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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/10/2014: Sneak Peek at a Blockbuster Week

Good Morning!

Lots of potential this week. Are you ready? As of 3:38AM ET, Moon entered watery Cancer, seeking security in family, nurturing and other home/homeland concerns. Note your inspirations in the early part of the day, as the Moon is in harmony with mental Mercury and visionary Neptune. At 6:03PM ET, warrior Mars aligns with potent and/or ruthless Pluto, suggesting a significant power play that may be especially volatile or explosive. On the plus side, this pattern may be reflected as much-needed push through a roadblock.

The Cancer Moon’s need for emotional security may be rattled in the wee hours on Tuesday as it makes its weekly clash with the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square, and suffers a aggressive challenge from Mars. Attention is advised behind the wheel and in the handling of any sharp objects, including the tongue. With passions running high, tensions can easily escalate. You may feel the power surge more personally if you have a planet or an angle around 12 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Your mission is to channel the surge productively.

Dust settles after 5AM ET on Tuesday, and as the day progresses, a sense of inspired balance is suggested, courtesy of a lovely connection between Mercury and Neptune. On Wednesday, Moon will be void between 4:16AM ET and 1:44PM ET; that’s the time to chill out and focus on routine business matters. Once the Moon enters Leo, a serious focus on relationship is suggested by a meet-up between Venus (money, love, art, women) and Saturn (discipline, structure, business) at 8:02PM ET. Minutes later, at 8:29PM ET, warrior Mars clashes with rebel Uranus and adds a element of surprising upset to the night.

On Thursday, the Leo Moon continues to seek outlets to play and shine dramatically, bolstered by an optimistic (or bombastic) contact between the Sun and Jupiter. Jovial expansion or wretched excess? Those with planets or angles around 21 degrees of Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius may be feeling the push to think big.

You may learn if a New Moon project has legs on Friday’s Third Quarter Moon.  Over the weekend, the Moon in Virgo offers an opportunity to sort, refine and assimilate the outbursts and advances made this week, with a serious and streamlined focus due next Tuesday as the Sun makes its annual meet-up with taskmaster Saturn in Scorpio.

And now, the news.

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OK, now the news.

Over the weekend Venus was squared by expansive Jupiter. Did you know that in medical astrology, Venus rules the thyroid? How fascinating, then, to note the astonishing surge in the number of thyroid cancers diagnosed in recent years, along with evidence that aggressive treatment of this presumed health threat may be wretchedly excessive — and utterly unnecessary.

Meanwhile, did you also know that in medical astrology, Mars rules the head? Mars also refers to war, combat and other physical acts of aggression and violence. With Mars now in Capricorn, intensely empowered by Pluto and Uranus, the New York Times’ Sunday Magazine cover story was this: “How One Lawyer’s Crusade (Uranus in Aries) Could Change Football Forever (Pluto in Capricorn)“.  How? By publicizing the fact, documented by evidence, that the concussions many professional football players experienced on the field led to serious brain damage. And by filing a class action suit against the NFL.

Mars also refers to guns and assassins, and I found it interesting to note this headline about another Navy SEAL claiming credit for the death of Osama Bin Laden, so now it is a matter of debate. But Fox “News” will be airing a documentary about the SEAL this week, perfectly reflecting planetary patterns!  Elsewhere, the headlines have more than the usual “if it bleeds, it leads” stories, as anticipated. Be careful out there.

Meanwhile, in the wake of last week’s illuminating Full Moon, Rolling Stone published investigative reporter Matt Taibbi’s latest page turner. Who remembers that one of the Sabian Symbols of the Full Moon referred to a “muffled voice”? Taibbi’s piece concerns Alayne Fleischmann, a securities lawyer at JP Morgan Chase who presented damning evidence of alleged criminal wrongdoing by senior executives at that bank in the years leading up to the financial crisis of 2008. Yet somehow, no criminal charges have been filed, despite a massive — as in — $9 billion fine paid as a “settlement”.

As reported in this forecast, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon personally called US Attorney General Eric Holder on a Pluto-Mars transit which suggested extraordinary effort and persuasion. So let’s see…Eric Holder resigns before the mid-term elections…and then Matt Taibbi’s article, in which a previously “muffled voice” speaks, is published. Coincidence or conspiracy?

To be continued…

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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 10/24/2013: A Dream Home with Moon in Cancer

OK, break’s over. The Moon is fully engaged in Cancer as of 11:36PM ET last night. This suggests a focus on building and maintaining emotional and home security needs: connecting with family, tending to your home and whatever else nurtures and nourishes. With Mercury retrograde, a REview of or REconnection with these needs may also be on the table. Dreams may have been especially vibrant upon waking,  courtesy of a lovely connection between the intuitive Moon and nebulous Neptune.

