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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 2/17/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week

And a fine post-holiday weekend morning to you, I trust…

The Moon has been in humanitarian Aquarius since 7:13PM ET on Monday.  There’s an innovative connection between Moon and Uranus at 5:29PM ET and an expansive/expensive face-off between Moon and Jupiter at 8:59PM ET and that’s it. Then we’re on cruise control until the New Moon begins — at 29 Aquarius — at 6:47PM ET on Wednesday.

This is the balsamic phase — the dark side — of the Moon. It’s fine for wrapping up projects you began a month ago and contemplating your wish list for the next lunar cycle. You may be feeling listless or restless, sensing that something new is about to start, but you don’t know what. Perfectly understandable. And speaking of being in the dark, the Sunday NYT Style Magazine ran a fascinating profile about a woman in England who must live in total darkness. In her adult years, her skin has become so sensitive to light that it will burn — painfully so — if exposed. She has written a memoir — soon to be published.

In other news, Fifty Shades of Grey (a.k.a. That Movie)grossed millions of dollars over the weekend, as critics everywhere mourned. What do you think was the biggest turn-off, given Venus, Mars and Neptune in  soulful Pisces? Lack of compassion, empathy and love. Chris Hedges raked it over the coals in a provocative commentary. Social scientists have already completed studies concluding that the franchise disempowers young girls. We’ve got less than a week of Venus and Mars in Pisces; they enter me-me-me Aries on Friday and Thursday, respectively. Odds are we’ll be seeing essays searching for courage, inspiration and leadership in our relationships.  We are also likely to see more crusades and conflicts among parties fighting to be first, illustrated by selfies.

Meanwhile, an anti-Fifty Shades anthem occurred to me when I read that singer-songwriter Lesley Gore passed away yesterday. If you’ve never heard You Don’t Own Me, you can hear it — more of Ms. Gore’s hits — here. RIP.

Elsewhere, an update. It’s been almost a year since this forecast anticipated a year of prominence and empowerment for Vladimir Putin. This week, his approval rating in Russia soared to its highest in years, another paper reported Russia’s expanding influence in Europe.

Finally, thanks to Avid Reader Laura, who forwarded me an article with an intriguing title: The Science That Validates Astrology. Plenty of food for thought here…

Oh — one more thing: Moon voids for the week: Thursday 6:01PM ET  until 6:13pm ET on Friday….and 7:36PM ET Saturday until 7:28PM Sunday. Another three day weekend, anyone?

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