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Monday 4/1/2019: Sneak Peek at the Week; Devin Nunes’ Cow, Right on Schedule

…and off to the races we go.

After a potential twist or slow start to your morning routine, the Moon left Aquarius and entered Pisces at 10:48 AM ET. There it will swim until late Wednesday, seeking to identify with intangibles, impressions and the suffering of all humanity. Pisces refers to compassion, empathy, the dissolution of borders, along with the knowledge that We Are All One. Life may be a cabaret, old chum — but according to Pisces, it may also be an illusion.

Heightened sensitivity, dreams, delusions and vision are echoed by the third meet-up of Mercury (how we think and communicate) with Neptune (rose-colored fog, shimmering ideals and gaslighting). This reflects the bewildering spin of the past week, and the final hit happens TUESDAY at 5:38 AM ET. We’ll get a double dose of vision and spin by EOD Tuesday, suggested by the Pisces Moon meeting up with that Mercury-Neptune surreal tango.

The rest of the week goes like this:

  • WEDNESDAY — the Pisces Moon goes void at  11:36 AM ET — on an exuberant square to Jupiter. What is big then, may become even bigger during the potential Moon void snowball. Go with the intuitive flow and do not make a mountain out of a molehill. Moon won’t enter the next sign — Aries — until 10:56 PM ET.
  • THURSDAY — In Aries, the Moon puts a priority on me-me-me and falling down stairs because it is faster than walking. There are no exact aspects among the planets after 4:16 AM ET, so the day may flow easily enough. However, the direction of the flow may not be entirely clear. We are in the dark side of the Moon — the days before the next New Moon. So we sense that something new is on the horizon, but we are not sure what. Restlessness or listlessness are not uncommon sensations. On the other hand, if the proactive drive of the Aries Moon inspires your quest for world domination, the dark of the Moon is the time to hold that secret meeting. Just know that while you may fly under the radar now, your carefully crafted plans may eventually come to light.
  • FRIDAYNew Moon begins at 4:50 AM ET — in Aries. After the drunken fog of Mercury with Neptune, we see a potential path to sobriety as Mercury makes a cooperative connection with Saturn, exact on SUNDAY, but a notable pattern in the New Moon chart. Another argument for a reality check or a big April shower on someone’s parade: Moon squares Saturn on Friday at 2:02 PM ET; the Sun follows suit next Wednesday. Moon’s weekly clash with Pluto happens at 7:50 PM ET — watch the headlines for a power play or emotional catharsis. Moon goes void on a harmony with Jupiter at 10:15 PM ET….
  • SATURDAY — …and enters Taurus at 9:06 AM ET. Oh, you know how I love a weekend with a Taurus Moon! After the surprising twist of the Moon’s weekly clash with rebel Uranus at 12:09 PM ET, you are free to indulge your senses and efforts to preserve and maintain the status quo.
  • SUNDAY — more of the same same same same Moon in Taurus same!

Will post more on Friday’s New Moon later this week. Time now for…

…the news, in a special April Fool’s Day edition, though I assure you that this story is for real:

You know that Taurus is the sign of the bull (and of course, the cow), right? You also know that Uranus refers to rebels, humor, technology and eccentrics, yes? And of course you know that Uranus entered Taurus on March 6th, a day after Mercury turned retrograde, under the influence of wiggy Neptune. How astrologically apt, then, that the hottest account on Twitter last month was Devin Nunes’ Cow.

What is this  DevinCow and what is at steak? Surely you must have herd that not even two weeks after Uranus entered the sign of the cow, Libra Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) “had a cow”  over the parody account with its roughly 1000 (fol)lowers.  But around March 18th, Rep. Nunes sued it (and other parody accounts) for allegedly being really really mean — asking for $250 million. From an astrological point of view, you’d think that someone born with Moon and Ascendant in righteously opinionated Sagittarius might have a thicker skin, but we must consider that Nunes’ Moon and Ascendant are conjunct Neptune, a strong suggestion of exceptional sensitivity. And of course as a Libra, he would be concerned about fairness, balance and social decorum in relationship. Plus, his natal Saturn is square to his Sun and Pluto, suggesting a need to take things verrrrry seriously.  We can understand why he would have co-sponsored a legislation called the “Discouraging Frivolous Lawsuits Act.” Here is his  horoscope.

Over the weekend, inspired no doubt by the musical and surreal potential of Mercury conjunct Neptune, a band of humans dressed as cows serenaded passers-by in front of the White House. All agreed it was a mooooooving performance, udderly entertaining — and the op-eds and articles on this subjects keep on being written, with WaPo‘s Max Boot adding his two cents today

Yup, that story is dead serious and it has legs — four of ’em. But here is The Guardian with some of today’s notable April Fools’ Day charades.

