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– S.L.
New York, NY

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Friday 9/28/2018 & The Weekend; Week in Review; Pluto Turns Direct; Flake & Twists

Greetings from Los Angeles!

I am overjoyed to be back in my old stomping grounds — my home for a dozen years. Also overjoyed to be meeting Angeleno Avid Readers in person. I do have appointments available and I am in town until October 9th. Hope to see you soon! Here’s the 411 on consultations.

Meanwhile, it’s Friday, and I’ve been working on this forecast since Monday. What’s been happening?  I’ll tell you.

The work week began with a waxing Moon in Pisces — void all day — from 1:26 AM ET to 7:04 PM ET. Neither Brett Kavanaugh nor Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified that day.  However, since last Sunday’s harmony between Mercury (talk) and Mars (action), a flood of new accusations against the SCOTUS nominee ran away with the headlines. We expected empathy with a Moon in Pisces, and that’s what we got — on both sides.

On Monday night, the Full Moon happened at 10:52 PM ET — with the Moon at 3 Aries & the Sun at 3 Libra.

The Sabian Symbol for 3 Aries is  “a cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country” and the text provided by Blain Bovee, the go-to guy for all things Sabian, suggests a need to  assert our unique identity in or contrast to the collective. What sense of stability do we gain by identifying ourselves as, for example,  “I am Brazilian” or “I am Polish-American” or “I am a Buddhist” or “I went to Georgetown Prep, Yale and Yale Law School?”  What happens when others put us in these kinds of categories?

With this Sabian Symbol, Blain Bovee notes the potential “to stereotype others at the expense of their full individuality; to highlight only their prominent features” (suggested by the image of the cameo profile, which is only presenting one side of a person’s face). Watch for stories of  snap judgments based on general outlines — in the news and in your own personal world.

I last wrote about 3 Aries when it was the New Moon on March 22, 2012. At that time, I noted that “one consequence of such (literally) trigger-happy thinking is illustrated in this disturbing story, likely to gain more traction in the headlines during this lunar cycle:   Recommended reading for this lunar cycle: Blink and Outliers, both by Malcolm Gladwell   The first book is an eye-opener about first impressions; the second is an equally provocative read on why certain individuals — such as Bill Gates — are so successful.”

For the Sun at 3 Libra: “Dawn of a new day, everything has changed,” of which Bovee says is an “image of awakening to the fact that past impressions were misleading, incomplete or just false.” People and things are likely to be seen in a new light. Faaaaaaaaaa-scinating, in light of recent headlines, no?

Now add this week’s dominant patterns to the mix –i.e., “what just happened”:

