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"Thank you so very much for your time and brilliance in deciphering my chart. It was a pleasure putting all that history in your capable hands, and I value the gentle care you took with it. I will tell those I know all about your special talent!"
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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 4/28/2015: More on Obama; Venus-Uranus Fallout; Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

Monday’s Leo Moon was void during business hours between 10:12AM and 9:07PM ET.  Did you feel a bit “meh” about this wonderful new week? Have any twists and delays in your efforts to move forward in a straight line? You were not alone. If you are a NYT subscriber, perhaps you read this helpful and aptly timed article about the futility of trying to push through obstacles when you are clearly headed in the wrong direction. Yesterday’s regal Moon was square Mercury in stubborn Taurus, doncha’ know…and that can present a logjam. Or a regal outburst of frustration. What does the article recommend? Walk, wander and chill…perfect during a Moon void.

Today the Moon is in Virgo, perfect for projects that involves organizing, analyzing and cleaning of the confetti and other remnants of the weekend’s Moon in Leo bash. Make good use of this energetic flow for the next three days.

The only other Moon void during the work week happens on Thursday between 8:23AM and 10:03AM ET.  Other exact planetary patterns include Wednesday’s communicative alignment between the Sun and Neptune, suggesting headlines involving intangibles, such as high art and music, colored rose.  Here’s one about a lawsuit filed by the American Federation of Musicians against three movie studios who allegedly outsourced film scoring work, in violation of a union agreement.

On Thursday, Mercury leaves Taurus for airy Gemini, the sign it rules. That should pick up the pace and efficiency of thought and communication. It will also coincide with the planned crash of NASA’s Messenger spacecraft on Mercury.  Amazing. On Sunday, just before midnight, we’ll have a Full Moon in Scorpio…suggesting a palpable building of emotions as we get closer to the weekend. There’s a big fight scheduled on Saturday night…sure to be intense. I think I’ll pass.

And now, more news.

Certainly you have heard about the 7.8 earthquake that occurred in Nepal just before noon on Saturday. With two potent eclipses and the seventh Uranus-Pluto square releasing over the past several weeks, a major seismic event is not surprising, but I can tell you from my own experience with earthquakes that this is no consolation.  I did find it interesting that the most destructive quake to hit Nepal in the past 100 years happened on January 15th, 1934, after the last series of Uranus-Pluto squares. The chart for that quake is much more intense than this recent quake, as was the loss of life.  I know that two events hardly qualify as a full-blown data analysis. I promise to do more when my MacArthur Fellowship materializes.

Not surprised about yesterday’s fiery turmoil in Baltimore, either, for reasons stated plenty of times before in this forecast. Sign of the times.

Meanwhile, during the earlier part of that long Moon void in Cancer, at least 17 million Americans did stay home Friday night (as suggested) and spend time with their favorite gal pal (also suggested). That gal pal was Diane Sawyer, whose riveting interview with Bruce Jenner could not have been more perfectly timed, also reflecting that cooperative aspect between Venus (women, aesthetics, values) and unconventional, tech-friendly Uranus in gotta be me-me-me Aries.

I will do a write-up of  Mr. Jenner’s horoscope (he has not asked to be addressed as “Ms.” yet), hopefully in the next forecast. It paints an accurate portrait of his personal struggles and triumphs, and along with the timing of life events. It’s a complicated horoscope, as you can imagine,  and I can’t help but think how much Mr. Jenner would benefit from a consultation with a sophisticated astrologer. It would be a validating, liberating experience. I hope he has one on call.

Meanwhile, let the record show a few more  apt Venus sextile Uranus headlines, reflecting offbeat themes. First, it was a perfect backdrop for John Oliver to host a Monty Python panel discussion at the Tribeca Film Festival. Venus and Uranus together can be quirky and funny. It was also well-suited for a review of Anne Hathaway’s solo performance as a fighter pilot (Uranus refers to aviation) in “Grounded,” now playing at the Public Theatre. How about an NYT op-ed about how to attract women engineers? And finally, there was this story: “Websites in India Put a Bit of Choice in Arranged Marriages” — putting an innovative spin on an old-fashioned convention.

