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"I'm a skeptic by nature and I still don't know how she does it, but Elisabeth told me more about myself and about critical points in my life than she could've known beforehand or can possibly be dismissed as coincidence or a parlor trick. And she helped me to use this as a framework to analyze the here and now more clearly. The session was definitely a positive, eye-opening experience."
Attorney, NY

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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/22/2014: Remain in Balance

Another day with Moon in Libra, seeking balance, peace and appreciation in relationship. If it feels like the day moves at a faster or more dynamic pace as of late last night, that’s because the Moon makes contact with six planets today; yesterday, there was only one.

I’ve noted this before, but between now and 2015, every time the Moon enters Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn (i.e., once a week), it makes contact with the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square, a.k.a., the Planetary Pattern Everyone Should Be Talking About. What that suggests is the potential for disruption, revelation, power plays and catharsis, especially for those with planets or angles around 8-15 degrees of those signs (if you do not know the degrees of your planets and angles, order the Really Helpful Astro-Basics Report). Moon made contact with rebel Uranus at 1:22AM ET, followed by perspicacious Pluto at 6:53AM ET, so if you found the last 12 hours especially intense, you may be personally affected by the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square.  Mark January 28th on your calendars, which is the next time the Moon will engage with this powerful pattern.

Whatever dust that may have been kicked up last night can now settle, buoyed by the optimism of a big hit from jolly Jupiter at 9:20AM ET, followed by an indulgent hit from Venus at 1:06PM ET. An easy connection to the diplomatically-inclined Libra Moon from rocket scientist Mercury in Aquarius at 7PM ET helps sort things out in a rational and inventive manner. If you’re up late on the East Coast or having dinner on the West Coast, you may be experiencing an impassioned exchange or exercise or will, courtesy of a hook-up to the Moon from action hero Mars.

Get it off your desk today; the Moon goes void at 10:50PM ET…and doesn’t enter Scorpio (the next sign) until 4:43PM ET tomorrow. That’ll be a day of no impulse shopping, no making mountains out of molehills…just go with the flow and enjoy whatever delays and twists may crop up in your efforts to move purposefully forward in a straight line.

And now, the news. I’m seeing plenty of Venus retrograde-themed stories, as manners, money, relationships and aesthetics continue to be up for review. Here’s a bit from a doctor about the etiquette of using beepers and cellphones. Here’s the complete guide to etiquette for people who use LinkedIn.  More details have emerged in the story of the 71 year-old former cop who killed a movie theater-goer who refused to stop texting during the previews.    In New Jersey, the nastiness continues in the Chris Christie Bridgegate scandal. If you haven’t seen Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen’s cutting musical take on the whole affair, here’s the link. Why is it so cutting? Because Gov. Christie idolizes Bruce Springsteen. Ouch.

Meanwhile, here’s a stunning comparison of ads for certain toys marketed to girls — then and now. I loved the game Candyland when I was a child, but today’s packaging just looks creepy…am I right? And– on the Venus  retrograde subject of reviewing finances, here’s an email from a happy reader:

I want to let you know that I did click on that website to find lost money – and my partner and I both received checks for 81 bucks in the mail!  It couldn’t have come at a better time too.

Thanks for your amazing public service!  I love the way you take astrology out of the “me, me me” context and point us to important events and ideas in the world.  And also send us to money finding sites – wow!

You’re welcome — and the website she’s talking about is — for those who are new to this forecast…

Last, but not least — a salute to a stargazer that just hit the NYT homepage. I’d never heard of John Gibson, but apparently he invented a telescope that anyone could use to study the heavens. A quick glance at his horoscope shows Neptune running wild — suggesting a need for spiritual pursuits vs. the material. He lived for many years as a monk. Gibson never patented his invention, so other companies profited from his genius. That genius is suggested by an exact contact between mental Mercury and innovative Uranus. Interesting to note the heavy aspect discussed in yesterday’s forecast — Mercury square Saturn — is also in Gibson’s horoscope — and it is being supercharged now by the Uranus-Pluto square. Time for Gibson’s weighty ideas to gain prominence, don’t you think? He just passed away at age 98. Here’s the obit…

This light blue is brought to you by today’s Moon in Libra, as well as this soft rose.

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