  • Tuesday: Moon charges into me-me-me Aries, seeking to be Numero Uno. Cue P45’s address to the United Nations, accompanied by another heavy aspect: Sun square Saturn. Suggestion: patriarchal/corporate agendas; advances (upside); cuts (downside). In the latter category, the UN responds to P45 with a heavy dose of the world’s best medicine: laughter. In the former category, know that the Sun refers to the heart and the spine (as does Saturn, which refers to bones). Check out these cool new advances in medicine: “Paralyzed Man Walks Again” and “Tiny Device is a Huge Advance for Treatment of Heart Failure.”
  • Wednesday: in the all-day void of Moon in me-me-me Aries, P45 goes on and on and on and on about nothing in a rare solo 80-minute press conference; I get on a plane to LA, planning to write a forecast, but with Alaska Airlines wanting $49 for in-flight wi-fi, and monthly contributions to my Cosmic Tip Jar totaling  just $17,  I watched Meryl Streep in The Post, lamenting how challenging it is to have to consider the cost of providing Really Useful Investigative Journalism when you’d rather be fully focused on digging up and publishing facts.  This was followed by the superb Frances McDormand and Woody Harrelson in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri . Mesmerized by this movie, in which justice does not seem to prevail, but karma does. Have you seen it?
  • Thursday: Moon entered Taurus at 3:16 AM ET, desperately seeking material comfort and security. Moon squared Mars at 11:50 AM ET, suggesting a rebel with a cause challenging the status quo; combative outbursts. Cue Dr. Christine Blasey Ford now, please. Sun trined Mars at 7:35 PM ET, facilitating a marathon Senate session, which I hope many of you watched.
  • UPDATE: Brett Kavanaugh has a T-square in his horoscope: Jupiter in Taurus squaring an idealistic Sun-Mercury in Aquarius…which is in a delusional/rose-colored square to Neptune in Scorpio. Translation: a potentially challenged relationship with objective reality, as evidenced in yesterday’s testimony. His T-Square is in Fixed Signs, suggesting that once his mind is made up, he is not going to back down, no matter what is presented. There is no “on the other hand…” His Mars (action, anger) is retrograde, suggesting a long wind-up when it comes to asserting himself or taking action. Mars is in Virgo, so all pesky details must be in place, fussed over and over again before they finally come out. If you were watching yesterday, did you notice how he fussed with the placement of his name plate and adjusted the mic before he sat down? That was part of his wind-up.
  • Transiting Venus is now exactly square to his natal Venus at 9 Aquarius, in case you are wondering why now is the time for him to be facing people who take issue with past and present modes of social expression, especially with regard to women.  At 9 Scorpio, transiting Venus is also conjunct the 9 Scorpio Moon in the horoscope of the P45 inauguration chart, facilitating that Scorpio Moon’s need for ruthless depth and control.
  • FUN FACT: when Kavanaugh was sworn in yesterday at 3:10 PM ET, Pluto was exactly on the Ascendant, suggesting a tear-down of personal projection. Saturn, ruler of the swear-in chart, was in the 12th house, a.k.a., the house of the self-undoing. Venus was exactly conjunct the 9 Scorpio Midheaven (see a pattern here?) — suggesting a ruthless/vicious presentation involving honor and/or vengeance. Mars was in the First House, along with the South Node. Anger/action with a dose of toxic release. To me, it all came out sounding like this gem from WaPo funnywoman Alexandra Petri :“How Dare You Do This to Brett Kavanaugh?” I recommend reading it aloud, exactly as written. You may appreciate the catharsis.
  • Friday: Moon continues in Taurus, and the Kavanaugh confirmation process continued. But after announcing his support for the nominee, Jeff Flake (R-AZ) was ambushed by two women in an elevator. They gave him a tearful earful about how it feels to be a survivor of sexual assault and not be taken seriously. Haven’t written about Flake since July 2017, noting how patterns in his horoscope suggest why he needed to criticize P45 and many conservatives in his recent book.  Jeff Flake was born on December 31, 1962 — time unknown — in Snowflake (!), AZ. Capricorn Sun driven by a Pisces Moon. He needs to be compassionate and work with ideals in his quest to get to the top of the mountain. His Sun in Capricorn is currently feeling the weight of the world on its shoulders, thanks to transiting Saturn about to conjoin it in December.
  • Flake’s Mars (how he needs to take action/assert itself) is in a challenging aspect to P45’s Mars and Midheaven (public status). Flake’s Mars is also retrograde — like Kavanaugh’s, suggesting he needs to have a reeeeeally long wind-up before he lets a pitch fly. But when he does take action, he needs to act with drama, as his Mars is in Leo.  His Mars squares his Venus at 25 Scorpio: it’s fascinating to see that Jupiter will be at 25 Scorpio on October 16th; it’s putting pressure for an expansion in matters of social expression and action.
  • Meanwhile, transiting Venus is exactly square his Saturn at 9 Aquarius. Symbolically — if you watch the video of this morning’s elevator pitch — Venus squaring Saturn suggests women, values, money, social expression activating ambition/authority. In Aquarius, Flake’s Saturn can function effectively when placed in the service of a humanitarian cause. Who knew?  Transiting Venus is going to be sitting square to Flake’s Saturn for the next few weeks, as Venus slows down and turns retrograde on October 10th.
  • But wait, there’s more. Transiting Uranus is squaring Flake’s natal Mercury at 28 Capricorn, supercharging his mindset with a need for innovation/disruptive thoughts and communication. And now, in case you haven’t heard, Jeff Flake dramatically disrupted the Kavanaughty confirmation train wreck by asking for a one-week stay on the process to have…wait for it…an FBI investigation of the numerous allegations that have come out.  Two other senators have joined that request, including Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). Not sure if that request will be granted; we’ll all have to stay tuned. Am concerned about transiting Jupiter square the nominee’s Sun on October 9th, as it suggests expansion of self, for better or for worse. And we do not have a birth time.
  • FUN FACT: Pluto was exactly square the Midheaven in Washington, DC when that request was made; Saturn was on the Ascendant, suggesting a no-go. Astrology is amazing.

As for the weekend, Moon goes void tonight at 6:36 PM ET. Please indulge in sensual pleasures and chill tonight because after this week, you all deserve it. Moon enters Gemini on SATURDAY at 9:36 AM ET, buzzing with the latest dish. Chill on SUNDAY and avoid impulse shopping, as the Moon goes void at 11:38 AM ET until 2 PM ET on MONDAY. A day to sleep in, for sure — and an interesting start to the new season of SCOTUS if they start during the void.

