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Wednesday 6/21/2017: Happy Summer Solstice; Catching Up on News

Alll-righty then!

Writing has come in fits and starts as of late. Here’s where we’re at today:

The Moon has been in Taurus since early Monday evening, seeking to build and preserve comfort and material security. Taurus is not inclined to change the status quo.  Yesterday offered potential to be made extra sweet and savvy by two lovely aspects early TUESDAY morning. One was a harmony between a high-functioning Venus and visionary Neptune; the other was a harmony between equally high-functioning Mercury and innovative Uranus. In this gawdforsaken newscycle, I have yet to find a headline reflecting this potential; perhaps you found a way to make it real in your own personal world.

Today — WEDNESDAY —  is a turning point, as the Sun leaves Gemini for Cancer at 12:24 AM ET. Happy Summer Solstice, a day where idealism in leadership and home security matters is likely to pull focus. I say this because Mercury also leaves Gemini for Cancer today, meeting up with the Sun at 10:14 AM ET.

It’s interesting that a planetary pattern suggesting prominence is happening at the end of the lunar cycle, i.e, totally in the dark. Headlines this week are certainly reflecting this potential.  Today in Saudi Arabia, the king has named one of his sons  to be his successor, booting out his much older nephew, who never saw it coming. Reports The Guardian:

The move was announced by royal decree just after midnight, stunning the Saudi establishment…

Meanwhile, in the U.S.,  ratfink politicians are furiously working behind closed doors on the massive tax break legislation not-so-cleverly disguised as the Senate version of the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act.  Rumor has it that an effort will be made to ram pass the bill next week, just in time for an extremely crabby Mars and Mercury (both in Cancer) to be opposed by PTB Pluto. Really, warrior ax-wielder Mars has no business being anywhere near nurturing Cancer when mere mortals are drafting a bill on healthcare. Especially when Mars is also about to meet up with — and thus provoke — the US Cancer Sun in just a few days. Where is Wonder Woman when you need her?

If you’d like to read a bit about why solstices and equinoxes are important turning points, here’s a post with the 411.

On FRIDAY at 10:31 PM ET we’ll have a New Moon in Cancer.  By then we’re likely to be seeing still more action making headlines, as Mars (action, assertion, aggression) makes contact with Jupiter over the weekend. Expansive, surreal, visionary, charismatic and healing are keywords that come to mind. Mars – Jupiter aspects suggest a need for physical release — bigtime. Jupiter is in Libra — an air sign. With Mars in Cancer — a water sign — and about to make contact with Neptune in Pisces (also a water sign and ruler of oceans), it’s not surprising to see so many hurricanes and tropical storms being watched in the headlines.

One final note about what Mars is up to in the cosmos. It may help put the onslaught of Mars-themed headlines in perspective; e.g. fires, explosions, guns, macho behavior, cars (think Uber), etc. In the language of astrology, Mars is literally out-of-bounds, i.e., it is currently beyond the limits of the Sun’s position (the technical term is declination) as seen from Earth. BTW, Mercury is also out-of-bounds. Mercury is communication, mindset, travel. So we would anticipate that Mercury-themed matters would also be extreme at this time. Got that?

Note that the Moon is void nearly all day WEDNESDAY from  12:25 AM ET until 6:44 PM ET. It will also be void on Friday 2:45 PM ET until 6:07 PM ET — permission to start the weekend early granted. During voids, roll with the twists and flakes that may derail your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Refrain from freaking out over crises which are likely to prove later to be much ado about nothing. Stick to routing and chill!

And now, more  news.

Jupiter turned direct on Friday, June 9th at 10:04 AM ET. Jupiter suggests expansion. Libra suggests justice, fairness and equality. I could not think of a more fitting place to be for an expansive meditation on those Libra keywords than at the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History & Culture in Washington D.C. — especially given how Jupiter’s move forward was — and still is — activating planets in the horoscope of the United States.

