior (Mars) son who is caught up in a gadjillion deceptions (Neptune) with various and sundry of his sisters including the Valkyrie Brunhilde (another Mars type), who is put to sleep (Neptune) and surrounded by a ring of fire (Mars), by her father Wotan (Jupiter)…  Escapist entertainment? Nope!  Can I PLEASE have some Debussy aspects!
Isn’t that fabulous? Also, no prolonged Debussy aspects for quite some time…it’s mostly sturm und drang these days…
…with a bit of the surreal, as the artist (Neptune) Salvador Dali may be exhumed in order to settle a paternity suit (Mars; Jupiter in Libra)  a tarot card reader (Neptune) has filed against his estate. Neptune also refers to music. A lengthy piece in WaPo mourns the faded glory– and falling sales — of the electric guitar. Where are the guitar heroes (macho Mars trine Neptune) the reporter wants to know?
Meanwhile,  think big, think spirits/drugs, think law, think action.  “Humans Reach for Godhood…” begins this WaPo op-ed headline. Elsewhere, Harry Potter could not have picked a better slew of aspects to celebrate “his” 20th anniversary. Time Magazine published its own Sorting Hat quiz — which house are you in?  In other news, the so-called “Pharma Bro” and “most hated man in America” Martin Shkreli is making news again, as the search for an impartial jury begins.  Also timely: a dirt-digging expose from the Guardian about Jay Sekulow. He’s one of p45’s lawyers and a “most vocal defender.” “Trump’s Lawyer Steered Millions in Donations to Family Members, Files Show.”  Faith, fraud and charity are all keywords of Neptune.
Continuing on the theme of Neptune, deception and communication: a story published on CNN’s website last Thursday has been derided as “fake news” after it was found to not have lived up to CNN”s editorial standards. The story was taken down. An apology was issue to a person named in the story. Three reporters at CNN resigned/lost their jobs. In other news, the NYT published a list of every lie P45 has told since his inauguration.
Neptune dissolves whatever it touches. Another list making headlines over the weekend is being compiled by Amy Siskind. Under the headline, “Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember”  she writes down those subtle changes. For example, last week CNN sent a sketch artist to cover a White House press briefing because cameras were not permitted. In some instances, audio has not been permitted.  Really, is depriving SNL of juicy sketch fodder that high on the list of priorities?  Yes. It is. Comedy is truth to power. It is a coping mechanism for pain.
There are 82 items on Amy Siskind’s list posted on June 24th, Week 32.
Where might this be going? In 2018, Saturn moves into Capricorn, the sign it rules. Saturn refers to patriarchy, structure, authority, ambition, corporations, governments. It will square the U.S. Venus and Jupiter in 2018, suggesting a streamlining squeeze. Then it will square the U.S. Sun and Saturn in 2019. The U.S. last experienced this pattern in 2010 and 2011, so a look at government initiatives back then would be helpful — fodder for another post. In 2020, Saturn will meet up with Pluto, which it has not done since 1982. Here’s a helpful article on the Saturn-Pluto cycle.   In 2021 and 2022, the U.S. will have its first Pluto return, along with transiting Neptune squaring our natal Mars and our natal Neptune. Breaking down and rebuilding (Pluto) on a new vision (Neptune-Mars)?
Finally, Justice Anthony Kennedy. I looked at his horoscope a year ago — I thought I’d written about it, but apparently not. Over the weekend headlines were buzzing about a possible retirement. Transiting Mars and Uranus (action! change!) now putting pressure on the area of his horoscope referring to his relationship with the public, no doubt.  Next year,  transiting Uranus and Pluto will be activating the angles of his horoscope. A big change of status would be apt at that time.  Elsewhere in SCOTUS, score one for religious liberty as the Court ruled on Monday that taxpayer-funded grants for playgrounds available to nonprofits under a state program could not be denied to a school run by a church.   The Court also agreed to hear the “Colorado Gay Wedding Cake” case, as well as P45’s travel ban — ruling to come later in the year.
Thank you for reading this forecast. Hope to see a few Angelenos in L.A. in a couple of weeks!

Friday 6/23/2017: New Moon in Cancer; Mars on the March; the Angst of a Certain Midpoint


The Moon is not yet new, and I don’t know about you, but the restlessness and listlessness of the dead Moon seems stronger than usual. The Moon is in ADD Gemini. Mars (action, aggression) is steaming up a storm in Cancer (emotional security), feeling empowered and expanded by ruthless Pluto and Jupiter. “A Terrifying Threat from Tropical Storm Cindy:  Floating Masses of Fire Ants,” the morning news wants me to know.  Meanwhile, Venus is in harmony with Pluto, adding elements of intensity and transformation to our love of beauty, material comfort and security, including food.

Is that good? Here is the weirdest headline I’ve seen in some time — yet it fits the planetary patterns to a T. “Fitness blogger dies after exploding whipped cream dispenser hits her.” It makes about as much sense as much of the other stories hitting the wires. A dessert topping becomes an instrument of destruction? Sure, OK, this is fine.