Final pattern: Pluto turns direct on SUNDAY at 10:01 PM ET, suggesting a focus on seismic activity, news from underground, power and resources. Tsunami/earthquake in Indonesia is Exhibit A. Here’s Exhibit B: “The U.S. is Living Under a Volcano.”   On TUESDAY, Pluto squares Mercury, suggesting more investigative dirt hitting the fan.

Random thoughts:

Last, but not least: Election Day is November 6th. Are you registered to vote? Are you SURE? Please check your status here — and share this link with everyone you know. We must vote on November 6th. As if our lives depended on it. Because they do.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s the 411 on consultations. We will have an excellent discussion together.





Tuesday 9/18/2018: Late Sneek Peek at the Week; Mars Square Uranus; Men Behaving Badly

Good morning from 35,000 feet!

My seat belt is fastened — literally and figuratively speaking. These next couple of weeks should be interesting, as the Chinese might say. As in “interesting times,” and all that.

The work week (Monday) began with the Moon in enterprising Capricorn, facilitating efforts to take care of business — and no whinging, if you please. The earthy, practical drive continues through today (Tuesday), going void on WEDNESDAY at 1:10 PM ET. Moon enters Aquarius on Wednesday at 7:52 PM ET, driving the rest of the week with a need for social significance and networking. You can start the weekend early on FRIDAY, when the Moon goes void….not to enter Pisces until 8:27 AM ET on SATURDAY. Focus on routine concerns during these long voids. Roll with whatever twists and flakes disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill, as crises which crop up during voids have a weird way of dissipating once the Moon changes gears into the next sign. Chill!

Notable planetary patterns this week:

  • TUESDAY (today): Mars (action, courage, machismo, aggression) squares Uranus (aviation, rebels, technology, innovation, seismic activity) for the third time since May 15th; the second time was August 6th. This third square happens at 7 PM ET. Upside: technological breakthroughs and gender-benders seen in a positive light, e.g. news about Cuba contemplating a new Constitution which would prohibit discrimination based on gender and/or sexual identity. Downside: accidents and other forms of spontaneous combustion; rash/reckless actions; men behaving badly. The potential for “badly” is amplified by Mars about to meet up with the South Node, a point of destruction and toxic release. That happens on Saturday. Meanwhile, note the potential for a power play or emotional catharsis around 9:03 PM ET, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto.
  • WEDNESDAY: harmony among the Capricorn Moon and the Sun and Mercury in Virgo at 10:20 AM ET and 1:10 PM ET facilitates willful communications of executive authority, possibly blinded by their own idealistic light. Moon clashes with Uranus at 11:35 PM ET — note the potential for shocks and other upsets.
  • THURSDAY: A feisty assertion of independence is suggested by a Moon-Mars meet-up at 12:23 AM ET, followed by a stubbornly self-indulgent expression of values around 9:46 AM ET, as the Moon squares Venus in scorekeeper Scorpio. At 9:52 PM ET, idealism crests with prominence, as the Sun and Mercury (how we need to think and communicate) meet up in the last degrees of Virgo, close enough to trigger the Aries Point.
  • FRIDAY: Note the potential for an exuberant or excessive surge around 1:13 PM ET, as the Aquarius Moon squares Jupiter. In the ensuing Moon void, Mercury leaves Virgo for Libra at 11:40 PM ET. The quest for perfection and exacting detail in thought and communication is replaced with a quest for fairness and balance — at least in theory.
  • SATURDAY: Happy Autumnal Equinox! With the start of a new season, the Sun enters the cardinal sign of Libra at 9:55 PM ET. Avid Readers will recall that cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are turning points (that’s what “cardinal” means). And this is why any planet around 0 degrees (the beginning) of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn is reflected with prominence. Just to confuse everyone, these four points are collectively known as the Aries Point. We pay attention to the start of a season, as things are about to change, right? Is that why the Wheel of Fortune is Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the week? Well, her cards are always in sync with planetary patterns, doncha’ know. In the news, watch for especially prominent news involving leaders; e.g., CEOs and heads of state.
  • SATURDAY: Some of what we read about our dear leaders may be toxic, as Mars meets up with the South Node. And there will be more to come next week, as Mars returns to 4 degrees of Aquarius on September 27th, triggering the total lunar eclipse we had on July 27th. I expect headlines involving a bottleneck of energy released. If you have planets or angles around 4 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, you are more affected than most.
  • SUNDAY: Emotions are on the rise as the Moon waxes to fullness in Aries on MONDAY at 10:52 PM ET. Meanwhile, gravitas and streamlining in communication and leadership are likely hot topics in the headlines. Why? Because on Sunday at 12:46 PM ET, Mercury will square Saturn (authority, control, patriarchy); next Tuesday the Sun will square the cosmic karma cop. If you have planets or angles around 2-3 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you’re likely to be feeling the squeeze more than most.