Thank you for reading this forecast. To find on what all these patterns mean in your own personal world, here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 2/17/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week

And a fine post-holiday weekend morning to you, I trust…

The Moon has been in humanitarian Aquarius since 7:13PM ET on Monday.  There’s an innovative connection between Moon and Uranus at 5:29PM ET and an expansive/expensive face-off between Moon and Jupiter at 8:59PM ET and that’s it. Then we’re on cruise control until the New Moon begins — at 29 Aquarius — at 6:47PM ET on Wednesday.

This is the balsamic phase — the dark side — of the Moon. It’s fine for wrapping up projects you began a month ago and contemplating your wish list for the next lunar cycle. You may be feeling listless or restless, sensing that something new is about to start, but you don’t know what. Perfectly understandable. And speaking of being in the dark, the Sunday NYT Style Magazine ran a fascinating profile about a woman in England who must live in total darkness. In her adult years, her skin has become so sensitive to light that it will burn — painfully so — if exposed. She has written a memoir — soon to be published.

In other news, Fifty Shades of Grey (a.k.a. That Movie)grossed millions of dollars over the weekend, as critics everywhere mourned. What do you think was the biggest turn-off, given Venus, Mars and Neptune in  soulful Pisces? Lack of compassion, empathy and love. Chris Hedges raked it over the coals in a provocative commentary. Social scientists have already completed studies concluding that the franchise disempowers young girls. We’ve got less than a week of Venus and Mars in Pisces; they enter me-me-me Aries on Friday and Thursday, respectively. Odds are we’ll be seeing essays searching for courage, inspiration and leadership in our relationships.  We are also likely to see more crusades and conflicts among parties fighting to be first, illustrated by selfies.

Meanwhile, an anti-Fifty Shades anthem occurred to me when I read that singer-songwriter Lesley Gore passed away yesterday. If you’ve never heard You Don’t Own Me, you can hear it — more of Ms. Gore’s hits — here. RIP.

Elsewhere, an update. It’s been almost a year since this forecast anticipated a year of prominence and empowerment for Vladimir Putin. This week, his approval rating in Russia soared to its highest in years, another paper reported Russia’s expanding influence in Europe.

Finally, thanks to Avid Reader Laura, who forwarded me an article with an intriguing title: The Science That Validates Astrology. Plenty of food for thought here…

Oh — one more thing: Moon voids for the week: Thursday 6:01PM ET  until 6:13pm ET on Friday….and 7:36PM ET Saturday until 7:28PM Sunday. Another three day weekend, anyone?

What’s going on your horoscope?  Find out in a personal astro-logical consultation. We will have an excellent discussion together.



Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/28/2011: Chock Full ‘o Nuts

Review Monday’s forecast for an overview of the week and next, especially with regard to the alleged debt ceiling negotiations.
Moon left chatty Gemini (which needs to KNOW) and moved into Cancer (which needs to be emotionally secure) Wednesday at 9:11PM, destined to be energized (a potential positive manifestation) or bitch-slapped (a potential “negative” manifestation) by the heavies in the Big T-Square Party all day today: disruptive/illuminating Uranus at 5:15AM ET; ruthless/transformational Pluto at 7:08AM ET and controlling/disciplined/wet blanket Saturn at 7:03PM ET, after which it goes void of course until 2:16AM ET on Saturday. This suggests a major chill tonight and tomorrow — and a reminder not to get thrown by whatever strange twist may come your way.

Adding to this potential roller coaster are the “wobbles” of adjustment required by two planets changing signs. Venus (love, money, beauty) leaves clingy Cancer for regal Leo; Mercury (mind, communication) leaves regal Leo for perfectionist Virgo. Look for a few weeks of increased drama, playfulness and/or extravagance in social expression and at least a week of trying to get all the numbers to add up correctly in our thought process and communication. I say “trying” because we’re also feeling the influence of nebulous Neptune challenging Mercury (“this is your brain on drugs”), which is slowing down in preparation for the retrograde period of Aug 2- 26.  Feeling a bit fried? Need an escape? A bit of vision/inspiration? How about a vodka tonic — and/or a weekend that starts a day early.

But wait — there’s more! We’re in the dark side of the Moon, a time to be wrapping up your New Moon agenda and preparing for the new cycle, which begins on Saturday at 2:40PM ET. Readers of this forecast will recall that this is often a time of anticipation and listlessness. We know something is around the corner, but we don’t know what. So add that energy to what’s already flying around the headlines coming out of Washington. Remember that you have total control over your reaction to people and events around you. Stay grounded and attentive to what brings you security in your own personal world. An evening at home  or wherever feels like home — far from the madding crowd — may remind you of what’s really important.

If you are far, far, FAR from said madding crowd, look up in the sky at the Delta Aquarids Meteors

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 12/3/2010

Reverberations from whatever may have disrupted the status quo yesterday or may yet disrupt said status quo today. Things may be going just fine relative to your own unique horoscope (consult your local astrologer for details), but you may still notice more than one person who is being personally affected (by Uranus squaring Mars), and feeling a bit jangled or on edge. Patience. Kindness. Compassion.