Friday morning may have a dose of gravitas (see Fire Ants headline above), as the Moon is opposed by wet blanket Saturn at 8:31 AM ET.  The Gemini Moon facilitates getting the latest buzz on the travesty, supported by a harmony with innovative Uranus at 2:45 PM ET. Head to the nearest golf course, as the Moon goes void with a sigh until 6:07 PM ET, when it enters Cancer.

From that time until the same time on Sunday, the focus is on keeping the home fires bright and finding nourishment and nurturing however we can. There’s a level of emotional depth granted by a harmony between Venus and Pluto at 4;57 AM ET on SATURDAY. There’s no Moon void to deter you from shopping, though be aware of a potentially volatile blast around 3:09 PM ET, when sensitive Moon meets up with crabby Mars. Also be aware of the potential for power plays and emotional catharses around 11:29 PM ET, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto…followed by rebel Uranus at 2:44PM ET on SUNDAY.

Sunday’s highlight is the big big square between physical Mars and Jupiter, followed by an alignment with Neptune at 2:19AM ET on MONDAY. Something cosmic and expansive, perhaps….like Stephen Hawking talking about how we really need to blow this popsicle stand called Earth and move to really really distant lands.  For humanity’s sake, he says. Yes, and…says the Washington Post. As in, “yes, and let’s do a story about Hawking’s ideas about Mars — and the ideas of other famous people, too.”  Because with Sun and Mercury currently at the Aries Point, it needs to be famous!

Here are a couple of headlines from a Mars-Jupiter square in 2015:

Meanwhile, the “expansive” part of today’s flow comes courtesy of an energized connection between Mars (action) and Jupiter in regal Leo — exact on Friday at 8:29PM ET, but in effect all this week. How big is beautiful? Size 24 apparently, as supersized model Tess Munster makes headlines by becoming the biggest ever to sign with a mainstream agency. Doubleplus good for her. Meanwhile, fat yoga, anyone?

Here are some headlines from a past Mars trine Neptune.

Moon goes void on Sunday at 2:44 PM ET…entering Leo at 6:06 PM ET. Make way for the drama queens and kings at the start of the work week. Mercury makes contact with a plethora of planets next week. If anyone has anything to say, we are sure to hear it.

No sleeping in on Monday.

And now, the news.

A dead Moon suggests secrecy — and how fitting that WaPo offers us this lengthy exclusive: “Obama’s Secret Struggle to Punish Russia for Putin’s Election Assault.”  It is also fitting that we’d be hearing from President Obama at this time, given patterns in his horoscope. First, the Sun and Mercury in Cancer at the Aries Point are sitting right on top of his natal Venus. Second, the lunar nodes are at 27 Aquarius and Leo, right on top of his natal nodes. We expect an outreach to the public. Yesterday he posted 1000 words on his Facebook page, warning of the harm that will be caused by the massive tax cut bill thinly disguised as the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act. He’s going to hit the campaign trail in  Virginia this week, too.

We can imagine his frustration, given that transiting Saturn (restrictions; structure) is hitting his natal Mars in Virgo (a need for action that reflects perfection and service, down to the last detail). That measurement will be exact on July 12th, and return for the third and final hit on October 6th. Also on July 12th, transiting Mars (provocation) will oppose his natal Saturn in Capricorn (a need to fulfill ambition which administers progress in the established order). President Obama’s Saturn is in the 12th House and rules his 12th House, often called “the house of self-undoing.” Many of his accomplishments are being undone at this time. His Saturn is also under a series of hits by rebel Uranus. Transiting Uranus in hard aspect to Saturn needs to shake up structure — with innovation (upside) or just plain shock (downside).

Another horoscope activated by the Sun and Mercury at the Aries Point is that of Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show. I wrote about his horoscope back in 2015, when he won the gig. Since then, his performance has been as his horoscope suggests. He has Neptune at 0 Capricorn. Neptune refers to empathy — and he has that for all the world to see. This week he did a segment on Philando Castile.  As you may have heard, Mr. Castile was pulled over on a routine traffic stop. His girlfriend and her four-year old daughter were in the car. Within a minute, Mr. Castile was shot and killed for no rational cause or reason —  by the police officer. The officer was acquitted by a jury of manslaughter this week, though the officer has been dismissed from the force. There were multiple videos of the shooting, though the dashcam video was only released after the jury’s verdict.  Said Mr. Noah:

When I watched the video, it just broke me…

The whole segment is a MUST-SEE. Consider it a follow-up to my last post about the illusion of equality we see in the horoscope of the United States, awareness of which is being triggered at this time.

Meanwhile, here is the full text of the Senate’s Stealth Health Tax Cut bill.   I probably need to tell you that when a group of disabled Americans — some in wheelchairs — visited Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s taxpayer-funded office to express their concerns about the proposal, dozens were arrested and handcuffed by Capitol Police.  I’m pretty sure you didn’t hear about the parents who brought their sick children to Congress “in an effort to remind them what the health care debate should be about.” Reports WaPo’s Petula Dvorak:

“Is she okay?” the startled legislative staffer asked, eyes shifting to the adults around him as the trach tube protruding from the neck of a 2-year-old gurgled….