Bottom line: at least two weeks of disruptive breakthroughs and revelations, for better or for worse, involving action, aggression and way-too-macho men.

And now, the news.

Hurricane Florence did make landfall 10 miles east of Wilmington, NC — as intuited — and during last Friday’s Moon void. It hit the coastline as a Cat 2, with much less force than feared, though record-breaking rain is doing plenty of damage. Wilmington became an island, completely cut off from access by land. Wow. Meanwhile, another monster storm — Typhoon Mangkhut landed in the Philippines before heading towards Hong Kong.

Storms, storms and more storms:

  • Dianne Feinstein continues to reflect her Moon-in-Gemini’s need to be the smartest kid in the room. For the third time in four years, we’re writing about her making headlines for making sure people know about Certain Information. Here’s a post from 2014 (with a link to her horoscope); here’s one from January of this year. Her Cancer Sun is at the Aries Point, suggesting she is born to prominence. This year she’s been feeling the squeeze of transiting Saturn opposing her Sun, along with the pressure to “change or die,” suggested by a measurement between Pluto (transformation) and her pioneering Aries Ascendant. In February, the Democratic Party declined to support her bid to stay on as the senior senator from California (ouch!), but California voters handed her a victory in the primary anyway. I expect we will see plenty of courage and initiative from DiFi through the year, sparked by a measurement between her Mars and Sun.
  • Right now, DiFi is moving heaven and earth to stop Brett Kavanaugh from becoming the new kid on the SCOTUS block. Ever the information junkie, of course she would have a letter from a woman — Christine Blasey Ford — alleging that Judge Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her back when they were teens. And now they will both be testifying about it before the Senate — on Monday, during an almost-full Moon in Pisces…void. Hmm. And now there are report that Ms. Ford’s appearance is not confirmed. Well, there is sure to be some empathy, in between the hard-nosed heaviness of aforementioned patterns among Mercury, Sun and Saturn. In Kavanaugh’s horoscope (birth time unknown), we note that transiting Jupiter has moved on to his natal Neptune (as I type!), suggesting an expansion of ideals, faith, spirits of all kinds and scandal.
  • Monday’s testimony is just one chapter of the encyclopedia we’re reading for the next few weeks on Men Behaving Badly. Some say boys will be boys and we should forgive them their youthful transgressions. On the other hand, it’s difficult to forgive what has not been acknowledged and owned. Let this compelling essay — “I Believe Her” — spark your next water cooler conversation.
  • UPDATE: Paul Manafort continues to feel Saturn’s squeeze all over his horoscope, as anticipated.  Last week he copped a plea rather than face a second trial. Not only that, but he’s agreed to cooperate with Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller. Even better: the millions of dollars in assets he will forfeit more than covers the cost of Mueller’s investigation. Now that’s what I call draining the swamp.
  • UPDATE: As you know from a recent post, P45’s horoscope suggests that now is the time for close and formerly close associates to tell us what he’s really like — in gory detail. As if Omarosa, Anonymous White House Op-Ed Guy/Gal and Bob Woodward haven’t given us enough disruptive revelations about P45 and his (lack of) administration, here comes Stormy Daniels with the naked truth about his lackluster performance and penchant for cheating. Her book, “Full Disclosure,” will be published next month, further realizing the potential noted in her horoscope earlier this year for hard-nosed thinking, publishing and a potential windfall. Note that her Moon is at 4 degrees of Scorpio and will be affected by transits from Mars and the South Node. Last time this happened (over the summer), she was served with divorce papers.
  • In other news, McDonalds’ employees in ten cities are on strike today, protesting the company’s culture of “sexual harassment.”
  • Meanwhile, a small town in Missouri will soon have a new newspaper — The Uranus Examiner. The town thinks it’s pretty funny — and it is, in a provocative Mars-square-Uranus way. Though if they spelled Uranus correctly, i.e. “Ouranos” — pronounced Oo–RAH-nos” — perhaps it wouldn’t be the butt of so many jokes. Thanks to Avid Reader Katya for making sure I didn’t miss that one!
  • This just in…“Russia Blames Israel After Reconnaissance Plane Downed by Syrian Air Defense.”   Also Mars (aggression) square Uranus (aviation, accidents).
  • Keep an eye on this reckless act of aggression involving prominent communication: “P45 Orders Russia Investigation Documents Declassified.”
  • UPDATE: Hillary Clinton’s Scorpio Sun is being squared by Uranus, suggested a need for greater independence and a potential for disruptive actions and experiences. Last week The Atlantic published her gripping essay, “American Democracy is in Crisis.”  Meanwhile, the Texas Board of Education voted to drop Mrs. Clinton from school curriculums, along with Helen Keller. Moses, however, was voted in.
  • UPDATE: California continues to live up to this year’s revolutionary potential, noted in prior forecasts. Supercharged by transiting Uranus, it has recently announced plans to launch its own satellite to monitor climate change; ban for-profit charter schools; eliminate cash bail for suspects awaiting trial; and defy the FCC’s anti-net neutrality ruling. We’ll see more more more of that pioneering spirit in the months ahead.