A long reflection on that visit in that context has been brewing in my mind ever since. It might be more apt to share as we get closer to July 4th, especially since my efforts to write it up are moving at a snail’s pace. But it has to do with how we see so clearly in the US horoscope how it needed to be founded on a exalted theory of “all men are created equal,” yet seems doomed to delusion in practice.  At the Smithsonian I saw a draft of the Declaration of Independence in which Thomas Jefferson addresses slavery, but the subject just didn’t fit in with a white male property and slave owners’ rant about how they deserved to be free from King George’s tyranny and abuse.  So the reference was deleted and the problem was solved. Delusional? Neptune, planet of rose-colored fog, had not yet been discovered — but boy oh boy it has always been right there — and so strong in the U.S. horoscope.

Equality under the law — this is the U.S. horoscope’s exalted ambition, suggested by its natal Saturn in Libra. Racial equality, gender equality, income equality, fill-in-the-blank equality. These days I see our inability to fulfill that ambition in nearly every headline. Our natural-born delusion (the Mars-Neptune square in U.S. horoscope) is being challenged to get real by transiting Saturn all this year.


June 14th — last Wednesday — was heavy. It was the day before a tense opposition between the Sun (life force; leaders) and Saturn (limitation; controls). How fitting that Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week was Death. Humming in the background of that Sun-Saturn opposition was Neptune, planets of dreams and other departures from reality — at a dead stop — about to turn retrograde last Friday.

The big story on Wednesday was  a man opening fire at a baseball practice of Republican members of Congress,  critically wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. The gunman was killed. Thankfully, the congressman is expected to make a full recovery. What was one of the gunman’s grievances, according to letters he wrote to his local newspaper? Income inequality.

Also big last Wednesday: P45’s birthday. That means he has the heavy Saturn-Sun opposition in his solar return, suggesting that its streamlining and controlling potential will mark the next twelve months, not just through October, when transiting Saturn will make the 2nd and 3rd hits to his Gemini Sun (and his Sagittarius Moon). The second hit to his Sun is exact on July 7th. Can he feel the squeeze?  On June 15th,  P45 annnounced on Twitter that he was under investigation. I think everyone and his dog in the administration has lawyered up, including the lawyers! Heavy — but we also see a possible silver lining of expansion and fortune, as the third hit of his Jupiter return will be exact on August 4th. Echoing that potential are two more hits to his natal Jupiter from power-and-resources Pluto, exact on August 7th and November 17th. Another time period to watch: the first week of September, when transiting Mars will meet up with P45’s Leo Ascendant, which will have been eclipsed on August 21st.

In ancient times, astrologers used the horoscope of the king or queen to chart was what likely in store for the country.

In other news, last Friday’s notable planetary event was Neptune turning retrograde. We would expect Neptune themes to pull focus: oceans, shipping, drugs, viruses, confusion, oil.  One surreal story was the fatal collision of the U.S.S. Fitzgerald with a Japanese container ship. Initially the collision was said to have happened at 2:20 AM on June 17, 64 miles southwest of Yokosuka, Japan. I looked at that chart and thought the time must be wrong. Guess what? It was! The time has since been revised to 1:30 AM. That chart makes sense, with Pluto and Uranus on the angles of the horoscope and the Pisces Moon with nebulous Neptune. This is a picture of a potential accident in a bewildering fog. Astrology is amazing.

Oh, there is so much more to talk about. Let’s start with you. How are planetary patterns being reflected in your own personal world? Is it time to make a move? Will you get that promotion? Will you ever understand why your child/spouse/parent/boss/coworker is the way he/she is? Here’s how to schedule a consultation.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday & Friday 8/27-28/2015: Sun-Jupiter in the News; Sneak Peek at the Full Moon

Alllll- righty then!

Moon entered Aquarius at 4:03AM ET, driving the day with a wonky, friendly energy that seeks to be of social significance.  It can aid your humanitarian cause or hook you up with a fresh group of contacts, the more unconventional the better. Aquarius has been known to be quite stubborn and does tend to be on the fringe side of things, FYI. But today its energy flows without much of a hiccup until the hours leading up to 12:24AM ET, when we may see a clash of wills suggested by the Moon’s face-off with Mars.