Did I mention that I’m writing this forecast on a day with Mercury (mindset) making contact with an anguished Saturn/Pluto midpoint, suggesting (in the words of astrologer Noel Tyl) “depression, stark realism, morbid thoughts; deep study?” Darn those planetary patterns! You are personally affected by this pattern if you have a planet or angle around 6 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Guilty as charged. This too shall pass. Nancy Pelosi — if you’re reading this, that midpoint is right on your Aries Sun, suggesting “threat of loss; hard work; enforced change; separation; potential ill health.” No wonder everyone is ganging up on you — as if they could ever really bring an Aries Sun with Scorpio Moon down.

But seriously — you probably didn’t hear about these stories, but you could have been driven to distraction by news of P45’s tweet yesterday that he has “no idea if there are tapes or recordings” of his conversations with James Comey, but he did not make them nor does he have them in possession.  Well? Is it true? Here’s another bonus offer: I’m writing up an analysis of the moment P45 tweeted yesterday’s “clarification,” just as I did for the moment he tweeted his May 12th “veiled threat,” to Mr. Comey.  Drop $5.88 in my Cosmic Tip Jar and I will email it to you, with gratitude for your interest in astrology.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.



Wednesday 6/21/2017: Happy Summer Solstice; Catching Up on News

Alll-righty then!

Writing has come in fits and starts as of late. Here’s where we’re at today:

The Moon has been in Taurus since early Monday evening, seeking to build and preserve comfort and material security. Taurus is not inclined to change the status quo.  Yesterday offered potential to be made extra sweet and savvy by two lovely aspects early TUESDAY morning. One was a harmony between a high-functioning Venus and visionary Neptune; the other was a harmony between equally high-functioning Mercury and innovative Uranus. In this gawdforsaken newscycle, I have yet to find a headline reflecting this potential; perhaps you found a way to make it real in your own personal world.

Today — WEDNESDAY —  is a turning point, as the Sun leaves Gemini for Cancer at 12:24 AM ET. Happy Summer Solstice, a day where idealism in leadership and home security matters is likely to pull focus. I say this because Mercury also leaves Gemini for Cancer today, meeting up with the Sun at 10:14 AM ET.

It’s interesting that a planetary pattern suggesting prominence is happening at the end of the lunar cycle, i.e, totally in the dark. Headlines this week are certainly reflecting this potential.  Today in Saudi Arabia, the king has named one of his sons  to be his successor, booting out his much older nephew, who never saw it coming. Reports The Guardian:

The move was announced by royal decree just after midnight, stunning the Saudi establishment…

Meanwhile, in the U.S.,  ratfink politicians are furiously working behind closed doors on the massive tax break legislation not-so-cleverly disguised as the Senate version of the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act.  Rumor has it that an effort will be made to ram pass the bill next week, just in time for an extremely crabby Mars and Mercury (both in Cancer) to be opposed by PTB Pluto. Really, warrior ax-wielder Mars has no business being anywhere near nurturing Cancer when mere mortals are drafting a bill on healthcare. Especially when Mars is also about to meet up with — and thus provoke — the US Cancer Sun in just a few days. Where is Wonder Woman when you need her?

If you’d like to read a bit about why solstices and equinoxes are important turning points, here’s a post with the 411.

On FRIDAY at 10:31 PM ET we’ll have a New Moon in Cancer.  By then we’re likely to be seeing still more action making headlines, as Mars (action, assertion, aggression) makes contact with Jupiter over the weekend. Expansive, surreal, visionary, charismatic and healing are keywords that come to mind. Mars – Jupiter aspects suggest a need for physical release — bigtime. Jupiter is in Libra — an air sign. With Mars in Cancer — a water sign — and about to make contact with Neptune in Pisces (also a water sign and ruler of oceans), it’s not surprising to see so many hurricanes and tropical storms being watched in the headlines.

One final note about what Mars is up to in the cosmos. It may help put the onslaught of Mars-themed headlines in perspective; e.g. fires, explosions, guns, macho behavior, cars (think Uber), etc. In the language of astrology, Mars is literally out-of-bounds, i.e., it is currently beyond the limits of the Sun’s position (the technical term is declination) as seen from Earth. BTW, Mercury is also out-of-bounds. Mercury is communication, mindset, travel. So we would anticipate that Mercury-themed matters would also be extreme at this time. Got that?

Note that the Moon is void nearly all day WEDNESDAY from  12:25 AM ET until 6:44 PM ET. It will also be void on Friday 2:45 PM ET until 6:07 PM ET — permission to start the weekend early granted. During voids, roll with the twists and flakes that may derail your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Refrain from freaking out over crises which are likely to prove later to be much ado about nothing. Stick to routing and chill!

And now, more  news.