Last, but not least, a regal Leo Moon, combined with the social tolerance (and wit) of that Venus-Uranus made for quite a show at the Annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. And there was President Obama bringing down the house with a string of one-liners. But wait — you might say — didn’t I specifically write on Friday that Barack Obama wouldn’t be partying over the weekend? Watch his speech (aided and abetted by Luther, his personal anger translator). Do you really think he was joking? See the write-up here. The video of the whole speech is here. The part with Luther is here.

The heavy Saturn transits in the president’s horoscope are happening in tandem with transiting Jupiter to his Sun at 12 degrees Leo. This Jupiter transit suggests an ego boost,  with opportunities for ego expansion and  — in traditional astrology — good fortune and timing. It may facilitate the ambitious reach of those concurrent Saturn transits, but likely not completely cancel out their potential pitfalls. Horoscopes nearly always contain patterns that seem contradictory. This is why it is wise not to obsess about a seemingly “bad” or “good” pattern in your chart.  Besides, planets don’t do anything — as astrologer Noel Tyl has said. People do!

On Saturday it was revealed that Russian hackers had gained access to President Obama’s unclassified emails. Heavy.

What’s going on in your horoscope?






Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 9/7/2012 & the Weekend: Thinking Big

Read yesterday’s forecast for specifics on why this week was predicted to end on a high note…if not from genuine optimism, then from a hugely inflated egos running on so much hot air. Hopefully you are experiencing the former…and hey, the markets are at a four-year high. Enjoy it while it lasts. I would be surprised if we did not see some volatility by the end of the month…even though the ECB did throw another life raft into the ocean today to keep Spain and Italy afloat. See? People are thinking positively!

The Moon entered information junkie Gemini at 12:10AM ET…can you feel the buzz? Note your dreams upon awakening, thanks to the dreamy challenge between the busy Moon and nebulous Neptune, exact at 2:58AM ET, followed by the expansive square between Sun and jolly Jupiter (exact at 6:15AM ET), that was discussed yesterday. This fast-paced day challenges you to keep track of the facts and your wits, while pitching your Big Idea that will work for the greater good, i.e., the good of all. That esprit de corps carries you into the evening.

More buzz on Saturday…along with some potentially heated conversations, as well as a challenge to the agenda you drafted on the last New Moon (Aug 17th). Whatever it is, it’ll keep your brain engaged and entertained. Sunday, the Moon is void between 6:59AM and 12:49PM ET — that’s the time to avoid yard sales, lest ye be tempted to make a useless purchase or two. The rest of the day features Moon in Cancer, happily focused on issues of home security, Mom and apple pie. Perfect for a Sunday dinner at home with friends or family.

Meanwhile, as forecast,  a big story about publications hit the wires yesterday; specifically, a judge’s decision may start an e-book price war. Ooh — and Apple just announced a web radio challenge to Pandora. In other news, as the final speaker at this year’s DNC, Barack Obama honored the reigning need of the evening’s Taurus Moon by asking for more time and patience in his efforts to build and maintain material security.

We’ve looked at Barack Obama‘s horoscope in prior forecasts, but here’s a brief 411 on why our President is all that. Born on August 4, 1961 at 7:24PM in Honolulu, HI, Obama, like Bill Clinton, is a royal Leo. That’s a fire sign, and that’s what Clinton was talking about when he described Obama as “cool on the outside, but who burns for America on the inside”.  So what’s the cool on the outside? That would be detached, cerebral Aquarius on the Ascendent, suggesting an unconventional, scientific, organized and humanitarian filter through which he is seen…and through which he sees the world. Aquarius is a Air sign. Driving the horoscope is Moon in Gemini, another mental Air sign. This Gemini Moon needs to be the smartest kid in the room, and it never tires of being informed and keeping you informed…hopefully in a clever, entertaining, albeit intense way. This Moon also has a need to concern itself with issues of homeland and emotional security, in service to other people.

