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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/14/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; the President-Elect’s 2017

Happy Monday!

…in the aftermath of the Full Moon,  which was exact at 8:52AM ET. Moon is now void for the next 12 hours, suggesting a focus on routine matters in your Moon-in-Taurus  efforts to build and preserve material security. Once the Moon enters Gemini at 8:23PM ET, the focus will be on information and communication — real and unreal, as Moon makes challenging contacts with Neptune and Saturn TUESDAY at 10:53 AM ET and 9:34PM ET, respectively.

Moon will be void on WEDNESDAY at 5:57AM ET until 7:57PM ET, again suggesting a focus on routine matters. Impulse shopping expeditions are not advised. Whatever runaway buzz of a crisis that may dominate headlines on Wednesday is to be viewed cautiously, as crises which crop up during voids often prove to be much ado about nothing. Roll with whatever twists and flakes may deter your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Chill!!

Moon enters Cancer on Wednesday at 7:57PM ET, suggesting a focus on emotional/home/homeland security. Said security may be disrupted by an upset and/or power play as the Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto and Uranus, at 9:39PM ET Thursday and 7:10AM ET on FRIDAY. Moon will be void between 5:02PM ET and 10:14PM ET. It then enters Leo for the rest of the weekend, carrying out its regally entitled agenda or partying like there’s no tomorrow. Which will it be for you?

Planetary aspects this week include a cooperative aspect between Mercury (thought, information) and Mars (action), facilitating initiative on your brilliant ideas. Said brilliance may be visionary. It may also be delusional, given that Mercury will be challenged by Neptune at 11:04AM ET on Friday, followed by an alignment between Venus and Neptune at 6:04PM ET on Saturday. Neptune aspects come with rose-colored glasses. Buyer beware — unless you’ve consciously signed up for a fantastic escape.

Not only that, but Neptune turns direct at 11:39PM ET on Saturday, ending a five month period of subtle focus on your own dreams and intuition for guidance. When a planet is retrograde, the suggestion is to turn inward on issues involving that planet, as opposed to looking outside the self.  You’ll feel the effects of Neptune’s change of station more personally if you were born 8-11 days into Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius…or if you have a planet or angle at 8-11 degrees of those signs. What kind of effects? Oh…perhaps you are feeling somewhat bewildered…or less inclined to be in Type A personality mode (if you are normally a Type A personality). You may find yourself needing to express your creativity — even if you have never thought of yourself as a “creative” person. You may also find being of service richly rewarding.

In the news this weekend,  watch for headlines involving Neptune concerns: oil, victims, suffering, forgiveness, music, drugs, scandal, lies, suicide, refugees, rarefied art, spiritual concerns, drinking — to name but a few.

Other planetary patterns to keep in mind as we continue through the year and into year. First, Saturn is now halfway through Sagittarius — at 15 degrees of that sign. Here’s an excerpt from a post dated 1/27/2015 — read the full post for the rest of the story.

The Saturn in Sagittarius lesson here is that the police chief did not like the photo — so much that, according to the promo producer’s boss, he would not give the TV station any more one-on-one interviews. Restricted access (Saturn) for that TV station (Sagittarius). The boss was not happy. He thought the photo the promo producer used made the police chief look like “a buffoon,” if the recording of the conversation made by the promo producer is authentic. Does it look that much different from the one that ran in the New York Daily News? Why, when the police chief refused to grant the TV station any more interviews, didn’t the station make that a news story?

Here’s a detailed post about what we can expect when planets travel through the back half of a sign. Briefly, with Saturn in the back half of Sagittarius through 2017, we see the potential for actions taken to control and incorporate (Saturn) Sagittarius concerns (publishing, collective beliefs, foreigners, travel, broad comedy, broadcasting, religious dogma, sports, opinions).

Consider also that Pluto is now at 15 Capricorn, ruthlessly moving forward on its power agenda of breaking down (Pluto) the Establishment (Capricorn). Consider also that Jupiter — which refers to expansion — has been triggering the series of disruptive Uranus-Pluto squares we experienced between 2012 and 2015. Jupiter is currently at 13 Libra; the squares are triggered when Jupiter hits 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14 and 15 degrees of Libra — which it will do several times now and through 2017. So we see the potential for expanded disruption of the status quo, for better or for worse. We live in interesting times.

What do these interesting times have in store for you?  Book  a personal consultation and move ahead with renewed clarity and confidence — here’s how to contact me.

And now, the news.