Jupiter turned direct on Friday, June 9th at 10:04 AM ET. Jupiter suggests expansion. Libra suggests justice, fairness and equality. I could not think of a more fitting place to be for an expansive meditation on those Libra keywords than at the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History & Culture in Washington D.C. — especially given how Jupiter’s move forward was — and still is — activating planets in the horoscope of the United States.

A long reflection on that visit in that context has been brewing in my mind ever since. It might be more apt to share as we get closer to July 4th, especially since my efforts to write it up are moving at a snail’s pace. But it has to do with how we see so clearly in the US horoscope how it needed to be founded on a exalted theory of “all men are created equal,” yet seems doomed to delusion in practice.  At the Smithsonian I saw a draft of the Declaration of Independence in which Thomas Jefferson addresses slavery, but the subject just didn’t fit in with a white male property and slave owners’ rant about how they deserved to be free from King George’s tyranny and abuse.  So the reference was deleted and the problem was solved. Delusional? Neptune, planet of rose-colored fog, had not yet been discovered — but boy oh boy it has always been right there — and so strong in the U.S. horoscope.

Equality under the law — this is the U.S. horoscope’s exalted ambition, suggested by its natal Saturn in Libra. Racial equality, gender equality, income equality, fill-in-the-blank equality. These days I see our inability to fulfill that ambition in nearly every headline. Our natural-born delusion (the Mars-Neptune square in U.S. horoscope) is being challenged to get real by transiting Saturn all this year.


June 14th — last Wednesday — was heavy. It was the day before a tense opposition between the Sun (life force; leaders) and Saturn (limitation; controls). How fitting that Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week was Death. Humming in the background of that Sun-Saturn opposition was Neptune, planets of dreams and other departures from reality — at a dead stop — about to turn retrograde last Friday.

The big story on Wednesday was  a man opening fire at a baseball practice of Republican members of Congress,  critically wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. The gunman was killed. Thankfully, the congressman is expected to make a full recovery. What was one of the gunman’s grievances, according to letters he wrote to his local newspaper? Income inequality.

Also big last Wednesday: P45’s birthday. That means he has the heavy Saturn-Sun opposition in his solar return, suggesting that its streamlining and controlling potential will mark the next twelve months, not just through October, when transiting Saturn will make the 2nd and 3rd hits to his Gemini Sun (and his Sagittarius Moon). The second hit to his Sun is exact on July 7th. Can he feel the squeeze?  On June 15th,  P45 annnounced on Twitter that he was under investigation. I think everyone and his dog in the administration has lawyered up, including the lawyers! Heavy — but we also see a possible silver lining of expansion and fortune, as the third hit of his Jupiter return will be exact on August 4th. Echoing that potential are two more hits to his natal Jupiter from power-and-resources Pluto, exact on August 7th and November 17th. Another time period to watch: the first week of September, when transiting Mars will meet up with P45’s Leo Ascendant, which will have been eclipsed on August 21st.

In ancient times, astrologers used the horoscope of the king or queen to chart was what likely in store for the country.

In other news, last Friday’s notable planetary event was Neptune turning retrograde. We would expect Neptune themes to pull focus: oceans, shipping, drugs, viruses, confusion, oil.  One surreal story was the fatal collision of the U.S.S. Fitzgerald with a Japanese container ship. Initially the collision was said to have happened at 2:20 AM on June 17, 64 miles southwest of Yokosuka, Japan. I looked at that chart and thought the time must be wrong. Guess what? It was! The time has since been revised to 1:30 AM. That chart makes sense, with Pluto and Uranus on the angles of the horoscope and the Pisces Moon with nebulous Neptune. This is a picture of a potential accident in a bewildering fog. Astrology is amazing.

Oh, there is so much more to talk about. Let’s start with you. How are planetary patterns being reflected in your own personal world? Is it time to make a move? Will you get that promotion? Will you ever understand why your child/spouse/parent/boss/coworker is the way he/she is? Here’s how to schedule a consultation.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


Monday 6/12/2017: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

The start of the work week is driven by the Moon in Capricorn, advancing an agenda intended to take it to the top of the mountain. An upset may hit around 2:45 PM ET, when it clashes with rebel Uranus — and then goes void for exactly five hours. Chill and roll with whatever twists that may derail your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Crises that crop up during voids are usually much ado about nothing. At 7:45 PM ET, Moon enters Aquarius, a perfect time to connect with all of your friends, even the ones you haven’t met yet.

Meanwhile, Mercury will be in the spotlight for the next two days. Mercury refers to thoughts, communication and travel. On TUESDAY, these Mercury-ruled matters are likely to be big, suggested by a harmony with Jupiter at 11:45 AM ET. Jupiter, now moving forward in Libra, refers to expansion and collective belief systems, including the press and the courts. Libra refers to diplomacy, fairness and balance. What makes this day interesting is that Mercury will also square Neptune at 11:29 PM ET. Jupiter expands. Neptune confuses and/or transcends. Often it transcends reality. So we see potential for big ideas that may be inspirational and rose-colored, but also bald-faced lies wrapped in so much cotton candy. Neptune also refers to music, drugs, oceans, fish, healing, spirits of all kinds and oil. Watch for headlines — and make sure your communications are being understood with crystalline clarity; Mercury-Neptune aspects can be muddlesome. Yeah, I just made that word up — but it fits and because Mercury-Neptune.

