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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 2/12/2014: Saturn Square Sun in the News; Shirley Temple Black RIP

The emotional security-seeking Cancer Moon goes void of course as of 5:51AM ET — and doesn’t enter Leo, the next sign, until 2:15PM ET. This suggests a twist or delay in your morning routine. Sometimes it’s as flaky as pouring water over coffee beans you forgot to grind beforehand, or having the waitress at the diner greet you with a cheerful “Good Morning!” when it’s 3 in the afternoon. Sometimes it’s sleeping through your alarm (especially with Mercury retrograde); fortunately, that kind of minor transgression is usually of no consequence during a void.

The only caveat I have with this morning’s Moon void is that it begins on a challenge between the sensitive, moody Moon and willful Mars. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed, perhaps? A little case of road rage? Be mindful in your morning commute…resist any temptation to engage in a scuffle or battle of words…otherwise, enjoy whatever wandering detour that may present itself.

The Moon’s ingress into Leo after 2PM ET finally gets the day in gear — likely noticeably so. Leo is a festive, playful energy that needs to shine and let others shine, too — even if it can be a totally bombastic drama queen on occasion.  It should lift any heaviness some may have felt during Tuesday’s heavy Sun-Saturn square. Party on, dudes!

Another planetary shift happens at 10:30PM ET. That’s when mental Mercury backs out of intuitive, empathic Pisces and into cerebral, innovative Aquarius, where it will remain until March 18th. Here’s to thinking out of the box for the next few weeks…

And now, the news.

Yesterday’s heavy duty Sun-Saturn square was reflected in at least one positive action by Congress yesterday, when this illustrious body actually raised the debt ceiling without conditions…at least until March 2015. Wow. Way to get serious — much to the dismay of the Tea Party, apparently. Thinking about the Tea Party — which did so well in the 2010 elections — made me wonder if Governor Chris Christie was first elected to office in 2010. Why? Because Venus was retrograde in November 2010, and there’s a greater than average risk of electing a candidate who later proves to be entirely unsuitable — a coyote date, if you will. And guess what? Chris Christie was indeed elected governor in November 2010. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Here’s another positive story along the Sun-Saturn sobering theme: a study just released about what make older people happy (and how it differs from what younger folks value). Not surprisingly, emotional and homeland security are tied in — thank you, Moon in Cancer. And Saturn refers to older people, doncha know…

Another heavy story — released on a day with Moon in Cancer disrupted by the Uranus-Pluto square — is about a vast study  “casting doubt on the value of mammograms”.  Cancer rules the breasts. Also heavy: Shirley Temple Black, the “darling of the Depression” (Saturn refers to depression) —  passed away on Monday night. I was surprised to read this in her New York Times obituary, especially in light of the story on mammograms hitting the headlines on the same day:

After winning an honorary Academy Award at the age of 6 and earning $3 million before puberty, Shirley Temple grew up to be a level-headed adult. At a time when operations for cancer were shrouded in secrecy, Mrs. Black held a news conference in her hospital room after her mastectomy to discuss her experience and to urge women discovering breast lumps not to “sit home and be afraid.” She is widely credited with helping to make it acceptable to talk about breast cancer.

Shirley Temple Black’s horoscope has Sun in Taurus and Moon in Gemini. This is a solid energy that needs to diversify, be clever, informed, intense and entertaining. Her Sagittarius Ascendant suggests a certain righteousness and need to express opinions. The gamboling/gambling spirit of the Sagittarius Ascendant (think of it as a first impression), is tempered by stern Saturn — suggesting a serious authority driving an expansive and meticulous ambition. See how those planetary patterns are expressed in this clip from the  film Curly Top, in which Shirley Temple has some serious opinions about animal crackers — presented in an informed, intensely entertaining Moon-in-Gemini way. Really, look at the authority in that tiny tot’s face. Does she mean business or what? RIP.

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