Couldn’t watch the Emmys last night — too busy packing. Did notice that neither Elisabeth Moss nor The Handmaid’s Tale won this year. Ms. Moss’s Leo Sun was eclipsed last month. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Thank you for reading this forecast. To find out what all of these planetary patterns mean for you, consider booking a personal consultation. But don’t just take it from me. Take it from Avid Reader Meg, who writes:

“Take a leap and get a reading with Elisabeth.  She’s bright, articulate, funny, and sensitive. She knows her stuff. I’ve worked with a good number of astrologers over the past 40 years. I like variety and new perspectives. This was a fresh start for me and right on time. Thank you!” —  Meg R.

I am delighted to be of service.

Tuesday 9/11/2018: Sneak Peek at a Jam-Packed Week: New Moon in Virgo; News, News & More News

…and we’re off…to the start of a turbo-charged week, driven by New Moon energy and other planetary patterns suggesting power and resources in spades; declarations of independence proclaimed in assorted colors of rose.

As of 11:20 AM ET on MONDAY, Moon  entered Libra, seeking fairness, diplomacy and equality in relationships. It goes void on TUESDAY at 6:57 PM ET, not to enter Scorpio until WEDNESDAY at 2:15 PM ET. That’s a lot of time to chill, roll with the twists that may crop up to disrupt your forward-moving efforts — and not make a mountain out of a molehill.

Once in Scorpio, the Moon drives the action with a need for depth and control. Moon goes void for another long spell on FRIDAY at 4:54 AM ET until 8:45 PM ET. I’ll be sticking to routine concerns and avoiding impulse shopping purchases. You?  Once in Sagittarius on Friday night, see if you notice a lightening up, up, up to the sky. Moon in Sag needs to push boundaries, express its righteous opinions and go for a gamble or a gambol. Those are your marching orders for the weekend.

Notable planetary patterns active this week:

  • MONDAY — at 8:56 PM ET, Mars leaves Capricorn for Aquarius. The need to make things happen with exceptional efficiency is replaced by a need for freedom based on a cause — hopefully a humanitarian one you’ll agree with. Mars in Aquarius is enamored with action driven by a grand design that isn’t terribly touchy-feely. So what if a few thousand are trampled on?  What do feelings have to do with trying to build a community that runs like a well-oiled machine?  We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. But even the Borg had a queen, i.e., an autonomous entity with unlimited authority. So…hmmm. Of course that’s a downside potential of Mars in Aquarius. The upside is action that really does embrace and integrate all colors of the rainbow, while still allowing each color its own frequency to shine.
  • TUESDAY — in the morning, the Virgo Sun harmonizes with Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto (power), suggesting an easy path for leaders/willpower looking to accumulate resources. Watch the headlines for stories involving news from underground, including oil, e.g., “Pipeline spills 8000 gallons of jet fuel into Indiana river.” With Mars squaring Uranus (aviation), of course it’s jet fuel. Meanwhile,  “Tribes Say P45 Illegally Approved Pipeline” (and they’re suing).
  • WEDNESDAY — Jupiter and Pluto form a sextile — a cooperative and communicative alignment — at 3:37 AM ET.  See above for potential. If you have a planet or angle at 18 degrees of practically any sign, this could be an empowering and expansive week. I am in that category,  and right now I need seven clones of myself to seize every opportunity that is currently on my plate! Part of the expansive thrust is related to transiting Jupiter at 18 degrees of Scorpio, triggering the August 11th solar eclipse at 18 Leo. Was your horoscope affected? Former CBS head honcho Les Moonves’s sure was. His macho Mars-Pluto “get away with murder/resistance is futile” conjunction is at 18 Leo and now he’s out of a job. Finally.  Score another one for #MeToo.  While transiting Jupiter on his Venus at 25 Scorpio in a few weeks may give him a nice golden parachute, next year when transiting Saturn squares his 13 Libra Sun (it may be squaring his me-me-me Aries Moon as I type), he’ll be down in the garden eating worms. Along with the rest of the United States, with its Sun at 13 Cancer.
  • WEDNESDAY — Venus (women, money, art, social expression) pulls focus. As you know, last Sunday Venus left Libra for Scorpio, which is not an easy placement. Given a choice, Venus would serve its time in a sign where it can be pleasing in every sense. In Scorpio, Venus suggests a need for control over what and whom we love. Venus in Scorpio values its own code of honor, integrity and loyalty. It is also inclined to keep score and pay back…for better or for worse. And on this day, Venus opposes Uranus at 5:01 AM ET and then harmonizes with Saturn at 11:58 PM ET. What does that mean? It means that for the next couple of days, the Venus-Uranus tension suggests we’re likely to see headlines involving unconventional attractions and rebellious declarations — even break-ups. The harmony with Saturn stabilizes and structures the breakouts, perhaps making it more old guard than avant garde. UPSIDE (combined with other planetary patterns): India Passes Historic Resolution Decriminalizing Homosexuality
  • THURSDAY — the next few days are dominated by Mercury (how we need to think, communicate, negotiate). Today at 9:32 PM ET, Mercury opposes Neptune, extending the rose-colored vision/delusion of last week’s face-off with the Sun. I have decided that this pattern is also reflected by the mind-boggling content in this forecast, written over the course of several days — with no time to make it  more streamlined.
  • FRIDAY — Moon is void all day, as noted…but…on SATURDAY and SUNDAY, Mercury harmonizes with Pluto and sextiles Jupiter, suggesting significant investigative reporting and measured analysis involving the Power That Be. Its disruptive potential is increased, given next Tuesday’s third square between Mars and Uranus.

But wait — there’s more! We had a New Moon on Sunday — at 17 degrees of Virgo. I find this fascinating because about two weeks ago I had a dream where I was looking at fully-calculated horoscope for a newborn child, and the Sun was at…17 Virgo! I have no idea what that means, although the Sabian Symbol for this degree is “a ouija board,” which Blaine Bovee suggests is “an image of redoubled optimism in exploration of uncanny, extra-sensory communication.” We are advised to apply this image with a mind to “hope for relief; answers to prayers; situations calling for faith beyond reason; a mysterious third element added to discursive thought.” FUN FACT: 17 & 18 Virgo are the degrees of the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions of 1965 and 1966. Back in August 2015, I wrote that when transiting Jupiter was at 17-18 Virgo (later that year), we could anticipate:

…expanded progress on the seeds planted at that time, including, but not limited to: awareness of climate change and other ways human behavior is impacting ecological systems; awareness of subatomic particles, e.g. the Higgs boson; health care systems such as Medicare (which was created in the mid-60s).

Thus my money says that this lunar cycle is likely to bring more awareness and seed plantings on the above topics. Exhibit A: Hurricane Florence, which is scheduled to hit the Carolinas this later this week. If it hits land after 5 AM ET on Friday, the Scorpio Moon will be void of course. Perhaps that may be reflected in a bit of wind taken out of its sails? Perhaps, but we wouldn’t be having these extreme weather events if we weren’t doing reckless, short-sighted things like making it easier to release methane into the air.

Speaking of Florence and the New Moon, here is the New Moon horoscope set for Wilmington, NC —  my estimate on where the storm might land first.

 Why is this interesting? If you remember the lunation charts for the heavy rains/landslides/flooding that hit Tryon, NC back in May, you may recall that Neptune (bewilderment, floods, wipeout) was exactly square to the Ascendant.    Here we have the same pattern, only with Mars (action, aggression), ruler of the 4th House (land, homes) about to meet up with the South Node (destruction) in the 2nd (money; worth). Plus Saturn, ruler of the 2nd House is squaring the Midheaven, suggesting gravitas, structure, authority, scarcity will be prominent. Estimated damage in the wake of Hurricane Florence is in the billions. Oh, and Chiron, the Wounded Healer is almost exactly on the cusp of the 4th House. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Meanwhile, Neptune was nowhere near the angles of the horoscope just before 10 PM in Dallas last Thursday, when police officer Amber R Guyger mistakenly entered a neighbor’s apartment (thinking it was her own), then shot and killed her neighbor, Botham Shem Jean. Mr. Jean lived one floor above Ms. Guyger; he had a “distinctive” RED doormat in front of his door (she doesn’t); it wasn’t enough to to alert her that she was not where she thought she was…and don’t get me started on this outrageous tragedy. HOWEVER, we do see Uranus (surprise!) and Mars (RED!) on the angles of the horoscope, and the Sun was almost exactly opposing Neptune. Yeah…delusional much?