In other news, we are once again in the dark side of the Moon, the end of an old cycle, with something new around the corner, but it’s not here yet. A sense of listlessness, restlessness and anticipation is likely to prevail today — but there’s really nothing to be done except clear your desk in preparation for the New Moon happening on the 6th or in preparation for Mercury retrograde on December 10th (which we are beginning to feel even now).

More to come for Saturday and that New Moon, which will be in Sagittarius, on Sunday. Stay tuned…

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 11/3/2010

Well, alrighty then. Typing this as a few East Coast races still hang in the balance — we’ll see how they turned out when the sun rises — or not, in the event someone wants a recount. Moon is now in people-pleasing Libra, about to crash into ruthless, mince-no-words Pluto at 6:54AM NY time, likely putting an edge on the speeches — concession and victory — we’ll be hearing this morning. You can apply that forecast to whatever you’ve got planned in your own personal world. Cut your losses; be gracious and try not to be pushed off-center by the blunt speech of another. There’s plenty of potential to assert yourself productively throughout the rest of the day — though by 8:34PM NY time I expect we’ll hear some sobering, possible downer making the headlines, thanks to the monthly meeting of Moon (today needing to be appreciated by others) with controlling, “eat your vegetables” Saturn. “They” will be trying very hard to be diplomatic and/or charming, in order to assure you that “they” are responsive to your needs. Watch the headlines to discover who “they” will turn out to be.

We are moving into the last days of the old moon cycle — a time of listlessness, restlessness — and the knowledge that something is around the corner, but we don’t know what it is yet — that’ll be the New Moon on Saturday. Clear your desks — wrap things up — think about what you’re learning about your significant others this month — and get ready to tune in to the optimism that will likely shine on Thursday, even if your team didn’t win on Tuesday.

For the record, the only candidate’s horoscope I looked at in this election was Meg Whitman’s — you may recall my post about her little domestic help problem a few weeks ago; at that time, I was not convinced she would become the next governor of California – and it seems — at the moment — that in fact, she will not. As for the other races — well — even astrologers go freewheeling every now and then ; )

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 10/6/2010

You may wake up  with an expansive burst of excitement this AM  — can you handle it?  So much enthusiasm and then — sighhhhhh, as Moon in Virgo goes void at  12:43 – 3:52 PM NY time.  On the East Coast, there is the possibility of a nice long lunch with nothing of seriousness to discuss and no shopping sprees. Meanwhile, on the West Coast, see if you notice any lack of focus, a high flake factor or a surprise twist in your morning.

The New Moon doesn’t arrive until tomorrow — suggesting this is another good day for getting organized in preparation for the new cycle. More on the New Moon and Venus turning retrograde (on October 8th  — until mid-November) will fill this space tomorrow.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 10/5/2010

Clean up your desk and take care of those pesky details. If your tasks require cooperation from others you can likely get it without too much fuss, especially if you add a little sugar. Some are still smarting from the thoughtless darts flung by those who just had to show how right they were yesterday (Moon, now in Virgo, is driven to be correct, to be RIGHT) — so say “please” and “thank you” today as if you really mean it.

We are in the dark side of the Moon — the old cycle is ending — the new one begins on Thursday. Until Thursday, we have a sense of anticipation — but are not sure what the new cycle will bring. Listlessness is one possible manifestation. That being said, you will likely get more done today than tomorrow or yesterday — so get to it.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 9/7/2010

Back to work? Maybe, maybe not. The long weekend may be over in the US, but the Moon, even though it’s in analytical, task-oriented, perfection-driven Virgo, is still in the last day of the old cycle, working a bit like a lame duck elected official; the New Moon begins tomorrow at 6:30AM on the East Coast. During these “dead” moons, we might feel listless: a new cycle is about to begin but we may feel “in the dark” about what it is. If you’re at the office, use the day to wrap up old business and clear your desks in preparation for the new agenda that begins tomorrow.

General notes on this short week, which  is chock-full of energetic shifts as several planets will change signs (Venus on Wednesday; Jupiter on Thursday) or direction (Mercury on Sunday; Pluto next Tuesday): stay loose and be patient with yourself and others if you’re finding you have to repeat yourself several times to be understood or you realize that once again, you can’t remember where you put your (glasses/water bottle/parking ticket).

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 9/3/2010 and the Weekend

Read yesterday’s forecast for thoughts on today’s Moon in Cancer. A need for emotional security is the prime directive for the Moon in this sign, so on this holiday weekend (Monday is a holiday in the US) the focus is likely to be what makes us feel comfortable and/or at home. Art, music, romance, spirit — all that makes life beautiful is also especially favored.

On Sunday, Moon enters playful Leo at 5:45AM and carries us through Labor Day. Playing on Labor Day — what a great idea. We’re in the dark side of the Moon — the New Moon happens on Wednesday AM, which is when the work week will really begin.