Newspaper headlines are expressing concern that the current president-elect’s administration will usher in restrictions on press freedoms. This would be in sync with patterns noted above. Other headlines express concern about surveillance, another way of controlling opinions and publishing. When Melania Trump announced she would campaign against bullying on social media, we see another potential control on freedom of speech/opinion/publishing, for better or for worse.

Meanwhile, media maven Stephen K. Bannon has been named to a special post in the president-elect’s administration. No birth time is available. Born Nov 27 1953.  Sun in Sagittarius; I’d argue Moon in Leo — where it would be aligned with his boss’s Leo Mars and Ascendant — but it could be early Virgo, too — and still aligned with his boss. The Moon would be conjoined with Pluto, suggesting added emotional intensity to a regal need for ego recognition (if the Moon is Leo) — or a need to be seen as right (if it is Virgo). Further thought and research is required. What’s hot in what we can see of his horoscope now is transiting Pluto squaring his Mars, suggesting he’s been on a major action plan for empowerment all year and into 2017. His natal Pluto will be eclipsed in August — and possibly his Moon, too — we’d need a birth time to be sure.

UPDATE: I no longer believe Mr. Bannon’s Moon is in Leo — though still likely aligned with his boss’s Ascendant.

Washington insider  Reince Priebus has been named White House Chief of Staff. He is a Pisces with the Sun at the Aries Point,  destined to attracted prominence and power. His Sun at 28 Pisces is opposed by Pluto at 0 Libra — also the Aries Point. Both are involved with Scheat, a Fixed Star known for its association with intellectuals and shipwrecks. This is likely a sensitive soul who may have felt suppressed in his early home life. His Taurus Moon suggests  a need to establish material comfort and security however he may feel things “ought to be.” His naturally buzzing me-me-me Aries mindset is opposed by Uranus, and that’s being supercharged now by transiting Pluto — adding power and persuasion to potentially disruptive ideas.

Also of interest: his Mars at 24 Taurus, just illuminated by today’s Full Moon. His Mars is on his boss’s 23 Taurus Midheaven. 23-24 Taurus corresponds to the Fixed Star Capulus. You will recall that Capulus refers to “male sexual energy” — and we’ve seen in the horoscope of Roger Ailes Donald Trump, Gretchen Carlson, Mick Jagger and David Crosby. Hillary Clinton has her North Node at 24 Taurus.

Really — Gretchen Carlson? Yes — and here is her NYT op-Ed on sexual harassment — published under the illumination of the Full Moon conjunct Capulus. Astrology is amazing.

Meanwhile, in Donald Trump’s horoscope, we see the first of three hits to his Moon, Sun and relationship point from transiting Saturn on 12/30, 1/6 and 1/14, respectively. Thus begins an ambitious agenda (upside) or a feeling of restrictive focus, control or loss. This pattern hits again in July, September and October. The Moon is only exactly hit once, but will still be under pressure in July. The restrictive influence of Saturn suggests he will not be able to have everything he wants — bringing to life the reality of the song he kept playing at rallies, despite objections from the artists.

These limitations are countered by expansion — in the form of three hits of transiting Jupiter to his Jupiter, ruler of the area of his horoscope which refers to creative self-expression, children and speculative ventures. Saturn co-rules that area of his horoscope, so it may be six of one; half dozen of the other. Expansion of power and resources is suggested by an extraordinary double whammy of  Pluto — also to his Jupiter — now and through 2017.

A need for innovation and excitement that disrupts his mindset, communication and professional status is also at work in 2017, suggested by transiting Uranus squaring his Venus. When I think of Venus with Uranus, I think “I love you, but don’t take it personally.” I think of unconventional attractions and surprises involving women, values, money and aesthetics. OMG I am just realizing that Venus will be retrograde in brash Aries from March 4 through April 15th. What an inauspicious time to be redecorating the White House.

Back to the president-elect…

Chiron the Wounded Healer is still in play now and next year, continuing to expose toxic patterns and relationships going back years. This week, a month from now and January-February are active for Chiron, as are June, July and August. Of special interest: the total eclipse that will fall across all of the continental United States on August 21st. This hits two points in Trump’s horoscope: Mars and his Leo Ascendant, at a time when Mars (action, aggression) will be more easily provoked. The eclipse will be triggered on September 3rd (this applies to anyone with a point or planet at 29 Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio). Mitt Romney’s Ascendant was eclipsed in May of 2012. Jeb Bush’s Ascendant was eclipsed in September of 2015. Mark your calendars.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 7/22/2016 & the Weekend: The Voice in My Head; Oh Dem Veeps; A Fatal Attraction


Friday and Saturday are driven by the Moon in Pisces, the sign it entered at 4:35AM ET. One hour later, at 5:30AM ET, the Sun entered Leo, the sign it rules.  Leo refers to drama kings and queens, creative play and the need to shine as an individual. Four years ago, here’s what I wrote on a day with similar patterns:

It’s not until we get to Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, that we may begin to appreciate that the individual and the collective are one and the same; that the illusion that we are separated from one another is just that: an illusion. Pisces suggests that it really is “all for one and one for all.”