One moral of the above tragic story is that we need to take time to get to know our neighbors. And this has been one of the pluses that has happened in my building since I reached out to over 50 residents — most of whom I did not know — to organize a resistance to management’s rash plan to destroy our healthy maple trees. Yes, it takes time out of my day when I’m rushing to an appointment and there is someone I now know by name in the lobby. But stopping to smile and say hello is good for the spirit and the heart! And now this group is having regular meetings to discuss how we would like our building to be managed, and our efforts have prompted management to start sharing information with their fellow shareholders, and even going so far as to ask us to form committees for planned projects. Yes, it’s taken a ton of time to gather names and numbers (leaving little time to write such mundane tasks as this forecast, pun obviously intended).

I think it’s too bad that police officers are not trained to foster a sense of community and safety where they live, in addition to when they are on the clock.

Anyhoo. More news…

…which I’ve been writing and writing for days. Here are the pieces:

(This was written on Thursday 9/6) After a brief void between 8:43 AM ET and 9:54 AM ET, the Moon is now in regal Leo, seeking to roar with entitlement in its infinite quest for love love love. That may be a tough order to fill in the early part of the day, which started with a potentially grumpy/combative face-off between the Moon and Mars (action, assertion). Watch for a jolt or other status quo upset around 1:30 PM ET, as the Leo Moon is rattled by rebel Uranus. Not only that, but “you are now free to move about the country,” as Saturn (structure, authority) turned direct at 7:10 AM ET. The karma cop is back on the beat, taking names and kickin’ butt, and joining Mars and Mercury in their forward march. Saturn turns direct in Capricorn, the no-nonsense, “let’s get this show on the road” sign Saturn rules. What ambitions and structures had been held back since April may now move forward.

Meanwhile, the information keeps flowing with exacting Mercury-in-Virgo precision from both sides of the aisle (as anticipated earlier in the week). And it all gets curiouser and curiouser, as the Sun approaches its annual opposition with wiggy Neptune, exact FRIDAY (9/7) at 2:27 PM ET. Striving mightily to cut through the fog is the aforementioned  Saturn-turning-direct, symbol of reality, authority and structure. 

Generally speaking, we continue to see headlines reflecting the tension between Mars (anger, action, war, yang, cars, guns, violence, etc.) and Uranus (technology, unconventional attractions,  aviation, rebels, mutation, disruptions of the status quo). There way too many examples to keep up with these on a daily basis — and I especially wish to avoid filling this space with headline after headline of random, reckless acts — such as the news from Cincinnati of yet another mass shooting — just minutes ago. UPDATE –  not so violent, but typical of the tech disruptors we are likely to continue hearing about: “The explosive problem with recycling iPads…they literally catch fire.” Amazing!

Avid Readers will recall that Mars and Uranus will square off for the third of three hits on September 18th; the previous ones happened on May 15th and August 1st. Yea verily, this volatile pattern has been driving much of the action we’ve been seeing since April. If you have planets in the last degrees of Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra…or the first degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, you are feeling the need for a breakout statement of independence. Famous people who have recently made news for doing just that include John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

This portion was written on Wednesday 9/5:

The news…as I am listening to Brett Kavanaugh make an opening statement at his confirmation hearing. His horoscope was first discussed in July and now, with expansive Jupiter activating his mythical/magical T-square (among Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune) for the third time in several months, we see the potential for reward to materialize. Last night, 42,000 pages of his written musings were released to the senators who will be questioning him over the next several days. Because who needs more than twelve hours to skim through that many words, right? And they are the best words, I am sure — quite grand and inspired, as his T-square would suggest. And there are so many of them! And even though Democratic senators are hopping mad over the rush to judgment on this nominee, their outrage at being denied ample time for review may not be enough to derail this lifetime appointment. Transiting Jupiter squares Kavanaugh’s Aquarius Sun in the first week of October. We see potential for expansion. Although a pattern between Mars and Neptune does suggest that 2018 is a year of pixie-dusted magnetism for the judicious judge. Whatever could be hiding behind that fog?  David Brock, a former Kavanaugh colleague, says he knows.

