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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/8/2014: A Breakthrough for Real

East Coasters, use the early morning hours productively before the fiery Aries Moon goes void-of-course at 11:22AM ET, not to enter Taurus until 9:24PM ET. Communication of all kinds is accentuated, though you might notice a shift into neutral around lunchtime. West Coasters, your entire business day may have that “herding cats” feeling, but it does not mean you can’t be productive, too. The challenge is to be patient with any aimless cats you encounter and maintain your cool in during any “crisis” that crops up. My money says it’s likely much ado about nothing, and you’ll have more fun if you can be flexible with your flight plan.

Physical energy and ego energies are running higher than usual, courtesy of a challenge between action hero Mars and bombastic Jupiter. Definitely do something productive with that. On the plus side: more fun and the more the merrier. On the down side: the potential for overindulgence and a lack of oversight; sleepless nights; actions that may be seen as outrageous; and accidents. I’ve had a lot of people who are directly impacted by the Cardinal Grand Cross tell me they’ve  had trouble sleeping this week. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Once the Moon enters Taurus at 9:24PM ET, things will settle down. You can calmly and methodically get organized and build structures for your material security and sensual enjoyment.

Meanwhile, planetary patterns suggest another day of extremes — at least in the weather department. While much of America is freaking out over freakishly low temperatures and radical temperature swings, in Australia it’s hotter than Hades, and in Argentina, too. Massive waves have pummeled Europe, too. Want a bit of inspiring, believe-in-miracles, never-never-give-up news that reflects the indomitable spirit of an Aries Moon, mixed in with the breakthrough potential of the Cardinal Grand Cross? “Breakthrough potential” was the subhead in yesterday’s forecast, right? And this just hit the NYT home page: an update from Gabrielle Giffords about a personal breakthrough — read it through to the end, if you please. All through 2010 and 2011, Ms. Giffords had ruthless Pluto and then rebel Uranus making challenging aspects to her natal Mars (willpower; action) and Uranus, which are at 4 degrees of Cancer and 4 degrees of Libra, respectively. This suggests two years of extraordinary effort (here’s her horoscope — time unknown), resulting in a powerful transformation. In 2013, disciplined Saturn would have challenged her natal Saturn and likely her Leo Moon, suggesting the potential for an ambitious reach. She is awesome, and though I could dig up a zillion other headlines reflecting current planetary patterns, I’d rather let Ms. Giffords’ breakthrough (note that it is a physical breakthrough — how very Mars – Jupiter), carry you through the day.

This fire-engine red is brought to you by the Moon in me-me-me Aries, inspiring you to start the New Year off with an astro-logical consultation that’s all about YOU. Self-indulgent aspects among Venus, Mercury and the Moon demand it! Consultations are described in detail here.



Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/10/11: Shootings in Tucson, AZ

Any wild dreams upon waking? Contacts from Moon  to expansive Jupiter, erratic Uranus (all three in free-flowing, intangible Pisces) and mental Mercury in high-flying Sagittarius during the wee hours certainly suggests that possibility. I dreamed I was working as a temporary secretary at a local, independently-owned TV station, where I crashed the entire broadcasting machine by selecting the option “exit” while editing a Word document. It made no sense to me whatsoever that the station’s ability to function was so vulnerable. Hmm.

A slow start or twist in your morning routine was also suggested on the East Coast, as Moon was void between 6:12 – 10:24AM NY time, before zooming into Aries, sign of me-me-me — and oh, did I mention ME? Moon in Aries suggests opportunity to more forward on pioneering projects — to take the lead, to be courageous and to inspire. Onward!

On the downside, Moon in Aries can suggest a lack of consideration, pushiness, brashness and general insensitivity to others in the rush to put forth a Big Idea. Communication today may indeed be brilliant and inspired, but it also may feel frenetic or disruptive to the status quo, as suggested by contacts to opinionated Mercury in Sagittarius from the aforementioned technologically brilliant, but erratic Uranus and nebulous, transcendental Neptune. Do be especially mindful if you are traveling — and try not to overload your machinery.

As for the utterly upsetting headlines from Arizona over the weekend, I note the following — with a silver lining promised at the end of these notes:

1) This senseless violence, perpetrated by an individual “revolutionary” acting against a perceived governmental “control” is no surprise, given current and especially approaching planetary patterns;

2) The chart of the State of Arizona (Feb 14 1912) shows last week’s expansive/erratic Jupiter-Uranus hook-up challenging — for the third time since 2010 — ruthless Pluto on Jan 4 and 5, preceding another challenge from nebulous Neptune to Arizona’s Sun in Aquarius (freedom-loving, eccentric) during all of 2009 into 2010; sounds like a compelling illustration for the weirdness and brutally divisive tone we’ve been witnessing therein;

3) Though we do not have a confirmed birth date for the perpetrator, we have enough (Sept 1988) to see that Jupiter-Uranus hook-up triggering (no pun intended) Jared Loughner’s opinionated ambition and intensity merging “old guard” with “avant garde” suggested by his Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius; a likely trigger to his Mars (action) from ruthless Pluto, with his Sun triggered either by Pluto or Uranus. And yes, we see in ten seconds the potential for delusion (a subversive Mars retrograde in Aries likely challenged by nebulous Neptune), perhaps made even more so if he was born around Sep 28th, which would then put his Sun under that weird Mars-Neptune spell, too.

4) The horoscope of Gabrielle Giffords shows Mars and Uranus under stress and tension from Pluto throughout 2010 — these planets are not marshmallows. And yes, there are other patterns, too — but I would rather focus attention and intention on Congresswoman Giffords — and all those who were hurt — by sending healing thoughts of light and love their way.

The point is that there are planetary patterns throughout which suggest the potential for events as they occurred. Coincidence or conspiracy?  Even when bearing in mind that, as my teacher, Noel Tyl always says, “Planets don’t do anything; people do” — meaning that their “energy” (for lack of a better word, is neutral. We decide if we are going to be delusional or inspired; destructive or regenerative, etc — it is all. Up. To us.

The silver lining:  if you haven’t heard about Daniel Hernandez, the 20-year old intern whose response-ability likely saved Congresswoman Giffords’ life, this story may inspire you to re-read your First Aid Handbook — or at least go out and buy one:

Have a positive, pioneering day!