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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday & Wednesday 8/23-24/2016: Down the Hatch with Mars, Saturn & Neptune

With the Moon now firmly planted in Taurus, go about your day with a mind to establishing material comfort and security. Comfort food and drink, music and a snuggle with your sweetie are some of the pleasures of the senses in which you may indulge. Tap in to the upside of tomorrow’s meet-up between action hero Mars and control freak Saturn: exercise discipline and dogged determination in your pie-in-the-sky, righteous pursuits. And let’s hope for the sake of all of us that you’re on the side of the angels.

Moon goes void tomorrow (WEDNESDAY) at 3:38PM ET. It enters Gemini at 7:40PM ET, shifting gears with its need to be the smartest kid in the room. Buzz, buzz, buzz…what will be the buzz on the Third Quarter Moon between the Virgo Sun and Gemini Moon at 11:41PM ET?

And now, the news.

This just in from Avid Reader Wendy, who is also a consistent and cherished Supporter of this forecast:

Your blog has me wondering about what planetary patterns have brought about an increase in news around Music and scientific studies related to it.  Encountered these two stories this week. First a new book out about effects of music on healing:

The author of the book “Waking the Spirit” discusses his experience playing live music to help patients recovering from surgery.   Including this interesting quote about Bach’s music:

From neuromusicologist Dr. Arthur Harvey: “Of all the music we tested in medical school with patients, colleagues and others, Bach’s music consistently made the brain work in a balanced way better than any other genre.”

Also,  a study of brain scans, taken of musician Sting while listening to music, to research how the brain of an expert associates music:

Just thought this would be of interest because the of the links to the Hathor healing music you have included in your blog.  Thank you for sharing them.  I have listened to that music to help me fall asleep at night.

Thank you, Wendy! I’d argue that these stories reflect the potential for a practical application (Saturn) of the intangible (Neptune in Pisces), suggested by the current 90 degree arc (square) between them. It’s fascinating to note that Sting’s Saturn and Neptune are strongly placed in his horoscope. Saturn conjoins his Libra Sun; Neptune conjoins his Libra Moon and the whole lot of them are in a dynamic pattern (T-square) with genius Uranus and expansive Jupiter. The man has the potential for discipline and vision to rock the world, big time! His Mercury (the way he needs to think) is at 28 Virgo — about to be hit by transiting Jupiter. How interesting that the way he needs to think has just been published, which transiting Jupiter would suggest!

UPDATE: on Melania Trump. On August 8th, I noted, “transiting Mars will oppose Mrs. Trump’s natal Mars on August 15th. This suggests provocative action.” And when I wrote “provocative action,” I meant either on her part or on the part of someone else, in the form of an attack, action or outburst. That is what Mars symbolizes. I’m pleased to report that astrology continues to be amazing, as last week a British tabloid published an extremely provocative article. During yesterday’s Moon void “much ado about nothing,” a lawyer representing Mrs. Trump put that media outlet and others on notice, as the NYT reports:

In an email, the lawyer, Charles J. Harder, said Ms. Trump, the wife of Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, “has placed several news organizations on notice of her legal claims against them, including Daily Mail among others, for making false and defamatory statements about her supposedly having been an ‘escort’ in the 1990s.”

“All such statements are 100 percent false, highly damaging to her reputation, and personally hurtful,” Mr. Harder added. “She understands that news media have certain leeway in a presidential campaign, but outright lying about her in this way exceeds all bounds of appropriate news reporting and human decency.”

UPDATE: on Rudy Giuliani, whose horoscope was last covered here on July 11th:

His bewildering 2015 Neptune-Sun transit is behind him, and now he has Solar Arc Midheaven and Ascendant in nearly exact contact with his natal rebel Uranus all year. This suggests opportunities and needs for taking the stage, shining in the spotlight and perhaps a dramatic new direction in his career/public status. Let’s watch.

On July 14th it was announced that Mr. Giuliani would be one of the speakers at the Republican Convention, where his speech set the house on fire. Since then, he’s been the warm-up act for the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, gleefully disrupting the status quo as one might expect with a double-whammy of electrifying Uranus active in a horoscope. I wish I’d bookmarked the Twitter responses from Distinguished Paid Pundits who marveled at the high energy and hand waving of Mr. Giuliani’s RNC speech, wondering why they hadn’t seen it when Mr. Giuliani last ran for office some years ago. Astrology, you Paid Pundits. Astrology!

There’s always room for improvement. Especially with so many planets in perfection-seeking Virgo. Thus, last week the NYT decided it was time to update its list of “15 Ways to Be a Better Person.”

Meanwhile, I see a reflection of this week’s Mars-Saturn-Neptune drama in Sagittarius (nature) and Pisces (refugees) in this headline: “As Homeless Find Refuge in Forest, ‘Anger is Palpable’ in Nearby Towns.”  On the drug front (Neptune), there’s outrage at a pharmaceutical company — Mylan — which has steadily been raising the price of its life-saving Epipen from $100 (in 2007) to over $600 as of this May. These pens have a shelf life of one year and most allergy sufferers, including children, must carry two of them. Surely I can’t be the only one thinking, “What the hell is wrong with you, Mylan?!”

Elsewhere, Stanford University (Sagittarius refers to higher education) has taken a hard-line approach (Mars-Saturn) to sexual assaults on campus and banned hard liquor (Neptune) at campus parties. Overly idealistic (Neptune)? Or a pragmatic start (Saturn)?  This edict arrives just in time for a newly-sober woman to pen this hardcore piece on “The Infuriating Truth About Why Women Drink.” And for this video arguing that the root cause of addiction is lack of connection. That’s a Saturn (separation) vs. Neptune (communion) challenge if ever there was one.