Imagine my surprise a few hours later, as I was reading yet another metaphysical book that had fallen into my lap — this one called Happier Than God by Neale Donald Walsch. At the end of Chapter 15, Walsch talks about his quest to find the answer to these questions: 1) What does it take to make life work? and 2) Why does my life have to be such a continuing struggle? Walsch credits a conversation with God with this answer:

“Your life does not have to be such a continuing struggle. The problem is simple. You think your life is about you. Your life is not about you.”

“It isn’t?” I asked.

“No,” God answered.

“Well, then, who in the world is it about?”

Everyone in the world.”

The book then expounds on a simple, yet profound concept that “All Things are One Thing. There is only One Thing, and All Things are part of the One Thing That Is.”  Walsch makes the case that when you can apply this concept in day-to-day living, you will have mastered the key to success. Sounds pretty Piscean to me.

Your mission today — perhaps — is to accept the challenge of shining as a king or queen, driven by a compassionate, intuitive, collective soul. A structural challenge to that visionary agenda may weigh in heavily around 10:17PM ET, when Saturn squares the Moon. Saturn suggests necessary controls on ambition and advance. Where would you be living without Saturn? In a field under an open sky. You can’t build a house without it.

Go with the flow on Saturday. There is no void to deter your shopping sprees, though a face-off between Moon and Jupiter at 4:25PM ET suggests the potential for overindulgence. Moon goes void on SUNDAY at 3:06AM ET, then zooms into Aries at 8:33AM, where its me-me-me first need balances nicely with the playful love-love-love-me-do drive of the Leo Sun.

No sleeping in on Monday.  The Aries Moon drives the whole business day forward.

And now, the news.

Politics, politics, politics.

My ears are still ringing from all the shouting last night, as Donald Trump took the stage under the following planetary conditions. The Sun was at the very end of Cancer, clinging to its homeland security-focused agenda for dear life. The Aquarius Moon was wandering in a void, pushed there on a potentially ruthless stab from Mars at 26 degrees Scorpio, which just happens to square The Donald’s natal Mars at 26 Leo, as well as his 29 Leo Ascendant. Was all that talk of gloom and doom much ado about nothing?  From his perspective, perhaps not. We would expect him to be in a fighting spirit, more so than usual. Elsewhere, we note that transiting Jupiter in Virgo was square to his natal Sun-Uranus in blah blah blah Gemini and also to his Moon in “respect my righteous opinion” Sagittarius.

Are we surprised that his Big Message was “I am your voice?” Jupiter’s influence adds expansion, fortune and/or bombast to a fiercely independent, erratic mix. To any skilled astrologer who studied his horoscope a year ago, there are no surprises to his success. None. Zip. Zero. That’s the edge astrologers have over all the mainstream pundits who could not see this reality coming, shades of fascism included. The latter potential is suggested by current planetary patterns, including the aftermath of the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square, a pattern that was last active in the early 30s and mid-60s.

For those who subscribe to the maxim, “those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it,” here is a short Ted talk video explaining how Hitler rose to power in a democratic society. Please don’t let this happen to you. The outcome of this election is tough to call and there’s a Moon void on Election Day, suggesting a high flake factor. Don’t flake — because if you don’t vote, someone else will. And then you’ll be sorry.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of a failed coup in Turkey last week, thousands working in universities, media, law enforcement, judicial and other government capacities have been, as the BBC reports, “sacked.” Yes, thousands.  Even without a confirmed birth time, we can see in the horoscope of Turkish PM Recep Erdogan that six of ten major planets — Sun, Mercury and Venus in Pisces, square to Moon and Mars in Sagittarius, squared by Jupiter in Gemini — are under pressure from the surreal mind control potential of transiting Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo. Two other planets — Uranus and Neptune, are under the disruptive potential of transiting Uranus and Pluto. No wonder he’s been so busy.