The Moon will be void again between 1:40 AM ET and 6:17 AM ET on THURSDAY. No biggie for business in the Americas. It is absolutely fascinating that at the exact moment the Moon enters Pisces, the Sun (life force; leaders) makes its annual opposition to Saturn (limits and authoritative control). What heavy reach for ambition and/or heartless cut will make news today? How will it reflect Gemini and Sagittarius, e.g., travel, the free press, freedom of speech, etc. The Sun is in Gemini; Saturn is in Sagittarius, doncha know.  You are more personally affected by the streamlining squeeze of the Sun and Saturn if you were born around the 14th of June, September, December or March…or if you have planets or angles around 24 degrees of Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces or Virgo. Consult your local astrologer for details.  Add this Sun-Saturn opposition to the Pisces Moon. We see a potential for dissolving boundaries…because with Pisces, there are no boundaries. Pisces intuitively understands that boundaries are an illusion; we are all one; we are all in this together. Pisces can flow as sweetly as a gentle stream or pull as powerfully as the ocean’s undertow…float or drown in sorrow. With Neptune also in dreamy Pisces — now challenging mental Mercury in clever Gemini, that’s my excuse for today’s inspired, soggy prose.

Speaking of Neptune, it turns retrograde on FRIDAY at 7:10 AM ET, beginning a five month period of subtle focus on your own dreams and intuition for guidance. When a planet is retrograde, the suggestion is to turn inward on issues involving that planet, as opposed to looking outside the self.  You’ll feel the effects of Neptune’s change of station more personally if you were born 12-16 days into Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius…or if you have a planet or angle at 12-16 degrees of those signs. What kind of effects? Oh…perhaps you are feeling somewhat bewildered…perhaps even victimized…and likely less inclined to be in Type A personality mode (if you are normally a Type A personality). You may find yourself needing to express your creativity — even if you have never thought of yourself as a “creative” person. You may also find being of service richly rewarding. When a horoscope is under the influence of Neptune’s bewildering spell, a consultation with an astrologer is especially recommended. Here’s how to contact me.

And here are a few headlines from another time Neptune turned retrograde.

I’m working on a clown car of news for the next forecast. Meanwhile, I have a bonus offer on one story that continues to be talked about: the alleged existence of tapes of P45’s conversations with then-FBI Director James B. Comey. Are they for real? I wrote up an analysis of the moment P45 tweeted his “veiled threat,” using a tried and true traditional astrological method. Drop $5.88 in my Cosmic Tip Jar and I will email it to you.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Thursday & Friday 6/8-9/2017: Full Moon in Sagittarius; Jupiter Direct

Allll-righty then!

The Moon has been in high-flying Sagittarius since 7PM ET last night, infusing the energy of the day with a need for in-your-face frankness of opinion, even as it pushes boundaries. How fitting that I would be traveling to DC on the Acela Express, glued to my iPhone as James B. Comey testifies before Congress. Are you watching? Mr. Comey — himself a Sagittarius with Mercury (how he needs to communicate) also in Sagittarius —  just told Congress that he needed to document all interactions with P45 because he was concerned P45 would lie about them. Well, that’s frank. Mr. Comey submitted a seven-page written statement detailing his interactions with P45; it was released last night and you can read it here. It is riveting.

Take advantage of today’s easy flow to push your own expansive agenda. Get outside your normal box. Tonight note the potential for delusion/illusion/idealism, as the Moon is squared by nebulous Neptune at 11:48 PM ET. It’s a fine night for indulging in intangibles: music, film, healing — spirits of all kinds.

On FRIDAY we’ll have a Full Moon, with the Gemini Sun opposing the Sagittarius Moon at 9:10 AM ET. The Sabian Symbols for this lunation are 19 Gemini and Sagittarius: “a large archaic volume” vs. “pelicans moving their habitat.” As always, Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee has useful insights on what these symbols suggest. One strong takeaway is that Sabian Symbols at 19 degrees suggest measures of extremes.  In June of 2013 we had a New Moon at 19 Gemini (“a large archaic volume”), and days later Edward Snowden and his trove of information took the world by storm. With respect to the potential of 19 Sagittarius (“pelicans moving”), Bovee suggests an extreme pressure necessitating the move, i.e, “The house is on fire, What one item do you save?”  I expect we’ll see more stories reflecting these symbols in the coming days.

See Monday’s forecast for other planetary patterns happening on Friday.

And now, the news.

Countries have horoscopes, as you know. Qatar is no exception. What might be going on the horoscope of an entity whose friends and neighbors suddenly decide to snub it?  There are two dates in use for the birth of Qatar; one in 1971 (when it declared its independence from Britain) and December 18, 1878 — when Qatar established itself as a state. December 18 is the date used to celebrate Qatar’s National Day, so this is one I’m using, with a midnight birth time.