Oh there is so much more I could write about Obama, including his own issues with nebulous Neptune in the horoscope. Neptune squares his Leo Sun, and whatever Neptune touches it tends to dissolve. So this suggests a bewildered and/or unclear sense of self that developed in his younger days, with others also not quite sure what he was all about. Inspiring or bewildering? Neptune can go either way, depending upon the actual human being who brings that horoscope to life. That Obama’s father was not around to give him guidance is also clear in the horoscope, as is the fact that his mother was fiercely independent and unconventional…and that women likely ran the show in his early home life. His 7th house, which describes his likely mate, is packed with planetary heavies: warrior Mars, potent Pluto, rebel Uranus — these are not marshmallows and neither is Michelle Obama.

Looking at his horoscope, and where it is suggested he will be in two years (at the top of his game), it is hard to imagine that Obama would be anywhere other than the White House. That’s my take on it. I also think scheduling an election on a day (Nov 6) when Mercury goes retrograde  increases the potential for confusion and logistical nightmares, and we may see a bit of that on Election Day. I think the week before the election we may see a repeat of the emotional volatility we saw during the week of August 13th, and I do not know if it will be related to this never-ending political campaign.

I also think those nifty new electronic voting machines — the ones that ingest your paper ballot and give you no confirmation whatsoever that your vote has been recorded and will be counted — are a democracy’s worst nightmare. Last March, the technogeniuses at the University of Michigan released an account of how they hacked an election and got Bender (a robot on the animation series, Futurama)  elected to the school board in Washington DC. Finally, I am ever mindful that as long as the Mother of All Squares (ruthless Pluto squaring rebel Uranus) is in effect (through 2015 and into 2016, thank you very much), suggesting we can expect the unexpected. Still, I am putting my fifty cents on Obama, along with the other astrologers who made election day predictions at an international astrology conference in May.


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/3 and the Weekend: Nebulous Neptune and a Bit of Mitt

Ease into the morning, which begins with a potentially spacey or muddy feel on the East Coast, thanks to nebulous Neptune challenging Mercury, which relates to mind, travel and communication. Take note of your dreams & let me know if yours were especially “out there”. With the Moon now in Cancer, a sign which craves emotional and homeland security, leaving your comfort zone might be difficult, and you may find yourself focused on security concerns. Watch the headlines.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, the morning may begin with a jolt or a flash of genius, as the security-craving Moon is challenged by disruptive Uranus at 9:04AM LA time/12:04 PM NY time.  The rest of the day you may be challenged by issues involving power and control. Try to respond by seeing the potential for growth offered by the challenge, even if it forces you outside your aforementioned cherished comfort zone.

Big news on Saturday is Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy, leaving the pioneering sign of Aries for the stabilizing sign of Taurus at 9:56AM NY time, where it will remain for a year. This is excellent news for Bulls, especially those born in the first ten days of the sign: look back to whatever was going on in your life 12 years ago — what opportunities did you have for expansion and abundance?  The key words for Taurus are I HAVE. Whereas Jupiter in Aries seeks its reward in ego-recognition or the excitement of a newfangled vision (with its accompanying risk), Jupiter in Taurus is can be the one who wants to die with the most toys. Or be the one who digs in his heels and insists that vision be damned, the bottom line is the bottom line.

Sunday dawns with a Moon void from 1:33 AM – 11:03AM NY time (Saturday night hook-ups are likely to be of no consequence), followed by Moon in royal Leo. Today the focus will likely be more on having the most toys than on the bottom line. Leo Moon wants to play, and a square to Moon from expansive Jupiter can be quite grandiose (just ask Charlie Sheen). Have fun!
As for recent headlines in synch with planetary patterns, yesterday Michelle Obama 86ed the Food Pyramid and introduced its replacement, The Food Plate  So now we can all learn to think differently about something we do every single day. How’s that for a radical new mindset, as this month’s New Moon suggests?

Other headlines in synch with nebulous Neptune in Pisces pulling focus (review the New Moon forecast for details), include toxic chemicals (Neptune) in the Mississippi (Pisces) ; email fraud known as spear phishing  (Neptune refers to deception) and a seemingly complete non-news story about a “mysterious” shipwreck on Malibu Beach that really isn’t a mystery at all — go figure. If it’s not a slow news day, blame this on Neptune stationary retrograde in Pisces — I mean honestly, New York Times — you put this on the home page????