The morning and early afternoon have an easy flow, bathed in a rose-colored glow or fog, courtesy of the alignment between the Sun and Neptune discussed in yesterday’s forecast. By early evening on the East Coast, however, we can expect the weekly jolt, revelation and/or power plays that occurs when the Moon makes contact with the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square. You’ll feel this more personally  if you were born 9-10 days into Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn…or if you have a planet or angle at 9 degrees of those signs.  Don’t know where your planets are? Well, for heaven’s sake, make an appointment for a personal consultation and find out! Really, there’s too much going on in the cosmos, reflected in world events, to remain clueless about how it is likely to impact YOU.

So…yesterday as you know, the Moon was void of course for 27 hours, and there was a major sports event last night, a.k.a. Game 1 of the World Series. The supposedly red-hot St. Louis Cardinals went up against the Boston Red Sox and the Sox trounced the Cardinals, 8-1. The general rule of Moon voids is that in sports matches, we can expect upsets, twists and outcomes that favor the underdog. Here’s how the game was written up by the New York Times:

BOSTON — Errors, missed pop ups and fat pitches hardly seemed like the Cardinal Way. The St. Louis Cardinals had stormed into the World Series while priding themselves on this ideal of professionalism and strong fundamentals.

It made it all the more surprising when they figuratively tripped over their own feet Wednesday night, falling to the Red Sox, 8-1, in Game 1 of the World Series. Making matters worse, they also lost their star right fielder Carlos Beltran to injury…

Fascinating, isn’t it?

In other news, I’m seeing the disruptive and destructive potential of the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square, combined with the rarefied artsy-vibe of tomorrow’s Sun-Neptune alignment reflected perfectly in an art exhibition opening today at the Smithsonian called “Damage Control: Art and Destruction Since 1950.” What perfect timing! Meanwhile, Germany is quite upset over a recent report alleging that the U.S. tapped into Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cellphone, and Germany is not alone in its outrage. Given the upsets to the status quo suggested in the U.S. horoscope in mid-2014, it will be interesting to see how stories like these develop over the next year.

Following up on Monday’s forecast, JPMorgan Chase is making headlines as it faces another penalty for “turning a blind eye” to the Ponzi scheme run by its customer, Bernie Madoff. Can we expect another bold action from Chairman & CEO Jamie Dimon, reflecting the high tension happening in his horoscope? His Mars (planet of action) is under pressure from rebel Uranus through February of 2014, along with pressure to his Mercury (mindset, communication) from other planetary patterns. Here’s one possible brilliant maneuver we might see — this one involving taxpayer dollars and the “record fine” allegedly levied against the bank for its mortgage practices leading up to the 2008 financial crisis.

As we approach the fourth exact hit of the Uranus-Pluto square on November 1st, we can expect significant news involving aviation, nuclear energy, seismic events, revolution, transformation and the cosmos, just to name a few keywords associated with Uranus and Pluto. Here’s a story that hit yesterday about the cosmos: the discovery of a galaxy far, far away…

Peace out.

Don’t know where your planets are? Well, for heaven’s sake, make an appointment for a personal consultation and find out! Really, there’s too much going on in the cosmos, reflected in world events, to remain clueless about how it is all likely to impact YOU.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 10/22/2013: More Mercury Retrograde Strategies; Jamie Dimon, Right on Schedule

A buzzy, busy day of stimulating conversation and information gathering, except everything may feel as if it’s running backwards. Welcome to the second day of mental Mercury being retrograde — how is it manifesting in your world? Yesterday morning, just minutes after the official start of this three-week communication snafu period, Facebook was on the fritz. I heard plenty of other reports of cars stalling and computers crashing. Later that night, I found myself on the downtown F train, instead of the uptown F train, and I have no idea how that happened. Damn you, Mercury retrograde!

A successful strategy for managing this pesky planet  is this:  FOCUS. You must slow down. You must be patient. If you can create a space for it in your Type-A world, take some time to tune in and tune out. There’s likely to be more gold in that inner knowing stream of consciousness than in all the gossip flying around. Make the most of it.

If you absolutely, positively must ship within the next 48 hours, get it off your desk today if you can (or wait a few days). Today’s chatty Gemini Moon goes void of course at 8:35PM ET, not to enter the next sign (Cancer) until 11:36PM ET on WEDNESDAY. That’s 27 hours of time motivated by nothing in particular, ripe for flake outs, space outs and other odd twists. Take care of what is routine, go with the flow, absolutely no impulse shopping sprees and chill if you can. Recognize that whatever crisis crops up is likely much ado about nothing.