Qatar has its Sun at 25 degrees of Sagittarius, exactly squaring a 26 Virgo Ascendant and opposing a 26 Gemini Midheaven. The Sun is also squaring Saturn at 26 Pisces. In May all four were hit by transiting Saturn and Mars, suggesting cuts and attacks, respectively. If Qatar is feeling somewhat wiped out by the sudden split, this would be reflected in another measurement (a solar arc) to its Sun from nebulous Neptune.

Here’s another Sagittarius making headlines: Reality Winner. I am  struck by her name. I don’t find it a coincidence. Names are so telling. Ms. Winner was arrested over the weekend — accused of leaking to the press a classified document detailing the alleged Russian interference in the Nov 8th election. We don’t have a birth time; we know she was born on December 4, 1991. So — Sag Sun conjunct Mars; Moon in either Scorpio or Sagittarius. If it’s Scorpio, how interesting to note that Chelsea Manning in also a Sag with Moon in Scorpio, and James B. Comey may also have a Scorpio Moon. We have a running theme today!

Not surprisingly, there’s a lot going on in Ms. Winner’s horoscope. Transiting Neptune is squaring her Sag Sun and opposing her natal Jupiter in Virgo. This suggests a potential for a period of heavy idealism, fog and — isn’t this interesting — “tricky legalisms,” says astrologer Noel Tyl. Also hot in her horoscope: transiting Uranus squaring her Venus in Capricorn, suggesting sudden and/or upsetting social expression. These patterns continue well into 2018.

And speaking of Chelsea Manning, she was released from prison last month just after the third hit of a heavy Uranus-Venus transit. Of course we’d expect a new look  — quite fitting.  Isn’t astrology amazing? She’s now in the middle of three hits to her Sag Sun from transiting Saturn. Time to get serious and streamlined about establishing herself on the material plane.

Thank you for reading this forecast. I am delighted by the numerous requests I’ve had for personal consultations this week. I’m on the road and will return to the office on Monday. Thank you for your patience and kind understanding.


Monday 6/5/2017: Sneak Peek at the Week; News, More News & the President of France, Too

Happy Monday!

The work week begins with the Moon plunging into the depths of Scorpio at 6:46 AM ET, seeking to fulfill a need for depth, power and control. It is aided by a harmony with Mars, planet of anger and action – exact at 7:51 AM ET. Mars, as you may recall, just moved into Cancer, sign of homeland security. It needs to pull focus – and minutes later — and as I scan the headlines as of 9AM ET  a top story in the UK is this: “Simple Numbers Tell Story of Police Cuts Under (Theresa) May”. Ms. May. There is an election in the UK on Thursday. Thus Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition party, is milking this story for all its worth, calling for May’s resignation. 

The chart for Saturday’s horrible stabbings/van attack in London is what we would expect: Mars at the Aries Point and Saturn on the angles; Uranus also on an angle. We see similar patterns in the workplace murder-suicide that happened in Orlando this morning, killing six people. Not a word from P45 on the latter.

Meanwhile, two planets change signs on TUESDAY. First, Venus finally ditches me-me-me-have-no-manners Aries at 3:27 AM ET. What a relief for Venus to move into Taurus, one of the signs it rules. Taurus aims for comfort, security, sensual pleasures and no raised voices. Looking for a new hairdresser or eye shadow? You have until July 4th, when Venus leaves Taurus for Gemini.

That’s what Mercury does at 6:15 PM ET – and this is also an improvement, for Mercury rules Gemini and functions with greater efficiency than it does in Taurus. Gemini refers to what is clever, informed, adaptable, multi-tasking, double-sided and intense. Yes, it can be a charming sales person with dubious scruples – so watch for that potential in the news when Mercury is challenged by – oh – say…Neptune…early next week.

Moon goes void on Tuesday at 8:35 PM ET…not to enter high-flying Sagittarius until 6:59 PM ET on WEDNESDAY. Wow! We haven’t had such a long Moon void in quite some time. If you are unfamiliar with these natural rest periods and what to do about them, here is the 411. Whatever intense effort at control that threatens to run away with Wednesday may well be much ado about nothing. And when the Moon finally does enter Sag that evening, spirits are likely to lift,  albeit with boundaries pushed and righteous opinions making headlines.

There are no exact aspects among the planets during business hours on THURSDAY, when James B. Comey is scheduled to testify before Congress for all the world to see and hear. Emotions will be on the rise, suggested by the Moon waxing to its exact fullness on FRIDAY at 9:10 AM ET. This Full Moon will happen at 18 degrees Sagittarius – opposing the Gemini Sun. It will connect with P45’s natal Sun in Gemini-Moon in Sag – so it’s sure to be all about him….and anyone else with planets or angles around those degrees.

