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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/14/2013 & the Weekend: Drama to Perfection

The drama queen Leo Moon goes void of course with a long sigh at 7:14AM ET, on a cooperative connection to jolly Jupiter. This suggests a fun-filled morning of meh or unexpected flakes and twists to your morning routine. Go with the flow, and if you’re at the office this Friday, recognize that the day won’t really get into gear until 12:26PM ET, when the Moon enters perfectionist Virgo. You can then spend the rest of the day cleaning up whatever hot mess might have happened during the Leo Moon’s morning void. Organize it, sort it and analyze it to death. This Virgo Moon travels without interference until 10:36PM ET, when it aligns itself constructively with disciplined Saturn…and then opposes nebulous Neptune thirteen minutes later. An evening of serious dreams in search of details?

Continue your analyzing crusade all day on Saturday. There is no Moon void to dissuade you from finding fabulous thrifty bargains at malls and yard sales. There is, however, the potential for a clash of wills with the persnickety Moon finds fault with Mars-in-Gemini doubletalk at 9:04AM ET. And this clash could run quite deep — emotionally and resourcefully — given the Moon will also exactly trine Pluto. Then it’s another day of clear sailing, boosted by only one other exact aspect: a pleasant and indulgent connection between the Moon and loving Venus. On a date night? How sweet…

Sunday morning continues in the industrious Virgo vein, though note the First Quarter Moon is exact at 1:24PM ET. This may bring a challenge to your New Moon agenda…which likely has something to do with a massive compilation of information…or is it knowledge…or is it wisdom? Whatever it is, consider backing up your computers NOW — because Mercury will be turning retrograde on June 26th.  An expansive, expensive challenge between Moon and Jupiter keeps spirits high at 5:26PM  — which is a lovely and indulgent aspect to have on this Fathers Day.

Moon goes void until 9:19PM ET, suggesting the first hour of the 40th Annual Daytime Emmys may be a bit of a bust or have some surprise upsets (if you’re watching the show, see if you notice my name in the credits). The rest of the evening (after 9:19PM) is brought to you by Moon in people-pleasing, rational and beautiful Libra. Enjoy.

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