I am seeing that application of energy on Kavanaugh’s  potential mask of deception  (a.k.a. his natal Neptune).  Watch him hem and haw in response to a direct question posed Wednesday night — after the live coverage ended — by Kamala Harris (D-CA). We could expect Senator Harris’s mindset and communication to be innovative and disruptive right about now, with her Mercury in depth-seeking Scorpio feeling the provocative buzz of that Mars-Uranus square. Earlier this year, Uranus was opposing her 27 Libra Sun while sitting right on top of her 27 Aries Moon, intensifying her crusading initiative. It is not surprising to learn that she got a book deal in July — with a publication date set for next year. A quick glance ahead looks like extraordinary recognition and reward in 2019. The upside potential for 2020 suggests ambitious drive, with further recognition received at the end of the year and into 2021. Here is her horoscope.

Meanwhile, I continue to be amazed by the astonishing synchronicity of planetary patterns and headlines news. On Monday (9/3) I wrote:

FRIDAY  SEPTEMBER 7th — we’ve got three exact patterns which will be reflected in the news all week long. First (and second), Mercury makes a quick Earth Grand Trine with Saturn and Uranus at 3:40 AM ET and 8:20 AM ET. This is an echo of patterns among the Sun, Saturn and Uranus that happened on August 25th…and rippled out through this past weekend. Exhibit A: John McCain’s funeral, billed everywhere as a prime example of “reaching across the aisles”. My money says we’ll be hearing more about concrete ideas and communication about reaching across the aisles and blending the best (or worst) of the old guard with the avant garde. What could make the reaching especially sublime is the Sun’s annual opposition with Neptune at 2:27 PM ET. Upside potential: true vision. Downside: deception and delusion.

A couple of weeks ago, I noted that P45 has a pattern in effect now, exact in mid-October that is “perhaps bringing to a crest the wave of formerly close associates now turning against him.” Thus I am not totally shocked by this: “In ‘Fear,’ Bob Woodward Pulls Back the Curtain in P45’s ‘Crazytown'”…or this — which hit the wires minutes after the Moon’s weekly catharsis/power play with Pluto:  “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the P45 Administration.”   Talk about reaching across the aisle in a Neptune fog!!! A coup d’etat inside Camp Runamuck by a merry band of tax-cutters who believe the Commander-in-Chief is unfit, but refuse to follow the protocols our Constitution provides in order to relieve him of command. Yea verily, these saviors are revolting. Delusional much? 

The rest of this forecast was written today, Tuesday 9/11:

UPDATE: Colin Kaepernick, whose horoscope was discussed here nearly a year ago.  He continues to be a disruptive thinker, as forecast back in 2016. When transiting Mars was at its station last month, it was sitting in a square to his Mercury.  What does that suggest? Imagine someone leaning on a car horn. The blaring sound in Kaepernick’s case is a call to put those thoughts into action…such as…a launch! And that’s what we saw this month: the launch of a new Nike campaign, in which Kaepernick advises, “Believe in something. Even if it mean sacrificing everything.” Which is exactly what a Scorpio, driven by the impossible beliefs of a Moon in Aries (expressed socially via Venus at the very last degree of  uncompromising Scorpio) is likely to do. And Nike’s stock is soaring. So there.

Elsewhere in the world of sports: on Saturday at 4:39 PM ET, there was an exact square between Venus at 29 Libra and Mars at 29 Capricorn. Translation: tension/outbursts in matters of women/fairness/equality and men/”spare me your feelings”/patriarchy/rules. It should be no surprise to Avid Readers that Serena Williams’ horoscope is directly impacted by this square: her Mercury (how she needs to communicate) is at 29 Libra; her South Node (suggests destruction/toxic release) is at 28 Capricorn. Where was Serena on that day? On the court at the U.S. Open, protesting the unfairness of a male umpire who docked her a point, implying she was cheating…and then docked her two more points when she continued to object, accusing him of treating a woman player differently than he would treat a man. Op-ed writers are still screaming “double standard!!”

UPDATE: Everyone hated the idea of awarding an Oscar to the “most popular film.” The idea was announced on August 9th (and mentioned here) with Mercury retrograde and Mars retrograde at 0 Aquarius. Mercury is now moving forward. Mars just hit 0 Aquarius — moving direct. This dumb idea has been “postponed.” Are we surprised?

Thank you for reading this reeeeallly long forecast, with apologies for any typos missed in my proofreading efforts.

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