In addition to the Full Moon, Friday features two other notable patterns: a cooperative connection between Venus (in Taurus) and Mars (in Cancer). My money says there will be at least one headline in the vein of “what does she see in him, anyway,” even as the two parties involved seem to be getting along so well. The second pattern of note involves Jupiter, planet of expansion, abundance and –sometimes – wretched excess and bombast. It turns direct at 10:04 AM ET.

If you know what area of your horoscope is ruled by Jupiter (hint: it’s the house with Sagittarius on the cusp), it may feel like you’ve been in a holding pattern in the areas related to that house since February 6th, when Jupiter turned retrograde. A horoscope with Jupiter ruling the second house of finances and self worth, for example, may have experienced a delay regarding those issues over the past five months.  With Jupiter turning direct, forward motion can now be expected.

Since May 27th, Jupiter has been (from our point of view on Spaceship Earth) slowing to a stop at 13 degrees of Libra. It will hang at that degree until June 23rd – so if you have a planet or angle around that degree – or 13 degrees of Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, this may be an especially expansive time. In the horoscope of the United States, Jupiter hanging out at 13 Libra is activating a tense pattern between the U.S. Sun at 13 Cancer and the U.S. Saturn at 14 Libra. More on that in a minute.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering what these planetary patterns suggest for you, why not schedule a personal consultation – especially if it’s been over a year since you last checked in with your astrologer. Knowledge is power — an apt statement for this Moon in Scorpio Monday. Here’s the 411 on consultations.

And now, more news.

Thank goodness for astrology. What would we do without the chart for P45’s inauguration? Here it is again — with all the trimmings and analysis — posted on January 25th. Of course P45 would make a big dramatic  — and factually wrong — announcement about pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord, opting to go it alone in his own personal echo chamber/hall of mirrors. Let NYT columnist Maureen Dowd explain. His administration is ripe for a shake-up at this time — as noted last week — and this includes sudden separation from outside entities, as well as internal ones. That being said, it might help some of the internal entities to study the inaugural chart, so they can be better prepared for those upsetting times when P45 goes off on a tangent, as Politico reports: Trump National Security Team Blindsided by NATO Speech .

Meanwhile, in the horoscope of the U.S. (regardless of exact birth time), we are days away from the first of three hard hits to Pluto by transiting Uranus. In the 2:13 AM horoscope (astrologers are still arguing about which time is correct), Uranus rules public status and reputation; Pluto rules cooperation and service; the body politic. Uranus-Pluto transits suggest strong disruptive potential. Under the current administration — and majority leadership in Congress — we can see how the U.S. could lose its leadership status in the Free World —  and trust among its allies. These Uranus-Pluto transits continue into 2018, which is when transiting Saturn will put its streamlining squeeze on the U.S. Venus & Jupiter…moving on to challenge the U.S. Sun and natal Saturn in 2019.

But you know what they say, “quand une porte se ferme; une fenetre s’ouvre.” When a door opens, a window closes. One hour after P45’s fact-deprived announcement in the Rose Garden,  Emmanuel Macron, newly-elected president of France, livestreamed a message to American climate scientists, inviting them to work together with France (and presumably other citizens of the world) and #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain. A few days earlier, the French president made headlines when he had a meeting with Vladimir Putin that was described as “extremely frank and direct,” and included no small amount of “blasting” Russian state-owned media as “lying propaganda.”

Naturally my first thought was, “wow — transiting Mars must be hot in his horoscope” And guess what? It is. Mr. Macron has Sun and Mercury at 29 degrees of Sagittarius. This is righteously opinionated energy that needs to pull focus. It is expanded by an opposition to Jupiter at 1 degree of nurturing Cancer. And where was transiting Mars a few days ago? At 29 Gemini, opposing Macron’s  Sun and Mercury. It is now conjunct his Jupiter. Formidable! His Sun and Mercury are trine to Saturn, adding gravitas to whatever he has to say. Jupiter is sextile to Saturn. Good for business sense and cooperation.

Macron’s horoscope is driven by the Moon in Taurus, seeking to build a tangible empire out of its Sun in Sagittarius high-flying ideals. But this is no ordinary Taurus Moon. It is galvanized by charged aspects to  Mars (action!) in drama king Leo and Uranus in Scorpio. That Moon-Uranus aspect suggests unconventional attractions; an obvious example would be his tenacious pursuit of his wife, Brigitte. She is 24 years older than he is — for starters. Et alors? Macron’s horoscope is fronted by a Capricorn Ascendant, suggesting a need to be seen as an executive in charge, backed by the stage presence to prove it.

At 28 degrees of Capricorn, his Ascendant will be hit by transiting Uranus starting in April 2018, suggesting a shake-up and/or a fresh direction in his personal presentation. The fresh start is likely to be coupled with an expanded professional status, as transiting Jupiter makes its way to the top of his chart. This year he’ll be dealing with the streamlining influence of transiting Saturn to his Venus, Mercury and Sun. Streamlining is not necessarily a downer. It suggests an opportunity to focus and plan for an ambitious advance.