Friday morning we have the potential for another clash — this one in matters of social expression, as the Moon is challenged by Venus at 6:18AM ET. Innovation and tech savvy are favored around lunch on Friday, courtesy of a cooperative alignment with Uranus at 12:55PM ET. Note that emotions are on the rise until 2:35PM ET on Saturday, courtesy of the Full Moon, which by then will have moved into Pisces. This Full Moon weekend looks potentially lush and dreamy for some; bewildering or otherwise delusional for others. Neptune is heavily involved, as you might surmise. More on that tomorrow, but here’s an example of an apt Neptune/Venus retrograde/Full Moon headline. Thanks to an intrepid reporter who analyzed a boatload of Virgo data, we now know that only a fraction of the women who had profiles on Ashley Madison were actually real.

Back to today. At 11:45AM ET mental Mercury leaves Virgo for Libra. The change of signs suggests our mindset and communication may experience a bit of a “wobble” for a day or so, as we adjust to the new flow. Virgo is analytical and discerning, easily sorting the wheat from the chaff. Libra sees both sides of a situation and cringes at the thought of the confrontation that might ensue if one side were chosen over the other. Many with strong Libra signatures in their horoscopes are masters of avoidance.

And now, the news.

So how did yesterday’s expansive Sun-Jupiter meet-up in Virgo work out for you? As anticipated, the markets did bounce back — with the biggest single-day gain since 2011. As of midday today, optimism continues, with the U.S. reporting economic growth of 3.7% — more than was expected in the world of economics. Elsewhere, let the record show that Jupiter refers to the liver, and it was thus no surprise to see a front-page story about expanding access to a (very expensive) drug used to treat hepatitis C.

The Sun refers to the ego. A Sun-Jupiter conjunction suggests an expansive ego. Throw in a  retrograde Venus in Leo, which likely lives to regret the consequences of acting on sudden attraction, and you might find a story about how to divorce a narcissist being one of the most popular items on your favorite newspaper’s homepage.

This Sun-Jupiter conjunction was exactly on the Ascendant of the chart for yesterday morning’s shocking upset in Virginia, in which two journalists were murdered during a live broadcast. That is a symbol of an ego energy that is impossible to ignore. Brutal Saturn in Scorpio was on a second angle; bewildering Neptune was on a third. I am sure you saw the story in the news.

I mention this only because the potential for an upset was noted in the last forecast. I wish people would stop being so horrible to each other. Don’t you? I wish the United States did not have a Mars-Neptune square in it. Sure, it gives our nation charisma, but it also suggests a potentially delusional (Neptune) view on warfare and weaponry (Mars).

Speaking of horrible, as well as overly optimistic and delusional, it was reported on Tuesday that an investigation has been launched to determine if the intelligence gathered on the entity known as the Islamic State has been skewed. Whatever the investigation concludes, it probably won’t consider the chart for the establishment of that entity.

Speaking of skewed,  another investigation has concluded that those controversial Planned Parenthood videos were in fact altered.

Here is a story that reflects the hardcore reality of life and death (Saturn at the very end of Scorpio), along with the eco-consciousness of Sun-Jupiter in Virgo and the toxic potential of Neptune (which rules chemicals). These four planets are all connected now in a loose, but still tense T-square pattern, so we can expect much activity in matters symbolized by these planets. The story is about how vultures, which are critical to the Virgo clean-up portion of the circle of life (when animals meet their Saturn-in-Scorpio death), are being poisoned.

As we move through this weekend, I expect we’ll see more stories along Neptunian themes: e.g., these about oceans,  refugees,  fraud  and possible delusion, like this one: Polish Official Convinced Mystery Nazi Train Exists. We’re also likely to see stories of rose-colored escapes, music, spirit(s) and healing. I’ll share them when I see them in my rose-colored world.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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