On an uplifting note, militant discipline (Mars-Saturn) has effected healing (Neptune) in a small town in England. In 10 years the village of Ashton Hayes has cut its carbon emissions by 24%. See how they did it. And file this one under the surreal spin Neptune can add to the militant discipline of Mars and Saturn: “Sir Nils Olav the Penguin Receives Military Promotion at Edinburgh Zoo.”  If only every army in the world was commandeered by a penguin….

Last but not least, here is Beth Owlsdaughter’s wise and wonderful Tarot Card of the Week.  Many Avid Readers have become Avid Fans of Beth’s work. Thus I am sad to report that she was dealt a challenging hand last week. In the wake of an utterly humorless Saturn-Venus square, she was diagnosed with breast cancer — details are posted here.

Beth is a fighter. True to this week’s fiercely disciplined Mars-Saturn alignment, she is determined to keep posting her weekly card pulls as she tackles this battle. Courage, blessings and much love to you, Beth. Courage and blessings and love to everyone fighting whatever challenges are on their respective plates. We are all fighting a unique battle on our personal hero’s quest. Trite, perhaps — but it’s true.


Thank you for reading this forecast.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 8/22/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week: Mars, Saturn & Neptune Walk into a Bar…

Good Morning!

The Aries Moon went void at 7:48AM ET, on a meet-up with disruptive Uranus. Mental energy may be especially super-charged, courtesy of an earlier meet-up between Mercury (mindset) and Jupiter (big!) in Virgo (discerning analysis) at 5:05AM ET.  Take care of routine concerns and roll with whatever twists may derail your focus on me-me-me Moon in Aries concerns. Remember that crises that crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing. Chill!

The void ends at 5:19PM ET, when the Moon’s ingress into Taurus needs to settle things down. Meanwhile, at 12:39PM ET, the Sun leaves Leo and enters Virgo, where it will be until September 22nd.

What can we say about Virgo? Well, it is an earth sign (as opposed to fire, water or air), and thus practical, with material concerns. It is also a mutable sign, as opposed to cardinal or fixed. What does that mean? Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn; they need to come up with the idea and take action.  Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. These signs need to organize and give form to the concepts pitched by cardinal signs. Mutable signs — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces — get to spread the word about the cool forms the fixed signs made. Mutable signs are much more subject to change, compared to Cardinal and Fixed. Think of a weathervane spinning in whatever direction the wind happens to blow.

Other Virgo tidbits: it is ruled by Mercury. Virgo is all about analysis and making thing right.  In health matters,  Virgo rules the intestinal tract and assimilation. If you have planets in Virgo in your horoscope, and they are under a great deal of developmental tension, you may have some issues with your digestive system, especially with how your system absorbs nutrition from food. At the end of the day we’ll have four planets in Virgo: Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. That’s a lot of energy focused on analysis and other forms of breaking things down into tiny bits of data.

The biggest planetary news this week is Mars, the warrior planet of action, meeting up with Saturn, the structuring authority figure.  This will be on Wednesday at 7:27AM ET, but we’ve been feeling it for the past week. The meet-up happens at 9 degrees of Sagittarius, and if you have a planet or angle around 8-12 degrees of Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces and Gemini, you’re feeling the pressure more personally. Mars and Saturn together suggest hardcore discipline in action that can be militant. In Sagittarius, the action is sure to be righteous and the sky’s the limit! Sagittarius refers to the media and other systems of collective thought; it also refers to foreigners and wilderness.

The Sabian Symbol for the Mars-Saturn meet-up (a.k.a. a conjunction) is “a golden-haired goddess of opportunity,” which, for an event that is creating such an apprehensive buzz among certain astrologers, suggests a successful venture, for better or for worse. Adding another layer of color to the meet-up is the Fixed Star Antares, also at 9 Sagittarius. Antares is associated with military campaigns and strategic plans for advance and/or conquest. In touch with Mars, anger is suggested as a driving force, raging against the proverbial machine.

But wait — there’s more. Mars will square Neptune on Friday at 2:57AM ET. The U.S. has a Mars-Neptune square in its horoscope, and we see it reflected in the U.S.’s idealized romance (Neptune) with guns, wars and heroic action (Mars). Neptune with Mars suggests sex appeal, fantasy, delusion/illusion. Is it any wonder that another big American influence is the film and TV industry? Neptune also refers to spirits, drugs, healing, oil, refugees, floods, scandal, deceit — just to name a few. Should be a very interesting week in the headlines — with more to come on September 1st, That’s when the Sun will engage with Saturn and Neptune at 9 Virgo. It will be a New Moon. It will also be an eclipse.

On Saturday at 6:29PM ET, Venus and Jupiter meet up at 27 Virgo. This could bring an expansive opportunity for those born around the 20th of September, December, March and June. Beata te — lucky you — as they say in Italia. Looks like a good day to enjoy the comforts of home and nurturing, as the Moon will be in Cancer.

The last few days of August include Venus leaving Virgo for Libra on the 29th (how lovely) and…..(drum roll, please)…Mercury turning RETROGRADE on the 30th at 9:04AM ET. It turns direct on September 22nd. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW.

Moon voids for the week, other than today: Wednesday 3:38PM ET through 7:40PM ET; Friday 8:30PM ET thru 11:06PM ET.

To find out what all this means for you and your own unique horoscope, why not schedule a personal consultation? Here’s the 411. If you’re already working with an astrologer — or you happen to be an astrologer — but you love reading these forecasts, here is how to  support their ongoing existence, with much gratitude for your appreciation.

The news will be back tomorrow.

Thank you for reading this forecast and sharing it with the rest of the Free World. Referrals are wonderful!