Last week Mr. Macron met with Michael Bloomberg, who is also stepping up to the plate in the wake of P45’s door-slamming announcement. Mr. Bloomberg is kicking in $15 million “to help make up for the U.S. withdrawal from the climate deal.”  More windows opened as ten governors in both political parties and scores of mayors in cities across the U.S. announced that they would adhere to policies consistent with the Paris accord. Elsewhere, China and India are making headlines for “taking the lead” in a surge of investment in renewable energy.

The U.S. is still several years away from its first-ever Pluto return, suggesting a massive restructuring and transformation of perspective. If we continue to be polarized — i.e., unable to agree on basics such as whether we should continue to burn fossil fuels or switch to renewable energy sources, will this polarization lead to an actual physical divide among these United States? As P45 was choosing the former, a massive crack in an equally massive ice shelf in Antarctica increased by 11 miles…in just six days.

Speaking of polarization, this op-ed in Sunday’s NYT was especially well-timed, given Jupiter in Libra stationary direct,  conjunct the U.S. Saturn and square the U.S. Sun (I said I would follow up on this). Libra is the sign of equality. The op-ed is called “What Monkeys Can Teach Us About Fairness.”

Is there more? Oh geez, yes — so much more. Here are just a few headlines reflecting the weekend’s planetary patterns: Sun square Neptune; Sun trine Jupiter; Mars at the Aries Point; Venus conjunct Uranus (and trine Saturn):

Friday 6/2/2017 & the Weekend: Mars in the Spotlight


Moon continues in Virgo today, seeking to be correct and exact. A clash between the Moon and righteously authoritative Saturn in Sagittarius at 11:21 AM ET seeks to control an ambitious advance. The work week ends on another clash between the Moon and Mars at 5:48 PM ET. Both are at the very end of their respective signs (Virgo and Gemini) and also near the attention-getting Aries Point. Verbal sparring and physical aggression are likely to pull focus.

If you have a planet — and especially an angle — around 27-29 degrees of Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces, I urge you to take a deep breath and count to ten before going to DEFCON 5 over a perceived slight or other provocation. Go take a kickboxing class instead. If someone you know has made a mountain out of a molehill, my money says Mars has triggered their horoscope. My spies are reporting stories — and body counts — involving outrage this week.

I know, I know — I wrote on Monday that this week might end on a sweet note (looking ahead to tomorrow’s expansive and exuberant Sun-Jupiter trine). I wasn’t paying attention to Mars — nor was I giving enough weight to Venus being in Amazon Aries — and in an “I don’t need anything from you” Grand Trine earlier this week with Saturn and the North Node. True, Sunday’s challenge between the Gemini Sun and nebulous Neptune suggests a potential rose-colored spell. But it also could be simply delusional …drunk….or on serious meds.

The Moon will be void between 5:48 PM ET and 8:04 PM ET. Then it enters Libra, seeking harmony and balance in partnership. Such efforts are likely to be disrupted by an unconventional attraction or insight, given a meet-up between Venus and rebel Uranus on SATURDAY at 3:31 AM ET. Diplomatic efforts may seem to go well that day — but as they are under the influence of Sunday’s exact Sun-Neptune clash, things may not be as they seem. Focus your attention on matters that do not require concrete facts; let your imagination wander in a suitable creative form or other escape.

Also on Sunday: Mars leaves Gemini and enters Cancer. Look for prominent action related to home and homeland security — or general Mars matters such as iron and steel. Here’s a story that popped up an hour when Mars entered Cancer back in 2015 — about an axe thrown by a Fox & Friends host that missed its target and hit a West Point drummer instead. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Mars will be in Cancer until July 20th. You are more personally affected by transiting Mars entering Cancer if you are someone like — say — Barack Obama, who has his Venus at 1 degree of Cancer. Immediately we expect his social expression to be more active and prominent.

Meryl Streep is another person affected by Mars at the Aries Point. She has Sun and Uranus conjunct at the Aries Point in Cancer. So does her astrotwin Elizabeth Warren. Ted Cruz has his Capricorn Sun at the Aries Point. Do you think he might be acting out a bit over the next couple of days, given that Senator Al Franken’s new memoir contains an entire chapter about his colleague in the Senate, whom he describes as “a toxic co-worker…the guy who microwaves fish.”  I can’t imagine how unpleasant this must feel for Cruz, with his need to be seen as people-pleasing (suggested by his Libra Moon).

Did you know that people who are popular live longer? An apt reflection of yesterday’s harmony between Venus (social expression) in what’s in it for me Aries & Saturn (endurance; age) in Sagittarius (opinion; collective belief). Something to contemplate during the weekend’s Libra Moon. A catharsis or power play may be store on Sunday around 8:52 AM ET, when the Moon is challenged by Pluto. On MONDAY at 1:10 AM ET, the Moon is opposed by disruptive Uranus.

No sleeping in on Monday.

I have a ton of news to report, but must focus on consultation preparation at the moment. If you haven’t checked in with your astrologer in a year, you’re due for a visit. Here’s how to contact me.

Thank you for reading this forecast.