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"I was blown away. It was so different from anything I imagined...more direct than psychiatry or psychology...and cheaper! I left the session with a feeling of control and confidence. Worth a dozen therapy sessions.
Thank you!"

--Peggy G.
New York

About Elisabeth

I discovered my passion for astrology when I read Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs.  I was nine years old. As a teenager, I had my horoscope calculated and interpreted by a professional astrologer in Newport, Rhode Island.  That’s when I began to appreciate how powerful a tool astrology can be. Suddenly, the parts of my personality that didn’t fit the typical description of someone born with Sun in Aries made sense. There were so many other planets to consider! My first experience with a professional astrologer was illuminating and empowering.

I graduated from Wellesley College with a BA in Philosophy because I wanted to understand why. I learned that studying philosophy only raises more questions. My favorite philosophy class was Symbolic Logic, which Professor Google defines as:

 …the science of reasoning, the science of separating good arguments from bad ones. A good or logical argument is one that is truth-preserving, i.e. one that always takes us from true premises to a true conclusion.

If I could do my college years over again, I might have majored in languages — as many as I could cram into four years. Astrology is a language that helps explain why. Plus, it’s logical.

After graduation, I hitchhiked around Europe, where I’d spent part of my childhood. Back in the States, I landed a gig at a film studio in New York and eventually moved to Los Angeles.  I found my niche in Hollywood first as a copywriter — and then as a writer/producer — of advertising for movies and television. I earned a small shelf of awards, along with a reputation for writing with wit, elegance and intelligence (and modesty).

I began doing astrological consultations in 1992, around the same time I started my advertising career. In 2000 I returned to New York and scattered my marketing pixie-dust over television news, with stints at WNBC, NBC and CNBC. When I started working in a newsroom,  that’s when I began to notice the astonishing synchronicity of daily planetary patterns with daily headlines. Compelled to share my findings with the world, I launched this blog in 2009. The original conceit was to see if I could predict what we’d see on the home page of the “paper of record,” i.e., The New York Times. In the past ten years,  the NYT has consistently delivered evidence of astrology’s accuracy.

Meanwhile, I earned my professional certification from the International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR).  I completed Noel Tyl’s rigorous masters program in psychological astrology, graduating with highest honors. I earned a professional certificate in horary astrology from the School of Traditional Astrology.

I’ve lectured in New York and Tokyo, where the skills I learned in improv and stand-up comedy come in handy. I presented at UAC (United Astrology Conference) in 2018, and will be presenting at ISAR in Denver in September 2020. My insights have been published in  Dell Horoscope, assorted ezines and in the national and local memberletters published by NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research). My commentary on “Charts in the News,” is published in the student section of every issue of The Mountain Astrologer.