Planetary patterns this week are fairly quiet. Mercury’s change of direction is the biggest exact shift, followed by the Sun’s shift tomorrow as it leaves cerebral Libra for emotionally intense Scorpio. A harmonious connection between the Sun and nebulous Neptune on Friday adds to the pixie dust — magical and/or surreal — that was sprinkled throughout last weekend, courtesy of bedazzling and bewildering face-off between aggressive Mars in analytical Virgo and Neptune in dreamy Pisces. I was thus intrigued to find this article in the Sunday NYT: “Data-Mining Our Dreams” — dream (Neptune in Pisces) active gathering & analysis (Mars in Virgo). How cool is that?

There is one pattern rumbling along that is not so quiet, and it’s about to make an exact hit for the 4th of seven times. And this would be the challenging connection of rebel Uranus to ruthless Pluto, which you can read about in a historical context here. The 4th hit happens on November 1st, and I expect a significant disruption of the status quo to hit the headlines. And what could you expect if the Uranus-Pluto square is personally impacting your unique horoscope? Here’s one example.

Jamie Dimon (whom we’ve been writing about for two years now — search the archives), is back in the news and right on schedule. Mr. Dimon has been under enormous pressure, courtesy of the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square currently supercharging his natal Mars in enterprising, earthy Capricorn (and likely supercharging the pioneering, daring need to be “numero uno” of his fiery Aries Moon, too). We’d expect him to be expending tremendous effort and taking extraordinary action. Mr. Dimon is Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, a financial institution that apparently has reached a huge settlement with the Justice Department over its “questionable mortgage practices leading up to the (2008) financial crisis”. So how did this deal get done? According to this report, hours before the Justice Department was to announce civil charges against the bank, a “rare outreach” by Mr. Dimon put the announcement on hold and led to this “record” deal.

If you have your natal Mars (or any other planet or angle) at 8 to 14 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, your capacity for action is likely supercharged right now, too — and wouldn’t you like to know about it, so you can use the proactive energy to its fullest potential?  Book an appointment for a personal consultation and we’ll have a fine discussion about your horoscope — in plain English — with no astrological jargon whatsoever. For more on how astrology works and how it can help you live life better, take a listen to this fun interview I did recently on the radio.


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 5/21/2013: Break-ups and Shake-ups

The Libra Moon’s preference for peace and appreciation in relationship may be jangled by its connection with the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square at 9AM ET. See how that impacts your morning commute. Over the past 48 hours, I’ve noticed a greater intensity on the roads. After 9AM, Moon is happily supported by mental Mercury and loving Venus, facilitating communication and a welcome balance. Get it off your desk today, as the Moon will be void of course from 3:35AM ET Wednesday until 4:55PM ET.

So many disruptive, illuminating headlines to report, in the wake of yesterday’s third exact Pluto-Uranus square. First, it is no surprise to see a natural disaster front and center — and in the US, we have the devastation of a tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, which touched down at 2:56PM CT.  The chart for that moment in space in time shows expansive Jupiter ill-placed in airy Gemini, sitting exactly on the Midheaven of the chart — and squaring the  Ascendant. Interesting.

Other disruptions, revelations and challenges to the status quo include the results of Congressional inquiry into Apple. There’s been much talk in recent months about the staggering pile of cash the company has on hand, and apparently that pile includes billions of dollars that might have been paid in taxes — if the company did not have such an intricate network of tax shelters. In the independent spirit of the Uranus-Pluto square, what’s interesting here is that the shelters apparently created a number of entities that were “state-less” – and thus arguably, not subject to taxation by a state. Apple CEO is due in Congress today — his testimony should be interesting. All I know is that if my tax rate were the same as Apple’s, I might have a big pile of cash, too — or at least a renovated kitchen. And you?

Another corporate challenge that’s been getting a lot of press: JPMorgan shareholders will vote today on whether current Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon (dubbed one of the world’s most powerful bankers), gets to keep both jobs — or be “demoted” to just CEO. Frankly, a decision to split the jobs between two people would be consistent with the break ups suggested by the Uranus-Pluto square — and Mr. Dimon’s horoscope (even without a birthtime) is directly impacted. It’s clear he’s been under tremendous pressure over that past 18 months, with a pattern also seen in the horoscope of Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) during last year’s efforts to remove Walker from office in a recall vote, which Walker survived.

A third corporate challenge comes courtesy of reporter Chris Hedges, who offers this rant against capitalism and the opinion that revolutionary action is required — perfectly timed, as I said, given the exact square between Uranus and Pluto. We would expect these challenges to the “system,” as we saw during the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in the mid-60s.

And speaking of the mid-60s, news of a key player in the revolutionary sound that emerged during that tumultuous and creative time:  Ray Manzarak, keyboard player and founder of the Doors, passed away yesterday. Perhaps this explains why I was craving music by the Doors on Friday — and specifically, the distinctive sound of the keyboards.

So much more to write about — but I must fly. Have a fabulous day!