Last but not least, Mitt Romney, a Pisces ruled by Neptune, officially declared himself in the running to be the next President of the United States. Yes, I know I still need to talk about Tim Pawlenty, so I won’t go into too much detail here — and I’ll get around to Pawlenty one day soon, I promise. But here’s what’s interesting about Mitt. Pisces, Moon in Scorpio — this is a man who needs to be seen as someone of depth and substance, who acquires knowledge for the sake of power and control. He knows people. And people like him.

What’s interesting to me is Romney’s Gemini Ascendant is currently being squared by — nebulous Neptune. And Donald Trump’s Leo Ascendant is being challenged by — nebulous Neptune. And Barack Obama’s Midheaven (the other important angle in a horoscope, referring to career and status) is being squared by — nebulous Neptune. What an interesting pattern! Glamor, intrigue, masks, mystery, confusion, delusion, deception, fantasy — or sublime spiritual sacrifice, artistic success (especially in intangible media) — these are keywords for potential manifestations of Neptune in a horoscope.

To be continued…

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 5/2/2011: Osama bin Laden Dead

From the Weekend Forecast for Sunday: “But wait — what about that jubilant, “believe in the impossible” (and act on it) connection between horny Mars and expansive Jupiter, happening right after midnight?” Well, what about it, indeed. As anyone who isn’t living under a rock now knows, on Sunday evening President Obama announced that Osama bin Laden was dead, having been killed by US forces in an (obviously) covert operation. And America was jubilant (and likely still is, on Monday morning). What an end to a New Moon cycle so full of promise for daring, self-reliant, status quo-disrupting words and actions to dominate the headlines (re-read the forecast for the New Moon posted on 4/3/2011 for answers to the question, “what just happened?”). I can’t help but note that the announcement came on a void-of-course Moon; suggesting a certain element of “no consequence.” Hmmm.

Of course I immediately began thinking about how the events of the weekend reflect patterns in Obama’s horoscope. President Obama, a Leo with Moon in news junkie Gemini, is driven by a need to inform. And wasn’t he informative (not mention clever, entertaining and intense), while holding court at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner — especially at Donald Trump’s expense? You’d never know he’d recently authorized a deadly, high-risk covert operation that was about to rock the world.

You may recall a post a few weeks ago about the impact of nebulous Neptune’s current influence on Obama’s career/public status. Neptune energy can manifest as confusion (as in, “why is our Nobel Peace Prize-winning President bombing Libya??) or as guile, deception, illusion, vision, glamor, sacrifice or salvation. With Neptune, writes astrologer Noel Tyl, “things are not as they seem.” In sharp contrast to nebulous Neptune is a potentially brutal, driven, forceful, hard working connection between ruthless Pluto and controlling Saturn, exact in Obama’s horoscope on July 26 — but also influential right now — and certainly an apt description of the qualities of this covert operation. Also of note is a contact between aggressive Mars and Obama’s point of career/public status (technical term: the Midheaven), exact a couple of days ago. We would anticipate that he would be especially assertive at this time.

Use this day to wrap up the adventures of the last New Moon cycle; clear your desk and get ready for the next cycle, which begins at 2:51AM Tuesday in the sign of Taurus, where it is right now, seeking to establish material security and other creature comforts. To be continued…

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 9/2/2010

Today’s Moon — still in Gemini — makes lovely connections to Mars (action), Venus (social expression) and Neptune (imagination). It’s a good day to put yourself out there and see the best in people. Meetings and social gatherings of all kinds are favored…especially those involved with art, music, spirituality and/or service.

A postscript to yesterday’s post about those born with Moon in Gemini: they like words. A lot. Perhaps this explains why President Obama had all those words stitched into the border of the new rug in the Oval Office…

At 2:50AM Friday the Moon will move into watery Cancer, buffeted through the morning by the heavies in the Big T-Square Party (see forecast for 7/27/2010). Could be wet and wild, especially if you’re a hurricane about to hit land, which is a possibility here on the East Coast as we keep an eye on Hurricane Earl. Then again, what if everyone on the planet visualized that storm system moving off the coast and doing no damage at all? Think we could collectively create that reality?