Politics, politics, politics…

I did not re-visit the horoscopes of VP contenders Cory Booker or Elizabeth Warren. They are Democratic senators in states with Republican governors. If either became VP, their replacement would surely be Republican, as exciting as a Booker or Warren VP would be. Hillary Clinton is not running on excitement; she’s running on the preservation of the status quo. This is one of her biggest problems.

I looked at Senator Tim Kaine’s horoscope earlier this week.  A Pisces with Moon in Gemini, he needs to be the smartest kid in the room, just like President Obama. In fact, his 4 Gemini Moon is almost exactly conjunct Obama’s — how do you like that? His Ascendant — the way he needs to be seen — is Aries. Keywords for Aries include: pioneer, impulsive, me-me-me, inspiring, fast, first and falling down stairs because it’s faster than walking. Check out his eyebrows, sharp chin and piercing gaze, which fit the expected Aries projection to a T.

I like his Venus in Aquarius — in harmony with the Moon — and in a face-off with Uranus. This is serious humanitarian potential, an ability — along with other elements in his horoscope — to get along with others even if they do not share every one of his values.

Kaine’s second Saturn return will begin later this year, grounding and galvanizing his ambition and career status. He should be at a career peak in early 2018, when Saturn will sit at the top of his horoscope. He is also primed for extraordinary enterprising effort this year and into next, as transiting Pluto empowers his Mars in Capricorn, the ruler of his Aries Ascendant. He’s just days away from an exact solar arc between Moon and Venus, suggesting a potential popular appeal. This all looks very promising.

His horoscope is quite compatible with what we know of Hillary’s horoscope.  His “man on a mission” Jupiter-Neptune  in Scorpio is in harmony with Hillary’s Scorpio Sun. So is his idealistic Sun-Mercury conjunction in Pisces.  He can easily cheer her on and share ideas. If he becomes VP, his replacement in the Senate will be appointed by the Democratic governor of Virginia.

I glanced at Tom Vilsack’s horoscope, time unknown. True to the current trend, he’s a Sagittarius — yet another Mutable Sign dominating the political landscape. Moon probably in Aquarius, where it may connect with Hillary’s regal and forceful mash-up among Mercury-Venus in Scorpio square to militant Mars-Saturn-Pluto in Leo. That connection could be challenging, even though his Jupiter in Pisces can, like Kaine’s Jupiter, cheer on Hillary’s Scorpio Sun. And then my eyes just glazed over and I had to stop and do something else. Which has nothing to do with Mr. Vilsack.

Time will tell…

UPDATE: Tim Kaine it is. Here are some fun facts.

In other news, Roger Ailes is absolutely out at Fox News. Too many women stepping forward with accounts of his sexual harassment. We don’t have a birth time for him — just a date — May 15, 1940 in Warren, OH. His natal electric Sun-Uranus conjunction at 22 and 24 Taurus has been intensely opposed by transiting Mars in ruthless Scorpio all last month and this month — huzzah!  Both of those natal planets are in contact with 1) the fixed star Capulus and 2) the fixed star Algol. The former is male sexual energy and the latter conjures up a fearsome feminine force and/or the potential for losing one’s head. You may remember Capulus in a recent post about Mick Jagger and Donald Trump, who both have that star strongly placed. Also noting a heavy connection between the Sun and Saturn by solar arc, suggesting an opportunity to face some major karma or other cut.

Gretchen Carlson’s horoscope has intriguing connection to Ailes, as we’d expect. She has a heavy aspect between the Sun at 29 Gemini  and Saturn at 29 Pisces that directly challenges Ailes’s Mars at 29 Gemini. A forceful — but restricted — attraction. Somehow she could limit his assertiveness. Her Venus is at — oh looky — 24 Taurus, closerthanthis to his Sun-Uranus connection, along with those difficult Fixed Stars, Capulus and Algol. She experiences him as a disruptive energy in an ill-fated, potentially sexually-charged connection. And in fact, those are the charges she filed…under pressure from that very same transiting Mars at 24 Scorpio. Astrology is amazing.

Her 12PM birth time is unconfirmed, but it gives a 15 Virgo Ascendant and a 12 degrees Gemini Midheaven. If correct, these points have been under great pressures which could result in ambition, expansion, separation, betrayal and scandal. She definitely has transiting Jupiter meeting up with her natal Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. This suggests a windfall opportunity…

What’s going on in your horoscope? Why are you attracted to that guy? When is your windfall likely to happen? Find out in a personal consultation — which I guarantee you will find enlightening and helpful. Here’s the 411.

Thank you for reading this forecast.