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 5/11/2012 & The Weekend: Jamie Dimon Makes Headlines Again

Plenty of buzz today as mental Mercury butts heads with the Aquarius Moon which is striving for  liberte, egalite et fraternite, while communication centers around the way things ought to be. Innovation and creativity in resolving some of these challenges may turn up around lunchtime on the East Coast. No major aspects scheduled for until 5:47PM ET on Saturday, leaving you free on Friday to head for the nearest happy hour and meet up with your new best friend — anyone sitting at the bar will do.

The 3rd Quarter Moon (time noted above) on Saturday night suggests a challenge between personal pleasure and/or material security and more humanitarian concerns. I’ll put my money on the former, given expansive and indulgent aspects to Moon from jolly Jupiter and loving Venus at 6:40PM and 8:13PM ET, respectively. If it’s a date night, it could be expensive. Moon goes void at 8:52PM ET — raising the probability of flakes and twists…which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Moon enters soulful Pisces  at 7:24AM ET. You can float through this day with passion, optimism and creative imagination. What big dreams could you make real with Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Taurus at 9:24AM ET, I wonder…

Alternatively, what big dreams might turn out to be wretched excess (another Jupiter potential). I don’t know what “wet blanket” might have hit your world on Thursday afternoon, but in the world I happened to be watching, word of a stunning $2 billion dollar loss at JPMorgan Chase made the wires. The cause? Some convoluted financial scheme imploded, perhaps perpetrated by “a JPMorgan trader in London whose bets were so big that he was nicknamed “the London Whale” and “Voldemort,” after the Harry Potter villain”.  JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, written about in this forecast on March 13th , wasted no time in admitting the company had been “stupid”. Gotta love the bluntness and courage that can be expressed by a someone with Moon in Aries.

Mr. Dimon has transiting Jupiter square his natal Jupiter (exact on May 13th), suggesting a potential for excess or being overextended. It suggests a projection of great confidence — which can be an enormous asset.  Looking ahead at the next few months in the horoscope,  we can expect forceful and persuasive effort and challenges to be met,  as structures and thought patterns believed to be solid may not be quite as they seem. The horoscope also suggests a period of truly inspired thinking — or, alternatively — pure fantasy.

With astrology, there’s always a potential upside and a potential downside. It’s up to us to choose how to tap in and manifest the opportunities suggested by planetary patterns. Becoming aware of the patterns can be quite empowering.




Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 3/14/2012: The Grand Earth Trine and Jamie Dimon’s Big Surprise

Re-read yesterday’s forecast, which covers yesterday and today. Here it is, for those of you who receive this forecast via email:  In a nutshell, more of the same from yesterday, with greater intensity and perhaps volatility.  How is this Earth Grand Trine manifesting for you? For me, it has been incredibly productive, despite several Mercury retrograde tech, communication and transportation snafus. Fabulous!

Looking at the headlines, Jamie Dimon, the highly respected CEO of JPMorgan Chase, gets my vote for best public manifestation of the Earth Grand Trine, raised to greater heights by rebel Uranus and Mercury retrograde. Why? For projecting an aura of empowered, abundant self-sufficiency that rocked the markets and the timetable of the Federal Reserve. Jamie Dimon’s horoscope is personally affected by the EGT and other compelling planetary patterns.

Yesterday JPMorgan Chase announced that it had passed a “stress test” given by the Fed. Nineteen banks had to show they have enough capital to survive another big, fat crisis.  JPMorgan said it had plenty of money, thank you very much — and it is raising its dividend. Wow! JPM stock soars! And the market goes even higher! But wait — wait — the results of the Fed stress tests were to be announced on Thursday. But Jamie Dimon didn’t wait  —  — and soon, other banks followed his lead and announced their test results and dividends, too. Ultimately, the Fed announced all the test results two days earlier than it had planned. And this whole scenario is deliciously in line with planetary patterns outlined in prior forecasts.

Jamie Dimon is a Pisces with Moon in Aries, which needs to be first, dang it. He needs to inspire, to be a pioneer, to lead. Moon in Aries is not known for patience. Jamie Dimon also has assertive Mars at 9 degrees of enterprising Capricorn. That’s where ruthless, resourceful Pluto is right now — yes, sitting on top of Jamie Dimon’s Mars, suggesting great efforts of empowerment. Refer to earlier forecasts for a full description of the Big Giant Earth Grand Trine and you can see how themes of material abundance and expansion are “hot” in Mr. Dimon’s horoscope, not to mention empowerment and emancipation.  His need to be FIRST  and his need to make things happen (Mars in Capricorn) are being supercharged! There’s much more, but bottom line: we anticipate that Jamie Dimon is going to do something Really Big. And he does. We should watch his horoscope through early 2013.

Fun fact: his birthday is March 13th.  Coincidence or conspiracy?